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Galactic Sheriff

A/N The fourth series I wrote, and the one where I hit the big four of the Toku genre's.
Galactic Sheriff 1

It was a quiet night just like every other night. Right until something crashed through a brick wall of an old building. Pulling himself out of the rubble a man wearing a armor of a gray metallic color watched the hole he just made. Following him out was a being from another world that seemed to have muscle on top of muscle. It saw him and roared. “I heard you the first time,” the helmet around his head distorted his voice slightly.

“I told you not to take the Herculean head on,” chided a female voice coming from the keypad on his left arm.

“Bitch at me later,” he said returning his attention. He kicked down more of the wall as he came toward him. “Do they have to term ‘over kill’ where you come from?”

“Sheriff no take,” the Herculean grunted. “Gord kill Sheriff.”

“I’m going to take that as a no,” the armored Sheriff told him. “And the whole killing thing is what got you in this mess to begin with.”

“Herculeans are not known for their reasoning skills,” the voice told him as he dodged a sledge hammer like blow coming at him.

“Figured that one out on my own, thank.” He tried a punch of his own that barely phased his target. In fact he looked angrier, “Oh that’s not fair.”

“Gord crack armor and squish soft inside,” he boasted. The armored man was starting to think he could do it. The armored warrior barely had time to react as the Herculean was as fast as he was strong. The Sheriff tried to get in a few hit as he tried to avoid those hammer like fist. He got in two when that massive hand grabbed him by the neck. “Gord kill!”, and threw him through the wall and back into the building.

“The armor is damaged,” the voice exclaimed.

“I see it in the heads up,” he grunted. “I’m bringing out the hardware.” Touching the two on the keypad an electronic voice stated –DOUBLE GUN- . Reaching back to the pack on his back the lower section on each side opened up and two futuristic guns slide into his hands. Non lethal target points appeared in front of his eyes on the visor as he brought the foreword and hit the two slide switches on the back of each gun -RAPID FIRE-. Confirming the target locks he pulled the triggers, “Eat this.”

“Rargh!”, Gord cried out in pain as each energized shot zeroed in on the locks. He backed up a bit but the shots just kept coming. He went to a knee as it gave out on him. “Gord…!”

“Smash kill I heard you the first time.” He stopped firing just long enough to hit the slide switches again. –CAPTURE-. Pulling the triggers again energy bands flew out of the barrels and wrapped themselves around the Herculean. Usually two or three were enough but I looked like he was about to break free. He kept firing until the bands practically covered him. “Bagged him,” he said out loud.

The Herculean was still struggling to free himself as he walked toward him. “Gord kill Sheriff!”

“Would you shut up,” he fired another energy band around his mouth to quiet him. Gord screams of protest were muffled but they were still coming. Putting the guns back he pulled a chip off of his belt buckle and lapped it on the Herculean’s forehead, “And tagged him.” It started blinking on contact as a few moments later Gord started to shimmer. Before long he was gone completely.

“The target is in stasis,” the voice announced, “and ready for extradition to his home planet for sentencing. That many bands weren’t necessary.”

“Just trying to be safe like you keep telling me.” He wasn’t sure but he was positive she just snorted in disbelief. “So why wasn’t I given the execution order on this one since this guy has apparently killed a lot of people?”

“Herculeans do not have the death penalty as part of their judicial system.”

“You’re kidding,” he said in a disbelief of his own.

“It’ all in the rules and regulations manual you were supposed to have read.”

“Have you seen the size of that file you sent me?”, he protested. “I’m still trying to work through the stuff I’m allowed and not allowed to do. I haven’t even touched the sections dealing with other planet’s rules yet. God my life was so much simpler before that first ship landed.”

“So was mine,” she said before cutting the link. He looked at the keypad on his forearm before walking away.

Light years away on another planet the population was hustling like any other major metropolis. Species of several different worlds walked it’s streets. Like with all things not everything was harmonious. An occasional scuffle broke out here and there. Either someone had a bad day and decided to take it out on somebody else, an old rivalry that refused to die, somebody looked at someone the wrong way. Before it could escalate several individual wearing jackets with a patch indicating the planet were able to calm the situation. Satisfied it was over the rest continued on their way.

In the distance more people and beings wearing those same jackets, although they had different patches indicating the planet they were from, were coming and going from a particular building. The glass like exterior revealed even more of those individuals walking the halls inside. Two in particular were walking toward the medical wing. One who was avian said, “I still say this is inexcusable, a Galactic Sheriff operating with no training what so ever.”

