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fb111a wrote: View Post

I have to admit, that was real good relationship drama... far better than I could ever write on that subject.
Thank you! I definitely appreciate that.
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As promised, I'm posting my "deleted scenes" from the last chapter. It was originally conceived as a Rocky centric episode, but felt the plot was a little too goofy and not inline with the current direction of my series. Still, I liked these two scenes and am just gonna share them with you here...

In this first one, Rocky is watching Hillary wrap up a cheerleading practice from the benches. Tanya approaches him.

Rocky: Yeah… I just… I’m so mad at myself for blowing it, you know? Like here I have this crazy hot girl, who’s into me and has this fun, easy going personality. And I over thought everything I did around her and drove her away. I just wish… I could have a do-over with her. I know I’d do it right this time around.

(Ricky Rodriguez walks in, gives up his jacket and give her a hug.)

Tanya: You might have to join the waitlist.

Rocky: I can’t stand that guy. What does he do that I can’t do?

Tanya: Well did you go to her practices and give her your sweater?

Rocky: No… But I did save her life once.

(He tilts his head up, cuing a memory. It’s a grey and dreary evening in downtown Angel Grove. Hillary is on her lonesome, clutching onto her purse in the middle of a mostly empty street. She’s lost and nowhere near an open shop or a phone when she senses two shadowy men following her. Without looking, she speeds up, becoming further unnerved when the two men speed up as well. They call out to her.)


“Hey sweetheart, slow down!”

(Scared for her life, she bolts. In an attempt to lose them she turns down an alley, hoping to run to the other side of the street. Ther dismay, a dead end. The men follow her into the alley where’s she’s now cornered.)

“What’s the hurry sweet cheeks?”

“Let me see that purse.”

(One of the men grab her by the arm. She instinctively tries to slap him in the face, but he grabs her by the wrist. The second rears back for a punch, but somebody catches it.)

“What the-?”

(In a blue blur, the man gets pushed back, then kicked into a row of garbage bins. The Second man pulls a knife, but gets it kicked away from under him, his wrist grabbed, thae pulled over the dark blue figure’s body and thrown against the wall.)

Hillary: …

(The two men stagger to get back up and charge for him. At the last second, he leaps up, causing them to smash into one another and fall to the ground unconscious. A frightened Hillary finally gets a good look of her hero and finds Zeo ranger 3, blue. He hangs upside down like a spider on a fire escape ladder as Hillary walks toward him, drenched in rain that continues to pour down. He readies to leave...)

Hillary: Wait…

Rocky: Sorry, no autographs.

(She approaches him, putting her hand down on the clasps of his helmet as if she’s about to remove it, then takes her purse and smashes him over the head with it.)

Hillary: So you’re the one who’s been making that breathing sound all day!

Rocky: AHHH!!!

(He snaps back to reality.)

Rocky: (Groans) It’s hopeless. I blew it, now bland handsome guy swoops in and probably never lets her go.

Tanya: Relax Rocky. I know you don’t wanna hear it now, but there’s plenty of fish in the sea. We’ve all made mistakes in past relationships that messed things up. We’re human. But I wouldn’t dwell on what you did wrong in the past, but rather what you’ll do right in the future. And when you meet the right girl, you’ll be glad you got all those mistakes out of the way.

Rocky: Yeah. Thanks…

Tanya: I gotta go meet Sean. I’ll see you around.

(Tanya rubs his back then goes.)

Rocky: It’d be nice if that right girl came sooner than later.

This second scene was the conclusion of Rocky's subplot. He walks into the Youth Center and sees his robo-girlfriend making out with Ricky, not his twin brother Mickey.

Rocky: Alright, let's get going. There's this view of the sunset. Gonna blow your mi- Cecelia!

(He walks in, finding Cecelia on Ricky's lap in the middle of a passionate kiss.)

Cecelia: Rocky?! Is that you? (Turns to Ricky) Who are you?

Rocky: What's going on here?

Cecelia: (Sighs) I'm sorry Rocky. I don't think this is working.

Rocky: Why not?

Cecelia: No offense? But you're kinda weird. You say strange things and wear the same colored clothes each day?

Rocky: (Looks down) How would you know that?

(Just then, Hillary also walks in from the Juice Bar.)

Hillary: Wha- Ricky?! What is the meaning of this?!

Ricky: I’m… I’m blind?

Hillary: I hate you Ricky Rodriguez! We’re through.

(Hillary storms out of the exit, while Rocky just stands there, wallowing in his own self-pity. Until he realizes he has an opening.)

Ricky: Wait, Hillary!

(He tries to go after her, but slips over the mess of smoothie and falls to the floor. He struggles mightily to get back get back up but keeps on skidding back down.)
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Fan Fiction Author
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Posts: 616

Season 4 - Episode 10: I Don't Care if I Never Get Back

Tommy: Am I losing my mind?

Billy: Not at all.

(We pick up where we left off. It's a cold autumn night. Robbie was just let down by Trini moments ago. Tanya realized her need to mourn the loss of her husband supersedes the need to fill the hole left by his absence. And Tommy was just starting to come to terms with the ghosts that have been haunting him since the invasion.)

Billy: It means you’re human. You saw things no person should have seen. And you were in charge of making decisions a 17 year old shouldn’t.

Tommy: What should I do?

Billy: What you’re doing now is the first step. Talk to somebody.

Tommy: Can I just keep talking to you?

(Billy looks to be nodding in agreement. Just moments ago Billy too was struggling with with his own ghost. Himself. Finding his friends looking past him since losing his powers, Billy has just taken his first steps in redefining his role on the team. He is the voice of reason. A role sorely needing to be filled by a man sorely looking for a role to fill. He saw his friends each struggling with their own demons, jeopardizing the makeup of the team. He's decided from this point forward he will do what he must to help keep the team's collective heads straight. Then, his communicator rings.)

Billy: Hang on. (Answers call) Yeah Zordon.

Zordon: Billy, report to the command center immediately. Your help is needed. We have a distress signal from Aquitar, Billy. They need someone to go over there and help them right away.

Billy: …

(With that, Billy was gone by the next day. He boarded a ship that blasted him to Aquiatar. And while the Empire tried to intervene, the trip was successful. Over the next few weeks the team was forced to get by. They survived numerous plots on their own, even without the gold ranger who was conspicuous in his absence. But they held their ground with every attack. As far as the interpersonal makeup of the team? Well, things started to shift...)

Katherine: Ooh. I love this show.

(It’s a weeknight evening inside the dark apartment. Both Kat and Tanya are wrapped in a blanket flipping through the channels.)

Tanya: Ugh. I can’t watch this crap.

Katherine: Why not?

Tanya: They totally ruined it. I hate it when a series tries to force a brand new romance right at the end of its run.

“Bye sweetie!”

“Bye Hannah.”

(Just then, Robbie walks through the door with Hannah.)

Hannah: Call me…

Robbie: Sure.

Hannah: Will you miss me?

(He closes the door on her without answering, then quickly untucks his worn looking white button down as he heads toward the hallway.)

Robbie: (Nods) Hey girls.

Katherine: Hey. So you do still live here?

Robbie: Seems so.

Tanya: We thought maybe the bathroom was just blowing itself up.

Robbie: Funny. Speaking of which, we need to discuss our policy on leaving the window open when not at home. A bird flew in.

Tanya: You’re full of crap.

Robbie: Well the house certainly was by the time he left.

(He lumbers away, pulling at his tie as if it were choking the life out of him.)

Tanya: Where are you going?

Robbie: My room?

Katherine: (Pats sofa) No. You need to come sit with us. Feels like we haven’t seen you in ages.

Tanya: Yeah. You’re not pulling your weight as a roommate.

Robbie: I’m paying rent, aren’t I?

Katherine: Yeah, but you’re never here. You’re always either at work or with your new-old girlfriend.

Tanya: So much for you staying single for a while and not just settling.

Robbie: (Shrugs) Hey. She may be a silver medal, but her daddy's pockets are lined with gold.

Tanya: Classy…

Katherine: We rented “Pretty Woman.” Come watch it with us.

Robbie: (Snickers) No thank you.

Katherine: C’mon…

Tanya: Don’t be such a stranger, Robbie.

Robbie: (Sighs) Fine. I’ll watch some of it.

(He finally unravels his tie as he marches over.)

Robbie: But I’m warning you. If there’s no boob in the first twenty minutes, I’m out.

(90 minutes later…)

Robbie: This is… beautiful.

(The credits roll in a movie with no boob though Robbie finds himself completely mesmerized.)

Robbie: That was incredible. I’ve never seen anything like it.

(He turns and finds the girls have been huddled together for quite some time, fast asleep. He turns back to the screen and continues self-reflecting.)

Robbie: This movie. It gives me a new outlook on life. I mean, what have I been doing with myself? I’ve been so caught up in Hannah’s flaws and her past. I’ve been ignoring… the beauty inside of her. In a way Hannah’s… my hooker with a heart of gold.

Tanya: (Murmurs) You got that right.

(Realizing he’s been caught he scrambles to change the channel and puts it on a baseball game.)

Tanya: Enjoyed the movie?

Robbie: I was uh… just watching the game. That movie was stupid.

“The Angel Grove Master Batters are just seven outs away from their first pennant and a date with the Hershey Park Fudge Packers this Sunday.”

Robbie: (Clears throat) History’s being made so uh… I was getting a bit emotional. Not to mention their first ever Championship series would start on my birthday. It’s like a dream come true.

Katherine: (Gasps) It’s you’re birthday this Sunday? Oh my goodness we need to celebrate. Let’s do something nice.

Robbie: You wanna turn on the heat?

Tanya: Something we can afford every month.

Robbie: (Shrugs) It’s cool. I don’t really need anything special.

Katherine: You’re not slithering out of this one, mister. This is your big 18. This is a huge deal. We have to do something. We have to be there at least when you try your first beer.

Robbie: Hahaha…

Katherine: …?

“Swing and a miss and that’s out number two.”

Robbie: (Clears throat) Right.

(Meanwhile, on the moon, the Empire huddles around a Television set for that same broadcast of the game.)

Klank: I don’t get this baseball. If these teams are rivals, why doesn’t that guy just smash his opponent over the head with that bat?

Prince Sprocket: (Yawns) How many innings are in a game?

Orbus: Too many.

King Mondo: Focus, team. Don’t worry so much about that silly game.

(Mondo, separate from everybody else, turns to the balcony.)

King Mondo: It appears brown ranger’s having a birthday. We simply must throw him a party!

Orbus: (Whispers) Sounds like the beginnings of a recycled plot.

Klank: Shh! His wife is here.

King Mondo: Yes, it’ll be a truly special occasion indeed. So much so, that I think it best that we pay him a visit personally. Gyahahaha.

(We fade into the next day at sunny Angel Grove Park. We find Tommy and Adam leading a karate class with about a dozen children. As they dismiss the group, Katherine and Tanya approach from afar.)

Katherine: Hi guys.

Tommy: (Wipes sweat) Hey. How’s it going?

Tanya: Not bad. How was class?

Adam: No complaints. Well, except that Rocky ditched.

Tanya: He what?

Tommy: He’s supposed to help us out. But I guess he’s busy with his new girl. I mean don’t get me wrong, I like her. Definitely not a Barbie doll that he usually tries to go after.

Adam: More like a Barbie doll who’s in a band and has holes in her pants.

Tommy: Anyway, what are you girls up to?

Katherine: We just decided to get some air. Brainstorming about what to do for Robbie’s birthday.

Tommy: That’s right. Rob’s birthday is coming up.

Tanya: Any ideas on what to give him?

Katherine: He says he doesn’t want anything, but I mean he’s one of our closest friends. We can’t just not do anything. He brought us into his home when we needed it. And let’s face it, he’s one of our leaders.

Tommy: Whoa...

Tanya: One of our leaders. Second from the top. At best.

Tommy: (Nods) …

Katherine: Problem is we don’t really know what he likes. He’s not the most forthcoming person in the world.

Adam: (Shrugs) He seems to love misery and disappointment. Any way you can put that into a box?

Tanya: We did catch him getting emotional at the end of a Master Batters game. But that could’ve just been the romantic comedy we just saw.

Tommy: Actually I think he does like them.

Tanya: Romantic comedies? We know.

Katherine: He isn’t fooling anyone.

Tommy: No, the Master Batters. He used to take Trini to games all the time.

(The girls’ eyes suddenly brighten up simultaneously.)

Tanya: Sounds like an idea!

Katherine: And the championship series starts this Sunday. It’s perfect!

Tanya: We can buy tickets, and bring him our gifts and take pictures.

Katherine: I’ll make a scrap book!

Tommy: Actually… this might be an activity that would be best if it was just us guys.

Katherine: What?

Tanya: Why?

Tommy: Uh… just… knowing Robbie. And knowing all his girl troubles he’s been going through lately. He might prefer a fun, simple night out with the guys. Would it be cool if we hijack your idea?

(The girls sigh, conceding.)

Katherine: Fine. Whatever.

Tanya: Have your stupid guy’s night out. We’ll think of something else.

(The boys grin with excitement as their stolen idea is a go. We fast forward a few days to the big game. A nearly packed house filled with enthusiastic fans. The smell of freshly cut grass and the sounds of adrenaline pumping ballpark music dominates the senses as the Master Batter’s first championship series appearance. With thirty minutes to game time, and Tommy and Adam are already seated, enjoying a bowl of popcorn and nachos.)

Tommy: It sure is nice out.

Adam: Sure is. Looking forward to a guy’s night?

Tommy: Yeah. I mean don’t get me wrong. I like the girls, but they’re… I don’t know.

Adam: (Snickers) You think they’re icky?

Tommy: Nah. They’re just too much sometimes. They’re so into feelings and emotions. And they love to meddle. They’re always trying to get you to talk about what’s on your mind. It’s exhausting. I don’t think Robbie would be into that right now in the state he’s in.

Adam: Robbie? Or Tommy?

(Tommy shrugs, without answering.)

Adam: Hey. It’s cool man. Women, am I right?

Tommy: Tell me about it.

Adam: (Laughs) So, what did you get Robbie?

Tommy: I actually wrote him a poem.

Adam: …

(Adam raises an eyebrow as Tommy reaches into his pocket. He pulls out an folded up piece of paper.)

Tommy: “How do I say ‘I love you’ to your best friend?”

“You don’t?”

(From behind a female voice appears. They turn and find Rocky, hand in hand with Jennie the sardonic waitress and his new girlfriend.)

Adam: Hey… Rocky …Jennie.

Jennie: What’s up, girls? How’s the slumber party? Did I miss the part where we make our own lip gloss?

(She steps over Adam and Tommy to grab a seat, quickly resting her boots over the seat in front of hers. Adam, looking somewhat irritated, turns to Rocky.)

Adam: Uh… this was a guy’s night out, Rocky.

Rocky: Don’t worry. Jennie’s cool. She’s totally like a guy.

(He turns back to Jennie who’s scratching her nether regions. Meanwhile…)

“Alright gentlemen listen up.”

(Somewhere else within the stadium, Lt. Stone walks in front of his crew.)

Lt. Stone: We have beefed up security at the ball park today because of the last attacks. I don’t want any funny business, understood?

Bulk and Skull: Sir, yes sir.

Lt. Stone: I need you on your best behavior. The Mayor is on us about security. She’s on me about security.

Skull: (Leans in) Have you seen the mayor? Wouldn’t want her to be on anyone.

Lt. Stone: Boys! This is my job on the line. This game must go down without incident. Am I clear?

Bulk and Skull: Sir, yes sir.

Lt. Stone: Alright. Now we’ brought a long some new recruits from the academy to fill the gaps. I want you boys to keep an eye on them at all times. They are your responsibility. And you two are my responsibility. So treat them as I would treat you.

Bulk: (Salutes) You can count on us, sir.

Lt. Stone: God help me.

(Shaking his head in exacerbation Stone walks off, passing by the recruits in the process.)

Rito: So, you ready for your first day?

Goldar: Ready as ever.

Rito: Have you thought up a chant for beating down minorities?

Goldar: I was thinking of 'stop resisting.'

Rito: Ah. Can't go wrong with the classics.

Bulk: Alright maggots! Aten hut

(They straighten up as their “superiors” call their attention.)

Skull: You two call yourselves cadets?!

Rito: I’m Rito.

Skull: You’re not Rito. You’re just some punk bully off the streets looking to make a name for yourself. You just want the respect that comes with a badge and gun.

Goldar: You made us take these jobs to pay for food, remember?

Rito: Wait. We get a gun?

Bulk: Quiet! Drop and give me fifty!

(Rito shrugs, then reaches into his pocket and hands him money. Bulk and Skull stare at one another, then have a change of heart.)

Bulk: …dismissed.

(Meanwhile, back at the seats…)

Rocky: You know Jennie, this stadium was used as a shelter during the invasion. They have a bunker below field level. Kept about a thousand families safe.

(Filing her nails, Jennie feigns interest.)

Jennie: Interesting.

Rocky: Yeah. I love looking up random tidbits like that. It keeps the brain sharp.

Jennie: Your… shoes are on the wrong foot, Rocky.

(Next to them, Tommy seems bothered by the light as Adam impatiently checks his watch.)

Tommy: Man, the sun is really blinding me. Wish I brought my shades.

Adam: Where’s Robbie? The games about to start.

Rocky: I hope he’s not flaking on us.

Adam: What do we do?

Tommy: (Shrugs) Well. Nothing we can do now. Might as well enjoy the game and whatever else is left of our night out with the guys.

“Tommy?! Oh my gosh.”

Tommy: Huh?

(The guys look up and find Katherine and Tanya walking down the aisle, holding balloons and gift bags.)

Katherine: Today was supposed to be the game you were going to? We had no idea.

Tanya: It was just the darndest thing. I told Kat, you know what would be good for the first girl on the Angel Grove baseball team? For me to see an actual game in person. Honestly, what are the odds?

Tommy: (Sighs) Hey girls.

Adam: Honestly. Does no one respect the sanctity of guy’s night out?

Rocky: Robbie isn’t here yet.

Tanya: Shoot. He better not bail.

(Just outside the stadium, as people are still filing in, Robbie, still dressed in his work slacks and white button up is seen running through a parking lot. He stops before the main entrance to catch his breath.)

Robbie: (Panting) …

“You’re late.”

(He looks up, and finds Hannah standing before him.)

Robbie: You’re… stunning.

Hannah: …You’re forgiven.

(Hannah, dressed in a pair of daisy dukes and a cropped “Master Batters t-shirt revealing her slender stomach smiles back at her boyfriend as he greets her with a gentlemanly kiss on the hand. Back inside, the rest of the teens are seen enjoying some snacks as the game is underway. Jennie, who was just bought some cotton candy, removes a wad of gum from her mouth and hands it to Rocky.)

Jennie: Here. Hold this.

Rocky: Sure!

(He takes it with an oblivious smile. Adam, who’s been annoyed by her presence the entire time, tries to hide an eye roll.)

Rocky: That’s a nice necklace by the way, Jen.

Jennie: Thanks. My dad’s in here.

Rocky: Oh wow. You really should let him out then.

Jennie: (Laughs) You know, you're something special Rocky.

Rocky: Thanks. I get that a lot.

Katherine: Tommy, can I have some popcorn?

Tommy: Uh, yeah. Help yourself.

Katherine: Thank you.

(She enthusiastically digs into the bowl of popcorn on his lap.)

Katherine: They say the really salty ones are near the bottom.

(She digs in more aggressively.)

Tommy: Man, this sun is blinding. I can’t keep looking.

(He tilts his head up and groans. Robbie walks in on the compromising position.)

Robbie: Am I interrupting something?

(Everyone is taken by surprise, but quickly turns on the energy.)

“Happy birthday!!”

(They all get up to greet him with hugs and handshakes.)

Tommy: Happy birthday, bro.

Katherine: I knew you’d make it.

Robbie: Thanks.

Rocky: We’re glad you’re here man.

Robbie: Well… I almost wasn’t. I wasn’t really up for today. But (Shrugs) I guess you only turn 18 once, right?

(He takes a look at the back of the crowd and zeroes in on a familiar face he hasn’t seen in a while.)

Robbie: Jen?

Jennie: (Raises eyebrow) Have… we met?

