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Kotae wa Kiitenai?!
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Kotae wa Kiitenai?!
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Joined: Dec 2005
Posts: 541

Kamen Rider & Super Sentai Items

For Sale Is A Mix Of Sentai And Kamen Rider Items International Shipping Would Have to be Calculated Pm and Leave A Reply Here Thank You For Looking

EX Aid :

DX Gashats :
Snipe 25$
Brave 25$
Lazer : 50$
Gemn : 65$
Taddle Legacy 35$
Muteki : 60$
Do Ri Mi: 25$
Ju Ju Burger: 30$
Battle Theme gashat that Came With CD Single : 30$
LVL 50 Snipe & Brave: 75$
Pac Man 20$
Dragon Knight : 40$
Tokimi Crisis: 30$
Movie Gashats : 35$ each


Zodiarts Switch : 30$
P Bandai Zodarts Switch Set : 75$

Den O :

Momotaros Figuarts: 30$


Ranger Keys:
Deka Master: 15$
Big One: 15$
Go On Wings Combo: 20$
Gokai Xmas: 20$

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