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Old September 23rd, 2017, 01:54 PM   #321
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Originally Posted by the_future_zordon View Post
Ill be seeing Tony Oliver next month. I was thinking of asking him if hes going to be at PMC
He probably wouldn't know yet.

As opposed to us, conventions are business for the cast and crew members. To know what they'll have on their plate 11 months from now that conflicts with Morphicon's schedule is difficult.
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Old September 23rd, 2017, 08:44 PM   #322
Mmm...Power Rangers....
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I missed having all of the crew members there last time, in 2014 him and Doug Sloan were my favorite guests so many great stories.
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Originally Posted by PopCultureLover06 View Post
Makes sense, ya most of the Cons Amy Jo has done this year have been with JDF, so maybe JDF can convince Amy to finally attend Morphicon, but like I said before since I finally got to meet her this year it won't really disappoint me if she declines again but I hope she does finally attend next year in honor of the 25th anniversary, overall, I hope it's the first Morphicon in which both Austin St. John and JDF attend together and Amy does as well, all of the surviving Original season 1 cast attend together, which hasn't been done yet I think at any convention and at a panel together
That would be so cool, I MEAN SERIOUSLY! I'd love to see them all together in one place for once
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Originally Posted by gothamninja394 View Post
That would be so cool, I MEAN SERIOUSLY! I'd love to see them all together in one place for once
ya absolutely, which still hasn't happened yet, for the 25th anniversary, it's time for JDF and Austin St. John to finally bury the hatchet, and with Amy being comfortable attending Cons now, Morphicon it's time, but if it doesn't happen with Amy's case, oh well, it won't bother me as much since I finally got to meet her. Since they are using JDF to promote the show, because he is the only guest announcement for PMC next year, I think that should also be a clue that Amy Jo will likely decline again because if she did go, PMC would love to use her to promote the show as well, since she still remains the only member from the MMPR era who hasn't attended Morphicon yet, and just like they did the Pink/Green tour this year.
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bring deodorant, morphicon 6

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