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zedd_heart_rita wrote: View Post

Getting Klank's name right is a good start hahahaha.

In all seriousness, what an awesome debut to the Machine Empire. Looking forward to "Zeo Ranger Zero, Brown"
Lol. I had Rito mess his name up and it stuck in my head...

Glad you liked it!
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Just a quick update.

Progress for the next chapter is slow, but steady. Work in my new position is heavy, but stabilizing, giving me a bit more free time than the last chapter. Still eyeing a later July/early August release. I've also updated the chapter listings in the front page for the rest of this season. I added a couple more to better flesh things out. So I'm up to 20 chapters. No clue when the actual season will end, but likely sometime in 2019. I'll have the honor to claim that I've gone from an unemployed college kid typing in a hospital bed to a 30 year old married man writing about a show I liked when I was 3.

How the years go by...

Hope you guys are enjoying the story so far!
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Wow!! Wow!! Wow!! Wow!! Wow!!

Fall behind 6 months and I have clearly missed so much! Apologies for the break. Just finished up grad school over a month ago. I'm in a transition period now, so I've got some time to catch up.

1.) The prequel chapters were awesome!! I love the alternate viewpoints of how certain episodes went.

2.) Zeo is one of my top 5 favorite seasons. I love the direction that you're taking on with this final chapter (Is is really the final chapter? Lol).

3.) This transition makes her that much more badass!!

4.) I cried during that Zack scene with Robbie. When I read how Robbie kept coughing, but Zack was breathing fine, I knew something was wrong. Will there be more closure with Trini as well?

5.) Robbie's growth continues to amaze me! I need him to be the leader of this team before you end this thing lol.

But dude! Years later and I'm still invested in these stories. Keep them coming!!!
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BamaPRFan07 wrote: View Post

Wow!! Wow!! Wow!! Wow!! Wow!!

Fall behind 6 months and I have clearly missed so much! Apologies for the break. Just finished up grad school over a month ago. I'm in a transition period now, so I've got some time to catch up.
Hey Bama Fan! Nice to see you again. Congrats on graduating! I know first hand Grad school is no joke. Glad to see you're alright though.

1.) The prequel chapters were awesome!! I love the alternate viewpoints of how certain episodes went.
Thanks! I was guessing by lasck of feedback that they weren't as popular. I'm guessing since they're re-writes as opposed to originals. But I found it a fun and insightful exercise. I may go back down the line and cover a few more chapters. Including the Green With Evil and Green Candle.

4.) I cried during that Zack scene with Robbie. When I read how Robbie kept coughing, but Zack was breathing fine, I knew something was wrong. Will there be more closure with Trini as well?
Ha. I wondered if anyone would catch that. I was going for a Sixth Sense thing there.

As far as closure with Trini goes... well stay tuned.

And yes btw this is the last season. But Like I said, I may go back and re-do other chapters. I'd really like to hit 100 chapters before really ending.

5.) Robbie's growth continues to amaze me! I need him to be the leader of this team before you end this thing lol.

But dude! Years later and I'm still invested in these stories. Keep them coming!!!
Haha. Thank you. I really appreciate your feedback. All I 'll say on Robbie is I'm sure you'll be happy with his arch this year.
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Can't wait for "ZEO RANGER NOUGHT, BROWN!"
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Season 4 - Episode 6: A Zeo Beginning

(We begin today where we left off. The rangers, victorious against the Machine Empire’s unprecedented worldwide attack, find no respite as they charge up a hill in distress. The command center has just erupted into a ball of fire, the force of which knocked them down. Their cries as they charge back up are muted, as audio from a news report, airing simultaneous to these events, are heard.)

“We have some breaking news developing as we speak. It appears that as of 4:45pm, several places across the world have been reporting that that the unknown invading forces have in fact, ceased operating. Many have reported a wave of light passing through them and effectively shutting off these armies in droves.”

Katherine: (Gasps) …

Rocky: I don’t see anything… can you?

(The hill plateaus as it appears the teens reach the top. But disbelief sets in. The familiar structure that has stood before them the last three years isn’t there.)

“I must stress that these reports are still preliminary. I strongly urge caution until otherwise necessary. But it does in fact seem, for now at least, that we have awaken from this nightmare of untold havoc. The wake of this attack will leave our work as a nation cut out for us. Causalities are expected to be astronomical. But with bated breath, I am relieved to say that this is finally over. A return to normalcy can now take place.”

Adam: It’s gone. It’s… gone.

(The stare into an empty void left behind after the explosion, unsure of what to do next.)

Rocky: I don’t believe my eyes.

Robbie: It’s like… it never existed.

(Robbie looks around, walking on a dirt floor. There is no evidence of the marble tile that he once walked on. Only the vaguest signs of broken machinery remain along the edges, with no sign of the life that used to inhabit the command center. Tommy walks forward.)

Robbie: (Exhales) …

(He puts but hands behind his head, as if struggling to comprehend everything that’s happened today and all the losses he’s personally witnessed. Also demoralized, Tommy walks forward and scouts what’s left.)

Tommy: There’s no way Alpha and Zordon survived. (Sighs) They’re nowhere to be found…

Adam: Wait… what about Billy? Where was he?

(Tommy looks around, finding no sign of him anywhere.)

Tommy: …

Adam: Can… anybody reach him?

Rocky: (Reaches for communicator) Hello, Billy? Billy are you in? Billy?

Billy: …I’m right here.

Rocky: (On communicator) Where are you? You’re sounding a bit far away. We need to get over here, now. I’m afri-

Tanya: Rocky… it’s okay.

(She reaches over to stop Rocky, who realizes that Billy is right behind them. Katherine runs over for a hug, thankful that he’s safe.)

Katherine: Billy!

Billy: …

Tommy: Billy… Were you...?

(Billy nods.)

Billy: I was teleported out at the last second. Against my wishes. There was an explosive planted inside.

Tommy: What?

Robbie: Impossible.

Rocky: How’d that happen? I thought no one could get inside.

(Billy pauses uncomfortably before responding.)

Billy: “How” is not really important right now. They got inside. Alpha and Zordon were obviously still inside too.

Tanya: Is there anything we can do?

Billy: (Shrugs) …I don’t think so.

(He responds, with a heavy heart and a full conscience.)

Adam: So this is it? We’re finished. After all we just survived. A stupid fluke bomb ends undoes everything we just sacrificed?

(Billy looks back at Adam blankly. Unable to produce an answer.)

Katherine: Was Ninjor’s sacrifice in vain?

Tommy: No.

Katherine: …

(Tommy steps forward.)

Tommy: Don’t talk like that. It wasn’t in vain. None of it was. Obviously this isn’t good. But because of our work, because of Ninjor’s work. And because of Alpha and Zordon’s work, Angel Grove is safe. The world can breathe a sigh of relief. We’re left to pick up the pieces, sure. But at least we have the time to do so now that the Machine Empire was defeated.

Tanya: (Nods) …

Tommy: (Sighs) Now… (Looks around) Time to pick up the pieces.

Billy: Right. And we will. And you’re absolutely right. At least we don’t have the Empire to worry about for now.


(Speaking of the Machine Empire, we go back to moments before the purge was initiated. King Mondo found his stolen ship under seize by the man he stole it from. His family was captured behind him and an errant shot sends Serpentera soaring into the sky.)


Lord Zedd: Don’t just stand there, capture him.

(Zedd turns to his goons, Goldar and Rito, who up until this moment were working for Mondo, and even have the metal headpiece sticking out of their ears.)

Goldar: (Nods) Yes master. And may I say how wonderful it is to be under your tutelage again. I have missed your tactful wisdom, your warm touch and your…

Lord Zedd: Quiet, pea brain. He’s getting away!!

Goldar: Huh?

(He turns to Mondo who appears to be trying to pry open the emergency exit on the side of the cockpit. Goldar and Rito march toward him, but he manages to open the latch in time, forcing the two out of the ship as they get sucked out.)

Rita: Rito! Goldar!!

Lord Zedd: Never mind them! That Mondo is mine.

(With everything that isn’t bolted down now flying out of the latch, Mondo still finds himself struggling to regain his footing. He looks out into the sky and finds a great white wave of light that is both spreading outwards and growing upwards that Mondo finds disconcerting. Zedd slowly approaches.)

Lord Zedd: Aw, what’s wrong Mondo? (Extends Hand) Need a hand?

King Mondo: UGH. AHHHHH… yes please.

(Lord Zedd reaches out, but then pulls back and starts derisively slow clapping as Mondo continues to lose grip.)

King Mondo: …

Squatt: (To Rita) I gotta say, I saw that one coming.

Lord Zedd: It was a fine attempt, Mondo. But did you think we lost over and over because we were incompetent?

King Mondo: …Yes?

Lord Zedd: Then what does that make you? A man with a chip on his shoulder, trying to leap frog over another’s work. He makes a big splash, then falls flat on his face.

King Mondo: …

Lord Zedd: How embarrassing. And now you run away, leaving your family to die? Why, you’re no king. You aren’t even a man.

(Zedd slowly comes up closer to him, till he’s mere feet away.)

Lord Zedd: Any last words before I send you to die with the rest of your worthless lackeys on earth?

(At that exact moment, Serpentera leaves the earth’s atmosphere. The gravitational pull is suddenly gone. The moon is seen within distance. Mondo turns back and sees something that catches his attention. He then smiles and stands up normally.)

King Mondo: Yes. (Salutes) Until we meet again, old friend.

(He vanishes.)

Lord Zedd: Huh?!

(Worse yet, his whole family vanishes behind him. Leaving pieces of rope to float in the air.)

Rita: Where’d they go?!

Lord Zedd: DOOOH, I hate that Mondo!!!

(Serpentera continues to soar off into the depths of space. Meanwhile, King Mondo and the rest of his family travel as beams of light all the way to the moon, where it appears a new base has been created in the place of Rita and Zedd’s old palace.)

Klank: (Nods) Ah, welcome home master. We just finished unpacking.

(They reappear, but look none to pleased.)

Orbus: We weren’t sure where you wanted the giant gears so we just left them everywhere.

Klank: Sire… Is everything alright?

King Mondo: (Fuming) Does it look like everything is alright? My invasion is ruined!! Where were you?!

Klank: (Bows) I-I do apologize, however the skeleton one left us unarmed. And Orbus didn’t have a sitter…

Orbus: Our hands were tied, master.

Klank: What were we to have done at the moment?

King Mondo: You were to die if you had to. We were this close to capturing earth’s most valuable weapon and you let it slip away!? And now those measly earthlings, those irritants stand to be significantly stronger because of it. Why if I weren’t such a benevolent king, I would…

(He grabs Klank by the shoulder and shakes his fist with the other hand. Queen Machina finally steps in.)

Queen Machina: Honey, please. Your oil pressure is already out of control. No sense in getting so worked up.

King Mondo: Humph.

(He begrudgingly lets go.)

Orbus: Oh thank goodness. My hardware wasn’t designed for this.

Klank: I may have wet my underware.

King Mondo: Seems like I’m the only one who cares around here. Are you not as upset as I am? We’ve been embarrassed.

Queen Machina It’s not over yet dearie. Even if they did gain the power, how could they possibly be stronger than our entire army combined?

(Machina looks out into the remodeled balcony, overlooking a massive sea of resources at his disposal. The earth’s surface is covered entirely by cogs, the sky is swarming with fighter jets and there are the odd all-terrain armored walkers that weren’t even used on earth. Clearly whatever was used on earth was only the tip of the iceberg.)

Queen Machina: So we underestimated their defenses. We can still crush them at will.

King Mondo: Yes. I suppose your right.

Prince Sprocket: Yes daddy. And if that’s not enough, I’ll go down there and give them the old one-two.

(Sprocket punches the air as Mondo chuckles at his son, finally calming a little.)

King Mondo: Of course, son. (Exhales) I suppose you’re right. Besides, the damage is already done. We may have lost the battle, but the earth has already crumbled at our feet. They cower in fear of what’s to come next.

Klank; That’s the spirit sir. Shift attention away from us!

Orbus: Yeah! You’re wonderful, sir!

King Mondo: Yes. This… purge was just a minor setback. They’re still defenseless by comparison. And once they realized they’re no match for us, they will soon fall in line like all the others. Pretty soon, earth will be yet another notch of the Empire’s United Galaxy. Ahahaha!

“The National Guard is in the process of confirming the earlier preliminary reports. But even if the reports are true, this is clearly only the beginning of what appears like a very long term recovery effort.”

(Back on earth, the TV is on inside a modest looking home. It appears to be Sammy Kwan’s home, and she leaves it on as she steps outside and closes the door behind her.)

“For more analysis we now go to Doug McCarthy, our National Security pundit.”

(Sammy walks into the streets, totally mesmerized by what she sees. It’s almost like a bad dream to her, straight out of a bad disaster movie.)

‘Thank you, Chet. In the wake of this disastrous attacks, many questions remain. Most importantly, are we safe from another attack? It appeared extremely easy for these foreign invaders to simply waltz on in and destroy everything in sight. I obviously don’t have any idea of what their remaining armies look like, if any, but there’s no reason for me to believe that they aren’t capable of doing this again.”

(As she continues to walk, she finds that homes appear raided, many have been boarded up. Trees have collapsed onto houses, hollowed out cars appear to have been burned beyond use. Random items of clothing are scattered on the floor, with no sign of the rest of the person in sight. A lot of which appear to belong to children, which Sammy finds most troubling to accept.)

Sammy: …

“Face it. We are not safe right now. These are monsters, with no motive other than to divide us and to destroy us. They bypassed all security measures we have in place and overwhelmed our defenses without effort.”

(Chet, the main anchor, then asks a follow up question.)

“Some early reports show that several intelligence committees were alerted of the possibilities of a large scale attack some weeks ago. What would you say to those who feel that our government is to blame for the slow efforts to unite defenses with other nations?”

(Sammy stops walking as she comes across the Scott residence, Jason’s family’s home. Their home looks especially wrecked. An explosion was set off outside their home in what appears to be a targeted strike.)

Sammy: …

(Fortunately, both parents are outside and appear unharmed. They survey the damage and embrace, while Sammy looks on.)

“Oh I’d say We’re definitely divided. And I’m sure they know we’re divided. They know that Russia is acting like a rogue agent and stockpiling nukes. They know of the tensions in the Middle East. They know how divided countries the Koreas are, and they are using this to our advantage. They’re feeding off our dissent. I mean, do you really think it was a coincidence that they decided to attack the Geneva United Nations during the Peace Conferences final sendoff? I think not.”

“So what do we do moving forward to prevent future attacks?”

“The only thing we can do. Vote Republican and buy my book ‘Everything’s Out to Get You”, in stores now.”

“Thank you Doug. That title certainly holds more weight now than ever before. We’ll return after this.”

Sammy: Man. Where are the power rangers when you need them?

(Sammy continues down the road until she finds something… or rather some people, who catch her attention.)

Sammy: Wait a second, is that… Bulk and Skull?

(She finds Bulk and Skull in the near distance, looking as if they’re meant to be out on patrol.)

Sammy: Why aren’t they moving?

(Despite the appearance, they’re not actually moving and look to be somewhat zombified. Given the context of her surroundings, Sammy looks more closely, becoming worried.)

Sammy: Oh no... They must’ve become monsters! Mindless beast incapable of thought… wait, they’re the same.

(They start to snap out of it mid-thought. Sammy walks up to them and starts waving her hand to assist in waking them up.)

Sammy: You guys… you guys okay?

Bulk: Um… ugh.

Skull: Ugh… (Wipes drool) …

Sammy: Guys?


Sammy: (Startled) Oh gosh!

Bulk: What?!


Bulk: Y*****************AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!

Sammy: That already happened and ended…


(Bulk stop mid-shriek, then looks around and finds the damage already done around him.)

Sammy: You guys dozed off through the whole thing?! You’re cops!

Bulk: …

Sammy: That’s insane. I mean what good are you two for anyway?!

Bulk: Tailing Hispanic’s in Department stores.

(Sammy sighs, then face palms while shaking her head in disbelief.)

Sammy: It’s a shock that neither of you are dead just standing out here like this.

Bulk: Wait a minute. What are you doing out here by the way?

(She hesitates before responding.)

Sammy: Uh… I haven’t seen my dad since yesterday.

Skull: (Gasps) …

Bulk: …the chief?

Sammy: (Nods) I’m worried. Thought I’d circle the area. Maybe he’s around here and got hurt. Hopefully he’s just hurt.

Skull: (Shakes head) No way. This place is way too dangerous. I can’t let you be out here.

Sammy: (Raises eyebrow) Oh, now you’re policing?

Skull: …

Bulk: (Shrugs) Well, at least let us escort you then. We’d sleep better knowing you were safe.

Sammy: Seems like you two slept just fine.

Bulk: …

Sammy: Oh… alright. I can’t say no to you two goons.

(Sammy leads the way down the road, as Bulk and Skull follow behind.)

King Mondo: Hmm… Interesting.

(Meanwhile, back on the moon…)

Queen Machina: What is it, dearie?

(Mondo overlooks the balcony studiously.)

King Mondo: I don’t sense any ranger energy left on earth. Zordon’s energy has dropped off as well.

