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You read fast!

Lol and yes, Rocky is back to his old ways of ruining everything.
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BrownRangerKev wrote: View Post

You read fast!

Lol and yes, Rocky is back to his old ways of ruining everything.
Sometimes speed-reading can come back to bite me, thankfully not this time
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So, I want to become more active in the fanfic community here, and I figure the best way to do that is to leave reviews!

I didn't expect to enjoy this work, and I admit, I am a long way from finishing the epic, but I really liked it. I think it is more humorous than I was expecting, which worked in its favor. I am not sure that the humor would fit in the actual series but it works here!

I am going to keep reading, and maybe one day I will even catch up! Keep up the good work
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Looked through a few episodes... very interesting - and I am very impressed with the scale of this work.
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Tanavar wrote: View Post

So, I want to become more active in the fanfic community here, and I figure the best way to do that is to leave reviews!

I didn't expect to enjoy this work, and I admit, I am a long way from finishing the epic, but I really liked it. I think it is more humorous than I was expecting, which worked in its favor. I am not sure that the humor would fit in the actual series but it works here!

I am going to keep reading, and maybe one day I will even catch up! Keep up the good work
Welcome to the series!

Thanks for the honesty too. I understand that looking in from the outside, my format does not look attractive to most readers (Script format over novel). But I know how much effort I put into each chapter and know that once somebody give it a shot, they'll like it.

I'm glad to have converted you lol. Hope to hear more from you as you continue reading. Take your time. This is a long series, but it'll always be here for you to enjoy!

fb111a wrote: View Post

Looked through a few episodes... very interesting - and I am very impressed with the scale of this work.

Thank you! And welcome aboard to you too. I hope to keep hearing from you as you keep reading!
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I hope you've all enjoyed the last chapter. Just a quick update. Went nuts with the re-writes in my head while in the shower last week, so I Made some minor changes to the episode listing and the overall arch.

With that said, after leaving the series around 2014... two long awaited returns to Angel Grove... unless the Empire has anything to say about it. Stay turned. Might be out as early as next week.
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Fan Fiction Author
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Season 4 - Episode 8: A Ship Without it's Anchor

Zordon: Okay rangers, new rangers, stand in formation with the leader holding the sword in the air.

(We begin today in the old command center. No, it has not been rebuilt and no, you are not watching a re-run. But we do recall a pivotal moment in the team’s history as the powers are transferred from Jason, Zack and Trini before they embark on their journey to Switzerland.)

Jason: You joining us Trini?

(Trini hesitates for a second as everyone stands in formation but her.)

Trini: No, I’m not.

Robbie: What?!?!

Trini: I’ve changed my mind. I’m staying right here in Angel Grove.

Robbie: Trini, are you sure?!

Trini: I’ve thought about it. And yeah, this is a great opportunity. But what I’m throwing away now is nothing to what I risk throwing away if I go…

(She slowly turns to Robbie, who looks floored.)

Trini: Robbie, I’ll stay here. You’re right, I don’t have to go through with this. I have everything I could ever want right here.

(She places her hand on his chest.)

Robbie: No, you don’t. Trini, you don’t mean that.

Trini: Yes I do Robbie. I love you.

(Robbie’s heart sings at the sound of her voice uttering those words. Words he’s only ever heard out of her mouth. But still, he just can’t bring himself to let her sacrifice everything she’s ever wanted for him.)

Robbie: I love you too Trini. More than you could ever know…

(He places his hand over the hand on his chest before continuing.)

Robbie: That’s why I can’t let you do this. I can’t let you make that mistake. Not for me. This is the moment you’ve been working toward you’re whole life. You have the whole world ahead of you. I’m just some hoodlum.

Trini: …but you’re not!

(He puts his hand up as if to ask her to stop. Both their eyes begin to water.)

Robbie: Stop… please Trini. This is extremely hard for me. Just go. I’ll be here when you get back.

(She responds softly, as her voice begins to give out.)

Trini: Thank you… and I will be back. I promise.

(The moment begins to fade away, back to the present time, just under a year later. Robbie is curled up in bed, staring aimlessly at the wall. The calendar on his wall has today circled as an important day. Today is the day Trini returns from Switzerland. And he couldn’t be feeling any worse for such a moment.)

Robbie: …

(A little under a week ago he broke it off with Hannah. Who, in his now idealized version of her, is an amazing, beautiful, yet vulnerable woman. Whose only flaw is that she’s not Trini. He’s stricken with intense guilt given the timing of this break up, feeling he may have led her on until his “real girlfriend” returns. It’s 8:45am. Trini and Jason’s flight doesn’t get in until 5:00pm. Yet he decides now to get up and get ready to leave to meet her at the airport, figuring he hasn’t slept anyway. Meanwhile…)

King Mondo: Today, marks an important day. The beginning of the end of the power rangers, and the cleansing of their very lineage!

(Facing a legion of adoring followers, King Mondo addresses the Empire from his balcony on the moon. Something large scale appears to be going on. A large mysterious ship is seen orbiting earth in the distance.)

King Mondo: The end of earth as we know it is upon us. And it will all be because of this man.

(Mondo summons a projection of Tommy as he continues.)

Orbus: So, brown ranger was right!

King Mondo: Their dear leader, Tommy, wears his heart on his sleeve. He lives and dies for the safety of his friends and the poor citizens of Angel Grove. It is sickeningly admirable, but as clear an opening for exploitation as I have ever seen.

(The projection changes, to that of Jason, Zack and Trini.)

King Mondo: Today is also a day in which three of Tommy’s friends return from a yearlong hiatus.

(Slowly, Zack’s image fades from the projection.)

King Mondo: Or, rather two of them.

(He grins evilly to himself before continuing.)

King Mondo: Their plane must never arrive in Angel Grove. This leads to too many possible problems should they decide to rejoin the team. So I predict some… turbulence lies in their future.

Queen Machina: This plan is absolutely marvelous!

Prince Sprocket: Yeah! Totally foolproof!

(The projection switches, to one of Klank and Orbus.)

Prince Sprocket: Never mind. I found the fools.

King Mondo: Fighter jets will tail this flight out of their radar. In the meanwhile, Klank and Orbus will deliver a ransom letter to red ranger. He has until the flight starts its descent to pay that ransom or he’ll have more lives to weigh on his conscience. The price of that ransom you ask?

(He leans forward for emphasis.)

King Mondo: The red Zeo crystal.

(The crowd bursts into applause as his minions already spring to action. Back on earth, we find most of the teens at the Youth Center. Repairs from Mondo’s attack still evidently need to be made, yet the room looks festive nonetheless. Streamers and balloons adorn the walls. Sammy is there too, working on a giant “Welcome Back Jason and Trini” banner. Billy and Adam are by the barstools blowing up more balloons, while Tanya with Sean are busy studying amid the madness.)

Tanya: Okay Sean, so that’s how you get the answer to number 3.

Sean: I gotta say, Tanya. You’re a lifesaver. I don’t know what I’d do without you.

(Tanya smiles appreciatively.)

Tanya: You’d do just fine Sean. You’re a smart guy. Smarter than you know. Now just do what I did for number’s 4 through 7.

(He looks down blankly at the sheet of paper, then drums up a dramatic response.)

Sean: It’s still not… totally clear to me.

Tanya: …

Sean: (Sighs) I’m just never gonna get this. Man, coach is gonna kick me off the team for sure. I’ll never get that scholarship. I’m just a stupid, handsome piece of garbage.

Tanya: You’re not Sean. (Pauses) …I guess I can do number 4. Just watch carefully please.

Sean: Sounds good…

(As Tanya sinks back into Sean’s worksheet, he immediately starts glancing at his cell phone.)

Adam: (Mutters) I guess he is smarter than she knows…

(From the barstools, Adam looks on disapprovingly as Billy talks to him.)

Billy: So I’m hoping that will this new failsafe I put in place we can monitor any disturbances with our powers and alert Alpha and Zordon right away to resolve it.

Adam: Uh… cool. Sounds good, Billy. Sounds like you’re doing a lot of good.

Ricky: Here you go. Sweets for my sweet.

(Next to the two are Ricky and Hillary. The former handing over a shake to his new girlfriend.)

Hillary: Aw, Ricky. You didn’t have to.

Ricky: I want to. Even if I need to work late, I promised you a romantic meal. And I will give you the most romantic meal of your life. You ready to order?

Hillary: Mozzarella sticks please!

Adam: You guys look cute together.

Billy: Affirmative. How’d you two meet, anyway?

Hillary: (Giggles) Oh, my gosh. It's such a funny story. Tell them, Rick.

Ricky: No, you tell them. You say it best.

Hillary: (Giggles) Okay so get this.

Adam: …

Hillary: He saw me, and he came over. He said hi, and I said hi.

(Billy and Adam pause in anticipation, then realize that’s it.)

Billy: Oh, wow.

Hillary: I know!

Ricky: Hang on a sec, I gotta check on a table.

(Ricky steps away and takes a rag with him. Hillary eyes him leave, but her eyes wander to the corner where Rocky is sparring with Tommy.)

Tommy: Hey, your girls’ checking you out.

Rocky: She is?

Tommy: Yeah. Be cool. I got you.

(Rocky nods, then goes for a takedown, only for Tommy to immediately counter and slam Rocky hard to the ground.)

Rocky: Ugh.

(Hillary winces and turns away as Tommy gets up proudly.)

Rocky: (Groans) I thought you were gonna make me look good…

Tommy: (Raises eyebrow) Why would I do that?

Tanya: Hey Ernie, two sodas please.

(Tanya walks over by Billy and Adam to order drinks.)

Ernie: You got it.

Billy: Thirsty?

Tanya: More like tired. We need to refuel.

Adam: We? Or you?

Tanya: What’s that supposed to mean?

Billy: You have been doing a lot of the leg work for him, Tanya. I’m not sure he’s really trying to absorb what you’re teaching him.

Tanya: He’s struggling right now, and he’s very self-conscious about it.

(She looks back over to him and sees him buried into his phone with a smile.)

Adam: Oh yeah. He seems devastated.

Tanya: …

Adam: Aren’t you worried that he’s taking advantage of you? Who’s to say he’s not just using you to get his grades up. For all we know he could be talking to another girl right now.

Tanya: He wouldn’t cheat on me Adam. He told me so himself.

Adam: Oh yeah?

Tanya: Yeah. He said I’d just find out anyway.

Adam: …

Tanya: Look, I appreciate the concern, but I can handle my own relationships.

(She leaves, grabbing the drinks in a huff.)

Ernie: Hey, she didn’t pay.

Adam: (Exhales) It’s okay Ernie. I got it.

(He reaches into his pocket to pay for her, as Billy gets up from his seat.)

Billy: Well I should get going. I’m working on some more upgrades to the team with Alpha.

Adam: Oh yeah? Like what?

Billy: (Shrugs) It’s confidential. You’ll find out soon.

Adam: Alright. Take care, man.

(He leaves as Adam continues to pay for the drinks. Just out of his sight, an unmarked letter appears that just reads “Tommy.” Ernie spots it as he hands Adam his change.)

Ernie: Huh? Where’d this come from?

(Ernie picks it up and studies it.)

Ernie: Tommy, this is for you.

(Tommy has just finished his workout and is wiping himself down. He walks over and takes the envelope and looks at it strangely.)

Tommy: What is this?

Adam: (Grins) A love letter maybe?

(He opens it up and unfolds the letter. He finds a mysterious, typed letter…)


Your friends are coming home today. DEPENDING ON YOUR NEXT FEW DECISIONS, THAT IS. To see them land safely, you will Jump in the nearest lake to deactivate all electronics. Then YOU WILL meet us at the quarry before 4:30pm. Bring your Zeo crystal. Nothing else.”

(Tommy’s heart starts racing as he quickly becomes unnerved. He continues reading.)

“You are being watched. Do not try to grow a back bone. No cops. No power rangers. Destroying your friends is as simple as the push of a button. You will stand a 100% chance of seeing them again if you do what we ask.

Don’t try to be a hero. Be their hero.


(He folds back then letter, then starts looking around at the balloons and streamers.)

Adam: So, what is it?

Tommy: It’s not a love letter…

(He leaves abruptly, leaving Adam scratching his head. He passes by Tanya and Sean, who continue to go nowhere with his tutoring.)

Tanya: Okay Sean. What did you get for number 6? Did you solve for X?

Sean: (Sighs) Man, why are you pushing me? I told you I’m not getting this! The system has failed another poor black youth.

Tanya: …


Trini: You’ve got this Robbie. Just follow the formula, then when you solve for X, check the answer.

(We jump back in time to another moment during Robbie and Trini’s relationship. This time, they’re inside her bedroom, sitting atop her twin sized bed. Random papers are sprawled all over the place as they seem to be studying for their finals.)

Trini: Okay… what did you get, Robbie?

(Similar to Sean, Robbie doesn’t seem to be paying attention.)

Robbie: Your eyes are so pretty.

(Trini grows bright red as she grins widely.)

Trini: (Giggles) You need to focus.

Robbie: How can I with a tutor like you?

Trini: Shh! Shh!

(Trini puts her finger over his lips as she hears someone by her open door. Her father passes by slowly. He peers in suspiciously, then leaves without saying a word. Once the coast is clear, she leans in and lands a soft kiss on the lips.)

Trini: Well, you don’t have a choice.

Robbie: Come on. We just toppled the great Rita Repulsa two days ago. We saved the world and prevented earth’s greatest tragedy since D-day. We deserve a day off at least!

Trini: Yeah…

(After a brief pause, she drops her notebook.)

Trini: What if this is it though? As a ranger?

Robbie: Sounds good!

Trini: No, I mean just you. You completely destroyed the StegaZord. Zordon said it might jeopardize your future as a ranger.

Robbie: Yeah… he did say that.

Trini: I don’t want to continue without you.

Robbie: Trust me, the feeling’s mutual.

(There is another sudden pause as the two consider what his possible exit means. He looks back at her and tries to convince her to stay should that happen.)

Robbie: The rangers need you. Believe it or not, you’re extremely important to that team. You keep everyone from tearing each other’s heads off.

Trini: And what’s gonna happen to us?

Robbie: I’ll still be here, I’m not dead.

Trini: Are you sure? Because that’s what Tommy said when he lost his powers, then he disappeared. He seemed dead for a while.

Robbie: You got your hopes up too, right?

Trini: Robbie…

Robbie: I’ll just come back in a few with my own version of “Go, Green Ranger.”

Trini: I’m serious.

Robbie: I know… I’m trying not to think about it.

(He bows his head, staring off into space. She places her hand over his.)