(She looks back at him in his business clothes with a blank stare.)

Robbie: Yeah? I knew you in sophomore year! What’s up?

Jennie: I don’t think you did.

Robbie: Yeah. You asked me out, remember?

Jennie: (Snickers) Whatever you say, suit.

Robbie: Don’t you remember? We hung out that one time, then I stopped it when I told you I still had feelings for…

“Hi guys!”

(Just then, Hannah walks down the aisle by Robbie’s side. He immediately stops what he’s saying as the teens groan a greeting back to her.)

Hannah: It’s so nice to meet all of Robbie’s friends. I’m Hannah.

Robbie: You’ve… met them all.

Hannah: Oh! (Shrugs) Okay then. Well, sweetie we should go.

Tanya: Go?

(He looks back uncomfortably.)

Robbie: Uh… yeah.

Katherine: …what’s going on?

Robbie: Well… Hannah surprised me with… upgrades. Her uncle… owns the team.

Rocky: Sweet. Where are we sitting?

Robbie: Uh… Sorry.

(Then just like that, Robbie awkwardly walks away, his girlfriend grabbing him by the arm as she skips alongside him. He leaves his friends, their warm greeting and their celebration behind in a strangely symbolic way. Robbie moves to the area behind the home team dugout. There, he spots the mascot, a humanoid bat with two baseballs for feet, dancing and interacting with the fans and children. But once Robbie enters the section, it’s like the mascot falls int a trance and just focuses on him. Gawkily letting him pass with his eyes remaining locked. The couple notice, but don’t put much behind it.)

Hannah: Honestly, it’s like some people have never seen an interracial couple before. Get a life?


Bulk: (Displeased) You would think fifty bucks would go a long way.

Skull: Yeah. You would think.

(Bulk and Skull hover over the single bag of chips they spent Rito’s money on.)

Bulk: This better be the best bag of Cracker Jack's I've ever eaten.

Rito: (Scratches neck) Uh... guys?

Bulk: Not now, rookies. Were on break.

Goldar: There was a fight between two drunks in the bleachers.

Bulk: (Laughs) Did you record it?

Goldar: No. One of them looks hurt.

Skull: What do you want us to do about it?

Goldar: Um. We're cops.

Bulk: Correction. We're cops.

Rito: (Shrugs) Well, not technically.

Bulk: Just call a medic. If someone is hurt you write a report and call a medic.

Rito: You mean they don't just fall down and blow up?

Bulk: Geez. Are you from another planet?

Rito: ...

Bulk: Never mind. Here.

(Bulk throws a set of keys at him)

Bulk: There should be a first aid kit in the bunker. Just clean him up and he'll be fine.

(Rito and Goldar just look to one another with blank expressions before turning away.)

Bulk: (Hacks) Ah!!!!

Bulk: You okay?

Bulk: I ate the prize.

(We forward to a few innings later and back to the stands. The game is well underway and the crowd’s excitant reaches a fever pitch, hanging on every play. The teens however don’t look overly invested. Most of them don’t care about baseball, Rocky has even nodded off. The others still look affected by Robbie’s absence. Jennie seems to be the only one mentally present. She leans over and nudges Tommy.)

Jennie: So, the cliques changed quite a bit no?

Tommy: Huh? Uh. Yeah, I guess so.

Jennie: I thought it was strange that you’re the only one I recognized. I thought maybe I got the group wrong.

Tommy: Nah. I mean Billy’s still here, he’s just… out of town for a bit. And well, some of us moved. Some of us changed schools. And Zack uh… passed away over the summer.

Jennie: Wow. Really? How?

Tommy: He was killed.

(Jennie stops filing her nails for a second to process what he said. She takes a moment to let it sink. Then nods stoically before continuing.)

Jennie: Can't say I'm shocked.

Tommy: Hmm.

Jennie: Say uh… whatever happened to that guy who used to hang with you? I can’t remember his name. Wore the same color a lot.

Tommy: You’re gonna have to be more specific than that.

Jennie: You know, he’s kinda like Rocky? Kind of goofy. Not the smartest guy in the world but he was real. I sort of had a thing for him too. I even think he was Mexican, like Rocky.

Tommy: (Shakes head) He wasn't.

Jennie: Oh, so you know who I’m talking about?

Tommy: …

(Jennie was of course talking about Robbie, the person she didn’t recognize a moment ago. While he’s gone through some changes in the past two years, he’s still just a section away in the front row. Trying to enjoy the game.)

Hannah: Oh my gosh so for Halloween, Robbie and I are gonna go to the cemetery and watch a showing of Crow. Shut up, you too?

(Trying would be the operative word. Even if his mind weren’t running a mile a minute, he’d still have to wrestle with Hannah, who’s been on the phone the entire game next to him. Not to mention the mascot constantly blocking his view as he dances right in front of him atop the dugout.)

Hannah: God, Brandon Lee is so dreamy. Was that is. Did you know Robbie said he’s never seen the first movie? Only the second one. I mean who does that? And he said he only saw it cause he thought the girl in the second one was cute. Whatever.

Robbie: ...


(Not to mention the loud drunk behind him jeering as if the outcome of the game depends on it.)

Hannah: Anyway Lindsay, I gotta go. My batteries gonna die any minute.

Robbie: Lucky battery.

Hannah: Hey birthday boy. You enjoying your game?

Robbie: Sure.

Hannah: Life must be pretty great for you right now, huh?

Robbie: What do you mean?

Hannah: I mean you’ve seen things you’ve probably never thought you’d seen. You have front row seats to your favorite team. We’re back and going stronger than ever. You have a nice new job; a real job, not that filthy coffee job you were destined to rot away at.

Robbie: So basically you’re my white savior who took me who recused me from myself.

Hannah: No. Not necessarily. But if you do write a book one day make sure you spell my name right.

Robbie: …

Hannah: Kidding. It’s not all me of course. I mean, you’re about to graduate high school. That was all you! I bet two years ago you never thought that would happen.

Robbie: (Shrugs) I suppose. Though these days finishing high school isn’t all that special. I mean they hand out diplomas to any idiot that can pass air through their lungs.


Rocky: (Gasps) ...

Jennie: Are you okay?

Rocky: Yeah. Forgot to breathe.

Hannah: But you are happy with me, right? With us?

(He looks into her big blue, loving eyes. He can’t help but sink back into the post ‘Pretty Woman’ glow.)

Robbie: Of course.

Hannah: Yay. And these are amazing seats, too if I do say so myself.


(Rubbing the inside of his ringing ears, he gets up out of his seat.)

Robbie: Right. I think I'm gonna go get a beer.

Hannah: Ooh. Can you buy me some cotton candy? And a pop in one of those nice souvenir cups.

Robbie: Okay.

(Expecting Hannah to reach for her deep purse, Robbie doesn’t move.)

Hannah: Great!

(But, neither does she.)

Hannah: …

Robbie: …


Robbie: Aren't you gonna give me money?

Hannah: Why would I? You're the man.

Robbie: It’s my birthday.

Hannah: I know. Uh. I got you these upgrades?

Robbie: That your uncle gave you. For free.

Hannah: Are you only interested in me for my money?

Robbie: ...I uh…

Hannah: I can’t believe you would be so shallow. Ugh. Of all the people in my life I'd ever think would just use me, you'd be the last I’d expect. You’re just like every other guy that’s used me. I thought you would be better.

Robbie: Han, I’m sorry I just…

Hannah: That is just repugnant, and despicable and horrendous and my dad cut me off. And, and, and atrocious.

Robbie: Wait, what was that?

Hannah: My uh... dad found out we were back together. So, he took away my credit cards. Is that alright? Do you still love me?


(He looks again into her large, genuinely sad eyes as his stated reason for being with her again fades away with her father’s disapproval of him. Still, he finds it hard to hold it against her after letting it sink in her willingness to jeopardize her own family for his sake. She may not be perfect in his eyes, and her pockets may no longer be lined with gold, but this hooker’s heart, is still pure gold in his eyes.)

Robbie: (Sighs) ...what kinda souvenir cup do you want?

(Moments later, Robbie passes by the team on his way to the stands. He gives them an awkward wave as Kat happens to turn her head back and spots him.)

Katherine: Wow. This is brutal.

Tanya: Yeah. No way they’re coming back four down. Their offense is horrible.

Katherine: No, I mean Robbie. This was supposed to be about him. We’re here for him. And he’s not even with us.

Tommy: He did say he didn’t want anything, to be fair. I wouldn’t totally blame him.

Jennie: I’d blame Yoko.

Tanya: Who?

Rocky: (Leans in) I believe you mean Trini. And he’s not with her anymore.

Jennie: No, Yoko Ono. She broke up the Beatles by dating John Lennon. He changed when he started seeing her?

Katherine: Huh. Interesting analogy.

Tommy: Whatever man. If he doesn’t want to hang with us today, it’s fine. Can’t we just enjoy the game? It’s a nice day out. It’s good to just be out as friends and just clear our minds of everything wrong in the world. Is that okay?

Katherine: You’re right Tommy…

(After the last out of the inning, the players leave the field. A large American flag being held by soldiers enters from the bullpen along with a group of children.)

“Ladies and gentlemen, please rise at this moment as we honor the men and women lost in the recent attacks by the Machine Empire with a rendition of God Bless America.”

Tommy: (Sighs) …

(Meanwhile, after waiting an eternity on line, Robbie finally approaches a vendor to buy his much needed drink.)

Robbie: Hey. Can I get a beer please?

Vendor: Sorry, this is a dry county.

Robbie: (Sighs) Jesus Christ...

Vendor: That’s exactly right, son.

Robbie: …

(As he turns away to roll his eyes, somebody appears behind him that he doesn’t see.)

Trini: (Gasps) …

(Trini, decked out in Master Batters gear, spots him from the back. She hesitates, getting uncomfortably apprehensive about whether or not she should walk up to him before bolting in the other direction.)

“Thank you to Angel Grove Middle School for that touching rendition. Now please direct your attention to the scoreboard for your fan announcements.”

Katherine: Oh no. Shoot.

“Happy retirement mom. You deserve this moment. Love Brad and Angie.”

Adam: Huh? What’s going on?

Katherine: He’s not even here. (Sighs) Great…

Tommy: What do you mean? What’s going on?

“Happy 18th Birthday, Robbie. We love you and will always be by your side. Love your REAL family: Kat, Tanya, Tommy, Adam and Rocky.”

Adam: Ooh…

Tanya: Ugh.

Tommy: Awkward.

Jennie: HA.

(She turns to Rocky and whispers in his ear.)

Jennie: How tacky. What cornballs think these public announcements are a good idea anyway?

“Jennie, you are the girl of my dreams. Will you marry me? – Rocky”

Jennie: (Turns head) Wha-


(He throws himself onto her and forces a kiss to distract her. Meanwhile, Trini walks back to her seat on the other end of the field. Looking like she’d just seen a ghost.)

“Hey, you missed it.”

Trini: What?

(She takes a seat beside Jason Scott, wearing a Master Batter’s cap.)

Jason: They wished Rob a happy birthday. I think he’s here.

Trini: Oh… yeah?

Jason: Yeah. I think Rocky’s getting married too.

Trini: Um. Good. I’m happy for him.

(She looks across and finds Robbie behind the on deck circle, sitting next to his new squeeze.)

Robbie: They were out of souvenir cups. But I got you this.

(He hands her a Master Batters pen from the gift shop.)

Hannah: This is so sweet. But… where do I put this? I don’t have pockets.

Robbie: I don’t know, but put them on the rim of your panties then.

Hannah: (Sighs) I have to wear panties for this?

(As they speak, the mascot hovering above him stops in place; eyeing Robbie. As if waiting for its cue. Trini also continues to eye Robbie. She hadn’t noticed him before, but now can’t see anything else.)

Jason: So how’s this “new Trini” coming along?

Trini: Huh? Oh. I guess you can say it’s a work in progress.

Jason: Cool.


Jason: Ever think of the old team?

Trini: More so than I’d like.

Jason: (Nods) Yeah. Me too.

(Another pause.)

Jason: Ever think of going back? You know, if you could be a ranger again?

Trini: I don’t know. I think that part of my life is over.

Jason: Yeah. I don’t know. Sometimes. I just… I get so angry you know? Like I need to do something. I don’t know what? Payback maybe? I’m not sure. But I’m not really at ease just sitting around.

(She zones out again, eyeing Robbie. Jason catches on and leans in once more.)

Jason: So, have you called him yet?

Trini: Huh?


Hannah: So, has she called you yet?

Robbie: What?

Hannah: Don’t play stupid. Has she called you yet? To wish you a happy birthday?

Robbie: Oh. No.

Hannah: Okay.


Hannah: Have you blocked her number yet?

Robbie: What? I’m not doing that.

Hannah: Why not? She’s your exe. What reason would you still need her number?

Robbie: I’m not doing that. I’m not caving to your b.s. controlling behavior.

Hannah: It’s not controlling. But if you respect me as your girlfriend and you’re serious about us you would understand where I’m coming from.

Robbie: And if you trust me, you would know I would never do anything while I’m with you.

Hannah: You’ve already cheated on a girl before. And like they say, once a cheater always a cheater.

Robbie: I cheated on her with you.

Hannah: I rest my case.

Robbie: I’m not having this discussion.

Hannah: Ugh. Typical. You never want to have any serious talks. You just shut me out. I never get to express how I’m feeling with you. It’s never a good time to talk.

Robbie: (Groans) Oh god. Kill me now.


(The mascot suddenly lunges from the top of the dugout onto Robbie and begins chokes him, with an iron vice grip. Confusion all round turns to terror as the ball players stop what they’re doing, turn toward the crowd and morph into an army of Cogs in uniform. The crowd goes into a panic as Stone struggles to maintain order. The teens find Robbie and rush over to help. Instinctively, Trina tries to as well…)

Trini: (Gasps) Robbie!!

(She gets up, but Jason holds her back.)

Jason: He can take care of himself. We need to go.

Trini: …

(Behind them, mobs of families and citizens follow Bulk and Skulls lead.)

Bulk: Let’s move, let’s move!

Skull: This is not a drill!!!

(Tommy and the others make it down to Robbie’s aide. He pries the mascot off of a vulnerable brown ranger then kicks him away as Robbie gasps for air.)


Robbie: (Wheezes) …

Hannah: Robbie!

Tommy: Are you alright?

Robbie: Yeah. (Gasps) Just great.

(Adam turns to Hannah.)

Adam: You should find somewhere safe. We’ll get Robbie help.

(Without hesitation she leaves, freeing the team to face off with the robotic doppelganger.)

Tommy: Who are you? You’re no ordinary mascot.

The Master Batter: But I am. Consider me the mascot of your massacre. And the team I cheer on is the true Murderer’s Row. Call me, the Furious Master Batter.

Tommy: …

The Furious Master Batter: Brown ranger, consider that a little birthday gift from the Mondo. And I’ve got a few more guests who’d love to help you celebrate.

(The cogs start jumping over the dugout and spilling onto the stands. Without pause, the rangers get in formation.)

Tommy: It’s morphin time!

“Zeo Zero, Brown!”

“Zeo Ranger One, Pink!”

“Zeo Ranger Two, Yellow!”

“Zeo Ranger Three, Blue!”

“Zeo Ranger Four, Green!”

“Zeo Ranger Five, Red!”

(Now morphed, the teens waste no time getting to work. Tommy ducks a kick from an enemy, blocks a punch, then comes back with two stiff strikes to the abdomen. Knocking him over a row of seats.)

Tommy: Strike one.

(Adam blocks a right swing with a bat, then a left swing and answers with an uppercut to knock him down the aisle down a long flight of stairs.)

Adam: Strike two.

(Kat cartwheels forward then springs to the air to land a kick to the jaw.)

Katherine: Strike three. You're out!

(Rocky ducks a kick, then a punch, then grabs a fist, using the Cogs own momentum to shove him back as he trips over somebody's nachos and stumbles over the barricade, onto the field.)

Rocky: Strike four! Safe!

(Tanya lunges forward toward the concession area, ducks a clothesline, then from the other side sends a few hard short kicks to the jaw to knock him away, and over a popcorn vendor stand, knocking cups and bowls all over himself.)

Tanya: This one's on me.

(Meanwhile, Robbie and the mechanical mascot have spilled onto the field for a face off; encircling the pitchers mound.)

The Furious Master Batter: Brown ranger, I've been sent by the Empire to send you back to the minors where you belong.

Robbie: Try me, rookie.

(Robbie shoots up a stomp to the monster's abdomen, then when keeled over he tries to put him in a headlock, but can’t quite get his arms around the giant barrel of the bat shaped head.)

The Furious Master Batter: HA.

(The evil mascot breaks free easily and smashes his face on Robbie's entire upper body, knocking him back. Stunned and a little dazed, Robbie finds himself quickly outmatched. Meanwhile…)

Bulk: Exits are blocked. Follow me to the bunker. It’s just a bit further.

Skull: Let’s move, everybody move!

(Bulk and Skull lead the crowd of people as they run down several flights of stairs into a dark tunnel.)

Jason: C’mon people. It’s gonna be okay.

(Jason and Trini in the back.)

Trini: Stay calm. The power rangers will keep us safe.

Jason: We just need to hang tight for a while.

(Bulk and Skull finally reach the entrance to the bunker. Stone then appears through the crowd.)

Lt. Stone: Okay, open her up.

(Bulk and Skull eye one another. Then back at Stone. They search their pockets but come up empty.)

Lt. Stone: Who’s got the keys?


(Just inside, Goldar and Rito are hunkered down; surrounded by empty cans of rations. Goldar is fast asleep as Rito continues to dig in.)

Rito: Mmm. This is some good grub here. Way better than the stuff in the stands.

(He turns the label to read “SPAM.”)

Rito: Must be for those fat cats in the box seats.

(Outside, Bulk tries to pry open the door to no avail as Stone glares at him. Trini and Jason look back at one another, acknowledging silently that they’re gonna need to step in.)

Jason: You guys wait here, we’ll find something. Trini, stand guard.

Trini: (Nods) Right.

(Meanwhile, on the moon…)

King Mondo: The time has come. It is time for our grand entrance.

Queen Machina: We’re fashionably late. But I’m sure we’ll be the life of the party.

King Mondo: We’ll be the only lives of the party when they see what I have in store. Gyahahaha.

(Back on earth, the fight continues. Robbie pulls out his laser pistol and fires at the monster. He flips forward and ducks a backhand from the mascot. The two exchange blows, only to be blocked by the other, like two bulls locking horns. Finally the Master Batter is able to knock him backwards with stiff kick to the midsection.)

The Furious Master Batter: I’m actually a little hurt brown ranger.

Robbie: Oh yeah? Why’s that?

The Furious Master Batter: Where's my invite?

Robbie: You didn’t come to mind. Glad you crashed though.

(Robbie leaps up and around and rocks him with a spin kick right in the jaw. Disoriented, the monster tumbles backwards and trips over second base, crashing into the floor. Back in the stands, Kat takes care of a few more cogs, still upset with how the day has gone.)

Katherine: I’m not in the mood to deal with you fools right now!

(She takes a wild swing at the cog in front of her, who ducks.)

Katherine: My friend's birthday party is ruined…

(She takes another swing. The cog ducks again.)

Katherine: Our friend, who won’t give us the time of day…

(From both sides, two cogs grab hold of her arms and try to pin her down. The enemy in front tries to capitalize, but she recovers quickly by using the cog to her side as leverage to lift herself up and land a double kick to the chest. The enemy flies backwards and falls over a row of seats, landing on top of Robbie's gift bag.)

Katherine: And now his Diskman is broken!

(Not too far away, Jason is seen sneaking onto the field unnoticed as he heads into the home team dugout.)

Jason: There’s gotta be another way into that bunker.

(He finds evidence of a hostile struggle all around him as clothes and equipment are thrown all around. He knocks on the door of the manager’s office, but figures it’s empty. He looks inside and finds a door in the back to the right of the skipper’s desk that reads ‘emergency exit only.’ He walks over and shoves it open, triggering a deafening alarm, startling those inside…)

Goldar: Huh-what?!

Rito: What is that?!

Jason: Goldar!

Goldar: Jason?!

Rito: What’s going on?!

