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Season 3 was a masterpiece I still can't tell you how much I appreciate you taking on my ideas, and the wait for each chapter was always so worth it (y)
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zedd_heart_rita wrote: View Post

Season 3 was a masterpiece I still can't tell you how much I appreciate you taking on my ideas, and the wait for each chapter was always so worth it (y)
Thank you for the kind words. And no problem I was thinking of skipping the wedding entirely but your idea worked really well with it!
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Can't wait for your take on Zeo.
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I just realised this is even funnier than originally thought, considering Robbie's comment got more likes than the status itself hahahaha
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AngieYaz wrote: View Post

Can't wait for your take on Zeo.
Thanks! I'm working on the first chapter now actually.

zedd_heart_rita wrote: View Post

I just realised this is even funnier than originally thought, considering Robbie's comment got more likes than the status itself hahahaha
Haha. Sometimes my best digs are the subtle ones...
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The season four premier is on it's way! It's nearing completion and should be out between tomorrow and Monday. So stay tuned!
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Season 4 - Episode 1: Mother Like Mine

(Two weeks before invasion…)

(It’s mid-August. It’s been two months since the teens said goodbye to Kimberly and hello to Katherine and a brand new status quo. In that time they’ve made some adjustments, made preparations for the future while also enjoying the relative down time as Rita and Zedd have attacked only sparsely since the rangers stormed the moon and disrupted their plans for a large scale attack. Those plans weren’t stopped completely however. And the anger stemming from the setback has seemed to only make the forces of evil more determined to make their eventual strike count.)

Lord Zedd: Faster. We need to get out of here if we want to beat traffic.

Goldar: Yes, my lord.

(Just outside the palace, Zedd can be seen ordering Goldar who staggers toward a parked Serpentera while carrying a load of luggage. Vile joins Zedd.)

Master Vile: Are you all set?

Lord Zedd: Yes, the “chauffer” should have the last of our bags. We’re just waiting on Rita to finish “putting on her face.”

Master Vile: Should be another hour or so then. Is Serpentera fully charged?

Lord Zedd: Yes. She should get us all the way there.

Master Vile: Are you sure?

Lord Zedd: Yes. We searched for days but it’s done. Stupid Apple can’t just use the same charger as everybody else.

Master Vile: Good. We should reach the United Alliance headquarters in about twelve hours. The conference will take place Sunday. So we have time to prepare and build alliances to help with our case.

Lord Zedd: Bah. All this politicking and brownnosing, I say we just start the invasion right now!

Master Vile: You start the invasion right now and you lose the second that blue ranger creates some stupid new device to stop it. What we need is an alliance. A coalition. We need fighter planes, bombs, drones. We need to hit them from all angles that even we can’t cover and they can’t defend.

Lord Zedd: Why can’t I just land Serpentera in Angel Grove and blast it into smithereens?

Lord Zedd: Because you want to rule earth. Not blow it up. Simpleton.

(Vile walks away without saying anything else. Squatt, Baboo and Rito appear where Vile came from.)

Rito: Heading out?

Lord Zedd: Yes. In a bit.

Squatt: Good luck. Don’t forget to write.

Lord Zedd: Sure.

Baboo: And I’ll make sure I learn to read.

Lord Zedd: Don’t bother. (Reaches into pocket) Here’s a hundred dollars. This should cover you for a few days. Don’t touch anything that doesn’t belong to you. Don’t do anything you’re not supposed to. If it turns out you stood perfectly still for three days I’d be fine with it. (Turns to Squatt) And make sure Baboo here takes his medication. You have to pin him down to make sure he takes it. He’s gonna fight you though.

Squatt: So you’re saying I have to cram a pill in his mouth?

Lord Zedd: It doesn’t go in the mouth.

(Zedd walks away, similar to how Vile walked away from him. The others turn to one another.)

Squatt: So… we’re gonna be all alone?

Rito: (Shrugs) Yeah?

Squatt: I guess now’s our chance to really prove ourselves and show them how responsible we really are. We can really earn their respect for a change. We should all be on our best behavior. And make sure we have each other’s backs.

Baboo: (Nods) Okay…

Rito: Yeah… (Shrugs) We do have a hundred dollars though…

Squatt: …

Baboo: …

(Cut to hours later where a wild party takes over the moon. Root beer, candy and loud music punctuate the mayhem caused by the remaining boys and a mob of random monsters who’ve joined in on the destruction of Rita and Zedd’s palace. Pudgy Pig raids the fridge, the Hood Rat chews the furniture, the Mighty Minotaur wanders into the dining room and predictably destroys the fine China by merely being there. Neither Squatt, Baboo nor Rito are in any shape to limit the damage either, being high on whatever sliver of freedom and excess sugar they have. Meanwhile on earth, while the minions blow off steam, the ranger teens remain busy with their own tasks.)

Tommy: Yeah? I miss you too. A lot.

(Tommy for example has been doing his best to keep close ties to those closest to him despite distance.)

Tommy: (Laughs) What? What am I wearing? What are you wearing? (Pauses) Oh, that sounds like too much clothing… you might have to fix that. (Laughs) Alright, well I’ll talk to you later. Love you too mom. Enjoy Mexico.

(He hangs up. Tommy runs into Kat and Aisha who are heading his way into the Youth Center, dressed in scout uniforms.)

Katherine: Hi Tommy. What are you up to?

Tommy: Hey girls. Nothing, just heading to the post office now to drop of a letter to Kim.

Aisha: Oooh. How romantic.

Tommy: (Snickers) Please. What are you both up to?

Katherine: We’re volunteering for the D.A.R.E. program and meeting with kids to talk about the harmful effects of drugs.

Tommy: You should go into Robbie’s classroom then.

Aisha: I made the same joke already. She didn’t get it.

Katherine: (Shrugs) We share the same classes.

Tommy: Don’t worry about it. What do you have there?

Katherine: Oh, I made a batch of brownies for the kids at our next presentation.

Tommy: Awesome. (Smiles coyly) Those aren’t... “special” brownies, are they?

Katherine: No. They're chocolate.

Tommy: I… I see.

(Inside, Billy is in the middle of his spiel explaining what he’s been doing all summer.)

Billy: …so in an effort to pad my academic resume in order to secure placement in the college of my choice I’ve decided to participate in the “Second Chance” program as a tutor. That’s where I work with and mentor students with more… special needs. Whom the school would otherwise determine as a “lost cause.”

Rocky: You’re doing God’s work, Billy.

Billy: Thank you. Ready to go over these fractions again?

Rocky: Definitely! I’m so lost right now.

(Pan out to reveal that Billy is tutoring Rocky, along with Bulk and Skull.)

Billy: Great, open up to chapter 17 and try and work on the first five problems.

Bulk: When is this thing over? We got places to be.

Skull: Yeah, we got places to be! (Skull pauses.) …Bulk, where are we going?

Bulk: …

Billy: These sessions are an hour long. And we just started fifteen minutes ago, Bulk.

Rocky: Yeah, what’s the rush? Billy’s a wealth of knowledge. You can get a lot out of being tutored by him.

Bulk: Please. We’re only here because the Mayor put in some stupid academic requirements for all new cops since we got booted. Some nonsense about the city wanting to make sure the force doesn’t just recruit “uneducated bullies seeking power.” What a load.

Skull: Yeah! What a load. That’s why I voted for Rico Revoltez!

Billy: …

Bulk: It’s all a scam to rack up college loans anyway. Everyone knows Carrington’s in the pocket of the big banks.

Rocky: I-I don’t know, Bulk. I think it’s a pretty good idea when you think about the reasons behind it.

(Bulk mockingly mimics what Rocky says, however Rocky does not catch on to what he’s doing.)

Rocky: You say something, Bulk?

Bulk: (Sighs) …how can a clown like you not realize what a clown you are?

Rocky: Huh?

Bulk: Face it Rocky, you’re the most loss of all the lost causes. You’re blowing it in school, and from what I hear you blew it with that tasty treat Hillary as soon as you somehow managed to get her.

Rocky: …

Bulk: What I don’t get is how an idiot like you can stay so optimistic?

Rocky: (Shrugs) Well, I guess I just like to see the good in every situation.

Bulk: That was a rhetorical question… who answers that?

Rocky: Hey, watch it buster! I have a cousin who’s rhetorical. Don’t use that word.

Billy: Can we… get back to work guys?

(As for Robbie, a lot has happened to him in the past two months; mostly positive too. He’s become the unquestioned leader on the team behind Tommy and has been relied on heavily. He’s also started a new relationship with Hannah M. Tana. They’re both at his place now, sitting on his bed. Her head is on his lap as she runs through gripes about her day.)

Hannah: And so she was like "It seems this is a great deal of stress. How would leaving your blog for a while make you feel?” And I was like, "How would switching therapists make you feel?"

Robbie: Interesting.

(Robbie sifts through a gaming magazine. Vaguely paying attention.)

Hannah: I mean the nerve of her. Who does she think she is giving me advice like that?

Robbie: I know. It’s not like you’re paying her to do just that that?

Hannah: Of course not. Daddy is.

Robbie: Well I’m just glad you left that other therapist.

Hannah: Me too. Once we broke up, it just got awkward.

(He puts his magazine down briefly and flashes a smile at her. She smiles back at him, but he quickly picks the magazine back up, seeming to end any further engagement on his behalf. Something starts to weigh on her mind as she lays her head back down.)

Hannah: Robbie?

Robbie: Yeah?

Hannah: What are you thinking? I feel like I’m always the one talking.

Robbie: There isn’t much for me to contribute. You’re the interesting one after all.

Hannah: I mean I get that and all. But you gotta be thinking something at least! You’re like, always so quiet and mysterious. Like a closed book. Speaking of which, think you can put the magazine down for a second?

(He does, and looks back down to her.)

Hannah: Tell me about yourself. What’s inside your head? What are your thoughts? What are your dreams?

(Robbie shrugs.)

Robbie: I had a dream once that I found out Zack scored with you once. (Grins) I bet Zack has that dream too.

Hannah: (Sighs) …probably.

(Robbie grins at her again, this time kissing Hannah on the forehead. But once again he returns to his magazine. Figuring that’s all she’ll get out of him, she resigns herself. She notices the time however while twittling her fingers and shoots back up.)

Hannah: Oh wow. I should get going. I told my mom I’m at the library and they closed…

(She checks her watch.)

Hannah: Friday.

Robbie: (Pouts) Okay… if you have to.

(She gets up from the bed and heads toward the door.)

Hannah: I have to use the ladies room first… you… do know…

(He nods.)

Robbie: I’ll turn up the radio.

Hannah: Thanks!

(She flashes her pearly whites at him as she leaves the room. Robbie switches on the radio to drown out any unwanted noises, then looks around to start cleaning up until the phone rings.)

Robbie: Hello? Oh hi…

(Another thing going for Robbie, he’s recently reconnected with someone special from his past. Coinciding accidentally with the start of his new relationship, Robbie finally reached out after months of stalling. The friendship seems to have re-started as a result.)

Robbie: I’m good! How’s everything? How are the others?

(Still, despite nothing truly reprehensible happening, the phone conversation doesn’t stop Robbie from suddenly appearing nervous, as his eyes dart back and forth from the bedroom door.)

Robbie: Hey listen, think I can call you back in a few minutes? I uh… I have something going on here. Great! Alright, talk to you soon.

(He hangs up just in the nick of time as Hannah returns.)

Hannah: Ready to walk me out?

Robbie: Sure!

(They head out as he walks her to the door.)

Robbie: So… Want me to walk you home?

Hannah: Mmm. No. I think I’ve had enough of you for today.

Robbie: (Shrugs) Understandable.

Hannah: I wouldn’t mind seeing your mom one of these days though.

Robbie: You’d be the only one.

Hannah: Does she not live here? Feels like I’m here a lot and I’ve never run into her. You’re not hiding me from her, are you?

Robbie: Aren’t you actively hiding me from your parents?

Hannah: Do you blame me?

Robbie: (Shrugs) Guess not. And I’m not hiding you. She just hasn’t been around. It’s nothing new. She tends to go off the deep end during this time of the month.

Hannah: Wow.

Robbie: …when the rent is due.

Hannah: Oh…

Robbie: I’m sure she’ll be around. You’ll have plenty of time to be scared away from me.

Hannah: Well, I look forward to it!

(She kisses him on the cheek then turns to leave. Before he closes the door she briefly stops to look back at him. Robbie turns around once she’s gone and takes stock of his home now that he’s all alone. It does dawns on him however that nothing seems to have been moved in several days. Some stuff has collected dust.)

Robbie: Mom really hasn’t been home. She’s not locked up or anything, right?

(That’s when he notices a small sheet of paper on top of the kitchen counter. It’s directly in the trajectory of the beaming sunlight from the nearby window so it’s hidden at a glance. He walks over and picks it up, figuring it be nothing more than an errand or grocery list. His face however suddenly grows pale and disconcerted as he reads it. An hour later at the Youth Center, while surrounded by his teammates, Robbie continues to stare at the note with the same look on his face.)

Robbie: “Son, I have decided to leave. My life these past two years have brought me nothing but pain and misery. I hate who I’ve become and if I don’t leave now I don’t think I’ll live another two years. If you ever miss me, just remember milk, eggs, sugar, coffee, cigarettes...”

(He examines the hastily scribbled note as his others around him look in unimagined empathy. Neither of them have dealt with anything like this, however. So no one truly knows what to say. An uncomfortable silence follows, before someone decides it’s obligatory to say something.)

Tommy: That sucks, bro.

Robbie: (Gulps) Yeah, it does.

(Robbie’s voice trails away as he speaks. Though does not visibly show any obvious signs of distress.)

Katherine: I’m so sorry Robbie. I can’t imagine how you must be feeling right now.

(Kat reaches her hand out and places her hand on his arm, but he barely reacts.)

Robbie: Yeah, thanks.

Billy: Does anyone else know about this but us?

(He shakes his head.)

Robbie: I figure the fewer people know, the longer I can stay in her rent controlled apartment.

Tommy: Man, what a bummer!

Aisha: Really? You didn’t even tell your girlfriend?

Robbie: Why would I tell her?

(Robbie looks at Aisha strangely, as if the very notion is unheard of in a conventional relationship.)

Adam: I just don’t get it though. Your mother just walked out? Just like that? I mean who does that to their only son?

Robbie: Mental illness and drugs do that.

Adam: I see…

Rocky: (Bangs table) Well… Good riddance, I say.

Robbie: What?

Rocky: I mean, she wasn’t all that great to you right? She wasn’t much of a support… Now you can live your own life… right?

Robbie: Yeah. Right.

(Robbie stares into space before crumpling up the note. He tosses it to the ground and gets up.)

Robbie: Well that’s that then. I should go. I’m… running late for work.

Katherine: Okay. Hang in there, Robbie. I’m here if you want to talk to someone.

Robbie: Yeah.

(He leaves.)

Rocky: Eh. He’ll be alright.

(Katherine smacks Rocky in the arm as soon as Robbie’s out of sight.)

Katherine: Why would you say “good riddance,” Rocky? What’s wrong with you?

Rocky: Ow. What? I was trying to look at the bright side.

Katherine: Of his mother walking out on him?! That’s still his mum.

Adam: I mean, not for nothing… he seems okay.

Tommy: Nah. He’s struggling. It’s obvious.

Adam: How could you tell? He seems no different than usual.

Tommy: Well for starters, he lost his job a month ago.

Aisha: What? How do you know?

(Tommy tilts his head upwards, cuing a flashback. Robbie is inside his coffee shop wiping down after serving his last customer, a man in a grey business suit. The man lingers by the bar as he enjoys Robbie’s drink.)

Man: Mmm. This is some good stuff. You’re very talented.

Robbie: Thanks.

Man: I like you, kid.

Robbie: Okay?

Man: I’ve got tremendous respect for what you baristas do here. You wake up at the crack of dawn, work long hours, operating complex machinery during madhouse rushes. Yet here you guys are: courteous, prompt and you my friend, make a mean cup of coffee.

Robbie: Glad you appreciate it.

Man: Oh I do. There are exceptions though. I was waiting this one time for what felt like ages to put my order in and this one barista came from the back. And instead of taking my order or calling for help, he swipes out in front of me, grabs his crotch and says “Peace, sucka.”

Robbie: Oh that was you?

(Back to present time...)

Tommy: That man just happened to be the new regional manager. He was canned that day.

Adam: Huh.

Aisha: Wait. That doesn’t answer how you know that?

Tommy: Uh…

(Tommy tilts his head back up, cuing back to the same flashback.)

Robbie: Oh that was you?

Man: Why yes, I… wait a second… What is your name, young man?

Robbie: …

“Robbie! (Sniffs) Robbie, I need to talk to you…”

(Suddenly, Tommy bursts through the doors holding a wad of tissues in his hand.)

Tommy: Robbie? I miss Kim, so much. (Sniffs) I need someone who understands what I’m going through. Also…

(From his back pocket, he pulls out an old cup with lipstick stains on the rim)

Tommy: Can I get a refill? I bought this yesterday.

(Back to present time.)

Tommy: He told me.

(Back on the moon, following their huge ragger, Rita and Zedd’s minions deal with the fallout as reality starts to set in again.)

Squatt: Uhhhh… so full…. I think I’m gonna be sick.

(Squatt lays near death by the balcony, surrounded by a sea of candy wrappers. Meanwhile an equally rough looking Baboo sweeps and picks up trash off the floor as Rito approaches.)

Rito: Hey, who was that hot little bitty you had in there? I think I saw some sparks between you two!

Baboo: You think so?

Rita: Definitely. Not just because she was made of fire either. She was totally digging you.

Baboo: Well, you’ll be glad to know that I got her number.

Rito: Nice! Keep it up, my friend. I’m sure you’ll get her into bed in no time.

Baboo: That’s great, cause that’s exactly how long I last.

Squatt: Ugggggh.

Rito: Are you alright Squatt?

Squatt: I ate too much. (Gag) Those skittles in Rita’s dresser put me over the top.

Rito: (Scratches head) Those… weren’t Skittles, Squatt.

Squatt: Uh-oh…

(Squatt feels a sudden rush travelling up his throat and filling his cheeks. He gets up and throws up over balcony, facing earth. Baboo however seems more concerned with the mess they’ve made.)

Baboo: This whole place is trashed, Rito. A ton of our food is missing, we’re out of cash, the vases are shattered and the scanner has a butt imprint on it.

Rito: Yeah. My bad…

Baboo: When Rita and Zedd get back, they’ll be furious. What are we gonna do?

Squatt: Hey, I know!

(Squatt excitedly points over the balcony as an idea pops into his head. Meanwhile back on earth, Robbie is seen on a mostly empty bus, likely on his way home. He sits in the back with his head against the window, struggling to grasp what went wrong in his mother’s life and failing to come up with a satisfactory answer. His mind then wanders to old memories of her. And as is common after loss, he starts idealizing his mother, remembering more positive memories over anything else.)

Robbie: …

(It was several years ago, he was much younger. So was she. She was thin, but not yet “strung out.” She had glowing light skin and straight, coarse black hair. She was dressed in all yellow. Robbie was nowhere in sight. She was on the couch watching television, but eyeing the door. Not for Robbie though. Finally, the door opens…)

Ms. Clemente: Look who the cat finally dragged in. Did your wife kick you out?

Robbie’s Father: Very funny.

(A tall, dark skinned man dressed in all brown walks in. He bears a striking resemblance to Robbie. He shuts the heavy steel door behind him and goes down the door shutting each of the seven deadbolts attached to it before turning back to Ms. Clemente.)

Robbie’s Father: So what’s for dinner?

Ms. Clemente: You can help yourself to whatever I left on the ashtray.

Robbie’s Father: Leftovers again?

Ms. Clemente: You think this is funny?

(She gets up and catches a whiff of alcohol on him.)

Ms. Clemente: (Sighs) You stink. Again. When are you going to stop drinking away our rent money and put something more than a forty ounce in the fridge for your family?!

Robbie’s Father: Don’t worry babe, I got this.

Ms. Clemente: You’ve been saying that for fifteen years. I’m sick of hearing it and I’d like to see you do it.

Robbie’s Father: Don’t start nagging me now, woman.

Ms. Clemente: Well when’s a good time to nag you then? Pick the time and place. Your child is gonna live in a shelter soon and it’s all your fault. Are you happy with that? You’re ruining his life just like you ruined mine!

Robbie’s Father: You better show some respect when I walk in here…


(A much younger version of Robbie sticks his head from outside of his bedroom door, momentarily breaking their rhythm. His mother jumps in and waves him back into his room.)

