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Wouldn’t be a series without a musical episode huh? Lol!!! This was really good!! Keep it up!
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Haha yep. I had to get that off the bucket list but was worried it wouldn't read well. I'm relieved to hear you liked it!
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Well I was tripping balls reading through this episode, but loved every second of it
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LOL. Tripping how?
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Hi guys. Work a usual has gotten a hold of me. I've been given new roles to fill by my CEO. Which is both a good and bad thing in terms of both my stock and my sanity. Starting a long term coming of age as a kid becomes a challenge a I enter my 30's.

It's likely gonna be a rough go as we inch toward the finish line, but I'm gonna try and stick to my once a month schedule as far as posting. The next chapter is practically finished and just needs a last once over before posting. I expect it to be finished by this upcoming week.
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At least it's almost done, would have hated for your work to have come at an earlier stage of development. Food on the plate is more important than words on a screen, so in your own time
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BrownRangerKev wrote: View Post

Hi guys. Work a usual has gotten a hold of me. I've been given new roles to fill by my CEO. Which is both a good and bad thing in terms of both my stock and my sanity. Starting a long term coming of age as a kid becomes a challenge a I enter my 30's.

It's likely gonna be a rough go as we inch toward the finish line, but I'm gonna try and stick to my once a month schedule as far as posting. The next chapter is practically finished and just needs a last once over before posting. I expect it to be finished by this upcoming week.
I know how that can go...
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Cameron Samurai wrote: View Post

At least it's almost done, would have hated for your work to have come at an earlier stage of development. Food on the plate is more important than words on a screen, so in your own time
Haha. Thank you. Food on the plate is fine, but I get anxious if the words aren't on the screen.

fb111a wrote: View Post

I know how that can go...
Such is life...

New chapter should be out as early as tonight/as late as tomorrow morning!
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Season 4 - Episode 13: Crossroads to Nowhere Part 1

“What I'm hearing here is that you take your work very seriously. Your... philanthropic work.”

(We begin today in a brightly lit room, where Tommy finds himself reclined in a seat facing a wall decorated in posters and degrees. A familiar middle-aged man sits opposite of him, jotting down notes as he summarizes what Tommy had just told him.)

Tommy: (Nods) Right.

Mark: And while after tragedy it is natural to grieve and to become somber it also seems that your identity is so tied to your work and this ideal world in your head that it dominates your every thought. You allow yourself to grieve excessively as a result when the world doesn’t live to your expectations.

Tommy: What are you saying?

Mark: Have you given any thought as to what life may be like without that work? What your day would look like?

(Tommy hesitates as he comes up with a reply.)

Tommy: I... uh...

Mark: The very thought makes you seem tense.

Tommy: ...

Mark: Tell me. Aside from martial arts, what do you do? What do you like?

Tommy: ...

Mark: Tommy Oliver, who are you?

Tommy: ...Tommy Oliver...? You just said it.

Mark: No. Who is Tommy Oliver, Outside of his work, His identity during his formative years has been defined by this work. But as it grabs an unhealthy hold on his psyche, it seems Tommy Oliver must face an even scarier task once he tries to separate himself from his work of finding out who the man behind the white helmet is.

Tommy: How do you know about the white helmet?

Mark: I’m sorry?

Tommy: (Shakes head) Nothing. Never mind.

Mark: Well? If I were a stranger on the street, and I asked you who you are? What makes you, you, without talking about work, what do you say?

Tommy: (Shrugs) I don’t know. I guess my identity is too tied to who I work. I don’t really know who I am beyond that.

Mark: Mhm. Interesting. How’d you come to that conclusion?

Tommy: You just told me. Are you listening to yourself?

Mark: Mhm. Well, I believe my theory could be why you’re taking the losses so hard.

Tommy: How do I fix it?

Mark: That’s not for me to answer. Some people explore outside interests and stick with what works for them. They get a better sense of who they are that way. Others define themselves by their relationships with their loved ones.

Tommy: That’s it… loved ones.

Mark: Is there someone that springs to mind?

(There is one person…)

Tommy: Yeah.

Mark: Are they important to you?

Tommy: Very. She’s the love of my life. I nearly married her.

Mark: Okay. Have you considered sharing your troubled feelings with her?

Tommy: I’ve tried. But she moved to Florida for some gymnastics thing. It’s gotten complicated.

Mark: Well if she truly means that much to you, you may want to make an effort trying to keep the reltionshi-wait, hold on. Is this Kimberly?

Tommy: Yeah. And you may be onto something.

Mark: My daughter, Kimberly?

Tommy: (Checks watch) Looks like our time is up doc. Gotta go.

(Tommy sprints out the door as an enraged Mr. Hart finally puts the pieces together.)

Mark: Hey wait. You’re the punk who dragged her into that sham wedding?!

(Not breaking stride, Tommy passes by the waiting area on the way out.)

Tommy: Hey, how’ve you been?

(As he exits, he waves at someone by the door, whose face is hidden behind a magazine. After he leaves, the person slowly shows their face, appearing confounded.)

Trini: Uh… hi?

Mark: Aherm. Hi. Trini. (Checks watch) Looks like you’re up.

(A few moments later it’s now Trini in the doctor’s seat. Mr. Hart, much like with Tommy, summarizes what she’s been dealing with.)

Mark: So, in your last session we discussed some troubles dealing with grief as well as some financial issues arising out of your father losing his business and how that affected you personally in terms of dealing with the moralities of your support system.

Trini: Right.

Mark: How have you been handling things since we last met?

Trini: Good.

(Mr. Hart senses some trepidation in her response.)

Mark: Good?

Trini: Yeah.

(She thrusts a sheet of paper at him to read, as if she was waiting for an opening to show him.)

Mark: What's this?

Trini: It's a city ordinance. The mayor has agreed to change the name of Angel Grove Park to Taylor Park. In honor of Zack

Mark: Ah. This must be a very good win for you. I see you're working through your feelings of grief and loss into more healthy and productive actions. And you're taking tangible steps toward acting like your old self again.

Trini: Yeah.

Mark: (Smugly) I wonder who's bright idea that was.

Trini: The gold power ranger told me.

Mark: (Snickers) I see your sense of humor is coming back too.

Trini: ...

Mark: But uh… (Clears throat) I'm sensing that you don't seem too enthused about it.

Trini: I am.

Mark: Trini. What have we discussed about withdrawal in the face of emotional vulnerability?

Trini: That it's only made things worse for me in the long run. It’s better to face something unpleasant head on than to let it fester and turn into something I can’t fix.

Mark: Mhm.

Trini: Well... it was a nice moment. Some vindication for a friend who fought along me so hard for so many years.

Mark: But...?

Trini: But...

(We cut to the memory of her in the park earlier, shaking hands with the mayor in front of a small crowd.)

Trini: None of my other friends were there. Even those who knew Zack. Even Jason wasn't there and he was with me when we lost Zack.

Mark: I see. Have you made any efforts to reach out to them since you returned? Did you invite them to this event?

Trini: No.

Mark: You just expected them to know about this event?

Trini: No. I don’t know. I guess I've... been isolating myself from them. I... It wasn't that I don't care about them anymore. I just... don’t want them to see me the way I've been. A mess. Crying all the time. Afraid to go outside. I can’t hold the relationships I had before. And I can’t be expected to be the person I was before.

Mark: I see. And do you feel these friends expect you to just be perfect all the time? Do they put you on a pedestal?

(She pauses before replying.)

Trini: Some of them. (Sniffs) I’m just not that person. Not anymore.

(Mark reaches for a tissue then hands it to her.)

Trini: Thank you.

Mark: (Points) You mind getting that? My last patient spilled some of his smoothie.

Trini: Oh... okay.

Mark: Now, on the topic of these relationships. While it's common in a depressed state to push loved ones away, you need to make sure as long as you truly want them in your life once it’s all said and done that they know this. Do they?

(We cut to her in the moments after her session, walking down the street replaying the rest of the dialogue in her head.)

Trini: I don't... probably not. I kinda got what I asked for in a sense.

Mark: Do you feel given some of your progress that you'd be able to continue these relationships at your previous level?

Trini: I don't know. But I don't want to keep feeling this way.

(Her eyes lock onto something, by stroke of fate she finds Robbie across the street leaning on the wall of a cheap looking fast food restaurant. He eyes an envelope in his hand while holding a cup of coffee in the other. While her initial instincts cause her to be wary and anxious, she leans behind a parked van and begins remembering how she felt when he was involved in her life. The energy, the fulfillment, the happiness. She then continues to recall her conversation with Mr. Hart.)

Mark: Are there people you feel you're losing that you’d be willing to step out of your comfort zone to make contact with? Even if you're not 100% ready to dive back in the pool?

Trini: Yes. Absolutely.

(Still behind the van, Trini reaches into her shirt and pulls out a tiny anchor necklace. The same anchor necklace Robbie had given to her on her birthday years ago while they were still dating. The same he gave back to her when she told him she needed distance, as a reminder that no matter what he would always be there for her. She then tucks the necklace back in, takes a deep breathe and walks toward him.)

Mark: Then what's stopping you from doing so?

(She gets halfway across the block however, when the door beside him swings open…)

Hannah: Hey there.

(Spooked, Trini immediately retreats behind the van. Hannah looks worn out, with her hair in a bun and in sweats as she greets Robbie with a kiss on the cheek and take the coffee from his hand.)

Trini: (To Mark) I... I don't know.

Robbie: Hey. How was work?

Hannah: (Shrugs) A homeless man threw urine at me.

Robbie: So better than yesterday?

Hannah: Yeah. Let’s get going.

(As they walk away together, Trini continues to remain glued to the van, breathing unnaturally heavy.)

Mark: So I'd like to move onto the subject of money. Now I've noticed you've begun to lapse on payments.

Trini: You do know my dad lost his business and I'm moonlighting to help support my family.

Mark: Mhm. And do you have a plan on how to resolve this issue?

Trini: I do. I've actually begun shopping for a new therapist.

Mark: Mhm. I see. Let’s discuss your family some more.

(Meanwhile, on the moon…)

Queen Machina: My poor dear. You’re wasting away. Does that wife of yours even cook?

(Gasket, who looks out from the balcony it approached by his suddenly adoring mother. He brushes it off and redirects to the task at hand.)

Prince Gasket: I’m fine mother, I’m not here to be lectured. I’m here to avenge father.

Queen Machina: I’ve got a roast in the oven. You’re not avenging anyone until you put something in your stomach, dear.

Prince Gasket: (Sighs) Very well.

(She walks off. From the room next door, Sprocket is seen talking to Krank and Orbus.)

Prince Sprocket: (Pouts) Hmph. This isn't fair. I'm supposed to be heir to the throne, not my stupid brother.

(He walks over to his Lego building and knocks the whole thing over in a rage.)

Prince Sprocket: What does he have that I don't have?

Orbus: Well I'm sure he doesn't kick his toys.

Krank: Take it easy ya little spark plug. It's not so bad. You'll run the Empire someday. Let your brother handle the boring stuff for a while.

Prince Sprocket: (Stomps feet) I don't wanna! I was built for this job.

Orbus: To be fair, he does sound like his father right now.

Prince Sprocket: Daddy made me when my dumb brother ran off with his little floozy. He gave up his chance at being king. It's my turn now. Me! I can't let him get away with this.

Krank: Well I'm not sure you have much of a choice, little one.

Prince Sprocket: Hmph.

(At the dining room table, Machina brings a plate to Gasket.)

Queen Machina: Here you are dear. A nice home cooked meal. I swear if that wife if yours spent a little more time in the kitchen and less time in the mirror my baby wouldn't be so malnourished.

Prince Gasket: Thank you mother, but I'm not here to argue about Archerina. Besides, you'll need her if you wish payback on those rangers for what they did to father.

(He gets up and turns once again toward the balcony.)

Prince Gasket: They shall learn a lesson they won't soon forget. Don't mess with my family.