Goldar: What year is this?!

Jason: I should’ve known you were involved.

Rito: Hang on buddy I ask the questions here. License and regist-

(Jason drills Rito with a roundhouse kick on his way to Goldar.)

Rito: Ugh. Officer down…

Goldar: What the?!

(Making a bee line, Jason grabs Goldar by the neck.)

Jason: You. I’ve been waiting to see you again.

(Goldar chokes, unable to speak.)

Jason: You took my friend from me. Prepare to join him.


Jason: Huh?

(Jason turns around, and finds company.)

King Mondo: You think that incompetent tool was capable of such a sophisticated largescale attack?

Jason: Who… who are you?

King Mondo: The architect of the earth’s destruction. The puppet master who pulled that monkey’s strings when he took your friends life. Mr. Taylor should consider himself lucky that he won’t live to see me finish the job.

(Infuriated, Jason now receives confirmation that the attack in Switzerland wasn’t a coincidence. This drives Jason to a fighting stance.)

Jason: You don’t get to speak for Zack.

King Mondo: Oh? Shall I speak for Trini when I’m through with her?

Jason: Huh?

(As they speak, Trini remains on high alert in the dark tunnel. She hopes that nothing gets past her, but already mixed within the crowd and unnoticed is Prince Sprocket. He holds a backpack decorated in Master Batter stickers and places it on the ground before disappearing. Meanwhile)

King Mondo: Teleportation would be nice right about now. Too bad those days are over, red ranger.

Jason: I’ll destroy you!

(Suddenly, Jason feels a tight grip on both of his arms. He finds he’s been grabbed by cogs, led by Klank and Orbus.)

Orbs: That was easy.

Klank: Rita and Zed had trouble with this?

Jason: Let me go!

King Mondo: Now, now. Take it easy, muscles. I need to address the birthday boy as he tell him he’ll no longer have to worry about any hang ups with yellow ranger. That’ll make quite the gift if I do say so myself.

Jason: You’re a monster!

King Mondo: No.

(He leans in close to Jason.)

King Monde: I am the monster.

Jason: …

King Mondo: Find him the best seats in the house. I want him to see this.

Klank: Yes sire.

(Klank, Orbus and the cogs vanish on cue as Monde walks out of the dugout. They reappear with Jason at the top of the section behind home plate as Mondo walks onto the field.)

King Kondo: Aha. Welcome rangers. Beautiful day for a game, isn’t it?

Tanya: Oh no. Look!

Rocky: Its Mondo!

Tommy: Brace yourselves guys, this can’t end well.

King Mondo: People of Angel Grove. A warm hand if you will. For we have a birthday boy among you. Brown ranger, step forward please.

(His voice echoes in the now empty stadium. The rangers look amongst each other, perplexed.)

Robbie: Where’s he going with this?

King Mondo: In honor of you I will give to you in a few short moments, a gift, you shall never forget.

Robbie: …

Trini: …

(Back inside the tunnels, Trini remains on guard; unwitting to the bomb planted in the crowd of a few hundred. Suddenly, a mysterious figure appears from the shadows.)

Trini: Who’s there?! Show yourself.

(Her breathing picks up as she readies for attack. But the figure doesn’t slow down.)

“Relax. I’m on your side.”

(The gold ranger returns from a hiatus. ‘Go Gold Ranger’ plays as Trini recognizes that this is a ranger, albeit one she’s never seen.)

Trini: Who… who are you?

Gold Ranger: I’m a friend.

(Calmly, the gold ranger walks past her, picks up the backpack, and walks back where he came from. He stops briefly to address Trini
once more.)

Gold Ranger: I love your work, by the way. Keep doing what you’re doing.

Trini: …

(Meanwhile, back outside…)

King Mondo: Brown ranger, you live in the past in a world of what ifs.

Jason: Let me out of here!

King Mondo: What I will grant you, is a reprieve. In another 30 seconds, I shall put those questions to bed.

(He feels a tap on the shoulder.)

"Excuse me."

King Mondo: Huh?

Gold Ranger: I think your son dropped this.

King Mondo: Oh. Thank you. I tell you, if that boys head wasn't screwed on he'd... AHHHHH!!!

(He chucks the loaded backpack into the air, caught by Tommy. Throws it to a cog, who throws it to Adam, who throws it to a cog, who throws it to Tanya, who throws it to another cog, who throws it to Robbie.)

Robbie: ...

(Robbie hangs onto it, then looks right at Mondo as he walks toward him.)

Katherine: Robbie...

Rocky: What are you doing?!

Tommy: You have to drop it. It’s gonna blow.

(But he doesn't listen. He instead walks up to Mondo, then stares him in the eye. Then at the last second tosses it to the Furious Master Batter as the bomb detonates. He goes up in a dramatic ball of fire reaching the skies that would have no doubt killed many in the audience, instead backfires and kills Mondo's own monster. The whole time it unfolds, Robbie never breaks eye contact.)

Robbie: The next time you want to show your fat ugly face in Angel Grove. Remember how close you were to me ending you.

King Mondo: ...this isn't over, rangers. Not by a long shot.

(He vanishes, ending the current threat. Jason manages to break free of the cogs just before they too flee. He rubs where they had on a tight grip as Trini emerges, in awe of what she just witnessed down on the field.)

Trini: …wow.

Jason: You see? Robbie can take care of himself. He doesn’t need your help anymore.

Trini: …I guess so.

(Meanwhile, back on the moon…)

Klank: Oh no. Master is going to throw a strop after this defeat.

Prince Sprocket: Yeah. Daddy doesn't like showing his face unless victory is in the bag.

(From the back, Mondo walks in.)

Prince Sprocket: Uh… I think its past my bed time...

Orbus: Mine too!

King Mondo: Good work everyone! That went as well as I'd hoped.

Prince Sprocket: What?!

Klank: But Sire, we lost.

King Mondo: Did we Klank? Did we really? Do you know why I had us all come down there today? It certainly wasn't so we could all see that degenerate brown ranger one final time before he lands in adult prison.

Klank: ...

King Mondo: When I last saw gold ranger, I promised myself that his days of interfering in my plans would be numbered. I don't break my promises.

Klank: But sir, he interfered in our plans...

King Mondo: He thinks he did. Little did he know there was a greater plan afoot that he knew nothing about. Neither did most of you. And you all played a role. While I played the menacing yet dashing distraction, my wife here did the real work when she planted a bug on the Gold Rangers ship.

Orbus: You what?

Queen Machina: Thank you honey. We knew once we came down there the gold ranger would inevitably show himself. He can’t help himself. Now we know his every move.

King Mondo: Any large scale attack will be thwarted by him. And what I've got planned will be brilliant.

Queen Machina: But first, we destroy their fail safe. A swarm of cogs have him tailed as we speak.

King Mondo: No wonder you're the woman I married. Hahahahah.

Queen Machina: Ahahahahaha.

(Klan, Orbus and Sprocket look on at the maniacally laughing royal couple, in awe and bemusement. They had all been played in an unsettling ruse to get the gold ranger. We fade away to a few hours later, back on earth…)
Mr. Kwan: Stone, I don’t know what else to say.

(Inside of a large office, Lt. Stone, Bulk and Skull stand before their boss like children about to be scorned after today’s giant blunder.)

Mr. Kwan: Your directions were very clear. And yet you not only lost the keys to the bunker, but they wound up in the hands of monsters.

Bulk: Sir, we can explain.

Skull: It was our fault. Those… cadets… were under our supervision.

Mr. Kwan: And you two were under Stone’s supervision. So as far as I’m concerned, this is on him.

Lt. Stone: I understand sir.

Mr. Kwan: Good. Clean out your desk.

(Bulk and Skull look stunned. Just like that, after all their own screw ups, after all the times Stone covered for them. One mistake and Stone’s career was over.)

Lt. Stone: Okay sir. Thank you for everything.

(Stone walks out, without a fight. Bulk and Skull stay behind with looks of immense guilt.)

Mr. Kwan: You two may leave. Go finish your shifts.

Bulk: Sir, we quit.

Mr. Kwan: What?

Skull: Yeah. If Stone isn't welcomed here. We’re not either.

Mr. Kwan: ...

Bulk: Effective today were turning in our badges and guns.

(They place their badges and guns on Mr. Kwan’s desk.)

Mr. Kwan: You weren't given guns...

Skull: Oh, so we can keep them?

(Moments later, Stone steps outside the building with his stuff in a box. He looks outside into the streets and exhales deeply.)

Bulk: Stone, we’re coming with you.

Lt. Stone: What? What are you boys talking about?

Skull: We left. There’s no Junior Police without you.

Lt. Stone: You… really didn’t need to do that.

Bulk: Yes, we did. What happened wasn’t your fault. It’s the least we could do.

Lt. Stone: (Nods) Thanks boys. And you know what? It’s really not the end of the world. I kinda wanted to purse my dreams anyway. Now I don’t have anything holding me back.

(He walks forward, and looks u hopefully into the sky.)

Lt. Stone: As of today, I will now become… a private detective. I’m gonna open a firm.

(Bulk and Skull look to one another, unsure of how to take the news.)

Bulk: What about us? We just quit our jobs.

Lt. Stone: How would you two like to be… my junior detectives?

(Their eyes suddenly light up, as Bulk shakes Stone’s hand.)

Bulk: Sir, it would be an honor to continue to work under your tutelage.

(Meanwhile back in the power chamber, the rangers get debriefed after today’s battle.)

Zordon: Good work today, rangers. You thwarted what looked to be another largescale attach by the Empire.

Tanya: The ball players and mascot they kidnapped were returned right after we won. Its good to know they were unharmed.

Tommy: It’s also good to know Mondo isn't done with the theatrics. At least next time we’ll be ready.

Zordon: Agreed. It is unfortunate that this spoiled your celebration, Robbie.

Robbie: Oh, yeah. Don’t worry about it.

Katherine: (Mutters) Not like it was much celebration going on.

Robbie: Excuse me?

Tommy: Here we go. They’re meddling again.

Katherine: Nothing, Robbie. It was nothing.

Tanya: No, actually it’s not nothing. What you did today, stunk.

Robbie: Huh?

Tanya: Do you know the trouble we went through to get you those tickets?

Robbie: There were a ton of empty seats. And they were like ten bucks a pop.

Tanya: Doesn’t matter. It was the thought that counts and we thought about you. Because you’re our friend. And it was you’re birthday. And you couldn’t be bothered to sit with us. You ghosted us. Just like you have since we moved in.

Robbie: (Sighs) This again?

Tanya: Yes, this again. I don’t know what’s gotten into you but you’ve been extremely distant. Do you want us to leave? Cause just say so.

Robbie: No, I don’t.

Tanya: Then tell us what’s wrong. Is it Hannah? Cause I think this has a lot to do with Hannah?

Robbie: I don’t have time for this.

Tanya: I've got to say, I don’t think Hannah has not been good for you. She's like your Yoko Ono.

Robbie: (Sighs)...

Tanya: Since you’ve gotten back together you’ve become incredibly selfish and unappreciative. After all the things we've done for yo-

Robbie: Enough, okay? You want to know why I’ve been distant? Wanna know why I don’t want to be best friends forever with any of you. Because you're full of crap. You're gonna leave just like everyone else has.

(His booming voice silences anything else inside the power chamber. They all stand in shock as he continues.)

Robbie: Two years ago. I had what I thought then to be my best birthday. I finally felt like I belonged. I had friends. I had a place. They're all gone. Tell me, what do I have left to celebrate today?

Tanya: ...

Robbie: That was two years ago. Two. Not even a president's term and absolutely none of them are standing here right now. One of them is dead. And another wants nothing to do with me. The rest are off doing something better with their lives. And where does that leave me?

(Nobody has an answer for him.)

Robbie: I'm 18 now, so at best I have to leave this team soon. And at worst I get to stay around while you guys leave because you've all graduated into colleges. That won't make me feel like a total loser.

Tommy: ...

Robbie: I mean why would I get close to any of you, when the moment I do you're just going to split. I don’t know why I bother telling you all of this. I should just go home and cry to my mom about this. But wait, she split too!

Katherine: ...

Robbie: I mean, I know Hannah isn't perfect. But she's pretty, she's sweet when she wants to be. And she's safe. I couldn't get rid of her if I wanted. And right now, I can't deal with anymore goodbyes. Its just, too much for me to handle.

(His voice breaks up. He clears his throat.)

Tanya: But Robbie. You're our friend. We love you.

Robbie: Do you?

Katherine: Of course we do. We adore you. We just wanted to make you happy today. To see your favorite team.

(He shakes his head.)

Robbie: Not mine, Trini's favorite team.

Katherine: What?

Robbie: I... don’t really care about sports. I only told Trini I liked the Master Batters because... I wanted to get close to her.

(Then suddenly, all his apprehension about the game and this day becomes crystal clear if it wasn’t already.)

Robbie: Look I appreciate everything you've done. Really. You are my friends. But I'm just not in the mood to celebrate today. I think I'm just gonna go home.

Katherine: Okay Robbie.

Tanya: Be safe okay?

Katherine: Were here if you change your mind.

(He nods, then turns away from the team and teleports away. Just then the back doors open. Billy and Alpha walk in holding a cake.)

Alpha: Surprise! Happy birthday Ro-

(Ad they enter they find that the air has been sucked out of the room. And Robbie is no longer there.)

Billy: Did we... miss something?

(We fade to about an hour later. After a long walk, Robbie reaches his home. He throws his keys on the counter and reaches for his tie with a ferocious rip, as if he were ripping off shackles around his neck. He takes a deep exhale before walking into his room. He looks around before reaching for his answering machine.)

“No new messages.”

(As much as he prepared his mind to hear that, his heart still sinks to his stomach at the sound. None of his supposed friend had reached out to him on his birthday. Their friendships to him were meaningless to them, he thinks to himself. As he unbuttons his shirt, he takes a glance at his reflection in the mirror. He takes a good, long look at himself as if no longer recognizing the man on the other side. His clothes are corporate and cold, his face is lifeless and dull and look like a smile hadn’t come across it in a while.)

Robbie: …

(For whatever reason, the sight of his own reflection really gets to him. His lip quivers as he tries to look away. “Not today” he thinks. “I can’t let this happen today.” He looks down and finds his Walkman laying on the counter. He remembers what an old friend once told him about listening to happier music to make him a happier person. He decides to throw it on and give it a try as he lays down in his bed.)


(The stereotypically Hispanic song comes on. Suddenly, a memory floods to him. It was exactly two years ago at the Youth Center. His friends. His old friends break into laughter as they celebrate his 16th birthday with a surprise party. The memory brings a bittersweet joy to him as he recalls all the teens in the Youth Center, including most of the ranger teens rush out to dance. One however, the most important one, stays behind with Robbie.)

Trini: I hope you like what we did for you.

Robbie: I like what you did for me.

Trini: …

Robbie: Thanks Trini. No one has ever actually put this much thought into anything for me.

Trini: Well get used to it.

(She playfully pokes him in the arm. A few brief moments later they were dancing together with everyone else. Robbie then comes out of the memory, in tears.)

Robbie: (Sniffs) …

(He turns away to face the wall as the music continues to play. He raises the volume of the music to drown his own crying during what feels like his loneliest moment. Just then however, the phone rings. It goes unanswered.)

Trini: (Sniffs) …

(Trini is on the other end of the line, also in bed. Her face puffy and red as the answering machine plays.)

“Hi you’ve reached Robbie, Kat and Tanya. Leave a message and we’ll get back to you. But probably not (Beep).”

(After a few seconds of silence, she hangs up the phone, as the episode comes to an end.)

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Wow... an excellent installment in this...

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Thank you fb!

I felt this was once of the good ones. And it's nice to hear it.
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I've got something in my eye...real solid character work here, Robbie's letting everything come loose.
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Thanks Cameron! That's very kind of you. Things are staring to pull together now!
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Season 4 - Episode 11: A Golden Homecoming

(We start today, at the power chamber…)

Billy: Work is nearly complete. Everything seems stable. I think we’re good, Zordon!

Zordon: Great work Billy.

Billy: It’s been a long time coming. But I think it’s time to reveal our little secret to the guys.

Zordon: I think so too. The rangers deserve to know.

Alpha: They’re gonna be so excited.

Billy: I hope so. I uh... just want to check one last thing. I’ll be in the shuttle.

Zordon: Understood.

(Billy leaves through the main exit, excitement in his step. Meanwhile, during a typical weekend afternoon in Angel Grove, Robbie is seen walking down a street familiar to him. He stops only when he comes across a poster on a light pole that catches his attention. “Join the Clean-up” it reads, with a number he recognizes along the bottom for information. He sighs, then keeps moving. Eventually, he reaches Charbucks. Inside, he finds Tommy occupying one of the booths, waiting for him.)

Robbie: You do know I don’t work here anymore, right?

Tommy: You don't?

Robbie: You got me fired.

Tommy: Ah. I was wondering why you weren't showing up. You know how often I've waited for you here?

Robbie: What do you want? Why'd you call me here?

Tommy: I just... wanted to see how you've been man. We haven't really spoken in ages.

Robbie: That's one benefit to me losing this job.

Tommy: Really.

Robbie: I'm fine.

(It’s been about a week since Robbie blew up in the power chamber over his perceived isolation within a constantly changing team. It’s now early November, the month of giving thanks. And Tommy seems concerned for a man who feels he has nothing to be thankful for. Since last week though, Robbie hasn’t opened up since. As if he wants to move on as if it never happened. With a sense of avoidance, Robbie looks over to the counter and changes the subject.)

Robbie: My friend, Jorge got a promotion. He's night manager now. I was gunning for that spot not too long ago (Shrugs). I'm happy for him.

(Not to be deterred, Tommy pushes forward.)

Tommy: I'm worried about you.

Robbie: You? Aren't you in the middle if a breakdown?

Tommy: Doesn't stop me from caring about my friends.

Robbie: Friends? Now I know you're really losing it.

Tommy: I'm serious. You haven't been right. And it’s affecting the whole team.

Robbie: (Sighs) The girls put you up to this?

Tommy: No. I'm here because... I kinda need you right now.

Robbie: (Snickers) Really?

Tommy: Yeah. Understand how hard that is for me to concede.

Robbie: Can I get this in writing? I wanna frame it.

Tommy: Rob quit joking. We both know how important you've become to this team. And I'm an absolute wreck right now. I need you to keep the ship from sinking while I figure things out.

Robbie: ...I can't be counted on to be the strong one. It's not fair. I have so much going on right now.

Tommy: I know. But you have been the strong one. And I'm sorry for what's been going on. With all the changes. And I'm sorry for putting this on you. But I'll do whatever in my power while I get my head on straight to make sure yours is too. I just need an assurance that you're gonna be there. Mondo is too great a threat.

(He pauses pensively before exhaling, then responding.)

Robbie: Don't worry. You can count on me to pull you out of the fire whenever you screw up.

Tommy: That's what I want to hear.

(Just then, Tommy’s communicator rings. Finally on the same page, the two get up urgently and step outside.)

Tommy: We read you Zordon.

Zordon: Tommy, teleport to the beach immediately. This is urgent.

Robbie: ...

Tommy: What's going on?

(Along the shore, the small ship is under strike by a team of Quadrafighters. Inside, the gold ranger is in distress as he can’t seem to shake them off. He tried evasive maneuvers to try and escape but to no avail. As the red and brown rangers appear along the shore, they witness the final barrage of fire that takes the ship down in a smoking heap into the ocean.)

Robbie: There! Behind the rocks.

(Without hesitation they both run into the water after him. The waves are crashing high though, making it hard to get out their or navigate where the ship is.)

Robbie: Where is he? I don’t see him.

Tommy: I can’t find him.

Robbie: Are we too late?

Tommy: (Sighs) We might be.

(Then, just as it appears hope that hope is lost, the waves start to calm, unnaturally, as if ordered to do so. As Robbie and Tommy continue to search on the surface, a bright, golden staff rises. Luminating the way for a rescue.)

Tommy: There!

(They rush over and pull out an unmorphed white figure and drag him to safety. Meanwhile, back on the moon, a stoic Monde looks for an update in what appears to be a big win.)

King Mondo: What is the status?

(A Merc appears on the screen from his cockpit.)

Merc: It is done.