Queen Machina: Could it be…?

King Mondo: It be. My bomb worked. It wiped out their base of command and their base of support underneath them. This leaves a vacuum in the everlasting struggle between good and evil. One which, I shall pounce to take advantage of.

Klank: Are you confident that no one is down there, sire?

Orbus: You may want to send down a scouting team just to make sure the coast is clear.

King Mondo: What?! You dare question my judgment?

Klank: N-no!

(Klank immediately throws Orbus onto the floor and backs away nervuosly.)

Klank: Of course not. It’s just…

King Mondo: (Waves him off) Bah. Never mind your useless stammering. (Scratches chin) Perhaps I shall… send down a small army of cogs to… scout the area.

Klank: (Exhales) Yes… Good plan, sire.

Orbus: (From the ground) Very cunning of you to play it safe, sir.

King Mondo: Thank you. That is of course what puts me a step ahead of that bull headed Lord Zedd and his brainless corps he calls his “help.”

(Speaking of which…)

Goldar: Uuuuuuugh.

(Goldar crawls out of a ditch after looking to have crashed back in Angel Grove after his fall from Serpentera.)

Goldar: Everything huuuurts.

(He crawls out.)

Goldar: What happened? AHHHH!!!

(The clearly damaged metal head piece Goldar has on short circuits, sending shockwaves throughout his head. He rips it off and tosses it to the floor.)

Goldar: Stupid thing. It’s scrambling my brains.

“Tell me about it.”

(He looks back down and finds Rito sitting up.)

Rito: I can’t remember a single thing…

Goldar: How did we end up here?


(Hearing a third voice, they look over to find Lindsay lying next to them with a frat t-shirt on and a single red heel.)

Lindsay: Only the best party in the apocalypse! (Winces) Maaaaan my head hurts…

Goldar: …?

(She staggers up without looking at them and looks outside the ditch. She finds dozens of inactive cogs lying face down on the floor.)

Lindsay: Ha. Lightweights.

(She ties her hair up.)

Lindsay: I guess you can’t regret what you don’t remember, eh boys?

Rito: …?

Goldar: …?

Lindsay: I assume I can keep the shirt?

(She finally turns around, and her look of satisfaction quickly turns to that of horror.)


(Lindsay digs out of the hole, falling back in a few times. She then runs for her life, limping with one heel one before finally stumbling out of it. She continues to run barefoot until she’s out of view. Confused, Goldar and Rito don’t make chase, and just stand there looking at each other.)

Rito: (Shrugs) Do I have something in my nose?

Goldar: You don’t have a nose.

Rito: Huh. (Points) Hey, didn’t you have wings?

Goldar: (Looks behind) Wings? Where?

Rito: Eh, maybe not. Ugh I wish we could remember who we were and how we got here.

Goldar: We should probably ask around. Somebody’s got to know who we are.

Rito: Right.

(Rito and Goldar dig themselves out of the ditch and start wandering aimlessly for anyone willing to help them. A little later in the day, closer to civilization, we find Sammy, Bulk and Skull walking through the park, still looking for Sammy’s father.)

Bulk: Don’t be too worried, Sam. I’m sure your dad will turn up.

Skull: Yeah. He’s a tough guy. He’s not gonna be taken down by a single worldwide invasion.

Sammy: Thanks you guys... But it’s not just my dad. No one I know is picking up. Robbie doesn’t seem to be home. I also haven’t heard back from my cousin Trini or Jason. And I know the UN building they were working at got attacked too. I just wished they’d answer…

Bulk: Have you called Zack?

Sammy: Ew, why would I call Zack?

Bulk: …

Sammy: (Gasps) Wait… I know. I can call Zack and ask him if Jason and Trini are okay!

Bulk: …that’s a plan.

Sammy: Great! I need a phone!

“He isn’t answering either.”

Sammy: Huh?

(Turn, find Angela.)

Sammy: Hey! …who are you?

Bulk: (Grins) My exe.

Angela: …

Bulk: Presumably checking in on me. Or… looking to seek shelter next to a man in uniform.

Angela: (Rolls eyes) Ugh. Please. Don’t remind me of that terrible mistake I made, Bulk. I’m already sick to my stomach.

Bulk: …

Sammy: Wait, I met you at Rocky’s birthday. You’re friends with the guys?

Angela: (Nods) Yeah. I’ve tried checking in on Zack, but no answer. His hotel is saying he’s not back yet.

(She pauses, then looks down to twiddle her fingers.)

Angela: He was supposed to give a big speech at the United Nations today.

(Her voice trails off at the end of her sentence.)

Sammy: Hey, hey, hey… don’t give me that.

(Sammy, figuring that she’ll need to assume the role of support, walks over and puts her hand on Angela’s shoulders.)

Sammy: I’m sure they’re all fine. It’s just been a hectic day. They’re probably not near a phone.

Angela: Thank you. I hope so. (Exhales) I just… needed to step out to clear my mind. But that’s hard to do with things being the way they are out here.

Sammy: Wanna help me look for my dad? Afterwards I’ll ask him to buy us all ice cream.

Angela: (Chuckles) Sure. (Sniffs) Anything to keep me busy right now.

(Sammy smiles supportively at Angela, then goes back to leading everyone forward. Bulk sidles’ up to Angela, then slides his arm around her shoulders.)

Bulk: So what are we though?

(Angela quickly slides Bulk’s hands right off as they continue down the park toward what looks like a large gathering. On the other end, Rito and Goldar are seen walking toward the same gathering in cheap, transparent disguises.)

Rito: This wig is itchy. Do I need to wear this thing?

Goldar: Yes, for some reason people around here find us repugnant.

Rito: Just exactly who are we looking for?

Goldar: We’re looking for somebody that can help us. Maybe our families are in this group.

Rito: And how do we know who are families are?

Goldar: I don’t know, bonehead. Look for a picture of them. I can’t answer all of your problems.

Rito: Hmm.

(Rito reaches into his wallet and pulls out a photo.)

Rito: Excuse me. Do either of you know this man?

(He walks up to a Muslim couple, waving the picture in their faces.)

Muslim Man: Hmm. Neanderthal!

Rito: What?

Muslim Woman: Now’s not the time for division, cretin.

Rito: Huh?

Muslim Man: You’re just as deplorable as he is.

(They storm off, leaving Rito dumbfounded. He flips over the photo revealing a portrait of former Mayor, Rico Revoltez in a ‘Make Angel Grove Rule Again’ hat.)

Rito: (Shrugs) He looks pretty handsome to me.

(The two continue into the crowd, which now appears to be a makeshift memorial for those who’ve lost their lives in the attack. Nearby, a handball court has been re-purposed as a wall missing people posters. Pictures of potential victims flood the wall, some posed with families, some graduation pictures, all dignified or happy in the moment they’ve been captured. A stark contrast for the reasons their picture has been pinned up.)

Sammy: Oh my goodness…

(On the opposite side of Rito and Goldar, Sammy and co stumble upon the memorial, which immediately catches Sammy’s attention as she splits from the pack and runs toward the wall. She passes by a field reporter on the way, who’s standing next to a middle aged woman.)

Reporter: Among those loved ones missing is Taylor. The 8 year old third grader, who simply vanished without a trace. His class was reportedly out on a school trip when the attacks took place. And while the school bus has been recovered and the student returned safely, Taylor remains unaccounted for. I stand here with his mother, who hopes that anyone out there might have any information leading to his return.

(The reporter turns the microphone to Taylor’s mother, who can barely contain herself as she gets out her plea.)

Mother: I love my son so much, and I just hope he’s okay. Sweetie… if you’re out there, or if anyone knows anything about my son please reach out to me. Please come home sweetie. Mommy loves you and misses you so much…

(Being unable to keep from breaking down much longer, the reporter pulls the microphone away from a crying mother to add further details.)

Reporter: Taylor’s mother told me earlier that Taylor has a knack for wandering off and travelling home by himself. She hopes that an evac van, or some Good Samaritan may have taken him in and that he’s somewhere safe. Here at channel 6 news, we certainly hope for the same.

(Sammy walks up to the wall. She looks around and studies the many faces on the wall. She doesn’t see anybody she recognizes though feels guilty that it brings her a sense of relief. She sees a few photos of officers sprinkled on the wall. But her father is nowhere to be found.)

Sammy: …

(Back at the wall, Sammy gazes at the pictures plastered everywhere of Angel Grove citizens missing and possibly perished. Her oversized heart bleeds out for all of them as she tries to put stories onto the faces she sees. Some posters offer a cash reward from those desperate to see their loved ones again. Seeing that others are doing so, she places her hand on the wall and silently says a prayer.)

Sammy: …

(For a second, her eyes creek open. She finds across from her yet another familiar face: Hannah, who looks right back at her sheepishly, as if wanting not to be recognized. Her hands behind her back as if she is holding something. Both are unsure of how to react. They have a brief and awkward standoff. Before Sammy decides to open up.)

Sammy: What… are you doing here?

(Hannah shrugs. Hesitating to answer.)

Hannah: …I was out.

Sammy: …

Hannah: You?

Sammy: ...Uh. Well…

Hannah: …Praying for bigger boobs?

(Hannah follows up with an obligatory smirk, being used to only speaking down to those she doesn’t know well. This however, enrages Sammy. Who doesn’t find her appropriate or funny, and is not afraid anymore to say it.)

Sammy: You know, you’re a real piece of work, Hannah.

Hannah: …?

Sammy: Here I thought you had a shred of humanity. I thought maybe you might have a loved one that’s missing that we can maybe bond over. But that would require you actually loving someone. Other than yourself that is.

Hannah: Wow.

(Hannah appears taken aback and ill prepared with a comeback.)

Sammy: I’m so tired of your attitude. Most people can’t stand you, either. You might have your little clique, you may be head cheerleader and have idiot boys with no taste drooling over you. But the real world is gonna catch up to you real soon. And it is not kind to people who peak in high school.

Hannah: Are you done yet? I’m exhausted.

Sammy: I bet. Being a bitch can take a lot out of you.

Hannah: Excuse me?

(But Sammy storms off in a huff, leaving Hannah completely blindsided. Sammy makes a bee line back toward Bulk, Skull and Angela, passing by the news reporter once more…)

“Blood donations at the hospital are said to be in high demand right now as hospitals around the area are packed with hundreds of victims. Many of whom have yet to be identified.”

Sammy: (Gasps) Of course…

(Meanwhile back at the wall, Hannah stays behind, carefully eyeing Sammy to make sure she’s out of view. She then brings her hands around to reveal a photograph in her hand. She looks at it pensively before pinning it up on the wall. It’s a photo of herself and Robbie, in a candid, loving embrace.)

King Mondo: Huh… well I’ll be.

(While admiring the aftermath of his work, Mondo catches a glimpse of Hannah’s interaction. And the photo she put up.)

King Mondo: That is the brown one, isn’t he?

Klank; I believe they prefer to be called “Latinos.”

Orbus: Yes. I’m afraid that is considered a huge no-no in today’s wor-

King Mondo: I don’t mean it that way, you imbeciles. I mean that he’s the brown ranger. The one the gold one couldn’t kill when he had the chance back aboard Serpentera. Yes. He’s quite tenacious.

Orbus: That, or the gold one is a bad shot.

King Mondo: Either way, he’s quite stupid if he thinks he can be a vigilante and have “loved ones” at the same time.

(Klank leans in and whispers.)

Klank: Your wife is in the other room, sire.

King Mondo: She knows where we stand.

(He turns back toward the balcony.)

King Mondo: It seems each of those flesh bags hold some sort of emotional tie with the power rangers. Making them the plainest of targets if ever there were ones.

Klank: What are you suggesting, Master?

King Mondo: I want you to follow them around. If the blonde one finds her main squeeze, I want an army of Cogs present for the festivities.

Klank: And if she doesn’t find them?

King Mondo: Then perhaps we use them to call their bluff. And we make the rangers appear.

(Mondo cackles evilly to himself as he turns away. Back on earth and after a few moments have passed, Sammy, Bulk, Skull and Angela are now trudging inside of the hearing Emergency Room, hoping for any sign of Sammy’s father.)

Skull: Wow. Look at all these people. Hey Bulky, you think the power rangers are here?

Bulk: They better be. They sure haven’t shown up anywhere else.

Sammy: (To herself) I don’t know what I’d do with myself if he isn’t here. I just don’t. I really hope he’s alright.

Angela: Relax Sammy. It’s like you said, we can’t have that kind of attitude right now.

Sammy: Yeah. Thanks. But I just hope I find him soon. He’s got to be here. He’s got to be.

(Bulk takes a look around into the crowd of wounded citizens flooding the ER. People with injuries lying everywhere, in front of the nursing station, in the middle of hallways. There is obviously not enough rooms to treat them all and to look for a single person would be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Looking overwhelmed with their task, he turns back to Sammy.)

Bulk: You think he’s here as a responder, or a victim?

(She pauses, not having an answer. She instead turns down a hallway. A TV is on nearby in a waiting station.)

“We have an update on an earlier story in what appears to be an uplifting silver lining in the earth’s darkest hour. It appears that early estimates of around 36,000 units of blood are expected to be donated to the Red Cross today alone. Angel Grove residents, desperate to do something, and gratified to make some sacrifice, are rushing to local blood banks and hospitals.”

(The four of them pass by one of those said lines, stretching around several corners. Grabbing Angela’s attention as she slows down.)

Angela: Oh my gosh...

(She looks in awe of the line as she stays behind. The rest continue down the hall.)

“It’s not just Angel Grove either. There are upwards of two-hour lines in places like Wisconsin, New York, and in Tokyo. The prime ministers of both Palestine and Israel have stated that they too will donate blood and we just got done reporting that most of congress was photographed waiting to give blood intended for the victims of the attacks. It appears that in earth’s darkest moment, the world, at least at this moment, has decided to put its differences aside and work toward the goal of helping their fellow man.”

(Sammy stops near a dead end, having found no one but the sea of injured she’s surrounded by. Disheartened by the results, perhaps more so by how many people have been affected by this disaster, she speaks in a softer, more sullen tone as she turns back to Bulk and Skull.)

Sammy: I guess we should go. I don’t see him anywhere. Guys?

(She looks around.)

Sammy: Guys?

Bulk: The Lieutenant’s in trouble!! Somebody help!

(She finds them, some twenty yards away, hovering over a man who’s convulsing violently. Sammy can’t make him out right away, but it appears to be their supervisor, Lieutenant Stone.)

Skull: He’s not looking good…

Bulk: Hang in there, boss. It’s gonna be okay. Just breathe.

Skull: I need a nurse! I need a nurse!!!

(Out of nowhere, two nurses appear. Only those nurses are Rito and Goldar, dressed as “Sexy Nurses”.)

Goldar: Sir, it’s gonna be alright. We’re here to help.

Rito: Just hang tight. I’ve got just what you need.

(Holding a full syringe, Rito inject the shot into his arms. Within seconds, Stone’s breathing stabilizes. His heart monitor returns to normal.)

Bulk: Phew…

Skull: That was close.

Bulk: Serge. You okay? You scared us for a moment.

(Stone doesn’t verbally respond, but nods and gives a thumbs up to his boys. Sammy appears between them.)

Sammy: Lieutenant. I’m so glad to see you’re okay.

(She looks up to Bulk and Skull who look back at her hesitantly.)

Bulk: I… I uh…

Skull: We might uh…

Sammy: (Nods) It’s okay guys. I completely understand. I hope he feels better. And thank you. For the company.

Bulk: (Salutes) All in the line of duty, ma’am.

(She gives her friends a warm smile as she turns to leave.)

Goldar: How did you know that shot would help him?

Rito: (Shrugs) Beats me. You mean they’re not all the same?

Goldar: …

Bulk: Thank you ladies.

(Bulk taps Rito on the shoulder.)

Skull: That was a really close call. We’re glad you were there.

Rito: Aw don’t mention it, hon.

Bulk: No, seriously. If there’s anything we can do to help you, just let us know.

(They looks at each other.)

Goldar: Actually…

(Meanwhile, on the moon…)

King Mondo: (Pleading) Machina, you misunderstand. Clearly.

Queen Machina: “She knows where she stands?” What’s there not to understand?

King Mondo: Klank, you snitch!

Klank: (Stumbling) I’m so sorry, Sir. It wasn’t me… it was Orbus! He has such an obvious tell.

Orbus: Me? My face doesn’t move. It was Klank who sung like a canary.

(Sprocket shuffles in with a look of urgency.)

Prince Sprocket: Dad?

King Mondo: I was swept up in the moment. You know I say things I don’t mean when I get carried away.

Queen Machina: You mean like “I love you” “I would die for you, Machina” and “you and Sprocket mean the world to me?”

Prince Sprocket: …Daddy?

King Mondo: Don’t do this, please. Obviously that’s all true. You know me. I’m all about my family.

Prince Sprocket: Dad?!


Queen Machina: (Leers) …

King Mondo: I mean… (Sighs) Yes, son?

Prince Sprocket: I think you need to see this. It’s about the power rangers.

King Mondo: What?

(Sprocket takes his dad over to the balcony and points to a specific region toward earth. His finger trembling as he speaks.)

Prince Sprocket: That… wasn’t there before.

