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Hmmmmmm, interesting take on the Morphin Masters.
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Great to see an update:}
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White Genesis wrote: View Post

I understand:} Congrats on your company.
Thank you! I have two employees so far and we are making some great connections. We are very excited!
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It's completely understandable. I'm just glad you bothered to explain yourself. All the ebst fanfic writers stop halfway through. It's a shame
I'll do my best to not follow that route ^_^
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Hmmmmmm, interesting take on the Morphin Masters.
Thank you! Glad to see new faces around here and I'm glad you are finding interest in it so far!
White Genesis wrote: View Post

Great to see an update:}
It felt good writing it! It was great getting a whole chapter out as well, instead of the episodes. Hope you liked it!
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The Power Ranger Archives
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Chapter Twenty-Nine: Doomsday

1993 AD - Universe M54331Z-B2

September-2 stood in the Batcave, staring up at the monitors Bruce-2 had set up years earlier. They were put together with the intent of monitoring GA Rex’s Alphabet Soup and save the children therein from his mysterious grip. After the creation of Timeline B2, however... things had taken a sharp deviation from Bruce’s calculated plans. Where Bruce had envisioned bringing back the Justice League to get the Quantum Controller, a Time altering device, away from GA Rex, Bruce-2 instead found a world where Alphabet Soup was all but gone, its remnants in control of a deranged man who had sided with evil space aliens. Bruce-2 wanted to go in and use his protege, Terry-2, to go in and help but the situation was yet fresh. Too volatile.

Bruce-2 had studied the situation from afar in his home of Gotham City. Almost daily it seemed that the struggle for power between Richie-2 and the Power Rangers would favor one side over the other. What further complicated Bruce-2's decisions were his own apprehensions at how he, himself, had changed. He noted how differently he went about doing things. He yet had the training he had endured, etched deep in his mind, which had molded him into Batman. Yet, he could sense how there was something different in his intent. This realization led him to his hypothesis (confirmed to him by September-2) that there had been a Temporal Distortion. That he was in fact no longer the man he had memories of: just the Spirit who had inherited that life. This led him to deep reflection. The past few weeks were fraught with meditation, with Bruce-2 learning the ins and outs of “the new Bruce” so that, when the time came, he would know how to make the best decisions with the weapons he inherited from the original Bruce Wayne. There was a mighty responsibility on his shoulders, and he was certain to wield the power behind that responsibility properly.

At that precise moment, however, none of it seemed to matter much. The revelations of what was about to happen to the destinies of not one, but two universes, left him feeling cold at his core. Beside him stood Terry-2, uncharacteristically silent. They both stared at September-2 as he looked over the monitors. What once were monitors to help free the government from the enigmatic clutch of GA Rex were now being used to help save the universe.

“One fleeting moment caused all of this...” September-2 stated as he turned around. “Thank you, Mr. Wayne. I wanted to continue monitoring things and with the Freelancers close on my tail, using your base as a place of hiding has allowed me time to not only heal from their attack but also to monitor the situation by extending the reach of your network, Brother Eye, to intergalactic heights.”

Terry-2’s eyes widened. “You got Brother Eye up and running!?”

“No need to fear, Mr. McGinnis. I have disconnected it. I only needed it temporarily. You and Bruce were wise to shut that system down. It would have proved far too advanced for beings such as yourselves. It would have... caused problems...” September-2 stated ominously.

“What have you seen?” Bruce-2 asked as he leaned on his cane, staring at the otherworldly being before him.

“The membrane surrounding this universe is failing. Not only that, but the connection between this universe and its parent bubble is beginning to wane. Whatever affliction hits this Timeline will find its way into the other. If it is not seen to, it will lead to utter destruction,” September-2 reported with sadness.

“How?” Terry-2 asked, muscles tensing as if he could fight his way through the impending doomsday.

September-2 suppressed a smile at the primitive being’s fight response. “Surrounding each bubble of order, or universe, is a chaotic soup of the very ingredients each universe is made of. Each universe in the multiverse may vary slightly one from the other on how things such as gravity, Space, or even Time are comprised, but the basic make-up usually does not vary much between them. What protects each universe is a powerful membrane. Not much ever goes in or out, except when needs be. The universe behaves quite similarly in that aspect as any given cell in a body would, with regulators such as Reapers allowing things in and out as needed.”

“I think my brain exploded,” A slack jawed Terry-2 interjected.

“The connection between this Order Bubble, or universe, with its parent bubble is causing the rapid degradation of our membrane. It is like a cancer, metastasizing across the entirety of the membrane and slowly making its way toward the original universe,” September-2 reported.

“What will happen then?” Terry-2 asked.

“The Bleed will seep into this universe,” Bruce-2 answered. “Essentially... cytolysis.”

“...Correct,” September-2 answered.

“Cyto-what?” Terry-2 asked.

“Essentially the same that occurs in a Human cell: if the osmosis allowing the transport of essential and non-essential items in and out of the cell is imbalanced, the cell will eventually burst,” Bruce-2 answered, not taking his eyes off September-2.

“That would happen eventually, yes. However...” September-2 stated. “Before then, the creatures living in the Bleed would break through the membrane. Wicked beasts native to the Bleed. They would likely destroy all living things within this universe before the... Universal Cytolysis, as it were... would happen. The building blocks for Spirit are not found in the Bleed and those creatures seem to think of it as a delicacy, more or less.”

Suppressing his curiosity and the many questions September-2’s statements were giving him, Bruce-2 took a step forward toward his hairless guest. “What is there, then, to do?”

“My counterpart from the other Timeline is working on separating the two Timelines. Until then... we wait and hope for the best.” September-2 stated. “There is nothing we can do. I’m stuck in this Timeline as some odd result of how this Timeline was created. I hope to one day figure out how to beat that. Until then, I must have your help.”

“I thought you said there was nothing we could do?” Bruce-2 asked, confused.

September-2 nodded. “To stop the Bleeders from coming in, correct. But we can try to fight them. With your help it is possible.”

“You have a whole universe of people at your disposal. Why me?” Bruce-2 asked.

“Because of your abilities. Your potential. Of everyone in the universe, you are the most versatile being.” September-2 stated. “And also because of this.”

Walking quickly, inhumanly quickly, September-2 made his way to the wall. Bruce-2 instantly knew what September-2 was doing, but was unable to do anything about it. Vibrating his hand quickly, September-2 phased through the rock-wall of the Batcave and pulled out the artifact Bruce had hidden there decades earlier.

“Bruce? Is that--?” Terry-2 began.

“Yes,” Bruce-2 interrupted, frowning. “A Power Ring from the Green Lantern Corps. I was recruited by them but turned them down. My loyalties lie on Earth, not as an intergalactic police officer.”

“It was wisdom in the Guardians of the Universe to have you keep this. The time has come, Bruce Wayne, to accept the mantle of Green Lantern. With this ring and your Willpower, I believe you can help protect Earth from the Bleed.” September-2 stated, holding the ring out on his palm as he approached Bruce-2.

Bruce-2 scoffed. “Earth? If I put that thing on I will be required to go wherever those on Oa wish for me to go.”

“I have already spoken to the Guardians. I explained to them that the nature of the rupture in the universe is actually on Earth’s moon and thus, Earth will be the first target of the Bleeders. They have informed me that if you put that ring on, your assignment will be Earth. Then, once I can resolve this with my Temporal Twin, you will be allowed to retire.” September-2 stated, still holding his hand out.

Bruce-2 furrowed his brow. “When will these ‘Bleeders’ begin to break through?”

Before September-2 could reply, September-2 moved quickly as if he were a natural born blur. He fell back, landing on his side as blood spurted out from his mouth. He’d been shot.

“Stop trying to fix things!” Feuxlivia cried out, Link and Charlie following closely behind her as they appeared in the Batcave.

“You did good using the tech in this primitive place to mask yourself to us, September. But between my nose and Olivia’s senses? You knew you didn’t have long until we found you, big boy.” Charlie said nonchalantly, his gun in one hand hanging off to the side.

“You caused all of this when you went rogue,” Link said calmly, hands aflame. “You’re a broken Watcher. You think you’re helping, but you’re not. I mean, what does recruiting primitives like these people do to fix a cataclysm like this? Huh?”

“This Timeline is an abomination and shouldn’t exist, September,” Feuxlivia stated as she made her way to September-2, gun locked on him as he lay on the floor.

“Bruce... It is too late for me...” September-2 stated, looking up at Bruce-2 and Terry-2 as they tried to figure out how to attack the trio who had invaded their hideout without them having any alert to their presence. “Take the ring... fight the Bleeders...”

“Don’t you move!” Charlie barked, training his gun on Terry-2 and Bruce-2. “No more plans, September! It’s over! Olivia? He’s too dangerous. If we try to get him to the correctional facility or even to The Supreme, he’ll escape. We have to put him down now.”

Link frowned before nodding. “Unfortunately... yeah. We can’t fix him. He’s too dangerous.”

Feuxlivia exhaled before speaking. “Former Watcher September: I hereby execute you in the name of The Supreme for causing the Time Anomaly Source. May your Spirit find solace.”

September-2 looked up and locked eyes with Feuxlivia. She was the Temporal Twin of the woman who he’d met as a small child eons earlier in what he referred to as his home dimension. All of the memories of what September had been through at that moment flooded the Future: Omega Ranger’s mind. How Olivia, Peter, and Walter had helped September escape the Rogue Watcher, Prime. How he helped them escape from the destruction of their own world. September had helped them become cloaked so that they were untraceable to The Supreme, his own Temporal Twin. He had been aware of how they had done things here and there to upset the Watchers and Freelancers, being known in those ranks as “The Interferers”.

They were the first of September’s good deeds. Others like Laguna and Zordon and their family were directly touched by September. September had done all he could to release the multiverse from the clutches of the predestination of The Supreme and The Traveler. Even if his life were to end here, those who he had recruited into his fight for free Will would fight on in his name.

Shaking off the uneasy feeling from September’s stare, Feuxlivia pulled the trigger.

Bruce-2 stood in shock as he heard the gun go off. Even though it had been many, many decades since his own parents had been murdered in front of him, the gunfire caused him to relive his parents’ murder at that time. He hated guns with all of his heart and, to have another go off and murder an innocent person again caused his blood to boil. At that precise moment, Bruce-2 took up another oath. He would always hold dear to his heart his original oath, to avenge the death of his parents by keeping Gotham safe. This new oath would just add onto it. It would be in honor of September-2.

“In brightest day...

“I am vengeance...

“I am the night...

“Beware the power of Green Lantern's light! I am Batman!”

From the floor of the Batcave, the Power Ring flew up and onto Bruce-2’s finger. A version of the Batman suit suddenly found itself materializing over Bruce-2, but green in color as opposed to the usual dark colors the Batsuit had.

“You have the ability to overcome great Fear. Welcome to the Green Lantern Corps.” Bruce-2 heard his Power Ring say. “You are already in your sector. Prepare for your first mission.”

Moving with an ease he hadn’t felt in many years, Batman leapt in front of Terry-2 and caused an orb of Green Energy to surround them, protecting them from the bullets Charlie was shooting at them and the flames Link was hurling from where he stood.

“Thanks, September...” Link said, rolling his eyes. “He’s the gift that keeps on giving!”

Meanwhile, back where September-2 was, he opened his eyes in surprise. The gunfire had not come from Feuxlivia. In fact, whoever had fired the weapon had shot her instead of him. It wasn’t often that September-2 was surprised by something, and that pleased him. It showed him that his mission to destroy the predictability of things was yet a success.

Standing up, holding his ribs where Feuxlivia’s initial gunshot had wounded him, he looked over to her. She’d been shot in the hand, and the force of the shot had caused her to fall and hit her head, knocking her out.

Focusing, September-2 began a few quick calculations. Turning slowly to where he’d pinpointed the source of the gunshot would be, a large smile spread across his face.

“Well I’ll be...” September-2 said, mimicking a common phrase from the planet he was standing upon.

“Oh, it’s been quite some time!” Walter Bishop stated, opening up his arms as he walked forward to give September-2 a hug before his son, Peter, grabbed him by the shoulder and pulled him back.

“Walter! Can’t you see there’s a massive fight going on right now!?” Peter yelled. “Not the time!”

Standing with the two was her: Olivia. She smiled and motioned for September-2 to get to them quickly, which he did notwithstanding his wound. He looked to them with a mix of happiness and confusion.

“What are you doing here!?” He demanded with a smile.

“Interfering,” Olivia said with a wink.

“This is too dangerous for you all!” September-2 stated with amazement.

“The thing is, Sinclair, we believe that these Freelancers have inadvertently brought the Doomsday Virus into this Timeline! It will only cause the Bleed to happen faster!” Walter declared, excited at the prospect of speaking with his brother once again.

“What!?” September-2 gasped.

“We’ll explain later! Astrid and Lincoln are waiting for us. We have to go now!” Peter yelled as he pushed a button that opened a portal before them all. “Olivia!”

Olivia, who had been shooting at the Freelancers, nodded and ran toward Peter (who had already jumped into the portal). “September! Walter! Come on!”

As she jumped in, Walter turned and smiled to September-2. “This is fantastic. Together again!”

Running to the portal, September-2 looked to Walter. “Walter... I... I am not your September... your Sinclair... I am only his Temporal Twin...”

Walter smiled as they approached the portal. “It matters not. You remember us as if we are your friends... and we still are.”

With that, they vanished into the portal while the newest Green Lantern, The Batman of Timeline B2, fought against The Supreme’s Freelancers.
. . .

Downtown Angel Grove was in flames. It had started just moments earlier and no one had the chance to evacuate. It was pure mayhem, caused by Richie-2 and his brainwashed Thunder Storm Power Rangers. He looked around at the scene, smiling behind the visor of his helmet. Jase, Kimmie, and Zack-2 used the Ninja based Ranger powers they had to dash around the city at blinding speeds, destroying anything they could. Casualties were not to be avoided...