“It’s happened before,” his cat like companion said. “An emergency situation where a Sheriff was too injured to perform his duties properly. With no partner in place to take over he had to do something.”

“I am fully aware of the regulations,” he responded with a little attitude. “But a human of all species. Of all the unaware planets in the universe why did the mob have to choose that one?”

“It fit their criteria,” he answered calmly. “I was far enough away from the known region but close enough that it could be used as a staging ground for their various operations. We’re just lucky we discovered their intentions before they could get too strong of a foothold. And since first contact was made a couple of cycles prior none of the inhabitants would question a few extra ships in the skies.”

“Emergency landing or not I still say it was too soon for that planet. They weren’t ready.”

“What done is done,” the cat creature said. “We can’t change the past no matter how hard you try.”

“Although a redo of a certain situation would be a welcome change,” a human looking being came toward them in an automatic wheelchair. “I see my emergency choice is still some discussion with the higher ups.”

“No more than usual when this situation happens,” the cat said. The chair turned itself around so he could ravel with them. “How are you doing Orion?”

“Hopefully ready for duty soon,” the avian said.

“The medics say it will be cycles before I can travel without this chair,” he answered. “Who knows when I’ll be ready to take back the armor.” The avian mumbled something then excused himself. “He’s still unhappy I had to give my armor to a human I see.”

“He’ll get over it, he know the reason why you were chosen for that assignment was because your specie share a resemblance to the humans. Speaking of how is your replacement handling himself?”

“Dez sends me an update every so often. She says he’s handling himself well so far. He’s just a little chatty for her taste.”

“And what is her opinion of him?”

“She finds him…,” he searched for the right diplomatic word, “interesting.”

Back on Earth life was going on. Humans and the occasional alien life form walked the streets keeping to themselves. The Bars were active since it was the weekend. One in particular had a group of friends were huddled around an arcade shooter watching one of their own gun down his virtual opponents,. Smiling to himself the blond haired man uttered, “Bagged and tagged.”

“You always say that,” the man next to him said.

“And you always bitch about it Ryan,” he shot back.

“Hey Steve,” the blond man looked back to see who called out his name. “The food is on the table.”

“Finally,” one of the others said, “I’m starving.”

“Here you go man,” Steve aid putting the light gun in Ryan’s hands, “you can finally play a level you haven’t reached yet.”

“Oh ha-ha,” he said as they left the machine. “Sam come on.”

A woman with her brown hair tied in a ponytail acknowledged him and headed for their table. When she got there she saw a guy with a red flannel shirt and a ball cap with the visor lowered over his eyes looking like he was sleeping in the chair with his feet on the table. “Shoes on the floor Alex,” she said hitting his leg.

“Huh?”, he lazily said. Looking up he resembled her a bit. Stretching a bit he got up and announced, “I’m going to hit the head.”

After he left Ryan snorted, “Yeah he’s probably hitting something back there.”

“Would you quit it,” Sam said sounding annoyed.

“Yeah man lay off of him,” Steve added. “He’s going through a rough spot right now. He doesn’t need any more flack from his friends.”

“Oh yeah a rough spot, he lost his job for suddenly being unreliable, he keeps to himself a lot now and yet still has money. I’m telling you he’s dealing something.”

“You have no proof of that,” Steve argued. “It’s about as crazy as your theory I’m that armored guy running around.”

“Why are you defending Alex?”, Ryan asked. “I can see why Sam’s doing it that’s her brother. But you?”

“For one I’ve known him since grade school, in fact all three of us met in grade school. Second of all as well as we know him Sam’s known him longer. And we all know that if he was on something she would have busted him on it long ago. If she says he’s clean than that’s good enough for me. It what every good cop does, following the facts.”

“More like trying to get in her pants,” he muttered. Neither of them bothered to dignify that with a response. “Beside let’s see how high and mighty you are once I can prove you’re that armored guy,” Ryan added grabbing a slice of pizza. “I’ll be in the freaking money.”

“You would sell out your own friend?”, Steve asked.

“Hey you’re my bro and all but I have bills to pay.”

“Why do we keep hanging around him again?”, Sam asked Steve.

“I got no idea.”

Alex sat back at the table still looking sleepy, “What did I miss?”

“Life outside that haze you’re in,” Ryan mumbled.

“Stop it,” am said through her teeth, Alex didn’t look fazed.

“All after those aliens arrived,” Ryan continued.