Ms. Clemente: No. Say in your room, Robbie.

(Confused, Robbie re-enters his room. He closes the door behind him and sits with his back against the door. He holds his arms around his knees as his parents scream violently at each other at the top of their lungs. Robbie braces himself for the sounds of physical strikes. But thankfully, they don’t happen. This time. His father eventually leaves, slamming the door as hard as he can behind him. After a while, when the dust has settled, Robbie returns to playing with his toys. His mother knocks softly as she peeks her head into his room.)

Ms. Clemente: Hey. How are you?

(She’s visibly shaken, holding a balled up tissue in her hand.)

Robbie: Okay. You?

Ms. Clemente: I’m… fine.

(Robbie was only around twelve at this time, but even he knew then that both of them were lying. He thought it’d be polite though to just say he was okay.)

Ms. Clemente: Here, I want you to have this.

(She reaches into her yellow pajama bottoms and pulls out a shiny diamond ring.)

Ms. Clemente: This was your grandmas’ engagement ring. She gave it to me as she passed away. I don’t know what she wanted me to do with it. Maybe she thought I’d pawn if I was ever in a bind. But… I want you to have it.

Robbie: Oh… wow.

Ms. Clemente: I want you to give this to somebody special someday. Not some random bar skank you think you can turn into a housewife. It doesn’t really work that way. You can’t change people. No. I want you to promise me that you will give this to a nice girl.

Robbie: Okay…

Ms. Clemente: And promise me, that you’ll cherish that woman. You’ll respect her. You would never do anything to break her heart. This ring isn’t a joke, you hear me? This is a serious commitment.

Robbie: Right. I understand. Thank you mom.

(She smiles at him proudly, then rubs his scalp and sits with him on the floor by the foot of the bed. She begins to play with him. He snaps back to reality and on the verge of tears. The bus is now crowded, but he’s never felt more alone in his life.)

Robbie: (Exhales) …

(Later in the day, Aisha and Katherine are in full scout gear making a presentation to a group of young scouts inside of a lodge as part of their D.A.R.E. program. The children listen intently as the girls make their case.)

Katherine: So in conclusion, drugs are very harmful substances that can destroy not your body, but your mind as well. It can leave you hooked, forcing you to quit school, quit your job and destroy your entire life just to chase a high.

Aisha: That’s right. And you think you may just be hurting yourself, but you’re not. Someone we know recently lost his mother to drugs.

Katherine: …

Aisha: It wasn’t a quick loss either. It’s took years, but she slowly fell off the deep end.

(Katherine looks back at Aisha, stunned as a child asks a question.)

“Did she die?”

Aisha: She might as well have if you ask him. He’s all alone, without his mommy. Imagine that. Life without your mommy. Believe me I had half a mind to hand him one of my pamphlets just to make sure the same didn’t happen to him.

Scout Leader: Thank you girls! You both do amazing work for the community. (Checks watch) Well, that’s all the time we have for today. Kids, line up and grab a brownie on the way out.

(Aisha waves merrily to the young kids who pass by her on their way out the door. Katherine however tugs her by the shirt and whispers into her ear.)

Katherine: What was that?

Aisha: Huh?

Katherine: Why would you bring up Robbie’s problems like that? That’s… I… didn’t really think that was appropriate.

Aisha: Huh? It’s just an example of the consequences of drug use. It breaks families’ up.

Katherine: I know. It was just… crass. I really think we should respect his privacy right now. He’s our friend after all.

Aisha: Correction: He’s your friend. He and I are still not cool.

Katherine: Huh? I don’t get it. Is he still making jokes about your weight?

Aisha: No, he stopped. Now he calls me forehead. So no, I don’t really care about him and his privacy.

Katherine: …

(Aisha turns away and shifts her focus to waving at the kids. Katherine however remains in a frozen state with her mouth wide open. The next day in the park, Tommy and Adam are by the courts playing a pick-up game of basketball. On the sideline, Billy continues to work with Rocky in front of an open textbook.)

Rocky: Hey, Billy?

Billy: Yeah?

Rocky: So tell me, what kind of school would you like to get into?

Billy: Well it’s always been a dream of mine to study at Oxford. But if I had to settle, Harvard would be good too.

Rocky: Oh…

(He pauses before he speaks up again.)

Rocky: Billy. You think I’ll get into Harvard?

Billy: Rocky, I… think you’re in denial.

Rocky: Oh. Is that a good school?

Billy: …let’s get back to work.

(As Billy turns back to his textbook, Tommy drains a basket over a defending Adam and starts strutting around boastfully.)

Tommy: Yeah! White chocolate hits the swish with seconds left! Haha.

Adam: (Mockingly) Nice game… “white chocolate.” How do you do it?

Tommy: It’s easy. I take my vitamins, say my prayers and I keep this awesome machine known as my body in tip top shape by eating right, and keeping free from drugs and alcohol.

Adam: (Rolls eyes) Trash talk straight out of an afterschool special…

(Out of the corner of their eyes, Katherine is seen walking through the basketball courts with a bag in one hand and a tray in the other.)

Katherine: Hi guys!

Adam: Hey Kat.

Tommy: What you got there? Chocolates for white chocolate? Haha.

(He reaches for the tray but she pulls away.)

Katherine: No! These are for Robbie.

Tommy: What? Robbie?

Katherine: Yeah. I’ve been thinking of things we as a team can do to show our support for him.

Adam: (Snickers) Those better be special brownies then.

Katherine: Yep! There’s M&M’s inside.

Adam: …

Katherine: I feel like Robbie might not be opening up to us because we might not be showing that we’re there for him.

Adam: Are we there for him though?

Katherine: Yes, Adam. We are.

Tommy: (Hesitant) I’m not sure, Kat. This is sweet, but Robbie’s really the type that likes to deal with problems on his own. He’s not keen on opening up. Especially not to us.

Adam: Yeah. Sometimes it seems like he sees us more as co-workers he needs to put up with than friends.

(As Katherine replies, Billy and Rocky join the group.)

Katherine: I’ve thought of that. That’s why Rocky here decided to help me by reaching out to some people who might be able to help him in ways we can’t.

Rocky: (Nods) Hmm.

(Cue to moments ago inside a phone booth in the park…)

Rocky: Hello? Hi. Do you hear me? Th-this is Rocky. No, not stupid Rocky. Regular Rocky. Do you have a moment?

(Back to the present, Kat continues, while reaching into a bag…)

Katherine: I’ve also got a card we can all sign to show our support.

Adam: (Shrugs) Alright, sure.

(She pulls out a card and pen to pass around.)

Tommy: This is really nice of you, Kat. I’ve got to give you credit. I’m still not sold he’s gonna break down and be the snuggly Teddy bear you think he’s capable of. But if anything, he’ll appreciate the thought.

Katherine: Thank you, Tommy. And that’s all I’m hoping for honestly. He seems like a nice, caring guy underneath the walls he puts up.

(She gets greeted by blank stares.)

Katherine: Well, he’s never been mean to me.

Adam: Give him time.

(The others chuckle at the expense of Katherine’s naiveté. Still, they pass around the card and sigh it. Meanwhile back on the moon, Squatt eyes the new batch of brownies Katherine plans to give to Robbie and sees his opportunity to strike.)

Squatt: Baboo! Hurry! It’s time! Is the potion ready?!

(In Baboo’s workshop he’s seen moving a dark green potion from beaker to beaker in an effort to get his potion just right.)

Baboo: Just putting the finishing touches…

Squatt: Good. Hopefully once this plan is in motion. The rangers will become easy pickings. Then, once we eliminate them and give them an easy world to conquer, they’ll forget we ever trashed their place!

Baboo: (Drops liquid into a vile) Done. This potion should make the rangers totally loopy upon ingestion.

Squatt: Great! Now get down there.

Baboo: Alone?! Are you mad?!

Squatt: What? What’s the problem?!

Baboo: That’s suicide, that’s the problem.

Squatt: Oh come on it’s not that hard.

Baboo: You go down then.

Squatt: I can’t. The main villain never gets his hands dirty.

Baboo: Oh, so you’re the main villain now?

Squatt: Well I was sitting on Zedd’s throne, wasn’t I?

Baboo: You should be wearing Rita’s breast cones.

Squatt: Fine. If you’re gonna be such a baby, (Turns around) I’ll send you down with…

(A door slams shut behind them. A car is heard starting and pulling away.)

Squatt: Rito…

Baboo: Running a tight ship, I see.

Squatt: Whatever, just go with a pack of Tengas then. Lord Squatt has spoken!

(And within moments, the rangers are surrounded…)

Katherine: Oh no. Tengas!

(The rangers briefly scramble, but then regain their bearings and line up behind Tommy. Katherine quickly places her tray on the park bench before joining the others.)

Tommy: Let’s do it guys. Ninja ranger power, now!

(The teens morph into their Ninjetti costumes, then spread out to get to work to deal with their own share of Tengas. Rocky quickly finds himself backed up near a tree by a horde of four in front of him. He quickly clears the path with lighting fast kicks to his front and left taking out two enemies. The other two behind them however leap toward him in their place.)

Rocky: Elevator going up!

(Rocky warps to the top of the tree as they crash into one another. Before they can come to, Rocky jumps down and takes them both out with a double leg drop.)

Tommy: Going up against the king, huh?

(Tommy remains in the court, dribbling a basketball. He bounces it between the enemy’s legs, then jumps over them to the other side. He grabs the ball, gets up, lands a split leg kick to two enemies behind the first one, and then turns around with a roundhouse kick to the first.)

Tommy: This is my house, rookies!

(He confidently takes the ball and throws up a shot from the free throw line, which misses off the rim.)

Tommy: Uh… wait… let me try that again.

(While all this goes on, Baboo appears by the benches; potion in hand. He sneakily creeps over to the tray of brownies and starts poisoning each one drop by drop, hoping to get out of there before anyone notices him. Nearby, Adam and Billy dance around a swarm of Tengas, jumping off each of their heads. They simultaneously leap toward trees on opposite ends and jump back and tackle them all to the ground. One of the Tengas knocked over by Billy doesn’t fall right away and instead staggers toward the benches. He knocks over the entire tray of brownies, sending most of them to the floor.)

Baboo: Oh no! What’ve you done!!

Katherine: (Gasps) My brownies!!

(Catching Katherine’s attention right away, Baboo vanishes before he is noticed. Shortly after, the Tenga’s flee, leaving the teens alone again. They power down, then shift their focus to Katherine.)

Katherine: Oh no….

(Dismayed, she kneels by her tray as all her hard work is now inedible. She picks up the pieces from the pavement.)

Katherine: They’re ruined. Why would they do something like this?

Tommy: Man, I’m sorry Kat. I would have stopped them had I known. I just sunk a huge basket though if you saw…

Katherine: I don’t know what I’m gonna do. That was my grandmother’s recipe. And I don’t have any of her supplies anymore.

Rocky: Hey, don’t sweat it Kat…

Katherine: What?

Rocky: I can bake more! They may not be your grandmother’s, but my mom has some brownie mix back at my place. I’ll get right on it. (Turns to Billy) Billy, you mind switching study locations?

Billy: Not at all. It’s a great idea, Rocky.

Adam: Yeah. And I’m sure Robbie won’t be too picky.

Katherine: Thank you Rocky. You’re a life saver.

Rocky: (Chuckles) First time I’ve heard that one…

Katherine: Heh…but… you’re a ranger…

Rocky: Um… yeah...?

(An awkward silence ensues.)

Katherine: Well, let me know when they’re ready! I’ll stop by in a bit and we can deliver them together.

Rocky: Sounds good!

(She skips off. Adam also grabs his basketball and turns to leave.)

Adam: Just let me know when you guys want to head over. I’m gonna go get some homework done.

Rocky: No problem.

Billy: We should get going now, Rocky. I’m gonna go get a sip of water first though if you don’t mind.

(As Billy walks away, Rocky turns around to gather his things. Tommy taps him on the shoulders…)

Tommy: Hey Rocky…

Rocky: Yeah?

Tommy: You hungry?

(Tommy sneakily opens his palms revealing two brownies he salvaged. Back on the moon “Lord Squatt” is furious that his plan A didn’t work as expected…)

Squatt: You nincompoop! I ask a simple thing like drug the power rangers…

Baboo: There were twenty things going on at once! How could you blame me for that!?

Squatt: It’s easy!! (Groans) If you need anything done around here, it seems you have to do it yourself.

Baboo: So you are going down there?

Squatt: Pfft. You crazy? (Turns away) Finster!!! Make me a monster!

(He storms into Finster’s workshop.)

Finster: I-I beg your pardon?

Squatt: Did I stutter?

Finster: (Bemused) Is this some kind of a joke? (Turns to Baboo) Do you know anything about this?

Baboo: (Shakes head) Don’t look at me.

Squatt: I want to destroy the rangers to impress Zedd and Rita. Give me your best monster.

Finster: Ah. Why didn’t you say so? I’ll bring back one of my most fearsome beasts, the Rockstar.

Squatt: The Rockstar?

Finster: Yes. He’s made of boulder and virtually invincible.

Baboo: Until he exploded that one time?

Finster: Yes. But he only exploded due to the Mirror of Destruction. The rangers made not a scratch on him with fists and weapons alone.

Squatt: (Giddily) Sounds good! Make him, make him!

Finster: (Bows) Yes my lo* (Clears throat) You got it, Squatt. He’ll be ready in a minute.

Squatt: Haha. Let’s see Baboo ruin this one! And let’s see how Robbie reacts when he sees this blast from his past!

(Meanwhile, back on earth. Robbie makes it home. He slowly creeps into his apartment as if trying not to attract any attention. This isn’t the present time though, apparent by the fact that the television is on. But this was nearly three years ago.)

Robbie: …

(Robbie was a sophomore at Angel Grove High. Its midnight and he smells as if he’d just climbed a tree. He can sense his mother in the room, but hoped she was asleep on the couch. He was in no mood for one of her lectures. Earlier that evening, Robbie had done something he wasn’t used to doing. He put himself out there to a girl he really connected with. He stumbled through her rejection, after she told him she had too much going on in her life to figure him into her life. As much he tried to not let it show on him, it clearly crushed his spirit. While she had become the major bright spot in his life, he couldn’t even make the cut in hers. Robbie felt insignificant, even more so than before they’d met and he had virtually no one. After he left, Robbie let off steam in the only ways he knows how.)

“Do you have something to say to me, Robbie?”

(To his frustration, his mother appears, sitting up from the couch like Michael Meyers. He barely makes it into the hallway. He sighs, anticipating another unpleasant confrontation.)

Robbie: No.

Ms. Clemente: Do you have something to say to your mother? Because you haven’t said anything to me in months.

Robbie: …

Ms. Clemente: We used to be friends. Remember that? Remember when you weren’t cynical and vacant?

Robbie: (Sarcastically) There’s lots of things I don’t remember right now, mom.

Ms. Clemente: Do you think this is funny? Wasting your life like this is a huge joke to you?

Robbie: Mom, just get off me okay? I’m not in the mood to hear it.

Ms. Clemente: You’re never in the mood to do anything. You’re never home anymore. And when you are you just lock yourself in your room.

Robbie: Then maybe you should get the hint, mom.

(Ignoring his smart comment, she gets up and walks toward him.)

Ms. Clemente: Mr. Kaplan called. Again. Honestly I think this house is on speed dial in his office. When are you gonna straighten up and take school more seriously?

(Robbie doesn’t respond, but looks visibly bothered. Likely because he was taking school more seriously. No matter what though, he’s still seen as a lowlife trouble maker nobody wants.)

Ms. Clemente: Do you want to end up a loser burnout like your father? Cause you’re acting like--.

Robbie: (Clenches teeth) Stop comparing me to him!

Ms. Clemente: Then stop acting like him. You act like you don’t care about anything, you’re hanging out with god knows who. You’re flunking out of high school and you smell to high heaven.

Robbie: Well there’s one thing dad did right.

Ms. Clemente: …

Robbie: He walked.

(Playing his trump card right away to end the discussion, Robbie storms past his mother and slams the front door shut as he leaves again. Almost instantly his mother is heard from the outside bursting into tears. The sound is burned into Robbie’s memory as he’s kicked back into reality. He’s seated on the couch as his mother was, staring at the front door. Suddenly, the phone rings.)

Robbie: Huh?

(He looks up at the caller ID next to his phone. It’s Hannah. He sighs, seemingly hoping it was someone else. Figuring she just wants to talk about whatever asinine rumor being passed around Angel Grove High, Robbie lets the call ring out. Elsewhere, Alpha and Zordon begin picking up a threat at the command center.)

Zordon: Alpha, I am sensing a disturbance in the morphing grid. Please alert the power ranger immediately.

Alpha: Aye, ya, yai. Right away, Zordon.

(Within moments the rangers are reached. Some of them however, seem to have encountered some disturbances of their own…)

Billy: (Frustrated) Rocky, you really need to focus. Stop staring at the Television set and please work on these equations.

(Rocky is seated next to Billy, melted onto the couch with a glazed out look in his eyes and a half smile seemingly painted on.)

Rocky: Am I the only one who feels… weird?

Billy: What are you talking about?

Rocky: I just feel… off, you know? Like… everything’s processing… slower.

Billy: I believe that’s why you were enrolled into the Second Chance program, Rocky.

(He suddenly starts laughing hysterically, confusing Billy more.)

Billy: (Raises eyebrow) What’s so funny?

Rocky: I don’t know!!!

(Rocky falls out of his seat laughing and sticks to the floor.)

Rocky: Oh my god. I’m so thirsty.

Billy: Okay…

Rocky: (Looks up) Can you go get some water? I feel like if I get up I’m gonna fly away.

Billy: (Sighs) Alright, Rocky. I guess we can take a break.

Rocky: Can you turn the TV on while you’re at it?

(Pan out to reveal the TV Rocky was staring intently at has been off the entire time. Just then, the smoke alarm goes off.)

Rocky: Oh my god Kat’s brownies! I totally spaced!

(Rocky shoots up and runs toward the kitchen, crashing into a table off screen. Things also seem a bit off at the Youth Center. Tommy is by himself as his communicator goes off. He either doesn’t notice it though or doesn’t care as he in the midst of shoving a mountain of food into his mouth.)

Tommy: (Mouth full) Mmm. Oh my god. This is good.

(He thrusts one bite after another into his mouth without space to breathe. Ernie stands beside him, looking beside himself.)

Ernie: You uh… need anything else?

Tommy: You got a desert menu?

Ernie: A desert menu?

Tommy: No?

Ernie: You just ate my desert menu.

Tommy: So you don’t have one?

Ernie: Shouldn’t you be working out around this time, Tommy?

Tommy: UGH. Go. Away. Fat man.

(Tommy loudly groans with his head tilted back, gargling the food in his mouth. A disgusted Ernie shakes his head and walks away.)

Ernie: This guy makes me look like a lightweight.

(Katherine walks in a few short moments later with Aisha. Tommy’s gluttony catches her eye.)

Katherine: What… the… Tommy?

Aisha: (Laughs) Somebody’s got the munchies.

(Just then, Kat’s communicator goes off after several failed attempts to reach Tommy. The two switch gears and gesture at Tommy to meet them in the hallway. He ignores them however, and needs to be pulled away by Aisha. He fights the whole way and manages to snatch a Twinkie before being yanked. Katherine makes sure the coast is clear before answering the call.)

Katherine: We read you, Zordon.

Zordon: Katherine, teleport to the command center immediately. Angel Grove is under attack.

(Tommy gasps abruptly, scaring the girls.)

Aisha: What’s is it?

Tommy: Oh god!!!

Katherine: What’s wrong?!

Aisha: Do you see something?

Tommy: It’s the cops!!! Quick, be cool…

(Just then, Bulk and Skull walk by in plain clothes. They eye Tommy who’s standing in an unnaturally statuesque pose before walking in.)

Tommy: Phew. Man… that was close… (Laughs nervously) Feel my heart.

Katherine: Something’s not right. This isn’t Tommy. We should tell Zordon.

Aisha: Right. Maybe he knows what’s going on.

(They teleport to the command center, where they’re shortly joined by Adam, Rocky and Billy.)

Katherine: Is everything alright, you guys?

Adam: Something’s wrong with Rocky.

Aisha: Well I could have told you that.

Billy: No, I mean it’s like he’s in an altered state of mind. He just ate a whole tray of burnt brownies too.

Rocky: (Gasps) And the oven’s still on!!

Katherine: Odd. Tommy’s been acting strange too. (Looks up) Do you know what’s wrong with them Zordon?