Robbie: This year has meant a lot to me.

Trini: Me too. And… I just want you to know, that no matter what happens. No matter how far apart physically we might be. Ranger or no ranger. I still want this. I still want us. You’re worth it.

(He turns to her and smiles. In real time however, while that statement sticks in Robbie’s head, it’s clouded in uncertainty.)

Robbie: …

(In the present, Robbie finds a seat near the arrival’s gate. A cup of burnt airport coffee and a cheap clearly microwaved burrito on his lap as he eyes the time of arrivals board. It is 11:30am and no information about Trini’s flight is even up yet. Still, Robbie keeps himself occupied as he recalls that moment with her. The sentiment felt genuine at the time, though distance clearly played a role in how their lives branched apart. He wonders if it’s realistic to expect them to pick up where they left off, or if they were indeed two ships that passed in the night. Had he just jumped off his own ship to enter another ship that would never pass again?)

Robbie: …

(While thinking of ships, he reaches into his pocket. He pulls out the tiny anchor necklace that he got for her birthday before she left. A source of apparent support for her, as recently as a few weeks ago. He’s somewhat reassured, but still nervous about the next few hours of his life.)

King Mondo: Ah, perfect.

(As Robbie stares into the anchor necklace in his palm, back on the moon, Mondo stares approvingly into the anchor face of his latest monster, a humanoid robot dressed as a pirate with a sword, a hook hand, wooden leg and the aforementioned anchor for a face.)

King Mondo: I give you, the Anchorman. The perfect diversion for the other rangers to weigh them down from rescuing poor old Tommy.

Anchorman: Aye, those rangers won’t be going anywhere. (Raises hook hand) Once they get a whiff of me, they’ll be hooked!

King Mondo: Ahaha. Marvelous. We shall waste no time then. Go down to Angel Gove and wreak havoc.

Anchorman: Arrrr. I’ll make them pay an arm and a leg for messing with the Empire.

(He vanishes.)

Klank: The puns are gonna be top notch this week.

Orbus: I’d pay a buc-an-ear to listen in.

King Mondo: …


Sammy: What?! What do you mean you can’t take me to the airport? You promised. How could you?!

(Back at the Youth Center, a hysterical Sammy looks up from the banner she’s working on to look at a pale faced Bulk, holding a full tray of drinks.)

Bulk: I know, I know. I’m sorry.

Sammy: You know what this day means to me, right? I’ve had it circled on my calendar for months. I ordered this calendar in advance just so I can circle the date. I got a job at the Juice Bar so I could buy the calendar. I forged my working papers so I ca-

Bulk: I know. I get it, Sam. Sorry. But something came up last minute. We’re gonna need to be holed up in the garage for a bit.

Sammy: You’ve been holed in that garage for weeks. I’m starting to think you have hostages living in there.

(Bulk stares back at her nervously before forcing out a chuckle.)

Bulk: Heh… that’s crazy. What makes you say that?

Sammy: Because you have four drinks in that tray instead of two.

(Before Bulk can respond, Skull approaches with what looks like way too much food in a bag for two people, while holding a list.)

Skull: Man, these guys are really cleaning us out, Bulky. And so many diet restrictions. One of them doesn’t even have a stomach. I don’t get it.

Sammy: …one of who?

Bulk: Uh… (Checks watch) Look at the time. Gotta go. Say hi to the dweebs for us.

(Bulk pulls Skull by the collar and yanks him out of the Youth Center, leaving Sammy to pout to herself. They pass by Kat, who now occupies the seat Sean was sitting at. She eyes her own watch as a look of concern takes over her face.)

Katherine: Has anybody seen Tommy? We were supposed to meet.

Tanya: (Looks around) I don’t know. I thought he was already here.

Rocky: He’s gone.

(Rocky walks in, wiping off sweat with a towel.)

Katherine: Gone? Why? Where?

Rocky: (Shrugs) I dunno. He read some letter, then said he had to go.

Katherine: That’s weird. Why wouldn’t he just reach out to me?



(While walking down an empty road, Tommy re-reads that line from his letter over and over again. Each time he becomes conflicted over asking for help, his conscious weighs him back. Already dripping wet too after having dunked himself in a lake so as to deactivate his communicator. Not wanting to lose any more friends, his beaten soul also cannot deal with more innocent civilians that he failed to rescue.)

Tommy: Man… what do I do…?

(At the same time, the costs of their potential freedom are too great. The possibilities of handing his Zeo crystal to the wrong hands could be catastrophic, and could end way more lives than he could save. The very thought however, of not handing over his crystal sinks Tommy’s stomach into a bottomless pit. His friends’ lives depend on this choice. After all they’ve done for him, they deserve just as much.)

Jason: You guys ready for the transfer.

Rocky: Ready as I’ll ever be.

(As he continues to wander down the road, he recalls that fateful day that Robbie also recalls quite well. Although for different reasons.)

Zordon: Okay rangers, new rangers, stand in formation with the leader holding the sword in the air.

(Tommy walks over to Jason to hand him the sword.)

Tommy: I guess this belongs to you.

Jason: No. You keep it… leader.

(It takes Tommy a second to process what Jason meant, but as soon as he does his eyes open wide. He turns to Jason, who just gives him a wink before throwing on his Tyrannosaurus helmet one final time. The word “leader” starts echoing in his head. A position Jason held first and held proudly as he kept his team safe through thick and thin. It’s a position Tommy holds proudly too. But as he finds himself stuck between killing his friends and surrendering his powers, he doesn’t feel like much of a leader right now.)

Tommy: …

(Unsure of how to proceed, he finds himself already walking toward the quarry. As if his subconscious brought him here. He pauses briefly before the fenced area, before walking in.)

King Mondo: Wonderful!

(On the moon, Mondo gloats to himself, seeing Tommy enter the quarry.)

King Mondo: He’s almost in position. It’s time. Start the diversion.

(Almost instantly, mayhem ensues as the anchorman appears randomly in a mid-day traffic in crowded downtown Angel Grove.)

Anchorman: LAND HOOOO!!!!


(Materializing before an oncoming cab, the cabbie slams the brakes right before it hitting him.)

Anchorman: Ahoy there, matey…

(The Anchorman repays the cabbie for not hitting him by jamming his sharp hook hand into the hood, then effortlessly yanking it off. The driver bursts out of the car and runs off just as the monster picks up his large saber and buries it into the running engine.


(A large blast triggers mayhem around it as several cars screech to a halt, slamming into one another in the process. The monster relishes in the anarchy as he heads deeper down the road, randomly destroying cars left and right as he swings aimlessly. Meanwhile the developments have yet to reach Billy and co back at the power chamber.)

Alpha: Our big surprise is gonna rock their socks off, don’t you think?

Billy: Indeed. It’s really bound to shake up the dynamics of this team. I’m very proud of our work.

(Just then, the alarms startlingly blare.)

Alpha: Aye, ya, ya, ya, yai.

Billy: What is it?

Alpha: Look at the viewing globe!

(They witness the scene downtown, that’s quickly escalating.)

Zordon: Contact Tommy, right away.

(Billy types away on the control panel, but seems to have some issues.)

Billy: That’s strange.

Alpha: He’s not answering?

Billy: Worse, I have no trace of him anywhere. I’ll try Robbie.

(He again types away. He has a lock on his coordinates, but no reply. Robbie is in his seat at the airport, now with earphones on, listening to his old Walkman. The tape inside reading “Happy Birthday, Robbie!”.)

Billy: (Shakes head) Negative.

Zordon: Contact Adam.

Alpha: Aye, ya, yai. We’re really sliding down the totem pole here. I hope he answers. Oh…

(At the Youth Center…)

Sammy: Hey Kat. Everything okay?

(Wandering nervously at the Youth Center, Kat gains the attention of Sammy.)

Katherine: Huh? Yeah. I’m okay. That’s a pretty sign.

Sammy: Thanks! I was actually hoping to wave it at the airport. But it doesn’t look like that’ll be possible.

Katherine: Oh… do you need a ride?

Sammy: (Gasps) Is that an offer?

(Suddenly, Adam waves her over. He taps his communicator, signaling trouble.)

Katherine: No… I… can’t right now. Sorry. I gotta go.

Sammy: (Raises eyebrow) Okay… why is everyone being so weird today?

(As the rest of the team leave, Lindsay and Hannah simultaneously enter. Hillary sees them and walks over as Hannah slumps into a chair near Sammy.)

Hillary: Hannah? Are you okay?

Hannah: (Shrugs) Robbie dumped me.

Hillary: (Gasps) Really!?

(The conversation suddenly catches Sammy’s attention, who listens in from a distance.)

Hannah: (Nods) I don’t understand why. I thought things were going so well.

Hillary: He didn’t give you a reason?

Hannah: No! He just kept saying it wasn’t working out for him. Sounds just like every guy before him. (Sighs) I wonder if maybe I’m the problem here.

(There’s a brief pause before she answers her own question.)

Hannah; No, it’s him.

Lindsay: It’s definitely him.

Hillary: Yeah. He’s always seemed a bit smug to me.

Hannah: You think so?

Hillary: Yeah. Like he’s better than us. He probably thinks we’re just, catty, uneducated girls. Robbie’s nothing but a chauvinistic pig. Whatever that means.

Hannah: Thanks girls. I can always count on you.

Hillary: Let us get you a drink. On us.

Lindsay: …or on daddy! (Flashes credit card) He always knows how to cheer us up!

(As her friends skip away toward the juice bar, Hannah takes a second to look around. The festive decorations finally register to her, though still not knowing what’s all for. Before she can look too much into it though, her eyes cross Sammy, who swivels around to face her.)

Sammy: So, he dumped you?

Hannah: What’s it to you? You into him?

Sammy: No. I’m spoken for.

Hannah: …

Sammy: Shut up. I will be after today. But it just so happens he’s a very good friend of mine.

Hannah: He is?

Sammy: Yeah. Glad to see he came to his senses.

(Hannah gets up from her seat and moves toward Sammy.)

Hannah: You gotta help me then.

Sammy: Why should I?

Hannah: Because if he’s your friend you’d want him to be happy. I can make him happy. Please. Just tell me what I need to do to win him back. Is there something I can say? Something I can wear?

Sammy: Underwear is always a good.

(Before Hannah can reply, she lays eyes on Sammy’s poster. It reads ‘Welcome back Cousin Trini and Jasey Bear” with several hearts trailing after.)

Hannah: Wait… what is this?

(After a second to process, Hannah finally starts to put two and two together as to why Robbie suddenly became distant and broke up with her. She turns to Sammy, now with a sense of urgency.)

Hannah: Where’s Robbie right now? You need to tell me.

Sammy: I… uh...

(Figuring she’ll need to go another route, Hannah leans in and lowers her voice.)

Hannah: I’m a very connected girl at school, Sammy. Plus, I have a car. I can make this worth your while… just tell me where he is.

(Her voice lowers to a whisper by the end. Still, Sammy seems uneased by the proposition.)

Sammy: Uh… this doesn’t feel right…

Trini: This feels right, doesn’t it?

(Elsewhere, in another place and time, Robbie and Trini walk down a warm summer street hand in hand. Both beaming ear to ear with the eagerness that only a new relationship brings.)

Robbie: I’m more of a winter guy.

Trini: I mean this!

(She lifts his hand at eye level.)

Robbie: Oh. I like that feeling.

(After a year of close calls and false starts, the two finally shared their growing feelings for one another. It only took the death of Robbie’s father and an upcoming prom for the two to let their guards down simultaneously. This is the next day as Robbie walks her home. After replying and without breaking eye contact, he pulls her close to him. His hand around her waist.)

Robbie: But I like this feeling better.

Trini: Robbie!

(She can’t help but turn beet red as her as her chest meets his. She gazes into his eyes as if they were glued together. A smile she can’t wipe away if she tried. She rests her hands along his shoulder, at least briefly, before snapping back to reality.)

Trini: I… uh… hope you’re okay with taking it easy at first. I hope you understand.

Robbie: I do.

Trini: I just… while I’d really love to dive right in, and just let me free myself with you and be happy. It’s also something I’m not used to.

Robbie: …

Trini: Being in a relationship with you will bring a lot of attention. And I’m usually the one that’s just gotten by in the background. I don’t like that kind of attention that some of our friends seem to thrive under.

Robbie: You’re preaching to the choir. In fact the next time I hear “Go, Green Ranger” during a fight, I’ll be the one going.

Trini: Right. I just don’t want that kind of scrutiny.

Robbie: And I guess you being with me will bring a lot of attention that isn’t exactly positive.

(She stops him.)

Trini: Then we’ll prove them wrong.

Robbie: Right.

(They smile at one another, she locks her fingers around his and brings it back up to eye level. We return to Robbie on the bench in the airport. A wrestling magazine opened in his lap and an opened soda on the ground beside him. It’s 3:25pm.)

“Fight 0226 from Bern, Switzerland is experiencing an hour long delay. We apologize for any inconvenience.”

Robbie: (Sighs) …

(Elsewhere, some 40,000 feet in the air, that very plane is in flight. A giant unidentified space ship, the same from earlier now in a visible distance. It now takes over the peripheral views of the plane, understandably worrying the pilots. Unbeknownst to them however, is that in the far distance, the plane is being tailed by two fighter jets operated by cogs. Their fingers steady over a red trigger, waiting for their cue. With the flight still on route to California, the captain gets on the PA to address his travelers and crew.)

“This is your captain speaking. There some uh… traffic ahead of us. We’ve been instructed to take a detour to our destination. This may take up upwards of an extra hour, possibly more depending on when we get the all clear. I’m gonna go ahead and put on the fasten seatbelt sign at this time. So please just sit tight and enjoy the rest of Spy Hard.”

(Audible groaning is heard. Meanwhile back down at ground level, the Anchorman continues his trek downtown, reaching a nearby movie theater. A line around the block for a showing of “Muppets Treasure Island.”)

Anchorman: Angel Grove! Yee misunderstand me. I come in peace. I merely want directions to the nearest second hand shop! Yohoho!

(As he closes in, he catches the attention of the movie goers who have yet to catch on.)

“Man, that guy is dedicated. He must really love the Muppets.”

“Pft. Please. Clearly a low budget suit. Look you can even see the zipper on his back.”

Anchorman: YAAAAAAAR!!!!

(The monster grabs the nearest garbage bin and throws it into the crowd, who suddenly get the message and scatter. The Anchorman, looking to cause maximum chaos in a crowded environment heads for the theater entrance…)

“Hey you! Stop right there!”

(Just then however, Adam and the rest of the team appear, fully morphed.)