King Mondo: Good work, Varox.

Varox: The ship is confirmed to be destroyed and is floating in the Pacific.

King Mondo: And the gold ranger?

Varox: He is presumed dead.

King Mondo: What? Presumed?!

Varox: We... couldn't find the body, sir. Reinforcements arrived.

King Mondo: Then he is not dead.

Varox: But sir, no one has ever escaped from our grasps.

King Mondo: Until I see a body, your payment will never escape my grasp. Get back down there. I don’t want to see your ugly face again until it’s next to a lifeless body.

Varox: (Bows) Yes sir.

(Mondo disconnects.)

King Mondo: Urg. These mercs are useless. Throw on some painted armor and suddenly you're a professional?! Pathetic.

(Meanwhile, back on the beach…)

Tommy: Are you okay?

Gold Ranger: (Coughs) I’m fine... Thank you.

Robbie: They’ll be back as soon as they realize you’re not dead.

(It is then however, after the dust has settled, that Tommy and Robbie realize who they’re standing in front of. Still unable to get a good look as the gold ranger coughs up water into his hands, Tommy outright asks...)

Tommy: You’re…

(Just then, the rest of the team appears behind them. Including Billy.)

Billy: We got here as soon as we could.

Tommy: Billy? Then who…?

Adam: Is that…?

“Yes. It is I. The gold ranger.”

(Finally standing upright, the gold ranger reveals himself… as somebody no one’s ever seen before.)

Robbie: Well, that was anticlimactic.

(The gold ranger suddenly starts clutching his head. And looks as if he’s about to collapse. Instead he splits into three identical copies of himself as the rangers look on totally flabbergasted.)

Tanya: What just…

Katherine: Who are you?

(One by one, they each step forward.)

Trey of Courage: I am Trey of Courage.

Trey of Wisdom: I am Trey of Wisdom.

Trey of Heart: And I am Trey of Heart. We are heroes.

Robbie: Do you take pollution down to zero?

Trey of Courage: No. We are Triforians. A race with Trifold beings. Each with distinct personalities. Normally joined as one. We are a race of great peacekeepers who often travel to other planets when our presence is needed.

Billy: …

Tommy: Then I guess you realized how hard we were struggling with Mondo?

Trey of Courage: We were alerted during what you humans refer to as the great invasion. But we could not arrive in time. It appears an old ally, Ninjor, had decided to make the ultimate sacrifice before we could intervene.

Tommy: …

Katherine: So that’s why you helped us all this time?

Trey of Wisdom: Yes, but unfortunately in my weakened state, I revert to being split into three. I cannot access my powers until I am one.

Adam: How do we fix it?

Trey of Heart: There is nothing you can do. This is a journey we must take part in. However, the powers of the gold ranger must be passed onto some worthy candidate, to avoid the powers falling into the wrong hands.

(It doesn’t take Tommy long before a big smile comes to his face and he turns toward Billy.)

Tommy: I think we have just the candidate, huh guys?

Billy: …

(As they head back, the quadrofighters are seen in the distance turning back to scout for a body. They soar through Angel Grove, passing by a building that reads “Stone Private Detective Agency.” Inside, Stone’s junior detectives, Bulk and Skull, are hard at work doing their part in the upstart. Or they would be if there was much to do.)

Bulk: (Stacking cards.) Business is really booming, eh?

Skull: (Typing on computer.) Yep.

Bulk: Kinda wish we were back in the force right about now.

Skull: Pft. Speak for yourself.

Bulk: Why?

Skull: I've finally got the spare time to work on my fic.

(Bulk leans over.)

Bulk: What's a "Trimberly?"

Skull: You'll see...

(Just then, Stone bursts through the door.)

Stone: Boys. I have a case for you two. I think you two are perfect for this.

Bulk: You do?

Stone: Yes. We have two officers gone rogue.

Skull: (Gasps) Really?!

Bulk: How exciting.

Skull: Are we uncovering deep seeded corruption ending with a dramatic chase?!

Stone: No.

Bulk: Are we gonna tear down the system built only to protect and serve themselves?!

Stone: No.

Skull: Are we gonna press the chief and uncover the skeletons in his closet?

Stone: Nope. Your two "recruits" that got me fired have been seen terrorizing Angel Grove citizens.

(Suddenly, they both grow pale in the face.)

Stone: Officially they're no longer recognized as cadets, seeing as the city has a rule about hiring monsters. And now they're on the loose.

Skull: I told you referring them was a bad idea.

Bulk: How did you expect to pay for all the food being eaten?

Skull: Food that you were eating!

Stone: Boys. Are you up for the job?

Bulk: You can count on us sir.

Stone: The last time you said that thousands nearly died.

Skull: Are you ever gonna let that go?

Stone: ...

Bulk: We'll handle it, Lt. Any leads?

Stone: Good. And they were last seen in Angel Grove Park. You may want to start there.

Bulk: Got it. Were on our way.

Skull: Hang on. Let me send this to my email... okay I'm on it!

(As the boys run out of Stone’s office, we return to the power chamber. The Trey’s are undergoing treatment by Alpha as the ranger teens take to digest all that has happened in the past twenty minutes. Tommy takes the time to make his pitch for Billy’s long-awaited return to the team.)

Billy: I'm... afraid I must decline your offer.

(Only Billy himself wasn’t on board.)

Tommy: Really?

Katherine: Why not Billy? It makes perfect sense that you'd be the next gold ranger.

Tanya: Yeah. And I thought you really missed having powers.

Billy: (Shrugs) I did. And had you asked me a month ago my answer would have been an enthused affirmative response. However, I'm in a different state of mind than I was then.

Trey of Wisdom: Elaborate.

Billy: ...my time in Aquitar has changed my outlook. Had I been tied to the team I couldn't have helped them and Aquitar might have fallen.

Adam: ...

Billy: I've also embraced my new role. I can offer an objective emotional support for a team that quite honestly needs it. And as technical adviser well... no one else can really take that role.

Tommy: I see.

Billy: If there's absolutely no one else for the job, and Treys health becomes an imminent threat. I will step in and take the powers. But I must ask that you consider somebody else first. If that's okay.

Zordon: It is Billy. Thank you for your honesty.

(Conceding to Billy’s logic, Tommy tries to be supportive.)

Tommy: Yeah. We are better with you doing what you're doing, man. Thanks for all you do.

Trey of Heart: I still need somebody to take on my gold ranger powers. Without somebody else Mondo may gain access to them.

Billy: We won't let that happen.

Robbie: Yeah. Though our list of candidates just got a bit shorter. Anyone else in mind?

(As Tommy turns back to Robbie, he starts thinking. About the conversation they just had. About the reasons why that conversation took place…)

Tommy: I think I have somebody in mind.

Robbie: ...?

(Suddenly, the alarms blare.)

Alpha: Aye, ya, yai. Angel Grove Park is under attack.

Zordon: Mondo must be aware of the situation and is looking for a diversion.

Tommy: (Sighs) Rob, you and the others need to buy me some time. I'll let you know when I'm ready.

Robbie: Got it.

(As Tommy teleports away, Robbie leads the team into morph.)

Robbie: It’s morphin time!

“Zeo Zero, Brown!”

“Zeo Ranger One, Pink!”

“Zeo Ranger Two, Yellow!”

“Zeo Ranger Three, Blue!”

“Zeo Ranger Four, Green!”

(Now morphed, the rangers head for the park to protect it. They won’t be alone however, as the piles of black garbage bags under a tree could only be the work of the green shirted Clean-up Club, who are out in droves cleaning up the area.)

Trini: (On phone) Thanks for thinking of me though. Good luck.

(Their leader however, is already working on a separate assignment with clipboard in hand. After having put her cellular phone in her back pocket, she returns to her pitch.)

Trini: Sign the petition today. Rename Angel Grove Park the Zack Taylor Memorial Park.

(Passing by her are a heavyset woman in an obvious wig and sun hat and a slender man in a fake moustache holding a magnifying glass.)

Trini: Bulk, Skull. Come sign my petition please. Zack was your friend too. Honor his sacrifice.

(Seeing right through the façade, Trini courts the duo over. Skull rips off his moustache in frustration that they were spotted so quickly.)

Bulk: Still picking up trash I see?

Trini: Still looking for power rangers, I see?

Bulk: Please. That was so 1994. We’re detectives now, sister.

Trini: Detectives? Weren’t you cops last week?

Bulk: (Snickers) This girl. She leaves for a year and expects us low lives to stay stuck at the bottom.

Trini: I… didn’t say that.

Bulk: Doesn’t matter. You’re impeding our investigation.

(Skull reaches into Bulk’s “cleavage” and pulls out a photo.)

Skull: Have you seen either of these two suspects?

(It’s a picture of Goldar sharing a bathtub with Rito. A ducky between them. The image immediately disturbs Trini, in more ways than one.)

Trini: What’s going on?

(Suddenly she hears a noise in the distance. She looks ahead and finds an army of Cogs incoming.)

Trini: You guys. We got to go. It’s not safe.

(She bolts past Bulk and Skull and along where the Clean-up Club is working as she warns everyone of the danger ahead.)

Trini: Go! Everybody take cover!

(As she runs off with the others, the Zeo rangers rush in. Bulk and Skull panic briefly and find themselves in the middle.)

Robbie: What are these idiots doing here? Get out!

Adam: You’re gonna get yourselves killed.

(The duo make a last second run for it right as a clash turns imminent. Rocky and Adam start by double teaming a small group of them by grabbing the other one’s hand and using the other as a springboard. The attack proves somewhat successful; it knocks them down, but they quickly get back up. Tanya tries to muscle her way through them with hard punches, but there’s just too many of them and too few rangers. She gets knocked back into Robbie easily.)

Tanya: Were outnumbered!

Robbie: We’ve got to hang in there. At least until Tommy’s ready.

Katherine: Look out!

(Kat spots a horde gunning for Robbie and Tanya. She tries to intercede but gets intercepted in midair by an ocular blast.)

Katherine: AHHH!!

Robbie: I’ve got this!

(Robbie runs to her aide then pulls out his laser pistol. He quickly guns down the enemies approaching before they can reached a downed Katherine. Just as he picks off the last one, he feels a strong grip on his shoulder that pulls him around.)

Varox: You’ve got nothing!

(He gets belted with a powerful right hand that sends Robbie flying through the air. Back on the moon, Mondo keeps a close eye on the action.)

King Mondo: Good. The rangers are on the ropes. But where is red ranger? Why isn’t he down there?

(Klank approaches from behind.)

Klank: Sire, I’m afraid red ranger has found his candidate.

King Mondo: Hmm. Block their signals and send in the cogs. They are not to set foot inside the power chamber.

(He turns back toward the balcony to address the mercenary.)

King Mondo: And turn up the pressure down there. Force Tommy’s hand. Make him get down there.

(Elsewhere, about a mile north of the power chamber, Tommy approaches with another person, whose face is obscured by his sunglasses and a white bandanna. He tries repeatedly to teleport, but doesn’t look to respond. Billy’s voice is heard from it though as he tries to tap on it to work.)

Billy: It looks like teleportation is jammed. I'm gonna try to fix it but it may take a bit.

Tommy: (Sighs) Alright. Looks like we got a walk ahead of us, eh buddy?

(He looks up to the man who nods. However as they start to take a few steps forward a noise is heard above them.)

Tommy: What? Oh no!

(A fleet of quadrafighters appear in the sky, gunning toward them. Immediately they must avoid getting blasted before they know what’s going on.) Barely avoid being blasted.)

Billy: It's a trap!

Zordon: Mondo is aware of our plans. You must work fast, Billy.

Billy: Right. Stay alive Tommy.

Tommy: I'll do my best!

(A huge explosions knocks them from the right side. Another knocks them from the left and throws Tommy to the floor. His candidate grabs him, without breaking stride, as they continue to charge forward.)

Billy: The teleportation frequencies have been hacked and disabled. It must've been the Empire.

Alpha: Aye, ya, yai! Are you able to fix it?

Billy: There's no time. I'll need to switch frequencies.

(The two continue to bolt. The power chamber, still in the distance, but feels like it's on another planet as quadrafighters continue to fire away. A huge explosion right in front of them cuts way too close, but wrecks their pathway forward.)

Tommy: Split up!

(Tommy cuts right, the candidate left as Tommy figures it will create confusion amongst the cogs. Except they now entirely shift their focus on the potential gold ranger.)

Tommy: No... look out!

Billy: I've almost got it.

Alpha: Aye, ya, yai. Please hurry.

Billy: Just a little more...

(The candidate sees a barrage of fire that tosses him around as he tries to avoid his doom. Tommy freezes where he stands then decides to run after him. He is a step late as enemies lock dead on for a final wave.)

Tommy: NOOO!!!


Billy: I've got it!

(A split second before the candidate sees his ultimate demise, he is teleported away in a black haze. A second later, Tommy exits as well. Not taking a second to rest, Billy reaches out to the others, who are facing immediate danger themselves...)

Tanya: We're outmatched.

Katherine: We can’t stop them.

Robbie: (Sighs) ...I know.

Varox: When this is all over, I'll be sure to ask red ranger if your five lives were worth the one that he abandoned you for. Ahaha.

(An infantry line of cogs start opening their faces at once for a united ocular blast. Outnumbered and under orders to stall at all costs, the rangers remain frozen in place. Until...)

Billy: Tommy is in. Retreat immediately.

(Right on cue, Robbie leads them in teleportation just as a massive strike hits where they would have stood. They return in one piece in the power chamber, each ripping their helmets off. Alive, but visibly shaken.)

Tanya: (Panting) Wow.

Rocky: That was close.

Adam: Yeah. Another second and we'd be toast.

Robbie: Geez. A little faith in my leadership guys. You’re still alive, no?

Katherine: Where is he, Alpha? Where's Tommy?

(The doors open from the back as Tommy enters alone.)

Tommy: Hey guys.

Katherine: Tommy...

Rocky: Did you get him in safely?

Tanya: Or her.

Tommy: Him. Take it easy.

Tanya: …

Tommy: And yes. It was close. But we made it. Thanks in large part to Billy.

Billy: It's what I do.

Tommy: We've made it this far you guys, but I won't lie. The team needs help. Mondo is stronger than any threat we've ever faced. And he's only upping the ante with each passing day.

Robbie: ...

Tommy: Call me an idealist, but I won't accept losing another member. I won't say goodbye to anymore friends.

(He points toward the back wall.)

Tommy: Too many people on that wall aren't standing here with us to share this moment.

(They follow his fingers, which lead to the images of Ninjor, Dulcea and the black ranger.)

Tommy: We need numbers, but with who were facing it also can't just be anyone. So my candidate was carefully chosen.

Katherine: ...

Tommy: Somebody that embodies the skillset of Trey in one. Who has heart, wisdom and courage.

Zordon: ...

(Behind him, the door opens once more…)

Tommy: He's also been around the block a few times.

(The person, a tall, statuesque man enters, his face is covered by a white bandanna and sunglasses. He slowly walks in and stands beside Tommy, then takes his sunglasses off slowly. It’s Jason Lee Scott. Immediately, everybody’s face, brightens up.)

Robbie: (Smiles)...

Adam: (Smiles)...

Rocky: (Smiles)...

Billy: (Smiles)...

Tanya: (Whispers) Which one is he? Zack?

Katherine: (Whispers) No idea. Just keep smiling.

(Meanwhile, on the moon…)


Varox: (Bows) If you're not happy with your service, perhaps we can negotiate a discount on the fee?

King Mondo: How about half off?!

(He thrusts his staff forward, unleashing a powerful beam that dims the lights and splits Varox in half from the waist, causing him to be non-functional.)

King Mondo: If I want something done. I must do it myself.

Prince Sprocket: What are you saying daddy?

King Mondo: Son, go to your room. Daddy’s going to work.

Prince Sprocket: I'm scared…

(Machina runs in to scurry her son off.)

Queen Machina: Hurry along son... Daddy's… got a business meeting.

(As Mondo prepares a counter strike, the rangers prepare for the next chapter in their team’s story. One that involves its former protagonist.)

Jason: …

(That man take a second to enjoy this moment. Having looked around to take in the new base of command, he takes a pensive look along the back wall and walks up near the center, where the red Mighty Morphin Power Ranger stands before him.)

Trey of Courage: Mr. Scott, do you accept the powers bestowed to you by the forces of good?

Jason: (Turns around) …I do.

Trey of Wisdom: Are you ready to uphold the code of the ranger and fight with honor, dignity and selflessness for the good of humanity?

Jason: Ready as I'll ever be.

(Trey of Heart then raises the golden staff in the air.)

Trey of Heart: Than accept our gift. Take hold of the staff and allow the light to reenter your soul.

(Slowly, Jason raises his arm and grabs hold of the shaft. Immediately, a jolt of energy flows through him that he hasn’t felt in a while. Only this feeling far surpasses what he felt years ago. Jason starts feeling an unstoppable level of power that shivers throughout his body as the morphing grid channels itself. In the flash of an eye, Jason has returned in costume. Only now, as the gold ranger.)

Tommy: …

Robbie: …

Billy: …

Jason: ...how do I look?

Robbie: Awesome, man. You look great.

(A jovial Robbie runs forward and slaps him five.)

Robbie: Great to have you back.

Jason: Great to be back. Might need some new shirts though.

Trey of Courage: You must continue to hold these powers until we are ready to accept them back. This move is not permanent, but we are glad that the powers remain in the hands of good.

Jason: (Nod) It’s an honor. And I'll make sure with whatever time I have that Mondo sees these “hands of good.”

(Katherine walks forward.)

Katherine: Welcome back, Zack. We couldn't have pictured a better candidate for the job.

Jason: ...

(Just then alarms blare.)

Alpha: Aye, ya, yai.

Adam: What is it?

Zordon: It's not good, rangers. It appears Mondo has decided to intervene directly.

(On the viewing globe, the image shows King Mondo in a field, summoning what looks like an ancient, over sized sword.)

Zordon: He is attacking Angel Grove himself, using the Damocles Sword.

Rocky: What is that?

Zordon: An extremely powerful weapon that Mondo has used in the past to conquer worlds. It is his fail safe. When he decides to get involved directly. He becomes unstoppable and it usually signals the end of a war.

Tommy: Man...

Jason: Good. Looks like I won't have to wait long to see him again.

Robbie: Yeah. Looks like it’s now or never now.

Zordon: The only downfall of that sword is that it is so powerful, it’s unstable. He will seek a quick victory, but if you’re able to outlast him, you may have a chance.

Alpha: As it stands though, Mondo is far more powerful than any of our current Zords.

Jason: ...

Billy: Current Zords is operative.

Robbie: Huh?

Billy: Well, I've been meaning to unveil this one. But waiting for the right time.

(Billy then gets back onto the control panel and switches the image.)

Billy: But I introduce to you, your new Zords. The Super Zeo Zords.

(The image jumps to a nearby field, displaying five new Zords, each humanoids in the shape of their corresponding ranger’s symbol.)

Rocky: Wow.

Tanya: They look magnificent.

Billy: I've been sneaking off whenever the timing was right to work on these. They haven't undergone full battle testing, so if you can somehow defeat Mondo without them that would be preferable. But they’re available should it be necessary. They may be powerful enough to stop him.

Tommy: Yeah. We’ll avoid using them. But we may need to take our chances.

Billy: Robbie, I’m afraid I wasn’t able to finish your Super Zeo Zord in time. For now you keep Cerberus Zeo Zord.

Robbie: Right.

Trey of Courage: Gold ranger, you now commandeer Pyramidas. A towering mechanical pyramid, capable of immense power. It also has a battle mode and serves as a carrier Zord, should you choose to summon the Zeo Ultrazord.

Jason: Thank you. Let's do this, guys.

Tommy: Would you like to do the honors?

Jason: It's been a while, but back to action!

(Morphed once again, Jason runs ahead of the others and leaps into action atop a tall rocky hill.)

Jason: Alright, it feels good to be here again.

(The feel good moment is short lived though, as the pack of cogs take notice beneath him.)

Jason: Wish I could say the same for you guys. Are you what putties look like now?