“Can you hear me, Rangers!?” The Green Quasar Ranger shouted, lifting up his Dragon Dagger into the air. “This city is mine! If you want it back... come and take it back!”
. . .

Time Warp of Universe M54331Z-B2

Zordon stared at the hologram floating above him, showing him the inside of the Command Center. The focal point of his vision was the Viewing Globe, showing to him the utter devastation being wrought upon that Timeline’s version of Angel Grove. He could perceive, through his connection to the Order of Meledon, the power of one of his Quasar Sabers flowing through Richie-2’s Mighty Morphin’ Green Ranger suit. The combination of power flowing through Richie-2 was astounding, and one he knew no one person should wield. It looked to, if Richie-2 knew how to use it correctly, be able to rival his own Meledon Ranger power.

“But... how?” Zordon found himself wondering aloud.

“I assume you are wondering how this Richie fellow was able to fuse the Dino Coin to a Quasar Coin?” Saba-2 asked, looking over battle plans he and his old friend from memory had drawn in the sand before them. “The best we, my Zordon and myself, were able to figure involved the children from Alphabet Soup. We surmise Richie used Alphabet Soup tech and ingenuity to merge the two.”

Zordon nodded slowly. “I am not boasting here, so please take this in the light it is meant to be said in: this rivals my own thinking and know how, and I’ve been alive for eons. Whoever they have trapped in their ranks doing their work for them is a genius. It makes me have apprehension for what this evil ranger may have up his sleeve to throw our way...”

Before Saba-2 could reply, Billy-2’s voice was heard coming from the Command Center to his mentor. “Zordon!? We’re here and we’ve seen what is happening... I am staying behind to continue working on the Crisis with Finster and Alpha in the Power Chamber. I’m sending the others to deal with the evil rangers.”

“Billy is quite the leader, is he not?” Saba-2 said with a smile.

Zordon chuckled. Even in this Timeline, Saba is yet determined to have young Billy lead the team.

“Good call, Billy,” Zordon answered. “May the power protect you.”

“It’s morphin’ time!” Tommy-2 shouted.






“Red Dragon!”

“Good luck, Rangers...” Zordon whispered to himself as the Rangers teleported out of the Command Center. There was a gnawing feeling Zordon could not quite shake. It was as if the Order of Meledon’s influence was trying to tell him something, yet what it was he could not quite figure out. He knew that this universe’s version of the Order of Meledon was different than his own and figured his inability to fully comprehend the impressions from it was due to that difference. Dismissing himself from Saba-2, he sat in the sand and began to meditate to try and ascertain what the Magical force was trying to tell him.
. . .


“Adam! Let’s you and me take on Jase and the other Thunder Rangers!” Tommy-2 declared as he unsheathed his Saba blade from the holster at his side.

“Got it!” Adam-2 answered, pulling out his mini blaster cannons and racing over to the Saffron, Navy, and Crimson Rangers.

As they went to stop the disaster the three brainwashed rangers were causing, the other four rangers approached the Green Quasar Ranger. They stared at him, unmoving, for what felt like an eternity. It was Richie-2 who eventually broke the silence.

“Am I supposed to be afraid?” He asked simply. “So what!? You recruited new rangers. They’re inexperienced. They won’t stand a chance against me!”

“We beat you once and we’ll do it again!” Declared the only veteran in the group, Trini-2.

“Well... we’ll see about that...” Richie-2 stated with satisfaction lacing his every word. He pointed his Dragon Dagger at the group as the green Quasar Saber, with the power of the Condor, appeared in his free hand.

“Yah!” Trini-2 shouted, racing forward as she led the others toward Richie-2.
. . .

The alarm suddenly began to sound off in the Power Chamber. Billy-2 looked up his work to see a sight he would not have ever imagined: his four teammates being pummeled by the Green Quasar Ranger.

“What? How is this possible!?” Billy-2 demanded, staring at the monitor before him.

“Yo, yo, yo!” Alpha 6 chanted. “My scans here are telling me that the Green Ranger’s powers are growing exponentially as he is fighting! It’s like... he’s tapping more and more into the Morphing Grid!”

Billy-2 furrowed his brow. He shot a glance at Finster-2. He didn’t yet trust the Monster before him. Even if he had been telling the truth about wanting to change, he had already shown once before how willing he was to succumb to his old ways. Billy-2 then looked up at the monitor to see his friends. Aisha-2 and Trini-2 leapt up and went for a simultaneous strike, only to have Richie-2 throw up a “no-look block” with his Quasar Saber. As he initiated the block, he stabbed the ground with his Dragon Dagger and shot out a tremendous force of Green Morphing Energy out, shaking the ground as it swept past and assaulted Rocky-2 and Curtis-2. Billy-2 stared in terror as the wave of power continued forward and hit a building, shattering all of its windows and likely causing major stability issues.

“Alpha!? Keep an eye on Finster!” Billy-2 shouted as he reached for his morpher.

Finster-2 paused and clenched his fist. I... I have to prove I’m not that same Monster!

“It’s morphin’ time! Unicorn!”

In a blaze of Blue Morphing Energy, the Griffin Mighty Thunder Ranger teleported onto the scene and unleashed a mighty aerial kick. His foot landed square on the diamond of the Green Quasar Ranger’s Dragon Shield, causing the villain to fly back and slam into a turned over van.

“Nice timing, Billy!” Curtis-2 shouted, running over and clapping Billy-2 on the back.

“Hehehe...” Richie-2 chuckled as he lifted himself up.

“What’s so funny!?” Rocky-2 demanded, getting into a fighting stance. “Did Billy here just knock all the sense out of you? It’s over, man! You can’t beat the five of us!”

“Oh? Would you like to bet on that?” Quasar Green asked as he was enveloped in Green Morphing Energy.

“What’s happening...?” Curtis-2 asked nervously, taking an instinctive step back.

Morphing Energy began to crackle around Richie-2, lifting him up off the cracked concrete below his feet. Outstretching his arms to his sides, Richie-2 began laughing maniacally.

“Feast your eyes upon your end, rangers!” He declared.

“Rangers!” Zordon’s voice was suddenly heard in their helmets. “De... now! Ge... the... now! I can’t... interf... trap!”

“We can’t hear you!” Trini-2 stated, Fear enveloping her.

“Demorph!” Zordon managed to yell through the interference.

“Too late!” Richie-2 cried out as waves of Morphing Energy erupted from him. “You want my power!? Take it! Rose, now!”

“Ahhh!” The rangers cried out nearly in unison as the waves of Morphing Energy hit them.

Sparks erupted from their suits as they were suddenly blinded by a bright flash of light. A mighty ringing presented itself in their ears, as if they’d been hit with a flashbang. Shaking his head, Billy-2 was the first to begin to see things somewhat clearly. Standing in the midst of the fallen rangers was the Green Quasar Ranger. He had no weapons in his hands as he seemed to consider each ranger individually.

“Can you hear me?” Richie-2 asked calmly.

“I’m gonna beat you down...” Curtis-2 managed to cough.

“Good,” Richie-2 answered. “I shot out waves of Morphing Energy specially crafted to interact with your tap to the Morphing Grid. Each of your taps were overloaded with my power, plus some extra stuff my scientists were able to concoct for you guys to seal the deal. Go ahead... try to morph!”

“Red Dragon!” Rocky-2 shouted. “Red--”

“Stop it, Rocky...” Aisha-2 stated as she was the first to stand. “Don’t give him the satisfaction. If you’re gonna kill us... then just do it!”

“Okay,” Richie-2 stated, spinning around quickly and in the blink of an eye summoning his Quasar Saber before plunging it deep into Aisha-2’s gut.

“Noooo!” Rocky-2 shouted, trying to force himself to stand. “Nooooo!”

Pulling his sword out of her, the Green Quasar Ranger kicked Aisha-2 to the floor and looked at Rocky-2. “I guess you’re the next volunteer.”

“No! Run!” Billy-2 shouted as the Green Ranger moved swiftly over to Rocky-2. “Ruuuuun!”

“Rangers!” Zordon’s voice was suddenly heard in their ears. “It’s okay... I managed to break through.”

Billy-2 looked around. He saw that he was once again in the confines of the Command Center.

“Actually, I should say that it was Finster who was able to save you all,” Zordon added, looking from his tube to Finster-2, who was standing next to the control panel.

“I recognized that frequency... it was one I had helped create. It has been improved upon drastically, but I was able to still crack through before he got to everyone...” Finster-2 stated as his voice trailed off.

Rocky-2 rushed him at that moment. “You let him kill her, didn’t you!? Didn’t you!?”

“No! No, I promise!” Finster-2 pleaded as Rocky-2 cocked back a fist to hit Finster-2.

“Stop this!” Zordon demanded. “This is not the way! Finster is not the enemy here... Look to the Viewing Globe...”

Turning, the rangers saw Tommy-2 and Adam-2 yet fighting the Thunder Storm Rangers. They were able to stay toe to toe with the three speeding Ninja-based rangers, staying back to back with each other and forcing Jase, Kimmie, and Zack-2 into circling them so the two Mighty Morphin’ Rangers were able to have each others’ backs.

“They won’t be able to keep that up much longer!” Curtis-2 gasped. “Any minute now and Richie is gonna swoop in and wipe ‘em out!”

“Pull them out...” Billy-2 stated. “We’re going to need to figure out another way to stop them, but we need at least their ranger powers...”

“Wise decision...” Zordon stated. “Do you have a lock on them, Finster?”

“Not yet...” Finster-2 stated as he pushed buttons madly on the console before him. “There! Got it!”

As he cried out in victory, Tommy-2 and Adam-2 appeared in the Command Center.

“Hey! What’s happening!? We had them!” Adam-2 demanded.

“Everything okay?” Tommy-2 asked, looking over to his girlfriend, Trini-2.

“No...” Trini-2 stated. “Richie somehow overloaded our morphers and we can’t morph anymore. And... he...”

“He murdered Aisha,” Billy-2 stated coldly, clenching a fist.

Adam-2 suddenly began to have blurry vision at the statement. Stumbling back, he nearly collapsed onto the console behind him. Rocky-2 rushed over to him.

“No... no, this can’t be happening...” Adam-2 said in a near delirium.

“We’ll get him for this, Adam. He’s not gonna get away with it,” Rocky-2 reassured his longtime friend.

“How!?” Curtis-2 demanded. “If we send Adam and Tommy out there, he’s just gonna shut their powers down, too!”

“No, we have a plan,” Saba-2 suddenly said via Tommy-2’s saber. “We are going to attack the heart of Richie’s base and take away his scientists.”

Finster-2 nodded. “Yes. I know the place inside and out and all the security protocols. They don’t know I defected so it should still be unchanged.”

“Without his scientists, he won’t be able to use their genius against us,” Zordon concluded.

“But... The moment they know we are in the base they’ll attack!” Curtis-2 protested. “How will Tommy and Adam get out in their own base being attacked by all four of those crazies!?”

“While we were speaking, I have made arrangements to keep the Green Ranger occupied while Adam and Tommy go on their covert mission,” Zordon revealed. “Look into the Viewing Globe, rangers.”

As they did, they were confused. All they could see were the three Thunder Storm Rangers yet destroying everything in their path. Then, suddenly, five colored streaks of light surrounded them and begin bouncing off of them, in the same fashion of attack they, themselves, liked to use against their opponents. A feeling of satisfaction hit the rangers when the sparks of Morphing Energy erupted from the Thunder Storm Rangers’ suits.

“Stop this at once!” A voice was heard crying out.

“Who are you!?” Richie-2 suddenly demanded, coming from seemingly out of nowhere to stand in front of his downed rangers.

The blurred forms of light stopped at that point, falling in line with one another. They wore ranger suits, but they were none as such the Mighty Thunder Power Rangers had ever seen before. They wore white, red, blue, yellow, pink, and black outfits. They had small swords attached to the backs of their suits, with the hilt sticking up behind their heads. The white ranger, one of two wearing a skirt so assumedly they were the only females, stepped forward while she arched her arm back to hold the hilt of her sword.

Seeing them standing there, Richie-2 clenched his fist. “You again!? Didn’t you learn the last time I beat you guys to leave this planet!?”

“We are the Rangers of Aquitar!” Delphine-2 declared, ignoring the Green Quasar Ranger. “Surrender now or face our wrath!”
. . .

Within the rubble of the Juice Bar, Ernie-2 pulled himself out from a pile of debris. Jase and Kimmie had put up a good fight, but were unable to take Ernie-2 down... that is, until they morphed. The two rangers took the mere mortal Ernie-2 down within moments, causing him to fall unconscious as they literally tore the Juice Bar down.

Ernie-2 looked around. He saw an arm poking out from the rubble. The blue suit adorning the arm was a dead giveaway: it was Caplan-2. Rushing over to him, Ernie-2 used the last ounce of strength he had to pull the rocks from on top of his former superior officer. As he pulled the last rock off, Ernie-2 let out a sigh of sadness. Shaking his head, he closed the open eyes of the recently deceased Mr. Caplan-2.

“Sorry, old friend...” Ernie-2 said with sadness, realizing the last thing they’d ever said to each other was in a fit of anger. “I’ll make this right...”

And with that, Ernie-2 pulled himself up and hobbled toward the kitchen of the former Juice Bar. He had work to do...
. . .

Universe M54331Z-B1

“How do we keep getting in these situations!?” Isamu complained right before getting punching in the jaw of his helmet by a Cog.

“May have to do with the fact that we are Power Rangers, no?” Mr. Travert replied almost gleefully as he leapt over a car and performed a flying aerial punch to the Cog who had attacked Striker Japan.

“Less talking, more fighting!” Aleksei grunted as he bullrushed a group of Cogs.

“Oh, come on!” Isamu replied jokingly. “You gotta-- agh!”

