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New chapter coming up. I won't have pics up until early next week. Hopefully I should have the last two episodes out by the end of this month! Hope you're enjoying it so far!

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Fan Fiction Author
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Posts: 616

Prequel - Episode 48: Plague of the Mantis

(We begin today at the Youth Center. Some of the rangers are seated at one of the tables in the dining area, although their focus is on Trini, who by the workout area in the middle of a Kung Fu lesson with an elderly Asian man.)

Teacher: Move like this, Trini.

(He goes through a set that Trini tries to replicate, but clearly struggles.)

Teacher: Try again.

Trini: Yes Master Li.

(He stands still and watches her try again and stumble.)

Master Li: You’ll get better. But you must free your cluttered mind.

Trini: (Snickers.) Easier said than done.

(Trini chortles as if Master Li knows anything about her personal life. His expression doesn’t move however.)

Master Li: Mantis Kung Fu is about having your mind at ease, like the mantis. But ready to strike when needed.

Trini: (Nods) Yes master.

Master Li: Rest a moment. Let me test your mind.

Trini: Okay…

Master Li: What is the most honorable tradition of Kung Fu?

Trini: In kung fu, we always honor the tradition of the fair fight. Always face your opponent with equal numbers and cease fighting when your opponent is neutralized.

Master Li: Good. So you know your martial arts. It is just the chaos in your head which holds you from your true potential.

(Master Li states what’s obvious to Trini as if he does in fact know her personally. She does not reply, but Master Li reaches into his bag to pull out a small container with something living inside.)

Master Li: Observe this mantis. Delicate. Calm. But powerful, always ready to defend itself.

Trini: …

Master Li: Now let’s try again.

(Master Li places the mantis down and goes back into his routine. From the corner of the room, Bulk and Skull appear to be watching while scarfing down lunch.)

Bulk: Hmm. Check out the bug fu.

Skull: Ahahaha. “Bug fu.” How lame.

Bulk: Yeah… Maybe not though. If we can find a bug to imitate then we can run our own class and scam even more suckers out of their money.

Skull: Great idea, Bulky. Let’s go hunt for some bugs.

(Meanwhile, looking on from the moon…)

Rita: How cute. Trini wants to do Mantis Kung Fu. Finster, make me a monster. I’ll show her how it’s done. A mantis monster to take on Trini, then destroy her and her other power brats.

Finster: (Nods) Yes my queen.

Rita: Hurry up Finster, the rangers have been bugging us forever.

Baboo: I see what you did there.

(Back at the Youth Center, while Trini continues to train, Jason, Zack and Billy continue to eye her while sipping on shakes.)

Jason: Man, Trini’s looking good.

Zack: You think? I don’t know. She’s like a six to me.

Jason: I meant her Kung Fu…

Zack: Oh…

(Despite impressing Jason however, Trini appears frazzled and unable to reach her own standards. She stops after messing up her set yet again.)

Trini: (Sighs) It’s too difficult master.

Master Li: That means you have to work harder to perfect it.

Trini: I can’t get my stupid mind to stop working.

Master Li: You’re pressing. Like a Chinese finger trap, the more you fight it, the worse it gets. You must rest your mind and focus solely on Kung Fu.

Trini: (Sighs) …

(She shakes her head, already sensing defeat. Suddenly stealing the boys attention away from Trini is Ernie, who appears to be running around the Youth Center frantically cleaning.)

Jason: Ernie, is everything alright.

Ernie: Nope.

Billy: Is there a reason for the excessive scouring?

Ernie: The health department is coming. They could be here any day now.

Zack: Is that really a bad thing Ernie?

Ernie: Yes?

Billy: (Shrugs) Seems like a wonderful opportunity to find out your problem areas and improve the overall experience of your consumers.

Ernie: Yeah. (Mutters) …Shove it, nerd.

Billy: I beg your pardon?

Ernie: I’m jus*(Looks up) Wait, miss!!

(He charges toward a young, popular girl from Angel Grove High walking in with a Chihuahua.)

Ernie: I’m sorry ma’am. You can’t bring your dog in here.

“Um. This is a service animal?!”

Ernie: He’s not if he’s in your purse. Sorry. You need to leave.


(Ernie shakes his head and walks away as Trini approaches the boys, holding Master Li’s container.)

Trini: Hey guys.

Jason: Hey Trini.

Zack: Ew, how can you stand to be near this thing?

Billy: A fine example of mantis religiosa.

Jason: Keep that away from Ernie. He’s having a bit of a fit right now.

Trini: Thanks. I have to study it for my next Kung Fu assignment. Just what I need. More homework. (Sighs) More things on my to-do list.

Zack: You know you love life it that way.

Trini: (Raises eyebrow) Do I?

Zack: Oh please. You were born with a full calendar.

Trini: …

(Just then, a voice calls out from behind her.)

“You’re not the only Bug Fu expert in town anymore.”

(Bulk and Skull walk in, already dressed in cockroach costumes they managed to find since finishing their lunch.)

Bulk: My partner and I are the newest and only masters of the mystical Cockroach Kung Fu.

(Trini crosses her arms and looks at them disapprovingly.)

Trini: That’s not a real thing.

Bulk: It is now.

Jason: Where do you guys even come up with these stupid ideas?

Billy: What I’d give to be a fly on the wall while you two brainstorm.

“Fly on the wall?!”

(Ernie jumps back in out of nowhere.)

Ernie: Where?!

(A little later, after some time passes and the teens have moved on with their days, Zordon and Alpha find a disturbance while conducting their usual area patrol.)

Alpha: Zordon, come unidentified energy source has landed in the park. Right next to Trini who happens to be close by.

Zordon: Contact her immediately. I’ll have her investigate.

(On command Alpha reaches out to Trini, who is training her Mantis Kung Fu underneath the shade of a weeping willow at the park. She continues to struggle however as the strain on her face suggests she is trying too hard to nail her set correctly instead of flowing naturally. Her frustrations build until her displaced rage causes her to yank off her head and slams it to the ground.)

Trini: (Huffing) …stupid thing keeps bothering me.

(Just then, her communicator rings.)

Trini: (Exhales) Come in Zordon.

Zordon: Alpha has detected something suspicious in the woods.

Trini: Okay. I’ll check it out.

(Suddenly having it dawn on her that she is all alone in the park, she treads cautiously through a heavily forested area. She hears footsteps and starts to follow the noise. At the center, she finds a massive humanoid praying mantis flashing in and out, as if amusing itself. Alerted, she reaches for her communicator once more.)

Trini: Zordon, it’s one of Rita’s monsters. Contact the others.

Zordon: I shall Trini. Be careful.

Trini: It’s morphin time.

“Saber-toothed tiger.”

(Trini leaps into action and backfliping in front of her enemy’s view.)

Fighting Mantis: So, yellow ranger. You dare to challenge me to single combat? You have no chance against me, weakling.

(Before Trini can let out a response, the mantis extends its razor sharp claw and slices it across a nearby tree. The tree collapses over Trini, who is barely about to flip out of harm’s way. The mantis lunges toward her, giving her no chance to breath and slices at her. She rolls underneath and is able to pull off a spinning heel kick to back it up. The Fighting Mantis appears to be too much however as it quickly recovers and slashes her across the chest, bringing her down. )

Trini: Ugh…

(Suddenly, Jason, Zack, Billy and Kimberly appear from the sky, fully morphed.)

Kimberly: Don’t worry Trini.

Jason: We’re here.

Fighting Mantis: What is this?

Jason: We’re here to mangle you.

Billy: Strangle you.

Zack: And dangle you.

Kimberly “Dangle you?”

Zack: (Shrugs) I ran out of things to say…

Fighting Mantis: You called your friends? It’s not a fair fight. You have no honor.

Trini: What… he’s… right…

Jason: What?! What are you talking about?

(Mantis leaves following his admonishment, proving effective as Trini lowers her head in disgrace. Meanwhile, on the moon…)

Rita: The mantis has shamed Trini. Now, she’ll have to fight alone next time and it will be the end for her.

Scorpina: It’s a brilliant plan my queen.

Squatt: And Baboo called it dumb. Right Baboo?

Baboo: (Stammers) Buuuhh… I just uh…

Rita: Silence! And savor my genius.

(Back at the command center, the rangers get briefed on what just took place.)

Jason: Don’t be so hard on yourself. We’re going to get the mantis.

Trini: I know, but wouldn’t it have been more honorable to face him alone?

Zack: No?

Billy: It’s Rita’s monster.

Kimberly: And an ugly bug at that.

Zordon: What information do you have on Rita’s monster, Alpha?

Alpha: I’ll punch it up on the viewing globe. He’s an expert at Kung Fu. He’s very dangerous. He challenged Trini because she’s he expert.

Jason: If he takes her out, he’ll have an easy time with us.

Zack: (Snickers) Right. Cause Trini’s the linchpin.

Jason: Huh?

Zack: Uhm…

(Not focused on anything else but the image on the viewing globe, Trini makes a vow to herself.)

Trini: I’ll put in some extra practice so the next time the Mantis shows up I’ll be ready.

(The next day at the Youth Center, Trini, who has been there all morning is continues to work on her craft. This time visibly straining more than ever as she is backed by rage and a will to avenge herself. The boys are back again at the same table as last time. Slightly less concerned by the monster…)

Zack: Kim, definitely.

Billy: Really?

Zack: 100%. Two words: Yoga. Pants.

(Billy shakes his head.)

Zack: You?

Billy: (Shrugs) While I do find Kimberly physically attractive by conventional beauty standards, I am compelled toward Trini’s inner beauty along with her intelligence.

Jason: Not to mention those killer legs.

Zack: Please. You boys have a lot to learn about women.

Jason: I never said I’d take either one for sure. They're both like sisters to me.

“…and one thing the Scotts love to do is hookup with their sisters.”

(The boys look up to find Robbie, who appears out of nowhere with his backpack on.)

Jason: Hey!

Zack: Look who decided to show up.

Jason: Where have you been?

Robbie: Prison.

(A brief silence ensues as no one is sure whether or not he’s serious. Eventually, Robbie continues...)

Robbie: I’m just waiting on Trini. She said she’d look over a paper I wrote.

Zack: Well wait in line. She’s pretty busy.

(Robbie lets out an aggravated sigh as he sits down with the others.)

Robbie: What else is new I guess?

Zack: What about you?

Robbie: What about me?

Zack: Who would you rather date? Kim or Trini?

Robbie: Oh…

(Robbie leans back in his seat rather uncomfortably and takes a deep breath. Not being one who likes putting even the mildest bit of business out there for public scrutiny, he stumbles into an awkward silence. He then quickly deflects back to Zack.)

Robbie: Well how about this? Who would you rather date? Angela… or Jennie, the girl that used to work here.

Zack: Jennie… man. I totally forgot about her.

Jason: (Laughs) No you haven’t! Quit lying, man.

Zack: That’s a hard choice. Those are two top tiered girls. They’re like the Bulls and the Lakers.

Jason: You mean cause you can’t score on either?

Zack: Man, will you cut it out?!

(Zack throws his dirty napkin at Jason’s face which turns into its own playful scuffle. Meanwhile, back on the moon…)

Goldar: My empress, the Mantis is in position. He is just waiting on the yellow ranger to launch his attack.

Rita: Excellent. Now to lure the yellow ranger.

Squatt: I know! I’ll pretend to be a lost wounded pig she could rescue.

Baboo: I could lay in the park and pretend to garbage.

Squatt: Ooh! Good idea.

Goldar: Hmm. You wouldn’t need to do much pretending.

Baboo: Hey. What’s that supposed to mean!?

Rita: Quiet! I know exactly what to do…

(More than an hour passes back on earth. Very little changes back at the Youth Center. Trini continues to train in the workout area, almost oblivious to anything else going on. The other teens have all left but Robbie, who continues to wait on her. He’s put on earphones on and is listening to a familiar track as he scribbles on a note pad.)

“She seems to think, she seems too weak. She takes a week to get over it…”

(He listens to a little known Nirvana B-side. The same one he shared with her weeks ago before his birthday. Robbie tears off the page he was working on and crumples it up. He takes quick glances toward Trini to see if she is finished.)

“She likes the sound, she likes the sand. She likes to stand, she can't afford to sit.”

(Over his shoulder, a young man dressed in an apron appears to clean off his desk.)

Waiter: Can I get the check for you?

Robbie: Huh? Oh. Sure. Thanks.

Waiter: No problem.

Robbie: You’re new here I’m guessing?

Waiter: Yeah, I’m Chaz.

(Robbie doesn’t immediately respond as he seems to fade away again. Chaz notices Robbie staring blankly toward the workout area and continues.)

Chaz: You into martial arts?

Robbie: Huh? Oh… no. Not really.

Chaz: I see. You’re into her.

Robbie: What? Me?

(He again doesn’t answer right away. This time intentionally so.)

Chaz: I’m more into the short one in the pink tights.

Robbie: You don’t think she’s pretty?

Chaz: You do?

(He turns around to face her again.)

Robbie: I think she’s gorgeous.

Chaz: Why don’t you ask her out then?

Robbie: Nah. (Turns back) She wouldn’t want anything to do with me. I’m like a make a wish kid to her. Nothing more. But she’s miles better than the girl in pink. Inside and out.

(Robbie exhales, then turns back to his notepad as the waiter walks away. Trini continues to work out, trying to master her routine. Still oblivious, she doesn’t see Ernie setting up right behind her, frantically mopping the mat for some reason. She bumps into him when a kick goes astray.)

Trini: Woah. Ernie.

Ernie: Oh, I’m sorry Trini. Didn’t see you there. I’ve been stressing all day with this stupid health department looming.

(She sniffs curiously.)

Trini: A shower might help your chances of passing.

Ernie: Yeah. I’ve been all over the place today and training a new guy on top of it. Oh! By the way someone left a note for you.

Trini: Yeah?

(He reaches into his front pocket and hands her a small postcard sized note. Trini takes a brief look at the note, then grabs her stuff and leaves. Passing by Robbie along the way.)

Robbie: Huh…

(Taking a moment to process what had just happen, Robbie grows livid at being blown off by her yet again. Feeling stupid for waiting around, Robbie gets up goes for Ernie, hoping to get some answers before he acts out in a way he might later regret.)

Robbie: Hey Ernie, what just happened? I was supposed to meet with Trini and she bolts? What’s her deal?

Ernie: I don’t know. She got this note then just left.

(He hands Robbie Trini’s note, then walks away. The note reads…)


Meet me at the quarry for some special training.

Master Lee”

(Innocuous on its own, Robbie’s rage turns to worry when upon looking up, he finds Master Lee in the corner setting up for a class.)