Zordon: I do not, Katherine. But I will have Alpha run some diagnostics. Unfortunately this is not our only concern as a monster is attacking the Angel Grove quarry. Behold the viewing globe.

(The teens walk toward the viewing globe and appear in awe at the sight of the latest monster.)

Adam: Who is that?

Billy: The Rockstar…

Aisha: And who is he?

Billy: He’s bad news.

Zordon: He is one of Rita’s old monsters. His strikes are as hard as stone and his is largely impervious to attacks. We only defeated him by chance, but we were unable to do any real damage to him alone.

(The rangers each look to one another with looks of concern. Most of them at least…)

Rocky: Woah…

(While he is staring at the viewing globe intently, Rocky only sees an image of himself staring back at him.)

Rocky: Man…

Billy: How are we supposed to stop him, Zordon? I assume we don’t have that magic mirror anymore.

Zordon: We do not. And I cannot pin point its location at this time.

Aisha: Not to mention these two are in no condition to fight.

Tommy: Whoa…

Zordon: The odds are indeed stacked against you, rangers. But for now you must do all you can to try and hold him off. Alpha will try to reverse whatever is wrong with Rocky and Tommy. In the meanwhile I will try to find a weakness you can exploit.

(As if just noticing, Katherine looks around and sees there is someone else missing too.)

Katherine: And what about Robbie?

Zordon: He is not responding to our calls at this time, but I will continue trying.

Katherine: …

Adam: (Shrugs) Guess it’s the skeleton crew today, guys.

Zordon: I believe in your abilities, rangers. May the power protect you.

Billy: It’s morphin time.

“Black ranger power!”

“Pink ranger power!”

“Blue ranger power!”

“Yellow ranger power!”

(Morphed, yet understaffed, the rangers head down to the Angel Grove quarry and find the Rockstar destroying random equipment indiscriminately.)

Aisha: Hey Rockstar!

Rockstar: Huh?

Aisha: Time to kick rocks!

Rockstar: Oh, I disagree young lady. It’s time to get stoned!!

(The menacing monster opens up his abdomen and throws two giant boulders at both her, and Adam, which pins them instantly.)

Aisha: Ahhh!!

Adam: Ugh!!

(The others rush over to their aide.)

Billy: Adam! Aisha!

Aisha: (Gasping) I can’t get this off me! It’s crushing my ribs.

Katherine: Hang on…

(Kat tries with all her might to lift the rock off Aisha, but it appears glued to her.)

Billy: Just like that the numbers just got even less in our favor.

Rockstar: And they’re about to get worse. Tengas attack!

(Just then a swarm of Tenga’s appear by his side and charge at the remaining rangers.)

Katherine: Oh no. What are we gonna do?

“Never fear, NIIIINJOR is here!”

(Riding on his cloud in the sky, Ninjor arrives to lend a hand. He drops by right in front of the rangers, as if to shield them.)

Katherine: (Sigh of relief) Ninjor …

Ninjor: (Charges) Hello, my dear. It’s time to rock and roll!

(Ninjor leads the charge into action as Billy and Katherine follow behind. Ninjor swiftly ducks underneath a pack of Tengas, pulls out his blade, turns around and starts doing away with them one at a time. Katherine and Billy shuffle through the flapping foot soldiers to focus their attention on the Rockstar, hoping that stopping him would somehow help their friends. Their attempts are not successful though as shots from their blade blasters bounce off of him. Their power weapons don’t seem to scratch him either, and worse, seem to be damaging them.)

Billy: Oh no. My lance is fried…

Katherine: We can’t make a dent on him.

Billy: His stone exterior does appear to make him impervious to physical attacks.

Katherine: Yeah, and he’s invincible too.

Ninjor: Hang on rangers, I’ll help y--

(While managing to hold off a swarm of Tengas, Ninjor suddenly feels feint. What then feels like an intense hot flash hits him as he falls to a knee.)

Ninjor: Ugh… I’m… (Coughs) feeling weak.

(He starts coughing aggressively, as if suddenly struggling to breathe. The feeling is not unfamiliar to him either. He felt this way when he was held prisoner by Master Vile.)

Billy: Ninjor’s down!

Katherine: Hang on!! We’ll help--

(Katherine can barely finish her statement when she’s swiped away effortlessly by the Rockstar. It instantly knocks the wind out of her as he simple backhand feels like a car accident.)

Katherine: (Gasps) Ugh!!

Billy: Kat!!

(While the rangers struggle to merely hold the fort, back in the command center Zordon and Alpha try their hardest to try and figure out whatever’s going on with Tommy and Rocky, and fix it as soon they can.)

Tommy: (On the phone) Hello? Kim? Heeeeey… I miss you, boo…

(It isn’t going well to say the least. Alpha receives and reads a printout from the diagnostic.)

Alpha: Aye, ya, ya, ya, yai… their tests results are negative.

Rocky: (Gasps) Oh no! I’m gonna die!!!

Alpha: Calm down, Rocky. That only means that we do not know what is wrong yet. I still need to conduct more tests.

(Alpha glances at the viewing globe, which steals his attention away. He sees what’s going on and grows more concerned.)

Alpha: Aye, ya, yai… Ninjor! He’s just collapsed.

Zordon: It appears the effects of his imprisonment has caught up to him, Alpha. He is rapidly aging outside of Eltar and must retreat.

Alpha: How are we gonna do that? The others can barely get by the Rockstar and these two are absolutely useless right now.

Tommy: …you remember the wrestler they called the million dollar man? How do you think he got all that money anyway?

Zordon: You must keep trying to contact Robbie. At this point he is our only hope.

Alpha: Oh… I’m not sure he’s gonna answer. Aye, ya, ya, ya, yai.

Tommy: …You think he was ever the “thousand dollar man” when he was coming up? Kim…? Kim…?


“So Kim, What do you think?”

“Wow. Robbie, this is gorgeous.”

(Speaking of Kim, the former pink ranger is in Robbie’s room. She’s holding the shiny engagement ring given to Robbie by his mother. As you may have guessed, this isn’t the present time either, but another flashback.)

Robbie: Thanks.

Kimberly: Mind if I hold onto it?

Robbie: (Smiles) I do.

Kimberly: Here’s hoping that’s what she says.

Robbie: Yeah… (Laughs) me too.

Kimberly: You guys did just go through a lot though…

Robbie: Yeah, I know. Things are… slowly getting back to normal though. But uh… I really want to make sure I don’t lose her this time. I messed up bad. But I know in my heart it’ll never happen again.

Kimberly: It better not. I don’t think she’ll give you a third chance.

Robbie: She won’t have to.

Kimberly: But are you sure you’re doing this for the right reason? You’re not just trying to lock her down?

(He shakes his head.)

Robbie: I’ve known I wanted to do this since before we started dating. I’ve never felt this way about anyone before. Don’t think I ever will. She… completes me. She’s incredible. So easy to talk to. She’s… my favorite part of being alive. (Pause) She’s my best friend.

(Left speechless by his uncharacteristic candor, Kim barely gets a word out…)

Kimberly: …Aww.

Robbie: But I know she’s the super independent type. She has goals and the last thing I want to make her feel is like I’m trying to tie her down. That killed us the first time. I’m not sure when the right moment would be. I just know I want to do it.

Kimberly: Well it’s so nice to see this side of you. And I know her, she is goal driven. But… I don’t think she’d say no to you.

Robbie: (Grins) I hope not. By the way… this… conversation never leaves this room. I mean it. Not even Tommy.

Kimberly: My lips are sealed.

Robbie: Good.

Kimberly: But uh… we should totally celebrate!

Robbie: (Shrugs) There’s a half empty bottle of Mucinex PM my mom keeps stored away.

Kimberly: Sounds… fun?

(Suddenly, there is a loud banging on the door.)

“Robbie!!! Robbie!!!”

Robbie: (Sighs) Speak of the devil. Quick, hide the ring.

(Kim throws the ring in her pocket as his mother keeps trying to knock the door down.)

“Robbie, open up!”

Robbie: Jesus ma, calm yourself. I have company over.

(She barges in and sticks her head inside.)

Ms. Clemente: I don’t care what bimbo you’ve brought to your room. You watch your tone with me.

Kimberly: (Friendly wave) Hi Ms. Clemente.

(Ms. Clemente looks back at Kimberly as if they’d never met before. Her eyes, once bright and brown now dimmed, with deep bags underneath. Her face sunken in as she’s wasted away. Her once silky black hair is now clumped and unkempt. Her voice is raspier and jittery. It’s only been a couple of years, but it seems as if she’d aged fifteen. She continues…)

Ms. Clemente: Where are my Ring Dings? You took my Ring Dings! I’ve been looking all over for them.

Robbie: I didn’t take your Ring Dings, ma.

Ms. Clemente: Don’t you lie to me. You’re always stealing my food. I have to hide them from you just to enjoy the food that I bought!

Robbie: Maybe if you actually fed me once in a while I wouldn’t have to steal your food. I mean who hides their food? Hamsters do that. Not humans.

Ms. Clemente: For your information I have to slave day in and day out in a school cafeteria and serve snot nosed punks like you with their attitudes for what little I make. And the only think keeping me from going off the edge are my snacks and my stories.

Robbie: We’ve been over this, mom. You’re unemployed.

Ms. Clemente: What did I say about watching your tone!?

Robbie: (Sighs) Right…

Ms. Clemente: Now I want to know where my Ring Dings are in the next five seconds or I swear to god Child Services will need to come to this house. One… two…

Robbie: Ma.

Ms. Clemente: Three… four…

Robbie: Ma!

Ms. Clemente: Where are they?

Robbie: You ate them. The empty box is still in the kitchen.

(She pauses briefly and looks as if she’s putting the pieces back together in her head.)

Ms. Clemente: Don’t be a smart mouth.

(She slams the door shut, leaving only a loud echo in the room. Kim’s mouth falls wide open, unbelieving of what she just saw.)

Kimberly: Wow. What was that?

Robbie Nothing. Just another day in the Clemente household.

Kimberly: Geez. No wonder you’re so messed up.

Robbie: Tell me about it. C’mon. Let’s get out of here. I can’t be in the same house as her.

Kimberly: Alright…

(The two leave as Robbie fades back into reality. “I got my wish,” Robbie sullenly thinks to himself as he leans back onto his bedroom pillow and stares blankly into the ceiling. He thinks of where that same woman was a few years ago. The trials and tribulations she faced throughout that time. A drunk and absent partner. Constant financial burdens, fighting day in and day out just to maintain the illusion of normalcy for a family that seems ungrateful and distant in response. Tack on unemployment, mental health issues and whatever it was she took to dull the constant pain, and the reason she walked out becomes agonizingly clear.)

Robbie: …

(It stared him right in the face this whole time. He was just too wrapped up in his own life to stop and help somebody close to him who fell off the deep end trying to help him. The immense guilt was eating him away as his own sense of self-hatred grows with each passing second. She needed his help, or at least a glimmer of hope from her son to hold on to and he couldn’t even bother. He’s all alone, yet again. And he deserves every second of it.)

Robbie: (Sighs) …

(Suddenly, he hears his communicator rings. It’s been laying on the dresser this whole time. Robbie shoots up and sighs frustratingly, but knows this may be the mental break from himself that he needs. He answers the call.)

Robbie: (Clears throat) Yeah.

Zordon: Robbie. Billy, Adam, Katherine and Aisha are in grave danger down by the quarry. Rocky and Tommy are unable to help at this time and they need you desperately.

Robbie: (Groans) Figures they need my help now.

Zordon: I apologize for the inconvenience, Robbie. But the situation is urgent. Ninjor is also in grave danger and must be evacuated. You are our only hope.

Robbie: It’s… fine. I’m on it. (Disconnects) It’s morphin time.

“Brown ranger power!”

(Now morphed, Robbie leaps from the sky and immediately kicks away the Rockstar with a blindsided drop kick.)

Rockstar: Ugh.

Katherine: Robbie! You’re here…

(As if flipping a switch, Robbie puts his issues on the backburner for a moment and channels the “sarcastic brown ranger” everybody knows.)

Robbie: You were expecting Tommy?

Billy: Well, yes actually.

Robbie: Sorry to disappoint.

(Extends his hand out for Katherine.)

Katherine: (Nods) Thank you, Robbie.

Robbie: You got it. Stay here.

(Finding Ninjor, barely able to stand while surrounded by Tengas, he rushes over. He quickly dispatches with them to tend to his fallen ally.)

Robbie: Ninjor… you okay?

Ninjor: Roberto… I… (Coughs) help me back up. Our work is not finished yet.

Robbie: You’re finished, Ninjor. You’re in no shape to fight.

Ninjor: But I…

Robbie: Go…

(Robbie taps on Ninjor’s belt buckle, teleporting him away. He turns his attention to Adam and Aisha, who are still pinned underneath who boulders. He swiftly pulls out his blade blaster and blasts the rocks away.)

Adam: (Gasps) …

Aisha: Oh my god… I can breathe again. Um… thanks, Robbie.

Robbie: (Salutes) Anytime, forehead.

Aisha: …

(Katherine and Billy join him as the others stand back up. Having a second to breathe, Robbie recognizes the monster of the week.)

Robbie: Well, look who we have here. An old friend it seems.

(The Rockstar staggers to get back to his feet.)

Billy: We haven’t been able to hurt him. So far he’s knocks us back pretty easily but without the mirror of destruction I don’t think we can actually stop him.

Robbie: This guys a piece of cake.

Katherine: What?

Billy: What do you mean?

Robbie: Every single enemy of ours has one glaring weakness. Nobody’s invincible. When you think about it, you can pin everybody down to a science.

Adam: And what does your science say about this guy?

Robbie: We blow him up.

Billy: Morphenomenal, Robbie.

Katherine: Brilliant strategy!

Robbie: Prepare to receive power cannon.

(The Rangers line up behind Robbie. They throw their hands in the air.)

Robbie: Brace.

(A massive cannon appears over their left shoulders. Small energy orbs of their individual powers form in their hand.)

“Pink charge”

“Yellow charge.”

“Blue charge”

“Black charge.”

“Brown charge.”

(Now back on his feet, The Rockstar lets out a huge groan and starts marching toward them as if he doesn’t see the cannon pointed at him.)


(Several giant beams of energy bursts from the cannon, which hits the monster dead on in an explosion. A cloud of fire and black smoke fill the air. However within seconds it’s clear that the Rockstar is still marching toward them through the smoke.)

The Rockstar: GRRRR.

(Undeterred, Robbie readies for another blast…)


(The second beam hits him dead on in the center of his chest. The explosion is not as big as the first, but takes him to his knees. Smelling blood in the water, Robbie readies the cannon once more…)


(A third beam engulfs the Rockstar in flames that illuminate the night. This time, he does not reappear once the cloud settles. Back in the command center, Alpha jumps for joy.)

Alpha: (Jumping) Alright! Way to go Robbie!

Zordon: He truly has come a long way, Alpha.

Alpha: (Turns around) Now… to focus on these tw*huh?

(Bemused, he finds Rocky and Tommy leaning against the control panel, huddled up against one another. They are fast asleep.)



Zordon: They have been asleep for quite some time, Alpha.

Alpha: They… just crashed? What should we do?

Zordon: Nothing, Alpha. Whatever they’ve been afflicted with might be cured by simply “sleeping it off” as the humans put it.

Alpha: (Shakes head) Aye, ya, yai…

(Back in the quarry following their win, Adam, Billy, Aisha and Katherine power down to their civilian gear. Robbie, who is a few steps ahead of everyone remains in his armor, frozen as he faces forward stoically. The “sarcastic brown ranger” is no longer needed. And so he slips back to what he was feeling before he morphed: Depressed and alone.)

Adam: Thanks for your help Robbie.

Billy: Yeah. We couldn’t do it without you.

Robbie: Yeah… Don’t mention it.

(With his back to the others, he crosses both arms over his head to finally power down himself.)

Adam: How… are you, Rob?

Robbie: I’m fine.

(Robbie doesn’t turn his back to answer.)

Billy: Are… you sure?

Robbie: Yeah.

Katherine: …

(Just then, he starts walking away.)

Robbie: Anyway, I should go. I’ll see you guys lat--


(After having walked several yards and reaching for his communicator, Katherine bolts for Robbie. Dumbfounded, he turns around and gets blindsided with a hug. Slowly, most of the others walk over and join in as well.)

Robbie: Uh…………………..

Katherine: I’m sorry about your mother, Robbie. We all are.

Robbie: …

Katherine: We’re here for you. We’re your family now.

(Though initially looking tense and uncomfortable with the unexpected affection, Robbie slowly looks around at his group of friends and realizes what they’re doing: They’re reaching out to him. He’s been so busy building up walls and protecting himself his whole life that he’s forgotten that he’s never truly been alone a day in his life. He has six friends that truly care about him.)

Aisha: (Arms crossed) Don’t look at me.

(He looks up and finds Aisha’s excluded herself from the hug. Okay so five friends. And perhaps it’s time he start letting them in.)

Katherine: I uh... had a lot more planned to give you. But uh… I don’t have the card with me. And uh…

(He shakes his head as he breaks the hug. Barely able to speak.)

Robbie: It’s okay… (Clears throat) Th-thank you. This… means a lot to me. Really.

(They look back at him with warm smiles. Even at the command center, Alpha looks on happily with Tommy and Rocky out cold in the background.)

Alpha: (Wipes fake tear) Aye, ya, yai… how touching…

Tommy: (Snoring) Mmm… White chocolate… so good…

(Eventually, Robbie starts stepping backwards.)

Robbie: I… should go. I need to uh… start packing some things.

(Katherine nods warmly.)

Katherine: Of course.

Adam: Do you need any help?

Robbie: No. You’ve helped enough. See you guys in class tomorrow.

Katherine: (Waves) Bye Robbie.

Billy: Take care man.

(Robbie waves at his friends one more time before he teleports away. They wave at him as he disappears into the sky. Robbie returns home, but not right away. He decides to take a long walk around the neighborhood. Perhaps to let the good feeling of his friends support sink in. Or perhaps, to not have the negative feelings creep back in. Eventually though, he walks through the front door.)

Robbie: …

(Predictably nothing has been moved or changed. He knew this would happen but it cements what was all but certain: His mother isn’t coming back. A seismic shift in his mood instantly takes place.)

Robbie: (Exhales) …

(He takes one giant breath as he looks around. He finds a “High Times” magazine on the coffee table with Bob Marley on the cover. It elicits a visceral reaction out of him as he immediately rolls it up and throws it in the trash.)

Robbie: I won’t need that anymore.

(Next to the kitchen counter he finds the house phone. He checks the caller ID and sees that nobody has called him back. His face remains still as he walks toward his bedroom door. He starts thinking about what just happened, and how he’s grateful they bothered to reach out to him. Still, it doesn’t feel like it’s enough to lift him out of this rut. It isn’t enough to change the fact that his house is completely empty…)

Hannah: Hi handsome.

(As Robbie walks through his bedroom door he finds Hannah sitting on top of his bed with her legs crossed, waiting for him.)

Robbie: Hannah? Wh-what are you…?

Hannah: I heard what happened.

(She slowly gets up and walks right up to him, without breaking eye contact.)

Robbie: Oh. Who told you?

Hannah: Rocky.

Robbie: Wh--

Hannah: Stupid Rocky.

Robbie: Oh…

(There’s a brief pause, as she stares meaningfully into his eyes.)

Hannah: I’m so, so sorry sweetie.

(She throws herself into him and gives him a warm, loving embrace. Taken aback, but quickly accepting it, Robbie picks up both arms and hugs her back. Tightly. As if he never wants to let her go. She reciprocates and squeezes even harder. Eventually though, after what feels like hours, they release.)

Hannah: Please don’t blame yourself for this. It’s not your fault. You said it yourself, she has a lot of issues. Take it from me, if she wasn’t seeking help she was bound to have a breakdown. And a son shouldn’t be expected to rescue her. No matter how wonderful I think he is.

Robbie: Yeah… Where does all this love and affection come from?

Hannah: You’re my boyfriend, stupid. That’s what I’m here for.

(As obvious as it should have been, Robbie finally reaches that realization. She continues…)

Robbie: …thanks.

Hannah: (Shrugs) My mom also used to always say that hugs fixed all wounds... So whenever I’d get down she’d get the maid to give me one.

(She turns away and picks up a picnic basket.)

Hannah: I figured you’d be hungry too. So I made you a picnic. I thought we could eat together.

Robbie: Yeah… (Gulps) I’d… really like that.

(She sits back on the bed and starts taking the food out and placing it on the bed. Unable to contain himself, Robbie says nothing as he sits down beside her.)