Striker Japan suddenly found himself flying through the air, massive amounts of pain pulsing through him. What he hadn’t seen was the arrival of none other than Prince Gasket and Princess Archerina themselves on the scene. Archerina had sent one of her deadly arrows sailing directly toward Isamu’s back, causing him to flail violently until his impact on the streets below.

“Anyone wanna help me out here...?” Isamu said under his breath as he tried to roll away from a barrage of Cogs rushing to him, trying to stomp him as if he were nothing more than a cockroach.

From the other side of the area of battle, Angela pinpointed the source of the attack. Her blood ran cold as she saw them. Clenching her fist, she rushed toward her three male teammates.

“What fools you all are!” Gasket proclaimed proudly as he made his way onto the scene, brandishing his sword flamboyantly. “Your record against us is less than stellar with five rangers... what makes you think you could do anything to us after we destroyed one of you?”

“Hehehe...” Archerina giggled. “They are truly pathetic, aren’t they my dear? Let us show them our true power, shall we?”

“Yes... Professor Cog? Activate the signal!” Gasket proclaimed.

Suddenly, the eyes on the Cogs began to glow with a bright red light. Before the rangers could react, the Cogs began moving much faster than they ever had before. The increased speed increased the overall velocity of their attacks, which ended causing the rangers a lot more pain with each hit.

“Not only can I not dodge them,” Angela cried out after a quite brutal punch to the gut. “But they hurt so much more!”

“They are moving faster. The new velocity is allowing them to hit harder than before...” Striker France stated as he slid under a car to hide and catch his breath. “We... we need to retreat!”

“What!?” Isamu complained as he narrowly dodged a leg sweep. “No way! We can’t let these Machines just plow through this city!”

“We don’t even know why they are here!” Travert countered. “This city doesn’t even seem important! They probably just pulled us out here to bait us! If we leave, they’ll leave, too!”

“You don’t know that!” Aleksei roared while he picked a Cog up and threw him into a crowd of five other Cogs. “It’s not worth the risk!”

“I agree with Aleksei! We can’t abandon the people of this city until we know SHIELD has evacuated everyone!” Striker America decided as she dove headfirst at a Cog.

“Then you will all perish with this city! Yah!” Gasket said, interrupting the conversation as he shot out a bolt of electricity from his sword.

“You will either be assimilated into our empire, our be vanquished!” Archerina agreed, hastily shooting arrows at each ranger (save for Travert, who was yet hiding).

“Ahhh!” The three rangers cried out in near unison.

“Captain Mitchell! We need back-up!” Angela cried out.

“So does everyone else!” He was heard yelling over their comm pieces. “I still have no idea why they are attacking Quebec, but the city is swarming with Cogs. They aren’t even heading into any specific directions... it’s like they are here just to destroy!”

“That doesn’t fit their way of operating from before...” Travert stated, thinking as quickly as he could. “I was right! This is a way to bait us here! We must retreat!”

“No!” Mitchell countered. “You don’t understand... they are literally destroying everything in their path. Cars, houses, street signs... everything! They are ignoring SHIELD and they are ignoring even the people!”

“Oh, no...” Travert said as it dawned upon him. “They are just going to level everything in their path! Guys!? Can you hear me!?”

Rolling out from under the car, Travert gasped at the horrible sight before him: his team, sprawled out on the streets unconscious. Only a few yards away were the Cogs, standing motionless as Gasket and Archerina made their way to the defenseless rangers.

“I knew taking that loan from Lothor was worth it!” Gasket stated happily as he strode up to the rangers. “Now we finally have the rangers right where we want them!”

“Not if I have anything to say about it!” Striker France proclaimed, getting into a fighting stance.

“Ah-haha!” Gasket laughed heartily. “Don’t you see the army behind me? How do you think you could take me down all alone? Hmmm? I-- oof!”

Archerina looked in surprise as Gasket fell over to the ground. “My love? What is-- ahh!”

Looking around in shock, Travert noticed massive sparks beginning to erupt from both Gasket and Archerina. The lights in their eyes were continually blinking in and out, as if they were short circuiting.

“What is happening!?” Professor Cog demanded, suddenly teleporting onto the scene. “Gasket!? Archerina!? I-- ahh!”

As he, too, fell to the ground the Cogs began to rush forward quickly to attack Travert. At that moment, a small army of SHIELD agents swarmed the area. Mr. Travert watched in awe as each of the soldiers began stabbing the Cogs with what looked like a jagged crystal.

“What is happening?” Striker France asked.

“I can answer that,” A voice said from behind.

Turning around, Mr. Travert was shocked to see Striker Kenya standing behind him. He stood before him confidently, holding what appeared to be a sniper’s rifle.

“Thomas!?” Mr. Travert gasped. “But... how!?”

Kenya shook his head. “No, I am his brother, Amani. I accepted your request to join Global Strike. Agent Mike Corbett was the one who helped me get my... what is it you call it? Morpher?”

“And I suppose you are responsible for saving me?” Mr. Travert asked.

Amani nodded. “Indeed I am. General Rex informed us his scientists were able to gather a mineral that would deactivate the influx of power these Machines received.”

“Rex, huh?” Travert stated ominously. “And what is your relationship with Rex, if you don’t mind me asking?”

“Not the same as my brother’s. That I can assure you,” Amani answered simply.

We will see... Travert thought, not fully trusting Amani’s statement.

“Drat!” Amani suddenly cried out.

“What is it?” Travert asked, turning to look in the direction the newest ranger was staring at.

“Those three I shot from afar... they are gone...” Amani stated sadly. “They must have been teleported back to wherever their station is up in space. I assume they are important?”

“They are part of the Machine Empire’s Royal House,” Travert answered. “It seems as if SHIELD has this all wrapped up. Let’s get our team back up to the ship so they can rest and you can get caught up with our team and everything happening here, no?”

“Okay,” Amani stated.

What have I gotten myself into? Amani thought. I just hope it is truly what I was training for...and that I can make a difference.
. . .

In his private room on the Global Strike jet, Dr. Harlen sat in front of his computer as a message appeared on it:

*Did the crystals work?*

*Wonders - where did you get them?*

*Not important*

*I told them the science team found them*

*Good. That is all*

Harlen sighed as the communication ended. How did Rex know what he knew? Where did he get the odd items he did that seemed to always bail everyone out at the last moment? There were a lot of things about GA Rex that left Harlen feeling uneasy. But... in the end of it all, Rex was one of the good guys saving the world... right?
. . .

GA Rex smiled as Lothor’s image appeared on the screen before him. He looked very displeased, which increased Rex’s pleasure greatly.

“Interesting day on the battlefield, was it not?” Rex asked simply.

“You could say that...” Lothor replied. “Interesting crystals you Humans suddenly acquired.”

“Yes, they are,” Rex stated.

“Had you come to me, I would have been able to supply you with something simpler to defeat Aradon’s forces, you know...” Lothor stated, fake saccharine dripping from his every word.

“Oh, I’m certain of it. You see... I have had resources I haven’t been using because of how... accessible you’ve been. I’m having a hard time with this relationship, though. You see, I don’t like the fact that you give Aradon something, then sell to me the very thing that will defeat it. And vice versa, I’m certain.” Rex said simply, sitting up a bit straighter in his chair as he spoke. “You see... I don’t want you to suddenly pop up and re-assert a place at the table of those vying for universal power.”

“Oh, you have it all wrong!” Lothor lied. “I’m done with all of that! I’m simply trying to help my business ventures grow!”

“Well... then you should thank me for helping the temptation not be so tough on you,” Rex stated, mimicking Lothor’s fake, sweet tone. “Without me giving into this unplanned cycle of money you fell into, you should be safe from such a predicament. You will find my invoices are all caught up. It has been a pleasure, Lothor.”

“What? You can’t possibly think you can defeat Aradon without my help!” Lothor demanded, fury registering for the first time in his eyes.

“I actually think I will be better off without your help,” Rex said with a smile. “Oh, and good luck with your never-ending search for the Greatest Treasure in the Universe.”

“What!? How do you know ab--!?” Lothor started before Rex ended the communication.

Standing up, GA Rex made his way to one of his office walls. Tapping it slowly, a door appeared. Entering it, he sat on what appeared to be a throne. Looking to his right, he set his eyes on a wallmounted monitor. Reaching over, he grabbed a handful of grapes in a bowl next to him.

“Computer? Resume scans to find the beast known as Doomsday.”
. . .

King Aradon stood next to his throne, looking down at Earth from his ship. He sighed heavily as he heard someone come into the room.

“Your highness? We have Gasket, Archerina, and Professor Cog back online, sir.”

“That is fine... thank you...” Aradon said, dismissing the Machine before heading back to his throne seat.

“Every turn, Earth seems to have an answer for everything we throw at them... These Power Rangers have been a thorn in my side for too long. It’s time to change the tactic... It’s time to contact Grimlord.”
. . .

“So did ya’ hear?” Skull asked, chomping on his gum loudly.

“What, doofus?” Bulk answered as he continued shoving his way down the halls of Angel Grove High School.

“They are having a celebration in the park today! For the Power Rangers!” Skull proclaimed excitedly. “You know what that means, right?”

Bulk sighed. “What, Skull?”

“Swedish meatballs!”

Bulk groaned. “No, you moron. This is our chance to shine.”

Skull considered his words momentarily. “Huh? How so?”

Bulk smiled. “I have a plan.”

“What’re ya’ plannin’!?”

“You’ll see.”

As they reached the end of the stairwell they were in, Skull’s impatience got the best of him. “C’mon Bulk! Ya’ gotta tell me! What are you planning?”

Bulk, looking around cautiously to make sure no one was watching, pulled Skull off to a corner to tell him his “ingenious” plan. “Okay... all right... okay... You know how they’re planning that party for the Power Rangers in the park?”

“Yeah, yeah!” Skull said excitedly, forgetting he was the one who mentioned it to Bulk to begin with.

“We’re gonna steal a little bit of their thunder... We’re gonna show Angel Grove that the Power Rangers aren’t the only superheroes in this city!”

As Bulk spoke, we became more and more excited. Unconsciously, he tapped into the inner strength he had and picked Skull up. Said super strength was what made him a candidate for Alphabet Soup to begin with. From his secret office, Mr. Caplan watched and monitored Bulk’s biorhythms as he, seemingly without even noticing what he’d done, lifted Skull up off the ground.

“He seems very enamored with his own plan,” Caplan said into a tape recorder. “So much so that it caused him to tap into his, quote unquote, super-strength. Seeing as this emotional tie to his ill-gotten plan seems to be triggering his special ability, I am going to allow him to see this plan through. After the debacle in detention that showed both he and Skull were unable to count backwards from ten due to a high stress situation, the drugs we had pumped into Bulk and Skull were increased. I believe this sudden show of proactivity and strength is directly correlated with the increase of the performance enhancing drugs.”

Ending his recording, Caplan continued his observations of the two as they snuck into the Drama Club’s classroom, where they had their meetings. He watched with curiosity as Bulk began sifting through the costumes in the closet.

What are you planning, Bulkmeier? Caplan thought, mimicking Skull’s words from earlier.
. . .

Goldar-2 stood in the shadows in the Moon Palace, watching the team of evil from the “other” dimension. He watched as Goldar “bumbled about”, as he termed it. Everyone in this universe seemed milder... dumber, even. He wished he could go right then and there and destroy every last one of them.

But not yet... He thought. Patience is key... Soon my evil Green Ranger will have destroyed the rangers on my Earth. Then with my resources I will come back here and take this Earth as well!

As he continued to watch his counterparts, he thought over their most recent plan. It was actually a good one, and one he wished he could still use. Unfortunately, since he murdered the Rita of his own Timeline, it was not possible. The Rita of Timeline B1, though, was very much alive and the Rage inside of her was very much active (especially after the recent encounter she had with the Ghost of Darkness and his Wizard of Deception). The Rage was building up inside of her so much that she could no longer quench it with anything but all out war. She had decided that the only way to destroy Zordon would be to amplify her power to its optimal levels. To get to that point, Rita needed to do but one thing: be on Earth.

Earth had a very vibrant connection to the Magic Realm, the dimension in Universe M54331ZB that resided in the Magic Grid of that universe. As all Witches and Warlocks knew, their powers would amplify the closer they were to the Magic Grid. Earth had a thin veil, so to say, between it and the dimension which was the source of all Magic in the universe.

With this increase in power, Rita planned on summoning forth two great powers which were otherwise unable to be retrieved from the places they were banished to. The first was the mighty zord Goldar-2 remembered piloting thousands of years earlier: Cyclopsis. The other great power she planned on summoning was the being who had possessed Tommy while he was the Green Ranger (which thing Goldar-2 did not know about, as things went quite differently in his Timeline): the evil known as Lokar.

Goldar-2 could not help but smile, thinking about Rita summoning forth Cyclopsis. Not too long ago, Finster-2 had used the power in the Command Center to resurrect Cyclopsis, which Goldar-2 had piloted and had almost succeeded in using to destroy the rangers, had they not upgraded their zords with the power of Thunder.

If I wasn’t able to use Cyclopsis to defeat the rangers... what hope does this Rita have!? Goldar-2 thought, amused.

“Oh, my star!” Rita’s voice was heard echoing through the Moon Palace, breaking Goldar-2’s chain of thought. “A few... wild storms... and evil winds... arise!”

Scorpina looked at those around Rita, cowering before her power. She had to try as hard as she could to not laugh at the spectacle. Rita was powerful, yes... but she could not help but compare her power to Dai Shi. His command over Animal Spirits in her mind dwarfed the measly parlor tricks Rita was able to conjure.

Dai Shi never needed to call upon greater forces than himself! She further thought. Rita runs to Lokar and Dark Specter for help... Dai Shi didn’t need such things! And soon... he will rise again!

“Who dares to challenge you!?” Rita continued. “Bring forth Cyclopsis nooooow!”

