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Tommy went to drive his car into a tree... But then realised how fun it is to drive fast...
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Whew!! This has me all over the place! Great chapter but damn, my nerves though!!
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Oh you shady devil...
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zedd_heart_rita wrote: View Post

Tommy went to drive his car into a tree... But then realised how fun it is to drive fast...

BamaPRFan07 wrote: View Post

Whew!! This has me all over the place! Great chapter but damn, my nerves though!!
Cameron Samurai wrote: View Post


Oh you shady devil...
Thank you all as always.

New chapter already underway!
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look what I found crusing the web
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FlashmanX wrote: View Post

Sue them! Squeeze every penny out of them! :p
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I better get royalties for this.

...after I buy a phone case.
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Season 4 - Episode 15: You Deserve Better

Zordon: Roberto Clemente, you are the interim leader of the power rangers.

(We pick up where we left off inside the power chamber, where Robbie gets hit with a bombshell. He learns that not only has Tommy stepped aside, but that he’s taking his place as leader of the team. The news leaves him dumbfounded, failing to form a coherent response before Zordon simply continues.)

Zordon: Alpha and I agree, you are the best candidate for the role.

Robbie: Wh-wha… what about Jason?

Zordon: He was considered. But remember, his gold ranger powers are meant to be temporary. At any moment he could lose those them. And at a time where we need stability, we cannot risk another sudden change.

Alpha: Jason was informed of this decision ahead of this announcement to avoid conflict. He completely understands and agrees that you're the best fit for the job.

Robbie: Wow.

Zordon: I sense some hesitation.

Robbie: No… this is just… a lot to take in. This is actually the last thing I expected.

Zordon: Then understand why we went with you, Roberto. When you came to me four years ago, you were an angry teenager, mad at the world. Mad at the injustices in the world. Yet outwardly, you faced it with indifference. Today, you stand before me a caring, empathetic man who would and has put his life on the line for those he cares about. We did not take this decision lightly. But it was an easy one to make. We feel your time has come.

(Completely humbled, Robbie again has no response. He instead looks back quietly and awkwardly, unaccustomed to receiving such high praise from anyone.)

Robbie: I… thank you. I didn’t… think anyone really noticed.

Zordon: We noticed, Robbie.

Robbie: ...

Zordon: This is not being forced on you Robbie. You may decline if you feel you are not up for the responsibility.

(Although he feels ill-prepared and in over his head, his sense of duty overrides those concerns. Or any recent doubts about his own future within the team. That to him, will now need to wait.)

Robbie: No. I'm in.

Zordon: I am glad to hear it.

Robbie: But... what about Tommy? What happened to him? Where is he?

Zordon: He's decided to take time off. The combination of his failing personal relationships and ongoing demons following the invasion has led Tommy to feel he is unsuited to handle the role. He's requested a hiatus to allow for him to figure things out.

Alpha: As for his whereabouts, we have no clue.

Robbie: (Scratches chin) ...I think I know where he is.

(Sometime later, Robbie arrives at the local coffee shop he used to work at. He finds Tommy at his usual booth, nursing a cup of coffee.)

Tommy: You're late.

Robbie: I still don't work here anymore.

(Robbie takes a seat across from him.)

Tommy: You're coffees probably cold.

Robbie: It's empty.

Tommy: I also got thirsty.

Robbie: What's this about, Tommy? You quitting the team?

(Tommy exhales deeply, before getting into his response.)

Tommy: She left me, Rob. Kim broke up with me.

Robbie: I can surmise that.

Tommy: She said she's going to Paris, with her mom. She was on the fence for a while about what she wanted to do, but said she felt she had no reason to come back to Angel Grove anymore.

Robbie: ...ouch.

Tommy: Yeah. She was all I had left. My last chance for making the nightmares stop.

(Blown away by his candor, Robbie is at a loss for an appropriate response and instead sits in silence as Tommy stares pensively out the window and into the dark and rainy sky.)

Tommy: I've had this one dream, about a boy. I saw him get killed and I did nothing to stop it. Later I saved a bus full of kids. I saved all of them, but they said one kid had wandered off.

Robbie: I see.

Tommy: I get that there are sacrifices you need to make. It comes with this type of job. Ranger, military, cop, firefighter. Sometimes to save the lot you're gonna need to let a few die. Collateral damage, they call it. But that boy? He was someone's son.

Robbie: ...

Tommy: I saw his picture get put up by his parents in the hope's he'd turn up. But he won't. That boy is gone. And it’s gonna haunt me for the rest of my life. If… only we'd have been more prepared. If we were less busy fighting each other that boy might still be alive. Zack might still be alive.

Robbie: You shouldn’t go down that worm hole, Tommy. There’s no coming out of it.

(But Tommy doesn’t reply, he’s too far gone in his own head as he stares out into nothingness.)

Tommy: And Kim says she doesn’t have time for me anymore. I tell her this and that's her answer.

Robbie: I doubt she actually said that.

Tommy: Well no… She didn't. She said she’s sorry to hear that I’m going through this, but she feels we've grown into different people. And that it's best we branch out and find ourselves. And if we're meant to be, our paths will cross again. But tell me, how am I gonna find her from Paris?

Robbie: ...

Tommy: (Exhales) She’s right though. I need to step away and find myself. For too long I've been the ranger. The cool guy. Mr. Wonderful.

Robbie: If you say so.

Tommy: But it's like my therapist said, I'm too tied to my work and it's taking over me. I need to take a step back.

Robbie: They made me leader, Tommy. I'm filling in for you.

Tommy: I know, I recommended you.

Robbie: ...

Tommy: It’s what you always wanted, right? You were mad when I was chosen instead of you.

Robbie: I mean I was mad it was just handed to you, but…

Tommy: I think you'll do great. You're certainly more stable than I am right now.

(If only Tommy knew he was inches away from resignation…)

Robbie: Where are you going?

Tommy: I don’t know. I'm thinking of leaving the country for a bit. Maybe Phoenix.

Robbie: ...

Tommy: I met some people there. People I helped who were lost themselves. Think maybe I'll see how they're doing.

Robbie: Well you do you right now. I'll do my best to hold the fort. But that's all I'm doing. Cause you will be back.

Tommy: Thanks. In the meanwhile, can you take this? Kim gave it to me. I can't stand to look at this anymore.

(Tommy reaches into his pocket and hands Robbie a photo Kimberly gave to him to remember him by.)

Robbie: What is it?

Tommy: It's her and her new friends.


Krank: Well would you look at that?

(Looking on from the balcony of their moon base, Krank and Orbus catch wind of the shift in power.)

Orbus: What is it?

Krank: Red ranger’s gone. He’s splitting town.

Orbus: Wowie. That’s incredible. Someone should tell Mondo.

Krank: Errr…

Orbus: What’s wrong?

Krank: Well, he hasn’t exactly been himself since he’s returned.

(They watch him sitting, appearing to be reading something intently. Machina passes by. She stops before him and waves her hand in front of him but gets no response.)

Queen Machina: What’s wrong with you?

King Mondo: What? What do you talking about, woman? I feel grand.

Queen Machina: Okay? How’s your ‘Teen People?’

(He flips the magazine over to read the cover, then chucks it over his shoulder.)

Queen Machina: It looks like you’ve fried some circuits, dear. Are you sure you don’t want to get inspected?

King Mondo: Nonsense. I’m not due till the summer. I’ve just had so much on my mind since my insolent son and his bride moved in. This house feels crowded.


(Just then, a distressed Sprocket runs in.)

Prince Sprocket: Archerina shut off my PlayStation! Mid-save! She’s horrible!