(Meanwhile, back on earth…)

Mrs. Hart: Do me a favor. Don't mess with my family, Tommy Oliver. You've done quite enough.

(Mrs. Hart slams the phone on Tommy, who finds himself outside the Youth Center by the payphones. Dejected, he still tries to save face.)

Tommy: Okay I'll call again later. Enjoy Paris.

(Passing by him are Robbie and Hannah who by the looks of their body language are in the midst of an argument. They stop by the women’s bathrooms where Robbie slams his foot defiantly.)

Robbie: I’m telling you. I haven’t spoken to her since we got back together.

Hannah: Then why did you suggest we go there? You didn’t even hesitate to answer.

Robbie: I just wanted Chinese. The food, not the people. She isn’t even Chinese, Hannah. At least I don’t think so.

Hannah: I don’t know. There’s something you aren’t telling me here. This is feeling all too familiar to me. This is just like the time this guy I dated threw away his relationship for a fling the minute things started going south.

Robbie: (Groans) Here we go. Some idiot did something stupid to you years ago so of course I’m gonna do it.

Hannah: That idiot was you when you snuck into this bathroom with me and threw away your relationship.

Robbie: (Sighs) …I’m never gonna live that down, am I?

(Realizing she may be overstepping any actual reason, Hannah a step back and tries to reset.)

Hannah: I’m sorry. I’m not being fair, am I? I’ve been crazy, I know. But it’s only because I love you and I don’t want to lose you again. You already left me once. And since she’s come back, I’ve…

Robbie: I’ve been honest with you, Hannah. I just need you to trust and respect that. You saying these things just undermines everything we’ve done.

(He’s met with a quick slap to the arm.)

Robbie: Ow.

Hannah: You were supposed to say you would made a huge mistake leaving me and you won’t do it again.

Robbie: I made a huge mistake leaving you and I won’t do it again.

Hannah: Well I don’t believe you.

Robbie: (Sighs) …

Hannah: Right. Sorry again. I’m… gonna go. I gotta freshen up then go meet with the girls.

(She leans in and gives him another kiss on the cheek.)

Hannah: I trust you. And pretty soon, it’ll all be over. There won’t be an issue anymore.

Robbie: Right.

(As she leaves, Robbie appears to be watching her go. But in actuality is staring blankly after her last statement. After a few moments, he turns and heads into the Youth Center’s main floor. Most of the other rangers seem to be present too, along with some of their friends.)

Man: Uh… waitress?

Jennie: Hey. More water?

Man: Uh… I found a hair in my soup.

Jennie: So no water?

Man: No? Are you serious? That’s you’re answer? This is disgusting.

Jennie: You’re eating dinner at a gym, filled with sweaty teens, owned by a fat chain smoker. I’d say the hair is the cleanest thing here.

(From the corner table on the main floor, Rocky is seen staring admiringly at his new girlfriend as goes from table to table.)

Rocky: Man. Isn’t she amazing?

Adam: God. Will you get off her already?

Tanya: Relax. He’s probably never been on her.

Adam: It’s not funny. You’re not the one who has to pick him back up whenever he gets his heart broken. I mean, she’s clearly using him.

Tanya: (Snickers) Using him for what, his millions of dollars?

Adam: I don’t know for what, but she’s using him.

Katherine: Rocky, we really should head out soon. Our project is due tomorrow.

Rocky: Just a bit longer. Jennie’s been crashing in the attic and she doesn’t have a set of keys yet.

(Hearing the comment prompts Adam to turn to Tanya with a look that reads “I told you so,” as Tanya decides it’s time to chime in.)

Tanya: …Rocky, aren’t you worried that Jennie might be maybe taking advantage of you?

Adam: Yeah man. This relationship seems very one sided.

Rocky: Pfft. That’s insane. We’re clearly a 50/50 partnership.

(He reaches forward and takes a sip of water.)

Billy: That’s mine.

Rocky: Oops. So sorry sweetie.

Billy: …

Rocky: I mean… Billy.

(Separated from the others is Robbie, who’s parked by the barstools staring aimlessly between the envelope in his hands and the TV behind the bar airing a news story.)

“More and more now with rising costs of tuition we find that many graduating teens are forgoing heading straight to college in favor of taking time off. Some decide to take a year off to save money to afford tuition, others deciding to get settled in other areas of their lives including moving from home and starting families.”

(As it airs in the background, he pulls out the contents of the envelope, revealing plane tickets to Syracuse, NY. Previously Hannah had been accepted into college there, but tore up the acceptance letter to be with him instead. Recently though, the two have faced in keeping their relationship going in Angel Grove. The date of departure is roughly after graduation.)

“Critics find that students who don’t go to college oftentimes never wind up attending. And in the long run, some find themselves less happy overall and feeling trapped in their situation with fewer prospects to get out of it.”

Robbie: ...

“The decision however, largely remains an individual choice based on specific circumstance. It's a decision to be made on your own with aid from family and loved ones.”

Robbie: (Sighs)...

“Studies however finds that if you don’t have either family or friends than you might as well just give up all hope.”

Sammy: HAI!

(Robbie is startled as Sammy creeps up behind him, an apron in hand.)

Robbie: Wow. What are you doing here?

Sammy: I'm on break. (Exhales) It feels good to say that again. I'm a working girl again. You?

Robbie: I'm waiting on the drink I ordered from you.

Sammy: Oh... well I’m on break. Sooooo…

(She plops down next to him, Robbie figures he might as well talk to her.)

Robbie: Well, since you’re here… think I can ask your thoughts on something?

Sammy: Of course! We’re pals, no?

Robbie: Yeah.

Sammy: Ooh. How’s things with Hannah, by the way? You guys good after the whole beeper scandal?

Robbie: Well. Yeah. We’re good. Stronger than ever actually.

Sammy: Good!

Robbie: Right. That’s actually what I wanted to talk to you about. So, she wants to take things to the next level. Like she’s really pushing for it.

Sammy: Uhuh.

Robbie: And I know things are good, but. And... I love her. But... I don’t know. It’s like something inside of me is screaming at me to-

(Just then out of Sammy’s peripherals, she spots Jason walking in. He flashes her a bright smile as he takes his seat with the others.)

Sammy: Oops! Hold that thought!

(She shoots back up and scrambles to throw on her apron as she leaves Robbie mid-though.)

Sammy: Hi sir!

Jason: (Grins) Hey…

Sammy: (Beams) Teehee. May I take your order?

(Behind Jason, Tommy walks on by and takes a seat between he and Kat. A look of defeat in his eyes.)

Katherine: What's wrong Tommy?

Tommy: I couldn't reach Kim. She's not answering her phone. Her mom isn't helping much either. It’s almost like… she wants us to break up.

Katherine: Oh no. I'm sorry to hear that.

Tommy: Me too. I just wish there was somebody I could talk with her. She's be a ghost lately. My therapist said I might feel better if I talk things out with a loved one.

Katherine: …you know, Tommy, you're loved ones don't have to necessarily be someone you're in a relationship with. I'm sure... there are others around you who may feel that way about you.

Tommy: (Not listening) There has to be some way to reach her. You think maybe I could teleport to Florida? Just for a minute?

Billy: I'm not sure Zordon would approve of that.

Tommy: Yeah. I doubt Kim would like me busting in on her in the John or something. Or maybe… she’s with another guy. (Gasps) Named John.

Tanya: (Gasps sarcastically) This all makes sense now.

Adam: Relax. She's probably training for the big track meet at the end of the month. She’s gonna be busy, man. At this point your best bet to see her would be to literally drive down there and buy a ticket.

Tommy: That's it! Thanks guys!

(And just as quick as he takes a seat, Tommy shoots right back up.)

Katherine: You're... welcome.

Tanya: When are you gonna give it up girl?

Katherine: What do you mean?

Adam: Kat. Come on. It's crystal clear.

Katherine: ...is it?

Rocky: You kidding? Any idiot can see you have the hots for him.

Katherine: Wow.

Billy: (Nods) You might have dug your own grave when you sabotaged their wedding. Face it. It's not gonna happen. Certainly not as long as Kim is in the picture.

Katherine: Yeah... (Bites lip) I guess you’re right.

(Meanwhile back by the barstools, Robbie returns to trying to sort out his muddled feelings out on his own. Not sure if this confusion is normal for someone taking such a big step, or if it’s his conscious warning him of a huge mistake. Still, the planned move isn’t the only thing on his mind.)

Rocky: Speaking of weddings, which one of us do you think is next in line to get married? You think Jennie and I have a shot?

(On cue, Robbie reaches into his pocket and pulls out a modest sized ring. This is the same ring given to him by his mother as a parting gift before her sanity began to go. She made him promise that he wouldn't settle for the girl he ultimately decided to give this ring to. That he wouldn't make the same mistake she made when she accepted it.)

Adam: Don’t be stupid man. She isn’t worth throwing your life away over.

(Lately, Robbie has been struggling with feelings of isolation in a world that has evolved past his liking and has begun distancing himself from the team; feeling they would all leave him at some point. And while the return of Jason has made him feel a little better, his only true solace has been his girlfriend. She’s the only constant in his life, however flawed she may be.)

Rocky: She’s totally worth throwing my life away, man. Totally.

Robbie: (Sighs) …

(And yet comes the dread, causing him pause. An overwhelming feeling of dread and anxiety, eating at him every time he thinks of this decision he’s making. Should he be feeling this way, Robbie asks himself. If only he felt comfortable confiding in somebody. If only there was somebody he could talk to that can help him gain some clarity without overly inserting themselves. Sadly, and part of the reason why he feels the way he feels is because he has no one like that around him anymore. He hasn’t enjoyed such a benefit since…)

Tommy: Yo. Pack your bags. We're gonna see Kim.

(…since Kim left.)

Robbie: Huh? Kim?

Tommy: Yeah. You can drive, right?

Robbie: I can. But I don't own a car.

Tommy: Man... well, do you know someone that does?

Robbie: ...

(The next day, the ranger teens are seen packing their bags into the trunk of a bright pink convertible. Hannah is on the curb holding her keys.)

Robbie: Thank you for letting us use your car. I really appreciate it.

Hannah: No problem. Kim is a doll.

Rocky: How are we all fitting in this thing?

Jason: Someone’s gonna need to sit on a lap.

Adam: Not it.

Billy: Pass.

Rocky: Shotgun.

Tommy: Seriously, how are we all fitting in this car?

Hannah: Are… the girls not coming?

Robbie: No. Tanya’s dad is coming to town today. Kat… just got weird and said she can’t make it.

Hannah: Ah. Well just give me a minute I need to pack a few things for my dog and we can get going.

Robbie: Oh. uh…

Hannah: Something wrong?

Robbie: You’re coming?

Hannah: Yeah? It’s my car.

Robbie: Oh. Well I thought…

Hannah: What did you think was gonna happen? That I was gonna let you have my car to drive across the country without me?

Robbie Well…

Hannah: Why wouldn’t I come? What’s gonna happen with me not there? What are you gonna say to Kim? What are you gonna do with Kim…?

Robbie: You just said she was a doll.

Hannah: And a slut.

Robbie: Hannah…

Hannah: (Sighs) …

(Resigning herself, she hands him the keys. He excitedly kisses her on the cheek as he bolts for the driver seat.)

Robbie: Let’s do this, guys!

(Muffled) Florida, here we come!”

Robbie: Huh? Where’d that come from? Where’s Rocky?

(Muffled) I’m in the trunk!”

(Dismissing it, he starts the car and pulls off. Waving to his girlfriend as he leaves.)

Robbie: Love you. Thank you for trusting me. Promise I won’t get into trouble.

(Hannah waves meekly at him, dejected, as he disappears into the distance. She then reaches into her purse and pull out her large grey cellular phone.)

Hannah: Oh. I know you won’t.

(She dials a few numbers before putting the phone to her ear.)

Hannah: Hello 911? I’d like to report my car stolen.

(Meanwhile back on the moon...)

Prince Gasket: Excellent. The men are gone.

(Still watching from the balcony, Gasket turns to his buxom bride, standing beside him.)