(Mondo looks more closely. He can’t believe his eyes.)

King Mondo: WHAT?!

(The command center is standing tall. As if nothing had ever happened to it.)

King Mondo: That’s impossible!! It was gone! How could it…

(He pauses mid-thought, considering what this could possibly mean. He then turns to his crew to bark out his next orders.)

King Mondo: Destroy the humans, this instant.

(We return to earth, only a few moments later. Sammy is seen wandering aimlessly through a nearby quarry, looking for a quiet, desolate, albeit a dirty place. She hopes to clear her mind without the constant reminders of what she needs to clear her mind of. She finds a seat on a steel beam then exhales deeply.)

Sammy: …

(She struggles to process the world of change that has happened in such a short span of time. The wind starts blowing in her direction, sending an old newspaper by her feet. She picks it up and reads the front page.)

Sammy: “Woman falls in hospital. Told to call ambulance.”

(The paper was from yesterday, but feels like it’s from a different world entirely. The people who wrote these articles had no idea how trivial their grievances would seems in a few hours. She flips around and finds the horoscope, studying it briefly.)

Sammy: Hmm. Is there some planet or something I can blame my misery on?

Hannah: Earth?

Sammy: …?

(She turns around and finds Hannah staring back at her some fifty yards away.)

Sammy: What are you doing here? Looking for more diseases to add to the list?

Hannah: No! I’m…

(Flustered, Hannah stops mid-sentence and marches toward Sammy aggressively.)

Hannah: Contrary to what you believe, I do have people I care about. Lots.

Sammy: Oh yeah?

Hannah: Yeah.

Sammy: Well I’m sorry to hear that. For those people. But I don’t really care. I haven’t seen my dad since last night and I… (Waves her off) I just don’t have time to care about impressing the “cool kids.” There are too many real problems out there right now.

Hannah: Please. You think you’re the only one missing someone?

Sammy: I haven’t heard from my cousin since yesterday.

Hannah: I haven’t heard from my boyfriend since yesterday.

Sammy: I haven’t heard from my boyfriend either.

Hannah: …

Sammy: Well, we’re very good friends.

Hannah: Hmm.

Sammy: You know what? Whatever. Just go away.

Hannah: What is your problem with me?

Sammy: Oh nothing. Besides that you’re a terrible person, a home wrecker and probably a racist for not letting me on cheerleading.

Hannah: (Snickers) What? I didn’t let you on cheerleading because you’re Chinese.

Sammy: Vietnamese.

Hannah: Whatever. Not racist.

Sammy: …

Hannah: I didn’t let you on because you’re awful. You’re just one of a thousand girls who thought the day of that it was a good idea to try out for cheerleading without having a clue what you’re doing, or knowing anything about football.

Sammy: That’s not true.

Hannah: Okay? Tell me again, does the Nickleback stand in front of the Quarterback or behind him?

Sammy: …that was a trick question and you know it.

Hannah: Right. And whatever home you’re referring to was probably long wrecked before I stepped in, honey. So don’t blame me for cleaning up other people’s messes.

(Hannah turns to walk off in a huff. Leaving Sammy seething behind.)

Sammy: (Mumbles to self) I don’t know what guys see in you anyway.

Hannah: (Mockingly) You’ll find out when you get older.

Sammy: (Clenches fist) That’s it…

(Hannah doesn’t bother to look back as she continues her way out of the quarry. That is until she feels a shockingly tight grip suddenly around her arm.)

Hannah: Hey! (Gasps) …!

(She turns, finding Cogs in front of her.)

Hannah: AHHH!!

(Sammy isn’t any better off either, as she’s encircled at the steel beam.)

Sammy: Oh no! It’s the robots! They’re still here. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh… we’re gonna die!!

(The Cogs don’t move right away, and instead study her. She becomes quickly unnerved and tries to shove through one of them. She gets quickly grabbed and thrown to the ground behind the enemy’s back. Looking up from the ground, Sammy sees the small army of Cog now moving and inching their way towards her. She covers her head to brace for the worst, then hears a loud explosion that triggers a shriek.)

Sammy: AHHH!

(Hannah balls up to brace for a punch that the enemy who has her is winding up for. She too hears an explosion before the grip loosens and the enemy falls to the ground beneath her.)

Hannah: (Gasps) Oh god… What’s going on?!

Sammy: (Points up) Look! It’s the power rangers!!

(Sammy points up to the sky to reveal the Pink and yellow rangers flying toward them through the air, followed by the blue and green ranger. Then the brown and red rangers. Only, something seems off…)

“Intruder alert. Intruder Alert.”

Hannah: Are they? They’re no power rangers I’ve seen before.

(Hannah is right. Even as the “rangers” stand in the distance, it’s pretty clear that these look nothing like the rangers we’ve been used to seeing. There are only six of them, not seven. There is no white ranger. Each ranger instead of the white diamonds now has a golden armor around their chest designed with circuitry and helmets made up of different shapes as visors. The red ranger is adorned with a big star in the center of his face, the green ranger, a rectangle, the blue ranger an upside down triangle, the yellow ranger with two small ovals, and pink, one large oval. And the brown ranger has a giant circle with a backslash in the middle. These aren’t the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers we once knew. These are the…)

“Power rangers, Zeo.”


(While the rangers strike a pose, the Cogs waste no time in charging. The rangers jump in one at a time. Red ranger first, flipping forward, ducking past an enemy to the right to land a roundhouse kick in front. The red ranger then swiftly lands a kick to an oncoming enemy to the left. A fourth runs in and meets the same fate before the red ranger turns around and grans the first Cog by the wrist as he attempts a punch to the head. The red ranger flips him into the ground as it short circuits.)

Pink Ranger: Huy-ya huuya!

(The pink ranger leads in with a bicycle kick to an enemy in front. She easily swipes away the right hook of someone to her right, does the same to her left, then twirls around, arms extended, knocking everyone away. Right above her is the green ranger fighting a couple Cogs atop a crane lift. One falls over the side before the green ranger pulls the other in front of him. A quick one two combo of punches knocks the enemy over the top onto a mountain of sand some thirty feet below. Safe and now hidden, Sammy and Hannah look amazed with everything they see.)

Hannah: Wow! They’re incredible.

Sammy: They’re cutting through them like butter!

(They keep looking on as the brown ranger wanders by them. He casually eats an enemy’s punch with his palm while not even looking. He responds with a punch of his own to the chest and an elbow to the gut. The enemy stumbles back as he soars backwards, up a flight of stairs. Without hesitation he leaps off the top with an elbow drop. As the enemy trembles at his feet, he turns to the girls and gives them a thumbs up, without saying a word. Sammy enthusiastically gives the thumbs up back, while Hannah looks more confused.)

Hannah: Is that a… banned symbol on his face? What’s that about?

(Elsewhere, the yellow ranger strikes a pose in front of some enemies, but gets greeted with an ocular blast as a Cog’s face plate lifts.)

Yellow Ranger: Ugh!

(The yellow ranger stumbles back briefly, giving the enemies room to charge. But a shimmy to the right, causes one to barge past the ranger, opening the other to a leg sweep, taking it down. The blue ranger backflips into frame, landing a knee to the enemy that stumbled past the yellow ranger. He blocks a kick in return then punches the enemy so hard, he does several side flips before hitting the ground.)

Sammy: Wow.

(More enemies appear to back him up, but before long, the rest of the ranger team appears to back up the blue ranger. Facing utter defeat the Cogs hightail, vanishing without a trace and ending the threat. Immediately, Sammy bursts out jubilantly.)

Sammy: You saved us! The power rangers saved us! …right?

Hannah: You guys are the power rangers, right? You look… different.

(The girls’ inch closer with caution, as the rangers don’t move a muscle or even speak. Before they can get too close, the rangers’ teleport away. Meanwhile on the moon, Mondo looks on, startlingly calm, after his forces take a second defeat in a short time span.)

King Mondo: Well then. I guess that’s that. The earth isn’t really defenseless after all. Interesting.

Klank: (Whispers) The King is really handling defeat quite gracefully, might I say.

Orbus: (Whispers) Yes. I’m pleasantly surprised.

Prince Sprocket: Here you are daddy.

(His son walks in, pulling a small can out of a plastic bag.)

King Mondo: Why thank you son. Nothing like a can of Coke to calm the nerves after a long day.

Prince Sprocket: They had Pepsi.

King Mondo: (Pops can) THAT’S IT. I HAVE HAD IT!!!!!

Klank: …

Orbus: …

(Trying to compose himself, he takes a deep breath, then walks back to the balcony to stare back at earth.)

King Mondo: Consider this battle won, rangers. However as long as my hatred for you and the rest of your precious organics burn, I shall not rest until I have scattered all of your ashes along the farthest reaches of the galaxy! Mark my words: This is far from over!

(We return back to earth, presumably. The rangers we just saw are seen walking through a winding, dimly lit hallway, again not saying a word. They reach the end of the hall where an automatic door opens up, leading to a very bright laboratory-like room, filled with control panels and several different types of machinery. They stop before a large tube. An image appears.)

Zordon: Welcome back rangers.

(Zordon emerges, looking on proudly. Alpha shuffles into frame.)

Alpha: Still so much to get used to in this new chamber, Zordon. I haven’t been down here in years. Oh! Back already?

Zordon: Welcome back to your power chamber rangers. The secondary room underneath where the command center once stood. This will now be your new safe haven.

(The team still doesn’t reply, but reach for their helmets to pull them off, finally revealing who is who. Tommy is the red ranger, Robbie is the brown ranger, Adam is the green ranger, Rocky is the blue ranger and Katherine is the Pink ranger. And as for Billy…)

Billy: May I assume your first mission was a success?

(He walks in from the back, un-morphed, wiping his hand down with a dirty rag. The yellow ranger pulls her helmet off, revealing Tanya.)

Tanya: (Grins) You bet!

Tommy: Man, these powers are amazing. I felt unstoppable out.

Billy: …great.

(Though happy to hear it, Billy grins a somewhat bittersweet grin.)

Zordon: I am glad you are adjusting well, power rangers.

(They look to one another proudly. Nobody is beaming louder than Tanya, though she catches the expression on Billy’s face and speaks up.)

Tanya: Billy. Are you… alright with your decision?

Billy: (Nods) I am. I feel like I’d be better off… in here. For everyone’s sake.

Adam: Why Billy? What makes you feel that way?

(It still isn’t clear to everyone why Billy seemed to voluntarily resign as a power ranger. Deep down in his heart, he feels an intense guilt about the explosion of the command center, as he was the only safeguard from anything happening. He was also the only one in there to see Alpha and Zordon in what he thought were their dying moments. Coupled with that guilt, perhaps some paranoia that this may happen again. Still, this isn’t something anyone else needs to know, Billy thinks.)

Billy: (Shrugs) I just feel… my technical expertise could be of more use here. Especially for a team that’s just starting out and needs support and weapons.

Tanya: …I just… I don’t want to feel like I’m pushing you out. You’ve been here a lot longer than I have and I…

Billy: You have nothing to worry about Tanya. I had my run and I’m at peace with my decision. From this moment forward, you are a power ranger.

Tanya: …

Zordon: A new day is upon us and I am pleased to bestow you with the powers of the Zeo crystals, which have been obtained through courage and sacrifice. The powers of the crystals now reside in each of you.

Alpha: They’re amazing Billy.

Billy: (Nods) …

Zordon: You will have many new tools. Each of them to be revealed in time. I am very proud of all of you. As power rangers you have served your planet with exceptional honor. I am humbled by the passion and dedication to your mission that each of you have shown. It may not seem the case today, but what you have accomplished thus far will be forever immortalized as the standard for all future rangers that precede you.

Tommy: And we’re just getting started.

(The teens sense a light coming on behind them, prompting them all to turn around.)

Zordon: The powers you may have known may be gone forever.

(Behind them, Zordon reveals images of their former selves, as Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.)

Zordon: We will remember what these powers, and more significantly our allies, have done to bring us to this moment.

(At the center, an image of Ninjor standing alongside Dulcea lights up, eliciting several looks of solemn as Zordon continues.)

Zordon: We will forever fight in their honor and with these powers, serve to protect what they have protected in their memory.

Tommy: …

Robbie: …

Katherine: …

Zordon: In the place of your old powers has emerged a new, more advanced fighting force. You have now become the power rangers Zeo. The next level in the fight against evil.

(The rangers take pause to let this monumental moment they’ve taken part of sink in. That is until…)

Rocky: Wait, so does this mean I’m not leader anymore?!

Tommy: You were never leader, Rocky. Stop telling people you we-

Rocky: I’m the red ranger. I took Jason’s spot. He was leader. Therefore I’m lead-

Tommy: No, no, no! I’m the leader. Your demotion in color just proves it.

Katherine: Guys, can we all just agree that together we can do amazing things?

Tommy: Yes, but alone only I can.


(What was a proud moment just seconds ago now devolves into the senseless rambling that had become staple of this team in the past year. Robbie is surprisingly not included in the mess, instead turning to Zordon to address him directly.)

Robbie: (Points at Helmet) Is there a reason why I have the banned symbol on my helmet? What, so I’m an internet troll now? Is this some sort of joke?

(Away from the fighting, Alpha and Billy look on, pleased with the return to normalcy.)

Alpha: This is nice. Isn’t it, Billy?

Billy: Yeah. Though I have just one lingering question…

Alpha: What is it?

Billy: What ever happened to Rita and Zedd?

Alpha: Hmm…

(Meanwhile, aboard Serpentera…)

Lord Zedd: No! There is no way I am living with that wretched father of yours!

Rita: Do you have any better ideas, Zeddy?! This thing of yours is gonna run out of juice at any second.

Lord Zedd: I’d rather live with that Baboo and his ex-convict father. I’d rather Serpentera break down and I drift into space for all eternity than to have your father take me in and hold it over my head. Oh, he’s such a big man with his house and a job.

Rita: If you want to drift into space than be my guest. But I’m going whether you like it or not.

Lord Zedd: (Groans) …

(Resigning himself, he turns away and leans himself near the dashboard where Finster is piloting the ship. He stare off into the void as he continues.)

Lord Zedd: I suppose pride goes last before the fall, eh Finster?

Finster: I wouldn’t know, master. I wouldn’t know.

Lord Zedd: Of course not. You have no pride. But me? I’m supposed to be the emperor of evil. Ruler of all that I see.

Rita: I don’t know if you know this, but you lost. You’re the ruler of absolutely nothing now. You don’t even have your castle anymore. Time to either buck up and take your medicine, or starve to death alone in your little fantasy.

Lord Zedd: Yes… I shall “take my medicine.” I may be down now, but soon I will be all better.

(Zedd looks toward the moon, his former territory, with a newfound purpose.)

Lord Zedd: Consider this an act of warfare, Mondo. You may have blindsided me this time, but you know full well that if you faced me head on like a man you wouldn’t stand a chance. Until that day comes Mondo, enjoy this victory. But you haven’t seen the last of Lord Zedd.

(Finally, after one of the longest days the rangers have ever push themselves through, Tommy, Billy, Kat, Rocky Adam and Tanya decide to head to the Youth Center for a well-deserved unwinding.)

Tanya: You know… this is not really what I meant when I said I could go for a drink.

Adam: Yeah. You can’t do that yet in America. Sorry.

(The teens walk in through the front entrance and are shocked to find Youth Center in complete shambles.)

Tanya: Oh my goodness.

Rocky: This place is wrecked.

(Parts of the roof are collapsed, there’s broken glass scattered everywhere and a layer of dust and debris coating the surface of the main room.)

Katherine: I don’t believe this.

“Hey guys…”

(A voice calls to them from the front. It’s Ricky, Ritchie’s twin brother, standing next to Ernie, who’s knelled down with a dustpan.)

Ricky: Sorry, we’re not open.

Rocky: Oh good. You made it.

Ricky: …

Katherine: Ernie, oh no!

Tommy: You need help?

Adam: Here let me get some of this.

(Instinctively, the teens rush over to help Ernie out and start picking up some cleaning supplies.)

Ernie: Hey thanks guys. This attack is gonna be rough on business.

Billy: I’m sorry. How’d you manage though? Is your family alright?

Ernie: Family? No. I’ve got nothing after the divorce. This place is my family. I’m just glad none of those robot things specifically targeted here. I don’t know what I’d do without her.

Adam: Well, let Uncle Adam give her a wash then.

Tommy: (Laughs) Yeah. She means a lot of all of us.

Ernie: Thanks. You guys are something else. Hey Rick, give em a round of drinks. On the house.

Ricky: You got it.

(Ricky puts down his broom and disappears into the back.)

Ernie: Wash out the debris from the blender first.

(As the teens continue to help Ernie clean up, Bulk and Skull walk in.)

Tanya: Uh… sorry I think we’re closed.

Skull: (Raises eyebrow) …Aisha?

Bulk: Man, you lost weight.

Tanya: Um. I wish I could say the same?

Adam: (Steps in) Actually, Aisha moved. This is Tanya.

Tanya: (Waves) Hi!

Bulk: …

Skull: …

“There you guys are!”

(Right behind them, Sammy walks in.)

Sammy: I went back to the hospital but Stone said you’d left.