(Jason quickly gets to work dispatching the enemies. “Go Gold Ranger” blares in the background. He ducks a heel kick from one ahead of him, then takes him down with a bicycle kick. He then spins backwards and takes out the last two on each side with a split kick in the air. He summons his new golden staff and raises it in the air, emitting a powerful golden wave that takes out everyone else.)

Tommy: Alright, that’s the last of them.

Tommy: Zeo rangers, reporting for action.

(Right behind him, the rest of the team joins him.)

Jason: Don’t bother. I’ve got it covered.

(They look around and find scattered pieces of machinery around them.)

Tommy: I see.

Rocky: Nice theme song by the way. Is it on iTunes?

Jason: Sure.

Robbie: Are you the annoying overpowered ranger now?

Jason: Looks like it.

Robbie: (Nods) …I’m okay with it.

Tommy: …


(Not too long before the rangers start feeling a sense of false comfort, King Mondo, the ruler of the Machine Empire who led a largely successful assault on earth, grows himself in the distance. He now towers over the mountains beneath him, wielding the oversized sword said to make him unstoppable.)

Adam: Oh boy.

Jason: He’s not wasting any time…

King Mondo: Petulant rangers. You shall rue the day you ever crossed my path.

Tommy: Like we don’t already.

King Mondo: In case your hands aren’t already full enough. I’ve brought some more friends to help me celebrate my inevitable victory.

(Climbing back up the hill, more cogs appear.)

Robbie: (Sighs) Great.

Jason: I’ll handle these guys. You guys call the Zords. I’ll join you when I can. Just save me a good hit.

Tommy: Right. And thanks bro. It’s time to cut the King down to size. We need Zeo Megazord power, now!

(Tommy summons the Zeo Zords, bringing them to a hidden hangar off the edge of town. They each enter their respective Zords before pulling out of storage. Tommy hops aboard the red phoenix Zeo Zord. Adam, aboard the green Taurus Zeo Zord. Rocky, aboard the blue Sphinx Zeo Zord. Tanya, aboard the blue and yellow battle tank based off the ancient Dogu. And Kat, aboard the blue and pink battle tank shaped like moai statues. The Zeo Zords continue down their path, the Taurus and Sphinx pulling along the two battle tanks in chains while the Red Phoenix leads the charge.)

Tommy: Zeonizer Crystals, power up!

“Power up!”

(The chains release. The Taurus retracts within itself becoming the legs. The Sphinx does the same but splits outwards, becoming the torso and arms. The Taurus combines with the Sphinx, who then combine with the battle tanks that make the feet. Tommy finishes it off with the Phoenix, landing on top as the head. The Megazord strikes a pose.)

“Zeo Megazord, battle ready!”

(Elsewhere, three dogs awaken in a smoky forest. One in the center growls, his tail flattens as he leads the pack into battle. In a flash of light, the trio combine into a wide, three headed beast. It stops as it approaches Angel Grove. The pack leader rises upwards, a torso flipping outward. The other two rise up to shoulder length, revealing sharp claws at the end of long arms. Robbie hops aboard.)

Robbie: CerberZord. Battle ready!

(But before Robbie can join the action, Mondo readies to take out the Zeo Megazord.)

King Mondo: You think this toy stands a chance against the Emperor that conquered whole universes?

(He slowly marches forward, sword still in hand.)

Tommy: Brace yourselves guys.

King Mondo: I normally save my arch enemies the pain and suffering with a quick death. But you? I shall make you suffer.

Tommy: Now Robbie!!

King Mondo: Huh?

(He turns around and is greeted with a triple blast from the CerberZord’s three headed dogs, staggering him momentarily.)

King Mondo: Ahh!!

Robbie: You might be king of the machines, but this is our town. And I warned you what would happen if you showed your face here again.

King Mondo: Your warnings mean nothing to me!

(With a swift swing, the Damocles Sword swipes Robbie’s right across his Zord’s chest. The strike hits dead on and so powerful, the CerberZord’s chest opens up on impact as it falls to the floor in a sea of fire.)

Robbie: AHHH!!!

Katherine: Robbie!

Adam: He's hurt!

(The CerberZord collapses weakly to the ground. Critical alarms from the cockpit as he’s forced out.)

“Warning, warning. All systems shut down. Self-Destruct sequence has initiated.”

Adam: Wow. Just like that.

Tommy: Zordon wasn’t kidding. That sword makes him unstoppable.

(The brown ranger falls to the ground below. Jason runs over to his aide.)

Jason: Rob!

Robbie: (Sighs) I don't believe it. This again?!

King Mondo: Haha. Yes. This again.

Jason: Rob. You alright?

Robbie: I'm alive. Can't say the same for her.

(He looks up and hears the terminal warning blaring from the cockpit.)

Robbie: I was hoping StegaZord was the last Zord I had to trash.

(Jason pauses momentarily, drifting off into deep thought about what happened during that epic battle before helping Robbie to his feet.)

Jason: That gives me an idea...

King Mondo: Who's next? Anyone else have a bright idea?

Tommy: Looks like were gonna need to bring out the heavy guns sooner than later.

(He takes another wild swing, this time at the Zeo Megazord. They manage to duck at the last second, and shove him backwards with a backhanded swing. They know however that this brief reprieve will not be enough.)

Rocky: We can’t outlast him. We need help.

Tommy: Zeo Megazord sabre, power up!

(The large saber at the end of the Zord’s hand lights up as it fully charges.)

King Mondo: HA. A duel you want? Well en guard.

Tommy: Let's give him something to laugh at.

(The Zeo Megazord pulls it behind its head and swipes downward. At the same time, Mondo takes a horizontal swipe of how own and gets all of the sabre. It breaks in half like a hot knife through butter and drops like it were some cheap toy. The rangers gasp simultaneously at how easy he stopped their greatest attack as the King of the Empire gloats.)

King Mondo: You're spot on. That was something to laugh at. AHAHAHA.

(Back at the power chamber.)

Billy: Zordon, they're in trouble.

Zordon: Tommy, summon the Super Zeo Megazord. They are the only way to stand a chance against Mondo.

Tommy: Alright. Here goes nothing. I need Super Zeo Megazord power, now!

(On cue, the Super Zeo Zords blast out of a cannon in the mountains. They soar into action as the rangers leap from the Zeo Zord cockpit onto the new Zords.)

Tommy: Initiate Super Zeo Megazord sequence.

(In mid-air they commence the next step of their transformation. Tommy’s red Super Zeo Zord tucks in its head and limbs to become the torso. Katherine’s becomes the feet, Rocky’s the waist, Adam’s the leg and Tanya’s the arm and the head. At once, they drop to the surface, with all pieces falling into perfect place and forming, the Super Zeo Megazord.)

Tommy: Man this things looks amazing. Great work Billy.

Adam: Yeah, and were finally not on top of each other again.

King Mondo: You think you impress me?!

(Without giving quarter, Mondo charges again. Swinging the Damocles sword with the intent to destroy, but getting blocked by a forearm that absorbs no damage to his shock.)

King Mondo: What?!

(After a brief struggle to grab the sword, the Super Zeo Megazord shoves Mondo back, giving themselves space.)

Tommy: It’s time to fight fire with fire!

(The rangers summons their own sword, or swords rather, as katanas appear in each hand. Mondo bullheadedly tries yet another overhead swing, but with a double swipe, the Super Zeo Megazord chops the Damocles from the base.)

King Mondo: No!! My sword.

Tanya: Now’s out chance! He’s vulnerable!

King Mondo: You'll pay for th-

(Something suddenly pulls him around from behind. It’s the Zeo Megazord that greets him with a punch to the face. He stumbles back and into another punch from the Super Zeo Zords, then back to the Zeo Megazord before collapsing in a daze. Things look to be going from bad to worse for the Empire, as Pyramidas appears from the distance.)

Jason: Need a hand?

Adam: I think Mondo’s already had a few.

King Mondo: Ugh…

Jason: Guys, I think we have him. Mondo’s on the ropes. I say we finish him off and send the Empire packing.

Tommy: Right. Ultrazord, power up.

(Pyramidas energizes then expands. Legs appear from the front, arms rise from the side. As it lifts itself upright, a head appears on top. The behemoth Zord’s back then opens up, allowing the Zeo Megazord to fit inside of it piece by piece. The Super Zeo Megazord then rises, then rests on top, both arms pointing forward, over the shoulders of Pyramidas like cannons. The new combination that combines nearly all Zords dwarf a now alarmed Mondo in size. His own giant frame engulfed in a shadow.)

King Mondo: Huh? What is this, what’s happening?!

(Out of nowhere, Mondo feels an added huge weight on his back. CerberZord reappears and jumps on his back, piggy back style.)

Robbie: Hey handsome.

King Mondo: …WHA-?!

Robbie: Told you what would happen if you showed your face again.

"Self-Destruction in five, four, three, two..."


(On the ranger’s command, an epic stream of firepower is unleashed from the Ultrazord, landing dead onto its target. At the same time, CerberZord bursts into a powerful ball of flame as it completes its self-destruct sequence just as Robbie leaps out. The result is a blast so powerful, that even Mondo succumbs to it, disappearing into the blinding explosion that lights up the dimming sky. When it’s all said and done, the leader of the largest empire and invading force the earth has ever seen, was gone. Reduced to nothingness as the rangers, jubilant, celebrate their biggest victory yet.)

Tommy: YEAH!

Tanya: ALRIGHT!!

Rocky: I can’t believe it! We really did it!

Katherine: We beat the Empire!

Robbie: Yeah! Suck it, Mondo!

(More reserved, Jason simply points to the sky.)

Jason: This one’s for you, Zack man.

(Meanwhile, back on the moon, the mood was less festive.)

Queen Machina: Oh dear...

(Unsure of how to explain this loss to her family, Machina has to scramble for an answer as Sprocket re-emerges from his room.)

Prince Sprocket: Mommy, is daddy back from his business meeting yet?

Queen Machina: Um. No sweetheart. I'm afraid not. In fact, he just told me that he's gonna be a while. Negotiations… fell apart and he might... need some time to… put things together again.

(Behind Sprocket, Klank is seen carrying Mondo’s arm in one hand and his severed head in the other.)

Queen Machina: But when he's back he promises he'll bring you a toy.

Prince Sprocket: Oh boy! Can you tell him I want a Sega?! Daddy's the best!

Queen Machina: Yes. If only he were...

(We fade back to earth, following their win the team returns to the power chamber for a debriefing.)

Zordon: Congratulations rangers on a job well done. Without question, today was one of your greatest victories as a team. Likely one of the greatest in the entire history of the team.

Tommy: This was a huge moment guys. I want you all to be proud of yourselves.

Robbie: Definitely. But huge props to the big man.

(Appreciative, Tommy smiles at the kind words from his once rival. Until…)

Robbie: We couldn’t have done it without you, Jase.

Tommy: …Huh?

Robbie: Without his plan to use the CerberZord against Mondo, he likely wasn’t going down.

Jason: Thanks bro. It’s great to just be back and do my part to help.

Billy: It’s great to have you back.

Rocky: Yeah. One day and we do what couldn’t be done in three months? Wish we had you during the invasion. Thousands more people may still be alive.

Tommy: …

Jason: It’s nothing really.

Tanya: Were things always this smooth when you were around?

Jason: I mean. Yeah. Pretty much. We took Rita down too.

Tanya: Man...

Katherine: This guy’s awesome.

Rocky: Totally. I can’t wait till your toy line comes out.

Zordon: Settle down rangers. For while you have dealt the Empire a serious blow, one which will take months for them to recover from. They will indeed recover. Mondo will be rebuilt. But for the time being you have earned some much needed peacetime.

Robbie: Amen to that. Drinks on me.

“Hey, that's my line, guy.”

(The line is uttered by Ernie, the owner of the Youth Center, as the team transitions there to celebrate. Robbie, leading a toast, raises his glass in the air after Ernie leaves.)

Robbie: To new beginnings.

(Most of the ranger teens and Billy join him with their drinks. He turns his head toward the gym area, where Jason works out with Tommy, before continuing.)

Robbie: And to the hopes that maybe. Just maybe. Things finally start going back to normal.

Adam: Hear, hear!

Katherine: And to no more monsters!

"No more monsters!"

(They each take a drink. Meanwhile, just outside…)


(Rito and Goldar are finally seen, casually strolling through the parking lot as people in their path flee.)

Rito: Monsters!? Where?

Goldar: You fool. We're the monsters. Haven't you been paying attention? People run in terror whenever we’re around.

Rito: (Shrugs) I thought maybe it was cause I've been skimping showers.

Goldar: Face it. We don’t belong here on earth. We’re outcasts. The only people who took us in used us as props and berated us. I just wish there was some place we can go to. Some place that accepts soulless, ruthless monsters.

Rito: (Shrugs) We can join the Saudi government.

(Just then thunder claps as the sky darkens.)

Goldar: What was that?!

(A shrieking voice calls…)


Rito: Mommy?

Rita: What?! No. It's me, Rita.

(Behind them, an image of Rita appears.)

Goldar: Who?

Rita: Rita Repulsa.

Rito: (Scratches head) The name... rings a bell.

Goldar: Ugh. I'm starting to get a headache.

Lord Zedd: And I'm Lord Zedd, emperor of all I see.

(The two stand in complete awe, despite Lord Zedd being in his underwear and a five o clock shadow.)

Rita: Come with us. We've been searching for you.

Rito: Us?

Lord Zedd: A void has been left in the eternal struggle. The time has come to reclaim our palace.

(Rito and Goldar reach their hands out and get sucked into the void. Right behind them Bulk and Skull are seen entering the parking lot, having just missed them. Back inside, Jason at punching bag with
Tommy holding onto it.)

Jason: Man! Feels good to be back. You have no clue.

(He punches bag once more with authority.)

Jason: You know, the gang and I did some great things this past year. But nothing beats the feeling of putting on the suit and pulverizing some bad guys. Man, I missed you guys.

Tommy: Yeah. We missed you too, bro. I gotta say, it hasn't been the same without you three.

Jason: Yeah.

(Jason then pauses briefly, feeling the need to get this out of the way.)

Jason: Say, just to be clear. I'm not here to take the team back from you. This is still your team. I'm only here to help you.

Tommy: Good.

Jason: Huh?

Tommy: Uh...thanks. It’s good to hear that I mean. No one ranger is better than the whole.

Jason: Right. The others seem happy to see me too. Those that know me at least.

Tommy: Yeah. We had some changes along the way.

Jason: Aisha lost a ton of weight too.

Tommy: Right…

Jason: How’d the team hold up while I was gone, by the way?

Tommy: Not bad. I think I did a good job.

Jason: Good job man. I knew I left the team in good hands.

Tommy: Yeah…

(He then thinks about what he just said… and rescinds.)

Tommy: Actually. I’m not so sure.

Jason: What do you mean?

Tommy: It's just been a rough few… year.

Jason: …

Tommy: I mean, who knew being leader would be so hard… I mean, I guess you do.

(Jason doesn’t respond. But looks at him as if to invite him to keep speaking)

Tommy: I mean… Making life and death decisions. Having to live with the right decisions even though they seem pretty wrong at the time.

Jason: I see.

Tommy: I think it'd be nice having someone who's been there. Who'd understand.

Jason: And who won't make you feel so bad for abandoning the team if you lose your mind and quit?

Tommy: ...

Jason: You’re not the only leader of the team to go through what you’re going through. Believe me. I was lucky to have you to back me up though. Cause if I felt like there was no out when I took it, I’m sure the opinion on me wouldn’t be so high.

Tommy: Thanks bro. I needed that.

Jason: And don’t worry. I'll make sure it doesn’t come you leaving. But… just in case… I'm ready for whatever you need.

Tommy: Good to know. And… I mean I’m not the only one reeling from the attacks. We’re all sort of dealing with our own. You’re being here sort of helps all of us.

(Tommy turns toward the tables.)

Tommy: Some of us... just need to see a familiar face again.

(His eyes focused on Robbie at his seat. Smiling and joking with the others. At ease for the first time publicly in some time.)

Jason: I see. Am I really the first choice for that though? I mean, Rob and I are cool but I'm not sure I'd be his first choice.

Tommy: Uh ...you weren't the first choice. No offense.

(He turns back to Robbie once more.)

Tommy: But the person I asked before you declined.

Jason: Oh...

Tommy: Yeah. He doesn't need to know that though.

Jason: Right. Understood.

(Jason then returns to working the punching bag, before adding one more thought.)

Jason: For what it's worth, she's still his to lose.

Tommy: Yeah. I figured as much. As much as some things change, others will always stay the same.

(Just then, Bulk and Skull walk in. As they do Ernie walks back over holding a cake. He trips however, sending the cake flying through the air, falling on top of the duos heads. Skull drops his magnifying glass in the process and as Bulk tries to pick it up for him, his pants rip. The room fills with laughter.)

Jason: (Laughs) You can say that again.

(Bulk and Skull are forced to retreat as the episode ends.)

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Hope you all liked my version of A Golden Homecoming.

New chapter should hopefully be up by the end of the month. I almost never get to bust out two in one month but I'm feeling good! This one coming up may be musical based, which is virtually unheard of in fics. Let's see how this mess of an undertaking churns out.
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Very excellent take on it...
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I like the idea of Billy having built the Super Zoo Zords and that Trini was another possible candidate for the Gold Ranger powers
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This is the second thing I've read this week that had a Sega reference (the other was in a Marvel comic)

Good and great work Kev.
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Just now had a second to respond to your comments, guys. Work has murdered me this month. Guess my optimistic timeline for the next chapter needs to be pulled back. I've barely completed the outline... =/

fb111a wrote: View Post

Very excellent take on it...
Thank you kindly...

zedd_heart_rita wrote: View Post

I like the idea of Billy having built the Super Zoo Zords and that Trini was another possible candidate for the Gold Ranger powers
Hey ZhR! Nice to see you again. Glad you liked it.

Cameron Samurai wrote: View Post

This is the second thing I've read this week that had a Sega reference (the other was in a Marvel comic)

Good and great work Kev.
Nintendo is so cliche. Sega all the way!
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Well they do what Nintendon't
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Sorry for the delay everyone. Work has been kicking my ass this past month. I'm actually basically done. I'm in the final review stages and more than half done with that. But I just haven't had the time to sit down and complete this chapter.

This next week ought to be a bit slower. So I'm hoping that by mid next week it'll be out.
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Cameron Samurai
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Delays are a pain, as is life sometimes. Can't be helped, you'll be free of it eventually, and it's good to know you're taking your time with the final stages, no need to deadline yourself, we're very patient.
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Back from another hiatus lol. The new job has had me and what's left of my free time on another level. But maaaaaaan!!

1.) Thank you so much for the Character List!! I went back to where I left off and I was awww man you're awesome bro! Definitely sets the stage for how the rest of the season will go.

2.) The "Olivia Pope" episode was EVERYTHING this Scandal fan needed!! I'll forever be a "gladiator-in-a-suit!!

3.) Billy's development is so awesome to see through your lens. The PRZ writers, in my opinion, had a unique opportunity to play on that, especially after he couldn't be the Gold Ranger because of what happened in Season 3. That was a missed opportunity and I'm loving how you're expounding on it. That episode that was based off his journal entry was simply brilliant!

4.) Honestly, since Season 1, I never cared for Tommy. Like even in real life I didn't care for Tommy LOL!! However, this vulnerable Tommy we are seeing is the Tommy I would've loved to see in the PRZ and PRT series. He's growing on me right now lol.

5.) Robbie Robbie Robbie!! The way you have developed his character is so brilliant and real and raw to where I have words! From seeing his interactions with Trini 2.0 (that's what I call her lol), his growth on the team, and his dynamic with everyone is awesome. His blowup in the power chamber on his birthday had me in tears. I remember that episode back in season 2 so vividly, when he started to feel like he belonged, and I remember telling myself like dang....it's gonna change soon.

I can't wait to continue tuning in to more episodes!! This drama is giving me Shonda Rhimes-like work lol! Keep it brother!
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Cameron Samurai wrote: View Post

Delays are a pain, as is life sometimes. Can't be helped, you'll be free of it eventually, and it's good to know you're taking your time with the final stages, no need to deadline yourself, we're very patient.
Thanks man! Should be any day now. Maybe even tomorrow.

BamaPRFan07 wrote: View Post

Back from another hiatus lol. The new job has had me and what's left of my free time on another level. But maaaaaaan!!