Prince Gasket: They may have gotten one over on my old man. But the real man is here and no one makes a fool of me.

Queen Machina: (From the back) I’m making lemon squares. You want?

Prince Gasket: …yes mother. Thank you.

Archerina: (Eye rolls) Why do you allow your mother to dote on you so?

Prince Gasket: Don’t worry I'll sneak you some when she isn't looking. Just be cool.

Archerina: That’s not what I mean. When are you gonna tell her the real reason we’re here? Are you gonna let her think you’re truly here for her benefit and not because you’re homeless?

Prince Gasket: Shh! …if we all play our roles it won’t make a difference. I’ll be crowned King once the rangers are destroyed and the rest of the family shall be kicked to the curb.

Archerina: …you sure?

Prince Gasket: Baby, I only have room for one queen in my castle.

(He takes his wife’s hand and plants a soft kiss, eliciting a blush, if such a thing were possible with machines.)

Archerina: (Flustered) Oh, you.

Prince Gasket: Just play along. Nobody needs to know until it’s too late for them to do anything about it.

(However, listening in from the other side of the wall…)

Prince Sprocket: Uhuh…

Prince Sprocket: Now, we only need one Zeo crystal to gain access into their power source. We will find a way to get one from the two girls. We can either make them surrender, or make them followers. By hook or by crook it will be done. And soon we shall take our rightful places at the throne.

Archerina: Enjoy the trip, boys. Aahahahaha!

(We cut down to the still sunny California roads as the boys’ cruise down the road in style. Bland, generic rock music plays in the background as the wind blows through their hair. Most of them seem to just be enjoying the view. Robbie seems to be in another world however. Billy on the other hand seems to be in the middle of a heated discussion with himself.)

Billy: Your arguments lack any scientific evidence and fails at even the most fundamental levels of basic reasoning. You’re okay with watching your child die, and bring down his entire classroom with him in the face of sheer ignorant defiance?

(From Trunk) At least he won’t have autism.”

(The boys stop at a red light. Jason spots two bodybuilders in the car to their left. Loving to talk shop with his peers, He tries to coolly call their attention.)

Jason: (Nods) Hey beef cakes.

(Not understanding the tongue in cheek tone, the two men turn to Jason and find a man, in a tight black muscle shirt, sitting the back of a hot pink convertible with four other equally muscular men.)

Jason: You two lift?

(Untimely in his appearance, Twinkerbelle, Hannah’s toy Yorkie pops out from Jason’s lap dressed as a sailor as he greets the two men with a blank smile. The two men pull off the instant the light turns green.)

Jason: What’s their deal?

Tommy: Man, I can’t wait to see Kim again.

Billy: Yeah, it’s been a while.

Adam: So Tommy, know what you’ll do when you see her?

Tommy: (Exhales) Not really, no.

Adam: Well, do you know what you’re gonna tell her?

(He thinks for a second.)

Tommy: No.

Adam: Really? Kim’s the love of your life. You haven’t seen her in months and you have no clue in your mind about what you’re gonna tell her when you see her?

Tommy: Relax man. We just got in the car. We’re barely in New Mexico.

(From the trunk) We’re in New Mexico?! I thought we were going to Florida. Are we lost?!”

Jason: You haven’t thought of things you’d like to tell her or things you’d like to do with her the whole time? Did you forget you had a girlfriend?

Tommy: I mean… I’ve been busy. The last few months haven’t exactly been the best for me. Relationships kinda took a backseat.

Jason: Dude.

Tommy: What?

Jason: I mean, I know Sam and I aren't exactly a couple yet, but we're always talking. Even when I have a crappy day. Even if I blow a call on the field and a civilian gets hurt. She’s the one I turn to get my mind off the negative stuff.

Tommy: Yeah? We’ll ask her if you were the same way when you were leading this team.

Jason: Maybe you’re right. But I can't imagine not talking to her for weeks at a time.

"(From Trunk) Jennie and I are almost inseparable. She tells everyone I’m her groupie when I'm at her band practices."

Adam: That sounds endearing.

Billy: How often have you been reaching out to Kim, Tommy?

Tommy: I don’t know. I try once every couple weeks. Sometimes I get her. Used to be every day when she first moved. But that was before the invasion. And I’m sure her gymnastics keep her busy too. It doesn’t take away that I love her and she’s the closest relationship I’ve ever had. I still love her more than anything.

(Tommy begins to sound defensive in tone, so the other back off.)

Jason: Alright. Fair enough. Bet Rob doesn’t need to worry about that, eh Rob?

Robbie: Huh?

Adam: You kidding? He'd have to have Hannah surgically removed.

Robbie: …

Tommy: You know, it might not have seemed that way but I always envied you and Trini.

Robbie: What? Trini?

Jason: Yeah man. Those were the days, weren’t they? We saw our baby boy Robbie become a man before our eyes. She really cleaned you up, too. And you didn’t fight her at all. You were really into her.

Robbie: I was. Wasn’t I?

Jason: Yep. It was like you wanted to gain her approval. And she just wanted you around. To be there for her. Even when she outright told you she didn’t want to be bothered you always saw right through her.

(That last comment sticks out to him the most. And gives him a whole new perspective he didn’t expect to have at this part in the road trip. Suddenly he finds himself slipping away to a nostalgic memory, as he recalled how he used to feel when he was with her. And how the thoughts of spending eternity with her didn’t make him feel violently ill.)

Billy: LOOK OUT!!

(Before he can think much further however Robbie has to slam the breaks as a police cruiser blocks his lane, sirens blaring. The boys nearly miss impact as their hearts collectively beat through their chest.)

Tommy: Woah.

Jason: Wow.

Billy: That was close.

Robbie: You guys okay?

Tommy: Yeah.

Adam: I'm fine.

"(From Trunk) Ah. The car Jack just flung in my face."

Robbie: What does he want?

Tommy: Just be cool man. You haven't done anything wrong.

"(From Trunk) Yep. My nose is definitely broken."

(Slowly, the officer steps out of the car and walks over to the driver side window.)

Cop: You know why I pulled you over, son?

Robbie: College was too hard?

Cop: Funny. I received a report that this car has been stolen?

Tommy: What?

Billy: Th- this must be some sort of mistake officer.

Cop: I wasn't asking you, poindexter.

Billy: ...

Robbie: Poindexters right, sir. This isn't stolen.

Cop: You want me to believe this car, straight out of a Barbie’s playhouse is yours? Is the dog dressed as a Village Person in the back yours too?

Twinkerbelle: (Panting) ...

Robbie: They're my girlfriend's sir. Both of them.

Cop: A likely story. You just so happen to be fleeing the state with your girlfriend’s car after she reported it stolen? License and registration, please.

(Robbie follows the orders begrudgingly, but sucks his teeth under his breath.)

Robbie: This makes no sense.

Tommy: Relax. I'm sure this is a misunderstanding. You broke no laws. Just be cool and it'll be fine.

Robbie: (Exhales) Right...

"(From Trunk) Just don't tell him about the Mexican you've got locked in the trunk."

Cop: What was that?!

Robbie: Crap.

Cop: Step out the car.

Tommy: FLOOR IT!!

(Robbie slams the gas, yanking his papers from the cops hands as he goes around the cruiser.)

Cop: Hey wait!! I need back up!

Tommy: We're getting to Florida. One way or another!

(As the boys pull off and out of state, we stay in Angel Grove, in a familiar setting too. As Trini finds herself on line at the local Charbucks.)

"Next in line."

Woman: Hey, I know you?

(An older woman on her way out approaches her.)

Trini: Excuse me?

Woman: You're the girl from the park. The one who got the name changed.

Trini: Oh, yes I am.

Woman: I just saw it on the news. Incredible stuff you're doing. You're really doing God's work.

Trini: (Nods) Thank you.

(The woman nods back respectfully as she leaves. Trini’s next in line and gets called to the register.)

Barista: How may I help you?

Trini: Hi… are you hiring?

(Moments after, she sits down and reviews the application, coffee in hand. A deep feeling of dread starts to build in the pit of her stomach as she reviews the simplistic job application made for first time employees. After all the rifts she caused to get to where she is now, she is worse off than the person she left to get there. Such irony didn’t escape her as she turned away from the application and dug her hand into her bag; to find a pen, she convinces herself. While rooting around, she feels a familiar object near the bottom that catches her attention. She pulls it out and finds a saber-toothed tiger power morpher.)

Trini: (Gasps) …

(Inexplicably, she still has an intact morpher despite having surrendered her power coin years ago. Largely a memento by this point, and by the looks in her eyes it appears she had forgotten it was even there. But upon looking at it, her mind wanders back into simpler times. Happier times. Her biggest fears then were how she could justify to her friends and her parents that a straight A honor roll student, destined for great things was falling in love with a boy who looked like he could derail everything.)

Trini: …

(A boy that while not the picturesque boy that is brought home to mom and dad, made her feel things she had never felt before or has been able to replicate since. It was the first time in her life that anyone had given her any type of special attention and it had woken her up to a whole different side of life she didn’t know mattered. He was boy that listened to her and made her feel like her causes mattered. Like she mattered.)

“(Sighs) …”

(Her train of thought gets interrupted, when she finds a familiar face sitting next to her, sulking himself in front of his lap top.)

Trini: Skull?

Skull: Huh? Oh, hey Trini.

Trini: What’s wrong, Skull?

Skull: Oh. Nothing. My story was just taken down off of Ranger Board.

Trini: Why?

Skull: (Shrugs) I don’t know. Some rule about not allowing slash fics.

Trini: What’s a “slash fic?”

(She leans over to read his computer screen.)

Trini: What is that?! Why is my name on your screen?!

Skull: (Slams screen shut) Gotta go.

(Without another word, she gets up and heads for the door. Before long, Trini gets it out of her head and returns to her application. After a few moments she finds herself nearly done. That’s when someone else recognizes her and tries to approach.)

“Excuse me, are you Trini Kwan.”

Trini: Hey... yes I am...

(She looks up, and finds Tanya and Katherine standing right in front of her.)

Katherine: Hi! We're Robbie’s friends.

Trini: You are?

Katherine: So nice to finally meet you!

(She takes one quick look at their dress attire, specifically their color schemes, and figures out right away who they might be to him.)

Trini: Nice to meet you too. And you are?

Tanya: Tanya Slone. This is Katherine Hilliard.

(Even Aisha is gone, thinks Trini of the person that replaced her just over a year ago. This makes her feel even more out of place with her remaining former cohorts.)

Katherine: (Points at application) What do you have there?

Trini: Oh. Nothing. I just...

Katherine: Sorry… I don't mean to snoop.

Tanya: It’s what she does.

Trini: Oh. It's okay. I'm applying for work. The glamorous post ranger world isn't as glamorous as you might think.

(Figuring that she’s figured out who they are to Robbie, the girls take a seat beside her, dropping all pretenses. Trini continues…)

Trini: Actually, it's mostly my dad. He lost his business a few weeks ago. And I need to step up to help make ends meet. Running Tai Chi classes in the park won't cover it.

Tanya: I'm sorry to hear that.

Katherine: Yeah. Is there anything we can do to help?

Trini: That's kind of you, but no. Besides, we just met.

Katherine: Well it feels like we've known you for ages with how much you're spoken about.

Trini: Really?

Katherine: Yeah! You're practically famous. Though… I probably shouldn't told you as much. Oh. He's gonna kill me now...

Trini: “…He.”

Tanya: Well from what we've heard you're a very kind, helpful person. If you need help of any kind we're here for you.

Katherine: Yeah. We still very much consider you one of us. Even if you aren’t a ranger anymore.

Trini: Thank you... that means... you have no idea how nice that is to hear.

(Suddenly Trini starts to ease up. The strange successors across from her suddenly seem a little less strange. And perhaps, she thinks, her feelings of isolation were a bit overblown.)

Tanya: We’re about to go meet up with my dad and have lunch. Would you… like to join us?

Trini: Oh. I don’t know. I’d hate to intrude.