Robbie: …

(Moments later, Trini is seen rushing toward the Angel Grove quarry, looking around aimlessly for her sensei.)

Trini: Master, are you here?

(Suddenly, a grisly voice calls out to her.)

“No. But I am.”

Trini: (Gasps) …!

(She drops her gym bag and turns to find the Fighting Mantis staring back at her.)

Trini: You! You set this up. Why?

Fighting Mantis: You have no honor. You refuse to face me alone. I give you this chance to redeem yourself.

(Despite knowing this may possibly be a trap, Trini gives in to her sense of pride. She gets into fighting stance and faces off against the Mantis.)

Trini: I do have honor. But you can’t be trusted.

Fighting Mantis: I give you my word as Kung Fu Master. You will get a fair fight. Accept my challenge.

(Without another word, she reaches behind her back.)

“Saber-toothed Tiger!”

(Not too far away, Robbie leads the rest of the team through the rocky hills.)

Robbie: It’s right this way. Let’s go.

Billy: Our communicator’s reception gets spotty around this region. I hope she’s alright.

(Looking on from the moon, Rita spots the other rangers coming to her aide and decides to think ahead.)

Rita: You want action? You got it.

(Within seconds, Robbie and the others are surrounded by a swarm of putty patrollers.)

Jason: Look!

Kimberly: Oh no, putties!

(The rangers are forced to put their Trini rescue mission on hold as they face off against the threat before them. Zack gets to work quickly, landing a quick punch. He tries a spin kick but gets his foot caught by the putty. He drops to the floor but uses his momentum to kick the enemy away with his other foot._

Zack: Take that, clay brains!

Billy ducks a kick to the back of his head, them hops away each time the putty tries to stomp him down. He finds his opening and helicopter spins to his feet, kicking away the putty patroller with both feet. Kim charges for an enemy using flashy cartwheels, then while stunned she knocks him down with a bicycle kick.)

Jason: Come at me!

(Jason doesn’t try to fool anybody, instead unleashing an onslaught of kicks and punches to swipe away as many enemies as possible at once. Robbie however, seems more concerned with getting through them and continuing toward the quarry.)

Robbie: Get off me!

(Tied down by two enemies holding him back by both arms, he turns around and stomps one in the face, rolling the enemy backwards. He turns the other way, yanks the other forward and lets them run into his forearm he’s positioned near his face. Meanwhile, down by the quarry, Trini faces off against the Mantis on her own.)

Fighting Mantis: I must say yellow ranger, I’m quite impressed.

Trini: I’ve been training. And you’ve seen nothing yet!

(She bullishly charges for the Fighting Mantis who follow suit. They meet in the middle where Trini pulls off a spin kick. She cartwheels out of an attempted slash by the mantis’ claw. They stalemate mid-air with two kicks, but the mantis nails her with a left claw.)

Trini: Ugh.

(Trini is hardly deterred though, going right back in. She swats away another left with a kick, then lock arms with the monster like two bulls locking horns.)

Trini: You haven’t beaten me yet, Mantis.

Fighting Mantis: No, but the day is still young.

“And you shall die young, yellow ranger!”

(From the skies, Goldar and Scorpina appear. The Mantis shoves Trini forward and into Goldar, who comes down with his blade and slashes her across the chest.)

Trini: Ugh. What?! What about your honor?!

Fighting Mantis: Like you said. I have no honor.

Trini: …

Scorpina: Good luck calling your friends, yellow ranger. You wish to stand alone, you will fall alone.

Goldar: Ahahahaha.

Fighting Mantis: Ahahahahaha.

(Trini tries desperately to contact the others, but the reception appears to be dead. By the rocky hills, the rangers who have just finished off the putties manage to receive a call from Zordon.)

Jason: We read you Zordon.

(The reception is unclear, but Zordon comes through.)

Zordon: Trini is in trouble by the quarry and needs your help.

Robbie: I knew it was trap…

Kimberly: We were already on our way there, Zordon.

Zack: Let’s squash that bug.

Jason: It’s morphin time!






(At the quarry, Trini manages to stagger back to her feet. However she is clearly outnumbered and overwhelmed by the incoming Mantis, Goldar and Scorpina. They approach her slowly with weapons drawn, like cats playing with a wounded mouse. She stumbles backwards, not sure of what to do. Then, just as Mantis extends his right arm forward, he’s blasted with laser.)

Fighting Mantis: Arrgh.

Goldar: Huh?

Scorpina: What?

(Just in the nick of time, the other rangers appear to the rescue, with Robbie in the forefront with his blade blaster drawn.)

Jason: Hang on Trini.

Billy: We’re here for you.

Trini: Ha. Now it’s a fair fight, Mantis.

Fighting Mantis: Ugh…

(But from the moon…)

Rita: Magic wand, make my monsters, grrrrrrrooooooooooooowww!

(She chucks her wand from the edge of the balcony and shoots it toward earth. It lands right in front of the Mantis, Goldar and Scorpina. And with a rip in the ground, magic steam engulfs them, growing them all to the size of giants.)

Trini: Well I would have been screwed by now.

Robbie: That outta teach you not to blow off your friends for karate lessons.

Trini: (Lowers head) Right…

Jason: Alright guys. We need Dinozord power, now!

(With a huge blast, the mighty Tyrannosaurus rex appears through the flames, roaring fearlessly as it rises from the earth. From an icy tundra, the Mastodon rises with a loud blowing of its trunk. From the desert during a wild sandstorm, the Triceratops races right through it. From the top of a hill the ferocious Saber-toothed Tiger jumps down to a rainforest and rips through anything in sight. And erupting through a volcano, pterodactyl rips through the sky, flying right through a tree branch on its way to Angel Grove. Jason sees his Dinozord within sight and flies through the air to get in the cockpit. He is followed by his team…)

Jason: Log on.

(The five mighty Zords run together, preparing to become one. The Saber-toothed tiger’s legs fold up to create a leg, the Triceratops tail tucks in to for the other. They combine with the Tyrannosaurus’s legs, forming the first half of the Megazord. The Mastodon’s back splits in two down the middle and its head separates. The former spreads out and attaches to the back of the Tyrannosaurus, making the arms and the head attaches to the torso. The rangers now all appear in a larger cockpit, ready to complete transformation.)

Jason: Activating Megazord Battle Mode.


“Megazord sequence has been initiated.”

(The two legs remain planted as the rest of the body lifts upward to a standing position. The final piece, the Pterodactyl, circles the Megazord and flies toward it, tucking in its wings and head. The Tyrannosaurus head folds into its chest, revealing the Megazord’s head before the Pterodactyl combines with the mighty Zord, creating the chest piece. And with one final fighting stance, the Zord speaks…)

“Megazord activated.”

Robbie: My turn. I call upon the power of the Stegosaurus!

(In a faraway tropical forest, there is a sudden violent tremble. Suddenly and with a deafening roar the prehistoric beast bursts through and starts climbing out to march into battle. Robbie spots it from a distance as it roars into Angel Grove and flies into the Zord’s cockpit.)

Robbie: The exterminator’s here… StegaZord, combat mode. now!

(The Zord stops dead in its tracks, leaving a trail of dust behind it as a crank like sound can be heard from within. The Zord begins to rise all the way to its hind legs. Its front paws sticks out before flip inside of itself, revealing clenched fists from the other side. Finally its long, plated tail stiffens and starts to rise up connecting plate side out against its back with the tip resting on top of its head.)

Robbie: StegaZord, combat ready!

Goldar: You worthless power brats are still outnumbered.

Scorpina: Three on one. You don’t stand a chance.

Fighting Mantis: Wait. I’ve got this.

(Mantis jumps out in front of Rita’s main minions at stands in an awkward pose, creating a stand off.)

Jason: Trini, what’s he doing?

Trini: The Mantis will concentrate his energy for a single blow. Watch his feet.

Zack: Let’s do it!

Trini: Watch his footwork.

(Just then, the Mantis flies into the air and quickly soars at them with its claw extended. He comes down for a powerful strike that rocks the rangers. The StegaZord rushes in, grabbing both arms but gets greeted with a kick to the chest that shoves Robbie back. The mantis follows up with another slash that pushes the StegaZord backwards and into enemy fire. That’s where Goldar and Scorpina jump in with their blades. Devouring the StegaZord and taking it down.)

Robbie: Ugh. I’m hurt you guys!

(The Fighting Mantis wastes no time turning his attention to the Megazord, landing a double swipe that knocks them back as well before they have a chance to recover.)

Jason: I need the power sword!

(The mighty power sword falls from the sky and lands facing down. The Megazord pulls it from the ground and readies for its final attack.)

Goldar: Uh oh. I seem to have misplaced my phone. I’ll be right back.

Scorpina: What?! Where are you going?!

(Both Goldar and Scorpina vanish, leaving the Fighting Mantis alone with the Megazord. The tides quickly turn as all of the mantis’ offense gets blocked by the power sword, before finally getting a taste of its own medicine when a powerful slash knocks him down.)

Fighting Mantis: Arrrgh.

Jason: Let’s finish him!

(The Megazord winds up for the final slash, twirling its arm around ominously. The Mantis gets up, the team unleashes a devastating cut across the abdomen. The attack hits dead on, and the monster falls weakly to the ground and bursts into flames. Not wanting to suffer the same fate.)

Jason: Alright!

Kimberly: We did it.

Kimberly: Great work, Trini.

(The mood is much less jovial on the moon as Goldar and Scorpina return.)

Goldar: The phone was in my pocket the whole time, empress. Once it’s charged I’ll head back down there and destroy them.

Rita: Ugh. Why do I even bother...?

(Back at the command center, the rangers appear for a debriefing.)

Zordon: Good work, Power Rangers. Trini, you did the honorable thing. You tried to be fair.

Trini: Thanks Zordon.

Billy: It’s not your fault Rita cheats.

(Unexpectedly, Robbie chimes in.)

Robbie: But it would be your fault if you got yourself killed over pride. Please don’t ever do that again. You call us if you need help.

Trini: …okay. I will.

Jason: We’ll always be here to watch your back.

Jason: You guys are the best.

(Delighted by the support, Trini jumps into her group of friends for a big, warm group hug. A couple hours have passed and most of the teen have returned to the Youth Center to distress after a long day.)

“Those amazing heroes, the power rangers have once again successfully defeated another attack on Angel Grove by Rita Repulsa and her seemingly endless hoards of monstrous thugs. Mayor Carrington plans to address the public on the attack later.

In other news, crank phone calls have gone on the rise in the city, leaving many baffled and frustrated. We’ll turn now to a Mr. Ben Dover who joins us on the line with a possible solution.”

(As the TV airs in the background, Ernie is seen furiously cleaning the counters around it. Trini is seen on the workout area, wrapping up another lesson with Master Lee.)

Master Lee: Excellent work, Trini.

Trini: Thank you, Master Lee. Practice makes perfect.

(As things seem to have progressed since earlier for her, the guys, who are back at their table, haven’t.)

Zack: So, Robbie.

Robbie: Zack.

Zack: Who would you rather date? Trini or Kim?

Robbie: (Sighs) …

Jason: (Laughs) You’re not getting away with not answering, bro.

Zack: You can just say Trini already.

Robbie: What?!

(Robbie reacts instantaneously, and almost forcefully. As if he is worried he’s shown his hand.)

Zack: C’mon dude. We’re not totally blind. We can see you care about her and try to spend time with her. It’s as plain to see as my ten fingers and toes.

Robbie: You have nine fingers, Zack.

Zack: Whatever. You know what I mean. I don’t see you going out of your way to round us up and save Kim.

Robbie: Well… I am a power ranger. And… she is my friend. (Shrugs) She’s actually tried to look out for me. I guess it’s more appreciation more than anything. I appreciate her.

(He looks out once again toward the workout area. This time, with a look of closure in his eyes. As if he’s ready to close this chapter in his life.)

Robbie: But no, I don’t see anything ever happening.

Zack: Well that’s a shame.

Robbie: What about you? You never answered your question before? Angela or Jennie?

Zack: Ah… I’ve thought long and hard about both of them.

Robbie: Gross.

Zack: And I’ve got to say… Angela. She really gets me you know?

Jason: She can’t stand you.

Zack: Nah, she’s just playing hard to get.

Billy: Didn’t she slap you a couple weeks ago?

Zack: That’s how she and I play around. It’s no biggie. It’s a black thing you wouldn’t get, Billy.

Billy: (Raises eyebrow) …

Zack: Jennie… she’s nice. But she doesn’t get me like that. Plus she left me. So as far as I’m concerned she blew her shot.

Jason: Really? Cause she’s standing right behind you.

Zack: Huh?

(Zack shoots his head around to find Jennie standing by the counter getting handed an envelope by Ernie.)

Ernie: And here’s your last paycheck.

Jennie: Thank you.

(Instantly, Zack flies out of his seat and runs right up to her.)

Zack: Jennie! Yo-you’re back!

Jennie: Crap.

(Behind the counter, Ernie turns around to wash his hands.)

Ernie: Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Ernie, happy birthday to yo--

(Suddenly, a man in a white button up shirt approaches.)

Man: Ernie. Are you Ernie?

Ernie: …huh?

Zack: I’m so glad to finally see you again. I-I never got a chance to tell you how I really feel.

Jennie: You’ve told me how you felt many times. It’s partly why I left.

(Just then, Angela just happens to pass by.)

Zack: Uh no. Angela…

(Zack whispers just loud enough to be heard, as if to invite her in...)

Angela: Huh? You need something?

Zack: Oh… man… This is awkward. My two loves at the same place…

Jennie: You mean your right and your left hand?

Zack: …

(Bowing to her sensei after concluding her class, Trini grabs a towel and wipes off her forehead as she heads toward the others.)

Jason: Hey Trini, looking much better.

Trini: Thanks! I finally decided to stop overthinking everything. It’s making a world of difference.

Robbie: Zack’s way ahead of you.

(She looks up and sees Zack striking out on both ends. She laughs, then turns back to Robbie.)

Trini: Ready for me?

Robbie: Sure. I just need to hit the little boys’ room first.

(Robbie gets up and heads for the exit. Incidentally, he runs into Jennie who on her way out.)

Jennie: Hey!

Robbie: Hey.

Jennie: You’re Robbie right?

Robbie: Yeah. You used to work here.

Jennie: Yep. I’ve served my life sentence. I’m out of food service hell.

Robbie: Nice. Way to live the dream. Where you working now?

Jennie: …McDaniel’s.

(An awkward pause turns into mutual laughter. Meanwhile, Trini and the others continue to talk.)

Billy: So does this mean we’re gonna see a brand new Trini?