Blue Magic erupted around the room, charging the mysterious skull Rita used to conjure her Magic. As the Magic crackled like lightning around them, Rita felt herself growing weaker. She knew this would happen. Cyclopsis would need great power to be fully charged and pulled back from the depths it was buried under. Now with her plan, however, to be charged directly by the Magic Realm, Rita could sacrifice her power now to distract the rangers while she charged using the Magic Realm as a battery for her powers.

Soon... I will have my revenge on Zordon... Rita thought, feeling her powers failing her. I will crush him and every last person he’s ever cared about!
. . .

Zack walked through the park with Jason, happy at the grand show of appreciation being given to the rangers. A part of him wished he could tell everyone that he was, in fact, one of the rangers. That desire grew stronger once Zack saw the person who made his heart skip a beat: Angela.

“Hey, Angela!” Zack shouted out, hoping this time would be the time his charms would win her over. “Hey, why don’t we get together tonight and go out? I’m serious.”

Angela smiled. “Well, Zack... if you were a Power Ranger, I’d say yes in a minute.”

Zack stopped in his tracks. It was for a split moment, but to him it dragged on for hours. The choice was really no choice at all, but the urge to confess his feelings for Angela was greater than he’d expected... tempting him to pull his morpher out right then and there.

Continuing to smile, Angela turned around and began to walk away. “Keep trying...”

Jason couldn’t help but laugh as Angela left Zack in her dust. “Nice to feel appreciated, huh?”

“Speaking of which... don’t you think it’s about time to morph into costume...?” Zack said, unconsciously beginning to walk toward Angela.

Jason, half worried Zack was about to actually tell Angela their secret, pulled Zack back. “Whoa, whoa! Hehe... we still got a little time. By mingling with the crowd like this, we lessen the chances of anybody finding out who we really are.”

With that, Zack and Jason began to walk again. As they walked, Jason’s mind began to wander. It hadn’t been too long since Zordon had done the ceremony, granting Jason the rank of Morphing Master. Jason knew that it was more for show than anything else: he didn’t feel any differently than he had before, but it was good to know Zordon and Keeper felt that he had actually applied the various teachings to his fight against evil and that he was considered a “master” of the Morphing Energy Zordon had bestowed upon him.

This led Jason to thinking of the other person who had been training like him: Tommy. Ever since Tommy had lost his Power Coin due to Rita’s Green Candle, he had only hung out with the rangers once or twice. He had cut himself off from everyone, going to school and teaching classes at the Youth Center. Jason assumed the rest of his time was spent training with Keeper, but even then... it was just a guess. Jason had even called Tommy’s house to invite Tommy to come to the event that day. Jason hoped Tommy would come, but due to the nature of the event... he understood if Tommy didn’t feel like celebrating. It would be a harsh reminder of his time with the team and how he was no longer a member of it.

Looking around, Jason noticed how there were no items giving tribute to the Green Ranger, only the main five. It made Jason sad as he noticed this, almost making him think the Dragon Power Coin was burning a hole in his pocket as they walked. He understood why, though. For one, the Green Ranger was only a member of the team for a short period of time. The other part of his existence, and the city’s first impression of him? It was as a villain. News reports had circulated about the emergence of an evil ranger upon Green Ranger’s debut. There was much confusion in the media during Tommy’s first outing with the rangers and not against them. Was this the same Green Ranger as before? Was the first a clone, or was he defeated and his powers given to a successor? Media outlets pleaded time and again on air to get the rangers to speak about the “mysterious Green Ranger”, but Zordon suggested that it was better to not answer any questions for fear of the media twisting anything they say to mean something it didn’t mean. Zordon had stated it mattered not, in the end, what anyone thought. Tommy’s actions would speak louder than anything else.

Maybe not... Jason thought, reflecting on Zordon’s words. I think the fact there are no Green Ranger merch hear speaks volumes... He was never really accepted by everyone. If only they knew...

After a few moments, Caplan stared in awe at the sight before him: Bulk and Skull, traipsing their way up to the podium in the ill-conceived costumes they had Frankensteined from the outfits the Drama Club kept. Immediately Caplan ordered everyone to stand down via his comm piece. He didn’t want anyone interfering with whatever it was Bulk thought he was going to do.

“Hello, good citizens of Angel Grove! Aaaand... welcome... to this city’s most historic moment: a moment when two of the most dynamic, powerful... incredible superheroes ever to walk the Earth decided to move to this fair city and protect this people.”

This gave Caplan a moment of reflection. The idea itself wasn’t necessarily a bad one, now hearing what Bulk was saying. It was known far and wide, even if they were becoming more and more legend and myth thanks to the legislations passed by Lex Luthor, that superheroes were real. Especially with all of the Monster attacks... why wouldn’t heroes come in to help? The New Avengers had appeared and, although SHIELD tried to wipe all data of their involvement, a few snippets of media had leaked showing how they’d helped fight Mutitis and Lokar while the rangers were trapped in another dimension. There was precedent for such an occurrence.

But... did you plan this all out, Bulkmeier? Caplan thought, curious to find himself hoping Bulk actually had. Are you ready to prove you are superhero caliber?

“Of course I am talking about myself, and my sidekick,” Bulk continued. “I’m... The Incredible Bulkster!”

“And I’m...” Skull began. “Super Skull... Boy Wonderful.”

Caplan stared at them. Skull’s outfit was in fact very similar to, if not a copy of, the former hero known as Robin. Bulk’s costume did seem to be somewhat inspired by Batman, what with the utility belt and all. Calling themselves a “dynamic” pair also resonated with him, as Batman and Robin were known as the “dynamic duo” before Robin’s unfortunate end at the hands of Joker decades earlier.

Bulk definitely did his homework... for once in his life... Caplan thought. Is this the dawn of a new Bulk? Are the drugs actually working, increasing his intelligence!?

Caplan’s hopes were quickly dashed, however, as he heard the crowd begin to laugh.

No... no! Caplan thought, surprising himself at how much he suddenly cared. Give them a chance!

That’s when it happened. A child in the crowd yelled out for Bulk and Skull to show them their super powers.

Bulk... you have super strength! Caplan thought. You picked Skull up before... you once bench pressed a ridiculous amount of weight over one thousand times! You can do this!

Caplan’s heart was in his throat as he saw Bulk and Skull stare at each other before stepping up and getting into what looked like “superhero poses”. Was this it? Was Bulk going to show the world what sort of strength he had?

“Should I stop this?” Ernie’s voice was suddenly heard over Caplan’s earpiece.

“No!” Caplan found himself nearly shouting louder than he’d intended. “Let this play out...”

Almost as quickly as his hopes had elevated, they were dashed. Bulk and Skull began waving their arms about, striking ridiculous poses and doing “shadow karate” that looked like something a small toddler would do.

Oh, Bulkmeier... Caplan thought. You were so close...
. . .

“My queen!” Goldar proclaimed. “At your command, all of Angel Grove will be beamed into another dimension!”

“Zap them now!” Rita ordered Finster as he pointed the device he’d made at Earth.

Hmm... Goldar-2 thought, yet hiding in the shadows away from the watchful eye of anyone on the Moon Palace. Finster here was able to make a machine to phase a whole city into another plane of existence? That’s brilliant! With the rangers out of the way, nothing will stop Rita from taking the artifacts in the Abandoned Warehouse District!
. . .

Caplan watched in horror as Bulk and Skull continued to make fools of themselves. That is... until they began to glow in bright fluorescent colors before vanishing.

For a split second, the entire crowd was in shock. Had Bulk and Skull actually showed some sort of superpower? Were they all fools for having laughed at them? Those were among the thoughts echoing through the minds of each person at the event. It didn’t take long, however, until each person began to glow before vanishing into the other dimension.

“What’s going--!?” Caplan began before he, himself, vanished.
. . .

Late again Tommy thought as he sprinted toward the park. I really have to work on that...

<Late to the party?> Lokar’s voice sounded off in Tommy’s mind. <Pity... I would have loved to see the look on your ranger friends’ faces when you vanished right before their eyes!>

A searing pain erupted in Tommy’s mind. He fell to his knees, the pain being unbearable. His knees began to throb as they hit the concrete below him with a great force upon his fall. Tommy reached up with a palm to each temple, as if that would make the pain go away.

<You’re probably wondering why me speaking to you hurts so much... Well... it’s because Rita has already started the process of bringing me back, Tommy! And this time, your friends will be powerless to stop me!> Lokar gloated.

“Not if... I tell them... first!” Tommy proclaimed, forcing himself up.

<Gonna be hard... from another dimension!> Lokar said, roaring with laughter.

“Huh...? What’s happening to me!?” Tommy cried out as he began to glow. Before he could react or summon any energy from the Morphing Grid, he vanished... just the same as everyone else in Angel Grove.
. . .

Goldar-2 stared as Rita fell to a knee, the only thing keeping her up was her propping her own weight against her staff. The device Finster had made was using her Magic as a battery. After powering up Cyclopsis and then powering the dimensional device, Rita was nearly powerless.

It would be so easy... Goldar-2 thought. She would have no way of stopping me. But then... Dark Specter would see this mutiny and come down on me with all his might. I’m not yet ready to face him... I need to take my Earth first. Then, with my Zordon’s resources at my fingertips... then I will come and conquer this Earth and take this Zordon’s power! Then I will be the ruler of the universe!

These same thoughts echoed through Goldar-2’s head almost constantly throughout his day. It was becoming more and more of an obsession... and he wasn’t going to rest until those thoughts became reality.
. . .

Time Warp of Universe M54331Z-B1

Zordon-2 could not help but shake the uneasy feeling he had. The Order of Meledon of this new dimension was trying to tell him something, but he could not figure out what it was.

“Are you okay?” Saba asked, approaching the Temporal Twin of his longtime friend.

“No... I...” Zordon began. “I feel like something is off, but I--”

That’s when the Monster Alarm went off. Focusing his power to the Command Center, he began to see what it was the sensors had picked up. That’s when Jason’s voice was heard over the Command Center’s communication systems.

“Jason to Command Center! We have an emergency!”

“Yes, I’m already picking it up, rangers,” Zordon-2 stated, feeling dumb for not having known beforehand. “A powerful beam emanating from the Moon appears to have enveloped everyone in Angel Grove.”

“Rita!” Kim’s voice was heard stating, deducing the cause of the beam.

“I’ve got something, Zordon!” Alpha 5 stated, looking up at Zordon’s tube.

Zordon-2 smiled, still not over the fact he was able to once again look upon the droid who’d been destroyed in his Timeline.

“Good. Now lock the scanner onto the dimensional beam and track its coordinates carefully, Alpha.” Zordon-2 ordered when he suddenly got a very strong impression from his connection to the Order of Meledon. “Watch for any movement toward Earth.”

“But how can the Moon move?” Alpha 5 asked in confusion.

“The Moon cannot Alpha, but Rita’s palace can.” Zordon-2 warned.

Saba’s face dropped. “What are you talking about, Zordon!?”

“If she brings it to Earth as I fear she may, it will greatly increase her powers,” Zordon-2 stated, almost as quickly as the information was dawning upon him.

“How is that even possible!?” Saba continued.

Zordon-2 looked down, shaking his head. “I don’t know... but it’s what I’m being impressed to know. This is going to be bad, Saba...”
. . .

Universe M54331Z-B1

Goldar-2 steadied himself as the Moon Palace began to shift. Cyclopsis was powered up, but only enough to be activated. To have fuel for a fight, Rita would need to act as a conduit between it and the Magic Grid. It was similar to how Finster-2 had used the Command Center as a conduit between it and the Morphing Grid in Timeline B2, Goldar-2 thought.

For Rita to be able to tap into the Magic Grid in Angel Grove and not from the place the veil between the dimensions was thin in a town known as Briarwood, however, she would need to use the Edenite dimensional technology within the Moon Palace she’d usurped thousands of years earlier. Once on Earth, Finster would be able to shift the dimensional frequency of one of the portal rooms to match the Magic Realm on Earth easily, due to Earth’s thin veil. Channeling the Magic Realm directly like this, using the Moon Palace, would give Rita all the power she needed to not only fuel Cyclopsis, but to finish summoning Lokar.

Floating through the atmosphere using the little bit of power Rita had left of her Blue Magic, the Moon Palace made its way to Angel Grove. Finster used his dimensional beam to teleport a building from the city to lodge itself under the palace. This allowed for the palace to stand tall when it landed in the city, overseeing it entirely.

“And... done!” Finster proclaimed. “Empress! We I have opened the portal!”

“Summon Cyclopsis, my Empress!” Goldar roared.

Laughing maniacally, Rita could feel the power of the Magic Realm fill her. Pointing her staff outward, a blast of Magic erupted from her staff. Unbeknownst to her, another wave of Magic from somewhere in outer space shot down and combined with her power. That beam was from the man formerly known as Yoral: the Wizard of Deception.

In his place of waiting, the Ghost of Darkness laughed. Rita was beginning a chain of events that would destroy the Earth. That would allow him to gather the Greatest Treasure in the Universe for himself, and the great power it contained.

And from there... the blessed Reunion! The Ghost of Darkness thought happily.

Suddenly, he felt something deep in his core. It tugged at him in a way he hadn’t felt since his days as Professor Hojo on Nathadia. The same influence he felt then that led him to becoming the Ghost of Darkness, that helped him guide Lothor toward the near destruction of the Nathadian Universe. It was the Unknown Force.

I feel it... The Ghost of Darkness thought as he saw using his power that Cyclopsis was rising up. This is only a distraction... Rita is only a means to an end... Yes! I know what I must do for the Reunion!

“My Wizard!” The Ghost summoned. “Come to me!”

Bowing before the skull which housed the Ghost of Darkness, the Wizard of Deception addressed his master. “What may I do now, oh mighty Ghost?”

“Divert your Magic toward the dimension housing the citizens of Angel Grove...” The Ghost of Darkness ordered. “The fabric between Space and Time is thin thanks to Rita’s meddling, what with opening up and tearing the membrane between the realms.”