Archerina: Uh, my hair isn’t gonna straighten itself. I have a job interview today and I need to look professional.

Queen Machina: I’d be more worried about your outfit than your hair.

King Mondo: At least this one’s looking for a job.

(On cue, Gasket walks in. He’s dressed in white boxers and an undershirt over his already welded on clothing His face buried in his phone.)

King Mondo: Boy, when are you gonna start contributing to his house?

Prince Gasket: What does it look like I’m doing? I’m running my start up.

King Mondo: What?

Prince Gasket: I made an app. It tells users if it’s dark outside.

King Mondo: …

Prince Sprocket: I have over 500,000,000 downloads. I just went public on Wall Street.

King Mondo: (Turns to Machina) Honestly, and you think my circuits are fried.

Krank: Well sire, i-if I could just jump in for a second with a bit of good news. It appears the ranger’s leader has left town. He’s on leave.

King Mondo: Is that right? That’s fantastic. Now’s a time to strike more than any. With the team short staffed, and ours… larger than I’d like… I say we go on a full-on assault with the rest of the weak links.

Prince Sprocket: Yeah!

Queen Machina: Marvelous.

King Mondo: (Turns to Gasket) Boy. You and your wife will take lead. It’s time to earn your keeps around here.

Archerina: Us?

Prince Gasket: (Shrugs) Might as well. My company just went out of business.

King Mondo: Excellent. And once the rangers are gone, I’ll have nobody to stop me from taking over earth!


“ Well lookie here…”

(Stationed in front of the parked RV, Rito Revolto looks on at what’s going on in Angel Grove from his sister’s telescope.)

Rito: Tommy’s gone. That guy was a pain. Sis is gonna love this.

(He turns around to go and find her.)

Rito: This outta get her out of her funk. She and Zedd have been slumming around in a time warp since getting kicked out their castle.

Rita: This is all your fault.

(She smashes a cowering Finster with her wand.)

Rita: And your fault.

(Then smashes a cowering Goldar with her wand.)

Rita: And... what?! Where’s Squatt and Baboo?!

Rito: Yo sis.

Rita: What is it? Can’t you see that I’m working?!

Rito: Red rangers gone.

Rita: What’s Jason’s gone?!

Rito: It’s 1997.

Rita: I don’t believe you.

Rito: No, I’m serious. It’s 97.

Rita: Move, nitwit!

(She pushes Rito over to get to her telescope. She indeed see’s Tommy shaking hands with Robbie as he readies to go.)

Rita: I don’t believe it. It’s true. After all these years of trying to get rid of him, Tommy just up and leaves.

Rito: And brown ranger’s running things now. Boy they must be desperate.

Rita: Zeddy! Zeddy get your pants on, it’s time to get to work.

(We return back to earth some hours later. It’s now mid-morning and Robbie, who appears to have been wandering aimlessly since leaving the shop finally returns home. With a look of exasperation comes over his eyes as he remembers the elevator are still broken. With a look of further dread, he is forced to trek back up the sixteen flights of concrete stairs. Eventually, he makes it and opens the door into his floor.)

Robbie: …

(No one is there this time to meet him this time’ unwitting that there ever was however. He enters his apartment which is dark and empty, illuminated only by the flashing green light of the answering machine. He pays it no mind as he heads for his bedroom. He flicks on the light and heads for his mirror, where he stands there rubbing his face for an inordinate amount of time, as if allowing everything he just experienced to sink in.)

Robbie: (Exhales) …

(He looks down on the counter and sees a framed picture of himself and Hannah. Without hesitation he picks it up and drops it in the trash. This cues a flashback to several hours earlier. Robbie had recently left Tommy and was headed home. It was still dark and dreary, but no longer actively raining, allowing for him to take some time to think about his conversation. That’s until he runs into his girlfriend turning the opposite corner after exiting a nearby police station.)

Robbie: Hannah?!

Hannah: Uh... hey. You're back so soon?

Robbie: What are doing in the projects? At this hour?

Hannah: Oh. Just decided to go for a walk.

(Thunder claps in the distance.)

Hannah: It's beautiful out.

Robbie: ...

Hannah: Wait, why are you walking? Where's my car?

Robbie: Oh. Um. Well...

Hannah: Where's my car?

Robbie: …Florida.

Hannah: Florida?!

Robbie: Yeah. She barely made it too.

Hannah: I don't believe you. I trusted you. And of all the states to lose my car in, it’s probably a meth den right now.

Robbie: Han, I can explain…

Hannah: What's there to explain? I let you borrow my car and you trashed it. This is totally unforgivable. My parents are gonna flip!

Robbie: I know, I’m sorry.

Hannah: I’m so glad I filed that report. I almost didn’t. I knew this was a mistake...

Robbie: Wait, you filed what?! You called the cops?

Hannah: Oh. Um. I’m sorry?

Robbie: You called the cops on me? Your brown boyfriend. You let me borrow the car, you know? Why do you think your car is wrecked, Hannah? I could've gotten shot.

(Realizing she made a fatal error, Hannah quickly tries to backtrack.)

Hannah: Well… thank goodness you're safe, baby. Come, let's not worry about that stupid car, I didn't buy it anyway.

(She tries to her hand around his arm, but he snaps away, simultaneous to another clap of thunder.)

Robbie: Get off me. This is unforgivable.

Hannah: …

Robbie: Of all the stupid, irresponsible, selfish things you've done. You could have gotten me killed.

Hannah: Look, let's not get carried away. I wronged you, you wronged me. In relationships we work through things like this.

Robbie: I don't think so. You don't work through this. This is disgusting. I can barely look at you right now. And to think I was even considering throwing my future away to follow you around like a lap dog.

(Reaching for one last hand in her bag of tricks, Hannah tries to turn the tables.)

Hannah: Oh is that you're attitude towards moving in with me?

Robbie: It is now.

Hannah: What, so you're breaking up with me? You wouldn't dare.

Robbie: ...what?

Hannah: (Grits teeth) Listen up Roberto Clemente and listen up good: I am the best thing you've got. And you know it. Following me to Syracuse is the closest you'll ever get to a college experience. Moving in with a beautiful, smart, caring girl like me? It'd be a privilege. Men would kill to be with a girl like me.

Robbie: ...

Hannah: Are you really gonna throw that away? Are you?

Robbie: ...

Hannah: Answer me!

(Moments later…)


(Marching down the street to get away from her a hysterical Hannah follows behind, gripping her stomach.)


Robbie: What now?


(He rolls his eyes and keeps walking. She keeps following behind. Eventually they’re both forced to stop at a light.)


(An elderly woman passed by while Robbie throws on his ear phones and tries to fidget with his Walkman despite his shaking hands preventing him.)


(The elderly woman stops in front of the two. She reaches into her shirt and pulls out a handkerchief.)

Elderly Woman: You deserve better.

Robbie: ...

(The woman passes her the handkerchief and walks off. Normally, this type of assumption would send Robbie flying into a rage, but in actually, through the turmoil of her hysterics, Robbie was finally at peace. We return from the flash back when Robbie notices the flashing green light from the answering machine in his room.)

[You have seventeen missed messages. First unheard message…]

“I can't believe you. I knew you would bail on me. My friends were right. God, my father's right. Now I have to face him?”


“(Weeping) I can't believe it's gonna end this way after everything we've been through. I gave you everything. Everything. You were my first for everything. (Sniffs) ...non white.”


“You know, this is all my fault really. I finally see it and I'm sorry. (Pause) I shouldn't have expected you to be able to handle me. I needed a man.”