Tanya: You wouldn’t be. At all.

Trini: Are you sure?

Tanya: Absolutely. We'd love to get to know you some more. Besides my dad was following the peace conference. I’m sure he’ll have tons of questions for you.

Trini: Like why didn’t we accomplish anything?

Tanya: The man asks the tough questions.

Trini: (Laughs) Okay. Sure, I could go for lunch anyway. I’m pretty hun-

(Without warning an earsplitting boom shakes them from behind, as well as every other shrieking Charbucks patrons. Tanya and Kat reactively rise from their seats, prepared for the worst.)

Katherine: Everyone get down.

Tanya: Remain calm!

(After a brief adrenaline rush, they turn out the window to find the cause of the blast, but find that a fire hydrant had merely burst across the street. They both exhale, finding no other cause for concern.)

Tanya: It’s okay. False alarm.

(But things weren’t all okay, as they turn down to see their new friend huddled into a ball in her chair. Her own coffee spilled all over her top.)

Katherine: You okay?

(Not only did Trini, the original yellow ranger, not instinctively get up with them, but she plainly cowered in her seat, still hyperventilating. Her eyes wide open, yet suddenly no longer in the room.)

Tanya: We should… head out. My dad should be arriving any minute.

(Speaking of which, we find a bus further down the road headed toward the girls direction. It’s half empty, but presumably the bus Tanya’s dad is arriving in.)

"LAX shuttle. Next stop Angel Grove."

(The driver reached for a stick of gum, his eyes barely on the road he’s likely driven on hundreds of times. A loud bang disrupts his stupor however, as the bus suddenly sounds like it has a flat.)

Bus driver: (Groans) …

(He pulls over to the side of the road and steps outside. He walks around to the driver side front tire and finds something curious.)

Bus driver: What the...

(An arrow shaped like a heart, was sticking out. A feminine voice calls from behind.)

Archerina: I'm afraid this stop is your last stop.

(Meanwhile, inside the power chamber…)

Zordon: Alpha, I'm sensing a disturbance on the edge of Stone Canyon.

Alpha: Aye, ya, yai! This isn't good.

Zordon: What is it, Alpha?

Alpha: I can't tell, but the energy readings are through the roof.

Zordon: Contact the girls to investigate.

Alpha: Yes Zordon.

(Moments after the scene at the coffee shop, Tanya, Kat and Trini are seen walking down the south end of the park.)

Trini: (Wiping down shirt) …

Katherine: We can stop at our place before heading out to eat. I’m sure Tanya has old sweatshirt you can wear.

Tanya: I hope you like yellow.

Trini: (Shrugs) I guess that's fine. Thank you. I’m sorry for causing this much trouble. I’m so embarrassed.

Katherine: You have nothing to be embarrassed about. I can’t imagine what you must've gone through after experiencing what you have. I mean being in that room when your friend passed away…

Tanya: The attacks affected all of us in different ways. Jason may act like it doesn’t bother him, but it seems the only reason he’s back is out of a sense of vengeance.

Trini: Right. Well unlike how he dived back headfirst, I’ve become… a little too careful about taking any risks at all.

Tanya: I get it. I bet seeing Robbie nearly die in that same room moments later didn’t help either. I'd be worried to just live in a town that's constantly under attack.

(Trini doesn’t reply to the comment directly and instead shifts the conversation over. This piques the curiosity of Katherine.)

Trini: I’m working on slowly getting over it though. I’ve been seeing a therapist twice a week. I’ve made some progress, but I’m still not where I want to be.

Tanya: Well good for you. I’m glad you’re at least taking steps to get better.

Katherine: Does he know that this is why you won’t talk to him?

Trini: What?

Katherine: You held him in your arms when he went into that building to rescue you. You must've thought you were gonna lose him. The next time you two spoke in person you told him you couldn’t be around him anymore. Are you scared that you may one day lose him the way you lost Zack?

Trini: I uh…

Katherine: Does he know this is why? Being a ranger?

(While Kat speaks in a soft tone, there was no doubt she was laser focused on finding an answer. So much so that Trini immediately becomes extremely flustered. Kat continues to power through.)

Katherine: Robbie is a wonderful guy. And you still mean the world to him. I’m sure of it. And I know deep down, he still means a lot to you.

Trini: He… does.

Katherine: Then what’s stopping you from talking to him?

(It was the same question her therapist asked her. Those words that have echoed with her ever since he asked it. It was a question she couldn’t answer with anything deeper than "Well, Hannah..." It was a question that caused her great dismay. And just like that, it was Katherine that found the answer before she did, after knowing her for twenty minutes. Suddenly, Trini had lost her appetite.)

Trini: I… actually I… just remembered, I have some… thing I have to do. I’m sorry. I don’t think I can meet up with your father, Tanya.

Tanya: Really?

Trini: Yeah. I-I’m sorry.

Tanya: It's okay. Don’t be.

Trini: It was nice meeting you two. I hope to see you again.

Katherine: So do we.

(Trini flashes a brief smile, then turns away and tries to get away from the two as quickly as possible.)

Tanya: What are you doing, Kat? You scared her off.

Katherine: (Deep breath) I saw tickets in Robbie’s drawer.

Tanya: What?

Katherine: Tickets to Syracuse. One-way tickets. I think he’s gonna leave with Hannah.

Tanya: You were snooping in his drawer?

Katherine: I do the laundry, I wasn’t snooping.

Tanya: I do the laundry.

Katherine: …okay I was snooping. But only because I’m worried for him. I was hoping maybe…

(They turn to Trini who fades out of view.)

Tanya: Do you think she’ll listen to you?

Katherine: I hope so. I don’t want him to go.

Tanya: I hope she doesn't either.

(Meanwhile, Trini continues marching down the opposite side of the park, trying hard to keep composed in the presence of strangers that may know who she is. Eventually though, she can’t contain herself anymore and finds the nearest big tree to collapse behind. She clutches her chest, feeling immense guilt after it became clear to her why she was pushing Robbie away.)

Trini: ...

(From her chest, she pulls out the tiny anchor necklace. And thinks of the barriers in the way of the necklace living out its promise. In order for her to overcome her fears about their relationship, she'd need to overcome her fears about possibly losing him in battle. What was a non-issue during her ranger days is paramount now and a key reason in her staying away from the team as a whole. It's a barrier she doesn't see herself overcoming, which crushes her.)

Trini: (Exhales) ...

(Still, she thinks, she's made progress the past few months. She's done so by putting herself out there again. While awkward and uncomfortable, she's been slowly returning to her roots. She reasons with herself that perhaps, she should go back to the girls. At the very least, to apologize for storming off.)

Katherine: What an odd place.

Tanya: Yeah.

(Speaking of which, the girls reach the bus station and find it eerily vacant and misty. A few scattered faces are around, including a couple families. Each face however is obscured, as if not wanting to be seen. Looking to distract themselves, the girls switch subjects.)

Katherine: You looking forward to seeing your dad?

Tanya: Yeah. A little nervous.

Katherine: Why?

Tanya: (Shrugs) I don’t know. The last time I saw him was on my wedding night.

Katherine: Yeah. I’m sorry. I guess it's like you said, we're all dealing with the fallout of the invasion in our own ways.

Tanya: Yeah. I'm worries that if I see him, I'll just be reminded of Onyeka. And I don;t know what's worse, that or that this will permanently make me not want to see my father ever again.

Katherine: Well, I’m here in case you feel overwhelmed. I won’t let anything bad happen to you.

Tanya: (Smiles) Thanks.

(From the distance a bus approaches. It stops right in front of the girls, the door swinging open after coming to a full stop.)

“I’m afraid you’re too late.”

(The girls look inside to see a strange robot man they'd never seen before, wearing a bus drivers cap.)

Katherine: (Gasps) …

Tanya: What?! Who are you?

Prince Gasket: The future king of the Machine Empire. Currently though I have to make ends meet somehow.

Tanya: What did you do to the people on that bus?

Prince Gasket: …What do you think?

(Immediately assuming the worst, Tanya flies into a white hot rage.)

Tanya: I’ll kill you!!!!

(Out of nowhere, she and Kat find themselves restrained by cogs, dressed as the civilians in the station. Even tiny cogs dressed as children grab hold of their legs.)

Prince Gasket: No, no. No one gets one without paying the fare. That’ll be one Zeo crystal.

Tanya: Screw yourself!

Prince Gasket: That’s a shame. But I do have one old geezer here in the back. Guess we’ll just be riding solo.

Tanya: …Don't you dare hurt him!

Prince Gasket: Oh why would I hurt him? Not yet at least. Not while I have so much leverage over you.

(He slowly walks out and gets right in her face.)

Prince Gasket: Is this your weakness yellow ranger? Your family? Is this all I had to do to have you trembling at your knees for mercy? How simple.

Tanya: ...

Prince Gasket: Well then, perhaps you shall know the feeling, when you see your father, the man who raised you. The man you worship, fall to his demise. Tell me how that scars you and makes you bloodthirsty for revenge.

Tanya: ...I'll help you join him real soon.

Prince Gasket: Tough words from someone in no position to make threats.

Tanya: ...

Prince Gasket: Once again. That’ll be one Zeo crystal.

(Tanya gestures to the cogs to be let go. Gasket nods to them and they comply. Tanya takes a deep breath and looks as if she's ready to talk, but then takes a swing at Gasket. Before she makes contact though, she's struck down by an arrow to the back.)

Katherine: TANYA!

(Before Kat can squirm free, she's dealt a blow with the butt of Gasket's sword and falls limp to the floor as well.)

Archerina: I love watching you working, baby. So hot.

Prince Gasket: Oh yeah...?

Archerina: Yeah...

Prince Gasket: (To cogs) Take the rangers. We'll extract the crystal's from them somehow. And if we can't beat them, we'll join them.

Archerina: Or better yet, they'll join us. Ahahaha.


Alpha: Aye, ya, yai! Zordon we have trouble.

Zordon: I know. Contact the others immediately.


"Pull over. We have you surrounded at all exits. You cannot get away. "

(Flying down the interstate from a swarm of police cruisers, Robbie and the boys are in no position to stop anywhere to answer a call.)



(Robbie leans toward the railing and sends them stright off the side of the highway. They land hard on the ground but flat, with the car still running and moving forward. Despite being rattled, the boys are exhilarated as they have a pathway forward near a sign that reads Arkansas.)

Tommy: Wow! I don't believe it! We're gonna lose them! We're gonna lose the-

(Suddenly however the car smashes into a tree that they had too much momentum to avoid. The boys all stop and fall limp. The communicators ring, but there will be no answer.)

Alpha: They're not responding Zordon. I can't get a lock on their locations either.

Zordon: You must keep trying Alpha. The implications of this is far too great. If the Empire is allowed to gain access to the Zeo crystals, we could be looking at another large scale attack. This time however, we will be unable to fight them off. They will become unstoppable.

Alpha: Oh no! Aya, ya, ya, ya, yai! We can’t let that happen.

Zordon: Indeed. There must be someone we can get a hold of. You must keep trying. Whoever it is, they will be our final safeguard to stop this attack. They will be our last ditch effort to save the world from another catastrophe.

(Meanwhile back at the gas station.)

Trini: (Hyperventilating) ...

(Trini walks into the scene of cogs populating the bus station, Tanya and Kat are nowhere to be found. Out of her paralyzing fear, she drops her bag, spilling its contents everywhere.)

Trini: ...

(She looks down to pick it up, and finds one thing staring up at her. Her Saber-Toothed Tiger power morpher. She leans over to pick it up, but as she rises she finds that the entire bus station is now intently staring at her. They begin to approach.)

To be continued.

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I think it is safe to say that the putrid brown organic matter has just hit the oscillating component of the ventilation system...
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I guess this means that when they transferred the powers, they were completely copied... Do you really want to open up this can of worms? hahahaha
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Gasket took a major step up in badassery here, loving that he's driven Tanya to this kind of rage. Keep it up.
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zedd_heart_rita wrote: View Post


I guess this means that when they transferred the powers, they were completely copied... Do you really want to open up this can of worms? hahahaha
Bwahahaha. It's time to head cannon, folks!!!