“What sort of Magic?” The Wizard of Deception asked.

“A blast of Time Magic, with a bit of my own energy...” The Ghost of Darkness declared.

Without another word, the Wizard of Deception turned and pointed his wand out before him. Focusing, he caused a spell of Time Magic to emanate from his wand and fly out. As it did, the Ghost of Darkness focused on the special cells within him. The same cells which he had implanted in Rita eons before. He embedded those cells into the Wizard’s Magic, sending it sailing out into the dimension Rita had placed the citizens of Angel Grove in.

Yes! The Ghost of Darkness proclaimed as he felt the cells take seed into the dimension. It was what we needed! Now... to commence the Reunion!
. . .

Time Warp of Universe M54331Z-B1

Zordon-2 stared on as Cyclopsis rose once again. Just as he had seen it in his own Timeline, it was happening again in this one. And he knew things would be difficult, as this Timeline had not yet harnessed the power of Thunder.

“We are going to need to call the Aquitians...” Zordon-2 muttered to himself, hand trembling.

“Zordon...” Saba said, worried. “We can do this!”

“With her palace in downtown Angel Grove,” Alpha 5 was heard saying from the Command Center. “Rita will be ten times more powerful, Zordon!”

“Yes, Alpha...” Zordon-2 answered, hoping he was masking his desperation properly. “Activate the Viewing Globe...”

“Ay-yi-yi-yi-yi!” Alpha 5 bemoaned as he turned to do the task.

“Goldar, as I suspected,” Started Zordon-2 while watching Goldar teleport into Cyclopsis. “And with the power of Rita’s Palace, they have activated Cyclopsis, Goldar’s Warzord.”

“Oh, the terrible memories...” Saba stated.

“And I have even more now than you do...” Zordon-2 stated, hinting at the recent events in his own Timeline before returning his voice toward the Command Center. “It looks very bad, indeed.”

“We haven’t seen this Monster in ten thousand years!” Alpha 5 declared, unknowingly echoing Saba’s sentiments.

Clenching his fist, Zordon-2 directed his speech toward the rangers’ communicators. “Rangers: morph to downtown Angel Grove and activate Megazord.”
. . .

Universe M54331Z-B1

Hearing Zordon’s order, Jason paused for only a moment. He didn’t want to escalate the battle, but knowing Zordon had ordered it himself let Jason feel some safety that it was the right situation to do so.

Morphing, the rangers teleported themselves to downtown Angel Grove. Jason looked up and saw the mighty Cyclopsis. He’d only heard a couple of things about the zord in passing during Zordon’s training sessions with him. To actually see it in person, knowing he was going to need to fight it...

I’m a Morphing Master... Jason thought to himself. I can do this...

And with that, Jason ordered for the arrival of their zords.
. . .

Time Warp of Universe M54331Z-B1

Zordon-2 watched as the zords were summoned. While he did, another terrible pain emanated through his body. It was an impression from the Order of Meledon, yet once again, he was unable to discern what it meant because of his lack of compatibility with the current Timeline’s version of his source of Magic.

“Zordon...” A familiar voice stated behind him.

Zordon-2 turned slowly, right as his team’s megazord had formed and began approaching Cyclopsis. He was shocked to see the Red Mage of the Tribunal of Magic.

“Baelfire... it has been some time...” Zordon-2 stated.

“Has it?” The hologram of the Red Mage asked, floating above Zordon in the stagnant air of the Time Warp. “You are not the Zordon I remember, after all. We technically have never met.”

“Well, I’m certain you aren’t exerting so much of your power to project yourself to me simply to state the obvious,” Zordon-2 answered, folding his arms across his chest. “Why have you come to me?”

“There is an issue, Zordon... Rita is using the Magic Grid in a way that could destroy Magic, and everything else in the universe,” The Red Mage explained simply.

Zordon-2 let out a sigh of relief. “That’s fantastic! That means you can intervene! Your arms aren’t bound by the laws of your Magic!”

Red Mage shook his head. “No, Zordon. We cannot. There is another issue. Magic is being used from another universe. It is... interfering with our abilities. We don’t understand it and can’t penetrate it. The source of it is happening right now in the dimension Rita sent the citizens of your city, Angel Grove.”

Zordon-2 furrowed his brow. “What would you like me to do, then?”

“We need to neutralize it. Whatever this Magic is... it’s like a cancer. It’s growing in the other dimension. Spreading and opening up some sort of portal. I... I can feel something trying to breach this portal, Zordon. It feels more powerful than anything I’ve ever felt before. You must stop it.” The Red Mage stated.

“How? You want me to leave here now, in the moment of my team’s biggest need?” Zordon-2 asked.

“No, actually. Your presence here, especially being from another Timeline, is helping the Spirit of my daughter, Dulcea, yet stay in stasis. Your presence here is repelling her even more so than that of this Timeline’s Zordon.”

“Then what are you asking of me?” Zordon-2 asked.

“It’s not you,” Red Mage revealed, turning to Saba. “We need you to go to this other dimension.”

Saba stood up as straight as he could. “I accept. What do I do?”

Waving a hand, a circular vortex appeared before Saba. “Step through. You will find someone waiting for you on the other side.”

And with that, the Red Mage of the Tribunal of Magic vanished. Turning to Zordon-2, Saba gave him a thumbs up.

“See you soon, my friend,” Saba stated.

“May the Power protect you,” Zordon-2 replied, watching Saba leap into the vortex. “May the Power protect us all.”
. . .

Rita’s Pocket Dimension in Universe M54331Z-B1

Landing in what appeared to be a vast, black room filled with smoke, Saba looked around. Off in the distance he saw a gathering of people. He assumed it was the citizens of Angel Grove. Turning around, he jumped up in surprise.

“Sorry! Didn’t mean to scare you!” Ninjor stated, folding his arms across his chest.

“Ninjor! You’re the one who will help me, then?” Saba asked.

“Yes. Now, I think I have pinpointed the source of the foreign Magic. Follow me!” Ninjor said confidently.

Saba followed behind, looking around cautiously. Only mere moments later, Ninjor stopped.

“Oh, no...” He whispered. “This is very, very bad...”

Stepping forward, Saba gasped as his eyes landing on the horrific sight. Purple Time Magic crackled around in the distance, almost dancing around what looked like a massive black tornado.

“It’s getting closer...” Ninjor said. “And it it gets to where the people are, it will spread out from this dimension into the main one. And that would be it, Saba. It... it would cause...”

Saba stepped forward, protracting his claws. He was ready to do whatever it took to stop whatever this was from happening.

“It would cause Doomsday.”
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Chapter Thirty: Rip Hunter

Hall of Legends

Sam heard a loud crashing sound directly behind him. Not from the archived footage he was watching, no... in the actual room he was in during his involuntary stay in the Hall of Legends. Without a moment’s hesitation, Sam performed a backflip from his state of rest in the Chrono Workstation to land on his feet, turned around and with his Legend Blade summoned. He looked around, confused not to see anyone.

“Sam!?” Sophie’s voice was heard crying out. “Are you okay!? What are you doing!?”

“Huh?” Future: Omega Ranger replied. “What do you mean? Someone’s in here! Didn’t you hear it!?”

“I... I didn’t hear anything...” Sophie said over the sound system.

“Maybe it’s because you’re not here and it didn’t pick up, but there is definitely someone in here!” Sam insisted.

“I’m sorry, Sam... my calculations don’t show anyone there at all. Are... are you okay? Do you need some rest?” Sophie asked.

“No, I swear I--” Sam started before growing silent.

“What the...?” Sophie gasped as her cyborg circuitry picked up a massive influx of some unknown power.

“Noooo!” Sam cried out, reaching his arm out. “Geeemmmmaaaa!”

“Sam!?” Sophie exclaimed. “What’s going on!? Who is Gemma!?”

“Huh?” Sam gasped, looking around. “I’m... I’m back!? What!?”

“What is going on!?” Sophie demanded.

“I’m... I’m starting to forget...” Sam said as he ran to the Chrono Workstation. “Hall of Legends!? Do a mind dump on me immediately!”

Sophie watched through her camera link up to the Hall of Legends as Sam squirmed in his seat at the Chrono Workstation. He seemed to almost be in pain.

“Are you... okay?” Sophie asked.

Sam shook his head. “No, I’m not. Mind dumps like that always hurt. You’re supposed to get drugged and do it slowly, but I was losing my memory of... something... and I knew if I didn’t do the dump quickly it would be all gone.”

“What are you talking about!?” Sophie screamed, confusion getting the best of her.

“I’m almost not quite sure now. It’s like a dream... it’s almost gone, but I swear I’ve been somewhere else. Like a fight or something.” Sam stated.

“You yelled out someone’s name... Gemma?” Sophie inquired, hoping to stir the memories.

Sam sat in silence for quite a while. The name felt for a moment like it was important, but in the end that’s all it was: a name.

“No, I have no idea,” Sam stated sadly. “But, before I lost it all, I uploaded my mind up to the Hall of Legends. I should be able to navigate the files the computer converted from my brain.”

“But Sam... I watched you. You... you didn’t go anywhere.” Sophie stated.

“Apparently... I did...” Sam stated, almost in awe (but mostly in terror). “Sophie? The files are popping up and I’m... somewhere... I must have been ripped out of the Hall of Legends and placed back exactly when I left so that you never noticed. Even though for me there is no Time in here, for you there is so whoever... whatever... did this to me, it made it so not even the Hall noticed I was plucked out of existence. At least in this plane of reality...”

“What does this mean!?” Sophie said, a cold chill going over her body up in the ship orbiting Earth.

“I don’t know, but I’m gonna watch this footage and found out,” Sam stated defiantly.

“But what about the Power Ranger Archives? What about the Doomsday Virus?” Sophie asked.

“Those files will still be there, but this happened to me now,” Sam stated. “Something ripped me out of the Hall of Legends. I thought that was impossible. This is Supreme and Traveler levels of power, maybe even more. We can’t ignore it. That means...

“That means that this is now part of the Power Ranger Archives.”

. . .

Unknown Location and Time

Sam heard a crackle of thunder. Looking around, he saw a vast landscape of desert sand sprawling out... until it hit what seemed to be a chunk of a city, ripped out from its proper place and thrown unceremoniously into the middle of the desert. A shop with the sign “Krispy Kreme” could be seen in the chunk of the city.

Turning around, Sam saw that the landscape was littered with much of the same sorts of things. One place looked to be broken highways, with the a sign toppled over that, funny enough, said Ernie Street. Another seemed to be the top parts of skyscrapers. An eerie sight then followed: a beautiful garden, with a massive pink leaved tree flowing serenely amidst the chaos.

Yet others left Sam in a state of shock, for he recognized them. One was a room in Rita’s Moon Palace, with a stone throne in front of a running fan; another was of Ernie’s Juice Bar; and the most chilling of them all - on a mountain top in the distance sat what appeared to be a cracked and destroyed Command Center. Scattered from there down to nearly where Sam stood were pieces of what Sam recognized as the Thunder Zords the Almighty Thunder Rangers of Timeline-B2 used.

“What in the... oof!” Sam cried out before feeling a massive hit to his back.

Sprawling stupidly to the dirt below, he quickly regained his footing to see what had attacked him. It was a ranger in a white suit with black stripes and a red visor. From his history lessons, Sam knew immediately who it was.

“Wow! Trent Fernandez!?” He found himself exclaiming.

In an otherworldly, deep voice, the ranger answered while shaking his head. “Wrong guy... he doesn’t deserve this mantle. These powers are mine. Let me show you how they work...”

In a speed almost too quick for even Sam to keep track of, the evil White Dino Thunder Ranger began to run circles around Sam, slashing at him with his quill-shaped dagger. It took Future: Omega Ranger all he had to block the attacks with his Legendary Blade. He tried to summon forth Chroniton Particles to help even the odds, but for some reason he couldn’t get his special ability to activate.

Getting... tired...

Sam could feel his muscles ache with the exertion. Right when he thought he couldn’t handle anymore of the incessant onslaught, a bright flash erupted around them. Sam watched as the White Dino Thunder Ranger went flying, slamming into the side of the Krispy Kreme building nearby. Sam watched as he stood up, scoffed, and rushed off in blinding speed.

“Well, well, well...” A familiar voice stated. “It looks like it worked after all.”

“Huh?” Sam said, turning around.

To his utter shock, he found himself standing face to face with none other than Rip Hunter.

“Huh? What? I... I don’t understand!” Sam exclaimed.

“Hurry up and follow me. I’ll explain along the way. It’s not safe to be out in the open. More than one person out at a time draws too much attention from one of the Legacy Factions.” Rip stated, gesturing for Sam to follow him as they both started running.

“What is going on!? How are you here!?” Sam insisted as he ran after Rip.

“Well, it’s kind of complicated...” Rip answered. “How far are you into the Archives? Do you know of the group known as the Interferers?”

Sam nodded as they ducked into an alcove near a massive rocky formation. “Yeah, Walter and Peter Bishop and Olivia and the rest of them. What about them?”

“Well, as you know, I was arrested by Captain Windmark for using Linear Men tech to breach Time and try to help out on Earth during the other you’s attack on SPD.” Rip answered, stopping for a moment as if he heard something before motioning to move on as they entered into a dark cave.

“We don’t know that the other Omega Ranger is me,” Sam replied angrily, not wanting to think of what would cause a version of himself to go rogue.

“Whatever the case may be, I was arrested and placed into one of their facilities. While there, I met up with the wife of Zordon of Eltar,” Rip continued.


“Correct. She had snuck in and was posing as a prisoner.”

“Huh? Why?”

“Well, she had apparently spent some time in the prison before, but was rescued by the Interferers,” Hunter explained.

So that’s what happened to her! Sam thought, remembering the last he’d seen of Trinity in the Archives footage was her being immediately captured by Watchers upon leaving Zordon’s side to explore the multiverse to find help for Dulcea.