Bulk: Yeah. We were looking for you actually. We were hoping you were okay.

Sammy: Aww…

Skull: Did you ever find your father?

Sammy: Huh? Oh. Funny story, he was in bed all afternoon. I guess he was off from work today.

Bulk: …

“We interrupt this programing to give you this breaking news.”

(The news comes on the TV in the back counter, catching everyone’s attention.)

“In a nationwide vigil, the country is taking moment to reflect on the unifying effects this fateful day. The immediate aftermath of the attacks are seeing a nation come together and reach out – in acts of defiance and expressions of compassion. Millions are donating blood, time and money toward the recovery efforts. Thousands of retired first responders and regular citizens are helping in the cleanup efforts as well as uncovering survivors among the wreckage. There is political bipartisanship as Congress will introduce an anti-terrorism and victim aid measure, in addition to one that the UN has announced it will introduce.”

Billy: It may have taken a devastating tragedy, but it looks like we’re finally starting to realize that we’re all in this together.

Adam: Yeah. Jason and the guys must be humbled by what’s going on.

“More locally, the Mayor of Angel Grove had this to say outside City Hall…
‘The words “United We Stand” were not just a throwaway motto but the foundation of how Angel Grove and America intend to move on. What we suffered through was indeed an unspeakable tragedy. And our enemies may have succeeded in creating mayhem, but they have failed today in their mission to break our wills and divide us. We do not bow down to bullies. Angel Grove can and will recover, and we will work side by side with America to lend a hand to our neighbors overseas who were also affected. We will live out the wills of our teens who proudly represented us in Switzerland and we will continue their work and make them proud in death.’”

(Audible gasps fill the room as the teens grasp what they just heard.)

Billy: …what?

Rocky: Th-they aren’t talking about…

Tommy: (Shakes head) It couldn’t be. It just couldn’t be…

“It is.”

(Robbie walks in, with his arm consolingly around a sobbing Angela, holding a note in her hand. The same note Robbie found when he discovered Zack. The others struggle to let the news sink in. And they know they must do so silently, as there are too many non-rangers around for Robbie to go into further detail. Sammy, who is unaware in any context, is only happy to see her friend, Robbie, who she’s gotten closer to over the past year.)

Sammy: Robbie! You’re okay…

(She rushes over and gives him a big, tight huge. He reciprocates in kind, knowing that he must break the news of her cousin’s passing.)

Robbie: I'm so sorry. Today sucks. For all of us. I'm so, so sorry.

Sammy: (Pulls away) …sorry about what?

Robbie: …

(The news coverage continues, re-taking everyone’s attention.)

“We go to two of the surviving ‘Geneva Three’ right now.”

Jason: Today, we all lost something. We've lost homes, valuables, peace of mind. Some of us however, have lost something however that can never be returned.

Robbie: Huh?!

(Robbie looks up at the TV, his eyes wide open. He finds Jason at a podium speaking to a crowd of survivors. Standing next to him, is Trini.)

Robbie: …!

(While completely struck by their presence, rest of the teens are more taken by the absence of one.)

Billy: Oh no… Zack.

Tommy: (Exhales) Aw… man… this sucks.

(Angela’s sobbing intensifies, drawing attention as some of them go over to console her. Robbie remains fixated on what he sees on screen.)

Robbie: Tri- Trini!

(He gazes into her, extremely relieved to see that she’s safe and that Goldar was in fact, bluffing. He does spot however that she looks rather trepidatious and preoccupied as Jason speaks. Almost as if wanting to not be seen by cameras. She grasps for something on her chest that she suddenly realizes isn't there anymore. He thinks he knows what it might be and reaches into his pocket. He pulls out the anchor necklace he gave to her that symbolized the stability she gave him. Perhaps he thinks, she needs it right now for her own sense of stability.)

Robbie: …

(Something else also starts clicking in his head that he hasn’t been able to figure out since he’s gotten back: just exactly how he managed to return from Angel Grove from Switzerland in the first place.)

“Brown ranger. I see you’re admiring my work.”

(The memory of the moment Robbie’s been trying to repress flood back to him.)

Robbie: Goldar! …You did this?!

Goldar: (Nods proudly) If only you were here to witness their final moments as they begged and pleaded for mercy. But don’t take my word for it.

(Goldar reaches behind his back, revealing a small anchor necklace in his hand.)

Goldar: She put up a good fight trying to save these worthless people. What was her name again? I forget. Not the pretty one. The other one.

Robbie: I’LL KILL YOU!!!!

(He throws a rage fueled right at his chest and follows with a left to the gut He stomps Goldar in the chest, but he merely pushes him back a few feet.)

Goldar: Ehehehe. Feed me your fury brown ranger. Avenge your lost love.

Robbie: Shut your mouth!

(Robbie persists, charging forward with another right, but this one gets caught. Goldar crunches Robbie’s fist easily in his palm before spinning him backwards. Now partially obstructed by the clouds of smoke on the ground, Goldar turns around to further rub salt into his wounds.)

Goldar: Not so easy without your powers, eh brown ranger? Or should I say, Robbie? And you’re not rusty. Imagine how easy it was for me to destroy your friends. Ahahaha.

(Robbie kicks himself back up, ducks a swing from Goldar’s sword and feeds him a flying kick to the chest. Goldar stumbles back, but then gets into a fighting stance and charges. Robbie ducks another swing, then leaps onto Goldar’s back, pressing his forearm under his chin. Robbie pulls back as hard as possible, cutting off airways as Goldar flails helplessly. He’s unable to reach behind him to pull Robbie off, who is so driven by retribution that his tunnel vision fails to pick up a new wave of smoke entering the room. The smoke becomes overwhelming for Robbie, who removed his mask. He starts coughing violently but refuses to let go until Goldar goes down with him.)

Robbie: (Coughs) …you’re not… (Coughs) going… anywh--

(Unfortunately, Robbie succumbs the unprotected smoke inhalation and collapses, freeing Goldar. Rito walks in from a side entrance, carrying a lit torch.)

Rito: (waves torch) Am I supposed to still have this?

Goldar: (Pants) No. Put that down and help me find the Zeo crystal before you burn this whole place down.

Rito: You’re the boss.

(Rito shrugs, then puts out the lit torch on the ground like a cigarette, before the duo wander around the room aimlessly, looking for the brown crystal.)

Goldar: It should be here somewhere.

Rito: Check brown ranger. Maybe he has it?

(Goldar agrees, then walks over to an unconscious Robbie looking up and stands above him. He looks down on Robbie with a twisted sense of fulfillment. And instead of searching his pockets, unsheathes his sword and points it at his face; relishing at the opportunity to add yet another name to add to his list.)

Goldar: You were always one that I respected. Not much talent, but a lot of fight. I respected that fight. I shall take great pleasure in slaying you, brown ranger.

(Goldar slowly raises his sword over his head, making theatrics out of this slaying.)



Goldar: UGH!!

(A leg appears out of nowhere, drilling Goldar right in the abdomen. He stumbles backwards, getting a glance at Trini Kwan looking down on him as he falls.)

Rito: Huh? What the…?!

(Confused, Rito reactively charges at her, but from his right eats a roundhouse kick that nearly takes his head off. Jason Scott appears by her side.)

Goldar: You two!!!

Jason: That’s right. Us two.

(He staggers back up with Rito.)

Goldar: I thought you were destroyed with your friend in the blast.

Trini: You’re gonna have to try harder than that to take us out, Goldar.

Goldar: Ehh… You’re lucky I left the dryer running. Come on Rito.

(They vanish without a trace, leaving Jason and Trini to relax, though cofounded with what he said.)

Trini: Wh-what did he mean “destroyed with our friend?”

Jason: I don’t kno…

(His eyes open wide as he finds the answer.)

Jason: Oh no… Zack!! No!!

Trini: (Gasps) Oh my god!!!

(Jason runs over to his friend’s side, buried under a pile of rubble where he last stood. Furiously, Jason throws blocks of debris in a disbelieving rage. Trini, who looks to be in shock, slowly follows behind him, struggling to process what she’s seeing. She slowly then turns around and sees who was on the floor.)

Trini: Robbie!!

(She naturally rushes over to his side and kneels beside him, slowly placing his head on her lap.)

Trini: Robbie… Not you too…Why…What are you doing here?!

Jason: (Exhales) I think you know why he’s here.

(She looks up blankly at Jason, then back down to an unresponsive Robbie. She wonders woefully to herself if he truly did endanger his own life to come all the way here to rescue hers? She softly brushes down his cheek, then thinks to reach further down for a pulse. Mercifully, she feels something, then thinking on her feet reaches for his communicator)

Trini: Hello? Is anyone there? This is Trini. Hello?

Zordon: Hello Trini. This is Zordon.

Trini: Zordon! I have Robbie here. He’s not breathing, but he’s alive. He needs to get out of here.

Zordon: Understood. Alpha will lock onto his coordinates. Thank you, Trini.

(He disconnects. With only having a brief moment before he’s taken from her again, Trini leans over and embraces his head. Whispering softly into his ears.)

Trini: You have no idea how much I’ve missed seeing you. Thank you, Robbie. Thank you for always having my back. But please, please never do this again. I can’t bear to lose you too.

(As she speaks, she feels her throat swelling up. A single tear starts to trickle out of her eyes.)

Trini: I promise I’ll be home soon. Stay safe for me. Please.

Robbie: …

(Robbie’s eyes start fluttering out of nowhere, giving Trini some brief hope that she may be able to hear his voice. But, before his eyes re-open, he vanishes into a bright, brown light that takes him from the room. Back in the present time…)

Robbie: …

Jason: (On TV) But while we mourn the losses, the fight never ends. We will build a better world in Zack’s honor. We will unite to make sure a disaster like this never happens again. We will not rest until the fractures in our societal fabric heals. We must do better for those we lost. It is the only way we carry on their legacies. Zack’s legacy will live on in all of us. To those who try to cheer up a friend who's down to those like Trini and me, who won't rest until the world is a better place.

Robbie: I... I gotta go. I need to make a call.

(Clutching the necklace, he knows what he must do. Aiming for the exits, Robbie turns around…)

Hannah: Robbie!!

Robbie: …Hannah?!

(And finds Hannah, appearing almost magically, in front of him.)

Hannah: You’re here!!!

Robbie: I am…

(Without a thought or hesitation, Hannah leaps onto her boyfriend, with a big tight hug.)

Hannah: I’m so happy you’re safe.

(She plants a big wet kiss on his lips, catching Robbie by surprised. among others in the room.)

Sammy: …!!!

Hannah: I was so worried about you.

Robbie: You were?

Hannah: Duh? You’re my boyfriend. I do care about people, you know?

Robbie: (Defensively) Okay. I didn’t say you didn’t.

Hannah: I looked all over for you. You weren’t answering any of my calls so I went to the park, I went to school. I even went to your house and waited outside your building all morning.

Robbie: What? During this attack?! Are you insane?

Hannah: Uh, have you met me?

Robbie: …

(Beaming from ear to ear, she takes him by the hand and leads him toward the exit.)

Hannah: Come. I’m never letting you out of my sights again.

Robbie: Uh…

(As they walk out together, the other teens just stare blankly at one another. Sammy however looks like she’s just seen a ghost.)

Sammy: I uh… I guess… I should get going too. (Turns to Angela) Need me to walk you home?

Angela: (Sniffs) Sure.

Bulk: We’ll go too.

Skull: Yeah. If today taught me anything, is that you cherish every moment with the people you care about.

(As they walk out, Billy takes heed of what Skull said, and turns to the others.)

Billy: He’s right.

Tanya: Yeah… I kinda wish I had more time with my husband right about now.

(Adam reaches over and puts a hand on her shoulder supportively.)

Rocky: So… What happens now?

Tommy: (Shakes head) No clue. But whatever we do, we need to make sure we do it together. Moving forward.

Katherine: …

Tommy: The Empire took one of our own. They took one of my friends. Two with Ninjor. And while I want nothing more right now than to personally give Mondo a bit of payback, I know I have the rest of you to have my back. And I have your backs to look after.

(Suddenly unsure of himself, Tommy bows his head)

Tommy: I don’t know. I feel like I’m rambling. I’m a bit thrown for a loop. I’m not sure if this makes any sense.

Katherine: It does Tommy. It makes perfect sense.

Tommy: …thanks. I guess what I’m saying is… you guys are the most important things to me. So we need to make sure we stick together. No matter what. You have my word that I won’t leave your side either.

Adam: You have our word too, man.

(Slowly, they each reach out to put their hands in the middle. Promising to always be there for one another.)


(The suddenly Tommy bolts out of the room, leaving his friends behind as the episode closes.)

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Cameron Samurai
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I like the way you Zordon describe the Power Chamber as a "new safe haven", liked Hannah and Sammy's argument also and how the escalation of it built
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Thanks Cameron! I appreciate the feedback!
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Well I'm glad Trini survived. Does this mean that she and Robbie might rekindle their romance? Robbie certainly didn't seem very interested in Hannah after the ordeal...

Hahahaha the "banned symbol" on Robbie's helmet, nobody realised it's a zero yet

Definitely a great start to what is going to be a great final season (y)
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zedd_heart_rita wrote: View Post

Well I'm glad Trini survived. Does this mean that she and Robbie might rekindle their romance? Robbie certainly didn't seem very interested in Hannah after the ordeal...
Hmm. We have 14 more chapters to find out...

Hahahaha the "banned symbol" on Robbie's helmet, nobody realised it's a zero yet

Definitely a great start to what is going to be a great final season (y)
Haha. Thanks. Glad you liked it!
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I'm definitely here for this Robbie/Trini/Hannah drama that's about to unfold. Especially now with Sammy involved. All-in-all this was a great episode!! Can't wait for the next one!!
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BamaPRFan07 wrote: View Post

I'm definitely here for this Robbie/Trini/Hannah drama that's about to unfold. Especially now with Sammy involved. All-in-all this was a great episode!! Can't wait for the next one!!
Thanks Bama! I'm really looking forward to writing future chapters too. So much so that I've gone and skipped ahead to write out whole scenes near the conclusion of it all lol. I hope you like where this goes!
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Hey quick question.

Did you do any character synopsis like you did for the first couple of seasons? Those really showed the changes in some of the original characters. I couldn't find them.
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Hey Bama,

I didn't this time around, but I can write a quick one before the next chapter. I just got too excited so I skipped it. Once the ideas rush to my head they must be purged onto paper or they will consume my every thoughts lol.
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Sorry I'm late but I just want to say that the 4th season of your Power Rangers fic is already shaping up to be truly awesome! I'm also over the moon that Trini and Jason survived the Machine Empire Invasion though I must admit you really had me going with Goldar's cruel trick. For me at least, Goldar breaking Robbie down was very reminiscent of when Goldar tried to break Tommy's spirit in the Otherworld back in Green No More. I loved the whiplash of moods in The Mutiny Parts 4-6. You had the sadness of Trini's apparent death and the global destruction followed by the comedic squabbling of the villains onboard Serpentera. I especially loved Goldar's resignation from the Machine Empire and return (albeit short lived) to Rita and Zedd's side by tying up Mondo's family. Goldar knows how to resign in style! I also loved the arguments between Sammy and Hannah. I wonder if things are really going to kick off between those 2 or if they become unlikely friends? Anyway keep up the good work!

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Craig Evans wrote: View Post

Sorry I'm late but I just want to say that the 4th season of your Power Rangers fic is already shaping up to be truly awesome! I'm also over the moon that Trini and Jason survived the Machine Empire Invasion though I must admit you really had me going with Goldar's cruel trick. For me at least, Goldar breaking Robbie down was very reminiscent of when Goldar tried to break Tommy's spirit in the Otherworld back in Green No More. I loved the whiplash of moods in The Mutiny Parts 4-6. You had the sadness of Trini's apparent death and the global destruction followed by the comedic squabbling of the villains onboard Serpentera. I especially loved Goldar's resignation from the Machine Empire and return (albeit short lived) to Rita and Zedd's side by tying up Mondo's family. Goldar knows how to resign in style! I also loved the arguments between Sammy and Hannah. I wonder if things are really going to kick off between those 2 or if they become unlikely friends? Anyway keep up the good work!
Get Craig! Nice to hear from you! Thanks for the feedback, I always appreciate it.

I'm glad you liked the three parter. The end of the world drama is really out of my comfort zone so I stressed out about those chapters a lot. I was worried about being either too depressing, or my humor killing the drama entirely. I'm glad to hear that you liked it.

The Sammy/Hannah scenes seemed to get a lot of attention too! Good to hear, because both will play a large role in the main plot moving forward...
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Per reader request...

Tommy Oliver
Zeo Ranger Five, Red
Red Phoenix Zeo Zord

The leader of the team gets his official coronation as he finally dons the red colors that have alluded him. But his senior year is marked with questions over whether this job it truly for him. He is still haunted by the recent attacks and an inability to compartmentalize injustices that he cannot change. In order to regain control of his life, he must dig deep within himself to find out something he should have figured out by now: who is Tommy Oliver? Not just the ranger, but the man. In his journey to find the answers, he reencounters old friends, strengthens current bonds and figure out those he will spend his post-ranger future with.