Hannah: There’s enough food here to last you a few days. You just need to make sure you--

(He kisses her. Passionately. Hannah didn’t expect it, but places her hand on his cheek as she returns it. He pulls away eventually and looks deep into her eyes.)

Hannah: What was that?

(He thinks back to what his friends did. And now to what his girlfriend did. He can only think up one thing to say...)

Robbie: I’m the luckiest man in the world.

Hannah: You are... I wouldn’t do this for anyone else.

Robbie: (Smiles) You better not.

(She looks back at him with a smile.)

Hannah: Let’s eat.

(She begins to unwrap their food, and they begin to eat together as we fade to black.)

Hannah: Oh, so let me tell you what happened today by the way. I had like the worst day ever…

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Hahahaha "I have a cousin who's rhetorical"

A great episode as always. Made me feel so bad for Robbie though, which one of the rangers is he inevitably going to have to move in with? I hope it's Tommy, it'd be the Odd Couple hahahaha
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zedd_heart_rita wrote: View Post

Hahahaha "I have a cousin who's rhetorical"

A great episode as always. Made me feel so bad for Robbie though, which one of the rangers is he inevitably going to have to move in with? I hope it's Tommy, it'd be the Odd Couple hahahaha
Haha. That would be a good idea. Though you might have to tune in next time to find out.
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So I've given into myself and I've added two episodes to this fourth season. I'm condensing "A Zeo Beginning" into one episode and I'm adding an extra episode right after to aide in Billy's arch a bit, and give me more room to flesh stuff out.

The next chapter is coming along and should be out sometime in February!
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Season 4 - Episode 2: Home Away From Home

(It’s grey and gloomy afternoon in Angel Grove Park and the skies give off no sign of light. It looks as if a storm is imminent. The park is empty, except for Aisha it seems, who slowly walks toward a bench. She lugs around an overstuffed backpack. Fitting to the weather, her face also gives no sign of light. Once she reaches the bench, she puts her hands over her face and bursts into tears.)

Aisha: (Sobs) …

(She’s unable to hold back, figuring she’s all alone. But from far away, something appears behind a tree to be watching her. It eyes her through digital lens, gathering information.)

Race: Human
Gender: Female
Power Levels: Moderate to low risk.
Risk Assessment: Vulnerable


“We attack in three days.”

(Lord Zedd stands at the head of a conference table stationed in the middle of outer space. The room is occupied by some of the galaxies most fearsome villains, including Rita, Goldar, and Master Vile.)

Lord Zedd: I have spent the last two years strategically wearing down the earth’s defenses while slowly building my own forces. And now, it’s time to jam the final dagger down their backs.

(Rita and Vile nod to one another in approval. Zedd continues…)

Lord Zedd: I am asking for your support on my way to victory. Not that it’s necessary, as victory is but a foregone conclusion with the army I have amassed. But I’m here today to grant you the honor of saying you were a part of history. Be it by lending your arms, your drones, your men, your fighter jets or your lives. I welcome any support in this final battle where I, ruler of all evil, will finally reign supreme.

(He ends with a tone of finality, yet the room is silent. Only Goldar claps enthusiastically.)

Lord Zedd: Any questions?

(The whole room raises their hands.)

“Um. Who said that you were the ‘ruler of all evil?’”

Lord Zedd: …

“Does Dark Spector know about this invasion? Did you fill out An M11Q form? Are you even following protocol?”

“Did you reserve this office, by the way? We have a birthday in here in like ten minutes.”

“By wearing them down, do you mean sending a monster down to die every week?”

“Did you by chance give any money around for the card and cake? Tim’s going around with an envel--”

Lord Zedd: Silence!

(Zedd tries to retake control of the room, but yet again he’s greeted with blank stares.)

“Yeah, that doesn’t work around here.”

(Everyone seems to jump in until the room descends into mindless rambling, frustrating Zedd.)

“Well, well. Look who we have here.”

Rita: Huh?

(One voice however manages to silence the room. It is an unmistakably booming, yet metallic voice. Walking into the room is a large robotic man, with thick blue armor, a silver face with a permanent scowl and a golden crown on his head.)

Goldar: Eh… Who’s that?

Rita: King Mondo. Of the Machine Empire.

Goldar: Why haven’t I heard of him?

Master Vile: He was banished from the United Alliance years ago. He encroaches on other members’ territory. He’s completely ruthless and plays by his own rules.

Lord Zedd: (Growls) Mondo…

(He’s quickly joined by what appear to be his wife and child, a tall, slender, golden woman with a paper fan to her face and a much shorter, carbon copy of Mondo, with a larger head and a big red bowtie.)

Rita: Queen Machina…

Queen Machina: Rita Repulsa. It’s been too long.

Rita: Not long enough.

Queen Machina: You look lovely my dear. You could pass for much younger.

Rita: (Seethes) Why, you…

King Mondo: Zeddy boy. Coming here to beg for help, I see.

Lord Zedd: Excuse me? Lord Zedd begs no one for help. (Turns to Vile) I told you this was a bad idea.

King Mondo: Why Zeddy, no need to be so defensive now. It’s okay to ask for help sometimes, it’s how you learn. (Looks down) Isn’t that right Sprocket?

Sprocket: Right, daddy!

King Mondo: I’d be glad to offer a helping hand. Anything to save an old chum from humiliation.

Lord Zedd: Let us get one thing straight, we are not “chums.” And I do not need anyone’s help.

King Mondo: Is that why you’ve had such a hard time destroying six teenagers?

Goldar: Ha. Shows what you know. There are seven of them.

Lord Zedd: I have the artillery to destroy them myself at any time. I just choose restraint.

King Mondo: You mean the old bucket parked outside?

Lord Zedd: I mean Serpentera: Destroyer of the Otherworld!

(Having enough, Zedd storms for the exit.)

Lord Zedd: Let’s go Rita. It’s time we show the earth and this bucket of bolts what we’re made off.

(Shortly after, on earth…)

Tommy: Everybody clear out!

(In the middle of mayhem, the white ranger commands a group of civilians to ducks incoming fire, barely missing a school full of kids and a few teachers and slamming into the side of a building.)


(Downtown Angel Grove looks to be in mid-apocalypse with the streets damaged and deserted, but for swarms of Tenga Warriors and random monsters. Serpentera looks on ominously from the sky.)

Tommy: Hang tight! I’ll get you somewhere safe.

(Tommy rushes down an empty block. A Tenga Warrior quickly steps in his path otherwise blocked by burning cars. He swiftly pulls out Saba and blasts him with its eye beam. They continue to the end of the block where the road forks into two different directions.)

“There’s two paths!”

“Which do we take?”

(Tommy hesitates briefly, but makes up his mind when Rito appears, growing over the buildings on the right.)

Tommy: We head left. Stay low and move. Move!

(He rushes left with the group, hoping not to be detected. He breathes a sigh of relief as all seems clear, until…)

Goldar: Ahaha! You’re not going anywhere, white ranger!

(Tiny collective gasps are heard behind Tommy as he stops short.)

Goldar: (Pulls out blade) School may be out, but I have one more lesson to teach you kids!

(Without hesitation Goldar charges for the kids, who instinctively brace themselves. A loud explosion sets off right in his path however, taking him down.)

Goldar: Ugh!

“I’ve got you covered, Tommy!”

(Tommy looks up and finds the Crane Ninjazord above him, having fired shots.)

Tommy: Kat! Thank you. You need cover up there?

Katherine: I’m fi--

(She gets cut off. Serpentera fires a beam, instantly destroying the Crane. It erupts into a ball of flame that quickly fizzles, leaving nothing of what used to be there.)


(Distraught, Tommy runs toward what tiny flecks of ash fall from the sky.)

Tommy: Kat!! (Bows head) No… this can’t be…

Goldar: (Looks up) Ahaha. Made you look!


(With his attention shifted, Serpentera drops its massive foot on top of the children…)


(Cut to the command center. As it turns out, Tommy is actually there, not in the streets. He’s wearing goggles that are hooked up to a machine.)

Adam: This virtual reality simulator is amazing, Billy. It really keeps us sharp between battles.

Billy: (Shrugs) It’s the least I could do to aide in the effort.

Adam: Don’t sell yourself short. You’ve done a lot.

Billy: But not nearly enough. Not if my assessments are accurate in terms of their planed scale of attack.

Adam: C’mon. You’ve fortified the command center’s force fields, you’ve tapped the command center to each nation’s emergency alert systems. We reached out to Jason, Zack and Trini and they warned the United Nations.

Billy: But we’re still only seven people. I mean we don’t even have Ninjor anymore.

Alpha: We don’t know that, Billy. I’ve sent him to a place called Aquitar in order to receive special treatment. We hope to have him back at full strength if all goes well.

Billy: …I don’t know.

Adam: We’re also tracking down the Zeo crystals, which is said to be much more powerful than anything we’ve ever seen before.

Zordon: That is correct, Adam. They are formed from the essence of the earth itself, as an evolutionary failsafe against the worst case scenarios.

Billy: Any word on their location?

Zordon: Unfortunately no. That is where it gets perplexing.

Billy: What do you mean?

Alpha: We knew they were in Angel Grove somewhere. Up until very recently when they stopped showing up on energy readings.

Billy: How do you figure that happens?

(Adam and Billy turn to one another with perplexed looks.)

Adam: They didn’t by chance end up in the wrong hands?

Zordon: Unlikely. If Rita and Zedd got their hands on the Zeo crystals we would not be standing here talking about them.

Alpha: They’re still here it seems, but they’ve scattered to different places across the earth within the past few days. It’s as if someone dug them up, then split themselves into six pieces.

Adam: (Shrugs) Or they sold them? …thinking they were actual crystals?

Alpha: (Shrugs) Your theory is as good as mine.

(Alpha turns away to continue to look stuff up on the control panel. Meanwhile, Tommy rips his goggles off, looking rattled.)

Tommy: Man… (Groans) Uh… Think I can try this scenario again? I nearly got it.

Zordon: I believe you have practiced enough, Tommy. I do not want you to overexert yourself or worse, to traumatize yourself with the potentially negative outcomes. It was not why this invention was designed.

Tommy: Just… one more time.

Adam: Hey man, just take a breather. We’ve done the best we could to prepare.

Tommy: Yeah but this isn’t a karate tournament. We can’t be lax on a global invasion. When this thing starts, we need to be on it.

Billy: But obsessing to the point of paralysis is equally unproductive.

Adam: It’s Rocky’s birthday today, Tommy. You gonna come celebrate with us? It would help to take a load off.

Tommy: Man… that’s today?

Adam: Yep. Kat’s throwing a party for him.

Tommy: That girl… she has no quit in her, does she?

Adam: Yeah. She’s something, alright.

Billy: She’s doing a lot of bring us closer together. After she nearly broke us up that is.

Adam: Anyway, you gonna come?

Tommy: (Hesitates) …You guys go on ahead. I’ll catch up with you later. I need to run home and pick up my gift anyway. I might as well just run this scenario one more time.

Adam: …alright. Guess we’ll see you.

Tommy: Alpha, run scenario 12 one more time.

(Meanwhile on the moon, Zedd returns to his home base, kicking down the main door in a huff.)

Baboo: You’re back!! Goody!!

Squatt: What’s for dinner? We haven’t eaten in da--

Lord Zedd: Silence! Get to work, all of you!!

Rita: Ed! My man! How did the meetin-

Rita: (Jumps in) Shh! Don’t ask. He’s in a mood.

Baboo: (Scratches head) I’m guessing we didn’t get the help we need?

Lord Zedd: I need no man’s help. I am Lord Zedd, the rightful ruler of all I see. And I see two nitwits standing before me, not working!!

Baboo: Y-y-yes sir!

Squatt: (Grabs broom) I’m working sir, I’m working!

(Zedd gains only minimal pleasure in ordering his minions about, as the main hall glows a dark red with his fury.)

Lord Zedd: How dare that Mondo show me up?! Why I ought to…

Rita: Sweetie, please don’t get so worked up. Remember what the doctor said about your blood pressure.

Lord Zedd: No… perhaps this is the kick in the grill I need. I’ve gone soft the past year. I’ve lost my edge. But now, things change. On my terms.

Rita: What does that mean?

Lord Zedd: Goldar, charge Serpentera. Our invasion commences once she’s ready.

Goldar: Yes my Lord.

Rita: (Gasps) But we’re not ready.

Lord Zedd: We’re ready when I say we’re ready. In the meanwhile, I need you to contact all of Vile’s old military contacts. I want them here six o clock sharp tomorrow morning for a briefing.

(He again storms off.)

Rita: (Sighs) Okay…

(She walks over to the telephone and pulls out black book to sift through. It rings however before she can make the first call.)

Rita: Um. Hello?

“You have an incoming call from the Lunar City Department of Corrections.”

Rita: (Groans) Baboo, get in here. Your father’s calling!

(Meanwhile back on earth, while the skies remain gloomy the mood remains upbeat inside the Youth Center as the rangers prepare for Rocky’s birthday. The room is brightly decorated as friends from the past and present appear to celebrate. Not everyone is in a chipper mood however…)

Sammy: Can somebody explain to me why I have to keep coming to my old job whenever there’s an event in this stinking town? Is there no other place to hold a party?

Bulk: (Snickers) I guess Chuck e Cheese turned him down.

Skull: Ahahahahahaha. Chuck e Cheese! That’s a good one, Bulky.

(Unamused, Sammy rolls her eyes and walks away. Robbie walks in simultaneously, looking rather sharp compared to his normal grungy attire. He approaches Katherine who is tying up some balloons.)

Katherine: Robbie! So glad you could make it.

Robbie: Thanks.

Katherine: I’m actually surprised you’re here.

Robbie: (Shrugs) Yeah. Well when you people invite me to something each week eventually I’ll show up once.

(He places a bag full of newspapers on the table.)

Katherine: That’s… your gift?

Bulk: (Leans in) I got Rocky a kids’ puzzle. Figured it was age appropriate!

Skull: Ahahahahahahahahahaha!

Katherine: …

Robbie: No. I’m delivering these as a side job. Rent doesn’t pay itself. This guy named Bill Collectors keeps on calling me too. He’s like, obsessed with money. I don’t know who my mom’s been dealing with all these years.

(As Robbie continues, the birthday boy himself is seen by the juice bar sipping on a shake with an occupied look in his eyes. Adam and Billy approach him bearing gifts.)

Adam: Happy birthday, Rocky.

Rocky: Hey. Thanks for making it.

Billy: Seems like you got a big turnout too.

Rocky: Yeah…

Billy: Um. Are you missing something?

Adam: More like… someone.

Rocky: …

Billy: Hillary?

Rocky: (Shrugs) I sent her an invitation. I don’t know that she’ll make it though.

(Just them, a tanned skinned server, shot from the back appears behind them holding a drink as Sammy approaches the bar.)

Server: Here you go.

Sammy: Thanks! How much do I owe you?

Server: Four bucks.

Sammy: Here you go.

(He takes the money and walks away. Giving Sammy an opening to dip her hand in the tip jar.)

Billy: Uh…

Sammy: He’s a cute one, isn’t he?

Adam: Sure…

Server: Here’s your change.

Sammy: Thanks. (Puts money in tip jar) Here’s something for you.

Server: Thanks!

(She smiles, then turns away and leaves.)

Billy: That guy does look awfully familiar though…

Adam: Anyway, whatever happened between you and Hillary, Rocky? You two seemed destined for a solid relationship, then it just ended out of nowhere.

Rocky: I don’t know… We did start strong. Then… the summer happened. It was easy when we got to see each other every day in class. But when the summer started I just didn’t know what to do.

Billy: (Shrugs) …take her out maybe?

Rocky: (Sighs) And where were you the past two months?!

Adam: What did you do?

Rocky: Well I called her. Every other day to be exact. Enough for her to miss me and also give me a day to write up notes what to talk about next time.

Billy: …

Rocky: Robbie also mentioned that girls like Hillary dig drama. So on every second phone call, I’d start a fight with her. To everything from me accusing her of seeing other men to being angry about her picking up after more than three rings. Till eventually, she just stopped picking up period.

Adam: It’s all suddenly starting to come together now.

Billy: Yeah. You might want to think twice before taking dating advice from Robbie.

(Speaking of Robbie…)

Katherine: Do you need any help paying Robbie?

Robbie: Um… it’s fine. Don’t sweat it.

Katherine: Are you sure? Cause I mean…

Robbie: I’m good. Please. Let me handle this. We have (Looks at Bulk and Skull) other major issues worry about. Save that incessant anxiety for my girlfriend.

Katherine: Alright… Isn’t your girlfriend rich? Why can’t she help you?

Robbie: Her type of help isn’t really anything I’m interested in.

(Robbie tilts his head upwards, cuing a flashback to earlier…)

Hannah: (Gasps) I know! We can get married!!

Robbie: Um. I’m not quite ready to settle down yet.

Hannah: I bet you are! Think of it: you’d be talk of the town. All of Angel Grove High would look up to you in amazement. And you’d be an inspiration for men all over El Salvador.

Robbie: …?

Hannah: It is El Salvador, right? Oh, was it that other guy I was seeing…?

(Back to the present time...)

Robbie: Besides, she doesn’t have any money herself. Just her “daddy’s” maxed out credit cards.

Katherine: That’s a shame. (Looks around) Where is she by the way? I thought she’d be here.

Robbie: Said she has “serious business” to attend to so she couldn’t make it. Not sure what that means but she sends her regards. She did pick out my clothes though.

Katherine: Aw. How cute. It’s You’re like her Ken doll…

Bulk: Are you missing your manhood too?

Skull: Ahahahahaha! You’re on a roll today, Bulky!

Robbie: …

“Whose manhood?”

(Just then, Sammy walks in, curiously sipping on her smoothie.)

Sammy: Whatcha talking about?

(Robbie suddenly and almost inexplicably tenses up around Sammy and tries to change the subject.)

Robbie: …n-no one Sam. Don’t worry about it.

Sammy: Oh…

Robbie: So uh… what’s going on with your volleyball, by the way?

Sammy: (Gasps) Glad you asked! You’ll be happy to hear that I was named team captain.

Robbie: Awesome. I’m guessing they saw how dedicated you were?

Sammy: (Shakes head) I answered the league e-mail first.

Robbie: Oh.

(Just then Adam, Rocky and Billy join the group.)

Katherine: Hi everyone. Has anyone seen Tommy and Aisha, by the way? It’s past two already.

Adam: Tommy’s at the command center practicing. (Shrugs) I don’t know where Aisha is.

Katherine: It’s strange. She didn’t come home last night either. She couldn’t be with Tara or anything, she traveled to Turkey on holiday. I hope everything’s okay…

Bulk: (Mutters to self) Maybe Aisha disappeared into fat air.

Skull: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. “Fat air.”

Katherine: I assume you haven’t looked in a mirror lately?


Bulk: Shut it, numbskull.

(Meanwhile at the command center, Tommy is in fact still inside as stated by the others. Alpha and Zordon also continue to work on their preparations for the invasion, checking in on one of their greatest allies.)


(From the viewing globe, Zordon pulls up a somewhat distorted image. An apparently alien woman appears with a distorted, aquatic sounding voice.)

Woman: (Bows) Hello again, Zordon of Eltar.

Zordon: Hello, Delphine of Aquitar. What is your latest updates on Ninjor’s condition?

Delphine: He is currently stable, but in a critical state. We have him in a medically induced coma and we hope to inject him with some of our age reversing treatments. His case is highly advanced however. We’ve never seen anything like it.

Alpha: He was trapped by Master Vile for a really long time. It’s amazing that he survived.

Delphine: He’s a strong willed one. I think I can help him recover to an extent. But I do not recommend that he return to earth under any circumstances. He must stay in Eltar for the sake of his long term health.

Zordon: That is most unfortunate. Especially at this time.

Delphine: (Tilts head) Why?

Zordon: Here on earth, we face an imminent large scale attack from Rita and Lord Zedd.

(Delphine doesn’t respond, but appears concerned.)

Zordon: Ninjor would have provided us with small help, but crucial. Especially if we are unable to locate the Zeo crystals in time.

Delphine: I understand. If there is any support we Aquitians can provide, I would gladly offer you our fleet.

Zordon: Thank you Delphine. Zordon out.


(Tommy suddenly rips the goggles off of his face as if startled by whatever he saw. He then gestures to Alpha to start the program once more. Meanwhile, outside in the cold greying sky, thunder is heard in the distance. Something also appears to be watching the command center from afar. Scouting it through a digital lens.)

Material: Stone
Additional Barriers: Invincible Force Field
Structural Weaknesses: None Apparent
Ideal Strategy: Implosion.