“She had come back to help someone in there she met from before to escape, and incidentally free as many others as she could. I was fortunate to have been arrested when I was, for I became a close asset to her. When the time was right, we sprang our trap on the Watcher guards. Without September’s help, there would have been no way for us to fool the other Watchers. So our little band, plus September and the Interferers, were able to deal a considerable blow to the facility.

“Unfortunately, during the attack, I tried to steal a Freelancer’s portal tech. I wasn’t quite familiar with how it worked and I somehow ended up here... Before everything went down I was able to get some of my personal tech and I have it here, stored safely... but what it’s telling me doesn’t make me feel better. I kind of wished I hadn’t brought it, really...”

“What are you talking about? What is bad?” Sam asked, wondering if it would have been better had he not known.

“My tech is telling me that we are not in any known part of Space/Time. It’s some sort of anomaly, out in the middle of the Bleed.” Rip answered, a tone of dread noticeable on his voice.

Sam could feel goosebumps appear on the back of his neck. Yes, he definitely wished he hadn’t known that.

“So... you found some way to bring me here?” Sam deduced.

“Smart guy. Yes, yes I did.” Rip stated. “Best I can tell, there is some sort of weird war going on here and the two of us weren’t invited. Well, I wasn’t. I invited you by locking onto the signal of the Hall of Legends and bringing you here. Hehe... kinda had it memorized after looking up files when I was trying to figure out why Doggie had you locked up in there.”

“But... why? Why did you bring me here?” Sam asked, noticing Rip was beginning to slow his pace through the dark cave in which they found themselves.

“Because you are one of the most powerful rangers when it comes to dealing with Time. By now you’ve noticed your Time abilities are wonky here, but with the right fine tuning I think I can not only get us out of here, but everyone else, too.”

“Everyone else? Like the evil Dino Thunder Ranger?” Sam asked.

“No, like us.” Yet another familiar sounding voice stated.

Suddenly, a light flickered on. It was a red light coming from something long and thin. Peering closer, Sam could see it was a blade. But not any old blade... it was the blade of the infamous Power Sword. The Power Sword of the Red Mighty Morphin’ Power Ranger.

“My name’s Jason.”

“I’m Tommy.”

“I’m Kimberly.”

“Hello! Name’s Billy!”

“You can call me Zack.”

“I am Trini.”

“And my name’s Tom.”

Sam stood in amazement. Although he’d been watching their lives for quite a while on the Chrono Workstation, he couldn’t believe that he was actually standing face to face with the team that started it all: the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers.

“Wow! It’s... wow!” Was all Sam could say.

Kimberly chuckled. “Yeah, from what Rip has told us we have quite a legacy.”

“It’s nice to meet a ranger who isn’t trying to destroy us...” Billy added, leaning up against the cave wall.

“Okay, yeah, um... what’s going on?” Sam asked.

“Best we can tell,” Started RIp. “Several groups of random rangers and their villains have been plucked out of Space/Time and put here to fight each other.”

“Uh... why?” Sam asked.

“Good question, man. We’ve been trying to figure that out for a while now,” Zack answered.

“I can’t figure it out, unfortunately. But I’m actually hoping that while I use your tech to get us all out of here and back to where we belong, we could use your tech and Third Eye ability to scope this landscape and give us intel on the other Legacy Factions.” Rip stated.

“Legacy Factions?” Sam wondered aloud.

“It’s what the groups we’ve encountered started calling themselves,” Answered one of the Tommys (which thing Sam was dying to ask about). “They surrounded me and asked me what they were going to do next to attack their enemy Legacy Faction. When they realized I wasn’t who they thought I was, well... they weren’t too happy. They bound and gagged me and dragged me off to meet their leader... me.”

“So a version of you from further ahead in time?” Sam asked.

“No!” Tommy suddenly burst out. “I refuse to believe I could become... him...”

Jason clenched his jaw. “It was some dude who looks like Tommy, but he calls himself Drakkon. We don’t know much about him, or if he’s even a ranger, but he’s got some serious power backing his alliance. He’s got Zedd, Rita, Goldar, and a whole bunch of others we’ve never heard of before helping him out.”

“It’s very concerning,” Trini agreed.

“That’s when Tom here showed up,” Tommy stated. “It was so surreal to see my old ranger suit... He landed in and shot out a green energy orb and knocked them down just quick enough to get me out of there.”

Tom furrowed his brow. “It’s not like they couldn’t have caught us, don’t get me wrong. I heard this Drakkon guy give the order to let us escape. I turned back for a moment and he was... smiling... like he was playing with us...”

“So this guy is the reason you all are here? He found some way to mess with Space/Time so you guys could all fight in this twisted dystopia he’s created?” Sam asked, taking off his helmet for what felt like the first time in eons. He’d been forced to keep the helmet on ever since he was locked away in the Hall of Legends, and being able to directly breathe (even if it was the stale cave air) was a most welcome reprieve of what had become his status quo.

“That’s what we had hypothesized at first, but Rip says that isn’t the case,” Billy answered.

“From my equipment’s readings, this Drakkon character isn’t pulling off the same amount of Time Energy as what is coming from the dilapidated Command Center off in the distance. Whoever is in there... that’s who is pulling the strings, from what I can tell.” Rip answered.

“And I saw Lord Zedd trying to make his way once through the Zord Graveyard up to the Command Center, but that White Dino Thunder Ranger guy showed up and fought him. It was a stalemate but Zedd couldn’t go any further, so he retreated. Zedd’s with Drakkon, so it does suggest Drakkon isn’t connected to whatever is up in the Command Center,” Trini explained.

“Okay, but... if you were able to get me and pull me into this nightmare, why didn’t you just zap yourself out instead?” Sam asked.

Rip smiled. “I actually did have the energy to do that... but just enough for one. So instead of zapping myself out, I zapped you in. I figure with you here, I can get a way to fix my gear to get everyone out and back to their timelines. If my understanding of Temporal Theory is correct, leaving an anomaly like this would slingshot you right back to where you came from and you would almost instantly forget what happened. It would be the universe’s way of protecting against any Temporal Paradox that could occur.”

Sam nodded slowly. Rip had sacrificed his chance at getting out to ensure the others would be able to escape. He was a true hero. Sam would do everything in his power to ensure Rip’s plan would work. Plus he, himself, needed to return to his time to stop his evil alternate from creating the Crisis Crunch. At the very least, to return to the Hall of Legends.

“Alright, then. What do I do?” Sam asked.

“Well, Billy and I will begin tinkering with your morpher and see how we can get it to interface with my tech to get things rolling. Meanwhile... I was thinking you could use your Third Eye to get a lay of the land, let us know what all is going on out there. You could be our scout to help us navigate the terrain and make sure we are safe here.” Rip suggested.

“You call out what you see, and I’ll take notes,” Trini offered, bending over and revealing a set of backpacks that had been at the teens’ feet. She unzipped one and pulled out a yellow spiral notebook (Sam guessing that since it was yellow, it was hers).

Handing over his morpher to Rip (which felt very odd after everything he’d been through recently, yet a bit like he was taking a great weight from off his shoulders for the first time in what felt like four years), Sam began to focus on the gift given to him by Auron of the Inner Sanctum. He opened up his Third Eye.

Instantly, he felt as if he was a hawk flying over the landscape. Seeing some movement, he soared down to investigate. It was the evil White Dino Thunder Ranger, the word “clone” repeatedly running through his mind. He dictated all of this outloud as Trini wrote his every word down as quickly as she could.

With the Trent-Clone stood others, all out in the open in what looked like some sort of camp. Sam recognized from his history studies, and others of them from the Archives, as well. He told Trini the names of the people, explaining that he would tell the Mighty Morphin’ Teens who the people were afterward: Psycho Red, Sledge, Snide, and Koragg the Knight Wolf. Also with them was a short, metal covered being Sam didn’t recognize. It had a long, saucer like had and lanky arms with three fingers. It seemed to be made of some sort of stretchy, organic substance that was covered in a shiny, metal alloy. The name “Alpha 5” kept coming to Sam’s mind but it didn’t make any sense, so he didn’t tell Trini the name but just the description.

Then, in the back of the room, he saw him. It looked like Tommy, but older. Even older than when he had served alongside the Dino Thunder Rangers. He wore his hair short, with a green military field jacket. He wore a necklace and his eyes were glowing green while he sat on a pile of rocks, playing absent-mindedly with a gold Mighty Morphin’ morpher. Sam could sense that both Tommys in the room with him were tensing up as Sam described this Tommy to them.

“Is that Drakkon?” Jason asked.

Tommy shook his head. “No... Drakkon had long hair like us.”

“Does this guy have purple veins running up his neck and on his face?” Tom asked.

“No...” Sam answered.

“So it’s another one...” Tommy answered. “Another evil version of us...”

Tom swallowed hard. “Yeah, great...”

“Hey, let’s not jump to conclusions!” Jason argued.

“Hey, man... they gotta point,” Zack answered. “I mean, they’re hanging out with that White Dino Ranger, and some dude called Psycho Red. I’m gonna guess they’re an evil Legacy Faction.”

“Good point...” Jason seceded sadly.

“That all from them?” Trini asked.

Sam nodded, informing them that he was going to check more of the landscape out. As he did, he saw the being he recognized as Rito Revolto walking the landscape. But not the Rito of the past... this is Rito after having been brought back as a Zombie, nearly all bone. He wandered the landscape, alone. Sam could sense sadness coming from him, but didn’t have time to figure out why.

As Rito walked, he entered the camp of his Legacy Faction. Those there were: Dai Shi (possessing the body of Pai Zhua student Jarrod); Mesogog (possessing the body of a corporate mogul known as Anton Mercer); Nighlok King (acting) Xandred; Lord Zedd; and Rita Repulsa. Sam could sense great distrust and a general sense of unease in that camp. It permeated his being just being near them through the Third Eye.

“But Drakkon isn’t there?” Kimberly asked.

“I’ll look deeper,” Sam answered.

Scouting further into the camp, he found that Drakkon had created a throne for himself, upon which he sat as he stared off into the distance. Sam’s Third Eye could sense that Drakkon was lost deep in thought, making plans for his alliance’s next venture up to the Command Center. Near Drakkon, standing menacingly by his throne, was a massive Robot. The name “Black Dragon” popped into Sam’s head, possibly indicating the Machine’s name. And next to the Machine...

“I don’t know if I should tell you guys...” Sam stated.

“Why?” Zack asked. “C’mon... we gotta know what’s out there...”

Sam looked to Kimberly. “It’s... you.”

“Huh?” Kimberly asked, what Sam having said slowly dawning on her.

“It’s you, Kimberly. The name ‘Ranger Slayer’ keeps coming to my mind... I’m... I’m sorry.” Sam stated.

“No...” Kim lamented, sliding down the cave wall till she was sitting on the rocky, dirt floor.

“Kim... we’re dealing with alternate timelines and the like. It’s not really you,” Billy said encouragingly.

“Tell that to me when I have to face her...” Kimberly said, shaking her head.

“We’ve all been there,” Trini said. “We’ve all had to fight our doppelgangers before. This is no different, ‘kay, Hon?”

“Some of us more than others...” Tom said, smiling slightly as he elbowed Tommy in the ribs.

I gotta know more about this... Sam stated, not sure what was going on between the two Tommys.

“Okay, well let’s see what else is out there first, okay? We can get specifics later.” Jason half-ordered.

“Got it,” Sam obeyed, “zooming back out” of the area. “I’m... I’m sensing at least three more factions outside of yours. I--”

“Hey, why don’t you just go straight to the Command Center?” Zack suggested. “See what’s going on there?”

Jason nodded. “I think that’s smart. Let’s look at the target first, then figure out what our obstacles are.”

“Okay...” Sam stated as he approached the Command Center with his Third Eye. He began dictating to Trini everything he was, which was basically the Command Center they knew all too well, but destroyed.

Things changed, however, when peering into the Power Chamber. Standing in the middle of the room was a woman in what looked like green armor... almost looking like a combination of Iron Man and a Power Ranger suit. She had long, green-black hair. In one hand was a long, golden staff. At the top of the staff was what Sam could feel was a Power Coin.

“Dragonzord...” Sam whispered.

Tom threw his hands up in the air. “Great... not only is one of our alternates the one causing all of this, but it’s a female version of us.”

“Is... that our destiny?” Tommy asked, a look of torment pouring over his face. “Is Tommy Oliver destined to be a great villain and nothing more? Am I just fighting... delaying the inevitable?”

Rip Hunter barked out a laugh. “Oh, far from it, kid. We’ll talk later.”

“No... not ‘a Tommy’...” Sam said, focusing with his Third Eye. “She’s... a Rita!?”

“Interesting!” Billy said, excitement overcoming his dread. “She is probably a Rita from a timeline in which she used the Green Ranger powers on herself instead of seeking out another candidate!

“I think you’re right,” Sam stated, feeling something else about her... something was off...

“But if this Rita was smart enough to do that instead of having someone else do her dirty work, she is probably much more deadly than the Rita we know,” Jason surmised. “I mean... this is Rita’s handiwork to pull people into other dimensions, but we all know this is much more deadly than any other time she did that.”

Kim nodded. “Yeah... not like we’re gonna have Quagmire show up any time soon with a rhyme to help us get out of here.”

“Yeah.. this is the real deal,” Zack commented, plopping down to sit next to Kim.

As they spoke, Sam continued to examine this Rita. There was something about her that was... familiar, but he couldn’t quite put his finger on it...

“You won’t stop me from getting into the Morphing Grid!” Rita suddenly shrieked, lunging forward at Sam.

“Ahhhhh!” Sam screamed before blacking out.

. . .

“Yo... you okay?” Zack asked as Sam opened his eyes.

“Um... yeah... I... what happened?” Sam asked.

“Your syncopathic episode led to you sustaining a massive concussion, spiraling into a comatose episode,” Billy offered.

“You alright?” Jason asked.