Trini: Uh… I don’t know about all that. But uh… I think I’ll be tweaking my approach to things a little bit. I was trying too hard to hit these rigid and meaningless goals. Be perfect at everything you know? I need to just… go with the flow. Let things fall where they fall.

(The lesson to her goes a little beyond her Kung Fu. She looks up toward the exit, and to her surprise sees Robbie re-approaching.)

Robbie: Hey, Trini.

Trini: Yeah?

Robbie: Think we can reschedule?

Trini: Huh?

Robbie: I uh… had something come up just now. I uh… you think you could just look at my paper and give me notes on Monday.

(Robbie looks uncomfortably toward the juice bar, where Zack seems to be nursing his emotional wounds. Trini however looks right past him and sees Jennie standing in the hallway.)

Trini: Um… sure Robbie.

Robbie: Thanks, bud.

(He pats her in the arm and starts to turn around. Meanwhile, back at the juice bar…)

Man: I’m from the health department. I’m here to inspect your restaurant.

Ernie: Oh sure! Nice to finally meet you.

(Ernie nervously wipes his sweaty palms on his pant leg and extends his hand out for a shake, but a sudden shriek catches everyone’s attention.)


(Jennie rushes back into the Youth Center, scared for her life. Following her are a swarm of cockroaches that have escaped from Bulk and Skull, who are chasing them with empty containers.)

Bulk: You numbskull! Pick them up!!

Skull: I’m trying!! I’m trying!!

Bulk: They’re our whole pitch, you idiot! We’re ruined without them!

Man: …

Ernie: Uh… I’ll go get the manager. I don’t actually work here.

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Nice one! I love how you fix up the various scenes.
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"That outta teach you not to blow off your friends for karate lessons."

And yet this very same behavior somehow makes Tommy perfect for team leader. Good job Zordon, good job.

(Yes I realize that Robbie said this line but it speaks volumes about MMPR as a whole)
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AngieYaz wrote: View Post

Nice one! I love how you fix up the various scenes.
Thanks Angie!

DragonBuckler7 wrote: View Post

"That outta teach you not to blow off your friends for karate lessons."

And yet this very same behavior somehow makes Tommy perfect for team leader. Good job Zordon, good job.

(Yes I realize that Robbie said this line but it speaks volumes about MMPR as a whole)
Ha. I didn't even make that connection. But nice one. How true and Roobie-esque of you to say.
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With season one: Origins coming to and end within the next few weeks, I will be shifting my focus to several other things relating to the series before getting started on season 4. One of which is releasing season 3 and season one origins as e-books. I have S1: Origins all but ready on a word document and just waiting on the last two chapters, and S3 just needs to have the photobucket broken links replaced before I release. The one thing both things are missing though are cover art! That's where you might come in...

Just like S1, I'd like for a reader to come up with the cover art! Something relating to the brown ranger, power rangers as a whole or the yellow ranger (central character for S1: Origins). It's totally up to you.

If I get multiple entries, I'll showcase them all one way or another, but the winner will get the front covers! And (if forums rules allow) a $15 prize through Paypal each one. You can post it, PM it or put email me at kevinq13@gmail.com.

Good luck to anyone interested!

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Part one of the two part finale should be out either Monday or Tuesday, 11/27 or 11/28.

Major changes were made to the script to make it stand out from the original, incorporate all existing the plot threads, and make it a suitable finale. This is just part one. I predict part two will resemble nothing of the original and likely take much longer to complete.

Either way, I hope you all enjoy it and have a happy and safe holiday weekend!
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Prequel - Episode 49: Return of an Old Friend

Mr. Kaplan: Welcome to parents day!

(We begin today as usual at the Youth Center. It’s unusually crowded today however. With several adults surrounding each teenager with what appears to be a school wide event. Mr. Kaplan stands guard at the entrance welcoming everybody that enters.)

Mr. Kaplan: Welcome to parents day!

Mr. Cranston: Thank you.


(Attracting a crowd by one of the center tables, Mr. Scott and Mr. Kwan engage in an arm wrestling contest that ends in a painful draw.)

Jason: Giving up, dad?

Trini: My dad always believes that physical and mental strength should go hand in hand.

Mr. Scott: Screw that. Mental strength is for wussies who can’t get to the gym.

(Mr. Scott bullishly slams his elbow on the table for another round as his wife turns to Trini’s mother.)

Mrs. Scott: I wonder where my son gets all his aggression from.

(The women share a chuckle at his expense, as do their kids. Jason’s attention however shifts when Billy’s father joins the crowd.)

Jason: Oh hey, Mr. Cranston! Where’s Billy?

Mr. Cranston: Locked in his garage with some “new breakthrough” he refuses to tell me about. (Rolls eyes) You know how my son is when he’s occupied with one of his projects.

(Both Jason and Trini nod in agreement. Since secretly helping the rangers escape the Island of Illusions and discovering his inner strength, Billy has shifted into overdrive, busting out new invention after new invention.)

“Ahaha. Say hello, dweebs.”

Jason: …

Trini: …

(Skull passes by with his camcorder in hand filming anything and everything around him. He passes by Zack who is being tag teamed by his parents.)

Mrs. Taylor: Zackypoo, your underwear’s showing…

Zack: (Sucks teeth) Mom… please don’t call me--

Mr. Taylor: Pull up those pants, boy.

Zack: (Sighs) …

Mrs. Taylor: Are you buying the right sizes Zack?

Zack: Yes mom. This style is in.

Mr. Taylor: Are clowns “in,” boy? Cause you look like a clown.

Mrs. Taylor: I bought you a few pairs the other day. Do I need to start laying out your clothes again?

Zack: Mom…!

Skull: …here we have the Zack man and his parents.

Mrs. Taylor: Oh, hello there…

Zack: (Steps in) Nope. Show’s over.

(After Zack quickly nips that in the bud, Skull moves on. Back at the table, Trini turns to Jason with a wide, cheesy smile as they look over their parents having a good time.)

Jason: Yeah?

Trini: So…

Jason: So?

Trini: You’re family seems to be doing okay?

(Finally understanding where she’s getting at, Jason quietly nods.)

Jason: Yep. Tests came back negative.

Trini: (Gasps) Are you serious?!

Jason: We’re not out of the woods yet. But my mom has responded to chemo. The cancer’s in remission.

Trini: Jason, that’s amazing! I’m so happy for you. That’s one huge thing we don’t have to worry about for now.

Jason: If only Rita could go into remission.

Trini: (Laughs) If only…

(Little do they know, Rita happens to be listening in from the moon…)

Rita: Ha. Me? Go into remission? This wart never goes away. I'm worse than Herpes. Am I right?

(Rita turns to face her crew, yet none of them seem to be listening. They all seem to be crowding Goldar, entranced by a new baby Goldar is holding.)

Rita: Huh?

Squatt: Aww, look at him…

Scorpina: He’s so cute, Goldar.

Goldar: Yes. We’ve gone to several doctors. There’s nothing we can do to fix it.

Squatt: I had no idea your nephew was human.

Goldar: My sister married a human. It caused a huge rift in my family, but she’s very open minded.

Squatt: She’s into inter-species dating?

Goldar: No, her brain is exposed.

Squatt: Oh.

(Rita however, doesn’t appear impressed as she eyes the child.)

Rita: Hmm. I don’t see the appeal.

Squatt: You don’t like babies, my queen?

Rita: Babies? I’m surrounded by babies every day of my life here.

Squatt: (Scratches head) …where?

Rita: All this love and compassion for another person. To drop everything to care for them. It’s a liability if I’ve ever seen one. An emotional vulnerability that can be easily exploited by an enemy.

Baboo: What do you mean?

Rita: Take humans for example. They’re willing to go through great lengths for their family. They’re even willing to die for them. It’s pathetic.

Scorpina: (Scratches chin) Hmm. Perhaps we could use that to our advantage with the power rangers.

Rita: Yes… I like it!

Scorpina: I say we kidnap their parents, then hold them ransom.

Goldar: Yes. And we can exchange their safety for their power coins.

Rita: I love it! Ahaha.

(Meanwhile back at the Youth Center. As Trini and Jason continue to discuss their families, Skull continues roaming about with his camera. He stops at the front near Mr. Kaplan, who’s now surrounded by two punkish adults poking at him and messing with his toupee.)

Skull: …And here’s my parents making nice with Kaplan.

Mr. Kaplan: Mr. Skullovitch, if I knew these are who all my letters were being sent to I wouldn’t have wasted the precious ink and paper. (Checks watch) Now as I assume, Bulkmeier should be arriving here at any minute.

Skull: Sure Mr. Kaplan. When you feel the floor shaking, you’ll know it’s them.

Mr. Kaplan: …

(Just behind Kaplan, a middle aged couple dressed in upscale clothing couple walk in. They look around intrigued, as if amused by the simplicity of their surroundings. Trini recognized them and steps away from the crowd to greet them.)

“Hi Trini.”

Trini: Hi Mrs. Hart!

Mrs. Hart: Please, call me Karen.

Trini: Okay… Karen!

Mrs. Hart: Is Kimberly here?

Trini: I haven’t seen her. I thought she was with you.

(Behind Trini, a middle aged man, equally well dressed, but with a five o clock shadow wanders in behind her.)

Mrs. Hart: Oh. Her father must have just walked in.

Trini: Okay. (Turns around) He doesn’t have a date?

Mrs. Hart: She’s probably one of your classmates, dear.

Trini: O-oh…

(Just then, a student passes by, overhearing their conversation...)

“If you’re looking for Kim, she’s right outside making a call.”

Mrs. Hart: Thank you, Lindsay.

Trini: (Uncomfortably) …I’ll go get her.

(As Trini awkwardly walks off, Zack slinks away from his parents. He eyes Angela who’s surrounded by her parents and cautiously approaches.)

Zack: Uh… hey Angela.

Angela: Zack?

Zack: Hey. How’s it going?

(Angela uncomfortably darts her eyes between him and her mother, as she tries to shoo him away.)

Angela: Not now, Zack. I really don--

Angela’s Mother: (Turns around) Angela, aren’t you going to introduce us to your friend here?

Angela: Um. He’s not really--

Zack: Uh… I’m Zack. (Extends hand) You must be Angela’s sister.

(Angela rolls her eyes at the obvious suck up, but her mother eats it up.)

Angela’s Mother: (Laughs) I like this young man, Angela.

Angela: You do?

Angela’s Mother: Yes. So charming and well dressed.

Zack: Th-thank you!

“Boy! If I need to tell you to pull your pants up one more time, I’m gonna*“

(A sudden bellow from across the room forces Zack to sheepishly retreat.)

Zack: Gotta go.

(As Zack darts out of there, Robbie enters behind them. He’s alone, and not appearing register what’s going on around him. He walks toward the counter...)

Robbie: Hey Ernie. Two shakes please.

Ernie: You got it.

(Meanwhile just outside, Trini exits the Youth Center and finds a distraught looking Kim leaning tragically against a phone booth.)

Trini: There you are, Kim. Is everything okay?

Kimberly: (Sighs) Yeah. I just needed someone to talk to, so I reached out to Tommy.

Trini: And?

Kimberly: He’s really bummed about losing his powers. So we just talked about that for a while.

Trini: I see. What about you?

Kimberly: Oh nothing… it’s just… my parents haven’t… I haven’t really seen both of my parents together since the divorce you know?

Trini: Yeah…

Kimberly: I just feel like… I’m caught in the middle of this. You know? Like they hate each other and I’m just…

Trini: Collateral?

Kimberly: What's that?

Trini: (Shakes head) Nothing. I get what you mean.

Kimberly: (Sighs) I don’t know. Sometimes…. I feel like it’s my fault things got so bad. Makes me feel like I won’t ever get to enjoy normal moments like graduations or birthdays.

Trini: Kim that’s not true. They tied to make things work for as long as they did for you. And as a matter of fact they’re both upstairs right now waiting for you.

Kimberly: Really? They’re both here?

Trini: They’re both here. Wanna go say hi to them?

Kimberly: Yeah! Lead the way…

(Trini takes a now giddy Kim by the hand as they skip back inside. Meanwhile, back on the moon, an impatient Rita storms into Finster’s workshop.)

Rita: Finster, where’s my monster? I need I need a distraction while my plan takes shape.

Finster: I’ve just found the perfect mold, my empress. Meet the Dramole. He can burrow underground and blind his target with a thick smog before launching surprise attacks.

Rita: Yeah, yeah. I don’t care what he does. You could have made a pile of crap for all I care.

Finster: Ah, the Log Gnome. One of my earlier works. An interesting backstory if you’ve got a mome--

(Rita suddenly storms out on Finster mid-sentence. Outside, a domesticated Goldar is seated in front of a highchair with an apron on, struggling to feed his nephew a bowl of mashed pees.)

Goldar: C’mon… eat!

(But the baby is defiant.)

Goldar: You fool. Don’t you know? Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Baboo: (Leans in) Just ask Uncle Squatt. He has two of them.

Baby: (Babbling) ...

Squatt: (Leans in) I’ll have his if he won’t finish it.

(Completely enraptured in her latest scheme, Rita enters the room, disregarding everything that’s going on as she commands attention.)

Rita: I don't care about any monsters, they're just a distraction. Capturing everyone’s family shall be my largest scale attack yet. That's why I need all hands on deck on this one.

(Being the only one of Rita’s crew actually working, Scorpina returns from a stakeout.)

Scorpina: I’ve found the blue ranger running on his own, my empress. Perhaps we could corner him and use him secure the dragon dagger. That way they'll have nothing once we take their power coins.

(Suddenly, a devious grin comes to Rita's face.)

Rita: This plan just got even better...

(Back at on earth, the festivities continue at the Youth Center. Bulk’s parents have arrived and with Skull’s, are chatting away with an already worn out and toupee-less Kaplan. Behind them, Kim and Trini re-enter.)

Kimberly: Mom, dad. You’re here!

(She excitedly rushes over and throws herself onto them for a hug.)

Mrs. Hart: Hi sweetheart.

Mr. Hart: You look so pretty, darling.

Kimberly: I was so worried.

Mrs. Hart: Why?

Kimberly: I don’t know. I guess I thought…

Mrs. Hart: Kim, you’re still our daughter. And we both love you very much.

Kimberly: …

Mr. Hart: No matter what happens between us, you’re still our top priority.

Kimberly: I love you guys.

(As they continue their loving embrace, remains be the entrance smiling to herself. She takes a minute to look around the Youth Center and take everything in, like a proud mother hen looking over her baby chicks. Lately, Trini has made a conscious effort to shift away from her goal driven ways in order to just be there for her friends. This of course comes after finding that her insatiable drive has negatively impacted some of her key relationships.)

Robbie: Thanks Ernie.