Adam: Back away. You don’t belong in there.

Anchorman: (Groans) Why? Is the movie rated… ARRRRRRR?

Rocky: Ha.

Adam: That’s clever. But we’re here to get the last laugh.

(Just then, they pull out their laser pistols in unison and fire a blast at his chest that drills him dead on. He hits the floor, but quickly gets back up in a daze.)

Anchorman: You blasted rangers. When I’m through with you. I’ll make you walk the plank!

(On cue, a swath of cogs appear beside him. The shorthanded rangers dive right in to protect the town. Rocky takes the lead with the monster. Dodges a saber swipe, gets back up to land a kick. But it does no good as he eats a backhand with Anchorman’s hook hand. Katherine dives in to cover him, but a cog jumps in after her and kicks her away as well. It catches Tanya from its peripherals and trips her up before she can land a blow. She then is pinned under the wooden leg of the monster.)


(Buried under the weight of a steel being, Tanya pleads for mercy. Adam being left rushes in to defend his friend.)

Adam: Let her go, Anchorman. You get one warning, Retreat now before we leave you a smoking pile of scrap heap.

Anchorman: Too bad I don’t smoke. I’m on the patch!

(He emphatically swipes his blade at Adam as he finishes his statement, sending the green ranger flying backwards in a sea of his own cloud and sparks. At the command center, the alarms start blaring again.)

Alpha: What’s going on? Nothing’s changed.

Zordon: Alpha, Billy. Our new detectors are sensing a disturbance in the morphing grid.

Billy: You mean our new fail safe already caught something?

Zordon: It appears so, Billy.

(Billy looks into it from the control panel and confirms Zordon.)

Billy: You’re right. Somethings being pulled unnaturally. Like somebody is manually removing someone’s power.

(Looks into it further, and can’t believe what he finds.)

Billy: It’s Tommy.

Alpha: Aye, ya, yai.

Billy: Can we get a lock onto his location. His communicator seems to not be working.

Zordon: Lock onto his Zeo crystal. Hopefully he is still in possession of it.

(Billy pulls up an image. It Tommy’ walking up a rocky quarry with brown paper bag in his hand.)

Alpha: Aye, ya, ya, ya, yai! What is he doing?

Zordon: I do not know, Alpha. But I am not sensing any outside influence. He is not under a spell that I am aware of.

Billy: Should we alert the others?

Zordon: No. Monitor the situation first. There could be a reason he has not reached out to us. However misguided that may be. Alert the others only if necessary.

Billy: …alright.

(Tommy continues walking up the rocky hill until he reaches the top. There, he finds an unmarked black car in the distance with its windows tinted.)

Tommy: …

(He pauses, eyeing the car for a while. Unsure of what to do next. Finally, the car flashes it blinkers at him. He hesitantly walks a little closer until a figure steps out of the car. A black wool mask covers his face, though is clearly Klank by the uncovered body. He’s even holding a smaller robot like Orbus, who is also wearing a black wool mask. Tommy waves the paper bag in the air.)

Tommy: Show me your walkie-talkie.

(The taller figure raises a small black walkie-talkie from his waist.)

Tommy: Call off the attack.

Not Orbus: You do not make the demands. You have no leverage here.

Tommy: …

Not Klank: Aye. You want to see your friends alive again, hand over the bag.

Tommy: I need to make sure this isn’t a trick. I’m handing over my powers. But I need a little reassurance.

Not Klank: (Bows) You have our word. Now please…

Tommy: …

(Tommy slowly walks over to the mid-point, then carefully drops his bag on the floor.)

Not Klank: Now walk back.

(Despite feeling a deep, foreboding sense of regret, Tommy slowly inches back. The taller figure moves forward.)

Tommy: Wait. Call off the attack. Call off the attack!

(He doesn’t listen. Instead he kneels over to pick up the bag, then looks inside.)

Not Klank: This is it.

Tommy: …

Not Klank: (Into walkie-talkie) Kill them.


Billy: It’s a trap. I should’ve known.

Zordon: Alert the others right away.

Alpha: I’m on it, Zordon.

(Billy looks on. A look of concern in his eyes.)

Billy: This isn’t good.

(Storms out.)

Alpha: Where are you going?

Billy: I-I gotta go.

Alpha: Billy!

“Kill them.”

(The cogs receive their orders. They both nod in acknowledgement then lock on to their target. At the last moment however, the plane takes a hard curve to the left, falling right out of their bullseye with the giant ship hovering just above them. The cogs scramble to relocate their target, but in that time the ship starts to move. A large cannon appears from the bow that aims at the cogs, then blasts them into smithereens before they have the time to react.)

Not Klank: Kill them! Do you copy?

Not Orbus: I don’t hear a loud boom?

Not Klank: Hey, cogs!! Do you copy?

Tommy: …

(During the delay, Tommy eyes the paper bag in Klank’s hand and considers making a dive for it. Orbus catches on however…)

Not Orbus: Screw this, we got what we needed. Let’s get out of heeeeeee….

(Out of nowhere, Klank is yanked from behind and pulled around with Orbus. Before he can make sense of what’s happening, Klank is drilled in the face with a flying kick and knocked over. Orbus helplessly flies several yards away as does the bag.)

Tommy: …?!?

(Without hesitation, Tommy rushes over the grab the bag back. Once secured, Tommy shifts gears to the new person. He slowly looks up to find the man staring back at him, motives unclear. It is a majestic looking black figure, adorned in golden armor around his knee, elbows and torso. His eyes obstructed through his dark visors, in the shape of a mysterious six sided symbol. Tommy is unsure what to make of it, or if he’s an ally or not. Mondo however, is a little more certain as to how to react.)


Queen Machina: A new ranger it seems…

King Mondo: Good eye, Machina. It seems you’ve cracked the case.

Queen Machina: Your tone is not necessary, Mondo. I’m just trying to help.

King Mondo: I wanted to prevent more rangers coming in. How did he get here?!

(Before waiting for a response, he leans forward over the balcony to shout his next orders.)

King Mondo: Anchorman, stop what you’re doing and destroy him!!!

(On Mondo’s cue, the Anchorman and an army of cogs appear to back up the fallen Klank and Orbus.)

Anchorman: I’ve been summoned by the captain!

Tommy: Aw man…

Anchorman: Arg. Where is he? Let me at em. Wha-

(In a gold and black blur, the cogs to the left of him fall, then to the right of him. Then before he can make sense of anything he takes a fall to the ground.)

Tommy: AHHH!

(Startled, the blur comes to Tommy, but stops short of him. His back is turned to Tommy as he strikes a pose. The red ranger looks on in awe. The new guy says nothing, but waits for the enemies to get back up before getting back to work. He leaps into the air, landing right in the middle of everything. He blocks a wild punch with a kick, turns to gut kick another enemy. Dodges a third enemy who lunges at him, punches a fourth and lands a roundhouse kick to the fifth. He moves with such speed and grace the thought doesn’t cross Tommy’s mind to morph and offer help. He’s moving so fast Tommy doesn’t have time to have such a thought. Before long, the cogs are easily dispatched of, leaving Anchorman as well as Klank and Orbus, the latter still planted face down on the floor.)

Orbus: What’s going on? Are we winning?

Anchorman: Arg. We will when I’m through with yee. YARRRRRR.

(He charges for the gold ranger who doesn’t look to have broken a sweat. Instead the gold ranger summons a golden staff in his hand. He raises it over his head as it opens up. The staff then unleashes three powerful, golden beams directly at the enemy, who stops in his tracks as he’s engulfed in a powerful blast that eats him up entirely. He would not come out of the smoke it left behind, as the blast reduces him to nothing.

Tommy: Wow… you’re amazing.

(Then, just like that, the gold ranger summons his staff away and stoically turns away to stare off into the distance.)

Not Orbus: Who’s amazing? Anchorman? Did he kill whoever hit us?

(Klank scurries over to pick up his dusty partner.)

Not Klank: I’m afraid not little one. Mondo’s gonna kills us. I-I mean the leader of our ransom ring is gonna kill us. Let’s get outta here!

Katherine: Tommy!

(Just as the duo vanish in retreat, the rest of the rangers rush in from the distance.)

Adams: We got here as soon as we could.

Katherine: Are you alright?

(Still unsure of that fact, he looks down at the paper bag. At least his powers are secured.)

Tommy: …Yeah. I’m fine. I got a little help though.

(On cue, the gold ranger turns back around to face Tommy.)

Tommy: Alright fine, he did most of the work.

(It’s just then that the other rangers notice the figure standing before them. Their guards raise once more, standing in a fighting stance.)

Tanya: Who… are you?

Rocky: Are you… a friend or an enemy?

(But Rocky gets no response, just a momentary stare. Before the rangers can get much closer, he waves his arms before his face then vanishes into a bright gold beam of light. Meanwhile, on the moon.)


(He stews in defeat as he turns to his family.)

King Mondo: Where’s Klank and Orbus!? Just wait till I get my hands on them…

Prince Sprocket: Uh… Daddy?

(Sprocket appears with a letter in his hand.)

Prince Sprocket: This came for you.

(He yanks it from his sons’ hand, then opens it.)





(Back at the power chamber, confusion befalls the team despite their victory.)

Adam: Can somebody explain to us what just happened?!

(Back at the command center, rangers try to digest what happened.)

Katherine: Who was that guy? Do you know about him?

Tommy: Man, he was powerful. Unlike anything we’ve seen before.

Zordon: I believe we will find our answers in time, rangers. I am just thankful you are all safe.

(From the back, Billy re-emerges.)

Billy: You guys! You’re okay.

Tommy: Yeah…

Tanya: Billy, where were you?

Tommy: We thought you were here. Alpha said you stormed off and said you had to go.

Billy: …Bathroom? What else could that mean?

Tommy: Oh…

Billy: Perhaps I should be the one grilling you, Tommy. What were you doing arranging tradeoffs with the Empire?

(Tommy bows his head, expecting this to come at some point.)

Tommy: (Sighs) Yeah, I know. I think I made an error in judgment.

Tanya: You think?

Tommy: Yeah… I screwed up. I’m sorry. I was stuck between a rock and a hard place. I didn’t want people to die had I reached out for help. I didn’t know

Adam: Maybe… leave the letter behind so one of us could read it?

Tommy: (Sighs) And where were you two hours ago?

Tanya: Well thank goodness for Billy’s new failsafe’s. We were at least alerted in time.

Rocky: More like, thank goodness for that gold guy.

Tommy: Yeah… This ones on me, guys. I’m sorry.

Zordon: Tommy, no leader makes all the right decisions. In fact, being a leader sometimes means accepting when you’ve made a mistake. This means a willingness to learn from then.

Tommy: Oh I definitely will.

Katherine: Yeah. Don’t beat yourself up. I highly doubt in the heat of the moment we wouldn’t each do the same thing.

Alpha: You’re also in a bit of a grace period right now. If you hadn’t fought off a worldwide intergalactic invasion two weeks ago without your powers or Zords… we might be looking at a verbal warning for this.

Tommy: (Laughs) Thanks Alpha. I’m just glad everyone’s okay.

(Just then, Billy finds something on the computer that piques his interest.)

Billy: Even better. Everyone is here. Jason and Trini’s plane has arrived.

(An air of excitement suddenly fills the room.)

Rocky: Looks like we have a surprise party to prepare for!

Adam: Let’s do it!

(They all rush out through the back exit.)

Alpha: Have fun rangers! Tell them I said hi. And to call me!

Katherine: We will. Let’s hope Robbie’s at the airport already.

Trini: (Sighs) Where is he?

(Elsewhere, Trini is seen standing in a secluded street corner in a cold autumn evening. Clearly not in present time, but following what appears to be a very long day, Trini looks completely worn out. She is dressed completely down and her stringy unkempt hair is kept in a loose bun.)

Robbie: Hey!

(From further down the block. Robbie casually strolls toward his girlfriend.)

Trini: Hey? You’re 45 minutes late. I almost left.

Robbie: I’m sorry. Tommy and I were attacked by putties in the park. Still have that stupid “Go, Green Ranger” in my head…

Trini: Why didn’t you call me then if it was something serious? You just left me stranded out here.

Robbie: I’m sorry. It was just putties. I was just more focused on rushing over here.

Trini: It would’ve taken two seconds to at least let me know.

Robbie: I’m sorry! Geez.

(She lets out a frustrated sigh. Then tried to reset.)

Trini: It’s fine. I’ve just had a very long day with the Global Outright Program. And I still have mid-terms to study for and kung-fu in the morning. I’ve just been really overwhelmed.

Robbie: Yeah. (Sighs) I’ve heard that before.

Trini: Do you really wanna fight right now?

Robbie: You tell me.

Trini: What does that mean?

Robbie: You’ve been a ghost to me lately. I have to schedule days on my calendar just to see you. Just to see my girlfriend?

Trini: It’s not like I’m not avoiding you. I just thought you’d be more supportive of me. I’m chasing a dream here.

Robbie: I am supportive it’s just…

(As angry and frustrated as Robbie might be, he holds his tongue. He knows full well the slippery slope of complaining about her restricted schedule could never end in his favor. He decides to power through.)

Robbie: I am supportive. I’m sorry. Let’s just enjoy our time together.

Trini: Okay good… so where are you taking me?

Robbie: I decided to try and spice things up from our usual. So I did a bit of digging and I found a nice Indian place that got rave reviews.

Trini: Ooh. Nice. Did you call to make reservations?

Robbie: Probably not necessary. I’m sure we can just walk right in.

(Moments later the two stand in front of a boarded up restaurant, reading a sign that says out “Out of Business.” A look of sheer defeat comes over Robbie’s face.)

Robbie: Crap… guess I should have called.

(They stand a moment longer to soak it in. Though Robbie can feel her frustration radiating off her.)

Trini: Now what?

(Moments later, they find themselves eating plain slices of pizza at the Youth Center, a place they’d been too countless times. Conversation is at a minimum. Occasionally they share glances with each other between bouts of loud silence.)

Robbie: I’m really sorry. This… isn’t what I wanted. At all.

Trini: Don’t be sorry. This is fine.

(“Fine” is not what Robbie was looking for. He was looking to jump start a relationship he knew was in a rut. He wanted something new and better and exciting. But with her. Only her. He was alarmed by the feeling that that she is slipping away, and scared at the helpless feeling that he couldn’t do a thing to stop the bleeding. The person he’d invested his entire life too, has now relegated him to a secondary concern in his eyes.)

Robbie: …

Trini: …

(Robbie wasn’t attacked by putties, it was just an excuse for his lateness. The truth is, whether or not he realized this, is that he was simply looking for attention from her, even if it was negative attention.)