(Back at the Youth Center, Rocky’s birthday party is already well underway with snacks in everybody’s plates and opened presents scattered around a large table. Everybody is seated, chatting amongst themselves.)

Rocky: (Shrugs) I mean technically we never actually broke up. She just stopped answering my calls. So… technically we’re still together?

Adam: (Sighs) Whatever you say, man.

(On the other side, Sammy finds herself seated next to a familiar face, just not familiar to her.)
Angela: Hey.

Sammy: Hey…

Angela: (Points inquisitively) You’re Trini’s little cousin, right?

Sammy: (Suspiciously) …who wants to know?

Angela: (Laughs) I’m Angela. Zack and I are… well we were… we’re pretty close. He asked me to come.

Sammy: Oh! Coolio. How is he?

Angela: Great it seems. He seems to have grown up so much in the past year. Switzerland must’ve done him a world of good. I’m… really looking forward to seeing him again.

Sammy: Good.

Angela: So… how’s Jason? I hear you have your eye on him…

Sammy: Do I…? (Shrugs) We used to talk I guess. Not something I’m really focused on.

Angela: Well I’m sure he’ll be glad to see you in two weeks.

Sammy: One week three days.

Angela: (Laughs) Okay. I stand corrected.

(While on the topic, Sammy turns her head a few people down and calls out to Robbie.)

Sammy: Hey you. You talk to my cousin yet.

Robbie: …Yes.

Sammy: (Gasps) Yay! (Claps giddily) Goody!

(Robbie suddenly starts to look away and becomes visibly uncomfortable again.)

Sammy: So… you guys picking up where you left off when she comes back?

Robbie: I don’t know.

Sammy: Aw come on, of course you will. It’s the big happy ending to your story everyone’s expecting. It’s honestly why anyone bothers to keep reading.

Robbie: We’ll see.

“Hey Rob…”

(Before Sammy can keep pressing, somebody steals his attention away.)

Adam: Any luck on finding a roommate?

Robbie: Nope. Nothing yet.

Billy: Anyone else in your family you might want to turn to?

Robbie: (Shakes head) No. I have a half-brother on my father’s side. I’ve only seen him like twice. He’s huge though. He’s like 6’3”.

Rocky: Wow. Imagine if he were a full brother.

Katherine: How do you manage to stay so positive in the face of everything?

Billy: Yeah. I’ve seen you get down over much less…

(The truth is… Robbie isn’t overly concerned with his housing situation. He’ll try and fix it, but in actuality he’s perfectly content where he is now. For the first time in more than a year, all just feels… right in Robbie’s world. That’s partially due to Hannah, but also in large part to the people surrounding him. His friends. He finally feels like he belongs somewhere again. Like he has a family. Anyone who knows Robbie however should know he’d never admit to this…)

Robbie: (Shrugs) I… just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to Geico?

(Everyone collectively groans as Robbie coyly grins to himself. Meanwhile…)

“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Rocky. Happy birthday to you.”

(The handsome, tan skinned server, still shot from the back brings a lit birthday cake over to Rocky and starts singing. Rocky blows out the candles after everybody follows along. Everyone but Robbie however, who becomes fixated on the server.)

Server: Happy birthday man…

Rocky: Thanks.

Billy: Hey. What’s your name by the way? You look familiar.

Server: Ricky. I’m new here.

(He’s finally shot from the front, revealing a young teen who looks exactly like Richie, Trini’s old flame.)

Katherine: Nice to meet you Ricky. Want some cake?

Ricky: (Removes apron) I’m good thanks. I’m actually getting off now and I have some plans.

(He waves at them, then turns away to leave.)

Rocky: Good guy.

Katherine: Yeah. So Rocky, what did you wish for?

(Just then, Hillary walks in…)

Adam: (Laughs) I think I have an idea.

Rocky: (Smiles) I uh… think it already came true.

(He gazes upon his girlfriend, who looks around the room as if looking for somebody. His heart races as the moment he’s been waiting for all summer finally seems to be happening… until she walks over to Ricky, kisses him, then leaves.)

Rocky: Slut!!!

(Meanwhile, back on the moon…)

Lord Zedd: Finster, make me a batch of Tengas. Enough to fill the whole sky black.

Finster: I-I’m afraid that isn’t possible, sir. They aren’t made of cla--

Lord Zedd: Did I stutter!?

Finster: (Startled) Uh… no sir…

(Elsewhere, Baboo sits sullenly in the break room alone. Rito walks in eventually to get a drink from the vending machine.)

Rito: Hey.

Baboo: (Sighs) Hey…

(It’s clear Baboo is fishing for some engagement, but Rito doesn’t biting.)

Rito: Sure is dark outside, eh?

Baboo: (Sighs louder) Yeah…

Rito: (Relenting groan) Alright. What’s wrong?

Baboo: …Me? Oh nothing. You don’t wanna know.

Rito: (Shrugs) You’re probably right.

(He grabs his drink and tries to head out. Squatt walks in however and blocks his exit.)

Squatt: There you are! Zedd is looking all over for you. He’s not happy.

Baboo: I don’t care… I may not even be here much longer. My father called. He’s getting released from prison tomorrow.

Squatt: That’s great! Isn’t it?

Baboo: He wants me to move in with him.

Squatt: Oh…

Rito: Wait, you have a father?

Baboo: Who do you think I’ve been sending money to each week?

Rito: (Shrugs) I dunno. I thought maybe you had a girlfriend in Russia. It’s none of my business.

Squatt: But wait, you can’t go. We’re on the cusp of an invasion. It’s like, starting any day now.

Rito: Yeah, who else will Squatt stand next to the side and make pointless jokes with?

Baboo: You don’t think I’ve thought about this, Rito? I’ve poured my life into this job… you guys are like family to me. But he’s my father. He is family and I do love him. (Sighs) I don’t know what to do.

Rito: You don’t need to feel bad about leaving. This isn’t a forever job, Baboo.

Baboo: It’s not?

Squatt: (Shrugs) I only took this job out of college to pad the resume.

Rito: I’m only here because I’m not “Denny’s material.”

Squatt: You have a chance to start a real life now. With your family, and a new career.

Rito: I here Denny’s is still hiring.

Squatt: A lot of people would kill to have a shot at a real family, Baboo. Some people’s parents want nothing to do with them, yours wants you in his life. Don’t pass it up for us.

Rito: Besides, we’re not going anywhere. Unless this whole invasion thing backfires and we all die. In that case, just be happy you dodged a bullet.

Baboo: You guys are the best!

(Baboo gets up and hugs both of them merrily. Later in the day and back on earth, Robbie is seen in the park, using a payphone. It’s starting to rain.)


Robbie: Hey beautiful.

Hannah: Eric?

Robbie: Very funny.

Hannah: (Laughs) I’m only kidding. Eric doesn’t call collect. Anyway, how was the party?

Robbie: It wasn’t bad actually. I had a good time. It would have been much better though if you were there.

Hannah: Aw. That’s sweet.

(Just then though, Sammy passes by with a volleyball. He turns his back to her until she’s gone.)

Robbie: Probably good though you didn’t come. You… would’ve been bored.

Hannah: I’m sure. But I’ll be there for you next time. I’ve just been super busy today.

Robbie: What have you been doing?

Hannah: (Shrugs) Nothing…

Robbie: You’re not… actually cheating on me, are you?

Hannah: Don’t be stupid. I actually like you. If you must know, I’m doing something important for somebody important. I can’t give you much more information than that right now.

Robbie: Okay…

Hannah: Anyway, how’s being a paperboy?

Robbie: Crap. I left the papers back at the Youth Center…

Hannah: Robbie… I don’t want you to go homeless. It’s bad enough a girl like me has to drive to the hood to be with you. Now you’re gonna make me drive to a shelter?

Robbie: I mean, It’s only another two blocks.

Hannah: Be serious… I want you to have a home over your head.

Robbie: I know. But as long as we’re together, I’m right where I want to be.

Hannah: (Suspiciously) …You’re not just saying stuff to get in my pants, are you? Cause you can dial it down. Besides it’s not like I’m wearing a chastity belt here.

Robbie: No, I mean it.

Hannah: Aw… You’re the sweetest, babe. (Gasps) Does that mean you’ll reconsider getting married?!

Robbie: Goodbye, Hannah.

(He hangs up and walks out. Unbeknownst to him, however, he doesn’t alone…)

Race: Human
Gender: Male
Power Levels: Moderate to low risk.
Risk Assessment: Vulnerable

(Despite being caught in the rain without an umbrella, Robbie wears a smile on his face. His relationship with Hannah seems to be doing wonders for his overall sense of wellbeing. Since as far back as him crashing into a tree with her during a Driver’s Ed course, she’s slowly helped open him up more to friends he saw more as background characters to his once perpetual plight.)

“(Sniffs) …”

(And then there’s Aisha. Sitting on a parch bench alone in the rain. Sobbing.)

Robbie: …

(Back at the command center. A frustrated Tommy rips off his goggles one last time.)

Tommy: Man! (Groans) One more time, Alpha. Please.

Zordon: No Tommy. I believe you have had enough.

Tommy: Just one more time. I know I can get this.

Zordon: Tommy, the purpose of these scenarios is not to learn to succeed in all scenarios. Some scenarios are not meant to have a successful outcome.

Tommy: What?

Zordon: Part of being a ranger means having to deal with the potential for loss. You will not always succeed. And in a large scale attack that Rita and Zedd have been planning, heavy casualties will be inevitable. We can only do our best to minimize the damage while stopping the threat.

Tommy: …No. No, there’s always a way. I haven’t had any casualties under my watch. It won’t start now.

Zordon: Tommy, listen to me.

(Hesitantly, he puts the goggles down and moves closer to Zordon.)

Zordon: You have made a fine leader. I have had the honor of watching you grow and learn from your mistakes. I feel much more comfortable with the team in your hands now than I would have a year ago, but that does not mean there will not be losses you will have to deal with. Jason had to deal with losses during Rita’s final strike as well as when you lost your powers. He was a fine leader too, but the losses got to him. I do not want the same to happen to you too.

Tommy: …

Zordon: Losses are inevitable in this role Tommy. You must come to terms with that. Sometimes you will not be able to save civilians. Sometimes, you may not be able to save your teammates.

“There you are.”

(Katherine appears behind him.)

Tommy: …Kat.

(Seeing Kat reminds Tommy of his failed scenario. And as Zordon predicted the feelings of intense guilt rush back. As if it were all real.)

Katherine: I’ve been looking all over for you. Rocky’s party ended, Tommy. He was wondering where his leader was.

Tommy: He was?

Katherine: …not really. He was more worried about a girl.

Tommy: (Snickers) Sounds about right.

Katherine: But I was…

(While touched by the thought, Tommy takes pause. Almost as if trying to separate himself from getting too close. Just then however, the alarms blare.)

Tommy: What’s going on?

Alpha: Aye, ya, yai!

Zordon: I am sensing a disturbance in the park.

Katherine: Is it the Tengas?

Zordon: I do not think so, Katherine. Behold the viewing globe.

(They turn to the viewing globe to witness a shot of the park. Right before that however, Robbie uncomfortably walks up to Aisha as he considers passing her by in the rain.)

Robbie: Hey.

Aisha: (Sobbing) …

Robbie: Hey!

(She looks up to him.)

Robbie: I see your butt crack.

(She rolls her eyes angrily and turns away.)

Robbie: Aw, come on. What’s going on?

(She ignores him as he sits beside her.)

Robbie: You… alright? You… want a soda?

Aisha: Go away.

Robbie: (Annoyed) Fine. Be that way.

(He gets up and starts walking away, but he stops before long. He sighs, then sits back down on the wet bench.)

Robbie: No. Tell me what’s wrong. I want to know.

Aisha: My parents kicked me out, okay?

Robbie: What?! Why?!

Aisha: What do you think?

(It only takes him a few seconds to put the pieces together…)

Robbie: Tara…

Aisha: I told them… (Sniffs) My dad has been bugging me about “finding a nice guy” (Sniffs) And I told him.

Robbie: …

Aisha: For seventeen years I grew up thinking I had this perfect family. I had a perfect life. But I knew I was lying to myself. And to them. But I didn’t want to be the one to ruin that mirage. I just wanted things to be perfect.

Robbie: …

Aisha: They just kicked me out. Like I was some stranger who snuck into their house. Like I’m not family anymore.

(Not being able to truly know what she’s experiencing, Robbie does manage to connect to the feeling of abandonment. It’s something he knows pretty well.)

Robbie: Man… I’m sorry Aisha.

Aisha: No you’re not. What do you care?

Robbie: Uh… I guess… I know what it feels like not having a home. Your family bailing on you…

Aisha: (Rolls eyes) Your mother snapped and walked out because of her own demons. Your father died a war hero. Mine kicked me out because they think there’s something wrong with me. To them I’m broken.

Robbie: …

Aisha: I’m the daughter of a pastor. There was a standard to meet. And I had met that standard my whole life. I was a straight-A student, championship martial artist. I was a coir girl for crying out loud. Yet all my life I heard this voice inside my head telling me I’m different. I felt miserable trying to hide it. I felt even worse for keeping that from them. Like… I was deceiving them.

(At this point, Robbie thinks it’s best to just say nothing and just let her speak. She continues…)

Aisha: You know what my mother said when I finally told her? “I don't know what we could have done for God to have given us a fag as a child.”

Robbie: Wow.

Aisha: And then… my dad insisted I was just confused. He asked “why would I do this to him.” I cried, and told him this isn’t about him. It’s isn’t about either of them. But he packed my bags and told me to leave.

Robbie: Man… Does… Tara know about this?

Aisha: (Shakes head) I have no intention of ruining her family vacation.

(Robbie looks at her strangely, as if it were a no brainer to tell her about this. Then he remembers that a week ago he didn’t tell Hannah about his mother walking out. He doesn’t give it much more thought however as something else bothers him…)

Robbie: Wait… isn’t Katherine living with you? She has no idea what happened.

Aisha: They’re probably just waiting to tell her she needs to leave too. Probably think we’re lovers or something. Cause now I love every woman in every room. I’m not sure what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna feel miserable dragging her into my mess.

(Robbie then pauses, and thinks long and hard about what he’s about to say next. Logically, the solution is obvious, but it takes some mental coaxing to get the words out.)

Robbie: Would you… want to come live with me? At least until you figure something out?

Aisha: What!?

Robbie: I know we’re not exactly best friends. But… you kind of don’t have many options. Neither do I. I’m… sort of facing eviction. My mom was barely paying rent as it was, and I just lost my job. I have until the end of the month to either pay or vacate. And by me, I mean legally “my mom.”

Aisha: …

Robbie: Besides, if it means helping out a friend in her time of need, I’m willing to do what I need to.

(With rain pouring down her face, Aisha looks up at him curiously.)

Aisha: …Friend?

Robbie: I really don’t want Katherine kicked out on the streets.

(Aisha abruptly bursts out into unexpected laughter.)

Aisha: You’re a jerk. But… thanks Robbie. We can check it out, I guess.

Robbie: Cool. Let’s go.

(They start to get up together, but just then, Robbie’s communicator rings.)

Robbie: (Raises eyebrow) …Yeah?

Tommy: Robbie… look ou--

(The get grabbed by what feels like vice grips. They both manage to swat the arms away and push themselves off the bench to get a view of what grabbed them.)

Aisha: What are these things?

(Aisha and Robbie stare back at a pack of silver, steel beings staring back at them through their lifeless, gold plated faces. They emit a metallic noise.)

Robbie: Look like robots.

Aisha: Zedd makes robots now?

Robbie: If Zedd made them, they must blow up somehow.

(Robbie bullishly lunges forward to land a blow of the abdomen of the enemy in front of him. He only hurts his fist however as grimaces in pain.)


(That enemy kicks him, sending him flying away. The others instantly swarm Aisha. She swings defensively in front of her but misses. She turns behind her to land a stomp but only catapults herself backwards. The enemy that is now behind her slams his arms together with her head in between. Smashing her in steel. She flops to the ground weakly. Robbie tries to get up after her, but another enemy rushes over and pins him down with its boot.)

Robbie: Ugh… get off!!!

(Thankfully, the other rangers appear from the skies, already in Ninja Ranger costumes. Tommy rushes in and shoves off the enemy pinning down Robbie. He gasps for air as he’s helped up.)

Robbie: (Pants) These guys are strong. Like nothing I’ve ever seen. I’m gonna morph…

Tommy: No, watch Aisha for now. We’ve got you covered.

(They leap into action as Robbie shakes his head worriedly.)

Robbie: I’m not sure you do…

(Tommy leaps in between three robots. He pulls a spinning heel kick that misses in front. He does however land swift kicks to the gut and to his left but it barely pushes his them back.)

Tommy: Huh?

(He’s drilled in the face with a stiff steel punch. It sends him spinning in midair several times before he hits the ground, wounded. Elsewhere, Kat lunges forward toward three opponents of her own. She swats a kick in front of her and a punch to her right, but meets a steel boot to her chest that nearly caves her in. She collapses, struggling for air.)

Katherine: (Gasps) …

(Adam trades blocks with a single enemy. He has a brief opening to land a blow, but his fist gets caught. The robot contracts his hand, mercilessly causing Adam to cry in agony as his bones starts to crunch.)


(Billy rushes in and knocks the enemy back before further damage is done.)

Billy: Adam. Are you okay?

Adam: (Shakes hand) I’m… I think so…

(The enemy quickly recovers however, then lifts the gold plating on its face revealing laser cannons from its eyes. It fires two shots at Billy and Adam that hits dead on. Meanwhile, as he hovers over a wounded Aisha, Robbie looks on, deciding to take action.)

Robbie: You guys, retreat! Now!

(Slowly, everybody staggers toward him. Each of them feeling the effects of this battle.)

Billy: These guys are unreal. We can’t make a dent on them.

Katherine: What do we do?

Tommy: We head back to the command center.


Adam: Wait. We can’t just run away. What if they head into town? I say we morph. Maybe even use metallic armor.

Tommy: …

Billy: Doesn’t that pull from the Ninja powers? How does Ninjor being out affect our ability to morph?

Adam: I don’t know. But we don’t have a choice right now.

Robbie: (To Aisha) You able to get up?

Aisha: (Rubbing head) Yeah. Just a splitting headache.

Tommy: Alright. Let’s do it. It’s morphin time!

(But… nothing happens.)

Rocky: What?

Tommy: It’s morphin time!!!

Robbie: It’s morphin time!

Katherine: I don’t understand. What’s going on?

Billy: I think I just figured out how Ninjor being out affects us.

Aisha: What do we do? We don’t stand a chance against these guys.

“Scouting completed. Mission is accomplished. Retreat. Retreat.”

(The just like that, they vanish. Confounding the rangers.)

Adam: What…?

Robbie: They had us on the ropes. Then they leave?

Tommy: Somethings not right here. (Reaches for communicators) Zordon, come in. Any idea what just happened? Who were those guys?

Zordon: I do not have enough information at this time to tell you.

Billy: Do you know why we couldn’t morph just now? Does it have anything to do with Ninjor.

Zordon: Yes, Billy. As his condition worsens, his ties to the morphing grid weaken. In turn the Ninja powers will weaken as well.

Tommy: Don’t think you could have given us a heads out before sending us out?

Zordon: I was unaware to what extent your powers would be limited.

Aisha: Maybe… maybe that’s why we had such a hard time with these guys? Cause we were weakened?

Zordon: Unlikely. I had Alpha run energy readings on those enemies. They match nothing that we have previously encountered.

(A defeated silence overtakes the team.)

Tommy: What do we do now?

Zordon: Their readings have dropped off. They are gone, Tommy. All we can do now is to try and return to normal.

Tommy: (Sighs) …easier said than done.

Zordon: I will inform you of any changes. Our only hope in both short and long term is that Ninjor recovers and that we find the Zeo crystals. The latter of which is the only energy source that surpasses what you just faced.

Katherine: Not sure how we just “go back to normal” though. Not after that. I’m more worried than ever now.

Billy: Have we really done enough to prepare for this invasion?

Adam: If this is Zedd, he’s really outdoing himself. I don’t want to know what else he’s got up his sleeve.

(Meanwhile back on the moon, Lord Zedd, licks his chops by the balcony in excitement and anticipation for his next steps. Everyone else however, seems preoccupied. They’re all by the back saying goodbye to Baboo, who has his bags packed.)

Rita: We hate to see you go, Baboo. Where are you and your father gonna live, anyway?

Baboo: We found a nice cheap apartment on the dark side on the moon.

Rito: (Scratches head) Oh… nice. Isn’t that area a little sketchy though?