“Pick. Up. The phone. Stop ignoring me, coward. If you don't answer the phone, we’re definitely through.”




(Noise. Sounds of ruffling about.)

“Hello? Are you there? I'm in a lot of pain. I don't know if I'm gonna make it...”

Robbie: (Rolls eyes) ...

“I feel weak. So... cold. (Sniffs) I just wanted to say before it's too late. That I'm sorry. I'm sorry for everything. You've meant so much to me and you still do. I've been selfish and you didn't deserve me toying with you. I know that now and I feel so stupid. Truth is I've always pictured you in my head when I pictured my future. You and you're cute butt. I just wanna...”


Robbie: She'll say whatever it takes I guess.

(Not wanting to stay home where he’d likely have to sit through several more calls, he grabs his keys again and heads out the door. A little later, we find Rocky and his girlfriend Jenny walking towards the Youth Center from the hallway.)

Rocky: So, have you heard from any colleges yet?

Jenny: No.

Rocky: What? Why not?

Jenny: Cause I dropped out? You?

Rocky: I don’t know yet. My dad went to Yale so maybe I have a shot at getting in as legacy.

Jenni: Your dad went to Yale?!

Rocky: That’s what he said. Or was it jail? He has such a thick accent.

Jenni: (Laughs) Well if that’s the case, I’ll probably catch you around campus.

(Rocky laughs, but clearly doesn’t get it.)

Rocky: (Looks inside) Oh gosh.

Jenni: What’s wrong?

Rocky: My exe girlfriend is here?

Jenni: Who, Adam?

Rocky: No. Wait, huh?

Jenni: I’m just saying, the way he looks at me when I’m with you. I’m starting to wonder what the long hair is really about.

Rocky: No. I mean Hillary.

Jenni: You mean one of the preps? You dated one of them. You?

Rocky: Yeah.

(Jenny looks in and finds Hillary stretching in yoga outfit while sipping on brand name water that she sits on a table next to a bottle of floor cleaner that Ernie is using to mop the floors with.)

Jenni: Ugh. Which one is she again?

Rocky: She’s the smart one.

(Jenny doesn’t break eye contact as Hillary reaches for the wrong bottle and takes a huge swig without flinching.)

Jenni: Clearly.

Rocky: We should go.

Jenni: What do you mean? I work here. I can’t just go.

Rocky: Well I can’t be here. My lover, my exe lover in one room? Dueling for my heart. It’s too much to bear.

Jenni: I think you’ll be fine. Besides. If my bands not getting their big break anytime soon, I got pay rent somehow.

(She playfully punches his arm then walks in toward the backroom.)

Rocky: But… you’re living in my attic.

(Further inside, Jason is seen working a punching bag while Billy spots him.)

Billy: I think you need a break.

Jason: I think I’m fine.

Billy: I don’t think you should overexert. You’re already sweating buckets.

Jason: That’s how I know it’s working. Let’s go.

(As Jason returns to his aggressive pounding, Kat and Tanya enter from the front.)

Tanya: You got this girl.

Katherine: (Exhales) Thank you. I think I do.

Tanya: Just remember I'm here for you. You're not alone.

Katherine: I appreciate that.

(Kat looks around briefly before her face turns sour.)

Katherine: I don't see him anywhere.

Tanya: It’s okay. He’ll turn up.

(Tanya guides Kat over to a table where Adam and Rocky are already stationed. And from the sounds of their conversation it appears Adam had something to say about Rocky’s girlfriend.)

Rocky: What’s your deal with her, man?

Adam: Nothing.

Rocky: Doesn’t sound like nothing. Jenny doesn’t even think you like her.

Adam: Jenny’s astute.

Rocky: Wrong again. Jenny’s a drop out.

Adam: Astute. Not a… Look, I’m just saying. You don’t need to do all this for her. Frankly I don’t think she feels as strongly for you as you do for her. And honestly, I think you deserve better than that.

Rocky: Like who?

(Just then, Hillary crashes off her treadmill causing a huge ruckus. She quickly tries to recover and play it off. Neither Adam or Rocky pay much mind to it.)

Adam: I don’t know. But a better girl for you is out there.

Tanya: What's going on now, you two?

Rocky: Adam's suggesting that Jenny's manipulating me.

Adam: No I'm telling him she's manipulating you.

Rocky: Then he is suggesting she's manipulating me.

Katherine: Will you two ever give it a rest?

Adam: Geez. What's bugging you?

Katherine: Nothing. You guys haven't seen Tommy around, have you?

Rocky: Not since we left him in Florida. Why?

Katherine: I just... I wanted to talk to him.

Adam: Oh no. Don't tell me you haven't let that go? Didn't you learn anything from yesterday?

Tanya: Is there any relationship you don't get involved in, Adam?

Adam: ...

Katherine: Actually, I want to... come clean to Tommy about how I've been feeling towards him. Apologize for allowing that to cloud my judgement and tell him I'm going to put it behind me and focus on just being colleagues.

Tanya: And tell him he probably couldn't handle all this anyway.

Rocky: Handle what? I don't see anything.

Katherine: ...

Tanya: We're just gonna wait for him to show.

Adam: Well I'm glad you're making the right choice. I'm sure it wasn't easy.

Rocky: Especially not since it drove her to nearly kill us all.

Katherine: Yeah. Thank goodness Robbie was there to stop us in time. He’s really been there a lot for us lately.

Tanya: Yeah. Let’s just hope that remains the case.

Rocky: What do you mean?

Tanya: Well, we’re not sure. But we think he’s planning to move to New York after graduation.

Rocky: New York? But the women don’t wear bras there.

Tanya: Shh. He’s here…

(Right on cue, a bedraggled looking Robbie walks in. Jason, who was going full throttle on the punching bag, immediately stops, then gestures Billy’s to join the others at the table.)

Jason: Hey Rob.

Robbie: Hey.

Jason: What's going on?

Robbie: Uh. Not much.

Jason: I bet.

Katherine: Have you seen Tommy around?

Robbie: Uh yeah. I just spoke to him.

Katherine: You did?

Robbie: Yeah, you actually just missed him. He's leaving town for a bit.

Rocky: What?

Tanya: You're kidding.

Katherine: ...

Robbie: Nope. He needs time to clear his head so he's taking an indefinite hiatus.

Katherine: (Weakly) Wow.

Adam: I don't believe this.

Tanya: I guess his talk with Kim didn't go well?

Robbie: I'd say not.

Billy: So what’s gonna happen to the team? Who's leader?

Robbie: You're... looking at him.

Rocky: What?!

Adam: Now this I don't believe. Why not Jason?

Robbie: ...

Jason: Zordon and I agreed it made the most sense. We don't know when I'd have to give my powers up, and no one else has been around as long as Rob.

Billy: (Shrugs) I suppose the rationale is sound.

Jason: But do you think you're up for it?

Robbie: (Exhales) Good question. I guess?

Rocky: Will the training schedule change at all?

Robbie: There is no training schedule. Tommy hasn't held trainings in months.

Rocky: I know, so is that gonna change?

Robbie: I... I don't know yet. I'm still just processing this. I'm gonna need some time to settle in before I decide anything.

Billy: Fair enough.

Tanya: Well whatever happens, we're all behind you 100%.

Jason: Ditto.

Billy: Affirmative.

Adam: Yeah, just don't get us killed.

Robbie: I won't but keep talking, Adam. I hear there’s another peace conference coming.

Adam: ...

Tanya: C'mon guys, shakes for the new captain. On us.