Robbie: …

Trini: …

(He had reverted back to acting out to be heard and he didn’t even know it. It was already too late by the time he did realize what he was doing; after finding himself in a bathroom stall with Hannah.)

Robbie: ...

Trini: …

(Still, he wasn’t the only one suffering in silence.)

Trini: Are you… still happy with me?

Robbie: What?

Trini: Are you?

(Not knowing where she is going with this, fearing this may be a possible segue to a break up speech, Robbie chooses discretion.)

Robbie: Yeah. Are you?

Trini: I… still love you. A lot.

Robbie: Okay. I love you too.

Trini: You’re my best friend. And nothing will ever change that.

(His heart races after the second half of that statement.)

Trini: But I feel like I’m not meeting your needs anymore.

Robbie: What are you getting at?

Trini: Nothing. I just feel really bad. I feel you’re not happy with me.

Robbie: I am happy with you. I’m really, really happy with you. You think I would be killing myself right now for screwing up a date with you?

Trini: Robbie, this is fine.

Robbie: I don’t want fine. I want… (Deep breath) I want things to go back to normal.

Trini: …

Robbie: You’re the love of my life, Trini. I thank god every day that I have you. You’ve made my life… so much better. You’ve made me so much better.

(Trini masks her face with her hair, she is visibly shaken to the point of tears.)

Robbie: I want… I know I’m stupid and young and “I don’t know what I’m talking about.” But I want to marry you. And lock you in forever with my sorry behind.

Trini: (Sniffs) I’d like that too.

Robbie: And I want you to be happy… but…

(His voice trails off. His reason has hit a wall he isn’t allowed to go near.)

Trini: …you want me to quit the Global Outreach Program?

(He slowly shakes his head. She’s unconvinced.)

Trini: But you do.

Robbie: No. I don’t. I… just want you to… be happy… and to have no regrets and…

(Robbie again trials off. He’s got nothing of substance to say beyond telling her what he really wants. Thankfully, Trini pulls her chair over to him and leans against him. She kisses his arm and rests her teary eyed head on his shoulder. They say nothing for a while.)

Trini: I’m happy with you. You meet all of my needs.

Robbie: You too.

Trini: You sure? You’re not gonna run off with somebody else?

(He smirks at the very idea.)

Robbie: Of course not.


(In real time, Robbie is snapped back into reality by a phone call. He opens his bag to check who it is. It’s Hannah. The odd timing of her call unsettles him, as he declines the call and puts the phone back in his bag. A deep pit in his stomach grows about what may happen right in the next few minutes. It’s a quarter to 7pm. Trini is expected to arrive out of that gate at any moment. Still, he has no idea what will happen after that. Doubt starts to settle in.)

Robbie: …

(Certain of how he feels about Trini, he can never truly be sure that he will ever place above any of her lofty aspirations. What drew him to her in the first place is what ultimately broke them up. And despite losing out to Trini in his heart, at least he knew where he stood with Hannah. And as much as he knows what he means to Trini, there’s nothing indicating that she’s done with these types of long trips. Or that they’re even picking up from where they left off.)

“Fight 0226 from Bern, Switzerland has now arrived and is now de-boarding at gate 0408.”

(He says nothing, but looks up to make sure he’s at the right gate, then takes a deep breath.)

“Yay! I’m so excited!”

(He turns to his left and finds Sammy next to him.)

Robbie: (Raises eyebrow) Sam?

(Unsure of when she got there, he also notes an oversized “Angel Grove Cheerleading Squad” T-shirt draped over her rail thin frame.)

Robbie: Uh… Where’s Bulk and Skull?

Sammy: They… couldn’t make it.

Robbie: So how’d you get here? And who’d you steal that shirt from? It’s swimming on you.

Sammy: I… uhh…

(Her face grows pale white as she doesn’t know what else to say. Her voice drops to a mousey squeal.)

Sammy: …please forgive me.

Robbie: …?

(About an hour later at the Youth Center, the rest of the teens are seen hustling to make final preparations for Jason and Trini’s homecoming party. Billy has taken a lead in ordering Ernie and everyone else around.)

Billy: That needs to go more to the left. The snack table needs to be framed by the welcome back banners. This is totally unacceptable.

(On the opposite end, Katherine and Tommy put up the finishing touches on decorations.)

Katherine: I’m so excited. I’ve heard so much of these people, I’m glad I’m finally gonna meet them.

Tommy: You’ll love them Kat. And I’m sure they’ll love you too.

Katherine: Thank you…

Tommy: Man, I just wish Kim were here. She’d flip to see Trini again.

Katherine: Yeah…

(As Kat stares off into space, Hillary comes out from the back in an apron and net with cut up meat on a dish. She sets it next to Rocky who sees an opening to talk to her.)

Rocky: Looks good.

Hillary: Thank you! It’s my grandma’s liver.

Rocky: (Gasps) Hillary no! You cooked your grandma?!

Hillary: (Giggles) You’re silly.

Rocky: Uh… yeah.

(Rocky fake laughs to cover for the misunderstanding. Shortly after though, followed by an awkward silence. Somebody looks to break it, but neither is sure what to say.)

Hillary: Are… you okay from your fall earlier?

Rocky: Huh…? Oh. Yeah, I’m fine. Thanks.

(Yet again, another pause. Rocky looks to take about three false starts in saying something before Hillary speaks up again.)

Hillary: Your friend… Robbie broke up with Hannah, right?

Rocky: (Nods) He did. I uh… I hope that doesn’t make things awkward…

Hillary: No. Not at all. I actually think he dodged a bullet.

Rocky: What?

Hillary: Don’t get me wrong, I love Hannah. But she’s absolutely nuts.

Rocky: Really?

Hillary: Oh yeah. It’s the same story every time. She finds a guy she likes, falls head over heels for them, sucks them into her world then chews them out when she’s done. I feel bad for most of them. They’re usually never the same after.

Rocky: Wow... Well, I’m glad Robbie got out of it then. He’s certainly a different type of guy.

Hillary: Yeah. Most of the guys she dates are older. Or younger. …or the same age.

Rocky: Right. Nothing like Robbie.

Hillary: Right!

Billy: Where’s the stew?

(Billy passes by with a look of urgency.)

Billy: There’s supposed to be a Swiss stew here front and center.

Ernie: It’s in the oven. It’s gonna be a little late. Takes like 40 minutes to cook.

Billy: 40 minutes..?!

Hillary: No worries. I just turned up the heat. It’ll be done in half the time.

(Alarms go off suddenly as they rush to the back. Before much attention can be put on that though the front door is heard opening.)

Tommy: Places people!! They’re here!!

(Everyone rushes to a hiding spot as Kat runs to the front to shut off the lights. Underneath a table, Adam and Tanya find themselves occupying the same hiding spot.)

Tanya: Hey.

Adam: Hey.

(There’s a brief pause.)

Tanya: Thanks for helping me earlier. With the monster.

Adam: (Nods) No problem. It's my job, Tanya.

Tanya: Happy anniversary by the way. It’s been a year since you became a ranger, no?

Adam: Oh. Thanks. (Laughs) It’s actually more like 9 months.

Tanya: Wow. A hectic 9 months then.

Adam: Tell me about it.

(Some shared snickering is followed by yet another brief pause.)

Adam: Where’s Sean? Shouldn’t he be here?

Tanya: Oh. (Shrugs) He was tired after all the studying and… went to the park to shoot some hoops with his friends.

(A judging look quickly forms on Adam’s face, but Tanya’s face starts to show dread in anticipation for his response. Adam sees this, then decides to back off.)

Adam: I’m sorry… I’ll save you a dance if you’re interested.

Tanya: (Smiles) Thanks Adam. I’d like that.

Billy: Shhh!

(The echoing sound of at least two footsteps become louder in the hallway until suddenly stopping. The lights flick on.)


(Everyone instinctively jumps out of their in jubilation for their returning friends. But quickly become deflated upon standing up, when they find Robbie standing alone at the entrance. The room quickly fills with disappointed groaning while Robbie nods in acceptance at the reaction.)

Robbie: I get that a lot.

Tommy: Where are they, Rob? Are they with you?

Robbie: Uh…

(As Robbie prepares to explain, he recalls the events that took place just moments ago.)

Sammy: …please forgive me.

Robbie: For what? What are you talking about?

(Just as she is about to spill the beans, something from the corner of her eyes steals her attention.)

Sammy: (Gasps) He’s here!!! Look!!! Play it cool!!! EEEEEEEEEE.

(Amongst the crowd of tired passengers, none having any clue of what their fates could have been, Jason Scott appears. The former red ranger looks especially run down and not in a pleasant mood. This doesn’t deter Sammy, who fights back her girlish squealing in her attempt to act natural.)

Robbie: …

(Not registering anyone else around him, Jason turns to a speaks to the gate agent for a while, Robbie eyes him. Mostly noticing that he’s alone. Jason finally turns his head and locks eyes with his former teammate. Robbie walks a few feet up to him and just looks into his old friends worn out expression.)

Jason: …

(Without sharing words, there was an immediate level of understanding between the two as Robbie was able to read between the lines. They both survived Geneva. They both saw what was there. Robbie has also picked up that behind usually his stoic expression, Jason had cried recently. Knowing enough of Jason, he simply nods meaningfully. Jason returns the favor, possibly understanding everything behind Robbie’s intent.)

Jason: This is for you.

(Jason reaches into his pocket and hands him a note, hastily written on an airplanes napkin. Jason then pats his shoulder, then leaves in the opposite direction of Sammy, bypassing her as she sticks her chest out to highlight her new shirt.)

Sammy: Wha- he just… Hey! He just ignored me! What gives?

(She looks at Robbie for an answer, but he’s far more interested in the note to pay her any mind. He flips the napkin over and reads it. It’s from Trini. It’s a brief note, whose exact wording is irrelevant. But states that for personal reasons she’s decided to stay a little while longer, before offering an apology. Robbie goes cold as he scans through the letter, not willing to even read it entirely. He feels stupid for expecting anything different. Suddenly, a voice calls out to him.)


(He turns around.)

Robbie: Hannah… why are you…?

Hannah: I just…

(Hannah slowly inches toward him.)

Hannah: I really just wanted to come talk to you. Before it was too late.

(Little does she know...)

Hannah: Look, I know I could never replace what she meant to you Robbie. You two… seem to connect in ways I can’t comprehend, let alone compete with. Even at our best, I think knew that.

Robbie: …

Hannah: And I’m sorry… that the start of our relationship will always be clouded in how your last one ended. But you know what? I’m glad it happened.

Robbie: …what?

Hannah: I’m not sorry, because I came out of it with an amazing, wonderful man. A man I will do anything to keep. Work through any and all hardships. I’m not gonna run away. Which is not something she can claim.

(That last sentence resonates with him. He glances back down at the letter as she continues.)

Hannah: Being with you has taught me to open up about my feelings. And I figure… (Exhales) If I’m gonna lose anyway, I might as well throw a Hail Mary.

Robbie: (Nods) …alright.

Hannah: Robbie, I have never done anything like this before. I’ve never dreamed that I’d be hunting down a boy at an airport to tell him how I feel before losing him forever. I mean I’ve had Molly Ringwald fantasies, don’t get me wrong. But I’ve always been Molly Ringwald.

(Robbie lets out a half grin. She continues.)

Hannah: But if I don’t tell you now how I feel, I could never forgive myself. Even when I’m 35. Even when I’m 65 and my face is still 35.

Robbie: (Coyly Shrugs) …Sounds like you’re in love.

(She slowly and carefully reaches for his hands.)

Hannah: I think so too.

(While her grand gesture make his immediate instincts scream “Screw Trini.” Part of him knows that reaction is what caused most of his messes to begin with. Slowly, Robbie pulls his hand away.)

Robbie: Hannah… I… can’t. Look. This wasn’t easy for me. I hope you know that. You got me through some really hard times and I’ll never forget it. You will always have a place in my heart for that, Hannah.

Hannah: (Sniffs) “…but.”

Robbie: But… if we were meant to be. Then today wouldn’t have made a difference. I… followed my heart when I broke up with you. And even if I come up empty today, I still think I made the right decision. (Exhales) It wouldn’t have been right to string you along. You deserve much better than someone who isn’t fully committed to you.

(He looks down to the ground, then exhales in defeat.)

Hannah: …I guess the Hail Mary didn’t work.

Robbie: …it usually doesn’t.

Hannah: Okay. I get it. Then, could I just ask you one favor?

Robbie: Sure.

(She looks back longingly into his eyes.)

Hannah: Kiss me. One last time.

Robbie: Hannah, I…

Hannah: Please. Just once more. I’ll bow out gracefully. I just need something to remember you by.

(Figuring that at this point, there would be no harm in it, Robbie leans in to give his departing girlfriend one last kiss. It quickly becomes more passionate than he anticipated, as Hannah leans her body in and places her hands on his cheek and around his neck. It’s then that he gets a second look at Trini’s note. He overlooked it the first time, but it was clearly scribbled on a note from the plane. The airlines’ logo is plainly labeled on the lower right corner. Right in that moment, Hannah releases, then spins him around so that he faces the gate.)

Robbie: …!

Trini: …surprise?

(He finds Trini is at the gate, staring back at him. Not knowing what to make of what she sees.)

Hannah: I’ll be in my car.

(It is then that it dawns on him that Trini had written that note as a lighthearted joke. And it backfired.)

Robbie: …

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Get out of his dreams, back into your car!
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Oooops :p
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Haha. May i guess you guys liked the ending?
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The character of Robbie is quite interesting - at least from what I've read so far. Trying to get caught up on this when I have time!
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Can't you just let him be happy? :p
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fb111a wrote: View Post

The character of Robbie is quite interesting - at least from what I've read so far. Trying to get caught up on this when I have time!
Thank you! Where are you at right now if you don't mind my asking? Did you start from the prequel or from the original start?

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Can't you just let him be happy? :p
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Thank you! Where are you at right now if you don't mind my asking? Did you start from the prequel or from the original start?
Started on this thread - currently at page six (RL really taking time).

LOVED Episode 67 - I think it brought in some of the balancing that the Rangers would have to do.
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Lol I hear a lot of people like that one. It's a fun early episode that really humanizes everyone. Glad to see you're liking it so far!
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Season 4 - Episode 9: Graduation Blues

Robbie: …if we were meant to be. Then today wouldn’t have made a difference. (Exhales) It wouldn’t have been right to string you along. You deserve much better than someone who isn’t fully committed to you.