“Yeah, I just... Rita saw me,” Sam stated.

Jason furrowed his brow. “Well, we probably shouldn’t be surprised. If she’s strong enough to pull us all here, she obviously has the power to see through your abilities. I suggest we lay low from using your Third Eye for a while, at least on her. We don’t want to jeopardize you and leave you open for some sort of attack.”

“I’m one hundred percent okay with that...” Sam stated, sitting up to prop his back against the cave wall. “How are things going with my morpher?”

“Rip just took a break to get some sleep. We sleep in shifts to make sure we are guarded in case we get attacked.” Billy answered.

“Well you all should hire new guards, because you’re terrible at your jobs!” A voice suddenly stated from the shadows.

“It’s morphin’ time!” Jason cried out.

Several of the rangers jumped up instinctively from their deep sleeps, ready to fight their intruders.






“Saber-toothed Tiger!”


“SPD: Emergency! Force for the future! Future: Omega Ranger!”

“Power Rangers! Yah!”

“Hunh... that’s weird...” One voice stated.

“Yeah... those are our morphing calls...” Another said.

“Who are you!? Show yourselves!” Jason demanded, pointing his Power Sword into the darkness.

The light from his blade revealed five people in armored costumes. They looked similar to Sam to the one the Green Rita had been wearing, only hers looked like a battle-scarred version of the ones before him. Plus, these had helmets.

“Cam needs to know about them,” Another of the unnamed five spoke.

“Answer my question!” Jason demanded further, anger dripping from his tongue.

Even against the red light of the Power Sword, it could be seen that the five armored beings before them each had different colors. After looking at each other, the one in the red armor stepped forward. He reached out his hand in a gesture that looked as if it was offering peace.

“My name is Jason, and we’re the Power Rangers.”
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wOW! what an update:}
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Wonderful update. Rather amazed that you included this into your story. But it makes it rather interesting. Can’t wait to see ant you do next.
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White Genesis wrote: View Post

wOW! what an update:}
Thanks! Glad you liked it and very excited to see you still following ^_^

Ayame Ubi wrote: View Post

Wonderful update. Rather amazed that you included this into your story. But it makes it rather interesting. Can’t wait to see ant you do next.
I felt that the Legacy Wars game was a fun inclusion that helped me tie a couple of aspects of the story together a little quicker than I had intentionally planned, plus add an element to the story I have been waiting to put in for a while now. It all fits in perfectly into the narrative I've made and I am very excited for this story arc.


After this story arc, the story will be moving to the format I discussed last year: we will not be going over the series episode by episode but instead focusing on what happened around the episodes. We will also not be jumping between timelines in chapters, and limiting that within entire books! We will follow what happens in one timeline, then follow what happens in the next as two separate but interconnected books. It will allow the story to march on quicker than before and not take a million years to get to the real goal the story has had all along - find out the mysteries of the evil Future: Omega Ranger!
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Chapter One: The Training Pit

Battle Realm

"Battle Realm?" Alt-Billy asked as the group marched through the network of caves.

Sam nodded. "I figure we may as well give this... dimension a name."

Billy smiled. "I like it."

Sam looked around at the two people before him. It had been quite a shock when the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers met this other group, purporting to be the Power Rangers themselves. It didn't take long to realize what was going on: just as it was with Drakkon and the other Tommy running about, the new team of Power Rangers standing before them were from different parts of the multiverse.

What intrigued not only each team of rangers, but also (probably even more so) Rip and Sam, were the facts that these Temporal Twins (if they could be called that) had completely different genetic templates! Billy was Caucasian, while Alt-Billy was African-American; Trini was Chinese, while Alt-Trini was Latina; Kimberly was Caucasian, Alt-Kim seemed to have some Indian DNA; Zack was African-American and Alt-Zack was Chinese; and finally, both Jasons were Caucasian, but looked nothing alike.

Sam and Rip, along with both Billys, had spoken at length over the past few days about possible theories as to how these Temporal Counterparts were connected (much to the playful ribbing of both Zacks). The similarities were there - they each had the same power set (Mastodon, Pterodactyl, etc.), came from Angel Grove, and fought against the evil Rita Repulsa under the tutelage of a wise sage named Zordon. Further conversations even led the rangers to learn that the Rita wielding a Dragon Coin was none other than the alt-Rangers' version of Rita Repulsa. But as much as there were similarities, the differences were quite significant. Whereas the Rangers from Sam's timeline were notorious for being "goody-goods" (as Bulk would call them), the alt-Rangers had (from what little stories they had told up to that point) more troubled histories.

"In a multiverse full of possibilities... I suppose this is just one of them..." Rip had decided upon as his answer. "I can't think of any plausible explanation other than that, really. They are different, but the same where it counts. We're lucky to be together here in this wasteland."

And that seemed to curb everyone's feelings... except for the two Tommy's. They both seemed interested in the fact that in the "alt-world", the Dragonzord coin was used by Rita and that she was, herself, a past ranger. The only thing the alt-Rangers knew was that sometime in their Zordon's past, Rita was his Green Ranger and he, himself, was the Red Ranger. One thing led to another and she ended up betraying and murdering all but Zordon. Their Zordon used the power of the Morphing Grid, apparently, to put his Spirit in stasis, living inside of a ship (their Command Center, as it were) until the Power Coins were once again wielded to activate his ship and help him continue his war against Rita and her evil.

This resonated with Sam, for he could see how this all could have happened based on what he had learned from archiving the history of the Zordon from his timeline. It was easy for Sam to imagine Zordon’s tenure with the Morphing Masters to have gone a different route, leading him to harnessing the Morphing Grid using the Alliance’s Research and Development team to create Power Rangers. Margaret would have been an easy choice for Zordon to become a Ranger and, if in his universe she wasn’t already aligned with the forces of evil, one thing would lead to another until she did. It really was just a twist on the tale already told in his universe, but with much of the unfortunate endings...

The endings, destinies even, were what weighed upon the minds of both Tommy and Tom. Coupling their own past transgressions with the weight of two evil Temporal Twins in Battle Realm, and then knowing their original power source was used for evil in the Alt-World, the two Olivers were not sure what to think!

Having learned who exactly each of these rangers were, it made sense to Sam that Tom would be even more inclined to such feelings. Sam had learned that Tom was a clone of Tommy’s, created sometime after Tommy had become the fabled White Ranger. Created by none other than the Ghost of Darkness’ wicked servant, the Wizard of Deception. Upon the Wizard’s defeat, the clone (donning the name “Tom”) had gained his individuality and joined the rangers before retreating to live in the 1700s, to ensure his powers would never again be used for evil. For him, not long after he had parted ways with the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, he had been scooped up out of Space/Time and dumped into Battle Realm with the others.

One thing that was learned from the alt-Rangers that brought some Hope to everyone in the group was that they had their own dedicated base of operations in Battle Realm. In fact, the alt-rangers’ training base had been one of the things ripped into Battle Realm, and that is where they resided. Jason had proposed upon learning of the ”Training Pit” that they all leave the caves they were in to go there, especially since the last bits of food the Power Teens had were almost gone (consisting of Pop-Tarts and beef jerky, which the teens had with them before being transported into Battle Realm) and the Alt-Rangers had their own room attached to the Training Pit, stocked with “enough food to last them months”.

And that’s where the group found themselves, traveling through the network of cave tunnels with Alt-Jason as their guide. He had left markers scattered throughout the caves to ensure their team would be able to find their way back, for which they were all growing to be extremely grateful... after so many hours, the dark rocky walls were growing more and more disorienting.

“You know what I miss? Ernie’s smoothies...” Kim said out of the blue.

“Oh, what I wouldn’t do for one...” Zack answered, rubbing his stomach to indicate his hunger.

“I know it sounds goofy after what we went through... but I’d love some Krispy Kreme!” Alt-Zack declared, to the laughter of his teammates.

“What’s ‘Krispy Kreme’?” Trini asked.

Alt-Trini stared at her in shock. “I... Well, it is one of the finest doughnut establishments in the whole world.”

“Crazy to think you guys don’t have those,” Alt-Kim added.

“If we ever get the chance, I’m down for some doughnuts...” Jason said with a smile. “Once we get outta here... man, I’m gonna need a major cheat day!”

“Amen, brother,” Alt-Jason replied eagerly.

“There sure do seem to be a lot of differences between your worlds... I’m actually curious... what year is it in your guys’ worlds?” Rip asked, breaking his long silence.



The two Billys were the ones who had answered, and they both stopped and stared at each other for a moment before Billy laughed.

“That’s weird you guys’ times don’t even align. Very interesting situation all around!” Sam stated.

Right as he spoke, he smelled something he hadn’t smelled for days... fresh air. The smell hit him before the light from around the corner did. Rounding said corner, the group found themselves exiting the cave.

“Finally!” Zack declared.

“Our cave is right over there. Only about one hundred yards or so,” Alt-Jason reported.

Sam looked over to where Alt-Jason was pointing. There was what seemed to be a hole in the rock wall Alt-Jason was indicating, but because of the various boulders scattered about Sam could see how it would be quite easy to miss.

Good for us, I suppose. Don’t want to attract any undue attention! Sam thought.

“Er... where do you Humans think you’re going!?” A terrifyingly familiar voice said from up above them.

“It can’t be...” Trini lamented.

“What was that!?” Alt-Jason demanded, spinning around to see what the source of the sound was.

Jason grimaced. “...Goldar...”

Before they could react, a fireball rained down on the group. A massive explosion erupted from the ground, throwing everyone up into the air. They all landed in a mass of limbs, scattered about the terrain.

“Haha! Nice one, Goldie!” The Zombie Rito was heard saying, congratulating Goldar.

Sam looked up, seeing Goldar fly down and land amidst the fallen Rangers with Rito using what seemed to be a jetpack to land beside his comrade. Rito patted Goldar on the shoulder, with Golder grunting before shrugging the hand off of him.

“Just because we are tasked to the same squad, doesn’t make us friends!” Goldar barked.

Rito looked down sadly. “Right... yeah...”

Using his Third Eye quickly, Sam was able to discern the cause of Rito’s sadness: in his timeline, he and Goldar had become true friends. A quick look into Goldar revealed the reason for Goldar’s angst: he had not yet met Rito. This led to Rito’s familiarity being extremely off-putting for the gold armored Monster.

“Ahh!” Goldar suddenly cried out, being tackled from behind by Rip Hunter. “Stupid Human!”

Sam watched as Rip and Goldar traded a few blows before Rip flipped backward, landing on his feet and pulling out a blaster. He fired a few blasts as Goldar wrapped his wings forward to cover him, acting as a shield. The blasts erupted off of Goldar’s wings, created a blazing flash that was so bright, Rip had to put up a hand to his eyes to shield them from the light. As he did, Goldar rolled right to reveal Rito standing at the ready, pointing an arm-mounted blaster at Rip. Before anyone could react, a massive volley erupted from the blaster and hit Rip square in the chest. He was sent flying into the rocky wall behind him, immediately causing a mini-rockslide to fall upon him, burying him.

“Rip!” Sam screamed.

“Er... puny Human! You are next!” Goldar declared, a sword appearing in his hand from flames. Growling menacingly, he unfurled his wings once again and lifted up off the ground.

“It’s two against eleven, Monkey Face!” Jason yelled. “Rangers? Get ready!”

“Ready!” The group yelled out in unison. Then, together, both Jason’s declared:

“It’s morphin’ time!”

In stereo, each of the five core Mighty Morphin’ Dino Spirits were called out. It was an amazing moment for Sam, seeing the veteran Rangers morph with their Temporal Twins. He felt honored to be included in this historic moment.






“Saber-toothed Tiger!”


“SPD: Emergency!”

Goldar flew forward, roaring as he did. As he flew through the air, Tom charged up his Dragon Dagger and stabbed it into the ground. Sam watched as a chasm erupted in the dirt, earth cracking apart. Sam was confused about the purpose of this versus a flying Monster... until he saw Tommy’s attack. He had leapt into the air, kicking wildly. Because of what Tom did, Goldar wouldn’t be able to land on the ground to avoid Tommy’s attack. Instead, he rolled to the right to avoid Tommy. In so doing, he rolled straight into the path of Alt-Billy, he simply cocked his arm back and punched Goldar as hard as he could in the face. This sent the beast flying back, toward Jason. Jason swung his Power Sword back, before flinging it forward in a circular motion, slashing the airborne Goldar.

Meanwhile, Rito had flown in to help Goldar. Having been distracted by the attack on Goldar, Rito did not see Kim’s arrow flying forward. It hit Rito’s jetpack, exploding. Rito screamed in pain, falling toward the ground in a flaming mess. Before he hit the ground, though, Alt-Jason leapt forward and kicked Rito, juggling him back high up into the air. As Rito began his descent back toward the rocky earth, Alt-Trini rushed over and used her ranger speed to punch Rito multiple times before he even landed. Flipping backward, Alt-Trini got out of the way as Rito began to pull himself off the ground. As he did, Sam lunged forward and stabbed him with his Legend Blade. Rito roared in anger, grabbing the blade and flinging Sam away, dislodging the sword as he did. Turning around, he found himself staring at Zack and Kim before being kicked by the two of them in the face, sending him flying back.

“Ouchie...” Rito groaned.

Over with Goldar, Trini pulled out her Power Daggers and was slashing away at Goldar as Billy kept stabbing at him with his Power Lance. Rito attempted to rush over to help Goldar, but Alt-Zack seemed to fly in out of nowhere, landing a devastating uppercut straight to Rito’s bony jaw. Flying up high, Tom jumped up and kicked the airborne Rito, flinging him in a trajectory that caused him to slam right into Goldar before Goldar could counter one of Trini’s blows.

“You idiot!” Goldar screamed.

“Sorry! Sorry!” Rito stammered.

“Hey, y’all!” Zack stated, landing in front of them before firing his Power Axe.

The two space aliens got hit with the Power Axe’s cannon, blowing them back at least twenty feet.