Ernie: No problem.

(Speaking of which, Trini spots Robbie by the juice bar. She slowly heads over.)

Trini: Hey there.

Robbie: Oh hey.

Trini: Where’s your family?

Robbie: Good question.

Trini: Is your mom coming?

Robbie: Nah. My mom tends to go crazy and disappear during her “time of the month.”

Trini: (Raises eyebrow) That’s a bit insensitive.

Robbie: I mean when then rent is due.

Trini: Oh... And your dad?

Robbie: Who?

Trini: Right. I almost forgot.

Robbie: I’m just here to grab some shakes and go. I’m actually pretty busy today.

(She notes the two shakes in his hands. Also that he’s fairly well-dressed for himself.)

Trini: Going to see Jennie?

Robbie: Huh?

Trini: Uh…

Robbie: Oh...

(Putting the pieces together, he suddenly appears visibly uncomfortable.)

Robbie: No. (Shrugs) We only hung out once. Didn’t sit right so I didn’t call her back. I don’t need to mess things up with us.

Trini: …us?

Robbie: You know, Zack likes her. I don’t need to go there and make things complicated.

Trini: Right…

Robbie: I just told her I was seeing someone. That was that.

(She grins, assuming he made something up.)

Trini: So… the shakes are for…

Robbie: My niece.

Trini: (Gasps) Your niece? But she’s…

Robbie: On her way here any minute.

Trini: That’s wonderful! What happened?!

Robbie: My sister won big at a scratch off that she can only redeem in Angel Grove.

Trini: Good for her. What did she win?

Robbie: Another scratch off.

Trini: Oh… Well I’m really happy for you.

Robbie: Thanks. I guess I’m trying to make a good impression to change her mind about me being a bad influence. It doesn’t make up for breaking into her diary or farting into her snoring mouth, but it’s a start.

Trini: I doubt she’ll hold anything against you from when you were kids.

Robbie: The last one was just a few weeks ago.

Trini: Ah. Well good luck anyway.

Robbie: Thanks.

(Trini smiles back at him warmly, genuinely happy that things are looking up for a friend. As he turns to leave, she looks back and eyes her family briefly before stopping him.)

Trini: My uh… parents are here.

Robbie: Yeah?

Trini: Would you… like to meet them?

Robbie: Uh… I don’t know. I’m not good with parents. I always say something stupid. (Looks over) Pretty sure I’ve also thrown stuff at your mother for taking cans out of my trash.

Trini: My mom’s a doctor, Robbie.

Robbie: See, I always say something stupid.

Trini: Don’t be silly.

(She walks over and grabs him by the arm.)

Trini: You’re my friend. They’ll love you. Thanks for the shake by the way…

(Trini leans in and playfully takes a sip from his drink as she yanks him Robbie away. Meanwhile, just outside, a winded Billy makes his way toward the Youth Center.)

Billy: I can’t wait to show the guys what I’ve done. This new discovery could change everything.

(He runs across the street from the end of the park and makes it to the Youth Center parking lot. Before he could go much further though, enemies appear from the skies.)

Billy: Putties!

(Immediately surrounded, Billy panics. After a brief hesitation he reacts and tries to kick at an enemy to the right to break free but he gets caught. He’s shoved backwards into a flying forearm that he barely ducks. He catches another’s flying chop and tries to respond with a punch to the gut. He lands it and gets his open lane to bolt right through. Winded and afraid that he’s all alone Billy mad dashes to the finish line inside the Youth Center. Unfortunately…)

Scorpina: Blue ranger!

Billy: (Gasps) …!!

(Scorpina shows up right before him to block his path.)

Billy: Scorpina!

(He gets pinned down immediately by putties rushing in behind him. His arms get locked behind his back.)

Billy: (Struggling) …!!

Scorpina: Relax, blue ranger. I don’t want you to fight me. I want you to join me. Ahahahahahahaha.


(Back inside the Youth Center as the mingling continues, Jason’s communicator rings. It snaps him straight out of his blissful stupor, and back into work mode.)

Jason: …excuse me a sec, dad.

(He instinctively covers his hand over his watch, then motions to Zack, Trini and Kim to meet him in the hallway. Once the coast is clear he answers the call…)

Jason: We read you Zordon.

Zordon: Rangers, Billy is being attacked by putties outside the Youth Center. He is need of assistance.

Kimberly: (Sucks teeth) …of all days.

Jason: (Nods) We’re on it.

(The teens rush down the hallway and within seconds they’re outside in the parking lot. Billy is on the ground clutching his head, but fortunately the team spreads out to cover him and get to work.)

Kimberly: Hy-yaa!

(Kim catches two flying fists from each side and rolls them back, sending two enemies flying behind her into a stack of empty boxes. She front flips forward and graceful jab to knock another away. Jason catches a fist, throws one of his own then kicks his enemy away. He ducks a back kick, then leaps for a split that takes out that putty and one behind him.)

Jason: Let’s can these party crashers.

(Trini catches a flying chop then in one swift motion ducks down to drive her forearm into its ribcage. She discards of her enemy and tosses him against some garbage bins.)

Trini: We need to teach them some manners!

(As she and the others continue, on the moon, Rita sees her chance to commence the next phase in her plan…)

Rita: Ahaha. Time for us to pay their parents a little visit!

(Straightaway in the Youth Center, the walls start shaking, violently tossing everyone and everything inside.)

Ms. Appleby: Oh my…

Mrs. Hart: What’s going on?! Kimberly…?!

Ernie: Hang tight everyone. We’ve got an earthquake!

Mr. Scott: This ain’t no earthquake…

(A deafening clap of thunder strikes from out of nowhere just outside. The lights briefly cut out. When they cut back in, horror strikes.)

“Parents of Angel Grove. It’s time to conquer earth.”

(Rita Repulsa appears, standing ominously at the center of the Youth Center. Panic ensues as everyone rushes for the sole exit. That is when Squatt and Baboo appear and block it off.)

Baboo: Uh-uh!

Squatt: You’re not going anywhere!

(Parents stumble before the two in front, creating a domino effect of people falling behind them. Rita’s wicked laughter is heard grows louder as she approaches slowly.)

Rita: Ahahahaha.

Bulk: I want my mommy…

Mr. Hart: What do you want from us?!

Rita: You? Ha. I want nothing from you, pathetic trope of a midlife crisis. I want what you could bring me. I want what’s most important to you.

Mr. Hart: …Hannah? Can you come here a second…?

(Elsewhere, at a nearby bus station…)

“Your sole value to me is to serve as bait. But to those I truly want, you mean everything.”

Laura: Uncle Robbie!!

(Jumping off a stationed bus, Robbie’s niece runs ahead of her mother to greet him with a big hug.)

Robbie: Laura! Come here!

(He awaits with arms wide open. Too excited to notice the sounds of her little legs pattering on the sidewalk growing fainter and fainter. She becomes transparent, then before long becomes just a soft wind brushing Robbie in the chest, alarming him instantly.)

Robbie: …wha!?

“You’re loss will devastate them. Anger them. Tempt them into making the gravest mistake of their lives…”

(Just outside, the rangers finish up with the putties. Zack landing the final blow as an exclamation point. As the putties vanish a split second later, the teens refocus and shift their attention to Billy, who is still on the ground holding his head.)

Trini: Billy, Billy are you alright?

(Still shaken from the spell he’s been put under, Billy doesn’t have to act much to seem disoriented.)

Billy: I-I think so…

Zack: You heard that thunder guys. That’s usually not good.

Jason: C’mon, let’s head inside and make sure our parents are alright.

(Trini helps Billy get back to his feet as the others rush inside the Youth Center. When inside, their hearts sink. A room previously filled with their closest friends and family members, now completely empty.)

Kimberly: Oh god no… Oh god no…

Jason: What’s going on?

Trini: Huh? How could they just have disappeared?

(Dismayed as they look around, Zack surveys the discarded, half-eaten plates on ground.)

Zack: I can only think of a few opportunities and I don’t like any of them.

Kimberly: Oh no. Skull’s camera…

(Kim rushes over to the camcorder left on the floor. its lens is cracked, but still appears to be running.)

Kimberly: Whatever made them leave, it wasn’t willingly.

Trini: I bet we’ll know for sure by checking that what’s in it.

(Struggling to maintain composure, Jason stays within himself trying not to totally lose it in front of his team. Thoughts of his family, who has already gone through so much recently flood his mind. The faintest possibility that something can happen to them after they’ve survived the worst life has to offer troubles him deeply. He takes deep breaths however and tries to remain positive.)

Jason: Okay… It’s okay. We need to stay calm.

(Just then however, a hysterical Robbie rushes in.)

Robbie: My niece! My niece is gone!!

Trini: Robbie!

(His neat clothes, now completely undone, he rushes toward the others. Only stopping hard as Trini holds her hands out in front to catch him.)

Robbie: She’s just vanished. (Breathing hard) My sister too… What’s happening?!

Trini: Robbie… our parents are all gone.

(He turns and looks around the Youth Center, having just realized that it’s totally empty. He sighs, realizing what’s going on.)

Robbie: I can’t believe this.

Jason: (Reaches for communicator) Zordon, come in. We have a situation. I think we have a tape too.

(Moments later, the teens meet in the command center, their eyes glued to the viewing globe as they watch the film from Skull’s camera documenting their families final moments. The expressions remain grim, as sounds of sudden crashing are followed by panicked screams.)

Trini: Rita…

Zack: Who else could it be?

Kimberly: (Sniffs) My god… my mom looked so scared.

(She turns away, sickened.)

Kimberly: I can’t watch anymore.

Jason: This isn’t good you guys. Rita doesn’t get directly involved. She always sends her minions down to do the work for her.

Trini: Whatever she’s planning, it’s big.

Zordon: You are correct to assume that, Trini.

Jason: Zordon, do you know what’s going on? Where are our parents?

Zordon: I do not know. But your family and friends are safe for now.

Robbie: How do you know that? How does that even make sense?

Kimberly: And what do you mean “for now?”

Zack: What is Rita gonna do to them?

Robbie: I swear if they lay one finger on Laura, I’ll…

Zordon: You must stay composed, rangers. This is what Rita wants.

(A sudden silence befalls the command center, though the advice was hardly comforting.)

Zordon: I cannot locate their exact coordinates at this time, but they are unharmed based on interdimensional energy readings. There is no telling what state they can be in however. But they are in fact, alive.

Zack: That’s reassuring.

Alpha: It is imperative that we find them and bring them back safely.

Jason: You got that right.

(Just then however, the alarms blare.)

Jason: (Sighs) …

Kimberly: What now?

Zordon: I’m afraid Rita has sent down the Dramole monster to serve as a distraction.

(The teens turn back to the viewing globe to find Rita’s latest monster already giant sized, wandering around downtown Angel Grove menacingly.)

Zack: We don’t have time for this. We need to focus on getting our parents back before Rita pulls anything.

(Billy steps forward, after having been silent the whole time.)

Billy: (Shrugs) I’m afraid we have no choice, fellas. The Dramole monster could cause significant harm to the rest of the Angel Grove population. This must take priority.

Zack: …

Zordon: Billy is right. I will alert you if there are any changes regarding your family. Alpha will continue to locate their exact whereabouts.

(Reluctantly, the teens get into position.)

Jason: Alright… It’s morphin time.





“Saber Toothed Tiger!”


(Now morphed, the rangers head to town and immediacy call upon their Zords. The mighty Tyrannosaurus rex appears through a crater opening, roaring fearlessly as it rises from the earth. From an icy tundra, the Mastodon rises with a loud blowing of its trunk. From the desert during a wild sandstorm, the Triceratops races right through it. From the top of a hill the ferocious Saber-toothed Tiger jumps down to a rainforest and rips through anything in sight. And erupting through a volcano, pterodactyl rips through the sky, flying right through a tree branch on its way to Angel Grove. Jason sees his Dinozord within sight and flies through the air to get in the cockpit. He is followed by his team…)

Jason: Log on.

(The five mighty Zords run together, preparing to become one. The Saber-toothed tiger’s legs fold up to create a leg, the Triceratops tail tucks in to for the other. They combine with the Tyrannosaurus’s legs, forming the first half of the Megazord. The Mastodon’s back splits in two down the middle and its head separates. The former spreads out and attaches to the back of the Tyrannosaurus, making the arms and the head attaches to the torso. The rangers now all appear in a larger cockpit, ready to complete transformation.)

Jason: Activating Megazord Battle Mode.


“Megazord sequence has been initiated.”

(The two legs remain planted as the rest of the body lifts upward to a standing position. The final piece, the Pterodactyl, circles the Megazord and flies toward it, tucking in its wings and head. The Tyrannosaurus head folds into its chest, revealing the Megazord’s head before the Pterodactyl combines with the mighty Zord, creating the chest piece. And with one final fighting stance, the Zord speaks…)

“Megazord activated.”

(From the top of a building, Robbie follows suit…)

Robbie: I call upon the power of the Stegosaurus!

(In a faraway tropical forest, there is a sudden violent tremble. Suddenly and with a deafening roar the prehistoric beast bursts through and starts climbing out to march into battle. Robbie spots it from a distance as it roars into Angel Grove and flies into the Zord’s cockpit.)

Robbie: StegaZord, combat mode. Now!

(The Zord stops dead in its tracks, leaving a trail of dust behind it as a crank like sound can be heard from within. The Zord begins to rise all the way to its hind legs. Its front paws sticks out before flip inside of itself, revealing clenched fists from the other side. Finally its long, plated tail stiffens and starts to rise up connecting plate side out against its back with the tip resting on top of its head.)

Robbie: StegaZord, combat ready!

Jason: Alright, attack!

(The Megazord wastes no time charging into action. They lock horns briefly with Dramole before throwing a quick right hand. He quickly recovers though and rams himself against the rangers, knocking some of them out of their seats.)

Kimberly: AHHH!!

Zack: We’re no match for that hard shell!

Jason: We gotta hang in there. We need to make quick work of him.

(Finding what works, Dramole throws himself repeatedly at the Megazord, with the rangers barely diving out of the way each time. On The last attempt, Dramole opens himself up in front of Robbie, whose Zord drills him with a right hand. He staggers back and shakes the cobwebs, then curls up into a ball with a strained expression.)

Robbie: What’s he doing?

(Smoke pours out of the Dramole’s side, filling up the streets below. It rises quickly and completely obstructs the rangers’ vision.)

Kimberly: What’s going on?!

Jason: We can’t see!

Trini: What’s he doing?!

(The Megazord stumbles aimlessly trying not to be a lame duck, but they struck, hard.)

Jason: AHHHHHHHH!!!!