Adam Park
Zeo Ranger Four, Green
Green Taurus Zeo Zord

After a rough and contentious first year as a ranger, Adam settles in during his second after finding his role. This year we see more personality from Adam, he becomes somewhat sarcastic and fun loving, but very serious about his craft. He’s also intensely protective of Tanya, a girl he brought over from Africa and looks over her shoulder every step of the way.

Rocky DeSantos
Zeo Ranger Three, Blue
Blue Sphinx Zeo Zord

Rocky had it all and let it slip away. He found the woman of his dreams, overthought every breathe he took with her, then choked. Now, Rocky is left to regroup. Going back to what he did prior to landing Hillary (Martial Arts and Conspiracy Theories) and hoping that with time either Hillary comes around or another girl comes his way.

Tanya Sloan
Zeo Ranger Two, Yellow
Yellow Battle Tank

Tanya is the new girl from South Africa, who replaces Aisha (As well as Billy). She’s somewhat guarded, but caring and mindful of others. Not as jaded as Aisha used to be, she actually builds a fairly strong friendship with her new roommate Robbie. She spends her freshman year as a ranger working past the death of her would-be husband, as well as finding new relationships who could possibly fill that large void. She continues to maintain very close bonds to her family back home and would do anything to see them safe and happy.

Katherine Hillard
Zeo Ranger One, Pink
Pink Battle Tank

Far removed from evil Katherine who tried to destroy the team from within a few months ago, she comes into her own this year and develops as a warm and caring support in the same image as Trini was to the team during her tenure. Always willing to lend a hand and a shoulder to cry on, Kat may sometimes however neglect her own best interests for what she deems the greater good.

Robbie Clemente
Zeo Zero, Brown
Cerberus Zeo Zord (CerberZord)

The central character of this coming of age story will see an eight year arch close in his senior year. Initially a snarky loner nobody knew or understood, Robbie who hid behind emotional walls, has learned that he cannot possibly get by on his own and has opened himself up to many different new an unexpected relationships that he values dearly. He now finds that certain relationships that he could never picture himself without suddenly seem less indispensable; as he’s not only gotten by without them, but has done fairly well in their absence. With that said, Robbie struggles seeing where his current path will lead him and if he likes where he’s going. He must make some very difficult and important decisions that will shape, and possibly threaten, his very future.

Billy Cranston
Technical Advisor

After three straight years, the longest tenured ranger (along with Robbie) steps down into a new role. His feelings of the switch are rather muddled and unclear, but the move was voluntary as he continues to struggle with personal demons during the fallout of the Empire’s invasion. Struck with intense guilt over his mistake that caused the Command Center to be bombed, Billy makes it his personal duty to remain with Alpha and Zordon whenever possible. His friends try to move him mind to other things, but as he soon graduates early he’ll find no other use for his time than at the new power chamber, building and building away. Trying to run from what troubles him. But what truly troubles him?

Bulk and Skull

Both having come a long way from being high school Bullies, Bulk and Skull remain Junior Police Officers under the tutelage of Lt. Stone. They also take in some help along the way, that on it's face might jeopardize their very careers and livelihoods.

Hannah M. Tannah

Once thought to be a one off character in the first season made to highlight Kimberly Hart's evolution as a character, Hannah has become her own character and has evolved greatly from the two dimensional Queen Bee trope she represented. Hannah has softened her edges over time and has shown other aspects of her personality rather than her snark and shallowness. She now shows more vulnerability than ever before, being Robbie's girlfriend and dealing with the ups and downs that go with dating him. Still despite becoming more relatable and likable, does she really represent what's right for Robbie as he closes his arch? Does "no longer evil" mean the same thing as a good?

Sammy Kwan

Another character meant to be a one off appearance, Sammy plays a large role moving forward. Her giddy and bubbly nature has somewhat toned down over the years, but she's still perky and hyper optimistic. That is, until she sees no reason to be when she loses in her eyes the last thing keeping her going. She's also effectively Trini's surrogate voicing disapproval of Robbie's relationships.

Jason and Trini

The former rangers return to Angel Grove for several in person appearances throughout the final season. Without spoiling what serves as critical to the main plot, the duo deal with the aftermath of the invasions in their own separate ways that match their personalities and past actions. Driven by grief of losing their best friend, their final archs are dictated by not only Zack's death, but other close relationships that both former rangers are afraid to lose.
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Interlude Between Acts...

“At this time, may I ask that you please rise, and give a moment of silence for those lost in the recent attacks?”

(It is stone silent in the first day of senior year. All that can be heard is the sound of students rising from their desks. The wounds still very much fresh, but as they say, the show must go on. And go on it does.)

Tommy: …

(Tommy turns around and nods to his friends, leading them in their moment of silence. He has tried since the attacks to put on a brave face for their benefit. But deep down, the events are still foremost in his mind. Seared into his psyche.)

“We are gathered here today to honor, and to celebrate the life of one Zackary Taylor. We often say that the hour of death cannot be forecast. When we say this we imagine this hour would be in a distant future. We never thought we would be…”

(24 hours earlier, the teens buried one of their closest friends and one of their own. The services was as beautiful as it was large, consisting of not only close friends and family, but many diplomats, public figures and ordinary people; many of whom looked up to him as he worked tirelessly in Switzerland to fight for a better world. Many young black youths in attendance saw him as a success story that they may someday see in themselves. Today that hero was buried. All that could be done was to make sure he had the proper burial a person of his character deserved. In the audience, the ranger teens are seen looking on solemnly. Each grieving in different ways.)

Tanya: …

Katherine: …

(A couple on the team have never met him, but have heard stories from those who loved him.)

Adam: …

Rocky: …

(Some knew him just enough to know what kind of person he was.)

Billy: …

Robbie: …

(Others grew up with him. And see a part of that upbringing die today along with him.)

Tommy: …

(Tommy in particular can’t get his eyes off of his tombstone, which reads “The world needed your voice, but the lord needed you more.” His heart burns with the injustice of not just his death, but the senseless death of everyone else. He won’t be satiated with spiritual poetics. These people should not have died. Plain and simple. Still, he won’t show his hand to the others, understanding the importance of allowing the others to shift back into their normal routines uninterrupted. And shift they did, because life waits for no man.)

Billy: I just completed the frame work on the red phoenix Zeo Zord. I’m gonna test her aerodynamic abilities before I move forward calibrating her energies to the morphing grid.

Zordon: Very good, Billy.

(Billy has taken the phrase “idle hands are the devil’s playthings” to heart, managing to keep himself busy. He’s been working tirelessly inside the new power chamber with Alpha. He’s already built the Zeo ranger Zords with his bare hands along with an endless artillery.)

Robbie: …

(Elsewhere, Robbie, with Hannah’s help, was set up on an interview at her Uncle Ted’s law firm as an office assistant. Prestige wise, it’s a big visual step up from his days at the local coffee shop.)

“Screw you, horse face.”

(That doesn’t mean the job is a good one.)

Robbie: …?

“I’m not done with you. I’ll be back to murder suicide this whole office. Just you wait.”

Ted: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Save it for the unemployment line.

(A frazzled young man storms out of the office. He’s followed by a more portly older man with a five o’clock shadow. He eyes Robbie, confused.)

Ted: What do you want?

Robbie: I’m… here for an interview?

Ted: You want to work here?

Robbie: …yeah?

Ted: Alright, you’re hired.

Robbie: J-just like that? You don’t need to run a background check or run references?

Ted: Nah. You don’t touch kids or nothing, right?

Robbie: No.

Ted: Then when can you start?

(Meanwhile, inside a still broken down Youth Center, Adam is hard at work at honing his martial arts. He starts with several well practiced poses before breaking into a routine of kicks, chops and spins. All the while Tanya, who’s dressed to work out, looks on with her jaw to the ground. Finally, he stops, then bows.)

Adam: See? It’s simple.

Tanya: (Raises eyebrow) For who?

Adam: (Laughs) Maybe we should take it a step back. I’m just gauging where you’re at right now.

Tanya: (Nods) Cool. Thanks again for agreeing to work with me, Adam.

Adam: Hey don’t mention it. I was new to Angel Grove once. I sure wished I had someone to take me in and show me around.

Tanya: Well I appreciate everything you’re doing. Believe me.

Adam: Thanks. Hey, once we’re done. You wanna go… and grab some coffee maybe?

Tanya: …I’d love to. But…

(Just then, a young black teen walks in. He waves at her.)

“Hey Tanya.”

(She looks back at him with a smile. Then turns back to Adam.)

Tanya: I promised Sean I’d help him study for his next test. A raincheck maybe?

Adam: (Nods) Sure. Don’t mention it.

Tanya: Thank you.

(She gives him an appreciative hug, then grabs her stuff and leaves.)

Adam: …

(Rocky’s also kept busy with the opposite gender.)

Bertha: Give me your lunch money!!!!

(Unfortunately, it’s not in the way he’d like, as a newly re-instated Big Bertha slams Rocky against the lockers.)

Rocky: Uh. Sorry Bertha. I can’t…

Bertha: I didn’t ask you, pipsqueak. I’m telling you.

(Rocky squirms, but his attention is briefly pulled away by somebody approaching from his right.)

Rocky: Hey Hillary. Nice hair.

Hillary: Thank you!

(Blissfully unaware of his circumstances, Hillary brushes her hair and beams at his compliment as she walks by.)

Bertha: …?

Rocky: She got it cut in layers.

(Finally we turn to Kat, who has been laying a low profile. After being the center of attention for so long, she’s decided she’d rather stand back for a bit and get further settled into her new life in America. She’s inside a dimly lit room, next to Tanya in pink and yellow pajamas respectively. A bowl of popcorn between the two. The door creeks open behind the television set, the rooms only light source.)

Katherine: (Waves) Hey Roomie.

Tanya: Hey!

Robbie: (Nods) …

(A beaten down Robbie walks in following what appears to be a late shift at his new job.)

Katherine: Long day at the office?

Robbie: (Loosens tie) …

Tanya: Does he still talk?

Katherine: Not this season, no.

(He quietly rolls his eyes as he checks the mail.)

Katherine: Hannah called you.

(He exhales as he continues toward his room.)

Tanya: Where you going? Come keep us company!

Katherine: We rented a scary movie. We need a big strong man to keep us safe.

Tanya: Maybe you could help us find one.

Katherine: (Laughs) That was so mean…

Robbie: …

(He walks away without responding. Kat then picks up a letter in her hand.)

Katherine: You’ve got a letter from Switzerland…

(He leans back out, an eyebrow raised. He scurries back to his room, still mostly dressed while sitting in his bed. The letter in hand as he looks at what Jason, and more importantly to him, Trini have been doing. He reads the letter, already midway through.)

“It’s been a really difficult past couple of weeks. I’m trying really hard to not let myself think too much about what happened. But whatever I used to do to keep busy, used to be done with three people. I feel incomplete. As if a part of me is no longer there. The halls are emptier now. The energy is understandably low. So many people lost their lives, yet I survived. I meditate, asking if there’s a reason why that is. I haven’t been given an answer yet.”

(Mention of them were noticeably omitted from Zack’s funeral, as they were both unable to be granted leave to attend. The loss still weighs heavily in their minds.)

“I’ve been trying to focus on things that bring me happiness. Thoughts of seeing you again make me really happy. Words can’t describe how much seeing you meant to me, even if was extremely dangerous and irresponsible. And even if you were unconscious and weren’t technically “there.” Just knowing you still care and are still there for me gets me through a lot of these dark days.”

Robbie: …

“On a side note, Jason and I tried to cheer each other up so we went into town. We found a toy store that sells power ranger merchandise, can you believe that?! I bought a yellow ranger figurine for cheap; apparently a new line is coming out(?)They didn’t have a brown one, sadly. So, I did the next best thing.”

(Attached to the letter is a Polaroid that falls out. He picks it up and examines it, bringing a smile to his face. It’s an image of the yellow mighty morphin power ranger standing side by side with a brown Stegosaurus.)

“Yours always,


(He looks longingly at the picture and reminisces into the sky. The phone rings soon after though, and breaks him out of the spell.)

Robbie: (Groans) …

(After waiting a while, he gets up and answers.)

Hannah: Heeeey handsome.

(Hannah can be heard on the other line. She’s in the bathroom in the middle of grooming.)

Robbie: Hey Hannah.

Hannah: How was your first week? My uncle’s a real bull, huh?

Robbie: He’s definitely some type of farm animal.

Hannah: It has got to be better than making coffee for imbeciles.

Robbie: Yeah. Now I’m just fetching coffee for one.

Hannah: You should really stick close to him he’ll really take you places.

Robbie: Are you even listening to me?

Hannah: Oh nothing, just shaving my legs. Well, leg. I shaved one last night so I could feel like you were sleeping next to me. Isn’t that romantic?

Robbie: Wow.

Hannah: I know that’s what Lindsay said too. Oh my god, did I tell you what Lindsay said to me the other day…

(Resigning himself, Robbie sighs, then kicks his shoes off, figuring if he’s a captive audience he might as well be comfortable. Outside the apartment, Tommy is seen outside the front door. A tentative look on his face, looking as if he is ready to knock. After a moment though, he gets second thoughts, then leaves.)

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Season 4 - Episode 7: When They Go Low

(It has been roughly one week since Mondo’s attack occurred. And despite constant reminders of it everywhere, in the news in the streets in the loved ones who won’t be coming home today, citizens of Angel Grove must do what they can to move on and return to their normal lives. The teens must do so in Angel Grove High, as the first week of their final year has begun. Each of them eager and present to dive back into their daily academic grind. Well, everyone except…)

Rocky: Where the heck is Billy? It’s almost second period.

(Rocky checks his watch as he stands in the middle of a crowded hallway.)

Adam: It’s not like him to be late for school.

Rocky: He better be here. I’m counting on him to give me his half of our midterm topic discussion.

Tanya: What’s your topic? To prove that the moon landing isn’t real?

(She laughs but he looks at her seriously.)

Rocky: Of course not. The moon isn’t even real.

Tanya: Oh…


Katherine: Rise and shine sleepyhead.

(Katherine leans against her locker at a disheveled looking Tommy approaches and opens his locker.)

Tommy: Yeah, hey.

Katherine: Something wrong?

Tommy: (Shakes head) I just couldn’t sleep is all.

Katherine: Why? Was anything on your mind? We are partners after all, I’m here for support if you need it.

(He hesitates briefly before responding.)

Tommy: No, nothing on my mind. Just… couldn’t get comfortable.

(He then quickly shuts the door on his locker like he shuts the door on the topic. On the opposite end of the hall Hannah and Robbie turn the corner, Hannah with a tight grip on his hands.)

Hannah: So how was first period?

Robbie: It was fine.

Hannah: Did you do anything interesting?

Robbie: Nope.

Hannah: Okay… Did you think about anything?

Robbie: Not really.

Hannah: That’s not possible.

Robbie: My teachers can assure you otherwise.

Hannah: Ugh. You’re so frustrating, Robbie. You like don’t initiate conversations, you know that? I have to pry to get something out of your mouth.

Robbie: You’re pretty good at covering for the both of us.

Hannah: Fine. (Exhales) Fair enough. So… tell me something about you.

Robbie: Me?

Hannah: You. Anything. I’m all ears.

Robbie: Like what?

Hannah: I don’t know. What did you dream about last night?

(He takes a second to recall, staring off into the ground.)

Robbie: Well, I guess keep having this same recurring dream over and over lately. (Exhales) I keep letting everyone down. And after a while all my loved ones start to leave me. Until the end when I’m left all…

Hannah: (Gasps) Oh my god, look at this!

(Hannah finds a school newspaper lying atop a garbage bin and snatches it up, having quickly dropped the previous subject.)

Hannah: This is ridiculous! I don’t believe this is happening.

Robbie: (Sighs) Let me guess? Is there a pumpkin spice famine going on?

Hannah: No… It says because of “essential needs caused by the recent attacks”, the school is cutting cheerleading, gymnastics and every other “non-generating program.”

Robbie: You do know that we walked in through a hole in the wall, right?

Hannah: Right but I’m captain of both of those squads. I wasn’t even consulted. And my tax dollars should go toward things that benefit me.

Robbie: You don’t work.

Hannah: But I buy stuff, don’t I? I’m basically a job creator. I don’t understand. I thought we were the richest country in the world. Where is all this money going?

Robbie: Tax cuts for your father I’m guessing?

Hannah: This is unacceptable. How are you not outraged? I’m gonna rally the girls. Kaplan is gonna get an earful over this. We are not taking this lying down.

(Robbie grins and looks as if he’s about to say something.)

Hannah: Shut up, I know what I said!

Robbie: …well, (Points behind him) this is my next class.

Hannah: Alright... I’ll see you between our next then? Think of me.

(She kisses him on the cheek as he leans his head forward. She walks away as she slinks into class. Only, he slinks back out a few moments later, when he finds that the coast is clear.)

“I saw that…”

Robbie: (Gasps) …

(Startled, he turns around and finds Tanya and the others behind him.)

Robbie: (Exhales) Oh... Hey.

Tanya: Trouble in paradise, I’m guessing?

Robbie: (Shrugs) No. It’s fine. I just need a second to breathe. Hannah’s been practically glued to me since the attacks.