(We pick up close to where he left off. In the airport as Robbie, who was awaiting Trini’s arrival is instead greeted by Hannah in a last ditch effort to save her relationship with him.)

Hannah: (Sighs) Okay. I get it. Then, could I just ask you one favor?

(She looks back longingly into his eyes.)

Hannah: Kiss me. One last time. Just once more. I’ll bow out gracefully then, I promise.

(Figuring that at this point, there would be no harm in it, Robbie leans in to give his departing girlfriend one last kiss. It becomes more passionate than he anticipated, as Hannah leans her body in and places her hands on his cheek and around his neck. Right as Robbie has second thoughts however, Hannah releases, then spins him around so that he faces the gate.)

Trini: …surprise?

(He finds Trini is at the gate, staring back at him. Not knowing what to make of what she sees. A few moments later is the most awkward car ride either of them have ever experienced. Trini sits in the back, her face pale white as she stares blankly out the window. Robbie in the front, looking like the blood has been drained from his face.)

Hannah: (Shrugs) So. Anyone up for sushi?

(Suddenly Trini turns her face toward the front, having realized she forgot something.)

Trini: …Where’s Sammy? Wasn’t she with us?

(We fade back into present day back at the Youth Center, as Robbie retells the story to his friends. He’s met with collective groans from all the party goers awaiting her and Jason’s return.)

Tommy: (Sighs) Figures you’d blow it.

Adam: I knew I should’ve just picked them up myself.

Robbie: (Shrugs) …I’m sorry.

(Behind him, a grinning Hannah walks in.)

Hannah: (Gasps) Oh my god. I love parties. What are we celebrating?!

(She presumptuously wraps her arms around one of his. He responds with a cold look before ripping his arm away and leaving. In the days that followed, Robbie had spent it hoping to make things right again. Trying to remain positive and not fall into his usual state of despair, he just waited for his moment to fix the mess he inadvertently created; hoping to just naturally catch her in school when she returned to class.)

Robbie: (Looking around classroom) …

(Except he never caught her.)

Robbie: (Looking around the hallway) …

(Slowly the days turned into weeks and she never turned up in Angel Grove High again. He came to learn that this is because Jason and Trini had decided to finish out their senior year in a different school. Weeks continue to go by, and Robbie, with no sense of direction, sinks into the background of the team once again. He’s instead focused on just trying to get by each day without falling into the inviting empty void that knows him too well. It’s a void, he knows, is impossible to get out of once he’s inside. He hasn’t even opened up to his friends either to avoid letting the feelings of despair creep in.)

Robbie: …

Katherine: I’m a little worried about him. He’s been so distant lately. It’s like he wants nothing to do with us.

Tanya: He usually talks to you, too. No?

Katherine: Yeah. But it’s like he’s unreachable now. Like on another planet.

Tanya: I hope he’s okay.

(Around Robbie right now is Kat and Tanya, inside of the school computer lab. Robbie is sitting across from them within earshot. but is just there as Kat and Tanya share their concerns.)

Robbie: …

Katherine: Me too. This isn’t the Tommy that I know.

(Only the concern is for Tommy. Not him.)

Katherine: The strangest thing happened the other day too during the fireworks show at the park. He just freaked out.

Tanya: That’s so weird.

Katherine: Yeah. He tried to hide it but he was hyperventilating and everything.

(Likely not processing anything outside of his personal orb, Robbie gets a shock when somebody creeps up beside him.)

Sammy: Hai!

(Sammy appears in the empty seat to his right; wearing an “Angel Grove Cheerleading Squad” t-shirt. She has a bright smile on her face. But Robbie not only doesn’t make eye contact with her, but his body tenses up as he continues to type.)

Sammy: Robbie? Helloooo…

(Sitting close by, Billy looks up at Robbie.)

Robbie: Don’t worry. If you ignore it. It will go away.

Sammy: C’mon. You can’t stay mad at me forever.

Robbie: That sounds like a challenge.

Sammy: Robbie, please. I said I’m sorry, but I didn’t sell you out to Hannah.

(He turns to her slowly with his teeth clenched. He eyes her new t-shirt with gross disdain.)

Robbie: Tell me, Sam. How’s cheerleading going for you?

(She pauses, knowing the right answer, but can’t help but beam pridefully.)

Sammy: It’s great. I mean I actually haven’t… cheered yet. Or practiced. I’m sort of a “reserve,” ya know? In case somebody gets injured or died they said. But I’m like first in line. They didn’t even have the position before! Can’t you believe that? They made this position for me!

Robbie: (Turns away.) Well I hope it was worth it.

Sammy: Robbie… please. Don’t do this. You’re my friend. You’re like… (Leans in) my only friend. Not even Jason is answering my calls.

(She gets no response. Sammy tries not to lose it, but is visibly upset. After a while, she gets up and leaves. Robbie’s eyes never leave his computer screen.)

Billy: Bad day?

Robbie: Nope. What makes you say that?

Billy: No reason.

(After a brief pause, Billy speaks up again.)

Billy: You know. If you want to talk to somebody, I’m here.

Robbie: Thanks Billy but I’m fine.

(Robbie pulls a floppy disk out of his computer then gets up and leaves. A somewhat dejected Billy tries to shrug it off, then returns to what he was doing.)

“Life is like a classroom. And each day is a test.”

(Billy types away on a website called “Braniac Blogs,” where he works on his latest entry under the pseudonym “ForeverBlue93”)

“There’s no cheat sheet either. Everyone has a different copy of the same test. And we each have a section at any point in time in which we struggle in.”

(He peers over briefly to look at Kat and Tanya talking about Tommy.)

“Some of us are struggling so hard in our past failures that we can’t seem to shake it off and focus on what’s in front of us.”

(Cut to in the hallway, where Rocky is seen by his locker staring intently across from him as Hillary and Ricky kissing outside her next class.)

“Some of us were foolish enough to copy off someone else’s copy and bombed something they would’ve otherwise passed.”

(Bulk and Skull just happen to pass by, the latter with a brown paper bag in hand.)

Bulk: That’s not creepy.

Rocky: (Sighs) I miss her, Bulk. I miss her hugs, I miss her smile. I miss how her hair sometimes smells like fruit. Not the real fruit either, but the good kind, like in candy. I wish I hadn’t taken Robbie’s advice. It just wound up running our relationship.

Bulk: Well duh. You don’t take love advice from a guy who can’t hold onto women. That’s like taking weight loss advice from a fat guy.

(Skull reaches into his bag and pulls out a bagel.)

Bulk: Don’t eat that. It’s all carbs.

Rocky: Well, aren’t you guys single? Why would you know any better?

Bulk: Hey, we’re single by choice for your information.

Skull: Yeah. Not our choice. But still a choice!

Bulk: …

(As Bulk rolls his eyes at his partner, Robbie, not too far away, is seen with his head in his locker.)

“And others, while they make stride in every area, always seem to always blank out during the big test itself.”

Bulk: Look, some guys, whether they know it or not will always self-sabotage. They don’t know anything other than misery and so they’ll find a way to ruin any shred of hope to be in the warm embrace of misery. It’s up to you if you want to be like that or not.

(Inside his locker, Robbie eyes a photo of Trini staring back at him inside the door. He pulls it off to study it more closely. But behind that photo is a picture of Hannah. Disgusted with himself, he throws Trini’s picture in his locker and slams it shut.)

“As for me you ask? Well, I’m not so much struggling in any area per se. My academic career is going fine. Both figuratively and metaphorically. My problem is… my “study group,” for lack of a better word. Without going into too much detail, I’ve found myself “graduated” out of said group. And while at first they did show an effort to continue to keep me included...”

(As Billy types, Kat and Tanya get up and walk out of the class room in mid-conversation. Blowing past Billy completely.)

“The dynamics have started to change.”

Billy: (Shakes head) …

“I now feel like an intruder in a world I once felt central to. Something that was once integral to my sense of identity just feels like it’s been unnaturally ripped away. It’s been a difficult adjustment, and I’m not quite sure what to do with myself just yet. I guess for now I’ll always have school to focus on. There’s always the sweet comfort of a literal test when the metaphorical ones have you stumped…”


Billy: Huh? Mr. Kaplan?

(Startled, Billy snaps out of his stupor to find the school principle standing sternly behind him.)

Mr. Kaplan: Come with me, sir.

(A few brief moments later, Billy finds himself walking into Kaplan’s office.)

Billy: I-is everything okay Mr. Kaplan?

Mr. Kaplan: Have a seat.

(Nervously, Billy sits down.)

Billy: If it’s about what was on my screen, those were ads Sir. There are no hot singles in my area. It’s a scam.

Mr. Kaplan: No. It isn’t about that, Billy.

(Kaplan rests his chin on his fist, staring down Billy pensively.)

Mr. Kaplan: How long have you been here, son?

Billy: Three years, a month and three weeks? Why?

Mr. Kaplan: Well, I did an audit of your records, and it looks like… you’ve actually met the criteria to graduate.

Billy: (Taken aback) …I beg your pardon?!

Mr. Kaplan: Yes. You taking on extra classes, your extracurriculars… not to mention passing your regents early means… you don’t need to be here anymore.

Billy: What are you saying?

(Kaplan reaches into his drawer and hands him a rolled up sheet of paper.)

Mr. Kaplan: It means, you’ve graduated high school, Billy Cranston. Congratulations.

(He reaches out and shakes Billy’s hand, who stares back blankly.)

“Yep. I’ll always have good old school to fall back on.”

(Meanwhile, on the moon…)

Klank: Aw. Everyone is feeling so glum. I would sure hate to kick them while they’re down.

(Klank looks over the balcony with a watchful eye and a scheme brewing in his mind. While it may seem like a normal day in their moon base, there’s something amiss as Klank’s voice echoes into the distance.)

Orbus: You would know being down, would you? Low man on the totem pole.

Klank: What did you say? I have a very important role.

Orbus: Oh yeah? What exactly do you do around here?

Klank: Tell me, when you’re hungry do you breast feed yourself?

Orbus: I don’t know what you’re looking at anyway. The rest of the Empire is off on their quarterly recharge and won’t be back up for days. There’s no one here to impress by pretending to be working.

Klank: Aye, but on the contrary. I plan on using this recharge to me advantage. What a better way to get into Mondo’s good graces than to wake up to a world without rangers. Beats breakfast in bed.

Orbus: Hah. You think you’re gonna beat the rangers?

Klank: I happen to have tons of great ideas that now I can do untethered.

Orbus: Please. If it weren’t for me you’d be fired by now. I carry you.

Klank: I literally carry you everywhere, mate.

Orbus: Well I’m the brains in this operation.

Klank: Bollocks.

Orbus: Want to bet? I bet you that by the time King Mondo re-awakens I’ll have come up with a plan to destroy the rangers all by myself.

Klank: Yer off yer hide, lad. I’m wiping the floor with your sorry carcass. You’ll see.

Orbus: See what? A big explosion in about thirty minutes? Cause that’s all that’s gonna happen.

Klank: You’re on.

Orbus: You’re on. Now if you’ll excuse me… I’m going for a walk…. If you don’t mind.

(Klank sighs, then grabs his hat and carries Orbus out in his arms. Meanwhile, a little later back on earth…)


(At the Youth Center, Billy walks into his own surprise party. He seems genuinely surprised too, as Kat, Tanya, Robbie, Adam, Rocky, Bulk and Skull, Ernie and Margie all greet him at the entrance.)

Billy: Wow guys. Thank you. You didn’t have to.

(But as he looks around, he finds evidence that the planning was clearly rushed. The cake lacks any personalized touch, the balloons are mostly printed with smiley faces and flowers with no reference to a graduation. And the banner is clearly repurposed, as “WELCOME HOME TRINI AND JASON” is still visible on the other side.)

Billy: You really didn’t have to do that…

Katherine: We wanted to Billy. You’re our friend.

Billy: …

(He becomes somewhat comforted by the reminder, and decides it better overlook those small details. Adam leans in toward him and whispers.)

Adam: We uh, invited the Gold Ranger. But I guess he couldn’t make it.

Billy: (Grins) That’s okay. He’s a busy guy I hear.

Adam: Oh, speaking of which. Tommy can’t make it either. He’s at a thing with his dad. He sends his regards.

Billy: What?

(Before he can get an answer, Robbie approaches.)

Robbie: Congrats, man. Let me buy you a drink.

Billy: Thanks... But I’m really not thirsty.

Robbie: Even better. Keep up the good work.

(Moments pass as the celebration continues. Eventually the teens sit down to enjoy the cake and snacks. Billy, while initially enjoying the high of the celebration, starts to come down a bit. While he finds himself at the head of the table with a crown on his head, he feels somewhat isolated from many of the small conversations that have broken out.)

Billy: …

(He looks around between bites of cake, looking for a natural opening to insert himself into a conversation. Any conversation. But feels too far away physically to insert himself anywhere. Billy can’t help the feeling that he’s a king in an ivory tower, untouched by the riff raff. The crown doesn’t help either.)

“Graduating high school leaves me with a bit of a bitter sweet taste. Much like this cake which I’m sure is expired. And while I’m happy my work is paid off, it severs the last remaining tie to my friends. It’s only a matter of time now that I lose them for good.”

(Tanya pulls up her chair and gets up.)

Tanya: Well, I’m gonna head out early. I need to go meet up with Sean at a friend’s birthday party.

Billy: …

Adam: Oh. Nice. He invited you to his friend’s party?

Tanya: No, I’m picking him up. Why?

Adam: Uh… no reason.

Tanya: Speaking of parties... I’m celebrating my birthday next week. It wouldn’t be the end of the world if you guys didn’t make a big deal out of it. Really. I don’t think that banner on the wall has more than two sides anyway.

(The teens laugh, mostly, then break back into chatter. Billy plays along, though his eyes seemed to travel elsewhere as soon as Tanya decided on an early exit. Margie, the one closest to him, notices and leans over.)

Margie: How are you, Billy?

Billy: Huh…? I-I’m good Margie. Thanks for asking.

(She smiles back at him warmly.)

Margie: Graduating is scary, huh?

Billy: (Shrugs) A little bit.

Margie: I would be remiss to say this, but I’m gonna miss you.

Billy: You will?

Margie: (Nod) Affirmative. Your assistance in organizing bake sales to raise funds for school was greatly appreciated. I do hope however that we stay in touch.

Billy: Of course Margie. I really needed to hear that actually. Thank you. And don’t worry. I’ll still help you set up the next one.

Margie: (Gasps) Really?

Billy: Sure. I mean I’ll have to check my calendar, but I’m pretty sure I have an opening.