“Let’s face it,” Steve spoke up, “everything changed when the aliens landed. And not always for the better. We’re just handling things the bet ways we can. Not how about we just eat befor the food gets cold.”

Above the Earth a small orbital station invisible to current Terran technology stayed on it’s path like a silent sentry. Inside a human looking female sat inside a semicircle of control and monitors. On the side of her head a device with blinking lights connected her to the system’s computer allowing her to monitor more than one thing at once. The source of an incoming transmission made her green eyes twinkle as she faced the space behind her. A holographic image of Orion appeared as she stood up, “I was expecting a communication so soon.”

“I know but I was curious about how you’re doing,” his image said. “I’ve read report after my report about my replacement but nothing on you.”

“I am a professional Orion,” she said stiffening a little.

“I know you are Dez, but I’ve also known you for a couple of mecacycles now.”

“It’s been frustrating,” she admitted. “I know he’s been thrown into a situation beyond his understanding but his inexperience is grating.”

“I’ve seem to remember having a similar reaction being set up with a monitor right out of the academy,” he said with a knowing grin. Dez looked away blushing slightly. “And I’m sure the Sheriff I was originally partnered with felt the same about me when I started. We needed time Dez to get to where we are now. You just need to be patient, especially since you’re going to be his monitor for the immediate future.”

Feeling a little sad she went, “Still no word on when you’ll be able to continue your duties?”

“The medics gave me a general timeline but they were reluctant to even do that.”

Staring to say something she tilted her head slightly as her eyes stared going back and forth. Temporarily forgetting her conversation she turned back around to the control and pulled up the information she was receiving through the device. “There’s a disturbance planet side.” Using her system to hack into the Earth systems she soon pinpointed the location and it’s cause, “It’s another Herculean.” Locating Orion’s replacement she was somewhat surprised how close they were. “Contacting Galactic Sheriff 2127.”

Walking out of the bar the group of friends laughed at one of Sam’s stories. Although Ryan shot a look at her brother as he kept on walking past them and toward the cars. One look from her and Steve and he kept his comment to himself. Steve cell phone went off and he looked dismayed as he checked the ID. “Excuse me a sec guys. I told you not to call me unless you had to.” He walked away as Ryan looked intrigued.

“You think he’s going to disappear and armor up?”

“Alright I just have to know,” Sam said, “why do you think he’s that armor guy?”

“Well for one he’s never around when he shows up.”

“That’s it,” she said after he didn’t continue. “You’re never around when that armored guys shows up either,” she shot back. “How do I know you’re not pointing the finger toward him to take the attention off of you?”

“Now that’s just stupid,” he said a moment before the shouting started. People started running down the street as something that looked like it used to be a mailbox flew over their heads. Both of them looked up to see Steve was nowhere to be seen. Ryan looked like he just won the argument before they ran for their cars.

Sam looked at an abandoned ball cap on the ground by her’s, “Where’s Alex?”

“He probably sobered up enough to get the hell out of here,” Ryan told her.”We better do the same.” Jumping into his car and drove away as fast as he could. Sam knew she should do the same but she had to find her brother first.

An even bigger Herculean held a car over his head and threw it into the side of an apartment building. People ran screaming as he roared. As one group ran past an alley Alex peek his head out to make sure nobody else was around. Stepping into the street he headed for the Herculean rolling up the left sleeve of his flannel shirt. Reaching into a pocket he pulled out a keypad that he flipped open and slapped on his forearm. Four flaps came out and connected the device to his skin. Standing a few yards away from the Herculean and shouted, “Hey!” It stopped and looked at him. Standing his ground Alex continued, “You are in direct violation of interstellar regulation… interstellar regulation…uh…” Drawing a blank he looked at the keypad, “A little help.”

Dez replied, “Interstellar regulation twenty seven. Causing havoc on a newly initiated world.”

“Right what she said,” Alex spoke back up. “Now you can come quietly or I can detain you by force.” The Herculean responded by pulling a lamppost out of the ground and brandishing it as a weapon. “Looks like it’s going to be by force. Dez I’m powering up the suit.”

“I agree,” she replied.

“All right then.” Holding the keypad in front of him he punched in the activation code -5-7-1-6- and hit the enter key. “Online!” punching his left hand foreword he was covered in light for the briefest of seconds that faded away to reveal the armor.

A little further back Sam found her brother, relieved and confused as she watched what was happening, “Alex?”

Hearing his sister he looked back, “Sam.”

ED – Divide the Day – Let it Roll
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