Katherine: Aw. I think it’s sweet. She clearly likes you. And you look cute together.

Robbie: She looks better away from me.

(They all turn to watch Hannah as she continues down the hallway.)

Rocky: She is rocking those jeans.

“Ladies and gentleman, can I have your attention please?”

(Emerging from his office is Principle Kaplan with a stack of flyers and a clipboard in hand. He calls for everyone’s attention as students’ crowd around.)

Mr. Kaplan: Everyone I need to make an important announcement regarding the future of this school.

Robbie: Are we getting more teachers?

Mr. Kaplan: Don’t be stupid. We don’t need that.

Robbie: Really? Cause Rocky here taught an empty history class yesterday. And I’m pretty sure George Jetson wasn’t the first man on the moon.

Rocky: Shh! That’s on a quiz this afternoon.

Mr. Kaplan: Issues regarding staffing should be brought up to that department’s dean. Instead, I’d like to announce a vacancy in the position of class president. The incumbent Kimberly Hart’s exit from this school leaves her seat up for grabs. And we’re gonna hold a special election to fill it.

(He walks up to the wall and pins the clipboard to the bulletin board.)

Mr. Kaplan: I’ll be accepting nominations till the end of the day. Whoever signs up will participate in a debate on Thursday. The election will be held the next day. Good luck to everyone involved.

(He walks away, leaving some scratching their heads.)

Adam: That’s an awfully quick turnaround time for an election.

Rocky: Just how they want it. Not enough time to challenge their “anointed” leaders.

Tanya: Who’s being anointed? And who is “they?”

Rocky: Lizard people.

Tanya: Are you on drugs today, Rocky?

Rocky: Huh?

Tanya: Are you high?

Rocky: Am I what?

Tanya: High.

Rocky: Hello.

Tanya: (Shakes head) …

Robbie: This whole thing is stupid. All the problems with this school and this is what we’re focused on?

Adam: Sounds like something you can fix if you ran…

Robbie: Oh no. Between my new job, school work I don’t have time to do and the girlfriend stuck to my hip I don’t have time for this. Besides, after the last time, I think I’m done with elections.

Katherine: What?

(Tommy walks in.)

Tommy: He ran for office against Kim two years ago. It got so ugly that I lost my powers in the process.

Katherine: Well why don’t you run Tommy? You’re already a proven leader.

Tommy: (Shakes head) I ran against Kim last year. Saba got kidnapped and the Zords were almost destroyed.

Tanya: I’d sure hate to run against this Kim girl.

Katherine: I don’t know. Someone should run. Somebody intelligent with a lot of great ideas. We’re really struggling right now with all the cuts. I think that’s what this school needs right now.

(Right on cue, Billy appears, rushing down the stairs with messy hair ad bags under his eyes.)

Billy: (Panting) Hey guys…

Rocky: Billy, its 10 o’clock. Where’ve you been? I’ve been calling your house all morning. I’m counting on your for our group project.

Billy: I’m so sorry Rocky. I was working late in the power chamber. I fell asleep.

Rocky: That’s the third time this week, man.

Adam: Where do your parents even think you are?

Billy: (Shrugs) I told them I have a girlfriend.

Robbie: That’s quite a stretch even for your mom to believe, Billy.

Katherine: You’ve been spending an awful lot of time at the power chamber, Billy. Is everything okay? This isn’t like you to stumble in class for anything.

Billy: I-I’m fine. It’s just been a rough week. It’s not easy building an arsenal for a team out of scratch.

Robbie: Billy you made a flying car out of nothing once.

Billy: Twice, actually. I rebuilt it yesterday evening. It’s how I got here.

(Billy’s retort draws no reassurance as he finds himself met with universally concerned looks from his friends.)

Billy: I’m fine you guys. Really. Don’t worry about me. Rocky, I’ll work on my part of the assignment during study hall. You’ll have it by 8th period. Promise.

(He shuffles off to go find his locker before the conversation can go on much longer.)

Katherine: That’s not good.

Rocky: Yeah. Now I have to have my half done by 8th period.

Katherine: No. I mean Billy’s been off lately.

Tanya: Do you think maybe… he’s upset about losing his powers?

Adam: (Sighs) Maybe. He could be trying to bury himself in his work.

Katherine: Poor Billy. I wish there was something we could do to help him keep his mind off of things.

(Katherine glances at the clipboard on the bulletin board. An idea springs to mind.)

Katherine: I know…

(Later, in study hall…)

Billy: I beg your pardon?! You did what!?

(Katherine, decked out in campaign buttons and an Uncle Sam hat, looks dumbfounded with Billy’s reaction.)

Katherine: Why, you’re not happy?

(Meanwhile, on the moon, King Mondo doesn’t seem very happy himself as he reads over a newspaper in hand. An editorial titled “Mondo Failure” by Lord Zedd is advertised on the cover. An unflattering photo of Mondo in mid-blink on the plastered under the caption.)

King Mondo: Bah. Fake news. All of it!

(He furiously checks it out the balcony.)

King Mondo: The Alliance has decided to wage full-fledged war on me, Machina. This cannot stand!

Queen Machina: Honey, calm down.

Klank: Yes Sire, I just put Orbus down. You must be very quiet.

King Mondo: They’re lying about me. They’re saying I lost my invasion of earth on the mere technicality that I was defeated.

Prince Sprocket: Don’t let em get to you daddy, they’re just jealous. Like what you say about my bullies in school.

King Mondo: Yes, but King Mondo is bullied by no one.

(He walks toward the balcony and looks out into space.)

King Mondo: Mark my words. By the end of today, I will remove Zedd’s favorite talking point. I will find a way to make sure the Empire rules the planet. One way or another!

(Suddenly, Orbus is heard from the other room.)

“I’m huuungry… Somebody carry me…”

Klank: (Sighs) …

(We return to study hall, where Billy responds to the news of his nomination in disbelief.)

Billy: You did what?! I-I don’t believe this. Why didn’t you consult me first?

Tanya: Because you’d say no?

Billy: Of course I’d say no! I don’t wanna run for office.

Katherine: Why not Billy? You’re our fixer, and this school needs a lot of fixing.

Billy: …

Katherine: You’re incredibly intelligent, caring, and an efficient problem solver.

Tanya: I mean who else can build fully functional Zords in a week from junk in your dads’ garage.

Billy: But at least there I don’t have to talk to people or get them to like me.

Adam: …He’s got a point.

Billy: And I’m far too busy with work at the power chamber. I’m sorry, no. This is too much of a commitment for me.

Katherine: Well… we were kind of hoping this would get you out of the power chamber for a little bit?

Billy: What?

Tanya: We think could use a break from Alpha and Zordon. I mean we get you’re not a ranger anymore, but you’ve been spending an awful lot of time with them. We’re pretty sure they’re capable of handling stuff on their own for a bit.

(While still anxious, Billy becomes a bit concerned that his increased time at the power chamber has drawn so much attention.)

Katherine: We don’t want your new role to get into the way of your school, Billy. We know how important getting into a great college is for you. All you talked about before all the changes was how you need to do a bunch of extracurricular activities to look good on an Ivy League Resume.

Adam: And… class president looks mighty fine on a resume.

Billy: I… I guess you’re right.

Adam: I know we’re right, Billy. And believe it or not, you’ve come a long way from the awkward dweeb that couldn’t connect to anyone that I met a year ago. You’re actually kind of a stud right now.

Billy: Okay… I doubt I’ll win though. But I suppose I could give this a shot.

Katherine: That’s wonderful, Billy. And you will win.

Tanya: Yeah. There’s no man better than this job.

“But there is a better woman.”

(A commanding, feminine voice is heard from the back.)

Billy: Huh?

(Strutting confidently study hall is a young black woman, who looks straight out of an over the top American political drama. Campaign pins rest on her lapel as conspicuously as the chip on her shoulder.)

Billy: Who is she?

Tanya: And why are her lips so full? Did she get plastic surgery?

Olivia: Ladies and gentleman, allow me to introduce myself. I am Olivia Knope. I am very good at what I do. I am better than anyone else at it. And that is not arrogance, that is a fact.

(Everyone in the room stops and stands at attention.)

Olivia: I am a gladiator in stilettos, and I know how to dance in them. And you can either join the movement and come dance with me, or you can get off my dance floor because I’m fine dancing alone.

Adam: I’m weirdly turned on right now.

Katherine: Me too…

Adam: …?

Billy: Is she who I’m running against?

Olivia: But this isn’t about me. So, without further ado, I would like to introduce to you, my client and my partner in crime. The reason I woke up this morning and your future class president of Angel Grove High… Marge Leigh.

Billy: (Gasps) …

Tanya: Who?

(Sneaking in from behind Olivia sheepishly, the total opposite in tone from her managers’ grand entrance is a timid teenage girl in a blue dress that Billy knows very well…)

Billy: Margie!

Margie: (Meekly waves) Hello everyone…

Katherine: Who’s she?

Adam: Hey, you dated that girl before, right?

Billy: …affirmative.

Olivia: Now, I know you all must have plenty of questions at this moment. So, I’ll be fielding them one by one if you all file together in a single line.

(Except everyone leaves, dispersing after Olivia’s grandeur ends anti-climactically. That is except for Billy, who gets up from his seat and slowly approaches her from behind.)

Billy: Uh… Excuse me?

Olivia: Sir, there is a line.

Margie: (Turns around) …Billy!

(Upon facing Billy, Margie’s necklace suddenly pops off her neck and falls to the floor.)

Margie: Ooh!

Adam: If Billy had that kinda talent with bras I doubt he’d be locked in the power chamber all day.

(Reminiscent of the first time they met, Billy and Margie both try to duck down at once to pick up her necklace, only to conk heads. They both grimace as Olivia casually picks it up.)

Olivia: Um. I got it.

Billy: (Rubs head) May I make the astute assumption that you never made the necessary repairs to your fastener?

Tanya: Why is he suddenly talking like that?

Olivia: May I assume you that know this man?

Margie: Affirmative.

Katherine: “Affirmative?”

Margie: Billy and I used to go steady.

Olivia: Ah. So you’re the famous Billy? Come here to see what you’ve lost?

Billy: Negative. I actually came to inform her… that I’ve actually made the decision to launch my own campaign. It appears we’re adversaries.

Margie: …

Olivia: How poetic. Margie’s story will come full circle as she defeats the man who broke her heart on her journey out of her shell and into the oval office… next to the Art dean’s room.

Billy: “Broke her heart?”

Olivia: I guess we’ll see you for the debate on Thursday. That is, unless you stand her up again.

(Olivia takes her candidate by the hand then walks out of study hall dramatically, leaving Billy alone rubbing his head. Pondering what was said. Meanwhile on the moon, Mondo looks on…)

King Mondo: An election eh? How fun. Why I remember when I ran for head of the Empire. And I bludgeoned my opponent to death with a led pipe. Yes, where was his precious “universal healthcare” when he needed it?

Prince Sprocket: You should show them how it’s done, daddy. Run for school president!

King Mondo: Haha. Heavens no. I’m already king. I can’t leave the throne for a measly school. But… you may be onto something, boy… that gives me an idea…

(We return to earth, fading into a montage to the tune of Flashdances’ “Maniac,” involving a sharply dressed Oliva leading her chosen candidate to water as her campaign kicks off. The duo are seen shaking hands with everyone and anyone that passes by and handing out fliers that accuse Billy of being an “Honorless Student.” The supply of fliers seem endless, as once they run out they walk over to the nearest garbage can, pull them back out and start again. Olivia doesn’t shy away from mudslinging. Billy finds this out while leading a presentation with Rocky.)

Billy: And so in conclusion Rocky and I will further investigate the veracity the claims about vaccinations…

(Olivia doesn’t shy away from mudslinging. Billy finds this out while leading a presentation with Rocky. He turns to the blackboard, pulls down the projector screen to reveals an already projected image of a young black teen.)

(The text “Billy Wishes He Was Black” is read underneath.)

Billy: (Groans) …that was just a fan fiction.

(Annoyed, he tries to quickly roll the projector screen back up, but the more he struggles to the more he reveals and the stronger the laughter grows. Margie and Olivia’s heads are seen peeking through the front door window as this goes on, giggling and slapping five.
Margie sees a sudden rise in not just her poll numbers, but her confidence. It’s an intoxicating feeling she hasn’t felt in almost two years. The sweet nectar of validation comes all the sweeter knowing who’s she’s robbing such a taste from. Her campaign manager, while lauding her clients work publically, continues to pull strings privately to make sure her client remains on her high.)

Bulk: After some careful consideration, some sleep and a prayer. I have decided I will not be entering this upcoming election for class president.

(A scolded looking Bulk is seen standing at a podium, alongside a suit clad Skull. Cameras flashing in his eyes as he reads from a pre-written statement.)

Bulk: The lord told me that this is not my time, and that I should remain home to spend more time with my beloved family. Instead of running, which… (Reads card) “Let’s face it, is not something I like to do anyway,” I have decided to throw my… “Considerable weight…” behind Margie.

“But Bulk, BULK!”

Skull: No questions, no questions!

(As Skull escorts Bulk away Knope is seen from behind the curtain with an evil smile. She holds something in her hand that she promptly throws out: a mock poster of Bulk and Skull in cop uniforms enjoying a BBQ. Bulk in a “Kiss the Cook” apron, readying to accept a kiss on the cheek from Rito Revolto. We return at the Youth Center, decorated in red white and blue streamers. The teens reading over poll numbers, discouragingly.)

Adam: This isn’t going so well, is it?

Tanya: I’m so sorry Billy, I wish I knew the first thing about running a campaign.

Katherine: I wish I knew the first thing about politics.

Adam: She’s really painting you as a monster. At this point I may not vote for you.

Tanya: What did you do to that girl?

(He pauses briefly before saying something he seems surprised to even say.)

Billy: I guess I hurt her.

Tanya: You guess?

Billy: (Shrugs) I had feelings for someone else. But I guess I never really gave it much thought beyond that. I know our break up wasn’t great. But I guess I was so caught up with myself that I didn’t really realize how it affected her. I wish there was something I could do to make this better.

Katherine: Why don’t you talk to her?

Billy: Hahaha. Yeah right.

Katherine: …?

Billy: It’s way too hard. I can’t even go near here without regressing to myself two years ago.

Adam: Is that why you’re back in suspenders and glasses?

Billy: My muscle tees are in the wash. And I have pink eye.

Adam: Oh…

(They each take a cautious step backwards.)

Katherine: Well… That might be a sign, Billy. You might not be able to truly move forward in life until you’ve settled issues in your past. It’s like the Freudian theory on development.

Billy: You mean Erikson. But yeah, I guess you have a point…

Tanya: Well if we don’t do something to help this situation fast, no theory in the world is gonna save this election.

“Give me the hardest drink you’ve got.”

(From the concern of their eyes, they spot downtrodden looking Robbie at the bar in his work attire. School work sprawled around the counter.)

Ernie: You got it, boss.

Katherine: Robbie…?

(Tanya, Adam and Kat walk over to him.)

Tanya: Long day at the office?

Robbie: If only. I met the parents today. The wealthy, out of touch, conservative parents.

Katherine: Oh wow. That’s a big step. How’d that go?

(He tilts his head upwards, cuing a flashback to earlier, inside Hannah’s living room.)

Hannah: Mom? I’d like you to meet my boyfriend.

Mrs. Tanah: But he’s black.

Robbie: Hispanic, actually.

Mrs. Tanah: Oh. My God.

(She walks off, aghast.)

Hannah: I think she likes you.

(Back to reality.)

Robbie: About what you’d expect.

Katherine: Oh…

Robbie: And now she wants me to be her date to her stupid uncle’s 3rd wedding this weekend. I haven’t even had time to do my stupid paper that’s already late. I haven’t had time to myself since I almost died in Switzerland. Never thought I’d wish to be back there for a moment. At least there I can get my paper done.

Katherine: I’m sorry to hear that Robbie. It sounds like she’s excited about how things are going and wants to go a bit faster than you’re comfortable with.

Robbie: I mean don’t get me wrong. Her being fast was kind of a selling point at one point. But not like this.

Tanya: Sounds like something that could be fixed with a talk. You know, before things get worse.

(He looks back at her hesitantly, before looking back and glancing at a folded-up note from Trini mixed in with his school work.)

Robbie: I… I don’t know. Besides, you can’t get a word in with her anyway.

Tanya: (unconvinced) What is it with boys and not wanting to talk? You’re all useless.

(Having just noticed the streamers and posters of Billy hanging all over the place, Robbie takes a look around the Youth Center.)

Robbie: What is all this going on?

Katherine: Billy was supposed to have a barn storming here today to rile up his base.

Robbie: And?

Tanya: It’s kind of hard to do with no base.

Robbie: Oh... ouch.

Tanya: We could really use some help generating interest in this campaign. We know nothing of this arena. You seem to really know what you talk about when discussing social issues, even if food is usually flying out of your mouth when you do it.

Robbie: (Nods in acceptance) …not the first time I’ve heard that too.

Katherine: Billy is really the brains behind an operation. Like I hear he was when you ran and nearly won.

Tanya: He told us you made a great team back then, Robbie. That you all really understood one another’s skills and shortcomings and knew how to utilize them. Do you think you could possibly help us?