(Dramole appears through the fog with an earth shattering tackle. It send the rangers through the air, crashing over a nearby skyscraper that crumbles instantly beneath them.)

Robbie: You guys alright?! I still can’t see you!

(But they aren’t, alarms are blaring within the cockpit as shields have failed.

Rita: Ha, we’re winning. Quick Goldar, you and Scorpina go down there now and force them to call on Dragonzord.

Scorpina: Right.

Goldar: One second my queen. (Sniffs) The baby soiled himself.

Squatt: Um… no he didn’t…

(Within seconds, the rangers’ situation goes from bad to worse as a fully grown Goldar and Scorpina enter the battle.)

Goldar: Not doing so well rangers?

Scorpina: Well don’t worry. This won’t last much longer.

Kimberly: Oh no!

Robbie: Man, talk about kicking someone when they’re down.

Zack: Rita’s really outdoing herself this time…

Jason: We gotta stick this out. At least long enough for Alpha and Zordon to locate our parents.


Scorpina: Stick this.

(Scorpina dives right in and lands a hard slash to the Megazord with her Boomerang Blade. They stagger back and get a hard slash from Goldar’s blade.)

Zack: We’re outnumbered!

Kimberly: Little help, Robbie!

(The StegaZord charges in and tries to land a right to Scorpina, but gets caught. Instead she pushes him back with a kick to the chest and opens him up to another gore from Dramole.)

Robbie: AHHHHHH!!!

(The StegaZord is overwhelmed and falls into a smoking heap on the ground.)

Robbie: Little help, Kim!

(The three monsters look back to the Megazord and menacingly make their way toward the others.)

Trini: It’s too much.

Zack: We need help.

Jason: We need Dragonzord power.

(Jason pulls out the Dragon flute and places it to his lips. A voice immediately cuts into Billy’s head.)


Billy: Oh no you don’t.

(Mid-tune, Bully lunges toward Jason and yanks it away.)

Jason: Huh?

Trini: Billy?!

Kimberly: What are you doing?!

Billy: Returning what doesn’t belong to you.

Jason: Wha--

(Billy turns to exit the Megazord, leaving the others completely befuddled. They quickly follow him and find him at the bottom standing straight across Rita Repulsa.)

Jason: Billy, no! Don’t do it!

Rita: That’s it, blue ranger. Hand it over.

(Walking zombified toward Rita, his arms extend outward with the dagger in hand while the others cry in vain.)

Trini: NOOOOOO!!!

Jason: Billy!!

Robbie: What are you doing?!

Zack: Come back here!

(Unfortunately, Billy places it in Rita’s bony outstretched hand. She quickly discards of him after getting what she wanted.)

Rita: And now away with you, weakling.

(She sends a violent shock through his body that sends him flying backwards towards the team. He hits the ground hard, and appears to break free from Rita’s spell as they rush to his aide.)

Kimberly: Billy?!

Trini: Are you alright?

Billy: Wh-what happened?! What… what did I do?!

Rita: You’ve handed me victory, blue ranger. With the only loose string back in my hands, there is but one thing remaining between me and complete global domination!

Jason: You’ll never get away with this!

Rita: But I have, as long I have your families’ captive.

(A brief, yet defeated silence follows.)

Jason: …

Kimberly: What are you gonna do with them?

Robbie: Release them. That’s all you better do.

Rita: Losers do not make demands, brown ranger. Another empty threat out of you and your precious niece doesn’t see her first day of Kindergarten. Am I clear?!

Robbie: …

Rita: However I am a merciful ruler. And I have decided to broker a deal with you rangers to assure they return safely.

Zack: I don’t like the sound of this.

Jason: Forget it, we don’t make deals with the devil.

Rita: The devil has nothing on me.

Jason: …

Rita: Hand over your power coins, and you will see them again. You have one hour.

Trini: What?

(She vanishes. Leaving the teens exasperated and confused. They quickly return to the command center to ponder their options. In hopes that Zordon might find some secret third option they could take that could enable them to save the world, and their parents. However…)

Zordon: I am afraid there is no true good solution, rangers.

(A deflated team sits in silence. Each of them playing mental gymnastics and trying to figure a way out of this.)

Trini: Do you… think she was serious?

Zack: Why would she joke about this? She has us by the short hairs. We’ve got nothing on her right now. Especially since we don’t even know where our parents are.

Kimberly: What do you think she’d do if we refused?

Jason: Are you willing to find out?

Kimberly: …no.

(Sitting alone against the control panel, Billy proceeds to beat himself up over his part in Rita’s plan.)

Billy: I-I’m really sorry you guys. I feel like I completely let you all down. Again.

Jason: Don’t. It’s okay.

Billy: It’s not. Our position of leverage would be much more favorable if we had the Dragonzord to fall back on. We could have given her the coins and used the Dragonzord to get them back. We could have mounted a resistance with all three of our Zords. We could have done… something. Anything. If only I’d…

Jason: Enough, Billy.

Billy: …

Kimberly: You were under a spell. It could have happened to anyone of us.

Billy: (Sighs) But it didn’t…

(Hardly reassured, Billy bows his head in shame and continues to suffer in silence. Jason turns back to Zordon.)

Jason: What do we do from here?

Zordon: I cannot tell you what to do rangers. This decision affects your parents. You alone can make this choice.

(With the burden now on their shoulders, this somehow makes them feel even worse. After a brief, but deafening silence, Robbie eventually speaks up.)

Robbie: I’m doing it. I’m giving up my coin.

Jason: What?

Robbie: My niece means everything to me. She’s all I had for a long time. Before any of this. If it weren’t for her, I may not even be around to be a ranger.

Trini: …

Robbie: There’s no choice for me to make.

Kimberly: He’s right.

(Kim steps forward.)

Kimberly: My parents mean so much to me. They’ve gone through so much just to make sure I life as normal a life as possible.

Trini: My parents have gone through so much just to bring me to this country.

Zack: Yeah. As much as they drive me nuts sometimes, I can’t turn my back on them.

Jason: …Not after everything we’ve survived together.

Billy: It appears that we’re all on the same page then.

Zordon: I respect your decision, rangers.


(A voice abruptly calls to them from the viewing globe, stealing their attention.)

Trini: It’s Goldar.

Goldar: Your time is up. Turn over your power coins, or lose your loved ones forever.

Robbie: …

Jason: Let’s go guys. I just want to say, whatever happens, thank you all. For everything. We’re in this together. No matter what.

(After sharing silent nods, the rangers head to Goldar’s whereabouts in the middle of a deserted field. Behind him are a swarm of putty patrollers to act as insurance. Goldar is otherwise alone, holding an open green and gold case in his hands.)

Goldar: So you’ve arrived. I respect your dedication to your family.

Jason: Save it Goldar.

Goldar: Eheheh.

Trini: Come on. Let’s get this over with.

(With heavy hearts, the rangers prepare to make the ultimate sacrifice. Jason is the first to step forward, reaching for his morpher.)

Jason: Alright. Our power coins for our parents.

(He removes the coin from his belt and places it in Goldar’s box. He immediately de-morphs.)

Goldar: Goodbye red ranger.

(Kim follows behind and removes her coin as well.)

Kimberly: If you hurt my parents in anyway…

Goldar: Silence. No more pretty pink ranger to get in my way.

Kimberly: …

(Zack follows, then Trini.)

Zack: Goldar, you’re gonna pay for this.

Goldar: Ehehehehe.

(He hands over his coin, and de-morphs, joining the others.)

Trini: (Sighs) We’re doing the right thing. …right?

(Upon de-morphing, Trini is revealed to be on the verge of breaking down. She gets pulled back and consoled by Jason, leaving Billy and Robbie. The latter approaches stoically, not saying a single word and never breaking eye contact with Goldar. Even as he de-morphs. Finally, Billy approaches…)

Billy: I-I’m sorry guys…

(He reaches for his coin and drops it next to the other six.)

Billy: (De-morphs) I-I’ve let you all down…

Jason: Now that you have what you want Goldar… give us back our parents.

(Goldar however, laughs cold-bloodedly. Then slams the case shut.)

Goldar: Fools! Did you think I would actually give it back to you?! Now, nothing will stop me!

Trini: NOOOO!!!!

Robbie: You son of a…

Zack: You tricked us!!

(Goldar turns his back to the rangers before disappearing. Back on the moon…)

Rita: We won!!!! We actually won!!!!

Scorpina: What a moment!

Baboo: Wowie, Goldar!

Finster: (Bows) I must say, I am most impressed.

Goldar: That was much easier than I thought. Seeing them grovel was almost embarrassing. Proud warriors, reduced to cowering out of fear over family. Pitiful.

(Squatt walks in holding Goldar’s nephew.)

Squatt: Your nephew… always had a scratch on his chin, right?

Goldar: What?!?!?!

Rita: Not only do we have all their powers now, but we’re now free to use their powers against them.

(With a sadistic smile coming across her face, Rita turns toward the back, revealing a prison-like force field surrounding family members of the power rangers.)

Rita: And I know just the candidates…

Goldar: My sister will kill me, do you understand?!?! I’m dead!!!

(Meanwhile back at the command center, the tone is totally different. For once, it is the rangers tasting utter defeat as Rita celebrates)

Zack: So stupid… We were so stupid.

Jason: I can’t believe… we trusted Goldar.

Kimberly: What else could we have done?

Zack: Not trusted Goldar?

Zordon: Do not doubt yourselves. You made the right choice.

Alpha: Aye, ya, yai. That was not an easy decision, rangers.

Zack: (Sighs) We’re not rangers anymore.

Jason: We’re still rangers, no matter what. We don’t need a costume to save the world.

Billy: We just… can’t replace our parents. That’s what it came down to.

Jason: Yeah… I wouldn’t have forgiven myself if we’d taken that risk and…

(Jason can’t bear to complete the thought and just weakly trails off. Meanwhile, alone and distraught, Robbie leans against the control panel lost in deep thought. Trini notices and walks over to sit next to him.)

Trini: I’m sorry about your niece, Robbie.

(He looks up and half-grins at her before replying.)

Robbie: I’m sorry about your parents.

Trini: Me too. But she’s four. My parents… all our parents have at least lived our lives.

Robbie: That doesn’t make it better.

(He bows his head back down, but continues talking.)

Robbie: Your parents seem like very nice people. Even if they hated me.

Trini: That they did.

Robbie: I told you I’m bad with parents.

Trini: I never heard anyone say so many stupid, offensive things at once. That was really bad, Robbie.

Robbie: Yeah. And that was just your mom.

Trini: Yeah. I’m really sorry.

Robbie: It’s okay. …I’m sure she’s great. She raised you, after all.

Trini: …

(She smiles at him appreciatively. With nothing else to going for them, Robbie holds onto a sliver of hope...)

Robbie: We’ll get them back. I promise.

Trini: (Nods) I know.

Kimberly: What do we do, Zordon?

Zack: Yeah. Rita has all the power coins.

“Not… all of them…”

(Out of his own depression, Billy wakes up. He suddenly remembers something in his back pocket, then steps forward.)

Billy: We still have one.

(The rangers crowd around him with what might be their only hope. We fade away once more to the Youth Center, which remains empty. That is, until somebody walks in. Holding a pink bouquet, he slowly make his way to the center of the room...)

Tommy: Kim? (Looks around) …where is everyone?

“Go green ranger, go, go!”

Robbie: Oh god, no!!!

To be Continued.

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I hope you all enjoyed part one. Progress on part two is going very well. I'm predicting a Monday, December 18th release. It may even be earlier, but I'll stick to the conservative estimate. The e-book for origins should be out right after.
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Prequel - Episode 50: Return of an Old Friend Part 2

(We pick up where we left off inside the command center. The ranger teens, humbled by a swift defeat, huddle over Billy, who holds in his hands what may be the only silver of hope they have to retrieve: the Dragonzord power coin.)

Robbie: Oh god, no. Destroy it!

(Robbie reactively reaches for the coin and has to be held back by the others.)

Robbie: You’re not thinking of bringing Tommy back? Right?

Jason: It may be our only hope, Rob. Rita stole all of our power coins. We have nothing right now. No powers, no coins. We don’t have two sticks to rub together. It might also be the best chance to rescue our parents. And your niece.

(But Robbie waves it off, not to be deterred.)

Robbie: No. We’ll find another way. Billy can build something. Some magical weakness we can exploit will appear like it always does. I don’t know, but we don’t need to go back to that. We’re actually better off as it is right now.

Zack: I don’t know what show you’re watching, cause we’re pretty screwed from where I look at things.

Robbie: …

Kimberly: Wait Billy, how would this even work? I thought Tommy lost his powers.

Billy: (Examines coin) I managed to re-energize the green power coin using a sampling of Zordon’s energy. It’s not perfect, and it isn’t permanent. But it could withstand several battles in one charge. (Shrugs) It could be useful tool in the event of an emergency.

Jason: And I think we have our emergency.

(Meanwhile on the moon…)

Goldar: Look at this scratch, Squatt. My sister is going to kill me. What am I going to do?!

(As Rita examines the mayhem in Angel Grove, a panicked Goldar loses it to Squatt for scratching his nephew’s chin.)

Squatt: Just uh… brush some hair over it. O-orr slap on a funny sticker! Hopefully your sister won’t even notice. I mean who actually looks at people’s faces anyway?

Goldar: Do you even hear yourself when you speak?

Squatt: …I tend to cut in and out.

(As the two continue to bicker, Rita walks over to her makeshift prison at the center of the palace. Each of the rangers parents, Robbie’s niece, Mr. Kaplan, Ms. Appleby and even Bulk and Skull are inside. Each of them appear weakened, with some unable to stand. Rita approaches them admiringly, as if staring at an aquarium she owns.)

Rita: Look at my prisoners. Tucked together like presents under a tree. Just waiting for me to unwrap them. Ahaha.

Mr. Scott: (Coughs) Don’t look at me, I’m married.

Rita: Don’t flatter yourself, meathead.

Mrs. Taylor: (Panting) Whatever you’re planning… the power rangers will stop you.

Rita: Ha. Don’t make me laugh. Thanks to you, I had them all by the shorthairs and bended them to my will. Then tossed them to the curb like the powerless husks they are. Face the facts: The power rangers are finished.

(She then lets her eyes wander, and faces a pedestal placed just yards away. On top, the power coins that were traded in vain for their safe returns.)

Rita: Or are they…

(Meanwhile back in the command center, the debate continues…)

Jason: Only Tommy truly understands how to use Tommy’s arsenal. We can’t just let someone else use it, Robbie. That isn’t viable.

Billy: He’s also the superior martial artist of the team besides perhaps Jason.

(Robbie just dismissively rolls his eyes.)

Zack: And besides, kids are apparently into him.