Cameron Samurai wrote: View Post

Gasket took a major step up in badassery here, loving that he's driven Tanya to this kind of rage. Keep it up.
Haha. That was the aim for Gasket. A similarly strong entrance, albeit more subtle than Mondo. Glad you liked it!
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Whew!!!! I can't decide who I was yelling about more reading this-- Hannah for that weak crap she did or Gasket trying to leverage her father for the crystal. Man I wish Saban had these kinds of storylines lol. If you need me, I'll be waiting patiently for this continuation lol.
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Whew!!!! I can't decide who I was yelling about more reading this-- Hannah for that weak crap she did or Gasket trying to leverage her father for the crystal. Man I wish Saban had these kinds of storylines lol. If you need me, I'll be waiting patiently for this continuation lol.
Hey Bama! Glad you liked it!

I grinned while writing that Hannah scene. Very" vintage Hannah" to pull a sneaky stunt like that haha. And that's good to know. I'm already well underway with the next one.
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Quick update: Next chapter coming along very nicely. Should be out by next week!

Lots will happen that many have been hoping for a while. But perhaps not what you think...
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Season 4 - Episode 14: Crossroads to Nowhere Part 2

(We begin at the beginning. Six rangers standing before their future mentor.)

Zordon: You have each been selected because, whether you believe it or not, you each share qualities of selflessness, courage, intelligence, integrity and a willingness to stand up to others.

Trini: …

(That moment had a profound impact in the life of Trini Kwan, a young, book wormish girl with a big heart but few tangible ideas on how to put her idealistic vision into reality. Zordon saw something in her that she always felt, but didn’t always believe in.)

“Trini, fearless and agile the Sabre-toothed Tiger Dinosaur will be under your command.”

(As the yellow ranger, she served with honor and courage. Never leader of the pack or center of attention, but highly dependable and capable of stepping up when necessary.)

Trini: It’s morphin time!

“Sabre-toothed Tiger!”

(In her tenure, she got to know many people, central to her very being, who helped shaped who she had always wanted to become. A fearless protector of all that is good.)

Trini: Oh, you've met the Power Rangers?

Laura: Sure did. There was also the scorpion lady and this monster called the Rockstar.

Billy: Idiosyncratic.

Jason: But tell us about these rangers. Who did you think was the coolest one?

Laura: The yellow ranger saved me. She’s the coolest. Just like uncle Robbie said.

Trini: Oh really?

Robbie: …

(She opened her hearts to those people, and never hesitated to protect them.)

‘Trini on the other side leads her own charge against the Z-Putties, using extremely refined kicks. She eliminates threats on each end with two high kicks to the chest. She backs up, anticipating another attack from the sides. When it does come she puts her hands up to block both punches and twists both their wrists simultaneously till they fall on the floor. An attacker approaches from the front, which Trini tries to take out with a crescent kick. The putty ducks, but cannot recover quickly enough to block the proceeding blow to the chest.’

(Although lacking the showmanship of some of her peers, she had a historic tenure, serving valiantly and proudly. Through her last day.)

Zordon: Departing rangers, you have each served with honor and courage. I thank you for your service. I am sure that in your new life you will serve with dignity, humility and strength. Go now, and make the world a better place. The power will always be with you and will always protect you.

(However Zordon was only partially right. For although, Trini did continue to serve her fellow men and women on an even grander scale, the power could not protect them all.)

Zack: This is not a call to arms. But a call to action. My fellow humans, if we are to one day reach the nirvana of a perfect world, then we must set aside minor differences, work with our allies and stand as one. Against the evils of this world.

(Zack gets another applause, however this time the roaring cannot be ignored as it grows louder and louder. Then what no one expects happens, Jason’s old communicator, which he has on his right hand as a memento, rings.)

Jason: …

Trini: (Gasps) …

Zack: This is not an eastern world, a western world we are THE WORLD. And if we stick together like the family we are we can conquer any…

(A loud crash is heard. The roof collapses just above where Zack stands…)

Trini: (Gasps) Oh no!

Jason: ZACK!

(She has never been the same since that day. She has largely withdrawn from those she had opened her heart to and scared to re-confront those days that ultimately led to the untimely demise of one of her closest friends. However, back in present time, she appears to have not been given a choice.)

Trini: (Heavy breathing) …

(We pick up at the abandoned bus station where Trini finds herself in the crosshairs of an army of cogs in disguise drawn to her presence. Her old morpher fallen onto the ground in front of her. And with Tanya and Katherine mysteriously nowhere in sight, the ill-prepared former ranger begins slowly backing away; her legs trembling weakly in the opposite direction.)

Trini: Get away… I’m warning you.

(She puts her hands up in a fighting stance, though her empty threats fall on deaf ears. Suddenly, the cogs go into a dead sprint.)

Trini: AHHHH!!

(She cowers into a ball as they approach. But as they close in, she suddenly lights up into a bright yellow ball and disappears. Meanwhile, outside a distant dark cave…)

Prince Gasket: Mother. I am pleased to report that all is going according to plan.

(Gasket and Archerina report to Queen Machina. Sprocket too appears to have tagged along behind his mom and is pulling at her leg to try and catch her attention.)

Queen Machina: I must say, I’m impressed.

Prince Sprocket: Mommy! Don’t listen to anything Gasket says. It’s a trick. I heard it all. He’s trying to usurp…

Queen Machina: Quiet down, Sprocket. Don’t be rude. Wait your turn.

Prince Sprocket: (Pouts) Hmph!

Prince Gasket: The female rangers have been captured and are here, inside the Evil cave of Evil.

Queen Machina: The name sounds promising.

Prince Gasket: Indeed it is.

Archerina: While bound and unconscious they shall succumb to the voices within these walls whispering, ever so subtly, to unleash the beasts lying dormant inside their hearts.

Prince Gasket: It won’t be like any simple spell, but more a suggestion. We all have a bit of evil inside us, including the goody good power rangers. But they have something inside them telling them to distinguish right from wrong. It’s what makes them rangers.

Queen Machina: It’s sickening.

Archerina: Yes. These whispers however will muddle such a filter, enabling them to follow their most basic impulses without second guess.

Prince Gasket: If the rangers won’t give us the crystals, then we shall take the rangers.

Queen Machina: Wonderful work, my dear. Father would be proud to see how far you’ve come.

Prince Gasket: (Nods) Thank you, ma.

(Looking slightly hurt at the exclusion, Archerina turns to her husband with a pointed expression.)

Prince Gasket: Uh… You know… Archerina… did play a role in this too, you know.

Queen Machina: Yes. Well, okay. Good on you.

Archerina: “Good on me?”

Prince Gasket: Archy, it’s okay…

Prince Sprocket: (Pulls on Machina’s leg) Mommy, can I talk now? I waited my turn.

Archerina: We’re here trying to avenge your husband and that’s all you can come up with? “Good on me?” You think I have nothing better to do with my time? “Good on me?”

Queen Machina: What would you like, a medal? So you did something right. Why, nobody gave me a medal when I created and raised two children on my own.

Archerina: Well I married one of your children and guess what? I wouldn’t give you a medal either.

Queen Machina: I beg your pardon?! I’ll have you know I’m a fantastic mother.

Prince Sprocket: Mommy, please this is importa-

Queen Machina: QUIET I'M TALKING!!!!!!

(As the remaining members of the Empire continue to bicker, Trini reemerges in an unfamiliar bright room. Slowly she gets up, startled and disoriented, yet she senses that she’s safe within these walls. Once on her feet she scans the area, catching a glimpse of her past staring back at her...)

Trini: …

(The yellow Mighty Morphin Power Ranger looks down on her from behind a showcase. She takes a long, meaningful look at her, as if considering the long road that’s taken her to be the person now looking up at her seemingly mythical past self.)

Trini: Where am I?

(She questions her location, although the familiar buzzing and humming sounds around her the tap deep memories embedded into her bones. Before she can put it all together however, she’s startled as she’s grabbed from behind.)


Trini: Oof!! …Alpha!

(It’s Alpha, who giddily rushes her, greeting her with a hug.)

Alpha: It’s been so long. Aye, ya, ya, ya, yai.

Trini: (Hugs back) I know Alpha. I’ve missed you too.

“Welcome back, Trini.”

(Another familiar, booming voice calls out to her. In her mind it only belong to…)

Trini: Zordon… thank you. (Looks around) Where am I?

Zordon: You are home. Or where home used to be.

Trini: Huh?

Alpha: The command center. It used to stand here until Mondo’s invasion resulted in its destruction. The power chamber was built in its place.

(She takes a step back to take that in. Her mind is blown that the command center, a place she once considered her safe haven, could possibly cease to exist.)

Trini: Wow. You mean, the command center went down… Wow. The attacks… it ruined everything, didn’t it?

Zordon: It did. But unfortunately what may come next will ultimately be a lot worse. It appears we are on the precipice of another worldwide invasion. This time however, if it is allowed to begin as planned, there is no possible way for us to defend against it.

Trini: (Gasps) But… the Zeo rangers…

Zordon: The Machine Empire is planning on taking the Zeo powers away from us, and appears close to succeeding.

Trini: Oh no. Someone needs to stop them!

Zordon: …

Trini: …

Zordon: …

Trini: …Me?

Zordon: I am a floating head, Trini. Yes, you.

(Meanwhile, we return to the caves and head inside. We find Katherine, seemingly alert, but lost amidst the fog. Darkness consuming both sides with no discernable way out. Unsure of how she even got there she tries walking forward as she attempts to call for help.)

Katherine: Hello?

(The echoing of her feet and a distant howling of the wind serves as the only response.)

Katherine: Anybody here?

(Becoming hesitant to move any deeper into the darkness she stops. The pause however causes a chill to catch up with her senses, causing her to immediately start shivering.)

Katherine: It’s so cold. And dark.

(Out of nowhere, a sultry whisper...)

“Welcome to the deepest regions of your darkest desires...”

Katherine: (Gasps) Hello? Who’s there?

(She springs around in a fighting stance. She finds Archerina behind her, but in no urgency to attack.)

Archerina. The names Archerina. Duchess of the Rose Bud Galaxy. Breaker of hearts. Friend.

Katherine: Please. Like I could ever be friends with the likes of you.

Archerina: Uh… you can drop the act, sister. No one is here but us.

Katherine: What act? This is who I am.

Archerina: Oh. Gosh. I’m so sorry.

Katherine: What?

Archerina: Here I thought being painfully bland was just a clever ruse. How do you expect to win over Tommy like this? Have you seen his girlfriend?

Katherine: Excuse me?

Archerina: Girl, stop kidding yourself. You think I got to be the goddess of love without knowing when a girl has a crush?

Katherine: …

Archerina: And boy, you've got one haaaaard. Haha. It’s practically spilling out of your every pore. You clearly ache for his attention, even without saying a word. You’re like a poor little puppy begging for its owner to rub her little belly.

Katherine: That’s enough. What does this have to do with anything?

Archerina: Relax, sweetie. I’m just teasing. Besides, judging by his perpetual braindead expression, I doubt he’s even noticed. But he… did notice you once, didn't he? You two even shared a kiss. How was it?

Katherine: …

(Archerina slowly steps forward, feigning concern for Katherine.)

Archerina: Your friends claim they’re trying to protect you by warning you not to get involved. But perhaps, are they just trying to protect themselves from the woman you’re truly capable of becoming?

Katherine: I… wasn’t myself. That wasn’t me. I was under a spell.

Archerina: (Giggles) When are you gonna stop lying to yourself?

Katherine: (More forcefully) I was under a spell. I had no control over my actions.

Archerina: False. You were liberated. Free to do what your heart desired without the weight of societies judgements. And you know what? You were happy. You got what you wanted, didn’t you? And whether he knew it or not, so did he.