Rita: (Leans in) I bet the moon isn’t the only thing that’s dark down there.

Baboo: Well anyway, I should get going. Goodbye everyone.

Rita: (Waves) Bye! Thanks for everything, Baboo.

Goldar: (Waves) Take care.

Squatt: (Waves) Call me when you’re home.

Baboo: I will.

(Then just like that he leaves everybody behind to start his new life with his family.)

Squatt: He’ll sure be missed.

(Zedd joins in.)

Rita: Where have you been, Zedd? Baboo just left.

Lord Zedd: Huh? Which one is he? (Shakes head) You know what, it doesn’t matter. We’re all set with our forces. We just need Serpentera. Goldar, where is she at?

Goldar: Only at 12%, my lord.

Lord Zedd: Blast it. (Groans) You know what? It should be good enough. We’re starting our invasion today…

Rita: What?! Are you serious?

Master Vile: That thing will barely make the trip to earth at 12%. Don’t be so petulant, Zedd. Mondo may have hurt your feelings, but we only have one shot at thi--

Lord Zedd: I only need one shot, Vile.

(Not willing to listen anymore he storms back toward the balcony, but he continues.)

Lord Zedd: And as for Mondo, he and the rangers will learn a lesson they won’t soon forget. When I land Serpentera on earth and blast it to smithereens with the push of a single button, there will be no mistake that I am Lord Zedd: Emperor of all that I see and the true ruler of da--

(He’s cut off. A deafening explosion sets off in front of him, engulfing Lord Zedd in a ball of flames. Later in the day, the rangers try to slowly return to reality after a shocking loss to whatever it is they fought. Most of them are at the Youth Center. Tommy is alone at the barstools while Rocky, Billy Adam and Katherine seated in the dining area.)

Ricky: Here you go, boss. That’ll be five fifty.

(Tommy pulls out wallet to pay him, but he can’t stop staring at Ricky oddly.)

Ricky: You okay? Was there something wrong with the service today?

Tommy: Uh… no. You just… look like someone I used to know.

Ricky: Oh! You mean Richie? I get that a lot. He’s my brother. God rest his soul.

Tommy: …

Ricky: I just moved to Angel Grove High myself this upcoming semester. Let’s hope my luck turns out better than his.

Tommy: Yeah… I would sure hope so…

(As Tommy pays Ricky, Rocky eyes him down. Kat however seems more concerned with Tommy. She excuses herself and walks up to him.)

Katherine: You know you can join us at any time.

Tommy: Huh?

(He turns around.)

Tommy: Oh, uh. I… didn’t see you guys.

Katherine: We walked in together.

Tommy: …

Katherine: Is something wrong, Tommy?

(Zordon’s talk earlier really got to him, and not in a positive way. It wasn’t until he experienced loss in a simulation that he even fathomed it to be truly possible. The convincing defeat today only reinforced the new fear. But this is not something Tommy wants to share with people that rely on him.)

Tommy: No. I just… had a long day.

Katherine: Not used to losing a battle? I know. It’s alright. We’ll be ready for those machines next time.

Tommy: Yeah…

Katherine: Why don’t you come join us?

Tommy: (Exhales) Alright.

(After gets up after some convincing and joins the others. Meanwhile, in the industrial district…)

Robbie: Welcome to my humble abode.

(Robbie opens the door to his apartment, letting Aisha in. Both of them soaking wet from walking in the rain.)

Aisha: Fancy.

Robbie: I have some aspirin in the medicine cabinet. If you need to just take a nap, just use my mom’s old room. Just… push the needles off the bed.

Aisha: Great…

Robbie: There’s uh… something I should tell you first... I should probably get off my chest.

Aisha: Oh God. You’re not gay too, are you?

Robbie: (Snickers) No. I just… feel I owe you an apology.

Aisha: …

Robbie: I was needlessly cruel towards you this past year. It was never anything personal really. I was mostly… just upset at the change that happened when you came in. (Shrugs) I was also upset at who you replaced. It just… sort of took a life of its own after that. But you never actually deserved any of my abuse. So I’m sorry.

Aisha: No, I didn’t. (Nods) But thanks, Robbie. I appreciate that. I guess I’m… sorry too. I wasn’t more understanding about why you were so angry.

Robbie: (Shakes head) You have no reason to apologize. (Picks up phone) But there is one thing that I ask of you?

(He walks up to her carrying his phone in his hand.)

Robbie: Call Tara.

Aisha: …what?

Robbie: My biggest mistake was not telling Hannah what I was going through with my mom. I don’t know if it was pride, envy at her seemingly perfect life, embarrassment or just feeing like she won’t care. But it was stupid. She obviously cares and she dropped everything to comfort me.

Aisha: …

Robbie: You’ll be surprised how much better you’ll feel after opening up. It really changed my life. And if Tara cares for you like I think she does, I don’t think she’d mind you ruining a silly vacation.

(Aisha doesn’t respond to him. But after a brief pause she takes the phone out of his hand and starts dialing. After another brief pause, she hears an answer.)

Aisha: Hi… May I… speak to Tara please?

(Robbie walks as she starts talking to give her some privacy. He walks into his room where he starts changing out of his wet clothing. That’s when he spots something on the dresser table. A small white envelope. He opens it and finds a check inside. There’s also a note.)

“To somebody important
- H”

(Robbie’s stunned at the amount of money he finds inside the envelope. “She obviously cares” runs through his head over and over again as he counts it. Something then doesn’t sit right in his head as he wonders where on earth she’d find this much money…)

“Oh my god, Tara…”

(He doesn’t have much time however to focus on that as he hears Aisha from the other room. He rushes out to see a worried look in her eyes as she continues her phone conversation.)

Aisha: They didn’t… they kicked you out too?! (Puts hand over head) Tara… I’m so… so… sorry. I guess… it wasn’t just an impromptu vacation then…

(Not knowing for sure what’s going on, though Robbie sighs, having put the pieces together.)

Aisha: No. Please. Don’t worry about me. It’s fine. I’m fine. I… (Looks up to Robbie) I have a place to stay for now at least. Where are you gonna go when you come back?

(She pauses briefly. Then, her face grows glum.)

Aisha: You’re not coming home then? I... see.

Robbie: …

Aisha: I know. It’ll be rough here too. (Extended pause) I… can’t do that. I’d love to, but… I can’t. I have my whole life here. I’m… I have school and friends and… other important things. I can’t just drop it all. Tara… I’m so sorry. (Pause.) Okay… I’ll talk to you soon. Love you too.

(She slowly puts the phone down, the looks as if she is going to collapse. Robbie awkwardly opens his arms up to offer a hug, which she takes. She falls into him, completely distraught. Robbie zones out briefly as he stares at nothing in particular. Then out of nowhere, he speaks up…)

Robbie: You should go to her.

Aisha: (Sniffs) What?

Robbie: Yeah, I lied before. My biggest mistake… was not doing enough to save my most important relationships. I lost everyone that mattered to me to this point. And each time I had the opportunity to save it, but I just never acted. And then I hate myself for not acting.

Aisha: …

Robbie: You need to be with her right now. If she’s the one for you, if she’s worth the heartache you’re going through now. Then you need to go there. Take it from me.

Aisha: What about… being a ranger?

Robbie: Please. Screw that.

Aisha: But… we could be invaded at any moment.

Robbie: If you’re the difference between life and death we’re in big trouble.

Aisha: What will you do without a roommate?

Robbie: I’ll be fine. Will you be fine if you stay here?

(Aisha doesn’t respond, and instead just stares away. We fade to a few days later…)

“In other news, a local teen literally can’t even. We’ll have more on that after the break.”

(As the news airs in the background, we pick up at Ernie’s Gym and Juice Bar. Things seem to be slipping back to normal for the most part. Tommy seems to still be practicing, but only by sparring with Adam. Meanwhile Rocky and Katherine are by the barstools idly chatting.)

Rocky: The puzzle said 2-4 years, but I finished it in a week.

Katherine: Great. …good job, Rocky. Glad you enjoyed Bulk’s gift.

(From out of the corner, Billy is seen walking in with a smile on his face. Tommy and Adam spot him and stop what they’re doing to walk over. Adam is sporting a conspicuous bandage over his fist.)

Adam: (Wipes self) What’s up? Any word on Aisha?

Billy: Her plane just landed in Istanbul. She’s safe and sound.

Katherine: Oh that’s fantastic news. I’m so happy for her and her new life.

Tommy: Me too.

(Before things get to jovial however, Tommy’s communicator rings. As usual, the rangers abruptly change gears and with urgency, they each get up and rush to the hallway.)

Tommy: We read you.

Robbie: Tommy. Meet me at the command center. Right now.

(The teens appear confused by the call.)

Tommy: Is… everything okay?

Robbie: I’ll explain when you’re here. It’s imperative.

(He disconnects. Further confounding his colleagues. The teen’s teleport to the command center where Robbie is already there, pacing back and forth.)

Katherine: Robbie…

(Having no time for a buildup, Robbie just comes out with it…)

Robbie: I found the Zeo crystals!

Billy: What?!

Tommy: How?!

(Robbie reaches into his back pocket and pulls out several sheets of paper.)

Robbie: I mean, I don’t have them in my hand. But I know where they are. With these. Shipping receipts. Hannah’s shipping receipts.

Billy: What?

Adam: Hannah bought the Zeo crystals?

Rocky: I’m confused.

Robbie: Hannah found the Zeo crystals during a driving class she and I took once. We crashed into a tree and right underneath the car were these crystals she found. She thought they were huge diamonds and sold them online. She gave me an envelope full of money and I started asking questions.

Billy: Wait, why is Hannah handing you money?

Rocky: Yeah, shouldn’t it be the other way around?

Robbie: I don’t think you’re listening: We know where the ultimate power is. We can defeat Lord Zedd’s army. We can save the earth in the final battle!

Tommy: That’s all I need to hear. Good catch, Rob. What do we need to do?

(Robbie starts passing around the papers while handing out instructions.)

Robbie: There’s six of them, all around the world. Luckily there’s six of us. We’re gonna need to split up and act fast. If Zedd knows what we’re up to he could launch his attack prematurely.

(Just then however, the alarms sound.)

Zordon: I’m afraid you spoke too soon. Behold the viewing globe.

(They slowly make their way toward the viewing globe, though not really wanting to see what’s going on. The looks on their faces turn to complete horror and utter defeat.)

Katherine: Oh... my god.

Tommy: They’re… everywhere…

Katherine: It's worse than I could have imagined...

(Their hearts collectively sink as they look on helplessly. The skies darken with enemies incoming. Suddenly the weight of what they're up against presses down on the team and paralyzes them. This is an army that threatens not just them, but everything and everyone they love and stand for...)

Bulk: …

Skull: …

(At the park, patrolling in full uniform, Bulk and Skull look up at the sky, paralyzed with awe.)

Sammy: …quick, hand me the ball. Time to go.

(Further down along the volleyball court. Sammy has the wherewithal to run, although no idea where to run too.)

Lindsay: And I was like if you’re anorexic, you’re doing it wrong.

Hillary: Hahaha. That is so funny!

Hannah: You guys… what’s that sound?!

(Even the uptown posh neighborhood isn’t safe.)

Adam: What do we do?

Zordon: I am afraid there is nothing we can do, Adam.

(The image switches back to the Youth Center, where Ernie’s beloved establishment crumbles easily as everyone scrambles for the exit.)

Ernie: Everybody remain calm!

Katherine: My god. Ernie…

Robbie: And that’s not all.

Billy: (Points) They’re in New York…

Adam: And DC…

Rocky: And in London.

Katherine: They’re everywhere, Zordon. B-but we’re just six people, Zordon. What can we do to stop them?

Zordon: At this point, there is nothing we can do as is that will make a dent.

Tommy: So we do nothing? No, I'm buying it. There has to be something we can do…

Robbie: Are you blind?! All of our preparations, all of our work... it's a drop in the bucket against that. Face it, (sighs) we're dead.

Zordon: Not exactly. Alpha. Resort to Plan B.

Alpha: Yes Zordon.

(Eerily calm, Alpha walks over to the control panel and begins pushing buttons.)

Tommy: What? What is that?

Billy: There's a "Plan B?"

Robbie: What’s “Plan B?”


“On behalf of the Global Outreach Program, and on behalf of my colleagues that travelled across the world to take part in this journey. I thank all of you, from the bottom of my heart for the opportunity of a lifetime and a chance to affect global change.”

(Elsewhere, in a classy, upscale venue, a familiar face addresses a room full of diplomats, public officials and global media.)

Zack: In this past year alone, we have negotiated a cease fire between Israel and Palestine in an ongoing quest to find peace in the Middle East. We have also worked tirelessly with our allies to one day, meet the once thought to be unattainable goal of making sure that no child on this planet of ours, regardless of race, creed, religion or nationality, go to bed hungry. And we have, most importantly put forth to the UN, an environmental plan that will not only protect this great planet of ours, but make sure that child has a planet to live on!

(The room breaks out in enthusiastic applause of the accomplishments of the Global Outreach Program. They hang onto every word that Zack passionately speaks. Within said crowd, two other familiar friends are seen rooting him on…)

Trini: (Clapping) He really is an amazing speaker.

Jason: (Clapping) Yeah. With the work he put into this speech? He better sound like the black JFK.

(Trini laughs as Zack continues.)

Zack: I could have never imagined, that I personally would play even a small role in any of this. I’m just a regular teen, from modest means. My mother, a nanny, my father, an assistant principle. His fathers, father, an indentured servant from Georgia. He could have never dreamed, that a Taylor would ever see such an opportunity. But that’s how it works: with every generation, we move just a little bit closer, we make a little more progress. But this progress doesn’t just come automatically. It is not something to be taken for granted. It comes with hard work and persistence that comes from exceptional people, all over the world – coming together to stand united.

(The applause is now even stronger. Many in the room including Jason and Trini stand up for an extended standing ovation. Eventually, Zack gestures the room to quiet down, so that he may continue…)

Jason: (Whispers) You know he’s been talking to Angela again?

Trini: Yeah? That doesn’t surprise me.

Jason: What does surprise me is that he doesn’t have a taxi parked outside to take him to the airport.

Trini: (Laughs) He might. You never know with the Zack man.

Jason: Right you never know.

(Jason then pauses before continuing.)

Jason: Something tells me he isn’t the only one that has someone waiting for them in Angel Grove.

(It takes a second, but a huge beam comes over her face that turns her bright red.)

Trini: Yeah… I guess not.

Jason: What’s gonna happen with that when you get back?

(Anxiously, Trini twittles her fingers.)

Trini: I don’t know. I’ll have to put him in the dog house for taking so long to respond to my calls and letters. But… I’m open to picking up where we left off after that.

(Her eyes then wander to the skies as she continues to twittle her fingers. Amid Zack’s speech a thunderous roar is heard outside. Zack powers through it, but it catches the attention of his colleges.)

Trini: You hear that?

Jason: It’s… not supposed to rain…

Zack: But keep in mind, in our final address, that there are those out there, with less than pure intentions. They feast on these divisions. Tyranny thrives under dis-unity. There is great evil on… and off this earth… that wish nothing more than to deal harm to us, to break us, so that they may one day rule us.

Jason: That one’s courtesy of the guys back home.

Zack: This is not a call to arms. But a call to action. My fellow humans, if we are to one day reach the nirvana of a perfect world, then we must set aside minor differences, work with our allies and stand as one. Against the evils of this world.

(Zack gets another applause, however this time the roaring cannot be ignored as it grows louder and louder. It becomes apparent to them that this is not just a simple storm. The water in Jason’s glass begins to shake, forcing his previously hidden right hand to reach out and grabs it.)

Trini: What is going on?

(Then what no one expects happens, Jason’s old communicator, which he has on his right hand as a memento, rings.)

Jason: …

Trini: (Gasps) …

Zack: This is not an eastern world, a western world we are THE WORLD. And if we stick together like the family we are we can conquer any…

(A loud crash is heard. The roof collapses just above where Zack stands…)

Trini: (Gasps) Oh no!

Jason: ZACK!

To Be Continued.

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Wow Bulk can actually zing them

Bye bye Aisha.

Very keen for the nail biting conclusion (y)
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Glad you liked it. Bulk was on a roll today lol.
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I hope you all enjoyed the last chapter for those who have read!

I should have the next one up by next week. I was hoping for this week, but that doesn't seem to be possible. This chapter, wile shorter than the last two, is stuffed with more content and descriptions. It looks to be a heavy one too so I want to make sure its done right. See you all in a week!
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Season 4 - Episode 3: The Mutiny Part 4; Leaving Earth

(Somewhere, in a large, brightly lit room, a general in full uniform barges through a set of large doors. He has a note pad carried in his arms and a look of urgency in his step. He stops before a busy looking council who sits behind a large red oak table, elevated above the ground. An assistant interrupts...)

Assistant: General Smith. Have you an appointment to speak to the Security Council?

General: There’s no time for that. This is important.

Assistant: I’m sorry, but you must…

(He pushes past her and waves to get the council’s attention.)

General: They’re here!

UK Councilwoman: I beg your pardon?

General: We have a distress signal coming in from Zordon. They’re here. An attack on the UN is imminent.

(Gasps and murmurs fill the room.)

US Councilman: What? Zordon? Are you sure?

General: Positive.

Chinese Councilman: I-I thought we had more time. We’re not prepared.

French Councilwoman: The Russians were holding out. They wanted more Intel before they agreed to work with anybody. With the resources that were being asked I was inclined to agree.

General: You want Intel? Turn on the news. The reports are unlike anything we’ve seen. Whole cities are going dark. We’ve already lost contact with Washington. You can’t even see the snow in Moscow anymore. Tell the Russians to look out a window.

(The room fills with a loud silence. Eventually, a shaken voice speaks up again…)

French Councilwoman: What do we do?

General: (Exhales) The only thing we can do. We fight, or we die.

(Suddenly, what sounds like rolling thunder is heard outside the building. No sign of rain is seen through the glass walls. The sky the quickly goes dark. Before anyone can react, a massive laser beam rips through the center of the room. Meanwhile, on the other side of the room, Zack, the former black ranger speaks to an audience of dignitaries with Jason and Trini.)

Zack: This is not an eastern world, a western world we are THE WORLD. And if we stick together like the family we are we can conquer any…

(The beam reaches the room as the roof collapses right above Zack.)

Trini: (Gasps) Oh no!

Jason: ZACK!

(Meanwhile at the commend center, Alpha reaches a dead signal, being unable to make contact with Zordon’s “backup plan.”)

Alpha: No answer, Zordon. Connection seems to have been suddenly disconnected.

Zordon: Please try again, Alpha.

(While the rangers stare blankly at the viewing globe Alpha continues to tinker. He’s still met with a busy signal.)

Alpha: Nothing.

Zordon: That is most unfortunate.

Katherine: My god. The whole world is under attack…

Billy: This is… unimaginable.

(The teens continue to look on, overwhelmed by the images of madness and wanton destruction that they couldn’t possibly contain on their own. The images are incomprehensible as there is too much to even make sense of it.

Tommy: Oh no...

(Tommy, however, finds something to focus on – a little boy who appears from the bottom of the screen.)

Tommy: …

(Obviously separated from his parents, the boy wanders into frame. A panicked look in his eyes, yet he’s eerily calm, almost as if he doesn’t belong in the same scene where the roads are destroyed and buildings are buring around him. Tommy fixates on him however, thinking about the simulation he practiced earlier. He remembers the lecture Zordon gave him after, about the inevitability of heavy causalities that he cannot control. It’s a concept Tommy continues to struggle to comprehend as the boy wander off frame.)

Adam: What do we do, Zordon? How can we even begin to fix this?

Zordon: Sadly I cannot just make up a device that make all of this go away. But the sheets of papers you hold in your hands offer the brightest pathway forward.

(They look at the shipping receipts Robbie passed around just moments ago.)

Zordon: If they were indeed shipped across the world, and this would support Alpha’s readings, then we must immediately split up and stop at nothing to find them.

Rocky: What?

Katherine: Split up?

Adam: You mean… (Turn away from viewing globe) leave Angel Grove?

(Suddenly, Tommy has the urge to speak up. But unsure of what argument exactly.)

Tommy: I… What? You see this Zordon? We have to stay here and fight.

Zordon: It is a fight you cannot win, Tommy. Not without help.

Alpha: You don’t even have your powers, Tommy. Not in the state Ninjor currently is.

Tommy: (Sighs) …right.

Zordon: There is a solution in locating the Zeo crystals. Combining them in a predetermined location is believed to set off a purge that destroys all evil present. As they are formed of the earth's elements, it is believed to be the planet's failsafe. This may be your only hope.

