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Primo Ron White wrote: View Post

99.9% of feminists are fighting for equality. Don't let the internet ruin your evaluation of them, none of us look good through the lens of social media.
I can't entirely agree. I'm sure some feminists are going about it the right way, but I've seen a few in person, without the "lens of social media" distorting it. I saw them for who they really are. And some of them are in my own family. People I can no longer stand for their vicious way of approaching the issue.

To assume that I just latch onto some idea with no further thought is not only silly, but offensive. Did it ever occur to you that I had first hand experience? No. You just wanted to be SJW of the day.

Save it. I'm sick of feminists and feminism. Give me 100% equality where no one's better or worse than the other and I'll be good. Great, even. There's no lens to filter that.

PopCultureLover06 wrote: View Post

Well your right, for as long as I can remember, I've always hated, resented, detested with a huge passion that guys have to be the initiators, the confident assertive ones, my motto for life is just because it's the way it is doesn't mean I have to like it or enjoy it
So, from here on out...
Stop hating.
Stop resenting.
Stop detesting, period, but especially with a huge passion.

Just because you're not confident or assertive, doesn't mean other men and women must conform to your whims and safe space. That's not how the world works and I'm sick and tired PC bullshit saying this craziness has a place in the world.

Grow up, grow a pair, learn how to talk to a woman with class and sophistication and move on with your life, OR... Go be a hermit and throw rocks from your cave because "That damn bird keeps wakin' me at 5! Bastard!"

I know a man with Aspergers. He not only got married, but he had two children out of it as well. Was he always easy to deal with? No. Did he do it? Yes.

If you're having problems coping, then go speak to a specialist who can help you. There's nothing wrong or weak in asking for help, especially if it could change your life.

Or, you can continue with this entitlement mentality, give excuses and use crutches and let life pass you by.

Maybe you're not meant to be with anyone, I don't know, I don't move fate's hand or write the book, but it's an option. Even then, you can be happy all by yourself if you'd just reach out for help instead of lashing out in anger.

The world is not out to get you, you paint the bullseye on your back and scream "LOOKIT ME! LOOKIT! LOOKIT ME!"

Women aren't the enemy, they never were. When you get that figured out, your life will change for the better.
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