Katherine: …

Archerina: Face it. The course of their relationship was permanently altered that night. You did that. Because of you, the unstoppable Trimberly pair suddenly wasn’t so unstoppable.

Katherine: I… I…

Archerina: You what? Say what you want to say, woman. Speak your mind.

Katherine: I don’t think Trimberly means what you think it does.

(Without responding, Archerina laughs evilly before turning around to walk away.)

Archerina: You know I’m right…

(She vanishes, leaving Katherine alone in the cave. Suddenly, Kat winces, as if a strong headache has come over her. She cowers in agony although we fade out to reveal that Katherine is actually tied inside the cave all along in the midst of an intense hallucination. Meanwhile back in the power chamber...)

Zordon: I wish this were a simple reunion, Trini. However I am in need of your help once more.

Trini: Zordon, I… I’m not a ranger anymore.

Zordon: Perhaps you are no longer on a team, but if there is anyone outside said team that I know that I can trust in this situation, it is you. I understand you have been trying to return to a civilian life, and I respect that. But understand that my decision to bring you here was not made lightly. Please, Trini. We need your help.

Trini: …

(She holds her memories close to her now racing heart, though in her mind she has made peace with the fact that this was in the past and not something she would ever need to revisit. Every fiber in her being screams to resist, yet a subtle voice in her head cries for her to hear him out. She remains silent as Zordon and Alpha continue their plea.)

Alpha: Tanya and Katherine have been captured, with the goal to extract their power crystals. Tommy, Robbie and the rest of the boys are nowhere to be found. We can’t spot them and don’t know if they’re safe.

(She again doesn’t reply, but her eyes dart back at Alpha. She may be okay with not revisiting her ranger past, but is far more conflicted about revisiting her ranger friends, particularly one.)

Zordon: Understand, what you went through in Switzerland, no person should ever have to live through. However you mustn’t let that moment define the rest of your life. You must remember who you are. A strong, skilled fighter with a passion for justice and preserving peace.

Trini: Look at what good that brought. Full scale war, thousands of people lost their lives. Hundreds clustered inside a room who were advocating for peace like it was some joke to whoever was behind it. And Zack…

Zordon: Zack will be remembered for his sacrifices. I was deeply affected when I heard the news. He was like a son to me. And I took great pride in seeing him grow into a strong man and an advocate for justice. It broke my heart.

Trini: Then you'll understand my reservations to just dive right back into that world.

Zordon: Trini, I ask for your help, knowing what you’ve gone through, to make sure this doesn’t happen again. To make sure another Zack doesn’t lose his life. Right now you are my best hope. You may be my only hope.

(She again doesn’t reply, but this statement by Zordon seems to have landed. She slowly turns away then looks down at her slightly opened bag, glancing at her retired morpher peeking out. She continues to shake, but is shaking because she’s now starting to rationalize taking action. Despite her overwhelming fears, she could not allow the people she cares about the most to go into harm’s way. Even if being a superhero was who she was, being someone who'd willingly let people die due to inaction is not who she currently is, or will ever be.)

Trini: (Turns around and exhales) Where do you need me?

(Within moments, Trini is seen leaping from the sky and lands outside the woods. She lands awkwardly and stumbles to the ground, though quickly recovers and tries to play it off.)

Trini: (Wipes herself) Guess I’m a little rusty.

(She looks ahead and finds an army of cogs guarding the outside of the cave. She heads for cover behind some rocks and scouts the area. It looks difficult and direct conflict looks inevitable. Nervous, but determined, she reaches into her shirt and pulls out a tiny anchor necklace.)

Trini: I hope you’re okay. Keep me steady.

(The necklace, given to her as a gift by Robbie, symbolizes their steadying influence on one another. Trini hopes it still has some magic left in it for one more battle. Speaking of Robbie…)

Robbie: …

(He awakens, following a devastating car crash into a tree during a police chase. It’s the dead of night on the East Coast. His head hanging off the side of the passenger’s seat. His eyes aren’t fully opened and his mind isn’t fully comprehending what is happening. Although he can feel and hear that the struggling car is moving. He looks up.)

Tommy: Morning, sleepy head.

(He finds Tommy now driving the car down a deserted road. Robbie grips his throbbing head by the sudden motion.)

Tommy: You seemed concussed. So I moved you to my seat so you could sleep it off.

Robbie: Pretty sure you’re not supposed to do that.

Tommy: Nah. That’s just the concussion talking.

Robbie: …maybe you’re right.

Tommy: We’re almost at Kim’s. I took a back route since Mississippi to stay undetected. Thanks for keeping us out of trouble back there.

Robbie: Don’t mention it. You’re way too pretty for the pen. I doubt you’d survive a day.

Tommy: It’d be like throwing red meat to a pack of hungry lions.

(Awkwardly enough, the two share a brief laugh. It’s the first time in four years of knowing one another that they’ve done so.)

Tommy: I’m not sure how this is gonna go down.

Robbie: Just cut your hair. You’ll look less like a girl.

Tommy: No. With Kim. I somehow feel I’m gonna be disappointed.

Tommy: Don’t overthink things. You two were great together.

Tommy: Were. That’s the word.

Robbie: (Rubs head) Dude. No yelling. Please.

Tommy: Sorry… I just mean. I lied to the others before. It’s not that I didn’t think of what to say to Kim when I see her. It’s that I don’t know what to say to her anymore. I’ve called her every week. Used to be every day. Till we just… ran out of things to talk about. Until it felt like I was bothering her.

Robbie: Huh. I see.

Tommy: I don’t know. I still love her. But I… I think we might be growing apart. And that scares me to death.

(Robbie doesn’t reply.)

Tommy: Um. I’m sorry. When Trini left… I… kinda gave you a hard time about it. I teased you a bit too hard. I didn’t realize until I started going through it myself how lonely you must’ve been feeling. It sucks, man. And I was a bit of a jerk to you. Again, I’m sorry.

(Robbie again doesn’t respond right away and instead readjusts his seat.)

Robbie: It’s cool. Thanks. It wasn’t a good feeling when we were still together when I felt like she was moving on without me. It led me to become desperate. In the end I kinda ruined it.

Tommy: Is that what I’m doing though? Is she gonna see me rushing halfway across the country and think I’m some loser she needs to drop?

Robbie: Actually… I don’t think so. I kinda wished I had continued fighting. I gave up when maybe I should’ve stuck to my guns. She told me she needed to be away from me. I’ve replayed that moment a hundred times in my head. I think ‘what if I said no?’ ‘What if I still tried to be in her life? Would she change her mind?’ I don’t know. It may not matter anymore.

(Suddenly there’s an extended pause between the two. Eventually, Tommy speaks up again.)

Tommy: Can you keep a secret?

Robbie: What?

Tommy: I’m gonna… pour my soul out to her. Tell her how I’ve been feeling and what I’ve been through. If… And this is the big if. Best case scenario… and Kim allows it… I’m staying here.

Robbie: What?!

Tommy: Dude. No yelling.

Robbie: You’re staying?

Tommy: Yeah. I’m not going home.

(Stunned, Robbie doesn’t respond.)

Tommy: I still love her. I still see… a future. I think. I have to go in there and swing for the fences at least. I have to go for it. I can’t live with myself if I just let it die.

(After having just told him he wished he’d taken one last chance on his relationship, Robbie feels foolish trying to convince Tommy not to.)

Robbie: I guess… you do what you need to do.

Tommy: Thanks. The team is in good hands. I’m not worried about you guys. Truth is… you haven’t really needed me in a while. I have faith in you guys. Heck you just helped us outrun a disaster that would’ve ruined the Ivy League dreams of everyone in this car. I have faith in you.

(Tommy’s words really speak to Robbie, and rock him down to his core. Robbie had considered himself to be the unlikely moral center of the team, being its elder member. And with Tommy planning on leaving, this immediately alters his trajectory. Despite feeling as if there is nothing left for him in Angel Grove, he couldn’t possibly abandon the team now to leave to New York with Hannah.)

Robbie: …

(He turns back to look at the others, each of them fast asleep. Something then comes to mind as he turns back to Tommy.)

Robbie: (Raises eyebrow) Uh… have we heard from Rocky in a while?

Tommy: No.

(There’s a brief pause.)

Robbie: (Shrugs) Well, he wasn’t going to Ivy League.

(Meanwhile, back in Angel Grove…)

Tanya: Hello? I need to get out of here. Dad? I need to see my dad.

(Tanya finds herself wandering aimlessly inside the Evil Cave of Evil, much like Katherine was. Scared, but more concerned about the wellbeing of her father, Tanya searches desperately for any sign of him. Instead she’s met with a guest…)

“Looking for someone?”

(Similar to how Archerina appeared earlier, Gasket was now standing behind her. With no urgency to attack her.)

Tanya: If you were listening, I’m looking for my father. Let me out of this place so I can find him and smash your face in.

Prince Gasket: Moxy. God, I love your moxy kid. You remind me of someone. You know you and I aren’t so different.

Tanya: Excuse me?

Prince Gasket: No, no. Hear me out. We’re both young. Brash. Aggressive. But really, we have the same values.

Tanya: Judging by the low cut top your wife is sporting, I’m not so sure of that.

Prince Gasket: I mean we’re both big dreamers. And we both have the same dream: A safe and united earth.

Tanya: (Snickers) Give me a break. You’re a joke.

Prince Gasket: I’m sorry?

Tanya: My husband died, on our wedding night, because of the Empire. And right now, my dad might die too. Save me the false narrative.

Prince Gasket: I understand about your husband. And I’m terribly sorry to hear about what happened to him, Tanya. And I mean that. But I cannot answer for my father or his methods. I can only speak to my own actions and my own intent.

Tanya: …

Prince Gasket: Your father is safe, Tanya. Truth is I have no clue what he even looks like. The bus was mostly empty. Just some stragglers and a Chinese family. I just wanted to get your attention.

Tanya: You son of a…

Prince Gasket: (Interrupts) …and I succeeded.

Tanya: …

Prince Gasket: I loved my father, but my methods are vastly different from his. While he uses brute force and intimidation to beat his opponents into submission, I choose a different path. I see you all as a people loss to your own causes. You’re your own worst enemies.

Tanya: …

Prince Gasket: Your friend Trini, who’s clearly traumatized, wouldn’t have even been in the situation she was in had earth not already been devouring itself. There would be no need for a peace conference to even take place. And that is my goal.

Tanya: I don’t believe a word you say.

Prince Gasket: Believe it. Under one rule, all fighting would cease. The people may resist the big change at first, but they would be safe. Your father would be safe. And isn’t that what you fight for every day as a ranger?

Tanya: …

Prince Gasket: Your friends would not understand. They see a robot from space and immediately assume the worst. We need to make them understand.

Tanya: …

Prince Gasket: I need your help Tanya. Help me save earth.

(He walks forward and extends his hand to her. Outside the cave, Trini tries to slowly progress forward unnoticed. As the sky darkens, it also starts to rain. From the power chamber, Alpha and Zordon look on.)

Alpha: Oh. I hope this works, Zordon.

Zordon: Me too Alpha.

(Back just outside the caves, Sprocket peeks his head out from the sides surveying the security detail. He’s joined by Krank and Orbus.)

Prince Sprocket: I don’t believe it. My stupid brother is gonna get away with this. And my mom is just gonna let him!

Krank: Face it, lad. She’s gone swoonin over her first born. He could sell her anything right now and she’d buy it.

Orbus: Guess we don’t need to wonder who the favorite it.

Prince Sprocket: Hmph. There has to be some way to stop this.

Krank: The only think I can think of is if Mondo himself rose from the ashes and retook his throne. That or one of us makes a move on yer ma and becomes King.

Prince Sprocket: Of course, Krank, you’re a genius!

Krank: Why thank you.

Orbus: I have always noticed how she looks at me. She definitely wants this.

Prince Sprocket: No. Come with me. Both of you.