(She laughs.)

“Margaret Leigh, AKA Marge, Margie and Brainiac Blogs username ‘Mrs.Simspon79’ is an old friend and an old gem. We’re slowly rebuilding our friendship. I hate to say that I really blew it with her. She was definitely a keeper. I was far too blind to see it at the time. I’m not sure what I was thinking when we broke up.”

Billy: I’m supposed to have brunch with Trini around noon this Sunday, so I can swing by after to help you set up.

Margie: Oh… sure…

“Ah, I remember now.”

Robbie: Wait, you still speak to Trini?

(Robbie breaks through the chatter upon hearing that name. The rest of the room quiets down.)

Billy: Uh… We have been talking, yes.

(Robbie pauses. Then looks as if he’s slowly putting things together in his head.)

Robbie: Huh. I see.

(He sits back, saying nothing more but with a look of defeat in his face. Billy turns back to Margie, who seems to have shifted elsewhere mentally as well. Billy slinks back into his seat and adjusts his crown as he takes another bite of his sour cake.)

“It’s good to be the king.”

(Meanwhile, on the moon...)

Klank: Ah, not to worry Billy. While all your friends flee, I’ve got one lass who shall stick by your side. Till death do you part.

(Next to him is a steel model being put together by a bunch of cogs reading from an instruction booklet? The face is still mostly incomplete.)

Orbus: What is all this? We building a table?

Klank: Nope. I’m building a girlfriend.

Orbus: I knew it’d come to this eventually.

Klank: Not for me, for Billy. She’s armed with a time bomb too to take him out when the clock runs out.

Orbus: Lame. You’re not even going after a ranger either?

Klank: Aye but he’s their strongest weapon. He’s their brains. You take him out and the rest crumble.

Orbus: So let me get this straight. Instead of going after the current blue ranger, who gets a nose bleed whenever he talks to a girl, you’re giving it to the old blue ranger, who once had a girl build a statue of him?

Klank: And I suppose you’ve got me beat?

Orbus: With one stub tied behind my back. Follow me.

(Once again, being unable to move independently, Klank carries Orbus into their workshop. He walks into an already completed work; a humanoid blobfish with legs and a sack in his fin.)

Orbus: Meet my new monster, Debbie Downer.

Klank: How did you build this thing? You’ve been with me the whole time.

Orbus: Never mind that, just listen. Debbie will use her Sad Sack to sprinkle her Downer Dust into the air. Before long the entire team’s greatest insecurities will be forced to the forefront. They’ll be far too emotional to fight. Making them easy pickings for my little Debbie.

(Klank hates to admit it’s a good plan. So he instead doubles down.)

Klank: She stinks! My girl is at least easier on the eyes.

Orbus: Your girl doesn’t have eyes.

Klank: The parts weren’t in the box.

Orbus: Pft. Amature. My girl is gonna make the rangers husks of their old selves. And while you continue to waste time, my girl is ready for action right about… now!

(Monster vanishes and gets right to work. Meanwhile, back on earth, Robbie decides to skip out early on Billy’s party too, after hearing that he and Trini have been in touch with one another. He misses his bus, leaving him to walk down the lonely, chilly road in the dead of night.)

Robbie: …

(Having done this several times before, he doesn’t think anything of the possible dangers, and instead lets his mind wander in the seclusion that he often finds comforting. His mind isn’t as cooperative this time around though as it wanders into territory he’s like it not to go.)

Robbie: (Reaches for Walkman) …

(He tries to push away any insecurities and distract himself. He also tries to convince himself that Trini and Billy would never be anything more than friends. He did worry briefly at one point after they broke up, that he would make a move on her, but this not that Billy. And he is admittedly not as close to Trini as he once was. He reaches into his jacket pocket and turns up the volume to his music in a failing attempt to drown out the anxiety of things he can no longer control.)

Robbie: Hmm.

(Suddenly, an unsettling feeling starts to form in the pit of his stomach. A feeling that he’s being watched.)

Robbie: (Looks around) …

(In the distance behind him, a light flashes. Something seems to be approaching slowly in the distance. Somebody with their eyes on him. A foreboding chill runs throughout his body. He starts power walking but the stretch of land is too far. As the light gets brighter he breaks into a panicked bolts. But whatever follows him can’t be outrun as he has to stop for a breath. It pulls up beside him.)

Hannah: Out of shape much?

(It’s Hannah. In her bright pink convertible with her tiny dog sitting on her lap.)

Robbie: (gasping) I’d run a lot faster if I had a different pair of… of…

Hannah: Lungs?

Robbie: Yes. I can finish my own sentences, thank you.

Hannah: How’ve you been?

Robbie: Just fine. You?

Hannah: Not bad. Staying busy.

Robbie: I bet. How’s the football team tasting these days?

Hannah: (Smiles) I just love our banter. It’s so us.

Robbie: There is no us, Hannah. Do you ever listen to a word I tell you? We’re through.

Hannah: (Ignores) So I was thinking this weekend we should go to my parents’ vacation home upstate.

Robbie: …

Hannah: You’re gonna love it. My dad's had like four affairs there. It’s super romantic.

Robbie: Hannah. Please listen. You and I need to move on.

Hannah: …together?

Robbie: No, separately. We had fun, but right now I’m not looking to date anybody. Sorry. My window is closed. There are no positions open.

(He starts to walk away.)

Hannah: Well… I just came from yoga. So all positions are open!

Robbie: Goodbye Hannah.

(As he leaves Hannah behind, we go elsewhere, around Angel Grove Park. Some familiar voices are heard in what couldn’t possibly be taking place in present time. The original seven ranger teens are at a memorial site, honoring those lost in what appears to be Rita’s final strike. The rest of the town around them looks unrecognizable.)

Kimberly: This place gives me chills.

Zack: Just to think this was Angel Grove's business capital just a few months ago. It's completely unrecognizable now.

Robbie: I can still smell the burning metal.

Tommy: It never really occurred to me, but a lot of people live here. Just makes you wonder how many people we were putting in harm's way while fighting Rita.

Trini: Makes you wonder if you're even doing the right thing?

Zack: That might be what was bugging Jason all day.

(Tommy points to the other end of the memorial.)

Tommy: You may actually be right...

(Tommy turns his head and finds Jason all by himself holding a single rose in hand; preoccupied as he studies each and every name on the wall. Only, it isn’t Jason staring at the memorial. It’s Tommy himself. He’s currently at a memorial at the park, honoring those lost in the Machine Empire’s most recent invasion. Visions of what he saw during the struggle seared into his mind, and the parallels to his predecessors struggle in moving on is also prominent.)


(Out of nowhere, a white substance starts falling from the skies. It catches his, and the other attendees attentions.)

“What? What is this?”

“Is it snowing?”

(Tommy lets a few specs fall into his hand as he studies it. It isn’t snow. We fade away and into the next morning. Billy starts his day bright and early at the power chamber. A dour expression on his face as he gets to work.)

“Here’s day one of the rest of my life…”

Billy: (Sighs) …

“Good morning, Billy.”

(He looks up to see Alpha approaching, a night cap still on and a cup of coffee in his hand.)

Alpha: Want to try this vanilla soy latte? I hear it’s a delicacy among Caucasian women.

Billy: No thanks.

Alpha: Good, cause it’s nasty.

(Alpha tosses the drink aside.)

Alpha: What brings you here so early by the way? Shouldn’t you be in school?

Billy: (Shrugs) No, that’s over. I graduated.

Alpha: Wow. Congratulations, Billy. What’ll you do next?

Billy: Work on recalibrating the Zeo Megazord. Its controls seemed out of alignment in the last battle. Gonna be a weeklong project to fix.

Alpha: No, I mean…

Billy: I know what you mean.

(He looks to Alpha in an extended pause. An expression that reads uncertainty.)

Alpha: Is everything alright, Billy?

Billy: (Shrugs) I don’t know what to do with myself, Alpha. I should be happy. But I just feel at a loss for what to do next. It’s like I’m in a state of purgatory. It’s too early for colleges. I’m trying not to spend my life here, but I don’t know where else to go to spend my days.

Alpha: Have you told the others how you feel?

Billy: Nah. They’re part of the reason I feel this way. I didn’t know losing my powers meant I’d lose them too.

Alpha: What do you mean?

Billy: They’ve seem more interested in doing their own things. I honestly don’t see myself as part of the group anymore.

(Alpha looks back at Billy with a look of sympathy, but with no answer to give him, he just pats him on the shoulder consolingly before moving on.)

Alpha: Well good luck with your project, Billy. I’m here if you need me.

Billy: Thanks, Alpha.

Alpha: I’m gonna try take it easy today though if that’s okay. Zordon and I were out late last night.

Billy: Okay. Here’s hoping for a nice quiet day then.

Rocky: Guys, look! I have a girlfriend!!!

(Meanwhile, before first period in Angel Grove High, Rocky stands side by side with a new squeeze. “Squeeze” being figurative as she’s clearly made of steel. She also has a mile long stare behind a pair of large, thick sunglasses that hide most of her facial features. Or lack thereof.)

Rocky: Do you see any of my friends?

Robo-Girl: Can’t say that I do.

(Behind the staircase, Klank and Orbus, disguised as a teen skater and a toddler respectively peek their heads out as Klank’s plan takes action.)

Orbus: So you went with Rocky…

Klank: I called an audible. Sue me.

(Just then, Bulk and Skull happen to pass by.)

Rocky: Guys, guys! Look. Something amazing happened.

Bulk: You grew chest hairs?

Robbie: Better. I have a girlfriend. Guys, meet Cecelia Prescott the 4th.

Cecelia: Cee 4 for short.

Rocky: Isn’t she hot? She’s a real bombshell?

(Bulk and Skull notice right away that she isn’t making any eye contact. Skull even waves his hand over her face to no response.)

Rocky: She thinks I’m pretty cool, too.

Cecelia: Duh. I mean, look at him.

Bulk: Have… you looked at him?

(Just a few feet away Tommy enters the hallway. Looking like a complete wreck with unkempt hair and blood shot eyes that looks like he’s been crying. He barely acknowledges Katherine’s presence next to him as he approaches his locker.)

Katherine: Hi Tommy.

Tommy: Huh? Oh. Hey.

Katherine: Hey. Where were you yesterday?

Tommy: Uh. I was at the uh… 4th annual Sausage Festival. My dad’s German.

Katherine: Okay. Was it?

Tommy: Okay. Lot of dudes.

(A few lockers down, somebody slams their locker causing Tommy shutters and look visibly distressed. He rushes off before Kat can say another word. He bumps into Adam who’s with Tanya as he turns the corner.)

Adam: Tommy?

(Tommy turns the corner without hearing another word, passing by Klank and Orbus without noticing.)

Orbus: Look at him. Their leader is a mess. They’ll be easy picking for su-

Klank: Shh!

(He pops a binky in Orbus’ mouth as Tanya continues her conversation with Adam.)

Tanya: Anyway, I really don’t want to make a huge deal about my birthday, Adam. Is that cool? So if the guys try to throw a party anyway, please just ask them not to. Sean already said he wasn’t planning anything.

Adam: Oh. That’s. Nice of him?

Tanya: I know, he’s great. You know, he told me he’s going to the same college I’m shooting for on a sports scholarship.

Adam: Good. That way you don’t have to ever leave each other’s side.

Tanya: That’s the plan!

Adam: Where is he, by the way?

Tanya: (Looks beside her) …good question.

(Heading to their next class, they pass by Rocky and Cecelia boasting away to an increasingly disinterested Bulk and Skull.)

Cecelia: Being with Rocky has been a blast so far. I mean it’s the absolute bomb. I like him so much I think I’m gonna burst…

Rocky: Yep. Here’s hoping I don’t blow it. Hahaha.

(After sharing a laugh with his new girlfriend, Rocky immediately picks his nose. Bulk leans in to whisper in his ear.)

Bulk: You know, just cause she’s blind doesn’t mean you should be doing that in front of her.

Rocky: She’s what?!

(The bell suddenly rings as the kids head to their first class. While Klank’s looks on pleased with his work so far, Orbus’ plan kicks off as well. Debbie Downer, reappears by the school ventilation system inside the ceiling. She plods herself over in position as the school PA comes on for the morning announcements.)

Sammy: Hello Angel Grove High!

(From a room next to the Dean’s office, Sammy, who’s still wearing the Angel grove High Cheerleading shirt, recites her daily address.)

Sammy: It’s Samantha Kwan here, wishing you a happy Wednesday.

Debbie Downer: (Snickers) “Happy Wednesday…” If you say so…

Sammy: Before my morning announcements I would just like to wish on behalf of the Angel Grove Cheerleading Squad … goooo cougars! Oops. That’s who we’re playing… goooo wildcats!

(Inside the ventilation system, Debbie pours her bag of downer dust into the central fan sending the magic powder all throughout the school. Within seconds, the dust fills the hallways and every classroom to guarantee each student is covered. Each student but Rocky that is, who is seen walking out with his girlfriend.)

Cee: Why are your hands over my face?

Rocky: Cause I don’t want you to see where I’m taking you.

(The cloud of dust engulfs the hallway entirely just as they exit through the stairs. The dust also enters the Dean’s office, where Sammy continues her morning address.)

“And finally, Angel Grove High lost a close one yesterday… (Pause) It was a real heartbreaker, folks. They were really looking forward to this big win and at the last second… (Sniffs) It was over...”

(Audible sniffling is heard as classmates look bemused.)

“It just isn’t fair, you guys. They really gave it their all and still lost. Not just the game. But everything that matters to them. Now the other teams won’t even talk to them. (Sniffs) They have nothing. You know why? Cause they suck. They’re horrible. And selfish. And no one likes them. They deserve everything bad that happens to them. They suck. They suck!!”

(Kaplan’s voice suddenly bursts into the background.)

“Young lady, come with me this second.”

(The PA then abruptly shuts off, stirring murmurs among her peers.)

Bulk: Finally, somebody that speaks the truth.

Ms. Appleby: Alright, let’s get back to our lesson, class. Does anybody know the answer to number 3? Tommy?

(Tommy, who looks to be in la-la land, looks surprised to be called, then blankly stares back down at his textbook.)

Tommy: I… I… uh…

Ms. Appleby: …yes, Tommy?

Tommy: Look, Poland screwed up, okay?! They should’ve acted earlier and didn’t. They did they best they could and what they thought was best. So don’t blame them for those peoples’ deaths!

(He gets up and storms into the halls, bewildering everybody.)

Bulk: I thought Tommy was German?

Skull: What’s his deal?

Adam: Tanya, what’s wrong?

