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Old School Mod Justice.
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Offical Power Morphicon Express 2019 Discussion: April 6th & 7th in Pasadena, Texas

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: With tickets for Power Morphicon Express in Pasadena, Texas officially on sale, the show is shaping up to be a hugely spectacular event! The show’s first stop, which will happen on APRIL 6th – 7th, 2019, takes the Power Rangers party of the original Power Morphicon Convention on the road to cities across the United States. The traveling two-day show is a new joint business endeavor between veteran convention show runner Scott Zillner and Power Rangers mega-star and veteran actor Jason David Frank, who Power Rangers fans know as Tommy Oliver, the original Green Ranger, White Ranger, Red Zeo Ranger, Turbo Red Ranger, Black Dino Force Ranger, and Lord Drakkon.

The lineup of guests from the Power Rangers series scheduled to appear in Pasadena, Texas are:
Jason David Frank
Paul Schrier
Jason Faunt
Erin Cahill
Steve Cardenas
Johnny Yong Bosch
Brennan Mejia
Nakia Burrise
Catherine Sutherland
Kerrigan Mahan
Michael Copon
Blake Foster
Azim Rizk
Kyle Higgins
Yuuta Mochizuki
Reiko Chiba
Shinji Nishikawa

In addition to great guests and autograph opportunities, Power Morphicon Express will feature two days of fun and excellent programming. Fans will get the chance to see a different side of the actors they grew up loving when they hear them speak in panels and talk about their experiences working on their season of Power Rangers. With tons of retail vendors and artists selling Power Rangers and Power Rangers inspired merchandise, fans are guaranteed to hunt down their collectible grail items at this incredible convention.

About Power Morphicon Express (PMCX):
The Original Power Morphicon Convention is the biggest and only officially recognized Power Rangers fan convention in the world since 2007. Just like the large-scale show which takes place every two years in Southern California, Power Morphicon Express will give fans the opportunity to meet a collection of their favorite Power Rangers actors, hear them speak in panels, buy incredible merchandise in the vendor hall, and see Power Rangers inspired art by local artists.

Buy Tickets for Power Morphicon Express!
Power Morphicon Express (PMCX) Official Website
Official Power Morphicon Website
Power Morphicon Facebook
Power Morphicon Instagram
Power Morphicon Twitter
Here's the official thread for Power Morphicon Express.
Hopefully our southern member's will be able to make it out to this and enjoy this on the road version of Power Morphicon.

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