1.) Thank you so much for the Character List!! I went back to where I left off and I was awww man you're awesome bro! Definitely sets the stage for how the rest of the season will go.
Of course man! Anything for my readers!

2.) The "Olivia Pope" episode was EVERYTHING this Scandal fan needed!! I'll forever be a "gladiator-in-a-suit!!
Hahaha. I'm glad my heavy handed reference didn't go unnoticed.

3.) Billy's development is so awesome to see through your lens. The PRZ writers, in my opinion, had a unique opportunity to play on that, especially after he couldn't be the Gold Ranger because of what happened in Season 3. That was a missed opportunity and I'm loving how you're expounding on it. That episode that was based off his journal entry was simply brilliant!
Thank you! Your feedback really means a lot to me.

4.) Honestly, since Season 1, I never cared for Tommy. Like even in real life I didn't care for Tommy LOL!! However, this vulnerable Tommy we are seeing is the Tommy I would've loved to see in the PRZ and PRT series. He's growing on me right now lol.
Yeah I hated Tommy post season one too. Super bland and rammed down our throats. It was honestly a challenge for me to find something natural to sink into the character but I think I've found something that would make sense in IRL.

5.) Robbie Robbie Robbie!! The way you have developed his character is so brilliant and real and raw to where I have words! From seeing his interactions with Trini 2.0 (that's what I call her lol), his growth on the team, and his dynamic with everyone is awesome. His blowup in the power chamber on his birthday had me in tears. I remember that episode back in season 2 so vividly, when he started to feel like he belonged, and I remember telling myself like dang....it's gonna change soon.
Thank you so much. I wish I could frame these words haha. This keeps me going when life has taken me away from writing. I must finish telling his story at all costs. I've invested so much in the character that he feels like a real person to me. His narrative just writes itself cause I know how he'd react in certain situations. I just need to guide it the way the arch will eventually lead to.

And don't disappear again! New chapter coming very soon!
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Hahaha!! You have my word man, I won't fall off again this time. I'm here to see this thing through with you.
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Season 4 - Episode 12: Late Series Gimmick

(We begin today in a dark room. The stage lights illuminates the center, revealing Robbie with his head bowed. He slowly raised his head and begins to sing a monologue, following a short piano prelude.)

Robbie: I don't need more reminders of all that I’ve broken. I’m dying to fix but would rather forget. Clear the slate and start over. Can I quiet the noises in my head? You can't compete with all that.

(Behind him, a feminine voice is heard but not seen.)

“I don't need you to sell me on reasons to want you. I don't need you to search for more proof that I should. You don't have to convince me. You don't have to be scared you're not enough. 'Cause what we've had is good.”

(Robbie turns toward the darkness to address the voice.)

Robbie: I never thought there'd be someone like you who would want me.


Robbie: So I’ll give you ten thousand reasons to not leave.


Robbie: But if you really see me. If you like me for me and nothing else. Well, that's all that I've wanted for longer that you could possibly see.

(The figure walks into the spotlight, revealing Trini Kwan. They join in duet.)

“So what if it's us? What if it's us? And onlyus. And what came before won't count anymore or matter? Can we try that?”

(They reach out both arms and lock hands before continuing.)

“What if it's you? And what if it's me? And what if that's all that we need it to be? And the rest of the world falls away. What do you sa-”

(Abruptly, the scene ends. Robbie awakens unexpectedly in bed to the piercing sound of a pager on his bed stand. He sighs with a longing frustration, following what was clearly a dream brought on by the sound of a musical blasted from the living room TV in front of a sleeping Kat.)

“Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kitten. Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens.”

(He scans the beeper before reaching for his phone and dialing the number listed.)

Robbie: …yeah.

Hannah: Hey.

(Hannah walks down a dark street dressed in a dirty striped dress shirt and a hat with a stuffed chicken leg on top; clearly a work outfit.)

Robbie: Hannah?

Hannah: I just got off work. What’s been up?

(He looks over to the alarm clock. It’s 4:00 AM.)

Robbie: Hannah. This is insane. We can’t do this every morning.

Hannah: Hey, my dad cut me off cause of you. I need to work and the only place hiring is in the middle of the projects behind bullet proof glass. I need you on the phone so I feel safe.

Robbie: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

Hannah: Robbie? Robbie?! I think somebody is following me.

(Meanwhile from the palace, we see the Machine Empire planning… nothing. Silence deafens the usually busy halls since King Mondo fell a few weeks ago. There is a feint voice however. It comes from the master bedroom, where Queen Machina, alone in the king sized bed, talks on the phone.)

Queen Machine: Oh it’s been terrible up here all alone. The halls are quiet, and Sprocket keeps asking when his dad is coming back. I mean what do I tell the boy? I’ve been reduced to single motherhood. (Pauses.) I know. The horror. (Longer pause.) No, it’s quite fine. You don’t need to come here. I can manage. I suppose I can harken back to my maiden days and conquer a dwarf planet in the meanwhile to make ends meet. Please. Don’t worry about me.

(Looking from outside her window however, is Zedd, who studies the Queen of the Empire with a devious look in his eyes and a master plan on his mind.)

Lord Zedd: Yes. Poor grieving widow. All by her lonesome. Not to worry. You won’t be so lonely for long.

Rito: (Leans in) Dude. Your wife is right there.

Lord Zedd: Silence, bone head. We’re gonna see to it that she join her husband in the scrapheap.

Rita: We’re gonna wait until each member is separated, then hit them with them with an army of Tengas. They may act all high and mighty surrounded by their adoring legions, but alone? They’re as useless as broken clocks. Aha!

Lord Zedd: And with them out of the way we can finally return to our pursuit of the Zeo crystals, and to ever lasting power. Yes, we won’t just be back. We’ll be stronger than ever!

Rito: Sounds great big guy. That’s actually one of your best plans yet. There’s just uh… one thing. Don’t the rangers already have the Zeo crystals?

Lord Zedd: Yes, that’s where you come in.

Rito: Me?

Lord Zedd: All hands are on deck for this one. I’m putting you in charge of the others. And so help me if the rangers aren’t dealt with by the time we’re through...

Rito: Relax, big man. We got this. Finster says he’s got a fool proof plan.

Rita: Clearly he must’ve not known that you’d be helping.

Rito: Yeah, yeah. Keep your cones on, sis. Say, where is Finster?

(Finster happens to be inside the RV not too far off. Seemingly re-appropriating the space into his own makeshift workshop. Tons of clay toys populate the shelves, though his main focus is in front of him. He slowly uncorks miniature beakers, each labeled with one of the faces of Zedd’s entourage. He pours some of its contents into a petri dish, causing a burst of energy, seemingly the desired result.)

Finster: Ah. Wonderful… a perfect concoction of evil.

(Carefully, he throws on a pair of gloves and goggles and very carefully tries to pick it up for a closer look.)

Finster: Our own dark morphing grid. Filled with untold and regenerative powers. Truly a thing of beauty. My, if only the green ranger utilized this precious sour-


Finster: Gya!

(Goldar suddenly barges into the trailer, causing Finster to nearly spill his dark matter to the ground.)

Goldar: Get out of this meth lab. It’s time for action.

Finster: I need more time. I’ve just completed the grid, I need monsters to go with it.

Goldar: Just wing it. We have to move.

Finster: (Sighs) Alright…

(Finster quickly bottles a sample of his energy source then heads out to join the others as they head for earth. We then fade into the next day at Angel Grove High. It seems to be the end of the day as the halls are bustling with teens anxious to head home. More than any other is Robbie, who after being kept up last night looks visibly absent. Be it by accident or with intent, he ignores what goes on behind him as Sammy, wearing an arm sling, clearly struggles to carry her books. She stumbles as sheets of paper spill out from underneath all over the floor. Passing by with Skull, Adam stops to pick up the sheets of papers.)

Sammy: Oh gosh. Thanks Ada...

(Except he then throws them in a nearby bin, assuming it to be trash, then continues casually walking.)

Skull: So? What do you think?

Adam: (Shrugs) Eh.

Skull: You don't like it?

Adam: Musicals don't quite translate into fan fiction form. It doesn’t read well. And honestly, it comes off as pretty arrogant of you to even try.

Skull: Well… what about the Trimberly love scene in the end?

Adam: ...it was good.

(Coming out of the principles office, Kat excitedly runs up to Tanya, with Tommy.)

Katherine: Great news! Kaplan picked me to be producer of the senior school play.

Tanya: Wow. Congrats! What are you producing?

Katherine: That's the great part. He said it's totally up to me. I can even create an original idea from scratch.

Tanya: That's amazing. Any clue what you're gonna do?

Katherine: Well, I've been studying up on some of my favorite musicals. I really like West Side Story. But for what I have in mind I'm gonna need a real strong man for the lead.

Tommy: (Rolls eyes) Oh, here we go.

Katherine: A real manly man. With piercing eyes but a deep soul. The type a girl dreams of getting, but knows she could never handle.

Tommy: Kat, listen. I'm really flattered. But I'm afraid I...

Tanya: You think Jason would be up for it?

Tommy: What?!

Katherine: Yes! That's a great idea.

Tommy: He doesn't even go to this school.

Tanya: But everyone here knows Jason Lee Scott, former star quarterback of the Angel Grove High Wildcats.

Tommy: That was me... I’m the star quarterback. Remember?

Tanya: I’ve been told it’s best to try not to.

Katherine: Look! Speaking of which…

(At the top of the stairs, Jason gets a heroes welcome from his former schoolmates, seemingly getting under the skin of Tommy. Meanwhile, Sammy pulls out a marker from her bag and tracks down Lindsay and Hillary who pass by.)

Sammy: Hey!

Lindsay: Uh... hello?

Hillary: Oh wow. Sushi came quick this time. I don’t think I even ordered yet!

Sammy: No! It's me... uh. Sammy. From cheerleading?

Lindsay: You? You're… on the team?

Sammy: Was. Yes. Well technically I was a reserve so I never practiced. Or performed. Or was allowed to eat lunch with you. But I broke my arm when I fell off the water tower last week, so I lost my spot. But, it would mean the world to me if I got a signature from my cheerleading girls?

Lindsay: Oh. (Turns to Hillary) Uh.

Hillary: (Shrugs) Sure.

(Trying to get the interaction over with they haphazardly sign the cast then head off. Sammy feels a twinge of validation from the gesture, until she reads who the signatures are for...)

Sammy: “Sandy?” B-but my names...

(The girls are long gone before she can get the words out. She furiously slams her locker then charges off. Even still, not waking up the sleeping Robbie, who has collapsed into his locker. Nothing seems like it would wake him. Until his beeper goes off.)

Robbie: (Groans) …

(He backs away with an aggravated push. Then reaches in to pull it out.)

Robbie: All week with you. That’s it. I’ve had it!

(He throws the pager, hard, into the locker before slamming the door himself.)

Robbie: If this chick thinks I’m gonna be on call 24 hours, she can go to straight to heeeeee-

Hannah: …

(He turns around and finds Hannah staring a hole through him. Cell phone in hand.)

Robbie: heeeeeey…What’s going on, sweetie?

Hannah: Robbie, I didn’t shell out hundreds of dollars just cause I need my boyfriend to be on the cutting edge of technology. I bought it because we’re a team now. And we need to have each others backs at all times.

Robbie: I’m… sorry.

Hannah: I don’t exactly the money to spare anymore. Eventually, my dad is gonna realize he didn’t cancel all of his credit cards.

Robbie: I said I’m sorry. It’s just. Been a lot. And the paging at all hours each time the barista spells your name wrong isn’t helping.

Hannah: Oh, am I troubling you? I’m so sorry about that. I’ll stop pestering you with my cries over my dad excommunicating me for throwing my future away at a nice college for some “no good thug.” My job making fried food where I am the single whitest person in a ten block radius, just so I can continue to make car payments to lug said thug around. Or my mom who refuses to hug me or show affection.

Robbie: That last one has nothing to do with me.

Hannah: Not the point. What I’m saying is if you spent a little more time on your relationship, and less time locked in your room looking up memes, we might be a little better off.

(Robbie says nothing, but thinks to himself that this convo would itself make a great meme.)

Hannah: I sacrificed everything for you, Robbie. And I feel like you’re just going through the motions like none of this matters. Do you care what I’ve given up for you?

(Knowing the right answer, Robbie still struggles to muster up the right words to say. Deeply upsetting his girlfriend.)

Hannah: Whatever. Call me when you get a clue. I just thought it’d be nice to hear that your boyfriend misses you sometimes.

(She storms off in a huff. Still not getting the message he defiantly mutters under his breath.)

Robbie: (Sighs) How can I miss you if you won't go away?

Jason: Trouble in paradise, eh?

(He’s joined by Jason, who puts his arm around his shoulder.)

Robbie: Seems that way. We have our days.

Jason: Doesn’t look like you have many good ones. You know what you need to do now, right?

Robbie: Not take relationship advice from a guy who’s never had a girlfriend? Got it.

(Robbie then derisively pats Jason on the chest then walks off.)

Jason: Ouch.

“Jason, Jason!”

(From behind, Jason is approached by a giddy looking Kat.)

Katherine: Could I... ask you a favor?

(We fade to about two days later, where we find Rito and his master plan to eliminate the rangers by Zedd’s deadline well underway…)

Squatt: You’re right Rito! American’s eat like kings!

(…as they root through the dumpster outside the Youth Center.)

Rito: Told you. People say they eat nothing but garbage. But who can blame em!

Finster: I must implore you all to remain focused on the task at hand. Zedd and Rita want the rangers taken care of and they want it done now.

Rito: Relax. We’ve got this. We’ll just go back to the basics: Create spells and monsters around the plot of the day. Once we know who’s got some minor inconvenience the rest of the episode will just write itself.

Finster: (Scratches chin) I’m not sure that’s gonna help us today. Or ever.

(In the background, a deafening roar is heard.)

Squatt: Did you hear that?

Finster: My. Sounds like trouble. Could it be monsters?

Squatt: Maybe….

Rito: Squatt. Go investigate.

Squatt: Me?! Bu-

Rito: That’s an order. Let us know what you find.

(Rito grabs some roadkill from out the dumpster then turns his back on the weakling of Zedd’s clan. Squatt drags himself away to follow the noise. A noise which belongs to a pack of about a half a dozen motorcycles soaring down the road. They’re headed in the direction of a small beach just about a mile down.)

Billy: This new ocean front expansion is amazing, Ernie.

(Speaking of said beach, it just so happens that it’s where the teens are, celebrating Ernie’s new grand opening.)

Ernie: Yeah. I got tired of the old girl breaking down whenever the city got attacked. So why not take the old girl to where a fire can't break out?

Billy: What about flooding?

Ernie: You dummy. Beaches don’t have pipes.

Billy: ...

(Near a stage toward the back, Kat appears to be producing rehearsals of her new play as Bulk directs; complete in a stereotypical director’s outfit.)

Bulk: Okay, places everyone. Muscles. Where's muscles?

Jason: Yo.

(Jason appears out of stage left, clad in a leather jacket, ripped jeans and slicked back hair.)

Bulk: Alright so you come in on the cue. A fight is breaking out between the two gangs then you walk in all cool and collected. You hit the jukebox and everyone stops what they're doing and starts dancing. Got it?

Jason: Cool.

Rocky: Wow. Jason looks so cool.

Tommy: Please.

(Off on the side Rocky, Robbie and Tommy watch the action from their table. As Tommy continues to rail, Robbie appears preoccupied with his pager.)

Tommy: The whole thing is so derivative. The script is like three plays and an episode of Happy Days all smashed into one. What, is he gonna jump the shark in the next scene?

Rocky: I hope not. I stopped watching after that episode.

Tommy: I'm not sure what all the fuss is about Jason.

Robbie: Didn't you recruit him?

Rocky: Yeah. And you didn't want to be in this play either.

Tommy: True. All good points. But still. Like I know we needed help, but we were perfectly fine before he came along.

Robbie: The ratings say otherwise.

Tommy: And everyone is just swooning over him now like he's god’s gift to Angel Grove.

Robbie: Don't you just hate when that happens?

Tommy: Yes! He's like the center of attention now. It was nice when he was just the red ranger and had to worry about more things than whether his shirts were two sizes small.

Robbie: You know you can offer him a trade if it bothers you this badly.

Tommy: Please. Don't be stupid.

Rocky: Yeah Rob. The role of red ranger belongs to elite company only.

Robbie: (Points downward) You know your shoes are on backwards, Rocky.

Tommy: Why does that keep happening? Doesn't it hurt?

(Suddenly, the loud roaring heard from the Youth Center becomes unmistakable as it nears the beach. Suddenly they’re overrun with the bikers who roll into the beach as if they own the place. They start driving circles around the bar, dance floor and stage as they kick up sand everywhere.)

Katherine: Woah.

Ernie: My shop!

Jason: Hey. What's going on here?!

Ernie: This is my beach what are you doing here with this?

(The gang of misfits stop in front of Ernie. Their leader speaks up.)

Zac F. Ron: Correction. This is our beach. You're encroaching on our property.

Tommy: Zac F Ron?

Zac F. Ron: This is Greasemonkey turf. And we didn't give you permission to be here.

Jason: Pretty sure this is a public beach, pal.

(Jason walks forward, and in a calm but stern tone confronts the biker gang face to face.)

Zac F. Ron: Well, look who it is. Angel Grove Highs start quarterback is back from glad-handing dignitaries to tell us lowlifes where we belong.

Ernie: (Leans in) Help me Jason.

Tommy: Hang on, I gotta help.

(Tommy takes a quick sip of his drink than runs off with it.)

Jason: I won't say it again. You boys need to leave.

Zac F. Ron: Well is that so? Or what? You gonna hit us all? Well, you wouldn't hit a girl, would you?

(Zac turns his back toward his bike, revealing a girl sitting with him. She reaches for her helmet, and tries to pull it off with one arm.)

Jason: Sam?!

Sammy: ...

Jason: What are you doing here? You don't belong with these clowns.

Zac F. Ron: Wrong. She's a Greasemonkey because she realized she doesn't belong with clowns like you. And you don't get to talk to her no more. (Turns to Ernie) And you have 24 hours to clear the premises. All of you. Or there’s gonna be consequences. Let's go boys.

(His clan starts revving their engines once more. He hops on his bike as they begin to leave just as Tommy reappears and chucks his smoothie at them.)

Tommy: Take that greaser scum!

(His drink misses Zac and nails Sammy right in the face as they pull off.)

Sammy: Ow!

Ernie: Ah man. What am I gonna do? You know how much money I sank into this place? I can't just pack up and go.

Jason: Don't worry Ernie. We'll take care of them.

Katherine: I really hope these greasers don’t cause any problems with my play.

Tanya: Yeah. That would really be… a minor inconvenience.


(Squatt, hidden behind stage hears the magical words for him to spring into action.)

Squatt: I’ll take this.

(He reaches over and grabs Katherine’s screenplay. He then runs back up the road to the Youth Center parking lot.)

Squatt: You guys! You guys! I found it! I found the plot for today!

Rito: Way ahead of you Pop n Fresh.

Finster: Shh! Both of you.

(The villains peak their heads around the corner, where they find the bikers taking up the entire parking lot to the Youth Center. They start trashing it by chucking cans and eggs against the wall.)

Squatt: Wow. These guys sure are nasty.

(Zac runs into a couple exiting from the front. He grabs the male by the collar, then takes his bag of food before the two bolt. Sammy, albeit the new member of this clan, winces at the scene. Zac reaches into the bag as he approaches her.)

Zac F. Ron: Fry, my lady?

Sammy: Um. Thanks.

Zac F. Ron: I’m tired of those goody goods thinking they run this town. This town belongs to us. It belongs to Zac F. Ron…

(He then turns to his crew to name them one by one.)

Zac F. Ron: Justin B. Burr.

(The slender pretty boy who looks somewhat effeminate.)

Zac F. Ron: Wan Derek Shun.

(A token Asian boy.)

Zac F. Ron: Backster Eebhoy.

(A Scottish lad.)

Zac F. Ron: And Po.

(A much shorter fellow. Clearly new to the ranks by his fresh face that lacks any war scars.)

Po: Yeah! We run this town!