(They trio vanish just as Trini approaches the front. She hides behind a stack of boulders and ponders her next move. She eyes the cogs, trying to look for any obvious weaknesses. She’s instead thrown off by watching them fool around with each other, in an almost human like fashion. Bemused, she accidentally missteps and causes rocks to crumble around her, catching enemy attention.)

Trini: (Gasps) …

(Again, they each stop what they were doing and slowly turn their heads. She instinctively begins to back up but hits an unexpected wall behind her.)

Trini: AH!

(More suddenly appear behind her. She lands a kick that knocks them back. But they continue their approach from all ends. Blindly, she throws a wild swing, but is caught. She eats a staff steel kick to the ribs and is tossed back, gasping for air. Her bag again falls to the ground.)

Trini: …

(She takes a look inside as the enemies’ line up across from her. She scrambles forward and reaches inside.)

Alpha: What is she doing?

Zordon: I do not know, Alpha.

(She finds what she’s looking for and pulls it out. Her Saber-Toothed Tiger power morpher. Not knowing what may come out of this, she knows she doesn’t stand a chance against them alone and unmorphed.)

Alpha: What is that?

Zordon: It looks like…

Alpha: A morpher! B-but… no, she can’t use that!! Those powers have been destroyed!! She’ll kill herself!

(Without a second thought, Trini pulls morpher close to face, then takes a deep breath.)

Trini: Here goes nothing. It’s morphin time!

“Saber-toothed Tiger!”

(Out of the sky, the yellow ranger returns. She strikes a pose, a jolt of energy and more importantly, confidence runs through her veins. The Cogs waste no time as they charge her. And like muscle memory, she gets to work. She kneels down and to the left, letting one cog trip over her right foot. She quickly gets grabbed by the shoulders and picked up but she leverages herself back forward flipping both over. Looks at her hands with amazement.)

Trini: Man. It’s like I never left.

Alpha: Zordon! She’s doing it! But how?!

(Reactively, she sees an enemy charging before her. She ducks and thrusts her palms forward. And speaking too soon, an instant shock of pain runs up her arm.)

Trini: AHH!!

(She eats steel; something her powers were not deigned to fight.)

Alpha: Aye, ya, yai.

Trini: (Shakes hand) Don’t remember putties hurting this much.

(She then eats an ocular blast from a Cogs open face, dropping her where she stands. Alpha and Zordon looks worried as Cogs close in.)

Trini: AHHH!!!

Zordon: These powers will not hold. Her connection to the morphin grid is limited. She is in grave danger if this fight lasts more than a few minutes.

(Trini gets back to one knee and finds a pair of blasts readying from both her right and her left side.)

Trini: Oh no…

(Thinking on her feet however, she summons some help.)

Trini: Power daggers!!

(Forming in her hand, she chucks them from both sides. Aimed perfectly, they land right at the barrel to the ocular blast, backfiring on the cogs and setting off a huge explosion that takes out several others as collateral. Trying to quickly capitalize, the yellow ranger pulls out her blade blaster and in a circle takes out each remaining cog before they can recover. Coolly, she puts the gun near her face and pretends to blow out the smoke before holstering her weapon.)

Trini: It’s been a blast. But I better get going.

(She runs toward the cave as Alpha jumps jubilantly.)

Alpha: Yay! She did it! She’s even busting out puns, Zordon.

Zordon: Good. Now all that remains is rescuing the girls before her powers begin to fade.

(Trini approaches the entrance, but is interrupted as blasts hit her from the right and then the left. She stumbles then falls. She then looks up to see where the fire came from.)

“Well, well, well. Have we gone back in time?”

Trini: …

(She finds two robotic figures she’s not familiar with. They however, seem familiar with her.)

Archerina: If it isn’t the sixth most important ranger from three years ago, making her grand return to save the day. Ha. Zordon must be desperate.

Prince Gasket: What’s wrong? Was Mr. Kaplan busy?

Trini: I don’t know who you two are… but if you think you can underestimate me like those bots back there did, then I’ve… AHHHH!!!

(While trying to get back up, her energy dips. She collapses back to the ground.)

Archerina: (Unamused) How cute. Let me take this one, love.

(Archerina walks over and picks her up easily with one hand, holding her tightly with a vice grip.)

Archerina: This ain’t season one anymore sweetie. Missing dolls and childish boy problems are the least of your concerns right now.

Trini: (Choking) …

Archerina: I’m no Rita Repulsa. However, you are looking at the new Empress of Evil.

(Trini takes a desperate swing and lands. However it hurts her more than it hurts Archerina who laughs.)

Archerina: Bet that hurt. Not as much as this will.

Trini: AHHH!

(She chucks Trini, easily, slamming her against the side of the caves entrance. The yellow ranger falls limply to the floor. Not finished yet, Archerina walks toward the helpless body.)

Prince Sprocket: Get em, baby.

(She stands before Trini, takes out her bow and arrow and aims it right for her face. Alpha and Zordon begin to panic.)

Alpha: Aye, ya, yai! Zordon, Trini’s in trouble.

Zordon: We must get her out of there, Alpha. She is no match for the Empire. Especially in this weakened state.

Archerina: I’m gonna make you wish you stayed retired, dear.

Trini: …

Archerina: Send Zack our regards.

“That’s quite enough, you two!!!”

Archerina: Huh…?

Prince Gasket: What was… father?!

(Out of nowhere, King Mondo reappears with his son, Sprocket behind him. Bandaged up with circuits exposed and his arms not attached correctly, Mondo was nevertheless not dead.)

King Mondo: Yo-yo-you’ve got a lot of nerve, choosing now to re-re-re-re-return. You’re gone for decades then suddenly you’re back before my body goes cold in a scrapheap.

Prince Sprocket: (Giddily) That’s right. You tell him, daddy.

Prince Gasket: But father, no. That’s not it at all. We were mourning. We’re avenging your honor. For mother.

King Mondo: Ha. Machina. Of course. You mother always did have a blind spot for her favorite son.

Prince Sprocket: Hey!

King Mondo: Well I’m glad to say there is no longer a need to avenge anyone, so you can stop this charade. Report to my castle at once.

Archerina: But… but Mr. Mondo we’re so close to…

King Mondo: Please, call me daddy.

(Mondo and Sprcoket vanish, looking defeated, Archerina and Gasket follow shortly after.)

Trini: …

(Despite not looking like the victor, Trini was the last woman standing. Nothing in her way now from completing her mission.)

Alpha: She did it! By god she did it! Somehow, some way, she’s gonna save the day!

(Things seem even better when the yellow and pink Zeo rangers approach, morphed.)

Trini: Kat, Tanya! You’re okay!

(Trini struggles to get back to her and walks forward to greet the girls.)

Trini: Thank goodness. We should get out of here before they come ba-

(Suddenly, she’s drilled in the side of the face by Tanya. Dropping her to the floor.)

Trini: UGH.

Alpha: What?! Aye, ya, yai!

Zordon: It appears we are too late. Alpha.

Trini: Tanya. What’s happening?

(Tanya approaches again, Trini extends her leg to hold her back. Tanya catches it and starts punching her knee. She shrieks in agony.)

Trini: AHHHHH!!! Let go!!

(Trini kicks free with the other leg then scurries up and hobbles away but the girls follow into the now dark and muggy forest. Kat makes chase however and pulls out her laser pistol, barely missing her several times. Trini’s power start to fade once more, right as she needs them most, though she regains composure and throws her weapons at her.)

Trini: Power daggers!!

(Her weapons however are easily swiped away and vanish into thin air before they hit the ground. Troubled by the image, though no time to recover when Tanya suddenly appears before her, Trini manages to block to strike and dodge another. She lands a spin kick that whiffs and it met with a stiff kick to the already wounded knee that takes her out instantly.)

Trini: AHH!

(She crumbles to the ground on her good knee, now feeling every sharp rock digging into her as she lands. She is now merely a civilian in a spandex costume facing off against two Zeo rangers aiming to destroy her. Tanya tries to drive her elbow into Trini’s skull but she manages to block it, creates space with a palm strike and pulls out her blade blaster. Before she can aim it though, Kat appears behind her and grabs it, crushing it with her hands. It vanishes into dust and ceased to exist.)

Trini: …

(Back at the power chamber, amidst the panic, some good news begins to blink right in front of Alpha.)

Alpha: Zordon! I’ve found the others!

Zordon: Good. You must teleport Trini to safety immediately.

Alpha: Right away Zordon.

(The girls pull out their weapons, pointing them at a teetering Trini who is too weak to resist.)

“For the Empire!”

(They each pull the trigger, but she vanishes right before the shots meet in the middle and explode. She arrives at the power chamber unmorphed and collapses on the ground.)

Alpha: Aye, ya, yai. Trini!

(Alpha rushes over and tries to help her up and onto the examination chair. Her knee is clearly injured.)

Trini: I… I need to go back.

Zordon: I’m sorry Trini, you are too weak right now. I cannot allow you to risk your life for a fight you cannot win.

Trini: But they need me. Earth needs me.

Zordon: The others have been alerted. They will pick up from where you left off.

Trini: I… failed. I’m so sorry. I knew I didn’t have it in me anymore.

Zordon: On the contrary, because of you we now have a chance to stop them without Empire meddling. You found deep inside what I knew had never left when it mattered most.

Trini: …

Alpha: Aye, ya, yai. Where did you get that morpher, Trini? Don’t you know how dangerous that could’ve been?

Trini: It was mine… you... never asked for it back?

Alpha: Huh… guess I didn’t.

(An image pops up on the viewing globe and Trini finds that the team, sans Tommy, have rushed into action being led by the brown ranger.)

Robbie: Kat! Tanya!

(They turn to find their friends staring back at them coldly, through the now pouring rain.)

Jason: Careful, they’ve been brainwashed. They think the Empire is the force for good.

Katherine: The only ones brainwashed here is you. You wish to limit our potentials so that you may continue living in your sheltered bubbles.

Tanya: You stand in the way of a united world. You wish to see the world eat itself alive. The Empire will end all wars and fighting.

Adam: They’re lying to you. The Empire is in the business of war and fighting. Do you not remember your husband?


(Tanya furiously lunges at Adam. The rest of the guys leap in, tracking up dirt and mud to try and pull her away from him.)

Robbie: Tanya, Adam is your friend. He helped you fight off the Empire when they attacked your home. They wanted their unified world and they tried to get it by killing millions, including your loved ones. It would never get better under their rule and they’ll just toss you aside once they’re through with you.

Katherine: If that’s what you think then you’ve misunderstood their mission. The Empire is about being the best you can be and assuring safety of its people through those means. They value me and want me to meet my full potential.

Robbie: You're the ones who are misunderstood. Your real allies are standing right here. Stand down and we can talk this out.

Tanya: Never!

(The girls pull out their weapons, the boys do the same, except for Robbie who throws his hands outward.)

Robbie: Hold fire. Everyone.

(The boys cautiously follow his command. He carefully walks toward his roommates.)

Robbie: I refuse to do anything to hurt you. We’re your friends. We actually care about you.

Tanya: You lie!

Katherine: You want nothing to do with us. You can barely hide your contempt for our presence in your home, Robbie Clemente.

(Forced to concede at least partially to such a perception, Robbie sighs then takes a step back. He understands that at times his overall closed demeanor, coupled with his outburst at the power chamber can be viewed as detesting. Slowly however, he reaches for his helmet and pulls it off, so they can look into his eyes as he addresses them.)

Robbie: You girls… are like family to me. I know I don’t show it… but I guess… I need to learn to tell those I care about how I feel about them. Before it’s too late. But it’s because I’ve grown to love the both that it’s hard for me to accept that we’ll one day part ways. I’ve dealt with that before. And it sucks.

Trini: …

Robbie: Kat you absolutely forced your way into my life. Yes, it’s incredibly annoying sometimes, but I’ve never met a more caring person in my life. You were there for me when I lost my mom and you were a shoe in to move in with me.

Katherine: …

Robbie: Tanya. The first time I had ever interacted with you, you were saving my life. You were a grieving widow with the rage of a thousand suns. I admire your heart and your passion. Don’t let the Empire feed you nonsense about a better world. They’ve already done enough to destroy yours.