Alpha: The faster we get them, the faster we can possibly end this.

Zordon: I must warn you that this quest is not an easy one. This requires traveling all around the world, without your powers, and alone at a time when the entire world is under attack. Whomever is the culprit is most likely on the lookout for rangers. Teleporting to your destination means instantly giving away your location and possibly your motives. You mustn’t, by any means allow the Zeo crystals to fall into the wrong hands.

(The teens start to unglue themselves from the viewing globe, and start to face Zordon.)

Zordon: I cannot force any of you to go on this mission, especially since there is no guarantee it will even succeed should all go to plan. If you choose, you may return home. And be with your loved ones in what may be your last opportunity to do so. I would not fault any of you.

(There is then a pause. Though, not a long one.)

Tommy: ...

Rocky: (Steps forward) I’m in.

Katherine: Me too.

Billy: Affirmative.

Adam: Yeah. I didn’t sign up to be a ranger for the money.

Robbie: And I don’t have much of a home to go back to. Most my loved ones… are here. I’ll gladly die alongside of you.

(While attempting to be inspirational, Robbie’s words do not land well with Tommy, who stares off despairingly.)

Katherine: Tommy, you in?

Tommy: Uh… Yeah. Of course.

Billy: (Turns to Alpha and Zordon) Will you guys be okay?

Zordon: We will be fine. Alpha and I always have back up plans. We will attempt to communicate with and organize military leaders to hold the fort around the world and to buy each of you time. We will also assure that in the meanwhile, the command center continues to stand. If found, we will be a prime target.

Billy: (raises eyebrow) …that isn’t quite reassuring.

Zordon: We will be fine, Billy. Have faith in us, as the world has faith in you all.

Billy: Okay…

Robbie: Alright. Let’s go guys.

(Without much as a wave goodbye, but with some hesitation, the rangers turn to leave.)

Zordon: Good luck rangers. And more than ever, may the power protect you.

(The rangers slowly walk out of the command center and find themselves outside in the desert. They stoically walk down the rocky hill their home base sits atop, black smoke and fire seen in the distance.)

Robbie: (Looks forward) …

Tommy: (Looks to the ground) …

Billy: (Looks back at the command center) …

Katherine: (Looks at Tommy) …

(The rangers march on silently. But as time goes by thoughts start creeping into each of their mind. The smell of burning metal is getting stronger as they inch closer to the city. Eventually, Katherine slows herself down to walk side by side with Tommy, who has let himself trail behind.)

Tommy: …

Katherine: Is everything alright?

Tommy: Huh? Oh… yeah.

Katherine: Its rough watching the whole world burn, isn’t it?

Tommy: Tell me about it.

Katherine: Are you having doubts about this?

(He pauses, then shakes his head.)

Katherine: You shake your head but your body language screams otherwise. Is there… something you’d like to share?

Tommy: I’m just… I mean it’s not that I’m doubting that the Zeo crystals won’t work. It’s just… none of this is sitting right with me, you know?

(She doesn't reply.)

Tommy: I can’t put how I feel into words. But… this is my home, Kat. I mean, I know I’ve only been here a couple of years but I’ve grown up so much here and it’s gotten to mean so much to me. I’ve made all my friends here. I’ve become a man here. I’ve fallen in love here...

Katherine: …right.

Tommy: And we’re just leaving? I-I don’t know. I feel like we would have… it just feels like we’re doing nothing here. Or not enough. (Shrugs) I don’t know… I’m so used to being able to save everyone. I guess this is just a new feeling I’m gonna need to get used to.

(Katherine doesn’t respond right away. She instead waits to make sure Tommy is done, then she carefully calculates her response to him.)

Katherine: We’re… not doing nothing, Tommy. People are dying no matter what we do at this point. We were backed into a difficult situation.

Tommy: Then we should have prepared better. We knew this was coming months ago--

Katherine: (Interrupts) Is now really the time to worry about “should haves?”

Tommy: …

Katherine: (Points) And how do we prepare for that, Tommy? In a way that saves everyone I mean.

(He doesn’t answer this time.)

Katherine: I know this isn’t what we’re used to doing. But if we’re right this may be our only shot to save as many people as possible.

Tommy: And if we’re wrong?

Katherine: …we can’t be wrong.

Tommy: (Sighs) Yeah. I don’t know if that’s so reassuring. I’d at least feel better knowing you guys were safe wherever you‘re about to go.

(Katherine smiles, placing her hand on his shoulder.)

Katherine: For you, Tommy, I promise I’ll return safely. Okay?

(He half grins.)

Tommy: You better.

Katherine: I’ll bring you a souvenir too.

Tommy: Hehe. Thanks. (Scratches neck) I uh… I shouldn’t really be sharing my fears with you.

Katherine: Why?

Tommy: Well, I’m your leader and all. Robbie’s the only one left who I’m okay opening up to. But I don’t really think he likes me.

Katherine: What makes you say that?

Tommy: He told me.

Katherine: Oh.

Tommy: But I should be leading by example. If it's obvious I’m scared, how can I expect you guys to be brave?

Katherine: (Mimes zipping lip) Your secrets safe with me, Tommy.

Tommy: Thanks Kat…

(Having been slightly reassured, Tommy continues walking with his crew. It’s another twenty minutes or so before anyone speaks up again. It isn’t until the streets of Angel Grove are within eyeshot when a key point is addressed.)

Rocky: So… any clue on where we’re going?

Billy: Well, we need a vantage point that’s not too exposed, but high enough to be able to accurately lock onto our destinations. We’re going farther than usual so we need height to lock onto the target.

Adam: Where would that be though? I mean, every tall building in Angel Grove is basically target practice for those drone things right now.

Robbie: (Snaps fingers) I know! There’s an abandoned clock tower by the industrial sector. It’s like, five blocks from my house. It’s pretty tall, far from the command center and enemies don’t seem to be anywhere near that area.

Tommy: (Nod) We head there then.

(Finally showing some semblance of confidence, Tommy marches forward to the front of the line.)

Tommy: I’ll lead the way.

Robbie: You… know where it is?

Tommy: …no.

(Without speaking then, Robbie steps back in front. Before long however, the teens pick up on a distant, yet noticeable buzzing noise that wasn’t heard before.)

Adam: You guys hear that?

Katherine: Yeah. Sounds like… bees.

(It’s then when they suddenly notice the shadows of two objects circling around them.)

Billy: (Looks up) Oh no.

Katherine: What?!

Billy: It’s not bees…

(Billy points to the skies, revealing two enemy fighter jets tailing them like vultures waiting on their next meal. And now that they’re discovered, they come right at them.)

Robbie: Crap…

Billy: They’ve found us!! What do we do?!

Tommy: Run!!!

(The team runs for their lives as explosions start going off in their trajectory. Dust kicks into the air as they barely make it to the streets. The jets continue to follow them, blasting cars, street lights and everything else around them as the barely miss. Before long the teens make it to the industrial district, having run for ten minutes straight. Fatigue starts setting in but the clock tower is still well in the distance.)

Billy: We can’t outrun them!

Rocky: We need a plan!

Robbie: We’ve got one!

(The teens get showered with rubble as an explosion does off to their left.)

Robbie: We need to get to the vantage point!

(Another deafening boom barely misses from the right.)

Katherine: (Points) What about that building?!

Robbie: No!!

Billy: Why not?! It looks fine.

Robbie: A guy I don’t like lives there. He's a crack head.

(They continue to run forward with the clock toward straight ahead. Having caught onto where the teens are going the fighter jets zoom forward and fire shots at the building, blowing it up instantly. The rangers stop dead in their tracks, as they see their vantage point get destroyed.)

Tommy: ...!!
Katherine: ...!!
Billy: ...!!
Rocky: ...!!
Adam: ...!!
Robbie: …The crack house will do.

(Without hesitation they run toward the building from an alley on the side. Meanwhile back in the command center, Zordon has already begun making plans to fortify defenses.)

“I have received your distress signal, Zordon. Is everything alright?”

(An image of Delphine, the alien from the planet Aquitar, stares back at Zordon.)

Zordon: No Delphine. The earth is under attack.

Delphine: Have Rita and Lord Zedd begun their attack already?

Zordon: I do not know who is responsible. But the sheer number in enemy forces is staggering. They have spread throughout several major cities around the world and are rapidly growing. Earth’s defenses are currently scattered and ill-equipped to handle such a threat. We are in great need of any assistance.

Delphine: Well… The rangers of Aquitar can provide as much help as we possibly could. But could we make a dent against such a force?

Zordon: It would be foolish and irresponsible of me to expect such a thing. At this moment I need forces to protect the command center in the event of an attack while the rangers of earth seek the power of the Zeo crystals. It is only a matter of time before our location is discovered. And should we fail, the power rangers would likely fail. And should they fail, the earth will most certainly fall.

Delphine: Say no more. I will gather the forces to the command center at once. Ninjor is currently stable enough. We will monitor him remotely.

Zordon: Thank you Delphine. We are indebted to you.

(Back in Angel Grove, the rangers find themselves on the roof of the building they climbed though a fire escape. Having waited long enough to reemerge, the fighter jets have left for now. It isn’t until the rangers have a moment to breathe that they realize the area around them is completely desolate, as if completely without life. Still, most of them try to stay focused on the task at hand.)

Billy: I’ve given you all a small tracking device that should tell you the exact location of your crystal. We need to be in and out. When you find it, return to earth right away. But not the command center. This is the rendezvous point. I will monitor to make sure it is still secure. We must limit communicator activity otherwise. And remember, I know it goes against all instincts as rangers, but do not get involved in any fights. Do not get sucked in with whatever is happening. Our main priority is the Zeo crystals. Rescuing civilians right now is secondary.

(As the others continue to listen to Billy’s strategy, something catches Tommy’s eye as it slowly approaches from down the block. Tommy separates himself and finds the small child from viewing globe. A massive weight is lifted from Tommy’s shoulders as the boy managed to wander away from an absolute warzone. He is further relieved when several military vans appear around him.)

Tommy: (Exhales) …

(Troops rush out of the vans though random people suddenly pour out of their homes and from barricaded stores to push inside. Disoriented, the boy just gets lost in the shuffle. Tommy becomes worries, though on his own volition the boy runs into the van behind him and climbs aboard just as the van shuts it doors and starts driving off. Katherine reappears next to Tommy.)

Katherine: Tommy, we’re ready to go.

Tommy: Huh? Alright. Sounds good.

Katherine: (Looking down) See? The world will do what it can to make sure people remain safe. You don't have to worry.

Tommy: (Grins) Right.

(Out of nowhere however the fighter jets return. Soaring over Tommy’s head once more, they begin firing at the streets. They tear up the ground beneath them as they pick off the evacuation vans one by one.)

Tommy: (Gasps) NO!!!!!!

(The van with the boy slips past them and gets several blocks away. Fate becomes it too however, as it gets struck goes down in a hail of fire.)

Tommy: …

Katherine: …

Billy: We got to get out of here!!

(Billy leads the others into a circle, they reach for their communicators to teleport out but Billy doesn’t join in.)

Katherine: Billy, come join us!

Billy: I’m staying behind. I gave my receipt to Adam.

Tommy: What?

Billy: I’m staying with Zordon. I have to protect the command center. Two receipts are to the same location anyway. Just go!

Katherine: Billy, how will you get back?

Billy: Don’t worry about me. Just go!!!!

(Being rushed, they teleport away in unison. Splitting off into five different directions as they reach they sky. As Billy looks up to wish his friends away, the two fighter jets appear where the rangers split off. They have located Billy.)

Billy: …

(Back at the command center, Alpha and Zordon continue to stare into the viewing globe that airs images from the news.)

“As is currently stands in Geneva, Switzerland, the damage is unimaginable. The United Nations building has collapsed along the middle as a result of an apparent passing air attack from mysterious intergalactic forces. Oddly enough, the venue was at the time hosting an event for the departing students from a Global Outreach program that included three teens from Angel Grove, advocating for world peace.”

Alpha: (Gasps) Aye, ya, yai. Zordon, th-that’s…

Zordon: I know, Alpha. That is no coincidence.

Alpha: …

“It is unknown if the attack was some sort of symbolic gesture as, unlike in several other places, it appears to only be a passing attack. The attack has however pinned down hundreds in rubble. The death toll is unknown at this time but considered to be high. Many are currently unaccounted for, including the three aforementioned teens, Jason Scott, Trini Kwan and Zachary Taylor.”

Alpha: Who could be behind such fiendish attacks? Oh, this seems beyond even what Lord Zedd and Rita are capable of. Aye, ya, yai...

Zordon: I agree. Whoever is behind the attacks however knows exactly what they are doing. And whom they are doing it to.

Alpha: This is just horrible. How could we possibly stand a chance against such a large scale attack?

Zordon: I do not know. But this team has earned the right to try. I know the odds seem impossible at this point, but they have earned the right to try. Have faith in them, as they have in us.

Alpha: Oh… I guess you’re right. Aye, ya, yai…

(As Alpha continues to look on desolately, the rangers start reaching their destinations. Adam for example, touches down, some thousands of yards away from Angel Grove.)

Adam: (Looks around) This… is this right?

(He unfolds his receipt to confirm that he intended to travel to South Africa. Adam had both images in his mind of what “Africa” looks like and what a place under attack would look like. The latter based mostly on what he just left behind. Only, this place is just like any other city street. Only it’s eerily silent, and completely empty. More empty than the Industrial District, which at least had evidence of a passing attack.)

Adam: Hello? Is… anybody home?

(His voice echoes. Perplexed, he starts walking toward the nearest street corner. He looks down an avenue and finds nothing for several miles down the road. All he can hear is the sound of wind.)

Adam: Am I… in the right place?

(Adam turns his back to the avenue and reaches into his back pocket to pull out his tracking device to triple check that he’s really in the right place. Suddenly, a crashing noise behinds him shocks him and throws him off. He dives behind a nearby traffic light.)


(A deep, grisly voice demands something of someone who does not answer.)


Adam: (Gasps) …

(Adam slowly sticks his head out and finds a tall horse monster in camouflage, holding an African man by the throat and a large weapon pointed at his face. Adam doesn’t know it, but this is Charlie, one of Master Vile’s “friends” that he recruited to help him take over the earth.)

Adam: (Heavy breathing) …

(Adam tries really hard to control his breathing and go unnoticed. Although all of his immediate instincts are screaming for him to run in and recue the man. But as per Billy’s warning, he must not get involved or get noticed.)

Charlie: You have until the count of three. One… Two…

(Adam’s stomach turns with dread. He hears a helpless man, clearly weeping and in distress. After a brief pause that feels like an eternity, a loud pop is heard, echoing into the sky. Pigeons scatter all around him as the man’s weeping stops.)

Adam: ...

Charlie: Three.

(Adam hears the man’s body hit the floor as his own lip quivers. The monster then reaches out to someone.)

Charlie: I’m having difficulties locating the green and yellow Zeo crystals my lord. No one is talking. The village seems to be in hiding after our initial strike.

(Static is heard before a scrambled, unfamiliar voice responds.)

“Keep looking. You find them and make them talk.”

Charlie: Yes sir.

(Charlie disconnects and leaves. When he hears that his footsteps are far enough away, Adam pulls out his tracking device. It turns on and displays a red dot somewhere in front of him. He looks up and finds only one thing, a large church, decorated in white as if a wedding was intended to take place today.)

Adam: (Sighs) …

(Adam gets up. And without looking behind him, he walks forward. Elsewhere, some thousand yards back, Rocky arrives at his location. He lands deep inside a vast forest. He dusts himself off as he looks around.)

Rocky: Is this… Mexico?

“Señor! Señor!”

(From behind, a small boy bolts toward him. A look of urgency on his face.)

Rocky: Huh?

Boy: Hola Señor! Necesito ayuda.

Rocky: I uh… sorry I don’t want any gum.

Boy: Necesito ayuda. Mi mama y mi papa… es muy grave…

Rocky: Uh… you need help? Hi. I-I’m sorry I don’t speak Spanish well.

(The boy looks confounded, but then backtracks and starts speaking in English.)

Boy: I am Diego.

Rocky: I’m Rocky.

Diego: I need help. My mom and dad are hurt. Monsters… big monsters. They attack my village.

Rocky: …I’m afraid I… I can’t…

(Without a complete response, the boy runs in the opposite direction. Rocky catches a glimpse of something sticking out of the boys back pocket. A large, blue shining crystal staring back at him.)

Rocky: …wait!

(Meanwhile, back across the border, Tommy arrives in his location. It is somewhere inside the United States, but clearly not Angel Grove.)

Tommy: …

(He looks around to reorient himself. He’s surrounded by cacti and dried, cracked soil. It is extremely hot and sunny.)

Tommy: (Covers eyes) So… this is Arizona?

(Tommy pulls out his receipt and studies the address. His Zeo crystal is supposed to be somewhere nearby, but… where?)

Tommy: There’s nothing around here. There’s just… desert.

(He pulls a 180 to look around him. Surprisingly he’s not in the middle of nowhere. There is a city in the distance, but within eyeshot. Unfortunately…)

Tommy: (Sighs) Aw, man…

(It’s completely up in flames. Thousands of black dots circle the many smoking buildings like tiny gnats. Tommy can feel his heart drop again. Distraught, and now alone, Tommy collapses to his knees knowing no one else can see him in such distress. From behind however, he hears somebody approaching. Or galloping rather…)

“Hey, you there!”

(He looks up into the bright sunny sky. He finds an older Native American man riding on a horse.)

“Do you need help?”

Tommy: …Yeah. I do.

(Meanwhile back in South Africa, Adam makes it up the steeps step and approaches the front door of the modestly sized church. He opens the old wooden doors, which creek loudly. He walks inside slowly, his feet echoing on the floor. It too was very silent but he can hear hushed murmurs scattered about. Adam catches a really bad feeling as he enters and almost considers turning back. He doesn’t though, knowing that’s not an option.)

Adam: …

(Upon entering he notices that people are obviously hiding underneath the pews as he peeks his head in. One of them points a gun at him from a crouched position. He puts his hands up, trying to convey that he means no harm.)

Adam: It’s oka--

(A heel suddenly hits him in the face, blacking him out.)

Adam: …

(He wakes up in a daze some time later in another room.)

Adam: (Gasps) …

(He looks up and finds another gun pointed at his head. He’s also been tied to a chair. Across from him holding the gun is a woman of African descent in a wedding dress. Clearly a bride and clearly she’d been crying very recently.)

Bride: Who are you and why are you here?

Adam: Huh..?

Bride: Wrong answer!

Adam: Whoa, hold it! Hold it! I mean no harm!!

Bride: No harm?! Tell that to my husband who you’ve killed!

Adam: What!? I didn’t…

Bride: Shut your mouth. I’m gonna blast you back to wherever you came from!

Adam: Please, stop! I didn’t do anything! I-I-I-I’m here to help you!

(Figuring rules be damned when you’re facing certain death, Adam decides to play his trump car.)

Adam: I’m a… I’m a power ranger.

(It doesn’t seem to convince the bride though, who snickers.)

Bride: Yeah. Right. And I’m a Ninja Turtle.

Adam: …

Bride: So tell me, those robots you sent in here. Those are your “Megazords” then?

Adam: Wha- robots?! No. I-I’m here trying to stop them.

Bride: …

Adam: Please, you’ve got to believe me. It’s not just this place, the whole world is in danger. I need to find a treasure that can help put a stop to this. It sounds farfetched but if I die here then we all die anyway. Please, you have to believe me!

Bride: …

(Moments later. Adam, who is now untied, walks with the bride toward the altar.)

Bride: Today was supposed to be my wedding day.

Adam: Congratulations?

(The brides’ facial expression sinks as she lowers her face, implying heavily that things didn’t go exactly to plan. Adam looks around and sees the same sullen expression among many of the people slowly rising from under the pews.)

Bride: I’ve known Onyeka since I was three years old. We became best friends in primary school, then… more in secondary. He was everything to me. He was my best friend.

Adam: “…was.”

(She sighs.)

Bride: When… they came from the skies. Whoever they are. They started shooting everything in the streets indiscriminately.

Adam: …

Bride: Onyeka rented me a limo to take the church this morning and to ride to the reception. He worked a bunch of odd jobs for the past three years to make sure I had everything I ever wanted in a wedding. But… because of some issues we had with the church I had to wake up early and get here to fix it. He took the limo instead.

(Adam sighs, having pieced the rest of the story together.)

Bride: He called me from the car when the attack started. He told me… he loved me.

(She collapses into Adam’s shoulders and begins weeping. Adam tries his best to console a woman he’s never met.)