Goldar: It’s those jocks whose names sound like pop stars. And a Teletubbie.

Po: They think they can just use our turf to run their fruity musicals?

Wan Derek Shun: I don’t think so.

Justin B. Burr: Yeah. I hate musicals. And all music since my man Two Pack died.

Sammy: Two… who?

Justin B. Burr: Two Pack. The rapper?

Sammy: It’s Tupac...

Zac F. Ron: I like this dame. She’s got a brain on her. And we need somebody who reads good in our rank to help those that don’t read good.

Sammy: Wow.

Zac F. Ron: Anyway, I’m thirsty. Po, go up there and get us some soda pops.

Po: You got it.

Wan Derek Shun: And us some bubble gum.

Justin B. Burr: Yeah. Get us Tupacs. I need one two.

Sammy: (Face palms) …

(Po exits as the villains start putting things together.)

Goldar: The rangers are holding a musical. And these guys want to trash it.

Rito: Looks like we should give them a hand.

Squatt: Here. I have this from Katherine. It has all the songs in it.

Goldar: Er… okay? What do we do with this?

Finster: Wonderful. This should be perfect for a spell I’ve been working on. One that shall force them all into song and dance.

Rito: Yeah. That’ll get them. Wait. How?

Finster: I don’t know I’m kind of in a crunch here.

Goldar: It’s fine. I’ve seen Rita do worse. She once made a pig that was supposed to eat all the earth’s food in 24 hours but in thirty minutes never left Angel Grove.

Rito: Sweet. We just need monsters to go along with it.

(They turn back around where they find Justin B. Burr, who after stepping away for a smoke, running back with a look of urgency.)

Justin B. Burr: Guys. Quick.

Zac F. Ron: What’s wrong? Is the fuzz on our tail?

Justin B. Burr: Worse. I found a same sex couple holding hands downs the road. And not the cool kind.

Zac F. Ron: What?!

Backster Eebhoy: Let’s get em!

Zac F. Ron: Yeah, let’s teach them a thing or two about our Christian values, boys.

(Zac chuck his bottle of root beer into the nearest car, shattering the windshield, then hops on his bike while gesturing Sammy to get off.)

Zac F. Ron: Stay here, toots. Po don’t count good either. Make sure he has the right change.

Sammy: Um. Alright?

(The gang roars off, leaving Sammy to eat dust as they roll into the distance.)

Rito: I think we have our monsters. They’re already evil.

Finster: (Pulls out vile) And I have the think to take them into the next level. We can transform them using our combined dark energy. They’ll turn into monsters and can’t be turned back as long as the grid holds.

Rito: Great. Now someone just needs to go down to that scuffle and sprinkle them with that stuff.

(Not one speaks up.)

Rito: Squatt, thanks for volunteering.

Squatt: What?! But I just…

Rito: Eh, eh. Who’s in charge?

Squatt: (Sighs) …you are.

Finster: Wonderful. All that remains is the spell to distract the rangers.

(Finster drops the screenplay onto the floor and starts waving his hands in a mystical fashion. Magical dust rises from the cover and quickly spreads. Sammy, who is now leaning on Po’s bike, is preoccupied as she reconsiders her decision to join a biker gang. “It’s nothing like movies” she thinks to herself as she nurses her still broken arm. She looks down at her cast though, still reading “SANDY” in big bold letters and remembers why she turned to them in the first place. She has nowhere else to go.)

Sammy: …

(The powder reaches her, surrounding her small frame. Before long and without her even noticing she falls under the spells surprising powers. A soft piano tune suddenly begins playing in the background as she begins to recite her feelings out loud.)

Sammy: The tire marks shine on the road tonight. Not a footprint to be seen. A kingdom of misfit toys, and it looks like I'm the queen. The wind is roaring like the hog that’s deep inside. Couldn't keep it in, heaven knows I’ve tried!

Rito: (Scratches head) Wow. That worked fast!

Finster: Shh. I love this song.

Sammy: “Don't let him in, don't let them see.” “Be the good girl your cousin chose to be.” Conceal, don't feel - the way Kwan’s know. It’s all for show.

(More enthusiastically, she hops on the bike and bellows...)

Sammy: Let him go, let him go. He won’t hold me back anymore Let him go, let him gooo. Long time to slam the door! I don't care, what they’re going to say. (Revs engine.) Let the storm rage on. The roar never bothered me anyway.

(Sammy jumps off and runs down the road, looking down to see the ranger teens from afar enjoying themselves. They feel even farther away from where she stands as she continues.)

Sammy: It's funny how some distance makes everything seem small. And the fears that once controlled me can't get to me at all!

(Looking up the water tower beside her, she starts climbing.)

Sammy: It's time to see what I can do. To test the limits and break rules. No right, no wrong, no, not for me. I'm free!

(Reaching the top, she pulls out a can of spray paint from inside her jacket.)

Sammy: Let him go, let him go. I am one with the road and sky. Let him go, let him go. You'll never see me cry!

(Moments later...)

Sammy: (Crying) Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please! Don’t arrest me! Please don’t arrest me!!! Please!!!!

(Sammy, now in handcuffs, gets escorted into the back of a police cruiser.)

Sammy: Please don’t do this! I’m begging you please. I’m too young to go to jail, please! My daddy’s a cop! Please don’t do this, please!!!!!

(The door slams in her face as she gets hauled off to jail, sirens blaring. Meanwhile at the power chamber, Zordon starts to picks up on the effects of the spell.)

Zordon: I’m sensing some trouble, Alpha. Pull up some images in the coordinates I’m transmitting.

(Alpha follows the order and begins showing images of people bursting into fully choreographed song and dance. The effects are not just being felt throughout Angel Grove, but across the world and even parts of the galaxy.)

Alpha: Aye, ya, yai. We must be running out of ideas to run this type of gimmick out.

Zordon: Indeed. Contact the rangers at once. They must be alerted.

(Alpha tries t reach out to Tommy, who is still in the Youth Center along with Tanya and a sulking Kat.)

Katherine: I can’t believe I lost my screenplay. I’ve looked everywhere. I poured my heart onto those pages.

Tanya: I’m so, sorry hon.


(Behind them, Tommy takes the stage alone in a leather jacket. He tries to hit the jukebox and make it play.)

Tommy: AHHH!

(Instead hurts his wrist and damages the communicator.)

Alpha: Aye, ya, yai! Tommy’s been disconnected.

Zordon: Then contact Jason. And have him reach out to the others.

(Alpha turns back to the control panel to try and reach Jason. He’smade it home with Robbie, Rocky, Adam and Billy.)

Jason: Welcome to my private gym.

(He flips open the garage door, revealing tons of exercise equipment inside.)

Jason: We got weights, cardio and every machine a man could ever want.

Adam: Cool.

Robbie: You got a vending machine in here?

(The boys break, then get to work in their own corner. Robbie however take a seat with his pager anxiously in hand. As Jason approaches a punching bag, he speaks up about something that’s been on his mind since leaving the beach..)

Jason: So uh. What do you guys think of this whole Sammy thing? Crazy, huh?

Rocky: What do you mean?

Jason: Her in a gang? She’s not what I’d call a greaser chick. I mean, I get she’s not Trini, I get it. But’s not what I’d picture a criminal to be either.

Billy: (Running a treadmill) It may seem unusual from our perspective, and not that I would ever support such a decision, but people often find themselves in gangs when they feel they have no place else to go. (Shrugs) She must be feeling pretty invisible to come to such a decision.

Jason: Exactly. That’s what I don’t understand. She’s got a solid family. I’d imagine tons of friends.

Robbie: With all due respect Jase, you really haven’t been around the past year to know that.

Jason: What are you talking about? She’s one of my best friends.

Robbie: Are you? Cause I’d check with her on that one.

Jason: You seem to know her so well then. Why don’t you tell me what’s wrong? Did she get her heart broken by some idiot?

Robbie: Uh. That’s exactly what’s going on. Idiot.

Jason: What? …what do you mean?

Robbie: Dude. Really? The Bat Signal is less obvious than the signals she’s sent to you.

(Jason pauses. Still trying to process what he’s hearing.)

Jason: She likes me? Wow. I had… no idea. I mean we were very good friends and I know she cared about me…

Robbie: Jason. She has bedsheets with your face on them. Not the red ranger's face mind you, your face, okay? She did not buy them in a store.

Jason: Woah. That’s intense.

Adam: When you look at it, it kinda makes sense in a way. She's a young girl, probably still figuring out who she was when she met you, a handsome, older man. You were probably her first crush ever. And from where I stand hearing what I heard, it seems one sided.

Jason: (Sighs)...I mean Sam is... she's great. Sweet. Cute too. I’m really grateful she went to prom with me. I guess I never really thought about it seriously. I've always been too busy leading the power rangers. Then I left for a year when I stopped doing that.

Robbie: And you passed right by her when she tried to welcome you back.

Jason: Wait, you mean she was at the airport?

Billy: I’m starting to see why she’d feel invisible.

Jason: Hey, my best friend just died! I just came home from a world peace conference that ended in a full scale war. Meaning he died for nothing. We failed. I…

(He then realizes he’s yelling at nobody in particular and stopsmid-thought.)

Jason: …feel like such a tool now.

Billy: It's not too late. As long as she hasn't done anything illegal enough to get arrested you can always just talk her back from the ledge.

Robbie: Right. I’m sure this whole stunt is just some stupid cry for attention anyway. The girl’s never so much as Jay walked.

(Just then, Robbie’s pager rings.)

Robbie: (Eye roll) Hm. Hannah I’m guessing. I knew she couldn’t resist.

(Despite feigning annoyance, Robbie actually looks somewhat relieved to be getting a page from his girlfriend, who appears to have been icing him out since their argument. That all goes away when he actually reads the message.)

Robbie: Huh.

Rocky: Everything okay?

Robbie: Nope. I gotta go.

(Without saying much else he grabs his bag and leaves, leaving the others befuddled. They don’t get much time to discuss however, as Jason’s communicator rings shortly after. Meanwhile, on the moon. Rita preps an army of Tenga warriors for their upcoming strike as Zedd stalks his next victim: the tiny heir to the throne, Sprocket, who’s on a swing set as Krank and Orbus supervise.)

Prince Sprocket: Krank, when is daddy coming back?

Krank: Soon young Sprocket. He’s very busy.

Prince Sprocket: Everyone’s been making comments lately that make me think he’s dead.

Krank: What?! Whatever to you mean?

Orbus: Things have just fallen apart at the moment and he can’t come home.

Krank: There was a big blow up the King got caught in the middle of. He’s in bits and pieces right now and really could use a hand or two.

Orbus: He’s lost his top right now trying to make things right.

Krank: You’ll understand some day little one. When you become king.

Prince Sprocket: When I become king?

Lord Zedd: When I become king!

(As the conversation continues, Zedd makes a forceful proclamation to his legion of Tengas.)

Lord Zedd: My first order of business once I return to power is to destroy their entire castle. I shall wash the stink of their failures off the walls of my domain, and hold public executions to assure that no one shall cross Lord Zedd ever again.


Krank: It’s not all barking orders and standing in front of adoring crowds. It’s a lot of work.


Lord Zedd: I shall put a flat screen TV in front of the new throne. Scarface on a constant loop in the background. And to top it off, I shall change all the locks so Rita’s father can’t come back inside! Gyahahaha!


Prince Sprocket: Sounds boring! Security briefings, monthly reports to the Alliance. When I’m king I won’t do none of that junk!

Krank: But you must!

Prince Sprocket: Says who? I’m the King!

Lord Zedd: I make the rules!

(Congo drums start playing in a familiar symphony as the next melody begins…)

Prince Sprocket: I'm gonna be a mighty king. So rangers, you beware!

Rita: Well, I've never seen a king of evil, in his underwear.

Prince Sprocket: I'm gonna be the best tyrant. Like papa was before.

Lord Zedd: I promise you, I’m far from done. I’ll peak in season four.

Krank: Thus far, a rather uninspiring thing.

Prince Sprocket: Oh, I just can't wait to be king!

(Sprocket sprints up the monkey bars as Krank struggles to keep up.)

Prince Sprocket: No one saying, "do this."

Lord Zedd: I shall rule for miles!

Prince Sprocket: No one saying "stop that."

Lord Zedd: Death to Master Vile!

Prince Sprocket: Free to run around all day.

Lord Zedd: Free to do it all my way.

Prince Sprocket: Oh I just can’t wait to be King!

Lord Zedd: Oh I just can’t wait to be King!

Zedd and Sprocket: Oh I just can’t waaaaaaaaaait to be Kiiiiiiiiiiiing!

(We fade back to earth, where Jason has lead much of the team to the power chamber.)

Jason: You need us Zordon?

Zordon: Yes Jason. We have a situation developing in Angel Grove.

Adam: (Looks around) We’re a little shorthanded.

(From the back entrance, Tommy enters panting. His hair looking disheveled.)

Tommy: Oh god. That stupid bus wouldn’t stop for me. I had to chase it halfway crosstown. One of you guys could’ve let me teleport off of you, you know

Katherine: You were trying on costumes and muttering to yourself. We… didn’t want to bother you.

Tommy: …

Billy: What’s the situation? Has Mondo returned?

Zordon: No, it doesn’t appear that way.

Jason: Has the Empire launched a retaliatory attack?

Zordon: Negative.

Tommy: Are we… in any danger whatsoever?

Zordon: I… don’t think so.

Adam: Huh? Then… why are we here?

Zordon: It appears a spell has taken over that forces people at random points to burst into song and dance.

Tanya: Okay?

Zordon: This kind of ineffective lighthearted mayhem could only mean that Rita and Zedd are trying to fill the void left by the Machine Empire’s absence.

Katherine: (Gasps) That would explain my screenplay going missing.

Tanya: Wait, all these songs are from your screen play? These are your words?

Katherine: It seems like it.

(Slowly the rest of the teens turn to the viewing globe and witness two Martians singing a highly derivative musical number.)

“Raindrops on daisies and whiskers on puppies. Bright sunny mornings; I fancy I’m lucky. Chocolate ice cream while I’m riding my bike, these are a few of the things that I like.”

Adam: Huh.

Katherine: There must be a word for such a heinous act like this.

Tommy: I’d go with plagiarism.

Jason: Wait, so is this all, Alpha? Are there any real negative consequences we should be worried about?

Zordon: That much isn’t clear. But it obviously indicates some sort of larger scale plan.

(And right on cue, the alarms blare.)

Billy: What’s going on now?

Alpha: It appears we have our larger scale plan.

Zordon: A gang of local teenagers appear to have been turned by Zedd’s forces into monsters. Evil bikers to be more specific, bent on destruction.

(The image cuts to that of the street toughs, now resembling evil gremlins in bikes and leather jackets.)

Tanya: (Points) Hey. That looks like Zac F. Ron and the rest of the bikers we saw earlier.

Billy: Wait, so does that mean…?

Jason: Sam is… one of them?

(A troubled look comes across the gold ranger’s face. He tries to make out which monster she’s mutated into, but the signal drops.)

Jason: …

Rocky: Don’t worry man. We’ll put an end to his and get her back safe.

Jason: Yeah… thanks.

Alpha: Billy and I will look for ways to reverse this spell and return them to normal.

Billy: (Shrugs) There should be a simple fix. I mean if it’s Zedd and Rita, they might as well have a button sticking off the side of one of them.

Jason: (Nods) Right. Let’s hope so.

Tommy: (Steps forward) Alright so the plan is simple. We’ll keep them at bay and prevent them from doing too much destruction. But we don’t finish them, got it? We just need to buy time.

Jason: Got it. Alright let’s do it. It’s morphin time!

Tommy: Hey! That’s my-

“Zeo Ranger One, Pink.”

“Zeo Ranger Two, Yellow.”

“Zeo Ranger Three, Blue.”

“Zeo Ranger Four, Green.”

“Zeo Ranger Five, Red.”

“Gold Ranger Power!”

(Now morphed, the rangers head into town. But heading their way for the big rumble, the Greasemonkeys snap their fingers in a line as they march forward.)

The Greasmonkeys: Evil’s gonna have their way. Tonight.

(On the pposite side of town, the rangers do much of the same…)

Power Rangers: Good is gonna have their day. Tonight.

The Greasemonkeys: The Power Ranger’s grumble: "Fair fight."

Power Rangers: But if they want a rumble, we'll rumble 'em right.

The Greasemonkeys: We're gonna hand 'em a surprise. Tonight.

Power Rangers: We're gonna cut 'em down to size. Tonight.

The Greasemonkeys: They started this mess.

The Power Rangers: And we're the ones to stop 'em once and for all, tonight!

(As most of the team continues to march forward, Jason lags behind, till finally stopping. He looks up longingly into the sky as his mind turns to other matters.)

Jason: Tonight, tonight, I hope to save my love tonight. And for us, stars will stop where they are.


Sammy: Today the minutes seem like hours. The hours go so slowly, and still the sky is light. Oh moon, grow bright, and make this endless day endless night,

Jason: I’m gonna get the girl tonight!

(As Jason charges off to catch up with the others, Sammy finds herself locked up in a local police station, huddled in a corner. Her biker chick makeup has run down all over her cheek. The only sound other than her echoed sobbing is that of her bunkmate flushing the toilet behind her.)

Sammy: …

(She looks around and finds Bertha, former high school bully and current convict wiping her hands and staring back at her. Remembering that it’s eat or be eaten in jail, she tries to suppress her urge to continue weeping and puffs out her chest.)

Sammy: Sup.

Bertha: (Nods) …

Sammy: I-I got top bunk, okay?

Bertha: (Chuckles) Hm. You can cut the act little girl. I can hear your knees knocking from here.

Sammy: …

Bertha: What are you in for?

Sammy: Uh… (Clears throat) Trespassing and vandalism.

Bertha: Not bad.

Sammy: Y-you?

(Bertha pauses before answering.)

Bertha: I ripped the tag off a mattress.

Sammy: (Reassured) Oh… that’s…

Bertha: And shoved it down the shopkeeper’s throat.

Sammy: …that’s not bad either.


(The booming male voice from down the hall could only belong to the bailiff, as he approaches with a set of keys.)

Sammy: Yeah?

Bailiff: You’ve been bailed out. You lucky to have friends in high places.

Sammy: (Gasps) Daddy?

(She looks over behind the bailiff…)

Robbie: That’s one way you can refer to me from now on.

(Without hesitation, Sammy bursts out of the cell door and rushes over to give Robbie the tightest of hugs. Meanwhile, at the power chamber, Billy finds himself up against some surprising resistance while trying to reverse what Rita and Zedd have done.)

Billy: The spell against the biker gang is surprisingly iron clad.

Alpha: What do you mean Billy?

Billy: It appears the chemical makeup of the spell contains energy matching that of Goldar, Rito, Squatt, Finster. Even Rita and Zedd. It’s almost like there’s’ some of each of them in these monsters.

Alpha: That's strange.

Zordon: Maybe not Alpha. It appears their absence has given them time to discover new and more complex ways to combat us.

Billy: This plot is complex?

Zordon: More so than you think, yes. It appears Finster has created his own artificial grid, similar to the morphing grid, which carries the essence of all good, Zedd’s grid is the essence of all evil.

Billy: What does this mean?

Zordon: It means unlimited and constantly regenerating source of power. As long as the pillars of this grid stand these monsters cannot be defeated by conventional methods. It is by far their most cunning and devious plan yet.

Alpha: Aye, ya, yai.

Billy: How do we stop these guys then?

Zordon: Similar to the morphing grid which will stand forever as long as I continue to exist, Lord Zedd’s will continue to function unless one of the pillars are permanently neutralized.

(It takes a second for Billy to process...)

Billy: That means… we have to…

Zordon: Yes Billy. You must destroy a member of Zedd’s Empire.

Alpha: Aye, ya, yai! That's never been done!

Billy: Well… technically we defeated Scorpina in Scotland. I mean it took a brand new power source and an entire second team of rangers, but it is possible.

Zordon: But as you know, Zedd and Rita's clan never stick around long enough to actually be defeated. They always flee when they know death is imminent.

Billy: If only there was some way to get a hold of one of them for long enough. If only I knew how…


Squatt: Eer. Hai. I’m Sammy.

