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Date: January 8th, 2017
Place: LightSpeed Aquabase – Captain Mitchell's Office

Captain Mitchell looked at the folders once more, then at the metal case on his desk. Inside were the five transformation devices, which the people on Zordnia Island had dubbed "Morphers". These devices would allow the five chosen people to transform into a unique fighting force unlike any other on the planet. This new fighting force would be used to counter the growing threat from Japan as well as put America back in the lead of the technological arm race. He looked at his office safe, knowing what was inside and knowing that it could not be used due to it being over-powered.

"Captain Mitchell, the Recovery Team reports that target designate pink is not at the location" came the female voice over the intercom "They have located her 110 miles north east of her reported location".

Mitchell reached forward and thumbed the intercom button. "Understood" he said "report back when they have her and the others".

Though this was a minor inconvenience, Captain Mitchell suddenly felt that this unexpected delay was an ominous portent of things to come. He would not know just how right he was until it was to late.

Place: Pearl Harbour – Admiral Ikari's Office

Admiral Ikari looked at the folders on his desk, the six folders were the personnel files of the top six candidates for Team Sentai. He opened the thinnest folder of the six, which was all about Team Sentai's newest member, Eric Meyers. Though he had not been with them three days yet, he had already proved his loyalty to the Empire, which was backed up by intelligence reports from Imperial Intelligence in Tokyo. Eric Meyers, though growing up in California, had always displayed a Pro-Japanese attitude and despite pressure and derision from classmates, he had studied the Japanese language and history at school and college. When he had joined the Silver Guardians, that was when Kakeru Shishi had sounded him out on his views about Japan and the US, he had reported back that Eric had a strong dislike of America due to a terrible incident from Eric's childhood and that he was not only willing to pass information to him, he was willing to betray his country and help the Empire of Japan. Admiral Ikari knew that Eric would serve the Empire loyally, which is why he had partnered him with his son, Gai. Eric's cool demeanour and savage brutality would be tempered by Gai's good nature and eternal optimism.

"One of their finest now fights for Our Empire" Admiral Ikari says, looking over a report on Eric's physical condition.

He put the folder down and looked at an intelligence brief that has come in just a few minutes before. It reported that Imperial Japanese spy satellites continued to stare at the surface of the moon, this was after an earlier scan had reported an anomaly in the Sea of Tranquillity, though what that supposed anomaly was had yet to be discovered. The office door swung open and Commander Yuji Yuroshihara entered and bowed to the Admiral.

“What have you got to report?” Admiral Ikari asked.

“The 6 chosen members for Team Sentai are ready to be assigned their transformation devices” Yuroshihara replied “You asked to be notified when this was about to take place”.

Admiral Ikari nodded and rose from behind his desk “Let's go, this ceremony marks the next step in our technological cold war with the United States” He said to Yuroshihara, who escorted him out of his office.
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