Adam: I’m… terribly sorry. That sounds… man, I can’t imagine what you must be going through.

Bride: It could have been me. (Sniffs) It should have been me.

Adam: Don’t talk like that. I don’t think that’s what he would have wanted.

(Slowly others start rising from the pews. Some clearly dressed for the wedding, others appear to be from the streets that came in to seek shelter. Randomly people walk up to her to console her as well. Adam here’s a beeping coming his back pocket. He quietly pulls himself away and pulls out his tracking device to reveal that what he’s looking for is extremely close by. The bride then pulls herself together briefly and walks toward Adam again.)

Bride: I’m sorry. Where are my manners? I’m Tanya. Tanya… Okafor. I would have been Tanya Sloane after today.

Adam: I’m Adam. Nice to meet you… Mrs. Sloane.

(Appreciating the gesture despite the sting from hearing what will never be, Tanya smiles at him.)

Tanya: If you are… who you say you are. And if there’s anything I can do to help you make this go away. I’ll gladly help.

(Moments later they’re both in a separate room where all the wedding gifts were being held.)

Tanya: You are… who you say you are right? You’re not… trying to rob us, right?

Adam: (Nods) I am who I say I am. I am no Nigerian prince.

Tanya: Huh? Who said anything about you being a Nigerian prince? Is that some kind of joke you Americans make of us?

Adam: N-no. It’s just…

Tanya: Nigerian don’t have a prince.

Adam: I-I know. It's just... sort of a joke on the internet.

Tanya: What the hell is the internet?

Adam: It’s this... um... you...

(She sighs. Then backtracks.)

Tanya: I’m sorry. I’ve… had a long day.

Adam: It’s... okay… I… I get it.

Tanya: Just for the record though. You’re not a scammer?

“He is not.”

(Behind them, an old man enters the room.)

Tanya: Dad?

Mr. Okafor: I was looking for the perfect gift for your special day. I found these two big beautiful crystals on the internet. They glowed in the picture.

Tanya: …

Mr. Okafor: It reminded me of how I feel whenever I look into your eyes.

Tanya: …

Mr. Okafor: The little white girl who sold them told me they have great power and they bring good luck. I was so happy to see my daughter start her new life with the love of her life that I scratched together what little I had to get them.

Tanya: Dad… you don’t have that much money.

Mr. Okafor: You are worth every penny my dear.

Tanya: Thank you. I love you.

(She embraces her father for an extended hug.)

Mr. Okafor: I love you too princess. I’m so sorry about Onyeka.

Tanya: (Sniffs) I’m sorry too...

Mr. Okafor: You will always have your father to protect and support you.

Tanya: Thank you…

Adam: So… those gifts of your everlasting love.

(Tanya and her father turn around.)

Adam: Would it be cool if I take them?

Tanya: …


(Suddenly, a booming, familiar voice is heard outside.)

Tanya: (Gasps) …

Adam: Quick stay down.

(Adam slowly peeks his head outside and finds Charlie in the aisle facing off against the priest.)

Priest: You may not enter this sacred grounds. You must leave at once.

Charlie: I spit on your false human prophets. I am under the orders of the emperor to retrieve the Zeo crystals and I won’t hesitate to slaughter every one of you to get it.

Tanya: (Gasps) The crystals… you're not lying...

Adam: Shhh!

Priest: We have no crystals that you speak of. We are a small church with little means. Now please leave. We mean no harm and want no trouble.

Charlie: That’s too bad. Cause trouble is all I bring.

Priest: …

(The silver robots he enters with march toward the exit and block anyone from being able to leave.)

Charlie: Nobody leaves until the Zeo crystals are in my hooves. Each minute that passes, another one of you interchangeable faces gets executed.

"You’ll have to go through me first.”

(Adam marches forward, facing Charlie from across the other side of the aisle.)

Adam: (Leaning toward priest) Get back. Take everyone to safety. I’ve got this.

(The priest nods at him then leaves, leading the people under the pews to the back. Through the other side. Charlie doesn’t bother with the collateral damage, having recognized Adam.)

Charlie: You look familiar. Aren’t you one of those power brats Zedd?

Tanya: …

Adam: It doesn’t matter who I am. I’ll be your worst nightmare if you don’t leave at once.

Charlie: No. I know you. I’ve read up on all of you and I know you front and back, Adam Park.

Adam: ...

Charlie: You’re the token Asian boy who fills up dead dialogue. What’s the matter? None of the stars wanted to come to this dump? It’s a shame really. I could have used a good fight.

Adam: (Grits teeth) …

Charlie: I see Zordon is trying to get his hands on the crystals. Too bad he’s out manned, outgunned and out of his mind if he thinks a mere replacement ranger is going to stop m-

Adam: You shut your mouth!!

(Adam charges forward with a fist. It barely misses as his hand is caught. Adam swings with his free hand but Charlie dodges. Persistent, Adam charges forward with lightening quick punches to the chest. Charlie blocks each but leaves his jaw open for a couple blows to the face which briefly stun him.)

Charlie: …

(Charlie shakes it off and grins at him, but Adam lunges forward again with a roundhouse kick. The blow whiffs, giving Charlie an opening to grab Adam by the throat. Without hesitation Charlie slams his hoof against his jaw, sending him flying into the pews, destroying some in the process as he flies some several rows back.)

Adam: (Grimacing) Arg.

(Adam quickly recovers and rolls back to a knee. He wipes away a trickle of blood coming from his lips. He stares back at Charlie who appears to still be grinning at him, unimpressed. Adam reaches for his morpher almost instinctively, but a shot from behind his back reveals that it’s continuing to short circuit. Instead he charges at the enemy once more and goes for a baseball slide to take out his legs. Charlie flips over him though and avoids it.)

Charlie: Hahaha. Like I said. A mere replacement could never stop m--

(Once again, he’s interrupted. This time, it’s Tanya, who punches him in the jaw.)

Charlie: Huh!?

Tanya: You shut your mouth!!

Adam: Huh?

(She goes for another punch but gets caught. He stomps her in the gut, knocking the wind out of her.)

Tanya: (Wheezes) …

Adam: Tanya! Look out!

(She gasps for air, but reacts immediately on Adam’s cue, ducking a punch to the temple that drilled a hole through the church walls.)

Charlie: (Growls) …

Tanya: (Gasps) …!

(She quickly takes a deep breath and punches him in the gut, knocking the wind out of him in return.)

Charlie: Oof…

(Adam looks on from the ground, impressed by how a woman in a full wedding gown seems to be holding her own in a fight. Tanya then turns around to face him.)

Tanya: Adam, go. Get the crystals!

Adam: Huh? What about you!? I can’t leave you!

Tanya: Go Adam!!

Adam: …

(The brief hesitation gives Charlie an opening, who grabs Tanya by the back of her dress and now helplessly dangles in front of his face.)

Tanya: (Struggles) Ugh. Let… go of me!

Charlie: Or what?!

Tanya: I’ll… get my husband on you… he’s really big… black too…

Charlie: Hahahaha.

(Unbeknownst to everyone, Mr. Okafor has taken it upon himself to take his wedding gift to his daughter and sneak off to the other side with it for protection. Finding his daughter in danger though, overrode his thought process as he freezes. He stops long enough for both Adam’s and Charlie’s tracking devise to go off. Simultaneously, pointing directly at him.)

Adam: …

Charlie: …

Mr. Okafor: …

Tanya: Dad!

(Instantly, Charlie drops Tanya hard to the ground and marches over to Mr. Okafaor who cowers into a ball while covering the box. Charlie grabs him by the throat and picks him up with ease. He points the gun around his shoulder at him, similar to what he did to the man he left laying outside.)

Charlie: You have until the count of three to hand that over…

Adam: …

Tanya: Put him down!!

Charlie: One…

(Panicked, Mr. Okafor looks to Adam. He stares back at him blindly, not sure of what to do. Adam knows he must prioritize his “greater mission,” but in the heat of the moment, he knows he cannot forgive himself if he does...)

Charlie: Two…



Mr. Okafor: …

(Without hesitation, Mr. Okafar hands him the box.)

Charlie: Hahaha. That’s more like it.

(Thankfully, the gun goes down, as does Mr. Okafor. Charlie then turns around to face Adam once more.)

Charlie: Give the white ranger my regards. I’d love to meet him someday.

(He then leaves. Shifting the focus now to Mr. Okafor. Adam and Tanya rush up to him to check on his safety.)

Adam: Are you… okay?

Mr. Okafor: (Waves him off) I am fine. Thank you Mr. Adam.

Adam: (Exhales) Don’t mention it.

Tanya: We’re so sorry for messing things up. I… don’t know what to say.

Adam: It’s okay. You have nothing to apologize for.

(With that, he looks away. A troubled look in his eyes.)

Adam: Now I need to figure out what to do without those crystals.

“…You mean these?”

(Adam turns around to find the two Zeo crystals in Mr. Okafor’s hands that he pulled from his back pocket. One of them green, the other one yellow.)

Mr. Okafor: As you Americans say… I pulled the old “switcheroo.”

Tanya: Or the "Nigerian Prince."

Adam: (Smiles) Wow. Amazing!

Tanya: Well, I didn’t get my gutsiness from no one.

Mr. Okafor: Here Mr. Adam. These belong to you.

(He gets up and walks over to Adam to hand them over.)

Adam: (In Awe) Wow.

(He touches the green one first, which reacts to Adam’s touch. He takes the second and bows his head.)

Adam: Thank you. For everything. You might have just saved the world.

Mr. Okafor: (Waves him off) What else is new?

(They each laugh, sharing an unexpected but much needed moment of levity.)

Adam: (To Tanya) You don’t… mind my taking these? Do you? These are your wedding gifts.

Tanya: It’s fine. It’s… not like I’m gonna have much of a wedding to celebrate anyway.

Adam: …I think you do.

Tanya: …?

(Moments later in front of a crowded church, the wedding proceeds. The groomsmen take their places, the bridesmaids and their torn up dresses take theirs. Mr. Okafor takes Tanya’s husbands place as a surrogate, putting both rings on his daughter’s ring finger…)

Priest: I now pronounce you Mrs. Tanya Sloane.

(The room erupts in an emotional applause. Tanya can barely contain herself and she weeps and waves to her friends and family. She is immediately mobbed by the rest of the altar in love and affection. Adam looks on from the back, smiling. Thankful that he defied Billy’s instructions. With that said, he turns away and quietly slinks out.)

Tanya: …

(Through the hugs, Tanya catches a glimpse of Adam leaving. She immediately excuses herself and chases after him. Holding up her dress as she runs.)


Adam: (Turns around) …yeah?

Tanya: You’re leaving? Just like that?

Adam: I have to. Our work isn’t over.

Tanya: You know if you’re scamming me and I die. I’m gonna haunt the crap out of you. I hope you’re aware.

Adam: (Smiles) I’m not scamming you. But you’re more than welcomed to stop by. Bring your husband.

(He waves at her once more before continuing to walk away. Tanya bows her head to his bittersweet words.)

Tanya: Take me with you.

Adam: What?

Tanya: I want to help you. For my husband. For my home. I want to help get back at those bastards for what they did.

Adam: Tanya, this isn’t… you could be…

Tanya: Please. Onyeka was my life. I have nothing else to live for. If I die, I die. I’ll gladly join my husband knowing I did everything I could to avenge his death and rescue the place we called home.

Adam: …

Tanya: If you really are a power ranger and you really are trying to help, then I will help you. Please. I‘ll do anything. I’ll make copies if you need. I’ll park cars, I’ll mop. Just please. Let me do something.

Adam: …

(Moments later, at the command center…)

"I’ve got two Zeo crystals, Alpha. I’m on my way back home."

Alpha: (Exhales) Great news Adam. It’s the best I’ve heard all day. That’s two down, four to go!

Zordon: Good work Adam. Alpha, locate the others to get a status report on their progress.

Alpha: Right away Zordon.

(Alpha turns back to the control panel and starts typing away. Images start appearing on the viewing globe…)

Katherine: (Looking at shipping receipt.) It’s here… wow. Look at this place.

(Katherine stands before a massive white home in Australia with a large fountain at the center surrounded by a lush green yard. The fence around the mega home is tall, pointed and secured by a security desk up front.)

Katherine: These people must be really wealthy.

(She rings the bell at the front, nobody answers but the gate slowly opens. She passes by the security gate without a glance, it would have revealed another silver robot dressed as a security guard. The disguise goes unnoticed by Alpha however and the image than switches to Mexico, where Rocky and the young boy who found him are inside a modest little home. The situation has apparently de-escalated and Rocky is tending to the wounded parents as he makes small talk with the boy.)

Rocky: You don’t go to school then?

Diego: No. I do odd jobs here and there to help my family get by. I scavenge what I can get too for extra money.

Rocky: That’s crazy. How do you expect to make it in this world without learning cursive? It's impossible!

(Alpha continues to watch when a strange voice appears behind him.)

“We have arrived.”

(Startled, Alpha turns around. There are five humanoid aliens dressed in matching black and blue outfits standing before him. Each with large craniums.)

“Uh… is everything alright here?”

(Another, more familiar voice appears. Billy walks into the command center on cue, with tattered clothing and dirt all over his face. He takes a defensive stance.)

Billy: Are… they supposed to be in here?

(The Aquitians say nothing, but look back at him awkwardly, randomly cocking their heads from side to side.)

Zordon: Yes Billy. Meet the Power Rangers of Aquitar.

Billy: Power Rangers…?

Delphine: Yes. (Bows) I am Delphine. The white ranger.

Billy: …

Aurico: (Bows) I am Aurico. The red ranger.

Cestro: (Bows) I am Cestro. The blue ranger.

Tideus: (Bows) I am Tideus. The black ranger.

Corcus: (Bows) I am Corcus. The yellow ranger.

Billy: … (Bows) I… I’m Billy. The… blue… ranger.

(Meanwhile as some positive signs begin to emerge for the rangers, Tommy and the Native American man enter a nearby lodge.)

Native American: Are you okay son? Do you need water or medical attention?

Tommy: No. I… I think I’m okay.

Native American: You seemed pretty desperate when I picked you up back there.

Tommy: I am…

(Tommy looks around, taken by the volume of strange, mystic items hung on the walls.)

Tommy: Neat stuff you have here.

Native American: I’m a collector.

Tommy: I see. So are you like, some sort of spiritual Indian chief or something?

Native American: If by “Indian chief” you mean county sheriff who happens to be Native American. Then yes.

(Tommy looks back, somewhat embarrassed by his assumptions as the man takes a seat behind a desk.)

Sam: You can call me Sam. Sam Trueheart.

Tommy: I’m Tommy.

Sam: What brings you here, son? Are you lost or wounded from the attack in the cities?

Tommy: No, I’m actually here intentionally.

Sam: You’ve come to Arizona intentionally?

Tommy: Yeah… w-wait a second. You’re a sheriff?

(Sam silently nods. Tommy then slowly turns his head toward the nearest window.)

Tommy: (Points) But… that whole city is under attack.

Sam: (Nods) Correct.

Tommy: Aren’t you… (Shakes head) shouldn’t you do something?

Sam: (Shakes head) That’s not my county.

(Tommy is stunned by what he hears and almost cannot process it.)

Tommy: What? Should that really matter at a time like this? I mean… with all due respect… you took an oath to protect and serve all people. Those people need your help.

Sam: I took an oath to protect my people. Those are not my people. And that’s a suicide mission. With all due respect, I have a family to get back to.

Tommy: Those people have families to get back to.

Sam: What difference could I make anyway? I’d just go down there and die. My department is better served staying here and stopping looters who want to take advantage. Let the military hold the fort. It’s better in the long run to play your position than to die charging bullishly into a battle you can’t win.

(Tommy takes pause, having heard all of this before from Zordon and Billy. He knew what he would have rather done, but couldn’t quite put the words together as to what about Billy and Zordon’s plan he didn’t like. It wasn’t until hearing it out of Mr. Trueheart’s mouth that the words come to him…)

Tommy: That’s cowardice.

Sam: Excuse me?

Tommy: You heard me. You’re a coward. You’re supposed to be protecting people. That is your job. Honorable men and women are being killed. I saw an innocent kid die today, while you’re sitting here collecting junk in air conditioning.

Sam: …

Tommy: I don’t know how they do it here in Arizona, but where I come from I couldn’t live with myself if I abandoned my duty like you are now.

Sam: And what exactly do you do for a living, son?

Tommy: I’m… uh…

Sam: …

(The sheriff looks back at Tommy as if he had shut him down with the old “walk in my shoes” line, not knowing that Tommy also risks his life on a daily basis. Suddenly though, their spat gets interrupted when the sheriff’s radio goes off. )

“Attention, attention. I need back up. Repeat. I need back up!”

Tommy: …

Sam: …

(Tommy eyes the sheriff until he answers.)

Sam: Trueheart here. State your location.

“These… robot things are coming into town. They’re (static) …the county in full force. We can’t hold them (Static) …three officers down.”

Sam: Hello, can you hear me?

“I repeat. Three officers

Tommy: …

Sam: Trueheart here. State your location. I will send back up.

(As the sheriff begins to have a look of urgency on his face, Tommy slowly inches toward the nearby window and looks outside. He finds a massive shadow casting over the burning city skyline.)

Tommy: Aw man…

(It appears to be from a massive ship in the distance that Tommy cannot quite make out, though it slowly descends.)

“Can anybody hear me?!”

Sam: Trueheart is here. I am answering. Hang on. I will send back up!

“I need help! They’re too much!!! They’re too mu*”

(The radio abruptly cuts off. Simultaneously happening outside, the ship fires a massive beam downward, destroying whatever… and whomever was parked underneath.)

Tommy: …

(Just as those tiny slivers of hope start to appear, things around the world get from bad to worse...)

Robbie: …

(Elsewhere, in another part of the world, Robbie arrives outside his destination. Looking outside a small hotel in a busy street, Robbie pulls the crumpled up shipping receipt from his back pocket and opens it up. It reads “Geneva, Switzerland.”)

Robbie: (Exhales) …

(As he approaches he takes notice that hundreds of people rushing beside him from his left. He discovers the madhouse coming from a giant municipal looking building with smoke pouring out of it. It has several National flags leading a long path toward the entrance. There are ambulances out front and several dozen people being tended to.)

Robbie: Hmm.

(It doesn’t fly over his head either that he’s in “that country.” He wonders what the odds are of what’s ahead being “that building.” He tries to scan the crowd for anything, or anyone familiar. Not finding anything, Robbie isn’t sure if that’s reassuring or not. The fire department is present however and the situation appears to be contained, relative to what the others must be going through.)

Robbie: …

(Fighting his intuition, Robbie tells himself everything is alright and goes to enter the hotel. That’s when another huge shadow is cast over the sky. Before reactively looking up another massive beam comes down. It slices through the city streets and tears, yet again, through the large building. The impact of the blast creates a deafening explosion and throws Robbie off his feet and into the ground some fifty yards back. He rises from the now scorching ground and finds the building set ablaze.)

Robbie: (Gasps) ...

(Without further hesitation, Robbie get up and rushes toward the fire, defying his orders. Things don't get better back home either, as the alarms blare back at the command center.)

Delphine: (Winces and covers ears) AHHH!

Alpha: Aye, ya, ya, ya, yai!

Billy: What’s going on?!

Zordon: It is not good. Behold the viewing globe.

(Everyone turns to see exactly what Zordon had feared…)

Billy: (Points) Enemies are inbound for the command center!

(A massive swarm of silver robots are seen surrounding the command center from a distance. They are on all sides and slowly approaching.)

Billy: How could this have happened?! I-I made sure I wasn’t followed!

Alpha: We should be invisible to their scanners. There's no way they should have found us so quickly!

Aurico: These monsters don't let up.

Delphine: No. They're absolutely ruthless.

Cestro: Who's leading this army anyway?

Zordon: I believe we may have found our answer...

(Among the horde in front of them, a large, familiar figure comes forward...)

Zordon: It is King Mondo. Ruler of the Machine Empire.


To Be Continued.

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Interesting take on the Zeo Quest, and we really get an idea of just how much of a threat the Machine Empire is. What's going on with Zeds and Rita?
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zedd_heart_rita wrote: View Post

Interesting take on the Zeo Quest, and we really get an idea of just how much of a threat the Machine Empire is. What's going on with Zeds and Rita?
I guess you'll just have to stay tuned and find out...
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Very keen
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Lol glad to hear it. Working on part 2 as we speak. Already looking slightly less gloomy but more emotional definitely.
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At least there is SOME sleep-inducing scheme here.

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