(Slowly, everyone gets up to leave but Jason and Robbie. The former, staring a hole through the more evasive latter.)

Jason: I'll ask again. You sure you're up for this?

Robbie: Um… no.

Jason: ...

Robbie: But what choice did I have? Zordon really laid it on heavy.

Jason: Yeah. He does that. I'd call it Jewish guilt but...

Robbie: I mean, I guess how difficult could it be really? Tommy sure didn’t make it seem that hard. The notes he gave me still has Aisha on the team.

Jason: Well, clearly Tommy’s been going through a rough time. But being leader is more than just standing in the front of the line. There’s a lot that goes into it.

Robbie: Yeah, I get it. There’re tough decisions that got to be made in battle.

Jason: Not only that, but before the battle you gotta make sure the guys are ready and they count on you. (Clears throat) You gotta make sure they’re trained but not overworked or worrying about petty personal dramas. Sometimes you’re a leader, sometimes you’re a pastor or a therapist.

Robbie: …

Jason: There’s a lot of managing personalities. Why do you think my team was always playing volleyball in the park, or joining broom ball leagues?

Robbie: Cause you guys were corn balls?

Jason: Morale, my friend. Those things were for morale.

Robbie: I see. Are you… upset you weren’t asked?

Jason: (Clears throat again) Not at all. I mean, I get it. At any moment Trey can come back and want his powers back. But even so, I’m enjoying this “extra ranger” role so much more. I literally do the least amount of work, and yet everyone thinks I’m the coolest. And did you know they make a song about you?

Robbie: Yeah, I’ve heard.

Jason: And with Sam in my life now. I don’t know, I kinda just want to stick to this role and enjoy the best of both worlds. Besides, you deserve this.

Robbie: …

Jason: You’ve worked hard to get to where you are. (Clears throat.) You’ve proven yourself to be a true ranger. A real lifer.

(Those last words trigger a less than enthused response from Robbie, though he doesn’t verbalize anything as Jason continues.)

Jason: And as a former leader, and your friend, I’d be glad to help you however I can.

(Despite his mixed feelings, he appreciates the support.)

Robbie: Thanks man.

(Just then, almost aptly timed, their communicators ring.)

Jason: …

Robbie: …

(Fast forward to a few moments later, the rangers, now morphed, find themselves in a quarry. They find their targets up ahead.)

Tanya: Look! Cogs!

Katherine: I don't see a monster anywhere, it’s just them.

Jason: This could be a warm up for whatever they have planned.

Robbie: We take no chances. Let's junk these lemons!

(On Robbie’s cue they charge forward. The cogs follow suit as they clash at the center. Robbie ducks a spin kick from the lead enemy. It recovers and runs toward Tanya. Those two trade kicks before Tanya get knocked away. Adam dives in to her rescue and trades punches until he's yanked away by others. Rocky lunges behind the original cog from behind for a take down but is countered and tossed aside. That’s when Kat cartwheels from out of nowhere and hits a right chop that short circuits the enemy and takes it down.)

Katherine: Hyaa!

(Meanwhile, Jason waste no time with the rest of the horde burns through them like a blaze in a forest. “Go Gold Ranger” blaring in the background as he tears through an assembly line of enemies throwing themselves at him to be discarded. Until suddenly something happens.)

Jason: Man... What’s happening?

(With no apparent trigger, only a momentary pause, Jason begins to look winded. His hits start landing with less impact, until the Cogs are able to regain footing and overwhelm him. His blaze quickly flickers out as he finds himself being tossed around inside a circle of enemies.)

Robbie: Jason!

(With the others freed, Robbie directs the others to the gold ranger. They quickly rush over; each grab an enemy and make short work of them. The remaining cogs, then flee into a black hole, with their broken peers soon following behind. With the threat gone, their focus onto an ailing Gold Ranger.)

Robbie: Are you okay Jase?

Jason: Yeah… I just feel jittery for some reason. Like I had too much coffee. But tired at the same time. It's weird.

Robbie: That is weird.

Tanya: Well I don't see anything else around here. This may have been it.

Robbie: Alright. Break you guys. Jason, you might want to get to bed early tonight.

Jason: (Salutes) Sir, yes sir.

Robbie: ...

Tanya: Well, looks like you made it Robbie.

Adam: Yeah. You got us through our first fight with all of us still alive. More or less.

Robbie: Sure, was easy enough, I guess.

Jason: Now you just gotta file the report.

Robbie: Report?

Jason: Yep. There's lots of paperwork when you're the leader. How do you think we get paid?

Robbie: You mean we get paid?

(A few hours pass and eventually, Robbie returns home. After filing case reports and a debriefing at the power chamber, it’s now night time and Robbie’s ready to crash after a long and restless two nights. He kicks off his shoes and throws on a more loose-fitting shirt. As he throws his worn shirt on his bed, it flies over his opened bag, reminding him that in addition to all his new responsibilities, he’s still a student that has work due.)

Robbie: (Sighs) …

(And so the eternal juggle of a leader goes, Robbie throws on a pot of coffee and parks himself in front of his home PC to get to work. On his home screen his messenger app opens automatically, and something catches his eye.)

Robbie: …

(User name “TeenyTrini” springs to the top of his friends list of active users. He takes a long, meaningful look; as if applying far too much meaning to the word “Available” under her name. After brief hesitation, Robbie hovers his browser over her name then clicks on it. And after some more mental self-coaching, his fingers slowly meet the keyboard here he begins to type. However, his train of thought gets quickly derailed when a chat notification rings.)

QueenBee79 - rOBBIE

Robbie: Huh?


QueenBee79 - KNOW*

Robbie: (Sighs) …



(Moments pass without a response from Robbie, who just looks to see how far she’ll go without prompting. She begins typing again.)


[QueenBee79 is typing]


(Robbie blocks QueenBee79. He then throws his face over his palms, exacerbated, wondering how he’s ever gonna weather this storm while learning to lead a team and still managing to get his work done. Before he can think much further though, he hears another notification.)

Robbie: …


[‘GLITTERGURLXoXo is typing’]


Robbie: …


Robbie: “Ricna?”


(After rolling his eyes, Robbie blocks GLITTERGURL79. Without missing a beat though, he gets another notification.)

HMT_Fasionista – Okay. I get it. I deserved that.

HMT_Fasionista – I get what I did was totally unforgivable. I was so obsessed with my own baggage and on whether or not I could trust you that I lost sight of how I destroyed your trust. I get it. Just know how awful I feel for what I’ve done for you. I’m not asking for your forgiveness, but know that I will always love and cherish the time we spent together. I became a better woman while with you. You will always be my monkey. Even if you hate my guts.

(Strangely lucid, Robbie wonders if this is even from the same person. She continues.)

HMT_Fasionista – If this is goodbye, then goodbye Robbie. But if there’s still any part of you that care about me, may I ask that you just keep one last promise to me?

(Hesitantly, Robbie begins to type back.)
ForeverBrown69 - What’s that?

[HMT_Fashionista is typing.]


(He blocks her one last time, then decides it’s enough work for one day and shuts his computer off. He then slams his head on the keyboard in frustration.)

Katherine: Robbie?

Robbie: What?

(Katherine meekly peeks her head into his room, but detects the annoyance in his tone and second guesses her decision.)

Katherine: I’m sorry… is now a bad time?

Robbie: …No.

Katherine: Are you sure? I can come back.

Robbie: No, it’s okay. Come in.

(Slowly, she enters. She sits across from him on the corner of his bed. Then with almost no set up, as if this had been stewing in her head all day, she gets right into it mid-thought.)