(Out of nowhere, Tanya begins bawling in the middle of class.)

Tanya: (Cries) This is my first birthday since my husband died. I miss him so much…

(While others look on stunned with the revelation, Billy, who is watching from the power chamber and inexplicably taking notes on the lecture, stops what he’s doing and locks eyes with the image.)

Billy: …

(Katherine who is near Tanya tries to console her, all the while starting to break down herself.)

Katherine: I’m so sorry Tanya. (Sniffs) I know what you mean. I miss Tommy.

Adam: (Bursts) He just left, woman. Get a grip.

(Back at the power chamber, it’s obvious to Zordon that this isn’t normal.)

Zordon: Something is not right.

(Billy continues to look mesmerized by what he sees.)

“I guess it never occurred to me that perhaps I may not be the only one going through a rough transition.”

(He is snapped back to reality when the alarms go off.)

Alpha: Aye, ya, yai. We’ve got trouble.

Robbie: Contact, Robbie. He is not in school yet.

(Just outside the school, Robbie is seen inside a phone booth. Trini’s voice is heard on the other end.)

“Hi, this is the Kwan residence. Nobody is home right now so please leave your name and number and somebody will get back to you. Bye. (BEEP)

Robbie: (Sighs) …

(Although every fiber of his being wants to beg for her and win her back, the inner doubt in his head gets the better of him. And he hangs up the phone. That’s when Robbie’s communicator rings.)

Robbie: Robbie here.

Billy: Robbie, whatever you do, don’t go into school.

Robbie: (Shrugs) Cool.

(He reaches to disconnect before hearing more, until he realizes Billy isn’t finished yet.)

Billy: We identified some toxins in the air of the school. A powerful substance affecting everyone’s emotions. The air system has been totally contaminated.

Robbie: (Sighs) What I wouldn’t do for a powerful substance right about now.

(Just the alarms sound again.)

Alpha: Aye, ya, ya, ya, yai! It gets worse. There’s a monster on the loose in the woods to add to all that. Debbie Downer.

Robbie: Wonderful.

Zordon: Is everybody in school right now, Robbie?

Robbie: I think so. I just saw Rocky pass by. I’m sure he’s fine.

(An ambulance passes by, not alerting Robbie to something wrong in the slightest.)

Billy: You might need to try and hold off this monster on your own, buddy. I’ll bring you support when I can.

Robbie: Alright. I’ll do my best. It’s morphin time!

“Zeo Zero, Brown!”

(As Robbie morphs and heads toward the action, Klank and Orbus are already there down by the jungle. Disguised as a lion and safari hunter respectively.)

Orbus: Closer. Bring me closer. I want front row seats to the destruction of the rangers and my victory over you.

Klank: Don’t get cocky ya little roaster. It’s not over yet.

Orbus: There’s two rangers left. They stand no chance.

Klank: Aye. Two rangers and Billy. Had you let me go after him like I’d planned, you might actually have a bette-

Orbus: Shh, shhh!! They’re here.

(The blue and brown rangers are seen nearby sneaking alongside a cave. Robbie in front, he turns around and notices poor body language by Rocky.)

Robbie: Why are you so down? You didn’t inhale any of that stuff, right?

Rocky: My girlfriend died.

Robbie: Oh… wow. What happened?

Rocky: Well, I was telling her about how the movie ‘American Pie' predicts she satanic-communist takeover of America. And she blew up.

Robbie: That… makes sense.

Rocky: …

Robbie: Sorry, man.

Rocky: (Shrugs) It’s cool. I mean she was nice. But I didn’t really see a future with her.

Robbie: She left you for somebody else, huh?

Rocky: How many twin brothers does Ricky have?!

(As the duo approach the caves, Robbie sticks his head over the side and finds a group of cogs just standing there. He reaches for his communicator.)

Robbie: I’m here Billy. I don’t see the monster. Only cogs. This may be a trap.

(At the power chamber, Billy’s typing away on the control panel. Alpha is behind him taking notes in an armchair as the rest of the team sit at a makeshift table surrounded by a now half empty box of tissues.)

Billy: Debbie Downer should be there. I locked into her coordinates. Just be careful. If you don’t see her she may try to ambush you with her toxins.

Robbie: Right. I’ll just try and tread carefully until I…


(Tanya’s wails boom through Robbie’s communicator.)

Robbie: …find the monster.

(The cogs immediately perk up and attack. With more appearing behind the rangers. Rocky quickly eats a kick to the gut. He ducks a kick to the head, but a second cog leapfrogs over him from behind then bucks him in the top of his head to drop him as he grimaces in agony.)

Rocky: AHHHH!!!

(Robbie tries to block a kick to the chest, but is shoved back into the arms of an enemy behind him who shoves him into a third enemy that sets him up for the first enemy again who lands the kick and takes him down.)

Orbus: Look at them. Already going down. And the main course has yet to arrive.

(Just then, emerging right behind Rocky, Debbie Downer finally appears. Surveying the area.)

Debbie Downer: Oh look. The rangers. Such lively colors too. (Sighs) Guess you’ll just have to look dead on the inside.

(She reaches into her magic bag to pull out a handful of sand-like dust. She puts it close to her mouth and blows it in Rocky’s general direction. Robbie, who continues to struggle on his own catches on, but is too late to stop it.)

Robbie: Rocky!!!!!

(The last minute warning only allows Rocky to witness his final seconds of sanity before he is overcome by the toxic powder. Back at the power chamber, the support team are coming up empty in a scrambled effort to salvage the others.)

Alpha: We have to hurry Billy, Aye, ya, ya, ya, yai.

Billy: I can’t figure this out. No antidote we have in stock is having any affect.

Tanya: (Sniffs) I’ve known him my whole life… I’m so lost without him… AND SEAN SUCKS!!!!

Tommy: (Points at viewing globe) Oh no! You have to tell them to retreat. They could get hurt. What kind of leader would I be if something happens on my watch?

Adam: If “your watch” means you sitting here crying, not much of a leader.

Katherine: Leave Tommy alone, Adam.

Adam: God you’re like obsessed with him. Can’t you see he doesn’t even know you exist?

Katherine: What are you talking about?! Tommy and I are just good friends. Right, Tommy?

Tommy: Kim, please. I’m busy.

(Kat’s quickly turns to weep. Billy continues to pay no mind, but comes up short on a solution.)

Billy: (Frustrated) The chemical compound of this spell can’t be dichotomized. I don’t even know what it is.

Zordon: It isn’t of this world, Billy. And it does not appear to have a natural antidote that we can find either. We may have to wait and see if the affects wear off over time.

(He turns back to the screen to hiss his friends struggling.)

Billy: We don’t have time, Zordon. What else do you recommend?

Alpha: A good therapist perhaps?

Billy: Hm… wait a second.

(Meanwhile, Robbie finds himself engaged in a standoff with the monster. And about half a dozen cogs encircling him.)

Debbie Downer: You're all that's left brown ranger. And you’re already halfway where I want you to be.

Robbie: …

Debbie Downer: Embrace your primal instincts. Do not fight the voices any longer. Give in to your fears and insecurities. They offer you comfort in familiarity that uncertainty cannot provide. Let the darkness consume you and dictate your every move.

Robbie: You're just a hoot, aren't you?

Debbie Downer: (Nods) I also do kids parties.

“Robbie, can you read me?”

Robbie: (Reaches for communicator) I read you. Tell me you fixed this thing?

Billy: Negative. But I’m sending them down to you. You might be able to talk some sense into them.

Robbie: Uh. I don’t know. I’m no counselor Billy. I might make them feel worse if anything.

Billy: How’s Rocky doing? Can he manage?

Robbie: He’s crying cause he thinks he’s un-datable. I mean how do expect me to fix that? Want me to lie to him?

(Billy pauses, sensing the futility in the plan. As he ponders his next steps, an idea comes to mind…)

“It’s like they say. ‘Life is a classroom.’ Everyone has their own area of struggle and many times they don’t even know it until they fail. Sometimes though it takes somebody not so close to the problem, somebody on the outside, to offer some clarity.”

Tommy: I can’t be here. I can’t watch. I can’t see another friend die. (Heavy breathing) I need to go.

(As Tommy gets up to leave, Billy turns around, and takes a deep breath...)

Billy: Tommy wait.

Tommy: …

Billy: Robbie needs you. We all need you. And we need you with your head straight. It's pretty clear that something is bothering you. And part of being a leader is knowing when you need to acknowledge that you’re compromised, for the sake of the team. Learn the lesson Jason couldn't. There's a reason why he's not here right now, and it’s not because he wanted to visit Switzerland.

(Tommy looks floored. Billy turns his attention to Tanya.)

Billy: Tanya. I’m so sorry about what you’ve been going through. Losing somebody you love is rough. I can’t imagine how empty you might be feeling right now, but you have to let yourself mourn. Trying to bury yourself in distractions, or other people who don’t come close to matching up to your husband will only prolong the inevitable. You know what you need to do.

Tanya: …

Billy: (Reaches for communicator) Rocky. Just be yourself, man. Find a girl who’s into that. You’re off trying to date cheerleaders and supermodels. But if they’re not into what you’re into, then they’re not worth your time.

Rocky: …

Billy: Adam. Cut your hair. You look ridiculous.

Adam: …?

Billy: Kat. I know you really like being there for others. It’s what makes you a great person. But it’s okay to focus on yourself for a while. Which is what you probably should focus on right now.

Katherine: …

Billy: And Robbie. You’re just getting in your own way right now. You’re in competition with no one, other than yourself. Trust me. She hasn’t said it, but I can tell Trini’s dying for an opening to talk about you. No one else stands a chance.

Robbie: Um. I'm not under a spell, Billy.

Billy: Oh. Right.

Robbie: But uh… Thanks though. I guess I needed to hear that.

(And suddenly, like magic, the ranger teens look to one another, with emancipated looks on their faces. As if they can finally think clearly again.)

Tommy: Wh-what’s going on? I-I feel better?

Adam: Yeah. I think Billy’s talk helped.

“Help this!!!”

(From the screen, they witness a cog blasting Robbie with an ocular blast on Debbie Downers command.)

Robbie: AHHHH!

Tommy: Oh no.

Katherine: Tommy… I mean, Robbie!

Adam: We have to go down there. He’s outnumbered.

Tommy: Alright guys. It’s morphin time!

“Zeo Ranger One, Pink!”

“Zeo Ranger Two, Yellow!”

“Zeo Ranger Four, Green!”

“Zeo Ranger Five, Red.”

(Within moments, the rest of the team, and a revitalized Rocky run up to Robbie’s aide. He’s still pouring smoke from his armor, but is otherwise not seriously harmed.)

Tommy: Rob! You okay?

Robbie: Yeah. Never better actually. You?

Tommy: (Nods) Never better.

(Not too far away…)

Orbus: You won’t be feeling so hot after I’m through with you.

Klank: …

Orbus: Well. Go on, throw me.

Klank: I will not. That’s aiding and abetting against myself.

Orbus: That’s cheating!! You won’t win the bet that way. It doesn’t count!

Klank: (Sighs) Fine. (Picks up Orbus) Around and around and away we gooooooooooooooooo!!!!

(He swings his tiny partner and chucks him toward Debbie Downer. He lands on her head and points a laser into a small outlet.)

Orbus: Time for you to pop an upper!

(Orbus fires a laser into the socket, causing the monster to convulse and expand, rapidly. Before long, the monster is massive. It towers over the rangers.)

Katherine: Oh no.

Tanya: What do we do? We’ve still got cogs.

Robbie: I can handle them. You guys take care of this sad sack.

Tommy: Right. We need Zeo Megazord power, now!

(Tommy summons the Zeo Zords, bringing them to a hidden hangar off the edge of town. They each enter their respective Zords before pulling out of storage and racing through the snowy mountains and into battle. Tommy hops aboard the red phoenix Zeo Zord. Adam, aboard the green Taurus Zeo Zord. Rocky, aboard the blue Sphinx Zeo Zord. Tanya, aboard the blue and yellow battle tank based off the ancient Dogu. And Kat, aboard the blue and pink battle tank shaped like moai statues. The Zeo Zords continue down their path, the Taurus and Sphinx pulling along the two battle tanks in chains while the Red Phoenix leads the charge.)

Tommy: Let’s put em together guys. Zeonizer Crystal, power up!

“Power up!”

(The chains suddenly are released, the Taurus retracts within itself becoming the legs. The Sphinx does the same but splits outwards, becoming the torso and arms. The Taurus combines with the Sphinx, who then combine with the battle tanks that make the feet. Tommy finishes it off with the Phoenix, landing on top as the head.)

“Zeo Megazord, battle ready!”

Tommy: You’re doing down, Debbie.

Debbie Downer: I’m afraid that ship sailed. (Shrugs) Oh well.

(She reaches into her sad sack and pulls out a ton of powder, then blows it in the Zord’s direction. It hits them like a snow storm and the Zeo Megazord flails about instinctively.)

Tommy: What’s happening?!

Adam: Cover your nose! Don’t breathe it in!

(Before long, the affects hit the Megazord. It stops flailing, then hunches over, in what appears like depressed body language.)

Tanya: The Zord isn’t responding?!

Katherine: Is it… sad?

Debbie Downer: It will be once I have my way!

(The giant blobfish shuffles over and lands a powerful swipe with its right fin, blasting the Megazord onto the floor as it continues to not respond to commands. The rangers are completely defenseless and can only look up into the sky where Debbie towers over them. She looks ready to squash them with her considerable size, but out of nowhere she seems struck and falls to the side.)

Tommy: Huh?

Katherine: What is that?

(Although out of the Zord’s peripherals, a large Zord is heard rolling in from the distance.)

Rocky: Is that… Robbie?

Robbie: (Still on the ground) No… it’s not me.

“I call upon the power of pyramidas.”

(From out of the dark sky, the gold ranger rides in on what appears to be a giant gold pyramid. Debiei struggles to get back on her feet as she looks on in disbelief.)

Debbie Downer: What? Another one? (Sighs) I knew I shouldn’t have gotten out of bed this morning.

(Throws its powder but has no effect.)

Gold Ranger: Alright. I’m tired of playing around. I’m always here when you need me.

(Debbie again reaches into her sack and blows some more of her powder at the gold ranger’s Zord. But it has no effect. The mystery ranger then summons a lightning bolt from the black sky. It rips into the ground and charges toward the blowfish. Ripping through her like wet paper as she vanishes into a ball of flame. And just like that, Orbus’ plan fails.)

Klank: Ha. Told you, ye stupid dobber. So much for you being the brains of this operations.