Robbie: (Exhales) Uh…

Tanya: Please? Margie is killing us.

Adam: And I’m pretty sure that Olivia girl booby-trapped his car. He’s afraid to go in it now.

Robbie: Yeah… I don’t know. I don’t think I’d be much help anyway. I hate to say it, but Trini was really the backbone of that campaign. Nobody can replace her.

Katherine: I think you may be underestimating yourself. Underneath your gruff exterior, you’re actually very bright and charming with a great mind for politics.

(Though flattered, he still doesn’t seem sold.)

Robbie: No… I can’t. I’m way too backed up on school work. I still have a job I need to go to so I can pay rent. I just don’t have the time. Especially not with Hannah taking up all my free time and going a mile a minute.

Tanya: I think you’re exaggerating. It can’t be that bad.

“There you are!”

(Right on cue, Hannah appears at the Juice Bar. Wearing wedding dress)

Robbie: Oh god…

Hannah: Where have you been I’ve been looking all over for you!

Katherine: Hannah… what are you…?

Hannah: Oh this? No I'm just trying on the dress for my uncle's wife. I'm the same frame as her. And the same age…

Tanya: Hannah! I’m Tanya! I heard so much about you.

Hannah: (Gasps) Really?!


Tanya: (Stares blankly) …Yeah!

Hannah: Aww. (Turns to Robbie) You never tell me when you talk about me to your friends. Come, tell me all about it on the way to our rehearsal dinner. I can’t wait to show you off to my whole family!

Robbie: I shouldn’t… I’m… on a diet.

Hannah: Uh… look who you’re talking to? I started my diet when I was 12. C’mon stop messing around.

(She takes him by the arm and starts pulling him out of his seat. Desperate to not go, Robbie blurts out the following…)

Robbie: Uhh… I can’t! I’m… helping Billy run his campaign. I need to help the school!

(Catching everyone by surprise, including his girlfriend, Hannah stops. She then looks around the lobby to take in the decorations around her before looking back at him and responding.)

Hannah: Roberto Clemente. You are the… sweetest man on the face of the earth.

Robbie: …what?

Hannah: You do care about me. You’re helping Billy run so you can save cheerleading?

Robbie: …you got me.

Hannah: No man has ever done anything this thoughtful for me before. I have no idea why my mother started crying. You’re wonderful!

(She throws herself onto him for a tight embrace he wasn’t prepared for.)

Robbie: Oof…

Hannah: (Pulls away) Oh my gosh. I have to help you now.

Robbie: You what?

Hannah: (Gasps) I can be your Jackie O. Or Hillary, without the hideous pantsuits. We can make such a great team. Right guys?

(Everyone stares blankly as Robbie’s eyes scream no. Billy walks in.)

Billy: It may be beneficial actually. She’s got way more connections than either of us. And she can generate interest with the popular kids – a group neither Margie nor I have been able to carry. Or talk to without ridicule, really.

Hannah: Great! I already have so many great ideas.

Robbie: …Great!

(Meanwhile back on the moon. Mondo’s already in the midst of his next plan.)

King Mondo: The alliance thinks I’m far too brutish for them. But, I’ll show them. With my own brand of cunning, I shall do something Zedd and Rita have never thought in their tiny brains to do. I shall ruin an election.

Klank: Uh sire…

King Mondo: What is it?

Klank: I believe Rita and Zedd have done this. Three times at least.

King Mondo: Says who?

(He turns around, and finds Klank reading a TV guide from 1993.)

Klank: I have my sources, Sire.

King Mondo: Bah. No matter. I shall do it better. I shall enter my own candidate in to this race. But instead of appealing to people’s basic fears through demagoguery, he will instead attempt to appeal to everyone. He will take no bold stances and say all the pretty things people want to hear without realizing he’s saying nothing at all.

Klank: You’re gonna run as a Democrat, sir?

King Mondo: Exactly.

(He turns back toward the balcony.)

King Mondo: They’ll never expect it. Then, when he’s elected. I shall cut funding to all their precious extracurricular programs. The rangers will be so bored, that they will be easy pickings for me to destroy!!!!

(He listens to what he just bellowed out, deciding to change course just a bit.)

King Mondo: …or I can wait until he’s near one of the other candidates, then hold them ransom for the Zeo Crystals.

Klank: Great plan, Sire!

(We return to earth, fading into a second montage to the tune of Joe Esposito’s “You’re the Best.” A re-staffed and reenergized Billy storms through the halls of Angel Grove high, rallying his troops with an invigorating battle cry. Robbie, Kat, Adam and Tanya walk just steps behind him handing out fliers. Hannah is campaigning for Billy utilizing the skill she’s best known for: Insults.)

Hannah: I man, come on. Her name is Marge. What, was Ethel not able to run?

(We later see Kat taking Billy to a local clothing store to pick out a brand new look. Billy walks out of the dressing room in suspenders and a bowtie to a disapproving headshake. The others however remain busy on his behalf. Tanya gets her boyfriend, Sean, as well as the rest of the baseball team’s enthusiastic support as she carts in a brand new pitching machine for the players. The words “Made in Billy Cranston’s Garage” etched on the side. Adam hands out study guides on evolution inside a biology class. Billy’s face strategically placed on the cover in red and blue saturated colors. The words “Change… (Over Time)” printed on along the bottom. Back at the department store, Billy walks out again from the dressing room. This time in a blue flannel shirt and jeans. Better, but still, not to Katherine’s liking.)

Katherine: (Shakes head) Better… but no.

(Hannah, their ringer, continues her full court press to appeal to the masses. Under a banner that reads “Save Our Cheerleaders,” she’s organized a kissing booth in the gym in exchange for a campaign donations for Billy. Hannah opens the door, where a mob of sad and lonely teenage boys burst in and hustle to stand in their favorite cheerleaders’ line.)

Rocky: Excuse me!! Excuse me, coming through!!!

(Among those lonely boys is Rocky, who gets lost in the shuffle trying to get into Hillary’s line. He frantically peeks his head up like a parent going Christmas shopping, but gets pulled away Robbie. He hands him a stack of posters that read “Lock Her Up,” with Olivia’s plastered on them.

Finally at the clothing shop. Billy walks out, one last time, wearing a black button down, slacks and a sleek blue tie. Intrigued, Kat slowly gets up from her seat, walks up to him and takes off his glasses.)

Katherine: I like this Billy. Now you’re ready to face Marge.

Billy: (blinded) She’s here?! Where?

(The next day, at the Youth Center…)

Tanya: Billy is up! The new polls are out!

(Kat and Tanya excitedly skip into the Youth Center with a sheet of paper in hand as they approach Adam and Rocky at a table.)

Rocky: That’s amazing!

Tanya: Hannah’s influence has really been helping out.

Katherine: I can’t wait to tell Tommy too. Has anyone seen him?

Adam: No, we figured he’s with you. I haven’t actually seen him around in a bit.

(Elsewhere, inside a familiar coffee shop.)

Tommy: (Sniffs) …

(Tommy looks around at a booth. A half empty cup of coffee in front of him.)

Tommy: Man, where is he? He normally starts now.

(He hears something coming from outside that grabs his attention.)

“Vote for me for class president.”

Tommy: Huh?

(The sound grows louder as he walks out to investigate. He finds a campaign van passing by him heading in the direction of the school with megaphones attached at the top.)

“Come this Friday, remember the slogan. I’m your man. The man with “the courage to cower.’”

(From the driver side, Tommy spots a well-coiffed robotic lizard in a suit passing by and waving into the crowds. He glances at the side of the van that reads “Angel Grove High Class President 96” and “Leading from the Bottom” plastered on the back as it pulls away. It all barely registers to Tommy, until he finds Cogs sneaking around in the back window, raising alarms.)

Tommy: This doesn’t look good…

(Further down the road at the school auditorium, the candidates make their last-minute preparations for the big debate in a few minutes. In the back, Margie is seen being psyched by her campaign manager.)

Olivia: The men outside these walls? They want to take it all away from us. Because they are terrified. Because they are outraged. Because they have come to the realization that all those centuries of misogyny and privilege and status quo are finally over. That is why you never listen to a man over me!

Margie: Olivia, he just gave me Spite instead of 7UP. Turn it down.

Billy: Uh… excuse me?

(Billy creeps up to the already opened door and knocks. He startles Margie, but Olivia just eyes darts at him.)

Billy: Is now a bad time?

Olivia: Your entire campaign is a bad time.

Billy: Olivia, I’m not sure what you have against me, but I honestly mean no harm. I’m just trying to run for class president. I don’t think any negativity is necessary.

(Without breaking eye contact, he gets up from her seat, and marches toward Billy, unnerving him.)

Olivia: Sorry Billy, I wish I could say the same.

Billy: …

Olivia: Negativity became necessary when you decided to hurt my client. It became necessary when instead of crawling into your pathetic hole and never reappearing again, you decided to be her only obstacle in the way of what she deserves. Billy, I will use my considerable talents to tear you down, brick by brick. Because the only way to do this, the only way to drop you from the ticket, and be certain that it doesn't blow back on the future president, is to make sure it's not Margie chasing you out of town, but all of Angel Grove High.

Billy: Do you even go to this school?

Olivia: …

Margie: Olivia, its okay. Take five. I can handle this.

(She slowly and dramatically walks out of the room, without ever breaking eye contact with Billy.)

Billy: She’s… quite intense.

Margie: I know. She means well though. I admire her passion and vigor.

Billy: That is certainly one way to describe it.

Margie: Why are you here, Billy?

Billy: I… kind of just wanted to talk to you.

Margie: Oh? In advance of a significant debate? (Shakes head) Well unless you’re conceding the election I…

Billy: I’m not. But uh… I haven’t had a chance to speak to you personally.

Margie: You had over a year to do that.

Billy: I… know.

Margie: I mean, you couldn’t possibly be feeling any type of genuine remorse at this point, huh? You’re not here to try and get in my head before a critical debate that determines not just this election, but our academic futures.

Billy: I…

Margie: You might want to save your breath then. Whatever comes out of your mouth next will not be sincere. Oh, and Billy?

Billy: Yes?

Margie: Don’t let the entrance make physical contact with your posterior on the way out.

(Stunned, Billy stands there unable to respond. Left with no choice, he retreats, reassessing whether or not his attempt to clear the air was out of a genuine concern for someone he used to care about deeply.)

Robbie: …

(Meanwhile, not far away, Robbie is by stage side looking out into the crowd as they start filing in. His heart starts racing familiarly as if this were his election. He starts to think about the last time he was on this stage. He looks over across from him, where he can envision Trini nervously pacing around with her eyes darting frantically around the back room until she sees Robbie coming toward her.)

Trini: Robbie! There you are; where on Earth have you been?! I need you to focus. This is huge, you MUST beat Kimberly today or you’ll stand no chance of beating her. I really want you to do well.

Robbie: Don’t worry; I think I’ll be okay. I’ve even thought up a joke to open the debate up. What does Walmart have in common with President Clinton?

Trini: What?

Robbie: Girls pants half off.

Trini: …

Robbie: No? (Sifts through notes) Well, I’ve got more… what about the Jewish football player wanting to get the quarterback…?

Trini: (interrupts) Robbie you don’t need any jokes to open up; you joke too much. I want them to see your serious side.

(She gets closer to him and begins adjusting his collar and fixing his hair.)

Robbie: My serious side?

Trini: You’re a great candidate but they need to see it. That passion you showed at the Juice Bar after Kim started pummeling you, show them that. Show them that you care about them. Show them… what I see in you.

Robbie: Oh…

(While in the moment Robbie appeared to be taken back by her comment, looking back now, it was confirmation to him that this yearlong crush wasn’t on someone who was just being nice by nature. Back then she was his strongest, and only, ally. He wasn’t sure how to express to her how much it meant to him. But he knew then he could have expressed it to her.)

Trini: There, all better. Whatcha thinking about?

Robbie: (Shakes head) Oh… uhm... want me to be honest?

Trini: Of course.

Robbie: I was just thinking… that you and I make an excellent team.

Trini: (smiles) I think so too; Billy too.

Robbie: …who?

Tanya: BILLY!!!

Robbie: AHHH!

(He gets snapped back to reality, finding Tanya waving her hand in front of his face.)

Tanya: Yoohoo. Where’s Billy?

Robbie: Geez. I don’t know. Bathroom I think. You nearly gave me a heart attack, woman.

Tanya: You alright, Robbie? You seem lost in space.

Robbie: Yeah. (Shakes head) I’m fine.

Tanya: Where’s Hannah? Isn’t she with you?

Robbie: Nah.

(Turns away)

Robbie: I sent her on a task to go court black voters. She’ll have a fun time just trying to find black voters in this school.

Tanya: I see. You don’t seem to be into her all that much.

Robbie: What? What makes you say that?

Tanya: Um. I have eyes? I mean I know Sean and I just started dating but if he was avoiding me like you clearly do her, I’d know we didn’t have a long future.

Robbie: …well we’re fine.

(He turns away again, not believing his own words.)

Tanya: You know Billy told me about why his and Margie’s relationship fell apart. He had feelings for another girl.

Robbie: I know. I was there.

Tanya: Well than you know that it all started with him growing distant towards her. And with him looking for any reason to spend time with the girl he really liked. Margie had no idea until it was too late.

Robbie: …

(Then, Tanya finally addresses the elephant in the room.)

Tanya: Trini comes back in a week, right?

(He doesn’t reply.)

Tanya: Adam told me about your relationship to her. And how things ended with her leaving. I wouldn’t blame you if you still had really strong feelings for her. You might even think of picking up where things left off. If only…

(He cuts her off, somewhat confrontational in tone.)

Robbie: What are you doing? What is your point here?

Tanya: Look, I don’t know Hannah too well. I’ve heard of some pretty lousy things she’s done. Specifically, to mess with your relationships. But… I don’t think she’s that person right now. Probably because of your influence.

Robbie: …

Tanya: And I don’t think… right now… she deserves what’s gonna come down this road. Even if you don’t realize right now what you’re doing. So, I think you need to be straight with this girl before you destroy her. That is, if you ever cared about her.

(He doesn’t face her, but her words definitely land as he stares off into space with a pained look. As he reminisced about where his relationship with Trini started, he now finds himself sabotaging his current relationship to rekindle an old flame.)

“Alright, I need my candidates!”

(Out of nowhere, Ms. Appleby passes by with a clipboard as she does a final round up. Outside, Mr. Kaplan stands in the aisle before the audience with a microphone and flash cards in hand.)
Mr. Kaplan: Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to welcome you all to the 1996 class presidential debate! I can already feel the electricity in the air as we start filing in….

(Pan to half empty crowd.)

Mr. Kaplan: But we really should get underway. First, I’d like to introduce to you… your candidates!

(They both walk out from opposite doorways at the bottom of the stage. They each regally wave to the crowd as their friends root them on enthusiastically.)

Rocky: Yeah! Go Billy!

Adam: You got this!

Katherine: I’m so nervous. I really hope he does well. He’s got to hold his lead.

Adam: We’ve done the best we could Kat. The rest is up to him.

(As soon as those words come out of Adam’s mouth, Billy trips on the fourth step of the stairs and slides face first all the way to the bottom, eliciting gasps from the crowd.)

Katherine: Oh gosh.

(Margie doesn’t fare better either, tripping over the last step then splatting onto the stage floor with a loud thud. Her notes scatter all over the stage. Billy tries to recover and casually walk up to his podium, but slides over one of the notes and is jerked back to the floor. Margie grabs most of her notes and reaches the stage first, sporting a bright smile. Before her necklace falls off again.)

Katherine: How are these two not meant for one another?

Billy: (Taps mic) …hi (Mic screeches) everyone.

(Margie also starts talking but no sound comes out her mic. Oblivious, she keeps talking, even as somebody walks out to fix it.)

Mr. Kaplan: Wonderful. (Handed a card) Oh. It appears that we have a late comer. Ladies and gentleman please give a warm welcome to… Milque Toast? That can’t be right.

(A large flag drops down from the back of the auditorium. The well-coiffed lizard man Tommy found appears down the aisle, side by side with his lizard wife and kids. He kisses his wife unspontaneously as a show of what a great family man he is. He then turns to the crowd to kiss minority babies and hand out cigars.)

Katherine: I’ve never seen that guy before. He goes here?

Adam: Something seems off about him.

Rocky: Yeah. I can’t quite put my finger on it though…

(Once Mr. Toast reaches the stage he stands behind a podium between Billy and Margie. Then slithers.)

Rocky: (Gasps) …!!!!

Milque Toast: Thank you Mr. Kaplan. And thank you Angel Grove High!

(His attempt to pander to the audience results in a single “Woo.”)

Milque Toast: I love this school as much as I love America: Just the right amount.

Mr. Kaplan: Fantastic. Happy to have you here. Now, onto our first question. Margie?

Margie: (Mic gets fixed.) … and that’s why you should vote for me!

(Outside, Tommy catches up to the van in the school parking lot. He finds it stationed right outside the auditorium.)

Tommy: Man, what’s Mondo up to now?

(He looks around, this time finding no one in the driver seat. Worried that he may be too late he walks toward the back. That’s when the door slams open into his face.)