Katherine: I just... I know I should just be happy being friends with him and not to interfere but I can’t get Tommy out of my head.

Robbie: ...hmm.

Katherine: I wanted to tell him how I felt. Then I wanted to tell him I was gonna get over him. I had this big moment mapped out in my head. Ending with me conquering my demon. And he just leaves town without saying goodbye.

Robbie: ...

Katherine: I mean it's one thing if he left town right after Kimberly broke up with him. But he was clearly here first. And he only spoke to one person? Doesn't he know what he means to people?

Robbie: Kat...

Katherine: I just don't get him. Does he not see how much I care about him? I could have been there for him and he acts like I’m not even there half the time. It’s so frustrating.

(Her voice echoes off the walls of the otherwise silent bedroom. Robbie, at a loss for the right words and frankly still frustrated and sleep deprived, says the first thing that comes to his head.)

Robbie: Kat... I gotta say. I have no clue what you see in him.

Katherine: Excuse me?

Robbie: Look, I don’t get it. What’s the appeal? The blow-dried hair? The self-aggrandizing? The expressionless stare when he tries to show emotion? What drives you crazy about him?

Katherine: Maybe I should talk to someone else.

(She starts to get up, but realizing he’s overstepping for a person in his new poaition, he stops her.)

Robbie: Wait. My point is, I think you’re a great girl. And you deserve someone who’s gonna appreciate that.

(Surprised, she sits back down.)

Katherine: You… really think that?

Robbie: I do. You’re a gorgeous woman with a huge heart. And that accent?

Katherine: (Laughs) My accent…?

Robbie: To tell you the truth, if I weren’t drowning in my own girl problems, I likely would’ve made a pass at you by now.

Katherine: And I would’ve had to shoot you down. (Sniffs) But thank you. Robbie. That’s very sweet.

Robbie: You’ll find somebody. Somebody that makes you happy. Just don’t get caught up in one guy.

Katherine: I won’t. Promise. And for the record, Zordon was spot on in choosing you. I gotta say I definitely feel safe with you at the helm.

Robbie: (Grins) Thanks Kat.

(And just then, their communicators ring again.)

Robbie: …

(Moments later, a now morphed Robbie, Kat and the others find themselves in the park facing a new, yet familiar enemy.)

Katherine: What?!

Tanya: What are these things?

Robbie: Tengas...

(A horde of Tengas flock about in front of them to their surprise.)

Rocky: What are Tengas doing here?

Jason: Looks like Rita and Zedd got the memo that Tommy's gone. They may be testing your leadership, Rob.

Robbie: Alright guys, you heard him. Don't embarrass me here.


(As the rangers prepare to do battle once again, Mondo looks on, displeased by what he sees.)

King Mondo: What’s this?! The rangers are out again…

Prince Gasket: And? Isn’t fighting them until they’re worn out all part of your plan?

King Mondo: Yes, but they are not fighting my monsters….

(Gasket looks over the balcony and takes a look for himself.)

Prince Gasket: So I see.

(Back on earth, the rangers make quick work of the Tenga Warriors, splitting them up into small groups and out classing them with superior quickness, strength and stamina. The old foot soldiers simply don’t match up to anymore as before long, the last one is soundly defeated. Those left standing soar away.)

Rocky: That’s all of them.

Robbie: Alright. Great job everyone. Sort of.

(He turns to a Tanya with a disapproving stare.)

Tanya: Hey, I thought swatting them with a paper would have done the job. I had no clue they could fly. That scared the crap out of me.

Robbie: ...they’re birds, not cockroaches.

(Tanya shrugs.)

Robbie: Alright, we'll go over them again during simulations in our training next weekend. We should be prepared for any monster Mondo or Zedd throw at us.

(He senses disinterests in his proposal, then adjusts.)

Robbie: Then maybe... a volleyball tournament after. Where no one loses?

Rocky: Yeah!

Katherine: Great idea Robbie.

Tanya: Sounds good.

Robbie: Good. Break everyone. Power up.

“Power up!”

(Adam, Tanya, Kat and Rocky teleport away simultaneously, leaving Robbie behind oddly pleased with himself as he stares off into the distance.)

Robbie: You know Jase, I gotta say. It may be the lack of sleep, but I think I'm starting to get into the swing of this.

Jason: ...

Robbie: Jase?

(He turns around to find Jason collapsed on the floor, de-morphed and unresponsive.)

Robbie: Jason!

(Meanwhile, back on the moon.)

King Mondo: I don’t believe this. It looks like Rita and Zedd are at it again. Didn’t they get the message when we blasted them out of their own homes?!

Prince Gasket: Apparently not. In fact, the moment you were defeated those two tried to swoop in to take out Sprocket and ma. They’re snakes. They’ll never go away, they’re just waiting for their opportunity to strike.

King Mondo: Then I must say, it was good to have you there to protect them, boy.

Prince Gasket: (Nods) …th-thank you, father.

King Mondo: They are indeed snakes. But you’re wrong. They shall be taken care of. And you will do it.

Prince Gasket: …

King Mondo: I want you to go down there, and end the rangers like I know you can. And if Zedd, Rita or any of their lackeys or clay fodder get involved, I want you to skin them alive and wear them on your feet like the pathetic garden snakes they are.

Prince Gasket: (Bows) As you wish, father.

(Without another word, Gasket vanishes.)

King Mondo: That’s my boy.

(Mondo grins proudly to himself, but finds Machina beaming from the corner.)

King Mondo: Ehrm. I mean, that boy better not screw up. I’ve had it with him.

(Back on earth, Robbie has rushed Jason back to the power chamber where he’s returned to consciousness. Still, visibly weak, he’s undergoing a battery of tests by Alpha and Billy.)

Robbie: Zordon, what’s going on with Jason? Do you have any idea?

Zordon: It is as I feared, Robbie.

Jason: …

Zordon: I had hoped this wouldn’t be the case but it appears the gold ranger powers are beginning to reject its host.

Robbie: “Reject its host?”

Billy: The powers were specifically designed for alien physiology. And since Jason is not a Triforian, the powers assume hostility and are beginning to destroy him with each morph.

Jason: (Dry coughs) …

Robbie: Great. This is just great.

Jason: Don’t worry about this man, I’m still here if you… need me.

Robbie: Don’t be stupid. You’re not killing yourself.

Jason: No. Sometimes you just gotta take ris-

Robbie: You’re not killing yourself. Not on my first week. Drop dead on your own time.

Jason: …

Robbie: (Exhales) You’ve helped enough. I need you to take care of yourself now.

Jason: You got it, bro. I mean, boss.

Robbie: …

(That word still sounds foreign to him. It’s a word he thought he’d never be fit for, and yet, without notice, it’s become his entire life. We return home, Robbie enters his apartment door. It’s empty, but this time likely because the girls are in bed. There’s mail on the counter atop a box of pizza.)

Robbie: (Gasps) …

(He notices the envelope is from a college he applied to and quickly reaches over to rip it open. He doesn’t take a long look at it though, and his expression never changes before he throws it in the trash. As he opens the box of pizza and grabs a cold slice, he wonders how Tommy didn’t lose his mind sooner. It’s been one day, and his priorities shifted mightily, to where now he’s worried about his friends lives. There is no way he can focus on school work, and from the looks of his college approval process, it doesn’t look like it matters anyway. So instead, he rips off his pants and throws himself onto the couch and gazes off to silence his mind.)

Wonders if this will be his life. He finds an envelope from a college. Opens. Blank then tosses it out. Finds pizza with a note from the girls. It’s cold but he takes it. Turns on the TV.)