Orbus: I would’ve been fine if it weren’t for that meddling Billy and his gold ranger.

(They vanish in defeat, as everyone else looks on in awe.)

Robbie: Wow. I don’t believe this guy.

(With the effects of the spell suddenly wearing off, the Zeo Megazord is able to get back on its feet. It tips its imaginary cap to the new Zord in appreciation.)

Tommy: Thank you gold ranger. You saved us.

Gold Ranger: (Salutes) What are friends for?

(In the blink of an eye, the gold ranger and his giant pyramid disappear as well.)

Tommy: “Friends…”

Adam: Speaking of which, I think we should head back and thank Billy for the help.

Katherine: Yeah. I don’t think we would have won today without him.

(While the rangers head back to the power chambers, the losers continue to bicker back on the moon.)

Orbus: I had them. I had them in the palm of my nub.

Klank: Yeah, yeah. Just admit that you failed.

Orbus: I didn’t fail. You failed! Had your stupid monster did its job…

Klank: Blah, blah, blah. All I hear are excuses. You’re no better than King Mond-


(King Mondo appears right behind them; dressed striped green pajamas and a matching cap.)


Klank: KING MONDO!! How was yer rest, yer majesty? Let me fetch you a cup of tea.

King Mondo: (Nods) Thank you. And my rest went well. I feel fully charged and more than ready to resume my attacks on the rangers.

Klank: That’s good to hear, Sire.

Orbus: Wonderful sir. I’m looking forward to your next devious plot.

King Mondo: How were things while I was gone?

(They both think of the big heaping ball of flame where their Debbie lays.)

Klank: Business as usual sir.

King Mondo: Good. Carry on.

(Meanwhile, back at the power chamber...)

Zordon: Thanks to your work, and the gold rangers help. The effects of the spell seems to have worn off to all those affected in Angel Grove.

Alpha: Good work rangers.

Tommy: Yeah. You should really thank Billy.

Katherine: (Look around) Alpha, where's Billy?

(Billy appears, unharmed.)

Tanya: Billy!

Robbie: Uh. Where were you? You just missed the whole thing.

Billy: Um. My phone only had 3% battery.

Robbie: …?

Tommy: Well thank you. We couldn’t have won today without you.

Billy: Thanks guys. (Shrugs) I guess I can still help out sometimes even if I’m not one of you anymore.

(The rest of the team looks to one another with looks of confusion, until Tommy finally speaks up.)

Tommy: Billy, costume or not, you're still a huge part of this team.

Billy: Pardon?

Robbie: Yeah. You're technically my oldest friend now. You better not plan on leaving any time soon.

Billy: ...

(Billy can’t help but smile at the surprising warmness of Robbie’s comment. Especially with what Robbie’s been worried about as of late.).)

Billy: Thank you guys. I guess I was getting a bit in my own head lately. I've been feeling a little left out. It's good to hear that it’s just me.

Rocky: Hey, I think you can tell after today that we all get in our own heads sometimes.

Billy: Noted. And if of you guys ever need a friend to talk to, I'm always here.

Tanya: I… think we got enough of your lectures for one day.

(They each share a lighthearted chuckle as we fade away.)

Adam: I'm not cutting my hair, by the way.

(We fade to later that night…)

“See, Billy? I knew you had nothing to worry about.”

(Billy’s in front of his computer once more, but the last statement is not from a blog post, but instead from a familiar voice.)

Trini: They won’t just drop you because you’re not a ranger. I’m sure you still mean a lot to each of them.

Billy: Yeah. Thanks Trini…

(On the other end of a phone call is Trini Kwan. Dressed down in her pajamas with a cup of hot cocoa in her hand and some textbooks laid out in front of her.)

Trini: So, what does life after power rangers hold for you?

Billy: (Shrugs) Well, I’ve got a ton of studying I was already doing. I think I might as well just go in and take the test.

Trini: I can see you doing that. (Laughs) So uh... how was your big celebration?

Billy: It was fine. Kinda short notice. Would've been much more enjoyable had you made it.

Trini: Yeah. My invitation was... lost in the mail I guess.

Billy: I doubt it was personal. They wouldn’t do that.

Trini: Yeah... So... how's… how, um. How’s…?

Billy: Robbie?

Trini: …yeah.

Billy: He's... alright. He’s been better. He’s been worse though.

Trini: Yeah...

"Sometimes as a friend, you need to learn when you have to shove your friends from the back. Other times, you just need to know when to have their back."

Billy: You should really cut him some slack you know.

Trini: Huh?

Billy: The last year was really hard on everyone. Robbie especially. He really struggled to cope while you were gone.

Trini: Well with all due respect, you weren’t at the airport. You didn’t see him trotting out his new arm candy like he wanted to show me how much better he’s been doing.

Billy: I'm… pretty sure Hannah was less about him winning the break up as much as it was about surviving it.

Trini: ...

(Just then, the doorbell is heard)

"Trini, it’s for you."

Trini: I... I gotta go Billy. Well talk soon.

See you, Trini.

“While roles change over time. And you may not be able to see your friends as often as you’d like, you never truly stop being their friends. And that means you need to know when you have to be on call for when they need you. All you can do after that, is hope they call you.”

(He hangs up, though immediately after his phone rings again.)

Billy: Hello?

Tommy: Hey… Billy?

(On the other end it’s Tommy, twiddling his fingers nervously.)

Tommy: You uh… have a second to talk? I uh… can’t really share this with anyone else on the team.

Billy: …sure Tommy.

"When it comes to giving advice, you may think you know best. And you might. But you can’t hold their hands forever. At some point you just need to step back and hope that they hear you.”

(Meanwhile Trini answers the door, and finds Robbie with flowers in hand. Despite her feelings at the moment, she can’t help but grin. Still, she still proceeds cautiously.)

Trini: Hey.

Robbie: …hey.

Trini: Are… you alone?

Robbie: Yeah.

(Slowly, she steps outside her door, walks up to Robbie and gives him a warm embrace. Robbie reciprocates. Then leans in to whisper in her ear.)

Robbie: I missed you.

(She pauses, then looks up at him.)

Trini: I missed you too.

(They hold the embrace for what feels like hours, not nearly enough for Robbie, who holds her as if she’s slipping through his fingers. He doesn’t want to let go. Meanwhile Rocky is seen sitting to himself at the Youth Center. The news is on…)

“Police are baffled as to the cause of the random explosion this morning, which claimed the life of a Mickey Rodriguez, a young teen and triplet.”

“Hey, you done with that?”

(The sounds of a waitress calls to him from behind the counter.)

Rocky: Yeah. You can take it.

Waitress: Kay. Let me know if you need anything else.

(He looks up. Finds a familiar face, though one not familiar to him.)

Rocky: Uh… you’re new here?

Waitress: Ish? I’m back in town for a few. Got asked to cover while the current guy is on bereavement.

Rocky: Nice to see a new face around here. I’m Rocky.

Waitress: Jennie.

(It’s Jennie, the grungy former waitress and apple of Zack’s eye in sophomore year.)

Rocky: Nice to meet you, Jennie.

Jennie: Is… your nose bleeding, Rocky?

(He realizes his nose is dripping on his blue shirt.)

Rocky: Oh. Uh. I uh… (Laughs) get nose bleeds when I meet pretty girls. Sorry.

Jennie: Don’t be. That’s pretty hardcore. Not to mention flattering.

(She hands him a tissue and starts to head away.)

Robbie: Uh… you like lunch?

Jennie: Sure. Breathing is my true passion though.

Rocky: Let me take you out to lunch tomorrow.

(She pauses to think about it. While not unaccustomed to being asked out while on the job, this time around however…)

Jennie: (Shrugs) What the heck. Why not?


Robbie: Look. About Hannah. I'll apologize for how we split till I'm blue in the face. But the relationship we had. I… just can’t. What happened at the airport was poor timing. Yes. And I could tell you that our relationship when you were gone meant nothing. But I'd be lying.

Trini: ...

Robbie: But when it came down to it, I couldn't stay with her anymore. My heart didn't belong to her. It belonged to you. It always has.

Trini: I… I know. I understand.

Robbie: You do?

Trini: Yeah. The reason why… I… It’s much deeper than that I guess. I’m just struggling right now. I haven’t been well since the invasion. Or really since we left.

Robbie: Really?

Trini: Robbie, for the first few weeks I was gone, I cried every night. I missed you. A lot. I missed my friends. I missed my life.

Robbie: You made being there sound so great though.

Trini: (Exhales) I was embarrassed. After all the fuss I made, I really wanted to prove I could do this.

Robbie: You don't ever have to prove anything to me.

(She pauses before answering.)

Trini: I wanted to prove myself.


Adam: Hey Kat. Heading out?

Katherine: Yeah. I uh… found a ballet class I might be interested in signing up with. I’m gonna go check it out.

Adam: Cool. Want me to walk you there?

Katherine: Sounds great.

Adam: Great. Just hang on a sec…

(Adam reaches into his bag and hands a card to Tanya who’s at a table studying with Sean. Or rather near Sean, as he’s fast asleep.)

Adam: Happy early birthday, Tanya.

Tanya: Oh. Wow. Thank you Adam. You didn’t have to.

Adam: What are friends for?

(He walks away, leaving Tanya to herself and her thoughts.)

Tanya: Sean. We need to talk.


(Back outside Trini’s door...)

Trini: I mean, I did do some good there, don’t get me wrong. I eventually pulled it together. But it’s hard when the person you’re used to talking to whenever you do something cool is thousands of miles away and won’t pick up the phone.

(Hearing her side of the past year smacks him with tremendous guilt for how he acted toward her.)

Robbie: I'm really sorry Trini. I was being selfish. I feel so stupid.

Trini: Don't. I get it. You had trouble moving on and needed some space to do so. That's probably how Hannah came back into the picture. You needed the distraction.

(“She just gets me.” Is a thought that runs through Robbie’s mind as she speaks. One question does linger however…)

Robbie: If you understand, then why switch schools? Why cut us off like this?

(She again pauses before her response.)

Trini: Cause… I kinda need to do the same right now.

Robbie: ...

Trini: I was looking forward to everything going back to the way things were before we left. And then one of us didn’t make it back. And you’ve changed so much since I last saw you. You’re a different person now.

Robbie: I’m still the same.

Trini: But you’re not. And seeing you with Hannah only reinforced what I was already feeling. I need to distance myself from my past. There’s just… too many painful reminders that things will never be the same again.

Robbie: So… After all we've been through. Am I just a person in your past?

(She hesitates once more…)

Trini: You may already know the answer to that.

Robbie: ...

Trini: Goodbye Robbie.

(She leans in and kisses him on the cheek before turning back into the house.)

Robbie: Hey.

(She stops at the door and turns back briefly. Robbie reaches into his pocket and tosses something at her. She looks at it in her palm. It’s her anchor necklace.)

Robbie: No matter how you may feel now, or what you may think… I'll always be there for you. You don’t need to be my girlfriend. But you will always be my best friend.

Trini: …

Robbie: If you need space, I’ll give it to you. But if you ever need me, I'm always a phone call away.

(She half smiles at him, then walks in and closes the door. The locks give him a sense of finality in the story of their relationship, as much as he try to believe this isn’t the end. He waits a few seconds, before walking away.)

“Ultimately, even if they follow your advice, it still may not work.”

(Robbie heads down the streets by himself. Where moments later he’s seen dragging himself down a dark street. He comes across a familiar pink convertible.)

Robbie: Hannah?

(He finds Hannah sitting there, studying a sheet of paper in her hand.)

Hannah: Uh… hey! Fancy meeting you here.

Robbie: Are you still following me?

Hannah: What? Nooooo… I’m just waiting to pick up a friend who lives here.

Robbie: Cut the act. We both know you don’t actually have any friends.

Hannah: Harsh. Is everything okay with you?

Robbie: (Exhales) No. It isn’t. What’s that in your hand?

Hannah: An acceptance letter. I got into Syracuse.

Robbie: In New York?

Hannah: In New… York.

Robbie: Cool…

Hannah: Yeah. You get in anywhere?

Robbie: All my “reach” schools denied me. All that’s left are cheap state schools.

(There’s a brief pause between the two, before Hannah lifts up her sheet of paper and rips it in half.)

Hannah: I don’t really want to go away anyway.

“But at least they’ll gain an appreciation for the effort. They’ll be thankful to have somebody there for them when they thought they were otherwise alone.”

Hannah: Want to buy me ice cream?

Robbie: (Exhales) …Alright.

(He turns back and jumps in the car.)

Robbie: But don’t make eye contact with me.

(Hannah smiles then turns the keys on her ignition as they pull away together.)

Billy: Thank you for sharing this with me Tommy. It means a lot.

(Back at Billy’s home, he sits and listen as Tommy tells him exactly what’s been eating him up the past few weeks.)

“As for me. My role may have changed. But that’s okay. I don’t need to be in the thick of things to know that I’ll always be a valuable member of the team.”

Tommy: Am I losing my mind?

Billy: Not at all. It means you’re human. You saw things no person should have seen. And you were in charge of making decisions a 17 year old shouldn’t.

Tommy: What should I do?

Billy: What you’re doing now is the first step. Talk to somebody.

Tommy: Can I just keep talking to you?

(He looks as if he’s nodding yes but his communicator rings.)

Billy: Hang on. (Answers call) Yeah Zordon.

Zordon: Billy, report to the command center immediately. Your help is needed.

Billy: Wh-what? Me? You need me?

Zordon: Yes. We have a distress signal from Aquitar, Billy. They need someone to go over there and help them right away.

Billy: …

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Hey all. Hope you enjoyed the chapter. I usually put in italics and bolding effects but I was in a hurry to post before leaving on a trip. I'll get to it, and hopefully read some fics in the forum myself, when I come back later in the week.

I also want to post up some scenes I deleted due to pacing issues. I did like them but they don't really fit with the flow I was going for and couldn't use them elsewhere in another chapter. So I'll post them on their own when I get back.
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Really enjoyed the Robbie/Trini/Hannah soap opera Brown, hope there's more, even if it seemed pretty conclusive.
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Cameron Samurai wrote: View Post

Really enjoyed the Robbie/Trini/Hannah soap opera Brown, hope there's more, even if it seemed pretty conclusive.
Glad you liked it, Cameron!

And I'm sure you won't be disappointed with the direction of the love triangle.
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BrownRangerKev wrote: View Post

Glad you liked it, Cameron!

And I'm sure you won't be disappointed with the direction of the love triangle.
I have to admit, that was real good relationship drama... far better than I could ever write on that subject.
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