Tommy: AHH!!

(He takes a spill backwards and falls, turning to his stomach. As he tries to get up, he’s met with a steel boot to his back.)

Tommy: Ugh.

(He looks up and finds that he’s surrounded by at least five cogs. He sees another boot coming his way, but he quickly rolls to safety. Tommy gets to knee, blocks an overhead chop, stuns the enemy with an elbow to the gut then gets up for a spinning heel kick. The numbers game quickly wins out though as he’s instantly grabbed and restrained from the back. Tommy tries to throw all of his weight forward to free himself from the enemy behind him. He throws him over his back and watches him stumble onto a parked car which just happens to be Billy’s. Having three seconds of respite, he reaches for his communicator, but quickly has his wrist kicked from under him.)

Tommy: Ahh!

(Annoyed and overwhelmed, Tommy tries again to buy some time. With the remaining four enemies circling him in a perfect square, he starts spinning around landing a kick to every enemy. They don’t go down the first time so he keeps going, over and over, like a merry go round. Until noticeable dents are seen and smoke starts rising out of the cogs chests. Finally, they stumble backwards and seem to move out of his way, as if allowing him time to call his friends.)

Tommy: That’s more like it.

(But once he reaches for his communicator, he looks up to find that the first cog has now made it inside of Billy’s car and has hotwired it to run Tommy over. A sudden panic hits, but as soon as the car starts, the Rad Bug bursts into flames, engulfing the enemy inside. Confused, Tommy scratches his head.)

Tommy: Huh. What was that about…?

(Meanwhile, back inside…)

Billy: And that is how I intend to allot the necessary funds to keep most of the non-generating programs opened throughout my term. The information for you reference can be found on page 7 of the 20-page manuals Tanya is handing out now. I’ll give you all a few minutes to find to review.

Mr. Kaplan: Okay… Ms. Leigh? Your response?

Margie: (Smirking arrogantly) Clearly a nice thought to just wave a wand and save every program. But just how exactly does Billy plan on paying for them?

Billy: You didn’t get a manual yet?

Mr. Kaplan: Mr.… Toast, do you have any thoughts on Mr. Cranston’s proposal?

(He licks his finger and sticks it into the wind.)

Milque Toast: I agree.

(Suddenly, Tommy bursts through the door with Cogs. A collective gasp fills the audience. The crowd descends into madness as everyone rushes for the exits. Margie freezes however in the fracas giving Milque Toast an opening to grab her.)

Margie: AHHHH!!!

Milque Toast: Alright. That’s enough of that!

Billy: Margie!!


(Billy looks on helplessly as Margie pleads for help. She looks at him to intervene, but knowing he no longer has his powers, he backs up slowly before running away.)


(The other teens and Robbie rush to the stage in his place but Milque Toast vanishes before they could get anywhere close. Taking Margie with him.)

Katherine: Oh no! He’s got her!

Tanya: What are we gonna do?!

Tommy: (Reaches for communicator) Zordon, come in!

Zordon: Yes Tommy.

Tommy: We’re under attack by one of Mondo’s monsters. He’s got a hostage.

Zordon: I know, Tommy. Billy is already here.

(Pan to Billy typing away on the control panel next to Alpha.)

Tanya: So much for all that.

Billy: I’ve got a lock on the monster’s location. He’s at the park. I think she’s with him too. Please, be careful.

Tommy: You got it Billy. We’ll get her back safely. It’s morphin time!

“Zeo Zero, Brown.”

“Zeo Ranger One, Pink.”

“Zeo Ranger Two, Yellow.”

“Zeo Ranger Three, Blue”

“Zeo Ranger Four, Green.”

“Zeo Ranger Five, Red.”

(Now morphed, the Zeo rangers head to a crowded Angel Grove Park that’s being cleared out like the auditorium was. Milque Toast still has a tight hold on Margie as they approach their enemy.)

Tommy: Hey you! Unhand her.

Margie: Power rangers!

Milque Toast: Watch it rangers. One more step and I filibust this girls face in.

Robbie: Just let her go. We don’t have time to listen to your corny political jokes.

Milque Toast: I don’t make political jokes. I run as one.

Robbie: …

Milque Toast: (Checks Watch) Well, I’d love to stop and chat rangers, but I’ve got to meet with a donor.

(As be backs away to run deeper into the park, an army of Cogs appear where he stood and charge the rangers. They get to work, attacking simultaneously. Rocky leaps in with an elbow to the gut, followed by an elbow to the back. Tanya cartwheels past her foe, then leg sweeps him to the floor. Robbie cuts past his enemy, then rears back and fires a wild punch to the face. Kat leads with a bicycle kick, ducks a punch to her face, block a second blow then spins him around to drop him with a kick. Adam blocks a kick, a second kick, a punch, a second punch then answers back with two rapid punches to the gut. Tommy quickly dispatches his opponents, then makes chase after the monster and his hostage.)

Tommy: You’re not going anywhere.


(The monster takes Margie into a crowded playground. He’s instantly spotted as parents rush to get their kids off the slides and swings and as far away as possible. They disperse in different directions, with one father knocking right into the lizard.)

Milque Toast: AHH! Watch where you’re going!

(The collision jars him, giving Margie a second of freedom. Without second though she goes off running. But before long, she feels another tight grip around her arm.)

Margie: What!?

(She looks around, and this time sees Billy on the other end.)

Billy: Marge, take my hand. I’ll take you somewhere safe.

Margie: Billy! You came for me!

Billy: Of course I did.

Milque Toast: No! Where did she go!?

Tommy: You lose, fly breath. Now time for you to learn your lesson.

Milque Toast: Fool. Don’t you know anything? I don’t learn lessons. I run the same losing strategy over and over again until I win!

(The giant lizard sticks his tongue out, this time grabbing the child of the father who ran into him.)

Boy: AHHH!!!

Father: NO, SON!!

Tommy: NOOOOOO!!! Stop!!

Milque Toast: AHAHA. If I don’t get the girl, then you’re gonna have this boys blood on your hands, red ranger.

(With his heart suddenly racing beyond comprehension, Tommy blacks’ out under pressure. Buried under overwhelming thoughts of children whose lives were changed and even lost during the recent attacks. Lives he could not rescue. Instinctively, he pulls out his Zeo laser pistol, pointing it at Milque Toast. He responds by shielding himself with the boy as his legs dangle helplessly in the air.)

Tommy: Put him down. Don’t be such a coward.

Milque Toast: You and I both know you’re not pulling that trigger. Missing would hurt your profit margins, wouldn’t it?

Tommy: …

Milque Toast: Hand over the Zeo crystals. Or this boy and I… are gonna have a blast! Ahahaha.

Tommy: I uh… I….

(On the moon, Mondo delights in finding Tommy’s soft spot.)

King Mondo: Wonderful! He’s melting under pressure. Poor Tommy can’t handle the sight of a slain civilian. Especially a child.

(Assertively, he marches toward the balcony to shout out is next orders.)

King Mondo: Let’s do him a favor. Milque Toast, help him confront that fear.

Milque Toast: Yes sir, I’ve got something that’ll really leave him in shock.

(While keeping his grip on the boy, his tongue begins charging an electrical current, destined to course through the boy’s body. As Tommy stands in petrified horror. Robbie leaps in from behind the monster, drop kicking him so he stumbles to the floor. The boy stumbles him with, but is freed from his vice grip and is quickly scooped up by his father. After seeing them off safely, Robbie rushes to Tommy’s side.)

Robbie: Tommy, you okay? You hurt?

Tommy: Huh? N-no. (Shakes head) I’m okay. (Clears throat) I’m fine.

(The others join shortly after as Milque Toast stumbles back to his feet.)

Robbie: Give it up, you political hack. You’re out numbered.

(But not to be deterred, the Empire strikes back...)

Klank: Hold tight Orbus. Around and around and away we goooooo!

(He takes the tiny Orbus and from a chain on his back swings him over his head before chucking him toward the lizard monster.)

Orbus: The Empire supports BIG government!

(Orbus fires a laser into an open socket, causing Milque Toast to tremor as he grows into a massive size. The rangers look up as their problems get significantly worse.)

Milque Toast: AHAHA. This one’s looking like a landslide!!

(Jumps up and down, causing earth beneath them to rumble. Without wasting anymore time, Tommy looks to even the odds.)

Tommy: We need Zeo Megazord power, now!

(Tommy summons the Zeo Zords, bringing them to a hidden hangar off the edge of town. They each enter their respective Zords before pulling out of storage and racing through the snowy mountains and into battle. Tommy hops aboard the red phoenix Zeo Zord. Adam, aboard the green Taurus Zeo Zord. Rocky, aboard the blue Sphinx Zeo Zord. Tanya, aboard the blue and yellow battle tank based off the ancient Dogu. And Kat, aboard the blue and pink battle tank shaped like moai statues. Before their transformation is even complete, Robbie calls his Zord to round out the bunch…)

Robbie: I need Cerberus Zeo Zord, now!!

(Elsewhere, three dogs awaken in a smoky forest. One in the center growls, his tail flattens as he leads the pack into battle. In a flash of light, the trio combine into a wide, three headed beast that tears down any trees or hills along its path. It stops as it approaches Angel Grove. The pack leader rises upwards, a torso flipping outward. The other two rise up to shoulder length, revealing sharp claws at the end of long arms. Robbie hops aboard.)

Robbie: Cerberus Zeo Zord. Battle ready!

(It pulls of a pose as it readies for a fight.)

Robbie: Sure as hell beats being a roach.

(The rest of the Zeo Zords continue down their path, the Taurus and Sphinx pulling along the two battle tanks in chains while the Red Phoenix leads the charge.)

Tommy: Let’s put em together guys. Zeonizer Crystal, power up!

“Power up!”

(The chains suddenly are released, the Taurus retracts within itself becoming the legs. The Sphinx does the same but splits outwards, becoming the torso and arms. The Taurus combines with the Sphinx, who then combine with the battle tanks that make the feet. Tommy finishes it off with the Phoenix, landing on top as the head.)

Robbie: Let’s take this guy down.

(Before the other are ready, Robbie takes charge. Cerberus Zeo Zord charges. Swings its triple tail, but the monster ducks. Swats away a kick, swats away a right hand but eats the left. It stumbles back but tries to recover with another tail swipe. The monster ducks again and lands another blow.)

Milque Toast: Haha! You’ve been vetoed!

“Zeo Megazord, battle ready!”

(The Zeo Megazord charges, but takes a right hand swipe as well. It stumbles back next to Robbie’s Zord, giving the enemy the canvass to paint them with a fire blast from the fire breathers’ mouth. It engulfs the two Zords in a sea of their own smoke and sparks as the reel backwards.)

Katherine: AHHH!!!

Tommy: This guy’s tougher than he looks.

Adam: Ugh. Are we sure he’s a Democrat?

Robbie: Don’t worry guys. I’ve got him. CerberZord time to fight fire with fire!

(Each mouth lights up, then unleashes a devastating beam that engulfs the enemy in flames.)

Robbie: Looks like your term is up.

(With an easy victory looking apparent, the rangers start to drop their guards. Unfortunately as the smoke clears a sharp tongue reaches out, wrapping itself around the CerberZord.)

Robbie: What the…? I’m stuck! Help!

Milque Toast: Hahaha. Shock you, didn’t I?

(Another electrical current runs through its tongue shocking Robbie from within and damaging the CerberZord’s systems. Alarms start blaring from inside the cockpit as parts start to overload, until…)

Milque Toast: AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

(The Zeo Megazord summons its sabre, dropping it down across the monsters tongue that drops instantly to the ground. They waste no time in finishing it off.)

Tommy: Zeo Megazord Saber, now!

(The large saber at the end of the Zord’s hand lights up as it fully charges. The Zeo Megazord pulls it behind its head and swipes downward once more. A beam of light splits down the middle of the robots body. It falls then explodes. Leaving nothing behind as the rangers stand victorious. Meanwhile, on the moon…)

King Mondo: I don’t believe it! This is insufferable!!

Orbus: Should have asked the Clinton’s for help.


(His peons tremble in fear as he heads back to the balcony to address the rangers once more.)

King Mondo: You may have gotten lucky this time, rangers. But this isn’t over. Not by a long shot! I will not be made a mockery of!!!

(Back on earth, Billy is seen with Margie near a familiar pond. He’s taken her for shelter where they were supposed to have had their first date some three years ago. He looks up at the clouds of smoke as the Zeo Megazord stands tall above it, then turns back to face her.)

Billy: I believe the threat has passed. It’s safe to come out now.

(Still shaken while sitting on a bench, her walls remain up as she responds.)

Margie: Don’t think this makes up for what you’ve done. That debt cannot be repaid.

(She wipes her eyes with a handkerchief, struggling to remain composed.)

Billy: Margie, I’m really sorry for running away.

Margie: I don’t care that you ran today. It’s just nice your friends aren’t as cowardly as you.

Billy: I… am a coward. But I’m not talking about today.

(He sits beside her.)

Billy: I… wasn’t the best to you. And I deeply regret how you and I ended. You’re a wonderful girl. Who deserved a whole lot better than what I gave you.

Margie: You really hurt me, Billy. You were my first love. I haven’t been able to trust anyone ever since.

Billy: I… didn’t know.

Margie: You didn’t? How could you be as intelligent as you claim?

Billy: You’re… right. The fact is I had a longtime crush on an old friend. And I was so caught up in what I didn’t have that I took for granted what I did have.

Margie: …

Billy: You’re an incredibly smart, funny, charming, beautiful woman. One who cares about others around her. This school could really use a person like you manning the ship. Heck, this world could use a person like you.

(Try as she might to hide it, a smile does sneak onto her face.)

Billy: I know my timing isn’t great with this election. But it has taken me until now to really see where I went wrong. And if I need to drop out in order for you to know that I’m really sorry…

Margie: No. Don’t.

Billy: …

Margie: I believe you.

(The two say nothing more, and just look meaningfully into each other’s eyes as the scene fades to the Youth Center the following Monday…)

Mr. Kaplan: And the results are in…

Katherine: Oh my gosh I’m so nervous.

Tanya: All our hard work and it’s all down to this…

Billy: You know, win or lose, I just want to thank you guys for all you’ve done for me. Thank you for helping me out. And for trying to help me get out of the power chamber in the first place. I think I really needed this kick in the back side.

Katherine: Aw, don’t mention it Billy.

Adam: What are friends for?

(Speaking of which, Margie appears out of the crowd with Olivia to await the results. She gives Billy a quick smile as she passes by. Olivia doesn’t share such pleasantries as she eyes him and his crew down.)

Olivia: Our whole team is here for this big moment. Where’s yours?

(Unsure of what she means, the do a quick head count. That’s when they realize that Robbie isn’t there. Instead he’s outside the Youth Center pacing restlessly.)

Hannah: Robbie!

(Hannah appears from the parking lot and runs right up to him.)

Robbie: (Exhales) …hey.

Hannah: Robbie I tried really hard to find black voters. But did you know that this school is really white?

Robbie: I’ve noticed.

Hannah: I could’ve sworn there were more black people but there’s only like three. (Gasps) And did you know Zack is dead?!

Robbie: Hannah, Hannah. It’s fine. Forget about it.

Hannah: What’s wrong? Did we lose?

Robbie: I don’t know. It doesn’t matter. Look, I need to talk to you.

Hannah: …okay. Is everything alright?

Robbie: …no.


Mr. Kaplan: With an amazing turnout of about 33 votes. The winner. By a single vote. And Angel Grove High’s next student body president is... Margie Leigh!

Margie: Oh my god. I won! I won!!!

(She jumps up and down joyfully with her campaign manager before running up onto the stage.)

Margie: This is implausible. Such a far-fetched turn of events. I don’t know what to say. I’m everlastingly indebted to everyone who aided along the way. You have my undying gratitude. And to my opponent Billy.

Billy: …

Margie: We’ve had a lot of history, both favorable and unfavorable. But I must say you ran an exceptional campaign and I would have been proud to concede to you. You have my unending deference.

Billy: (Smiles) …

Tanya: Did she insult you? Need me to beat her up?

Billy: No, Tanya. It’s okay. I’m proud of her. She’s a great girl. She deserves this.

Tanya: Well I must say you’re taking this loss quite well, Billy.

Billy: (Shrugs) What can I say. I didn’t really go into this expecting to win. Ultimately, I saw this as a chance to get out of my own head and to remember what’s really important in my life.

(He eyes Margie celebrating as he continues.)

Billy: And on that, I succeeded.

Tanya: What I don’t understand how though. The last polls were neck to neck, if not showed Billy winning. How did we lose? We all voted right?

Billy: I did.

Adam: I definitely did.

Katherine: So did I.

Tommy: Me too.

Rocky: …

(They all turn to Rocky, who stares back at them blankly.)

Rocky: …I heard from a source that the world was ending Saturday. So voting Friday seemed kinda pointless.

(They all groan in frustration as Rocky shrugs sheepishly. Cut to outside Rocky’s home a couple days ago. An “End of Day’s pamphlet is seen being laid carefully on his front porch. The camera slowly pans upwards to reveal Olivia Knope on the other end, a devious smile on her face.)

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