“In entertainment news, LL Cool J is said to be working on a concept album, in which he explores what the world might look like if he put a shirt on.”

(Not focused on anything being said however, he instead just focuses on the scroll on the bottom third on the screen and starts mindlessly reading it outloud.)

Robbie: “Mayor facing pressure on budget amid threats of teacher walkout * Master Batters to relocate? Plans for new stadium by 2003 * Robbie plz this is ridiculous I kno ur there plz pick up ur phone - Hannah* President Clinton visiting injured troops today…” (Groans) ARG. YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME!!!!

(Furiously, he shuts off the TV and throws the remote across the room. Leaving him alone in the darkness. But not for long as there’s a loud bang on the door.)

Robbie: (Groans) …

(Without invitation, Adam walks in with Rocky trailing behind him.)

Adam: Hey. Why… are you in your underwear?

Robbie: Why… are barging into my house?

Adam: I just need you to sort something out for us. As leader.

Robbie: (Sighs) Do I have to?

Adam: Is it what you signed up for?

Robbie: ...

Rocky: Adam swears Jenny is just looking for a weak-willed boyfriend with a place to stay that she'll ditch the moment it's no longer convenient.

Adam: I’m right, right?

Rocky: It’s not true. I asked her.

Robbie: And?

Rocky: She's actually not a fan of labels and doesn't want to call me boyfriend.

Adam: (Sighs) ...you see what I'm dealing with?

Rocky: She’s just a postmodern struggling artist who doesn’t like labels. You mistake her eccentricities as manipulation.

Adam: She’s a hack. She’s not even a real artist. Have you heard her songs? They're just rewrites of already existing songs.

Rocky: Oh yeah? Have you heard the new song she’s working on called "About a boy?" I'm the boy! What other band wrong that?

Adam: Um, Nirvana? She just changed the word girl with boy.

Rocky: Oh yeah, well your parents changed the word girl with boy!

Adam: Who told you that joke? There’s no way you came up with that.

Robbie: Alright I've heard enough. Both of you out. I don't care about any of this. Get out of my house. I'm off the clock.

Adam: Excuse me. A leader is never off the clock.

Robbie: And you would know, how?

Adam: ...

Robbie: Fine. You want my honest opinion? Do I think Rocky and Jen are gonna live happily ever after? No. But is it your business to get involved? Hell no. We don’t all follow your cookie cutter template to life, Adam. Some of us will wander and some of us will make mistakes. And we don’t need people like you to hold us by the hand to get out, we’re just gonna need to figure it out.

Rocky: ...

Robbie: Some of us wind up with girls we shouldn't be with cause we blew it with the ones we were supposed to end up with. Some of us might not have a future or go to college cause it took most of high school to realize we were worth a crap. Either way it's not for people like you to look down on us and judge so just back off.

Adam: Uh. I didn't say anything about Rocky's future.

Rocky: Yeah. I'm going to college.

Robbie: ...just get out. Both of you.

(Once again, the communicators ring…)

Robbie: (Sighs)...

(Within moments again, the rangers are back on the beat, morphed. They find themselves surrounding a dark wooded area.)

Robbie: Zordon said it should be around here.

Tanya: I don’t see anything.

Adam: Do you guys know if Jason’s coming?

Robbie: No. He’s not.

Katherine: What? What’s wrong with him?

Robbie: He’s uh… DUCK!!

(His instincts kick in and he lunges forward as something barely misses Katherine’s head. An arrow pierces through a tree, nearly making its way completely through.)

Archerina: Hello boys.

Robbie: Guess I'll finish my story later.

Rocky: Good. Cause I wanna hear more about Jason turning into a duck.

Archerina: Kat, Tanya, aren’t you gonna introduce me to your friends?

Katherine: Robbie, guys. This is Archerina. She'll rip your soul away and make you her puppet; completely incapable of making your own decisions.

Archerina: And that's just my husband!

Tanya: She's one of Mondo’s new goons. She's pretty high ranking.

Robbie: Well I don't care what she is. Let's send this strangely erotic children's villain back to Japan where I assume she's from.



Krank: Around and around and away we goooooo!

(From a distance, Krank takes the tiny Orbus and from a chain on his back swings him over his head before chucking him toward onto Archerina. Orbus fires a laser into an open socket, causing her to tremor as she grows into a massive size. The rangers look up as their problems get significantly worse.)

Katherine: Wow.

Robbie: I know. You see the cleavage on that thing?

Katherine: Robbie...

Robbie: Right. We got our work cut out for us guys but as long as we got the numbers she should go down easier than in the fanfiction she's depicted in.

(That being said...)

Rita and Zedd: With the power and force of thunder make our Goldar grooow!

(Rita and Zedd combine their wands, emitting a dark energy that streams directly to earth. It strikes Goldar, who grows to the size of a skyscraper.)

Goldar: Gyahahaha!

Robbie: Crap.

Oh no.

Archerina: What is he doing? He's ruining our plan.

Goldar: Your plan? You've got nothing on our plan sister.

Adam: Now what? We're outnumbered.

Rocky: We're gonna need double Zord power for this one.

Tanya: Double Zords?

Rocky: Adam, me and Rocky will take the Super Zeo Zords. I need you to pilot the Zeo Zords with Tanya and Kat.

Adam: ...

Robbie: Can I trust you not let me down or let this get to your head?

Adam: I won't. You can count on me.

Robbie: Good. Then we need Zeo Megazord power, now!

(Robbie summons the Zeo Zords, who race through the snowy mountains and into battle. Simultaneously, the Super Zeo Zords blast out of a cannon nearby. They soar into action as the rangers leap into their assigned Zord.)

Adam: Let’s put em together guys, power up!

Robbie: Super Zeo Megazord sequence, power up!

(The chains suddenly are released, the Taurus retracts within itself becoming the legs. The Sphinx does the same but splits outwards, becoming the torso and arms. The Taurus combines with the Sphinx, who then combine with the battle tanks that make the feet. The Phoenix finally lands on top as the head.)

Archerina: In position…

(Close by, the Super Zeo Zords come together in mid-air they commence the next step of their transformation. The red Super Zeo Zord tucks in its head and limbs to become the torso. The pink becomes the feet, the blue is the waist, the green is the leg and the yellow becomes the arms and the head. At once, they drop to the surface, with all pieces falling into perfect place and forming, the Super Zeo Megazord.)

Goldar: And now!

Adam: Zeo Zords power up!

“I think not!”

Adam: Huh?

Robbie: What’s going on?!

(Unexpectedly, Rito appears in Adam's cockpit, Gasket appears inside Robbie’s.)

Rito: Get out of here. You're being commandeered. I used to be a cop, you know.

Rocky: Wha- Rito?!

(A ruckus breaks out inside both cockpits, visible from the outside as both heads start rocking violently. Before long, both cockpits vacate, with the rangers spilling out and landing hard to the ground.)

Katherine: UGH.

Robbie: AHHHHHH!!!

Tanya: Oh no. What's happening?!

Rocky: Robbie, you okay?

(Looking to have landed awkwardly, Robbie favors his left elbow.)

Katherine: Are you okay? Can you move it?

Robbie: I… I don’t think so.

Tanya: Do you need Alpha to look at this? Maybe you should sit this out.

Robbie: I’m fine. I’m more worried about the Zord’s. They have our Zords.

Prince Gasket: You stole our idea!

(Gasket begins speaking at Goldar and Rito using the Zord’s arms to emote.)

Rito: Well you stole our home!

Archerina: You'll pay for this!

