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Joined: Jul 2004
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Loose Items from Wild Force to SPD

Found some items at a yard sale awhile back. All items are not complete but missing some stuff but over still in good condition. Some of this stuff I dont really know much about as I didnt collect during this era of Power Rangers.

If you want to make an offer please do so. Once paid I will make sure it gets out the next day and will send tracking information. Thank you for looking!


Wild Force Konga Bison Zord Electronic Legs (That still work)
$10 + shipping [US ONLY]

Dino Thunder 6 Inch Green Megazord
$10 + Shipping [US ONLY]

Dino Thunder Blue Ranger Zord Happy Meal Toy
$6 + Shipping [US ONLY]

Dino Thunder Megazord Happy Meal Toy
$6 + Shipping [US ONLY]

SPD 6 Inch Megazord (Missing a Hand aka battle damaged)
$5 + Shipping [US ONLY]

Ninja Storm Red Ranger Transformer
(looks complete but might be missing some items)
$6 + Shipping [US ONLY]

SOLD TO Dark Storm
Wild Force 6 Inch Konga Zords (Missing Wings & Foot Piece)
$10 + Shipping or $5 + shipping for one [US ONLY]

Dino Thunder Black Ranger Dino Transformer
(Missing Head and maybe other items)
$6 + Shipping [US ONLY]


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