Robbie: That’s funny. Cause he was trying to get into Kim not too long ago. And that’s really all I remember him doing when he wasn’t evil.

Zack: What is your beef against Tommy anyway?

Robbie: I don’t trust him. He just shows up out of the blue, we all fawn over him, then he tried to kill us, and almost succeeds. And don’t give me that “he was under a spell” line. Because we’ve all been under a spell. None of us have gotten so close to doing anything resembling what he did. You want to take that risk again?

(The room falls silent. For even those that fundamentally disagree with him see that his point isn’t completely baseless.)

Robbie: Then, when we finally broke him out of the spell, he couldn’t even be bothered to be around us most of the time. He’d just show up at the last second to save the day. And did he really save the day? I mean when did his Dragonzord ever actually beat a monster?

Kimberly: I don’t see StegaZord taking any names.

Robbie: That’s not the point.

Kimberly: What is your point?!

Trini: Robbie, I think Tommy’s proved himself as a ranger. He deserves this chance to redeem himself. Besides, he’s our friend.

Robbie: Oh… He’s our friend now? Can you recall the last time you hung out with him? Scratch that, when was the last conversation you had with him, just the two of you?

Trini: I uh…

Robbie: I rest my case. The guy’s an obnoxious, selfish buffoon with a god complex. Who couldn’t cut it as a ranger and would be a liability if he came back.

Kimberly: (Snickers) He wouldn’t be the only one.

Robbie: That’s your problem, Kim. You’re looking at this personally. You like him, you want him back.

Kimberly: You’re the one taking this personally.

Robbie: No I’m not. What happens if Rita gets his power coin because he isn’t the messiah we’ve hyped him up to be? Or worse, what if she turns him into the evil green ranger again? Then what?

Kimberly: …

Robbie: You’re my friend, Kimberly. I hate you sometimes, but I would give my life for you. For all of you. Would you say the same for somebody who’s never shown any interest in most of you? Who has the capability to make this really bad situation a lot worse?

(He’s met with another prolonged silence. Feeling he knows what’ll ultimately be decided, Robbie wraps up his case.)

Robbie: Look, I’ll stop. Jason, you’re the leader. For the good of the team I’ll soldier up and go with whatever you decide. But if you ask me, I think we’re better off as six instead of seven, even without our powers. Because I know you would all sacrifice the same for me. But I’m not so sure about him.

(After the impassioned plea, Robbie puts it all on Jason, who looks back at him blankly. Unsure of what to say or do, Jason his head toward Zordon, who is silent. Moments later, Tommy is seen to be still at the Youth Center examining the broken plates and spilled punch.)

Tommy: What happened here…?

(He gets up, but then quickly feels a funny feeling running through his toes that runs up his legs and feels vaguely familiar. Before long, he demolecularizes into a green flash then teleports away.)

Tommy: Huh?

(He reappears inside the command center, where he’s not been since he lost the green ranger powers. He looks up to Zordon, who again looks back at him silently. Then he turns around and finds the others doing the same. He briefly smiles, then walks over to Kimberly who is front and center and hands her the bouquet of flowers in his hand.)

Tommy: I heard you needed a pick me up at the parent’s day celebration. So uh… I got these for you.

(Kimberly smiles back at him, then leans in to smell the rose. Robbie, who is now in the background rolls his eyes and mutters to himself.)

Robbie: Oh please. That doesn’t prove anything…

(Elsewhere, while the teens fill Tommy in on their bleak situation, Rita is already at work to make things even worse…)

“You guys, ready?”


(Atop a crowded mall in midtown overlooking an outdoor food court, six costumed adults, in what appear to be power ranger suits, appear. Looking down on an unsuspecting public, they draw their weapons.)

“For the Empress!”

“For the Empress!”

(Lead by a bulky red ranger, the others follow in leaping off the top and firing aimlessly at the Angel Grove citizens who immediately flee in a panic. Meanwhile back in the command center, Tommy can barely comprehend what’s happening as he’s stare at the green power coin that’s been placed in his hand.)

Tommy: …but… I don’t understand. This is so much to take in.

Billy: It’s simple really. Rita kidnapped all of our parents. And Appleby. Kaplan. Ernie and Bulk and Skull…

Trini: And Robbie’s niece.

Tommy: Man. Sounds awful.

Jason: She used them as bait for a ransom. Their safety for our power coins.

Tommy: I wouldn’t trust Rita as far as I can throw her.

Jason: We shouldn’t have trusted her. The deal was made and she didn’t hold up her end of the bargain. Now she has everything.

Tommy: (Sighs) Wow. Okay, I get it. I’ll help in any way I could. But how? I lost my powers.

Billy: That’s true. The source of the green ranger powers on the morphing grid have been depleted. But I can re-infuse the Dragon coin with some of Zordon’s energy. It could allow to morph again.

(Tommy’s eyes suddenly open wide.)

Tommy: Really?

Zordon: Yes. However the solution is only temporary Tommy. The energy is finite and I can only offer so much without jeopardizing my own safety.

Tommy: Say no more. I’ll do whatever it takes to save your parents.

(He turns toward the back to face Robbie.)

Tommy: And your niece.

Robbie: …

(While still holding on to his fixed opinion of Tommy, Robbie silently concedes that he may be his only hope of seeing Laura again.)

Tommy: So, what’s the plan?

(Just then, the alarm sounds.)

Alpha: Aye, ya, ya, ya, yai…

Zack: What now?

Jason: Nothing good.

Zordon: Behold the viewing globe.

(The seven rangers crowd around the viewing globe. And to their horror…)

Kimberly: That’s… us.

Billy: Impossible.

Trini: Looks like we have imposters on our hands.

Zordon: I am afraid those are not imposters, Trini. The energy readings match up perfectly to your powers.

Trini: You mean?

Jason: Rita’s using our own coins against us?

Zordon: Correct.

(The team’s worst nightmare out of this scenario is coming true as they look on hopeless to stop it. But it gets worse…)

Kimberly: Um. Then who may I ask is inside those costumes?

Alpha: You don’t want to know, Kimberly.

Kimberly: …

“(Fires at teens) Boy, pull up your pants!”

Zack: …

(Meanwhile, Rita looks on from the moon. Delighted by what she sees.)

Rita: Ahaha. I love it when a plan comes together.

(Looking to capitalize further, she turns to face Goldar who is rocking his nephew to sleep in his arms.)

Rita: Goldar, I want you and Scorpina to go down there and wreck the town with Dramole.

Goldar: I’m afraid I can’t my empress.

Rita: What?!

Goldar: I can’t leave my nephew alone. Not with these clumsy savages living in here. I don’t know what condition he’ll turn out in. My sister could return at any minute.

Rita: (Seething) I didn’t ask you, Goldar. I’m telling you, go down there now!!

Goldar: …

“I’ll take him!”

(Finster, perhaps the most mature out of Rita’s minions shuffles in with a puffy green jacket on.)

Finster: I’m just heading out to pick up some more clay. I could take him the little lad for a ride. He could get some fresh air.

Goldar: Hmm. Alright… I guess.

Finster: Wonderful! I just need…

(Reaching for his keys, Finster’s glasses fall to the ground.)

Finster: Oh my…

(He drops to his knees, and helplessly pats the floor.)

Finster: Where are they? Oh…

Goldar: …

(Behind where Finster stood is an open door revealing his car; an old, clearly beat up lemon with “Firestone” proudly displayed on the tires.)

Finster: I can’t see a bloody thing without my glasses.

Goldar: …

(Meanwhile back inside the command center, the rangers are forced to alter their plan.)

Tommy: Okay. I guess my goal now is to stop them so much as possible.

Jason: We can wait for an opening to get our power coins back. But right now we need to make sure our parents don’t hurt anybody.

Trini: Or themselves.

(And just as the rangers think they have things covered, Rita throws yet another curveball...)

Zordon: The Dramole has returned, and is attacking downtown Angel Grove in giant form. I am sorry Tommy, but your attention is required elsewhere.

Tommy: (Sighs) …but, their parents.

Robbie: Leave them to us.

Tommy: …

Jason: We’ll do what we can to slow them down.

Trini: Maybe we can talk them out of it…

Kimberly: Hopefully. I would hate to have to resort to…

Jason: It’s fine. We will talk them out of it. We will not resort to violence. Are we clear?

Zack: (Nods) Crystal.

Jason: (Turns to Tommy) The rest is up to you man.

Tommy: Thanks bro. I won’t let you down. I won’t let any of you down.

Jason: We know you won’t.

(Jason turns to face the others and flashes a wink at them in acknowledgment. He makes a point to look at Robbie in particular.)

Zordon: Rita has also stolen the dragon dagger. I have enabled you to call the it however by simply calling its name. However should anyone else use the dragon dagger, it will ignore any of your commands.

Tommy: I got it. I'll keep an eye out.

Zordon: Good luck to you all. And may the power protect you.

Tommy: It’s morphin time!


(Morphed once again in his green ranger armor, Tommy leaps into action atop a tall skyscraper.)

Tommy: Alright, it feels good to see this old thing again.

(The feel good moment is short lived though, as he’s quickly joined by a pack of putties.)

Tommy: Wish I could say the same for you guys.

(Tommy quickly gets to work dispatching the putties as “Go Green Ranger” blares in the background.)

Tommy: Sui-yaaa!!

(Meanwhile, the rest of the teens are teleported to midtown where the scene looks straight out of a warzone. People running in the opposite direction as their parents, dressed in ranger armor continue to destroy everything in sight.)

Jason: Look out!!!

(Instantly, the rangers’ duck for cover as several blasts come their way from the power bow. They split into two groups and throw themselves behind steel benches on opposite sides.)

Trini: (Pants) There was no hesitation. She saw us, and didn’t hold back.

Kimberly: That was not my mom you guys. She would never do something like that.

Zack: This is gonna be tougher than I thought.

Jason: Stick together guys. We restrain our own and we make them come to.


Jason: Let’s do it.

(Jason steps out and makes a blind charge toward the crowd, the others loyally, though hesitantly follow behind. Meanwhile back downtown, Tommy continues to make quick work of the putties.)

“Sui-yaaa!!” (x36)

(He ducks a heel kick from one ahead of him, then takes him down with a bicycle kick. He then spins backwards and takes out the last two on each side with a split kick in the air.)

Tommy: Alright, that’s the last of them.

(Just then however, the earth starts quaking beneath him. He begins losing his balance atop the now swaying skyscraper. From around the corner, Dramole appears, and he has his eyes set on the green ranger.)

Tommy: I need Dragonzord power, now!

(Tommy summons the Dragonzord from Angel Grove harbor. It rises in a Godzilla-like manner and quickly marches to the city as he prepares for combat. The Dramole charges, but meets a swinging tail whip to the face. Dramole takes a big right swing but misses left. The Dragonzord goes for a right of its own, but gets caught and eats a punch to the chest. The point on the Dragonzord’s tail starts spinning and it connects with Dramole, knocking him backwards into a cloud of its own smoke.)

Tommy: Alright, my old friend hasn't lost a step. Now hang on, I'm coming abor--

“Not so fast!”

(As Tommy readies to leap into the cockpit, Scorpina appears from sky with Goldar. The former holding the Dragon dagger.)

Tommy: You! I beleive you have something that belongs to me.

Scorpina: Sorry to rain on your parade, green ranger. But we’re here to make sure your little comeback is nothing more than a one off stunt. Right, Goldar?

Goldar: Hang on. My nephew’s a big fan...

(Goldar, who’s brought along his nephew in a stroller, puts his carriage in position before turning back to Tommy…)

Goldar: You’re dead, green ranger!

(As Goldar and Scorpina charge toward Tommy with blades drawn, the rangers lock horns in midtown with their own families.)

Kimberly: (Hugs mother) Mom!! Mom!! You have to snap out of it!!

Trini: (Blocks swings) It’s me, dad! Your own daughter!

Zack: Don’t you remember me, dad? Please… stop thi--

(Zack gets cut off by a brutal stomp to the chest that sends him dragging across the floor and takes the breath out of him. Right above where he lands is Robbie, who has his sister locked in a bear hug and appears to actually have the advantage.)

Robbie: Hey, idiot. Wake up.

Robbie’s Sister: (Struggling) Ugh. Let me go…

Robbie: You’re under a spell, but I’m still way stronger than you.

(Robbie wraps his arms around her neck and locks her in a sleeper hold. He noogies the top of her helmet to try and jog her memory. It works.)

Robbie’s Sister: But I’ve learned a few tricks along the way…

Robbie: AHHHHHH!!!!

(She nails him with an elbow to the groin that immediately takes him down, writhing in pain. Elsewhere, Jason faces off with his dad who is swinging wildly at his head as he’s barely able to duck each blow.)

Jason: Dad. It’s me. Jason. Please…

Mr. Scott: …

Jason: I know you’re in there. You’re a good man. This isn’t you. The man who raised me is a good man.

Mr. Scott: The man who raised you failed as a man.

(Mr. Scott attempts an overhand blow, but Jason is able to stop it with both hands.)

Jason: The man who raised me shaped me to be the man that I am today.

Mr. Scott: Case and point.

(Mr. Scott drills Jason in the chest with his free arm, knocking his son back as he continues to pursue.)

Jason: The man that raised me would give his life to uphold the Scott honor. To make sure my and mom are safe and protected at all costs.

(Suddenly, that seems to trigger something inside of his father, who suddenly goes on a tangent.)

Mr. Scott: You’re mother… I failed to protect your mother.

(He takes a wild swing at Jason who barely ducks.)

Jason: You didn’t fail her. You can’t protect her from cancer.

Mr. Scott: I failed her when I lost my business and couldn’t afford treatment.

(He stomps Jason in the check, knocking him into a seated position.)

Jason: …

Mr. Scott: The world failed when they were willing to let her die without help. And once I’m through with you, they will be next.

Jason: That’s… not you in there. Is it?

(Meanwhile back downtown, Tommy continues his double duty as he fends both Goldar and Scorpina and a giant sized Dramole. After stalemating in a back and forth with Goldar, they exchange words.)

Goldar: Your triumphant return couldn’t have come at a better time, green ranger.

Tommy: Is it sweeps season already?

Goldar: Once we're through with you there will be nothing left standing in our way of global domination.

Tommy: I’d like to see you try, Goldar! You’ll never stop me.

Goldar: Hehe. Strong words. Too bad I have no leverage against you.

Tommy: Huh? What are you talking about?

Goldar: Answer me this, green ranger. Why didn’t your parents come to parents’ day?

Tommy: They were busy.

Goldar: Were they? Couldn’t be the fact that you were adopted, eh?

Tommy: What…? What are you getting at?