(Archerina reaches for her bow and fires an arrow at Goldar, barely missing as he rolls out of the way. Goldar recovers, unsheathes his sword and lunges at her. Meanwhile the two Megazords go at it. The Zeo Megazord lands a right to the Super Zeo Megazord, who then responds in kind. The two Zords trade blows, neither wavering and sparks raining everywhere. The rangers all the while, in the awkward position of standing in the sidelines watching their two, Zords, piloted by rival factions, beating each other up.)

Robbie: Well, I'm sure not putting this in the report.

Katherine: What do we do now, Robbie? They have our Zords. Once they realize they're stronger together we'll be destroyed.

Robbie: (Sighs) I'm not sure.

Adam: You're not sure?! With all respects we can’t afford you to not be sure right now.

(From the power chamber, Zordon, Alpha, Billy and Jason look on with bated breath.)

Katherine: Oh. What would Tommy do right now?

Robbie: Cry and go speak to his therapist?

Rocky: Well, can Jason help right now.

Robbie: (Shakes head) I'd rather he not. He's losing his powers right now... wait... that's it!

Adam: What's it?

Robbie: (Reaches for communicator) Billy, you in?

Billy: Affirmative.

Robbie: Cut the power to the Zords. Send a false warning message into the cockpit. We're about to take back our Zords.

Billy: Right away.

Prince Gasket: Take this!

(Gasket orders the Super Zeo to swing its blade at original Zord, dealing heavy damage.)

Rito: No, take this!!

(Undeterred, The Zeo Megazord summons its blade and returns the favor.)

Prince Gasket: Take this!

(Super Zeo strikes the chest yet again, this time producing fire and black smoke that pours out of the Zeo Megazords chest.)

Rito: Oh yeah? Is that the best you got? I need Titanus and the- Er, I mean Pyramidas and the… huh?

(Suddenly the cockpit goes dark. Both of them.)

Prince Gasket: What?

Rito: What's going on?

(They both try and jiggle the controls but those seem to have been severed too. The unexpectedly, the alarms blare.)

"Self-destruct sequence initiated."

Rito: What?!

Prince Gasket: You don't say... touché rangers.

"Self-Destruct in 5, 4, 3, 2..."

Rito: I'm outta heere!

(Both Rito and Gasket leap out before the count of one.)

Robbie: Now!

(At once, the rangers return to their cockpit, sure to lock the door behind them.)

Rito: What?

Prince Gasket: They tricked us!

Rito: They tricked you. I just followed what you did.

Adam: Alright!

Robbie: Back in control.

Archerina: Huh?

Goldar: I knew I should’ve been the one in the Zord.

Archerina: No matter. (Turns to Robbie) Cause you’re still nothing but a substitute leader facing off against two of the galaxies leading warriors.

Goldar: (Turns to Robbie) Hehe. That’s right…

(Finally thinking it best to team up against the rangers, Archerina and Goldar march toward their targets.)

Robbie: Adam, take Goldar. I’ll take Archerina.

Adam: Right.

(One arm and all, Robbie leads the march forward, blades equipped. Super Zeo swings at Archerina, misses as she ducks, eats a kick that knocks it backwards. In a swift motion she re-quipped her bow and arrow and fires three shots that hit dead on; with Robbie feeling every shot from inside.)

Robbie: Arg.

Rocky: You okay, Rob?

Robbie: Yeah. Peachy.

(Goldar lunges through the Zeo Zord landing several strikes with his sword, but gets his last one blocked before his sword gets broken in two with a single chop.)

Goldar: What?!

(Archerina leaps into the air and tries to capitalize on the wounded pilot, but Super Zeo ducks backwards as she flies by. She lands on her feet and is greeted by a punch in the face.)

Archerina: Oof!

Robbie: Haha. Only need one hand to do that.

(The blow knocks her backwards as she falls into Goldar.)

Goldar: Hey, get off me, woman!

Adam: Now’s our chance, Rob.

Robbie: Right. I need Pyramidas and the power of the Ultrazord.

(Through the darkness, Pyramidas appears. It stops at a distance, energizes then expands. Legs appear from the front, arms rise from the side. As it lifts itself upright, a head appears on top. The behemoth Zord’s back then opens up, allowing the Zeo Megazord to fit inside of it, piece by piece. The Super Zeo Megazord then rises, then rests on top, both arms pointing forward, over the shoulders of Pyramidas like cannons. The new combination dwarfs the two warriors in size and troubles the other two warriors on the ground.)

Rito: Uh oh.

Prince Gasket: Archy, no! I’ve got to stop this!

(Gasket runs off, leaving Rito to cry out for his ally.)

Rito: Now's our cue, Goldy. Get out!

Goldar: Duh... I left the dryer on. I mean the door open. I mean my kids don’t have a sitter!

Rito: No one cares about that schtick, just go!


Goldar: This isn't over!

(On the ranger’s command, an epic stream of firepower is unleashed from the Ultrazord, pointed right at Archerina.)

Archerina: …

Prince Gasket: ARCHY NO!!!

(At the last second, a suddenly giant Gasket dives in front of his bride and eats the blast. The result is an explosion so big, that he is completely engulfed in the bright light and then simply disappears when the cloud settles. There is no remaining core, no pathway to reconstruction. Gasket is gone. Reduced to nothingness. Back on the moon…)

King Mondo: I don't believe this.

Queen Machina: NOOO! My boy! My only boy!

Prince Sprocket: Hey!

Queen Machina: Sorry, my oldest boy! Whhhhhhyyyyy.

(From the back, a sullen Archerina appears. Slowly making her way forward. Mondo turns around as she approaches. She leans in for a hug, which Mondo accepts.)

Archerina: (Sniffs) …

King Mondo: We shall make them pay for what they’ve done.

Archerina: I hope so!

King Mondo: They shall rue the day they ever laid hands on my boy. Let them celebrate this small victory. For they have only succeeded in bringing this family together. And together, we shall be unstoppable.

Archerina: …family?

Queen Machina: Family.

(Machina joins in for a group hug. Feeling left out, Sprocket trails behind and throws himself into the mix.)

Prince Sprocket: “Family…”

(Finally, back at the power chamber…)

Zordon: Good work today rangers. Not only did you thwart two simultaneous attacks from two different factions but you defeated one of the Empires top ranking official, no doubt setting them back.

Billy: It's all thanks to the new leader. You never wavered. Even with a broken arm.

(Uncomfortable with so much praise he Robbie just awkwardly smiles and waves. His free hand occupied as it rubs the left arm that’s now in a sling.)

Alpha: Just keep it elevated, Robbie. You should be back at the helm in a few weeks.

Robbie: Great.

Katherine: How did it feel leading the team? Were you scared?

Robbie: (Sighs) I don't think so. The actual job itself is pretty much the same as I've been doing for years with an added layer. Its second nature by now.

Tanya: You hear that he's a natural.

Robbie: ...

Billy: This could even be a sign of things to come. You might even find yourself as leader of the next generation of rangers piloting giant cars around Angel Grove.

Robbie: I don’t know. That sounds awful.

Zordon: Well either way good job on the first day. You were certainly put to the test and you passed with flying colors.

Robbie: Thanks. I'm just glad I can help however I can.

(The rest of the team stares excitedly, anticipating a big, memorable speech.)

Robbie: If you don't mind, I'm gonna go lay down.

Katherine: Oh.

Tanya: Of course.

Rocky: Yeah. You've had a long day.

Jason: You deserve it.

Robbie: Right. Thanks guys.