(On top of a housing complex above the meeting grounds for the rumble, Squatt, dressed like a biker girl in thick glasses and a black wig, gets goaded into pretending to be Sammy.)

Jason: Sam! There she is!

Squatt: (Reading cue cards) I'm the cute and quirky relate-able... girl next door who skateboards and plays video games. Pushes up glasses.

Goldar: You idiot. You’re reading stage directions.

Squatt: I'm clearly underage but am used as wish fulfillment for white boys.

(Jason, the white boy, walks to the front of the pack looking dismayed.)

Jason: Sam. Look at what they did to you. You look horrible.

Squatt: Hey!

Jason: Man. I'm sorry it took so long for me to pay attention. But I'm here for you now. You may look like a warthog’s bloated corpse right now. But I know deep down you're still the same pretty, funny, cool coworker who trained me at McDaniel’s when no one else gave me the time of day.

“Why don’t we dance?!”

(He’s suddenly blindsided by a stiff right to the jaw by F. Ron and drops to the ground.)

Katherine: Jason!

(The rangers try to rush to their friend’s aid but get blocked off by the remaining trolls and forced into a circle surrounding F. Ron and Jason. The latter is still on the floor.)

Justin B. Burr: Hahaha!

Tanya: What’s happening?

Po: Rumble rules. Two fighters dance at one time. No jumping in.

Jason: …

(Jason rubs is jaw as he gets back to his feet. He looks up to see a troubled looking “Sammy” looking back down on him. Ready to fight for her soul he puts up his dukes as Zac F. Ron starts dancing around him. Literally. Dancing around him. He produces a pocket knife, but despite some choreographed swings, doesn’t come near hitting him.)

Jason: Huh…? What are you doing?

(The rest of the greasers cheer on the action as if they’re watching an actual fight.)

Zac F. Ron: What does it look like I’m doing? I’m dancing!

Finster: Oh. Wow. He’s serious about that.

Goldar: You moron. These monsters are useless!

Finster: D-don’t blame me! Rito’s the one in charge.

Goldar: Do something, Rito. Your plan is sinking fast.

Rito: Uh! Get down their Squatt! Get involved. Show some leg or something.

Squatt: What?!

Rito: Go!

Squatt: Yaaaah!

(Without hesitation he pushes Squatt down the side of the two story building. Jason continues to look back at F. Ron looking both troubled and confused. And then “Sammy” runs in…)

Squatt: My boyfriend! Leave him alone!

Jason: Sam, no!

(“She” bursts inside the circle and gets between the two warriors in an attempt to break up the fight. Instead, F. Ron grabs the decoy by the jacket collar and points his knife at Squatt’s throat.)

Squatt: Uh oh…

Tommy: Sammy!

Zac F. Ron: Fork over the Zeo crystals or the dame gets it.

Jason: You greaser scum. What happened to never hitting a girl?

Zac F. Ron: Correction. Those are your rules to follow. We greasers have no rules. Hehehe.

Jason: ...

Tommy: (Reaches for communicator) Zordon, we need help.

Zordon: Alpha, contact Robbie immediately.

(On a bus across town, Robbie sit in the back with Sammy, who is fast asleep on his shoulder.)

Zordon: Yeah?

Zordon: Robbie, the rangers need you down by a dark alley downtown. The entire biker gang has been turned into Zedd’s latest creatures. They're using Sammy as a ransom.

Robbie: Uh...

(He slowly turns to Sammy. Even pokes her face.)

Robbie: No they're not.

Billy: Wait. What do you mean?

Robbie: She's right here with me. I just bailed her put of prison.

Billy: ...

(Billy then switches the image back to the rumble and carefully studies the image of the decoy for a lot longer than he really should before it finally hits him.)

Billy: Of course. Tommy, Tommy!

Tommy: Yeah?

Billy: That's an imposter! That isn't Sammy.

Tommy: What?!

Billy: It’s Squatt. Grab him. Destroying him is the only way to reverse this spell.

Tommy: I’m on it.

(Tommy breaks from the circle and dives right in between Jason and the hostage situation.)

Po: What is he doing?!

Backster Eebhoy: He’s breaking the rules of the rumble!

Tommy: Correction. Those are your rules to follow. Sui-yaa!!

(Tommy lands a hard roundhouse kick that not only knocks the knife out of F. Ron’s hand, it cleans Squatt’s clock as he drop like a brick to the floor.)

Tommy: Jase, you okay?

Jason: Tommy. What did you do?

Tommy: It's a fake. (Picks up wig) It’s just Squatt in Disguise.

(Jason looks down and sees Squatt, sands wig, flailing about helplessly, like a turtle turned over. His colleagues however, see the writing on the wall.)

Finster: We’re busted!

Goldar: What do we do?

Rito: Uh… I left something back near the dumpster. Be right back.

(Just like that they vanish, leaving Squatt all alone.)

Tommy: Sam is safe. Don't worry.

Jason: Thanks man. (Shakes head) I can’t believe I almost gave up my powers to save Squatt.

Tommy: It's okay man. The lines of right and wrong get blurred sometimes. I know.

Jason: You do. But that's why you're leader.

Tommy: (Nods) Thanks bro.

(The rest of the team line up behind their leader as the turn to a still staggering Squatt and the greasers.)

Squatt: Uh oh. (Looks up) Where’d everybody go? Rito? Guys?

Adam: Sorry Squatt looks like you’re on your own.

Jason: Now what do we do with you?

Squatt: I-I’m not alone. I’ve still got my greaser friends and by…

(He turns around and finds the entire gang has also disappeared. The sound of revving bikes in the distance.)

Squatt: …back.

Tommy: Alright, Zeo blaster engage.

(The Zeo blaster forms in Tommy’s hand, combining all of the six base Zeo ranger weapons. He points it at the weak link of Zedd’s entourage, who knows his time is running thin.)

Squatt: Oh no! Oh no, oh no, oh no!! This can’t be happening.

Tommy: Oh it’s happening. Send Baboo our regards when you meet him in hell.

Squatt: But he’s not dead yet!

Tommy: Then we’ll send him our condolences. FIRE.

(The rangers line up in formation behind Tommy as he unleashes a mighty blast from the cannon. Thunder strikes behind them, emphasizing the beam that strikes him dead on, engulfing him into a ball of flames. When it’s all said and done, there was nothing remaining. Meanwhile, back on the moon…)

Lord Zedd: In just a matter of moments, you will all take part in a moment of history. When I, Lord Zedd, resume command of the moon base and we throw those tin cans in the trash where they belong!

(He’s met with cheers from his adoring Tenga warriors. He continues.)

Lord Zedd: Some of you are likely to not survive this attack. But I can assure you, your sacrifices will be long and quickly forgotten as soon as I conquer this rock and destroy the power rangers in a single swoop! Ahahaha!

(Just then, Rito and the crew casually reappear beside Zedd.)

Rito: Sup. We got a party going on?

Lord Zedd: Wh-what?!

Rito: Mind if you save me some leftovers? I had a big lunch.

Rita: You’re back already? That was quick. But the rangers?

Rito: Yeeeeah. That was kind of a stupid plan. And it was doomed when you put me in charge of it. I mean… haha… what did you expect was gonna happen?!

Lord Zedd: What?! So you failed?! How could this be?!

Rita: And where is everybody? We’re missing people.

Rito: Oh. Yeah. Squatt didn’t make it back.

Rita: What?!

Rito: Yep. Squatt went boom. Really funny too, he was in drag when he went down. He’ll have a nice laugh when he rematerializes.

Rita: Rito, Squatt… doesn’t rematerialize.

Rito: Oh. Well then that must’ve hurt like hell. (Kisses sky) Rest easy, big guy.

Rita: You moron! That was my godson, I’ll kill you!

(Rita lunges toward her brother in a fury and tries to strangle him, but gets held back by her crew. Zedd tries to intervene on the fracas himself but feels a sudden wind blow past his face, followed by a loud explosion.)

Lord Zedd: What the?!

(Unnerved, he looks around and finds an arrow sticking out of the ground some ten yards away from him. He takes a closer look at the arrow that he finds quite peculiar. It wasn’t an ordinary arrow, as its point was in the shape of a heart.)

Lord Zedd: I don’t believe it…

Rita: What’s happening?

“You were just leaving.”

(A male voice calls from behind with a hint of royalty in its cadence. Rita, Zedd and the others follow the voice and find two figures in the distance.)

Goldar: More robots.

Rita: My goodness. Look at them.

Rito: My goodness. Look at her…

(Next to the man, who looks like an adult version of Sprocket, is a shapely robotic woman holding a bow. A lustful look welded onto her face, suggesting she uses her looks as a weapon to lull her targets.)

Prince Gasket: Her name is Archerina. And I’m Prince Gasket. Word has reached me that father is away. We are here to ensure that my family is protected.

“Big brother?”

(Hearing the ruckus from the playground, Sprocket runs over to and greets Gasket with a big hug.)

Rita: Brother?

Goldar: Looks like Mondo has another son.

Prince Sprocket: What are you doing here?

Prince Gasket: I’m here to protect you and ma, little one.

Prince Sprocket: No! I can protect the family myself. I’m gonna be king someday!

Archerina: (Chuckles) That’s sweet dear.

Prince Sprocket: (Pouts) …

Prince Gasket: As heir to the Machine Empire I shall assume control. And my first order of business.

(On cue, an army of cogs appear right beside him.)

Prince Sprocket: Get rid of these pesky invaders.

Rita: (Leans in) Zeddy, let’s get out of here.

Lord Zedd: Quick, get the RV.

Finster: Way ahead of you!

(Finster pulls up in the RV on command, causing the entire team to rush inside. They slam the door in the faces of desperate Tengas who are forced to fly away as the trailer races off in the opposite direction. Once all that remains of them is the trail of dust, Krank and Orbus approach the duo.)

Krank: Master Gasket, Lady Archerina! You’re here!

Orbus: So are Zedd and Rita it seems.

Prince Gasket: Don’t worry about them. I shall handle them if they return. But my first order of business.

(He slowly turns his head to planet earth.)

Prince Gasket: Is finish what my father started; conquer earth and destroy the power rangers.

(We fade back to earth one final time. Billy returns to the Youth Center’s beach location and finds Adam sitting alone by the bar nursing a drink.)

Billy: Hey Adam.

Adam: Hey.

Billy: I just spoke with Zordon. He said the greasers have returned safely, with no memory of being turned into monsters. He did say the singing and dancing would take some time to wear off though.

Adam: (Nods) Sounds good.

Billy: Uh. What are you doing out here, by the way? Isn’t Kat running rehearsals of her show?

(Slowly, Adam turns his face to him, revealing a look of utter defeat.)

Adam: Yes, she is.

(Further down near the stage, Kat is indeed running live rehearsals. The seats are mostly empty and thinning out fast. Those that remain look baffled by what they see.)

Tanya: (Walks over) What’s going on Kat? Why does everything look so different?

Katherine: Well after they took my screenplay, I was forced to rewrite it from scratch.

Tanya: But these are all dancing cats on stage.

Katherine: …I didn’t remember most of it.

(They turn to the stage where it’s just a mess of uncoordinated dancing and stolen lyrics. Even Bulk, who is seated up front as director, appears to have given up and storms off.)

Katherine: The greaser did however decide to drop their beef if I put them in the play. I guess they really enjoyed the spell cause they’re some of my best performers.

Tanya: Nice. Well that’s good for them. And Ernie.

Katherine: Yep. Even better: Jason was kind enough to relinquish his role too. I didn’t even have to ask.

(Amidst the madness on stage, Tommy walks out stage front, wearing a leather jacket with grease in his hair. He quiets everyone down with his mere presence and one simple phrase...)


Katherine: He said that some things in life are more important than simply being the lead.

Tanya: Tell that to the new guy.

(Even with the tepid applause of those that remain, Tommy appears to relish the moment.)

Tommy: Yes! Thank you. Thank you all. What’s that? Encore?

Tanya: Say, where is Jason by the way?

“Oh god. This is so good…”

(Elsewhere, Robbie takes Sammy to a nearby park where she munches down enthusiastically on a hotdog.)

Sammy: You have no clue when you're out in the world. You take real food like this for granted.

Robbie: Sam, you were locked up for three hours. They didn't even feed you.

(She doesn’t reply as she gobbles down the last of her dog.)

Robbie: …

Sammy: (Wipes down face) Thank you for doing this by the way. The rest of the gang stopped answering the phone when I called from the police station.

Robbie: How about that.

Sammy: You… really didn't have to this, Robbie.

Robbie: Yeah I did. It's what friends are for.

(She again doesn’t reply right away, this time however because he caught her off guard.)

Sammy: I'm really sorry for what I did. Ruining your chances with Trini. I feel horrible.

Robbie: It's okay.

Sammy: It's not. I know how much she means to you and I made her coming back about me and what I wanted. It was so selfish, you have no idea how much it's haunted me. I deserved everything that's happened to me.

Robbie: Sam. It's okay. I forgive you.

Sammy: ...thank you. That... means a lot.

Robbie: You’re welcome.

Sammy: I love you.

Robbie: Stop.

(There’s a brief pause while Robbie lets it all sink in. He then shrugs before responding.)

Robbie: I don't have many friends to start being choosy. So I guess I'm stuck with you.

(They share a brief chuckle before Sammy speaks up again.)

Sammy: So Hannah. How's that going?

Robbie: It’s going.

Sammy: I never really understood how you two got together to begin with. I mean you're both so different. I mean what drew you to her? What do you see in her?

Robbie: ...

Sammy: I mean besides her obvious Aryan goddess looks, her long silky blonde hair, her unbelievable fashion sense. Her car, her money, her fame, her strawberry scent and the aura she radiates that makes you feel like you're in elite company now. That you mean something because you’re associated with her.

Robbie: You forgot she’s easy.

(Sammy bursts out laughing.)

Sammy: I guess I get it from the outside looking in. She’s perfect.

Robbie: You would think so, yes.

(He then pauses before speaking up once again.)

Robbie: How are you, by the way?

Sammy: Better. Thanks. My arm is almost fully healed.

Robbie: No, I mean you. How are you?

Sammy: What do you mean?

Robbie: You... haven't had the best last few weeks have you? I stopped talking to you, you broke your arm and lost cheerleading, the thing you lost me for. Never mind the Jason stuff.

Sammy: Um. Well. No. It hasn't been easy. Blindly basing your whole life around something that was never gonna happen? It kinda leaves your whole identity in limbo when reality finally hits. It left me at a loss as to what came next. I guess when I joined the gang, I just didn’t know what to do with myself.

Robbie: You could have started by being honest with yourself. And by not being an idiot.

Sammy: Huh?

Robbie: Sam. How did you break your arm?

Sammy: I told you. I tried to climb the water tower and slipped.

(He looks at her pensively before responding.)

Robbie: Did you slip? Or did you let go?

(She doesn’t answer. And just looks down at the table.)

Sammy: You wouldn’t understand.

Robbie: (Exhales) Well. To answer your question, about Hannah. Let’s just say she… kept me from falling off the water tower. She made me realize that all the hurt you may be feeling. The kind that makes you want to let go. That’s it’s only temporary. That it gets better. She did that without realizing it herself.

Sammy: ...

Robbie: I guess… all her faults aside, she’s really done a lot for me. And she means a lot to me too. She’s great, really. I guess Just I don’t give her enough credit. I mean she’s at least there. Isn’t that what ultimately matters the most?

Sammy: (Nods) …it is.

(There’s another pause before Sammy speaks up.)

Sammy: How did you manage before you met her? Losing the person that meant the most to you. Feeling insignificant and alone.

Robbie: (Grins) I was lucky. I had friends to lean on.

(Sammy smiles at his pointed comment. But Robbie wasn’t finished…)

Robbie: Besides, I checked. You didn't lose anybody.

Sammy: Huh?

“Yo Sandy.”

(Sammy turns around and Jason behind her in a leather jacket. Another familiar tune plays as he addresses her…)

Jason: I got chills! They're multiplying! And I'm losing control. Cause the power you're supplying. It's electrifying!

Sammy: …

Jason: I better shape up. (Ooh, ooh, ohh) Cause I need a girl. (Ooh, ooh, ohh) And my heart is set on you. I better shape up...

Sammy: Jason, wait.

Jason: What's wrong?

Sammy: Your singing. Is terrible.

Robbie: Yeah man. How are you starring in a musical?

Jason: I got recast.

Robbie: That makes sense.

Jason: I... just wanted to make a statement. Sam, I'm sorry. For everything.

Sammy: What do you mean?

Jason: I had no clue how you felt. I've always been way too caught up with myself and trying to get my life together that I somehow missed something special right in front of me.

Sammy: (Gasps)...

(She turns to Robbie, excitedly.)

Robbie: (Shrugs) “What are friends for?”

Sammy: (Turns back) Really? You mean you...

Jason: I do. Sam, you're an amazing girl. I knew this since you quit your job at McDaniel's for me. I knew this when I asked you to prom.

Sammy: ...

Jason: My life hasn't been easy. I'm short on moments where I can stop and smell the flowers. But I have a moment right now.

(She tries her best to act cool, but struggles to contain her excitement.)

Sammy: (Restrains) ....Eeeeeeee!!

Jason: Sam. Would you... like to go get dinner with me?

Sammy: ...I would!

(She then pauses.)

Sammy: But… as friends.

Jason: Huh?

Robbie: What?

Sammy: Don't get me wrong. I have been dreaming for this moment for the past two years. But... that's part of the problem. I've been too tied up in this fantasy I've had, and I’ve lost touch with reality in the process.

(Those words resonate with Robbie as he stares off into the distance. Sammy continues…)

Sammy: I really hope I'm not blowing my chance with you right now. And I would understand if you weren't okay with this, but I need some time. I need to find myself again. To be okay with myself before I can be okay with anyone else.

Jason: Hey. No sweat. Take all the time you need.

Sammy: (Exhales) Thank you, Jason. It's good to know I have such good friends by my side.

(As she speaks, a slow, yet somber piano tune kicks in the background. Sammy twiddles her fingers and looks up reflectively.)

Sammy: Have you ever felt like nobody was there? Have you ever felt forgotten in the middle of nowhere?

Robbie: (Nods) …

Sammy: Have you ever felt like you could disappear? Like you could fall, and no one would hear?

(Jason walks forward.)

Jason: Well, let that lonely feeling wash away. Maybe there's a reason to believe you'll be okay. Cause when you don't feel strong enough to stand. You can reach, reach out your hand.

(He reaches out his hand, which she gladly accepts. Robbie walks around the other side and places his hand on her shoulder.)

Robbie: And oh, someone will come running. And I know, they'll take you home. Even when the dark comes crashing through. When you need a friend to carry you. And when you're broken on the ground. You will be found.

(Suddenly, everyone in the cast appears to sing the final chorus; this includes the rangers, Bulk and Skull, the greasers and most recurring characters. Jason picks up once more…)

Jason: So let the sun come streaming in. 'Cause you'll reach up and you'll rise again. Lift your head and look around….

“You will be found.”

Robbie: So when the sun comes streaming in. 'Cause you'll reach up and you'll rise again. If you only look around…

“You will be found.

Even when the dark comes crashin' through.
You will be found.

When you need someone to carry you. You will be foooooooouuuuund. You will be fooooooooooouuuuuund.”

Sammy: You will be found.

(Cut to black as the episode comes to an end. We pick up during the end credits a police style transcript of a phone call taking place sometime after the preceding final number…)

[Transcript begins.]

Hannah: Hello, Robbie?

Robbie: Hey Hannah?

Hannah: You paged me Robbie. Are you okay?

Robbie: Yeah, I…

Hannah: Is something wrong?

Robbie: Nothing’s wrong. I just wanted to say… I missed you. And sorry. And thanks.


Hannah: Aww. Robbie. I don’t know what to say.

Robbie: No need to say anything.

Hannah: I miss you too. I’m with the girls so I’ll talk to you later, kay?

Robbie: Sure.

Hannah: I love you.

Robbie: Love you too. You… hang up first.

Hannah: [Laughter] No you hang up.

Robbie: You hang up.

Hannah: No you hang up.

Robbie: You hang up.

Hannah: No you hang up.

[Robbie terminates call.]

Hannah: Robbie?

[End transcript.]

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