Goldar: I’m getting at nothing. But it’s hard to hold a ransom against a guy who no one over the age of five cares about.

(Over Goldar’s shoulder, his nephew coos excitedly.)

Goldar: I couldn't have said it better myself.

(Looking at the small boy from the corner of his eye, Tommy comes up with an idea.)

Tommy: You’re wrong.

Goldar: Am I?

(He initiates a standoff with both enemies and begins circling them as they follow suit.)

Tommy: I know what you’re trying to do, Goldar. And it’s not going to work. My family cares for me, and I care for them. And you know who else I care about? My friends. They and this team are the most important things in my life.

Scorpina: How touching.

Goldar: Yeah. I’d almost buy it if it weren’t for the wooden acting.

(Having pulled circled 180 degrees, Tommy stops.)

Tommy: It’s the truth. And their family’s safety means as much to me as it does to them. And I will do whatever it takes to make sure they’re returned safely. Even if it’s the last thing I do as the green ranger.

Goldar: …

Scorpina: …

Tommy: And speaking of family…

(Tommy suddenly backflips toward the stroller, and unclips Goldar’s nephew from his stroller.)

Goldar: Hey!!!

Scorpina: What are you…

Tommy: Let’s see how you like it when someone you care about is held against their will!

Goldar: My nephew!!!

Scorpina: Let him go, now.

Tommy: (Wags finger) Uh-uh. Losers do not make demands.

Goldar: …

Tommy: But merciful as I am, I’m willing to make a deal. Let go of my friend’s families, and return their power coins and my dagger, and your nephew lives to see his kindergarten graduation.

Goldar: You’re bluffing! You would never harm a child.

Tommy: I guess we’ll just have to see. You have one hour.

(Before Goldar retorts, Tommy teleports away with the baby in arm.)

Goldar: Grrrr…

(Back in midtown, things seem less promising as the rangers’ attempt to subdue their parents has completely devolved. Their parents have regained control of the situation and are making easy work of their children. Each teen is unceremoniously thrown into a pile on the floor. Forcing them to look up at their family drawing their own weapons.)

Jason: You guys alright?

Kimberly: (Grimaces) I don’t know…

Robbie: You got any other ideas? Cause this one ain’t working?

Jason: …

Zack: I’m gonna have to agree. I mean I’ve gotten whopping’s before. Nothing like this though…

Trini: My dad’s a total zombie. I can’t get through to him.

Jason: I can get to my dad. But… it’s buried in there deep.

Robbie: We don’t have time to play therapist, Jason. We need to do something now.

“Alright team, time to put them together.”


Jason: (Exhales) Brace yourselves…

(Meanwhile back in the command center Tommy appears, proudly waving the baby in the air.)

Tommy: Zordon! Zordon, look!

Alpha: Aye, ya, yai! Tommy, how could you do this? You are so irresponsible.

Zordon: This is Goldar’s nephew, Alpha. He is not a human baby despite his appearance.

Alpha: Aye, ya, yai!!! You’ve brought one of Rita’s monsters inside the command center?!

Zordon: Relax Alpha. He poses no threat in his current form. And perhaps this allows us some leverage to negotiate a fair trade. Good work, Tommy.

Tommy: Thanks. Anything I could do to help my friends.

Zordon: Contact the others, Alpha. Instruct them to retreat at once while I establish a connection with Rita’s palace.

(Alpha however takes a peek at the viewing globe and wavers…)

Alpha: I’m… not sure that’s possible, Zordon.

(On the screen, the imposter rangers have brought together their weapons to create the power blaster. And it is pointed right at the teens, who don’t know what to do.)

Tommy: (Gasps) Aw man…

“Power Rangers.”

Robbie: Man…

Zack: My dad always said, “I put you on this earth and I can take you off it.” Never thought he was serious...

Kimberly: Is this it? Is this how it ends?

Jason; No… it’s not.

(With no other cards left to play and nothing to lose, Jason pushes himself back to his feet and starts walking toward the ranger.)

Kimberly: Jason…

Trini: What are you doing?

(He slowly walks toward the parents, with his hands raised in the air. He stops right in front of his father, who is holding the power blaster right at his only son’s chest.)

Jason: Dad, it’s me. Please, you don’t need to do this.

Mr. Scott: …

Jason: I know things are hard right now. I know you’re angry and frustrated. But that’s when we Scotts stick together. That’s what sets us apart. When things get their worse, we don’t fold. We will get through this.

Mr. Scott: …

Mr. Kwan: What are you doing?!

Robbie’s Sister: Pull the trigger!

(Sensing hesitation, the rest of the rangers slowly get up follow suit. They stand alongside Jason and across their familiar counterpart.)

Zack: Dad, please. It’s time to stop this and go home.

Trini: I’m right here, dad. I’ll always be here.

Kimberly: I love you mom. No matter what comes between us.

Billy: You’ll always be my rock.

Robbie: Now come here and smell my finger.

(Suddenly something happens. The fake rangers, even the ones previously ordering Mr. Scott to pull the trigger, start to wake up. The haze of the spell starts wearing off and they awaken to see their children, the young, strong adults that they have managed to raise through hardship, divorce and disease, staring back at them with loving stares.)

Rita: Oh no you don’t!!

(Not ready to accept defeat, Rita leans against the bannister with her wand cocked back.)

Rita: Magic wand… make my rangers… Wha-

(Out of nowhere, her wand is snatched from behind her, pulling her back.)

Rita: Goldar!?

Goldar: Sorry my empress. But this must be done.

(Goldar now has Rita’s wand and is holding it out of her reach.)

Rita: What are you doing?!

Goldar: Please forgive me. This is for my family.

(He pushes her away with his shoulder, then to Rita’s dismay points the wand toward earth.)


(The wand emits a black ray that reaches Angel Grove and hits the ranger’s parents, submerging them in a black orb that immediately triggers distress.)

Kimberly: Oh no… what now?

Jason: Quick, give me your hand!

(But within moments it becomes clear that they aren’t in any danger. Instead, they power down, and appear to awaken from Rita’s spell.)

Mr. Cranston: Ugh. My head…

Mr. Kwan: Trini, is that you?

Trini: Dad!

Kimberly: Mom! You’re back!

Jason: I knew you were in there dad.

Mr. Scott: (Nods) I taught you well, son.

Jason: …

(However just as quickly as they managed to come to, they disappear.)

Trini: What?! What happened?!

Billy: They’re gone…

Robbie: Look!

(Robbie points the floor behind where their parents were.)

Robbie: Our coins!

(The rangers rush over to retrieve their power coins, oddly left behind. Jason’s communicator rings…)

Jason: We read you Zordon.

Zordon: Rangers, Tommy has succeeded in rescuing your parents. They have been returned to the Youth Center for their safety.

Zack: Alright Tommy!

Kimberly: I knew he could do it!

Jason: Good going, bro.

Robbie: (Shakes head) Typical. We have this big dramatic moment and Tommy gets the credit.

Trini: If Tommy hadn’t helped, we’d likely be space dust right now.

Robbie: Yeah, yeah. I guess.

Jason: We also got back our power coins, Zordon.

Zordon: I am aware. Jason. Good work in stalling for time. Now you must focus your attention on the Dramole. He is still attacking downtown Angel Grove as we speak.

Kimberly: Are you joining us, Tommy?

Tommy: (Looks at baby) Uh… I have to go… hold up my end of a bargain. I’ll join you in a minute.

Jason: You got it. (Disconnects)

Robbie: I should go. Someone needs to make sure everyone got to the Youth Center safety and that Rita doesn’t try to take them again.

Jason: Good idea, Rob.

Trini: See you.

Robbie: Call me if you really need me.

Billy: Will do.

Robbie: And um. I guess… Tell Tommy… I said thank you. And… I’m sorry, I guess.

Jason: You got it, man.

Robbie: Don’t… make me sound like I’m groveling though. He doesn’t need an ego boost. Make it sound like I did it begrudgingly.

Jason: (Grins) Sure thing.

Robbie: Cool…

(Checking to see if the coast is clear, Robbie then teleports away. That leaves the rest of team to take care of their last piece of business…)

Jason: Let’s do it guys. It’s morphin time.




“Saber-Toothed Tiger!”


(As the rangers spring to action, Rita is stunned and livid by Goldar’s egregious betrayal.)

Rita: Goldar, what did you do?! You ruined everything!!!

Goldar: (Cradling nephew) Family is more important to me than my allegiances to you.

Rita: Whatever happened to proud warriors, being pitiful for cowering out of fear for their families’?

Goldar: I’m a quarter Mexican. I would never say a thing like that.

Rita: You’re a quarter imbecile!

Goldar: I don’t have to take this disrespect from you. You’re not my mother.

Rita: Thank god I’m not.

Goldar: That’s it. I’m sick of your crap, Rita. I don’t have to take this anymore. I’ll go live with my sister if I have to.

(He storms away.)

Rita: Fine. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!!

(Goldar slams the door behind him as Rita seethes to herself. Finster merrily walks in after him with a bag full of groceries.)

Finster: I’ve returned from the store. Nasty accident on the way back. Probably best the little one didn’t come along.

Rita: (Sighs) …

(Meanwhile back on earth, the now morphed rangers head to town and immediacy call upon their Zords. The mighty Tyrannosaurus rex appears through a crater opening, roaring fearlessly as it rises from the earth. From an icy tundra, the Mastodon rises with a loud blowing of its trunk. From the desert during a wild sandstorm, the Triceratops races right through it. From the top of a hill the ferocious Saber-toothed Tiger jumps down to a rainforest and rips through anything in sight. And erupting through a volcano, pterodactyl rips through the sky, flying right through a tree branch on its way to Angel Grove. Jason sees his Dinozord within sight and flies through the air to get in the cockpit. He is followed by his team…)

Jason: Log on.

Zack: Zack here, ready as ever.

Trini: Trini here, locked and loaded.

Billy: Billy here, all systems ready.

Kimberly: Let’s whack this mole.

(The five mighty Zords run together, preparing to become one. The Saber-toothed tiger’s legs fold up to create a leg, the Triceratops tail tucks in to for the other. They combine with the Tyrannosaurus’s legs, forming the first half of the Megazord. The Mastodon’s back splits in two down the middle and its head separates. The former spreads out and attaches to the back of the Tyrannosaurus, making the arms and the head attaches to the torso. The rangers now all appear in a larger cockpit, ready to complete transformation.)

Jason: Activating Megazord Battle Mode.


“Megazord sequence has been initiated.”

(The two legs remain planted as the rest of the body lifts upward to a standing position. The final piece, the Pterodactyl, circles the Megazord and flies toward it, tucking in its wings and head. The Tyrannosaurus head folds into its chest, revealing the Megazord’s head before the Pterodactyl combines with the mighty Zord, creating the chest piece. And with one final fighting stance, the Zord speaks…)

“Megazord activated.”

(Before long, they’re joined by the Dragonzord who marches beside them to the melody of a familiar tune.)

Jason: Look it's Tommy!

Tommy: I got my dagger back. Miss me?

Kimberly: Did we ever?

Tommy: Well it’s great to be back, you guys.

Jason: Robbie said thank you for saving his niece, by the way. And he’s sorry.

Tommy: Really?

Kimberly: Yeah. He was groveling for forgiveness. Pathetic, really.

Tommy: Nice.

Billy: Look out!

(Just then, the Dramole charges for the Zords as they are forced into action. The Dragonzord goes for a tail whip but misses as the monster ducks. Dramole pops back up and kicks the Megazord and lands a powerful right hand. The Dragonzord tries its tail whip again but again misses.)

Tommy: C’mon, don’t give in!

(After a command from the flute, the Dragonzord locks arms with the monster, but gets pushed back and takes a right to the chest as well.)

Jason: He’s gonna fire! Brace yourselves.

(The Dramole cocks backwards and unleashes a powerful beam that hits both Zords, shocking them both to their core.)

Jason: AHHHHH!!!

Kimberly: AHHHHHHHH!!!!

(Stunned and nearing defeat, both Zords collapse to the floor as smoke rises out of them.)

Billy: Our shields have taken a significant hit.

Kimberly: Tommy we’re down! We need you to cover us.

Tommy: Dragonzord’s got you covered.

(He plays another tune to try and wake up the Drazonzord. It doesn’t immediately respond, but after trying again the lights in its chest start lighting up. Finally, it rises.)

Tommy: Alright!

(The Dragonzord tries for a third tail whip and connects. It tries for a fourth and connects. It tries for a fifth, and the Dramole ducks. He faces the Dragonzord and goes for another right. It gets caught and the Dragonzord lands a right hand of its own, finally knocking the enemy off its feet. The Megazord is now back up as well and joins Tommy’s Zord as they prepare to finish off the monster.)

Jason: We need Titanus and the power of the Ultrazord!

(From out of nowhere, the massive, robotic Brachiosaurus appears through a thick fog. Suddenly, the Dragonzord torso disconnects from the rest of its body, its chest splits in half and goes in opposite directions to form shoulder pieces and the bottom jaw folds back. It slowly lowers itself onto a still Megazord to form the Mega Dragonzord. It then leaps into the air and slowly descends onto the back of Titanus, creating the Ultrazord.)

Jason: You’re through, mole face. Lock on and fire!

(Now picking up speed, every single cannon and beam in the combined Zord's arsenal, as well as the Titanus's own guns began firing simultaneously in an attack that overwhelms the Dramole. He explodes into a ball of flame on impact and is reduced to nothing. On the moon Rita is seen all by herself in possibly her greatest defeat yet. Distraught and demoralized, she hangs herself off the bannister miserably. Her greatest, most airtight plan yet, and she’s foiled from within. She stares blankly into space as someone approaches from behind.)

Goldar: So… my sister won’t take me in.

Rita: …

Goldar: She… saw the scratch on his chin. Yeah.

(He points at her with both hands.)

Goldar: We’re cool though, right?

Rita: (Groans) …

(Back on earth, everyone but Robbie rendezvous at the command center for a debriefing.)

Zordon: Congratulations on a job well done, rangers. And a special thanks to you, Tommy. None of this would have been possible without your help.

Tommy: Aw, don’t mention it Zordon.

Zack: Don’t mention it? You beat Rita at her own game.

Billy: You took her greatest, and dare I say smartest plot yet and you turned it around to expose her own crew’s weakness. Quite cunning if I do say so myself.

Trini: Yeah, I mean I wouldn’t have kidnapped an infant myself, but whatever gets the job done.

Zordon: And that it was, Trini. Your friends and family have returned unharmed. Robbie confirmed their reappearance at the Youth Center. They also do not appear to have any recollection of the past few hours, and so far, Rita has not re-emerged.