Tanya: …

(Robbie upholsters his weapon, but instead throws it to the ground to drive home his point.)

Robbie: We’re your real allies. We will fight alongside you till the end. I may not always like your prodding, but I know you have my best interest at heart. And trust that we will always have yours. If you want to fire your weapons go ahead. We’re not firing back.

(Robbie keeps his arms extended outwards, but shuts his eyes as if bracing for fire. The girls don’t immediately react, yet, their fingers continue to hover over the triggers. Robbie’s eyes remain sealed shut, though so far feels only the bullet like rain drilling him from all over.)

Robbie: ...

(Hesitation starts to set in as the girls turn to one another for direction. Slowly, they both begin to lower the pistols. They drop them on the floor and lean in for a tight embrace. The other boys, thankful and relieved, do the same.)

Robbie: Phew. I was not sure how that would end up...

Alpha: He did it! Thank goodness!

Trini: I don’t believe it. He averted a worldwide disaster. All without throwing a single punch.

Zordon: It is incredible. He has come quite a long way from who he was when you left, Trini. He has had to step up considerably and has become a true leader of this team. I must say I couldn’t do this without him.

Trini: Yeah…

(Trini turns her head toward the back where the yellow ranger is displayed behind the show case. Next to it, as if positioned deliberately, is the brown ranger. It leads her to think again of their respective journeys leading them to where they are now. And while she’s relieved that he’s safe and happy to hear of how integral he’s become to the team, that very fact provides little comfort with regards to any possible future they may still have.)

Trini: …

(Meanwhile, back on the moon…)

Queen Machina: Darling! You’ve return!

(Seemingly unconcerned with the outcome of their plan on earth, everyone shifts their attention to the hobbling ruler of the Machine Empire, slowly making his way into the main room.)

King Mondo: In the st-st-steel.

Queen Machina: My, you don’t look so good.

King Mondo: I was a bit rushed, indeed. But It appears I’m back not a second too soon.

(He darts his eyes to his eldest son and his daughter in law, who bow their heads like two scorned children.)

King Mondo: Wh-wh-who do you two think you are anyway? Where do y-you get off thinking you had a cleeeeeeeeeear path to the throne and the Empire that’ve spilled oil building from scratch.

Prince Sprocket: Yeah! You tell them, daddy! Tell him who the real heir is.

King Mondo: There is no heir!

Prince Sprocket: Huh?!

King Mondo: Neither of you could ever po-possibly fill my shoes. As long as I can be rebuilt, I will rule the Empire with duct tape holding my exposed circuits together. I will shake hands with dignitaries using third party hands from China if I must. No one else here is ca-capable of ruling my Empire. Certainly not the no-good son of mine and his degenerate wife.

Archerina: For your information I already run the Rose Bud Galaxy.

King Mondo: Is that the Gentleman’s Club, where my son found you?

Archerina: I uh…

King Mondo: And you, Machina. Honestly, you let this boy play you like a fiddle. Every time with this. It was obvious he was making a power grab.

Prince Gasket: Well I guess then we should go pack our things.

King Mondo: No. You stay here. With us.

Queen Machina: (Gasps) So you’ve finally willing to forgive your son? You’re willing to work with him and see our family whole once more?

King Mondo: Ha. Never. But there is one earth saying about keeping your enemies cl-cl-close that I’ve grown quite fond of. Neither of you shall leave the premises. Under penalty of disembowelment.

Prince Gasket: Oh…

Archerina: We’ll take it. (Bows graciously) Thank you, Sir.

(Archerina grabs Gasket by the wrist and pulls him away, out of the line of fire.)

King Mondo: Now to shift my attention back to those rangers. I’ve got a score to settle with them. I’ll sp-sp-sp-spend the next few days at my desk coming up with my latest diabolical plan. But first, I’m a bit out of sorts.

Queen Machina: I can see.

King Mondo: I think a rest is in order. I’ll feel better in the morning after a reboot. Machina, would you do the honors?

(Machina reaches behind her husband and holds her arm in place. The Windows XP log off chime plays as he closes his eyes.)

Queen Machina: Well, glad things are at least back to normal.

Prince Sprocket: Mommy?

Queen Machina: Yes dear?

Prince Sprocket: You think he bought me my new Sega?

King Mondo: Your what?!

(Mondo slumps over before saying anything more.)

Queen Machina: Sorry, he wasn’t off yet.

Prince Sprocket: …

Queen Machina: And I wouldn’t count on it, hon. Sorry.

(Finally, back at the power chamber…)

Trini: This was a… meaningful day for me. It was nice to feel like my old self again, but it’s clear this doesn't belong to me anymore.

(She holds her power coin, as if addressing it directly before turning to Alpha to surrender it in his hand.)

Trini: My time has come and gone. I have full faith that those who are here now will protect Angel Grove.

Zordon: Thank you for all you have done, Trini. Not just today but for all your work the past four years as both a ranger and a civilian. You have served your fellow man with the utmost dignity and grace. Truly you have grown to be an asset to all humankind. And I am honored to play a small role in that.

Trini: Thank you so much. It means the world hearing that from you. And thank you again for reminding me who I am and what I'm capable of.

Billy: And while we're all thanking each other, I'd like to thank you for coming through.

(Billy, now present, gets a hug from Trini.)

Trini: Don't mention it.

Billy: The boys will never know how close they came to their powers being hijacked. I know it must’ve been hard given all you’ve been through.

Trini: Well, when Zordon mentioned doing nothing would put them all at risk, there was really no decision to make. You all still mean so much to me. I couldn’t just let that happen.

Billy: Which just goes to show that you’ll always be one of us. No matter how far away you may seem sometimes, you’ll always be a ranger at heart.

(She doesn’t respond to that comment, but flashes him a small, accepting grin before moving on.)

Trini: Well, I should get going. I wish I could say bye to Kat and Tanya. And apologize for storming off on them.

Billy: They've just picked up Tanya's dad from his bus. His real bus. I can pass along the message.

Trini: Thank you.

Billy: You got it. Should I... tell Robbie you said hi?

(She seems to think about it briefly, then mildly shakes her head.)

Trini: No. Don’t tell him anything. I wasn’t here.

Billy: Okay…

Trini: Well, goodbye everyone.

Alpha: Goodbye Trini.

(She hobbles back, waves inconspicuously before being teleported back home. Billy, still stuck on her last statement, wonders why she doesn’t want Robbie knowing of her presence.)

Alpha: So Billy, how was Kimberly?

Billy: (Shrugs) Uh... Well…

(We segue back to Florida, just a couple of hours ago. Hannah's car, beaten up and cranking every few seconds, manages to pull into the parking lot of some modestly sized motel.)

Tommy: We're here. (Turns around) Everyone okay?

Jason: Yeah.

Adam: I'm alright.

Billy: Affirmative. I appear to be in one piece.

"(From the Trunk) Are we there yet?"

Tommy: Cool. You okay, Rob.

Robbie: ...yeah.

Tommy: Cool. Guess I'll be going in.

Robbie: Guess so.

Tommy: Thanks.

(Tommy slowly opens door and slams it shut, though it collapses on impact. It doesn't stop Tommy however who's zeroed in on a particular hotel room scribbled on a napkin.)

Tommy: "324..."

(He makes it up two flights of stairs onto the outdoor balcony. He walks to front door and knocks. He grips the napkin, though might as well be gripping his own heart. There's a small, but excruciating wait until the door swings open. A man appears.)

TMan: Uh... hello?

Tommy: Wow. Sorry, I must have the wrong...


(Behind the man, Kimberly Hart, Tommy's girlfriend and former pink power ranger steps forward; a confused look on her face.)

Tommy: ...Kim.

Man: Who's he?

Kimberly: John, you should go. I'll talk to you later.

(Without saying another word, the man leaves.)

Tommy: John? Kim, I can't believe you would...

Kimberly: Tommy, relax. It's not what you think it is.

Tommy: ...

(An extended silence ensues, but not a warm silence. It's the awkward silence as if they'd both run into old high school friends and weren't expecting having to come up with small talk. Kim in particular looks to be thinking really hard about what to say next.)

Kimberly: I've been... trying to call you back. If I'd known you were on your way here, I...

Tommy: I'm...

Kimberly: I mean, it's okay.

Tommy: Yeah. Sorry.

Kimberly: It's okay.

Tommy: I just... couldn't be away from you for another minute.

Kimberly: Thanks... I'm sorry too. I'm a little out of sorts.

Tommy: It's okay.

(From the car, Robbie watches everything. He can't hear what they're saying, but can tell that this isn't the warm reunion Tommy had hoped for. Eventually Kim, gestures toward her room.)

Kimberly: Come inside. I think... we should talk.

(Tommy slowly enters, the door shutting behind them. Robbie had agreed to come to Florida to seek his old friends counsel on what he should do about a big decision. In a way, she had.)

Robbie: …

(We fast forward to the present. It’s a dismally rainy evening in Angel Grove. Robbie, completely drenched in his street clothes stood outside a familiar home contemplating his next moves. He picks up the smallest rocks nearby and starts tossing them at a second floor window. Eventually, the front door opens.)

Mr. Kwan: Can I help you?

Robbie: Mr. Kwan... uh. I'm sorry I'm...

Mr. Kwan: Trini's not home.

Robbie: Oh. Okay. I'm sorry to bother you then.

(He turns away, feeling deflated. He doesn't walk away immediately and instead wonders what's next. That's when he hears Mr. Kwan behind him.)

Mr. Kwan: Nice to see you again.

Robbie: ...?

(An hour later, soaking head to toe Robbie enters his public apartment complex. He finds his elevator broken and groans that he must now climb up 16 flights of stairs. Used to this happening however, he wastes no time walking into the stairwell.)

Robbie: ...

(During said trip, he begins thinking about how Kim and Tommy's relationship mirrored his and Trini's. Almost to the very end. Both started in Sophomore year, started hot and ran into trouble when one started taking on interests outside the team. The lack of communication accelerated the death, but ultimately both died when one of the two stopped fighting. He wonders as he reaches his floor if perhaps Trini telling him she needed to be away from him was not a missed opportunity for him to show that he'll keep fighting for her, but perhaps it was Trini giving up on them.)

Robbie: (Exhales) ...

(He takes a moment to catch his breath, perhaps also to finish his thought before entering his home. He still has no idea what his future holds for him. It may very likely not be with Trini. But he comes to terms that it doesn't mean it needs to be with Hannah in New York either. He had progressed more slowly than everybody else, but he had a role as a ranger. As a damn good ranger, he thinks to himself.)

Robbie: (Sighs) ...

(Almost on cue, his communicator rings. Annoyed that it rings after he climbed up the sixteen flights, he nevertheless he steps away to take the call dutifully.)

Trini: ...

(Had he gone through the door however, he would've found Trini on the ground next to his apartment door. Also drenched in water and wearing a knee brace, waiting for him.)

Zordon: Hello Robbie.

(Meanwhile, at the power chamber...)

Robbie: Zordon. You wanted to speak to me?

Zordon: Yes.

Robbie: Okay? Well with all due respect, I'm a little thrown off by this secret meeting.

Zordon: Understood. I will get to it. Alpha and I have been monitoring your performance recently. I must say I am very impressed.

Robbie: Thank you? I mean I just did what I needed to so I can save the girls.

Zordon: More than just today however, you have undoubtedly become an invaluable member of the team over the past four years.

Robbie: Why… are you telling me this now?

Zordon: Because Robbie. After some careful consideration, Tommy has decided that, effective today, he will be going on an indefinite leave of absence.

Robbie: ...what?! I don't understand. But didn't he and Kim… Wh-what’s going on?

Zordon: It means Roberto Clemente, is that we have selected you, to be the interim leader of the power rangers.

Robbie: ...
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The plot thickens... and a close call that goes the wrong way.
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The plot thickens... and a close call that goes the wrong way.
Seems that way...

Thanks for reading!
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