(So Robbie does go home. And finally, he can relax. It may have taken breaking his arm to gain the security that he won’t be called back into action, but finally, he can destress. The first thing he does upon entering his room is throwing himself onto his bed. He doesn’t bother to get more comfortable, or even take his shoes off. He just collapses hoping to get some sleep.)

Robbie: …

(Only, that sleep doesn’t come immediately. His mind continues to wander, as if he somehow too tired to go to sleep. Finally idle, he begins to reflect on the past two days. He’s able to unpack the huge changes that have suddenly and drastically altered the course of his life. The relationship that ended, the dreaded future with her that never was. The exit from a team that will not be and instead, he finds himself further entrenched within it.)

Robbie: Hmm…

(He’s unable yet to discern if that last change is good or not. He certainly doesn’t like the notion that while each of his close friends have gone off to do extraordinary things in their civilian life, he remains where they started and appears he will pique here. But, more optimistically, he also believes his own advice that he gave to Adam earlier. Some people aren’t where they necessarily want to be. But just because they find themselves wandering, doesn’t mean they’re lost. As he finds himself a bit more at least, he begins to drift off, wondering if anything he’s done or said during his brief texture as leader has made any lasting impact at all...)

Adam: Hey man. Hold up.

(Meanwhile, just outside the Youth Center, Adam stops Rocky who appears to be waiting to pick up Jenny.)

Rocky: Yeah?

Adam: I just... I'm sorry, okay?

Rocky: ...

Adam: Rob was right. It's not my place to get involved in your relationships. You're just like... you're like my brother. My dopey, naive younger brother. And I don't like feeling like you're getting taken advantage of. Personally, I think you deserve better. But if she brings something to the table that I don't see. And you're truly happy, then I promise, I'll back off.

(Rocky doesn’t respond right away. But he smiles and starts walking back.)

Rocky: Jenny asked me once what I wanted to be when I grow up. I told her I wanted to be a doctor.

Adam: ...

Rocky: Normally, every one of my friends would laugh at me for dreaming something so foolish and out of my range.

Adam: No they wouldn't.

Rocky: Yes, they would. C'mon. I know I'm not the brightest guy. Heck if I heard myself say that I'd probably laugh. But Jenny... didn't laugh. I mean she wants to be a rock star. We both have stupid dreams that probably won't happen. But that's why I like her. She's a dreamer, she makes me believe in myself. She's not perfect (Point at right side of chest) But in my heart, I know she's right for me.

Adam: You're hearts on the left side.

Rocky: ...guess I'll learn that in med school.

(Adam smiles, then puts his hand on his friends shoulder)

Adam: Then she's all yours. I'll back off.

(Back home, Robbie finds himself drifting off into a long awaited sleep...)


(And then the phone rings. Expecting it to be Hannah, he gets up and grabs the phone angrily.)

Robbie: What do you want?


Robbie: Yeah. Who's this?

Trini: I-it's me. Trini.

Robbie: Tr-Trini?

(On the other side is indeed Trini, sitting atop her bed, nursing a cast on her leg.)

Trini: I'm sorry. Is now a bad time?

Robbie: No. Not at all. How are you?

Trini: I'm good...

Robbie: (Nods) …good.

Trini: Yeah. Actually... I don't know. That depends.

Robbie: Depends? Depends on what?

Trini: …did you get my message?

Robbie: I've been getting lots of messages the past couple days.

Trini: Do they each mention your... cute butt?

Robbie: What?! That was you?!

Trini: ...yeah. Oh God. So you heard it then?

Robbie: Yeah. What was that?

Trini: Oh God. Remember when I accidentally got drunk at that birthday party once? And I had like one drink Sammy spiked but I completely made a fool of myself?

Robbie: Yeah.

Trini: Well I hurt my knee and they gave me painkillers. And...

Robbie: You were wasted? Trini Kwan you drunk dialed me.

Trini: I did! I'm so embarrassed.

Robbie: You're such a lightweight!

Trini: (Laughs) Stop it. I already want to crawl into a hole.

Robbie: Well don't. I thought it was cute.

Trini: ...

(She doesn’t respond but he can hear her smile on the other end.)

Trini: How have you been?

Robbie: (Sigh) That depends. How much time do you have?

Trini: All the time in the world.

Robbie: ...

(He lays back in his bed as the episode draws to a close.)

Robbie: Well where do I begin with my grievances? Oh yeah, it was the day after you left...

Trini: (Laughs) ...oh gosh.

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As we're winding down, I'm starting to feel the way I felt when Scandal was in its Final season last year. Every episode gets bittersweet and this one was awesome and I definitely caught that reference that Billy said to Robbie which how you may end it. I won't spoil it, but please tell me if I'm right or wrong??? Lol
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Fan Fiction Author
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Lmao. No. Not gonna happen. Like Robbie said, "That sounds awful."

But thank you I'm glad you're enjoying this so far. There is definitely a sense of finality this year that there wasn't before.
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😂😂😂 I tried lmao

And yeah man! Remember all those years ago when you wrapped up Season 1 and said that was it 😅. And here we are lol
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> BrownRangerKev
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Yeah lol. I think I knew I was lying. I was enjoying it too much and still had stories to tell. I'd burst at the seams if it didn't come out. By the end of season 2 onward I had to go all the way through or risk joining the graveyard of incomplete stories. The idea of the premise was that you could act as if Robbie was always been on the team, but only my chapters does he do anything relevant. But simply ending after seasons two or three with him still on the team would've broken that illusion.

Now, I have no natural direction after this season. That and the fact that Zeo didn't have a satisfying conclusion, it just ended in some stupid Christmas episode that didn't explain really close any archs or better explain the transition to Turbo and I think this is the perfect place for Robbie's story to end.
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This latest episode was awesome... and I think it also resolved something for my fic.

Details in PM...
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fb111a wrote: View Post

This latest episode was awesome... and I think it also resolved something for my fic.

Details in PM...
Thanks! And replied.
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Cameron Samurai
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Ah Amy Jo...your other career opportunities can and will be exploited for dramatic effect...what'll it be like when you have to use Flashpoint photos? ROFL.

As usual, you write a most adorable rapport between Robbie and Trini. I love it, their chemistry is so tangible and hits all the right spots, you have an ear for this kind of fun. Commendable job.
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Cameron Samurai wrote: View Post

Ah Amy Jo...your other career opportunities can and will be exploited for dramatic effect...what'll it be like when you have to use Flashpoint photos? ROFL.

As usual, you write a most adorable rapport between Robbie and Trini. I love it, their chemistry is so tangible and hits all the right spots, you have an ear for this kind of fun. Commendable job.
Hahaha. I just thought that'd be a nice nod there. I almost removed it but glad I didn't.

And aw, thanks! I really appreciate hearing that. I do enjoy writing dialog between those two. It feels very real. If these two were actors on screen I'd say they'd have electrical chemistry.
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Fan Fiction Author
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I'm hoping to have the next chapter up by next week. Prepare the hankies...
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BrownRangerKev wrote: View Post

I'm hoping to have the next chapter up by next week. Prepare the hankies...
Duuuuude, everyone knows that when you get excited you use tissues! Do you really want to keep it?! :/ hahahaha
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zedd_heart_rita wrote: View Post

Duuuuude, everyone knows that when you get excited you use tissues! Do you really want to keep it?! :/ hahahaha
Lol no. But we will finally have a definitive conclusion to the Robbie/Trini saga. It all boils down to one of three outcomes.

1. Robbie and Trini wind up together at last.

2. Robbie and Trini learn that their time has passed. They realize they've grown as individuals and still see different futures for themselves.

3. Hannah. That damned Hannah.

But which will it be????????????

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