Zack: Awesome. (Exhales) Man… what a load off.

Tommy: Glad I could help you guys. (Checks watch) Well, I should get going. I have a tournament at five at the Youth Center.

Trini: Wh- already? You just came back. And isn’t the Youth Center being used for parent’s day right now?

Tommy: Yeah, until five.

Trini: …

Kimberly: Good luck!

Tommy: (Smiles) Thanks, you guys.

(He teleports away, leaving just one last thing for the ranger teens to do for the day. Moments later, they reappear back in the Youth Center. Rushing through the entrance they each make a beeline for their parents. Jason bear hugs his parents from behind, glad to see them back in good spirits.)

Jason: Hey, you guys! I’m glad you’re okay.

Mr. Scott: Of course we’re okay? Why wouldn’t we be?

Mrs. Scott: Is something wrong, dear?

Jason: Nope. Nothing at all.

(Kim finds her parents awkwardly sharing punch together.)

Kimberly: Mom, dad! I missed you guys.

Mrs. Hart: There you are!

Mr. Hart: We thought you left us or something.

Kimberly: I’d never do that. We Harts stick together, right?

Mrs. Hart: Who told you that?

(After greeting his family, Zack turns his attention to Angela and her mother. He approaches the former from behind with drinks in each hand.)

Zack: Hey.

Angela: Hey Zack. Good to see you again.

Zack: It is?

Angela: Did you ever get around to pulling up your pants like your father asked?

Zack: (Laughs) I did, I did. Drinks for the ladies?

Angela: Ooh. Pulling in the overtime with the schmoozing I see?

Zack: Not at all. I just really like your mom.

Angela: Is that so?

Zack: I can see where you get your charm from.

(She tries to mask it, but Angela swooned at the comment.)

Angela: Thank you. You’re… very sweet.

Zack: It’s comes naturally when I’m talking to you.

Angela: Zack Taylor. Are you trying to make me blush?

Zack: Is it working?

Angela: Mmm. Maybe.

Zack: Then let me take you out sometime. I’ll say all the sweet things in the world.

(She legitimately stops and thinks about the offer, filling Zack with hope. Finally, she flashes a bright smile at him and takes his drinks.)

Angela: No.

(She turn her back to Zack and hands a drink to her mother, leaving Zack in the cold yet again.)

Zack: Uh… okay?

(Zack turns to walk away, feeling dejected. Unbeknownst to him however, Angela turns back once more as he leaves to look at him.

Angela: …

(Meanwhile at the juice bar, Robbie looks outward onto the crowd. He’s got a newfound appreciation with today’s events and his impassioned speech putting things into a better perspective. He initially skipped family day, largely because he didn’t have tight familial relationships at home and didn’t want to feel like an outsider. But today he realizes that family lies beyond an address. Family could be anyone close to you, anyone who helps you not feel like such an outsider. And while he may have some disadvantages in his life. He is rich with “family.”)

(He has brothers, who while they think they’re too cool for him, try to involve him anyway.)

Robbie: (Small chuckle) …

(A dweeb younger brother, who he makes fun of but would protect if he needed to.)

Robbie: (Shakes head) …

(A cousin, with whom he has strange and frustratingly complex emotions for.)

Robbie: (Smiles) …

(And an annoying sister and her “pain in the ass” boyfriend.)

Robbie: (Rolls eyes) …

(It’s been a long and taxing year, but definitely not one he got through all alone.)

Laura: Hey, I remember them!

(Laura, who’s sitting right beside him sipping on a milkshake, recognizes the teens and points at them.)

Laura: Those are your friends, right?

Robbie: Yeah. (Shrugs) I mean, I guess…

(Just then, Tommy enters the Youth Center.)

Laura: (Points) Not him though, right?

Robbie: Haha. Atta girl.

(He pats her head and looks away at Ernie who seems to be fussing with the radio.)

Ernie: C’mon. Stupid thing.

(Speaking of frustratingly complex emotions, Trini spots Robbie’s niece, and walks over to greet her.)

Trini: Hi Laura!

Laura: Hi Trini!

Trini: Aw, you remembered me! Where’s your mom?

Robbie: Cashing in her big jackpot.

Trini: You mean her free scratch off?

Robbie: That’s the one.

Trini: Good. So glad to see her again. You seem way happier too.

(Partially because she’s talking to him.)

Robbie: (Nods) I am.

Trini: I’m glad to hear it.

Robbie: Your parents okay?

Trini: Them? They’re fine. They survived Vietnam. Rita’s a piece of cake by comparison.

Robbie: (Laughs) That’s good.

Trini: I uh… I’m sorry about Tommy. I know you don’t like him.

Robbie: What gave it away?

Trini: (Smiles) Yeah. I’ve gotten good at reading you this past year.

Robbie: Impressive. I am very subtle.

Trini: As are bricks to the face.

(He grins.)

Trini: Anyway, I… sort of feel like I should have sided with you back there. I felt kind of odd just saying nothing.

Robbie: …

Trini: I mean I get everything you said, I do honestly. He’s not the “Mr. Perfect” he’s hyped to be. He’s quite distant from anyone not named Kimberly or Jason. But that aside… I think… all together we’re…

Robbie: It’s okay. You don’t need to do this.

Trini: Huh?

Robbie: It’s fine. He rescued your parents. And my niece and sister. I’ll accept he’s not… totally worthless to the team. I’ll give him a chance.

Trini: Good!

Robbie: So long as he doesn’t become leader or anything.

Trini: God, you would hate that.

Robbie: Would I?!

(They share a laugh together. Robbie mimes his head exploding.)

Trini: Well, you let me know if there’s anything I can do to make sure you don’t go running away.

(Robbie then awkwardly smiles, shrugs… and then leans in toward her.)

Robbie: Don’t leave.

(Taken aback, Trini seems surprised at first by his candor. But then she slowly turns to him and meets him eye to eye.)

Trini: I won’t.

(They look into each other’s eyes for what feels like forever. But eventually, Trini snaps back to reality and backs away slightly.)

Trini: I’m… gonna head back.

Robbie: Okay. No problem...

Trini: (To Laura) Nice seeing you again.

Laura: (Waves) Bye!

(She leaves, but looks back at Robbie and gives him a passing smile.)

Laura: Is that your girlfriend?

Robbie: Uh… no... You’re thinking of Scorpina.

Laura: I don’t like Scorpina. I like her more. She should be your girlfriend.

Robbie: No, I can do better than that.

(Robbie smiles, then turns to his niece to tell her a secret.)

Robbie: I’m gonna marry that girl one day.

Laura: (Gasps) Yay! Uncle Robbie is gonna--


(He quickly throws his hand over Laura’s mouth to keep her from spilling the beans. Behind him, Ernie manages to fix the radio.)

Ernie: Ah, there you go.

(“Wouldn’t it be nice” by the Beastie Boys starts blaring over the in-house stereo. All the older people immediately rush to the dance floor and start dancing.)

“(Song lyrics) Wouldn't it be nice if we were older? Then we wouldn't have to wait so long. And wouldn't it be nice to live together. In the kind of world where we belong.”

(All the younger teens, including the rangers, look confused and start laughing. The ranger teens, sans Robbie, convene by the punch bar.)

Kimberly: (Laughs) What… just happened?

Jason: Those darn kids and their rock and roll. It’s the devil’s music, I say.

(They laugh together.)

Kimberly: They do all seem happy.

Zack: Yeah. This past year has been pretty rough. Let them have this.

(Robbie spots his friends by the punch bowl and excuses himself.)

Robbie: Uh-oh. Looks like they’re about to have a moment. Wait here.

Billy: It’s not just been a long year for them.

Kimberly: Cancer, divorce, the wrath of high school…

Tommy: Losing my powers?

Robbie: Yes Tommy, losing your powers crushed us all.

(Robbie joins in.)

Billy: What are you doing here?

Tommy: Ah, decided to join my friends. I could always be a little late to the tournament.

Trini: That’s… happening here?

Yeah. Besides it’s family day. Why not come here and celebrate with my real family.

Kimberly: Aww.

Robbie: That’s my lesson. You already stole the glory, don’t steal my lesson.

Tommy: …

Kimberly: I’m just saying you guys, these are all things we went through as well.

Zack: Never mind being jerked into a life altering decision to battle an imminent threat.

Jason: Yeah…

(They all pause briefly.)

Zack: And I’d do it all again.

Tommy: Yep!

Trini: (Laughs) I’d call this year a win!

Jason: Me too.

(Robbie raises his glass to toast.)

Robbie: Ditto.

Zack: Cheers.

(They each raise and touch their glasses before taking a celebratory drink.)

Zack: And to think, a year ago my biggest problem was just getting a girlfriend.

Jason: That’s still your biggest problem.

Tommy: Oh snap!

Zack: Look who’s talking, Jase. Where’s your arm candy?

Jason: Hey! I’m not the one reaching into the cookie jar every minute and coming up empty.

Kimberly: No he didn’t.

Robbie: Never mind, this isn’t a moment.

(While Robbie walks away, the rangers continue to joke with one another as the episode ends.)

“(Song Lyrics) Wouldn’t it be nice…?”

The End.

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That moment with Goldar standing up to Rita about his nephew was... both really nice and... really weird. And Tommy taking the Goldar's nephew was a interesting idea, and it worked pretty well.

Good two parter!
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GreenMystechRanger wrote: View Post

That moment with Goldar standing up to Rita about his nephew was... both really nice and... really weird. And Tommy taking the Goldar's nephew was a interesting idea, and it worked pretty well.

Good two parter!
Haha. I'm glad you enjoyed it. The nephew thing was totally pulled out of the hat. I saw the image I used in part 1 of Goldar, Scorpina and Rita holding a baby and decided to write a one off joke in that scene. It turned into a subplot and the reason Tommy was able to save the day.

And yes, it was morally questionable of Tommy to kidnap a baby lol. But we all know he's a jerk anyway.
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A funny picture I found on Carla Perez's facebook page...

Did Tommy coming back just really piss Robbie off? Hahahaha

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zedd_heart_rita wrote: View Post

A funny picture I found on Carla Perez's facebook page...

Did Tommy coming back just really piss Robbie off? Hahahaha

HA. Very nice. I like his skirt too.
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I have removed all dead photobucket links from season one (2011 version) and replaced them with new pics. Thanks a million as always for Nak for the photos in his site. You're a god among men.

I plan to re-release the first e-book with these updated photos and some minor tweaks to the script. It should be up by tomorrow. I plan on fixing all other chapters as the days go by.

EDIT: Season one e-book is updated. Also on another subject, I've added synopsis' to each season on the front page, including the last season, to briefly summarize what will take place.

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zedd_heart_rita wrote: View Post

A funny picture I found on Carla Perez's facebook page...

Did Tommy coming back just really piss Robbie off? Hahahaha

Rita disguised as a Power Ranger, powered by the darker energies of the Morphin Grid.
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Season 2's images have been restored! E-book has been reuploaded too.

I will turn to season 3, and should be done by next week. Once that is out of the way I will start to focus on season 4 completely.

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Just for fun...

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At last, I am done. All three seasons have had their images restored. Season 3's e-book should be out within the next week.

Then, it's onto season 4. Thank you all for sticking around with me. No way I'd do it without you.
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Season 3 e-book is up and ready to download. Next I'll be working on a character list for season 4. But for the benefit of you guys who may not want to download the whole thing, I am posting my intro to the latest e-book below. I feel it's a pretty good look of what was going on during the three long years it took me to finish it...


This season was the death of me. I cannot stress this enough. I was stretched to the farthest limits of my mental sanity with this one. Finishing this e-book and writing this intro, feels to me like what a knight must feel after slaying a dragon and standing on its dead corpse as he stares down the princess he plans to get lucky with. This e-book signifies the end of one of the most grueling periods of my life. To be fair it wasn’t all the story itself that made it difficult. This season took me a span of three years to complete. During that time I started new relationships, entered graduate school, worked a part time job in social services and interned twice as a social worker, while simultaneously attending an accelerated program at my school and essentially being considered “full time and a half” in order to graduate sooner. I also moved away from home and for the first time had to adjust to adult life. I experienced many growing pains with my girlfriend (now my fiancé) as I had to learn to live with someone other than my mommy. It was a trying period of my life that really tested my resolve. Oh, and I also wrote a power ranger story during that time as well.

This season itself was hard on me for many reasons. Creatively, this season would need to be radically different. I had to lose my core relationship as a result of what happened on the actual show. That relationship and the plan to expand on the female leads’ personal growth was the main reason I started this project in 2011. I didn’t know how I would handle this part though I knew would eventually happen. I didn’t know however if I would even want to continue. I also worried my audience would dwindle. I’ve outright read private messages to me stating that they would not read much further as they were only fans of the original team. Shit, so am I, but the show has to go on.

This season also needed to be much longer. A lot happened in the real season three and I intended to cover it all at once. This however, was a lot more than I could chew. This was planned to be my longest story yet. It still is at 22 chapters, but I was planning something closer to 30. Insane I know, but I had a lot to cover and I’m too much of a completionist to just gloss over things. I also had a lot planned that I wanted to do and had all my plot points meticulously ready to be touched upon in each episode. During the hellacious grind of grad school however, I lost my desire to write. Totally. And I almost quit writing. Many, many times. I wanted to just post whatever chapter I was working on and say that’s all, peace out. I couldn’t actually go through with it however. I can’t do that to my readers that comment on each chapter and eagerly wait for the next. I also couldn’t live with myself if my seven year investment ended that way. To her credit too, my girlfriend encouraged me to keep writing. She’ll never read any of these stupid stories, and she’ll never read this, but she pushed me to keep doing what made me happy. And in the indescribably difficult time period in which I was perpetually exhausted and just, perpetually angry all the time, one of my few reprieves does come from putting up a new chapter that I know I nailed, and finding that others like it too. Sounds narcissistic when I say it out loud, but as I don’t get paid to write fan fiction, it was the feedback that kept me going. You guys pushed me through to the end.

All the negativity aside, this might have been my strongest season creatively. The challenge made me better in the end. Knowing I couldn’t churn out stories once a month I took my time to make every single detail perfect before posting it. Knowing I can’t rely on my “will they, won’t they” angle between Robbie and Trini, I resorted to larger scale interpersonal conflicts and interwoven storyarchs. What came of it was the most complex writing I’ve ever done. It took the life out of me, and when you look at it strayed away from the tone of Mighty Morphin I initially intended to stay true to, but when it was over it was definitely my best work and something that I’m proud of. The prequel that immediately followed was insanely refreshing, in that it followed the very straight forward MMPR formula that I could do in my sleep, but without question do I feel this is my best work and I hope you enjoy.
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