“My... face...” Rito said, shaking his head as he tried to gain his footing.

“Alright guys! Let’s bring ‘em together!” Jason declared.

“Power Axe!” Zack said as he threw his weapon up into the air. The Alt-Rangers stared in awe as each ranger threw up their weapon, their Morphing Energies mixing together to cause the weapons to combine.

“Whoa... we need to look into that...” Alt-Jason said.

“Yeah... that was tight...” Alt-Billy agreed.

“What are they doing?” The surprisingly battle-resistant said Rito asked.

Goldar, looking up, growled in irritation. “Er... you haven’t seen the last of me, puny Earthlings!”

In a flash of fire, Goldar vanished.

“Uh... same here! See ya!” Rito said before his head seemed to twist around and engulf the rest of his body, vanishing as Goldar had.

“That was awesome!” Alt-Billy declared. “I love you guys!”

“Yeah, that was pretty tight,” Alt-Zack agreed, demorphing.

“You guys really had that all covered. I barely did anything, haha.” Sam stated.

“Guys! We need to get to Rip!” Jason yelled, bringing everyone back to the reality of what was happening. With the rangers all morphed (including Alt-Zack remorphing), they made quick work of the pile of rocks. Sam’s heart was in his throat as he saw Rip, contorted, bruised, and bloodied.

“Oh, Rip...” Sam said, racked with guilt. He couldn’t believe that in the hustle of everything, he’d let himself forget Rip.

No time for regrets now, Sam... we gotta get him help...

Picking him up gently, Sam carried Rip as the others raced toward the Training Pit. Upon arrival, Alt-Billy motioned to a side room and had Sam lay Rip down.

“Okay... um... anyone trained medically?” Alt-Billy asked.

All of the teens stood, staring at each other dumbfounded.

“Great...” Alt-Kim moaned.

“I... I picked up some stuff in my time with Delta Red...” A feminine voice said from the shadows. “I could help this man.”

Tom turned around instinctively, pointing his Dragon Dagger. “Who are you!?”

Alt-Jason nodded slowly. “Sorry... in all of this mess, we forgot to mention this. When we got here, we met two people. They stayed behind to guard the Training Pit.”

“Looks like you were able to find some scraps to help guard the base. Suppose that’ll be fine...” A man’s voice was heard saying nearby.

At that, the two stepped forward. The guy seemed to be around average height, but looked like he had gone overboard on the steroids. He also had a comically tall blonde hairdo. He wore a sleeveless button down shirt, with one of his massive deltoids sporting what looked to be a tattoo of the American flag. He hid his eyes behind sunglasses.

The lady had a large green jacket... looked to be military standard. A white button down shirt with yellow tie could be seen. She had blonde hair, tied into a long braided ponytail, with a red beret sitting atop her head. She also wore massive red, fingerless combat gloves. And what the guy next to her had for massive arms... she had for thighs. They were as thick as tree trunks.

The two of them were definitely not people you wanted to pick a fight with.

Alt-Jason motioned to them. “Everyone? This is Cammy and Guile.”
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Merry Christmas everyone!
Chapter Two: The Warrior in the Blue Armor

Battle Realm

“This place... it gets to you,” Guile said calmly as he stood over the unconscious Rip Hunter.

“Oh?” Tommy asked, surprised the stoic behemoth of a man before him had finally broken his silence.

Sam sat at a desk nearby, watching as those in the room began to speak after the hours of silence that had permeated the room since the two newcomers had introduced themselves briefly, before they assumed rudimentary care for Rip. In the room were Tommy, both Billys, Alt-Jason, Cammy, Guile, Rip, and himself. The others were in the Training Pit either sparring, sleeping, or at the cave entrance keeping watch.

“I can’t tell if I’ve been here days or weeks... could be months...” Guile replied. “And the longer I’m here, the more my memories of my home get... distorted.”

Tommy swallowed hard at that revelation.

“Makes sense.” Billy replied, pushing up his glasses with his index finger. “If Rip and Sam are right, this place exists outside of Space/Time. Who knows what sorts of consequences this... paradox will have on beings who are supposed to abide within the bounds of Time!”

Guile narrowed his head and looked at Billy over the rims of his sunglasses. “I’m not in the mood to be even more bummed out than I already am. Sorry... I just miss my family and it’s hard because their memories are getting hazy.”

“How about you?” Alt-Jason asked to Cammy, looking to the newest person he’d met in that realm who was sitting quietly at Rip’s bedside.

“Hmm?” She asked, seemingly coming out of a deep trance.

“You having a hard time remembering your family, too?” Alt-Jason further asked.

Cammy chuckles before answering, to Alt-Jason’s surprise. “I have a fun history when it comes to both memory and family. I’d rather not go into it.”

“Noted...” Alt-Jason replied rather sheepishly. “Sooo... you guys are the only people from your... uh... timeline? Dimension? What’s the right word here, Billy?”

Both Billys simultaneously responded to this with a shrug, looking to each other before laughing.

Guile shook his head. “No, there were others. A fighter I know named Ryu.”

“And another person who we’ve worked with extensively named Chun-Li. Both are good people, but we become separated. I would like to know where they are, but unfortunately we were separated when we first arrived.” Cammy reported.

“The one who fancies himself king of this barren wasteland who wears the football shoulder pads in the white spandex,” Guile added.

Tommy’s expression darkened. “Drakkon...”

“When we arrived, we seemingly got caught up in some sort of fight between Drakkon’s alliance and some warrior in blue armor,” Cammy revealed.

“Warrior in blue armor?” Billy asked.

“Yes. He had a bit of a higher pitched voice. Sounded like Dudley Do-Right.” Guile further explained. “He had a long, golden saber he used and was pretty quick for walking around in bulky armor.”

Sam perked up at this. “He didn’t happen to have a golden ‘M’ on his chest, did he? And zip around sometimes on a cloud?”

Cammy raised an eyebrow. “Didn’t notice anything about a cloud, but yeah, he had an ‘N’ on his armor.”

“Ninjor!” Sam exclaimed happily.

“Who?” Billy asked.

Sam stared at both Billy and Tommy for a moment before nodding his head in realization. “Right... you guys don’t know him yet. Well, Ninjor is the creator of your Dino Coins.”

Alt-Billy looked at Sam in shock. “Zordon didn’t make ‘em?”

Sam shrugged. “I don’t know about what happened on your Earth, but in my Billy’s Earth, Ninjor was the original creator of the Dino Power Coins. If he’s here, then perhaps we can get to him and see if he can increase the powers on my morpher to help get us all out Battle Realm.”

“Morphenominal!” Billy exclaimed.

Alt-Billy smiled. “That’s a cool phrase. I might steal that.”

“Well, if he’s still alive...” Cammy replied darkly.

“Oh, no...” Tommy exclaimed. “What happened?”

“Drakkon. He was relentless. No matter how hard this Ninjor tried to parry the guy, Drakkon would move with a speed that was... otherworldly. He was able to wait and just... chip away at Ninjor. But each hit was devastatingly powerful. Just a quick slash and you could see the armor on that big guy getting massively damaged.” Cammy stated as she arose from her chair.

“Cammy and I saw this warrior and we jumped to save him. Cammy and Ryu continued to fight off the rest of Drakkon’s horde. I don't even know if they saw us run off.”

Cammy nodded. “The one who looked to be just muscles and a metallic exoskeleton--”

Zedd,” Tommy stated in disgust.

“--charged his fighting staff and sent a massive blast at Guile, this Ninjor person, and me.” Cammy continued. “We were right next to a mountain wall and an avalanche was triggered. In the chaos, we navigated the terrain to survive, but lost track of the others.”

“We’ve known Ryu and Chun-Li for a long time. I’m certain they are just fine and out there somewhere,” Guile stated optimistically.

“Well, only one way to find out...” Sam stated, beginning to focus.

“Uh... is he okay?” Guile asked in confusion.

As Alt-Jason began to explain to their new friends about Sam’s Third Eye ability, Sam felt his consciousness transcend the Training Pit and once again soar over the landscape of Battle Realm. He was curious to see some sort of commotion happening in one sector of the battlefield, but he had to tell himself to ignore it for the time being. He focused on began thinking of the image of the Morphing Master known as Ninjor.

Within moments, Sam had found where Ninjor was in Battle Realm... and he wasn’t alone.
. . .

A Pink Ranger made her way through a forest area. She held what Sam recognized to be a Quasar Saber in her hand. She seemed to be trying to be as quiet as possible. After a few moments, she quickly ducked and rolled to the left before scurrying like a wildcat through the foliage. Minutes later, she was at what looked to be a camp.

“Everything okay, Kendrix?” A young man in what looked to be a torn tuxedo asked.

The Pink Ranger, Kendrix, nodded and sighed. “Yes, Preston. I lost that giant armored Monster with the long sword. Have you seen the others?”

“I’m here,” A man who Sam recognized all too well to be Wes, the Red Time Force Ranger, answered. “I was able to dodge that evil Dino Thunder Ranger. He’s wicked fast.”

“And Ninjor?” Kendrix asked, concern on her face.

Preston smiled. “I’ve been doing my job as bodyguard, no worries. He’s under that tree sleeping.”

Wes frowned. “I hope we can get him back to full power here soon. I think he can help me channel my Morphing Energy to contact Time Force, or even SPD.”

“Ahhh!” A scream was heard from very close by.

“What was that!?” Preston gasped.

“Time for Time Force!” Wes yelled, morphing without hesitation. As he did, a silver ranger flew through the camp, slamming into a tree and falling in a heap.

“Ryan!” Kendrix exclaimed, racing toward the fallen Titanium Ranger.

“Muhahaha!” The voice of Tommy was heard, laughing as he casually strode into the camp. Behind him were the White Dino Thunder Clone, Snide, and Psycho Red. Psycho Red was dragging the unconscious body of a massive yellow ranger with one hand, holding his blade in the other.

Jack!” Preston gasped, looking to the unconscious ranger Sam had never seen before.

“It doesn’t have to be this way, Tommy!” Time Force Red yelled.

This Tommy wore a suit identical to the one Sam saw Burai-A wear from Timeline A, which was a fusion of Ninjor’s Dino Coin and the Wild Sword. It was also the same suit Richie-2 wore in Timeline B-2 after having Rose-2 fuse his Dragon Coin with the Dragon Quasar Saber. Sam couldn’t help but wonder what mix of powers this upgraded Green Ranger had.

The Green Ranger took off his helmet, revealing himself to be the older Tommy with short hair Sam had seen days before when he had first canvassed Battle Realm. Focusing on his Third Eye even more, the names “Dark Dragon” and “V2” popped into Sam’s head.

“Oh, but it does,” Dark Tommy said with a vile smile. “Your pathetic group stumbled upon one of the most influential Morphers ever to have lived... Ninjor. Whoever has brought us here has been slowly tapping into the Morphing Grid. They... they’re using us to tap into the Grid. Give Ninjor to us and we will make sure this being doesn’t succeed.”

“We can work together then!” Preston cried out, instamorphing into the Blue Ninja Steel Ranger.

“Never!” Snide shouted, gripping his sword’s hilt tighter than ever.

“You truly believe we’d be so altruistic as to save the Morphing Grid for the sake of doing it? Ha!” Psycho Red mused.

With Ninjor’s power... I can separate myself from my doppelganger and finally have my own tap to the Morphing Grid and exist independently! Thought the Clone White Ranger.

“It’s true...” Dark Tommy said with a snicker. “You fools would just mess it up for us. Get in the way. I have a vision of a better world... one where things aren’t black and white, good and evil. For instance, I teamed up with these ‘villains’ because I knew they were the ones who could get the job done! Power speaks volumes. Ninjor is my key to power.”

“This isn’t you, Tommy!” Wes demanded, causing his sabers to appear in his hand. “Don’t make us fight you! You’re one of the greatest rangers of all time... you know you’re better than this!”

Dark Tommy looked to his alliance members with a smile before putting his helmet back on. “I am the greatest ranger of all time... and now you will see why. And don’t you ever tell me what to do again, Wes.”

Before anyone could react, the Sword of Darkness appeared in Dark Dragon’s hand and he lunged forward. He slashed at the Red Time Force Ranger, causing him to fly back. Sparks of Morphing Energy erupted from Wes’ suit upon contact.

“Wes!” Kendrix cried out, jumping up from Ryan’s side and pointing her Quasar Saber at Dark Dragon.

“Rwar!” Snide yelled, twisting his torso so to throw himself forward. Just as Snide was to hit her, Kendrix dropped to the floor and used her Saber to block his blade before it sliced at her. As Snide stumbled back from the block, she shot out an energy blast to knock him back.

Unfortunately, as that happened, Psycho Red dropped the yellow ranger named Jack and unleashed a massive ball of what seemed to be Black Energy at Kendrix. It hit her hard, causing her to grow dizzy from an obvious concussion her Morphing powers would need to fix quickly before she could continue to defend herself.

“There he is...” Dark Dragon said with glee, spotting the figure of Ninjor as he attempted to stand up.

“Be gone, evil villain!” Ninjor cried out defiantly despite his weakened state.

“Oh, I will... but I’m taking you with me first!” Dark Tommy declared, leaping forward with unprecedented speed to kick Ninjor’s head.

With equal speed, Ninjor jumped up and swung down with his blade, slashing Dark Dragon across with Dragon Shield and causing him to fall to the ground in a heap. Ninjor landed hard on the ground, having exhausted his yet-injured body. He dropped to a knee, right as the White Dino Thunder Clone sped over with his weapon at the ready, slashing at Ninjor.

“Good work...” Dark Tommy stated, laughing as he pulled himself up. “Get him out of here before the other rangers can interfere.”

“Right.” The Clone stated, dropping down and picking Ninjor up before blitzing away in blinding speeds.

“As for you lot...” Dark Tommy said to himself, seeing the Red Time Force and Pink Galaxy Rangers fighting Snide and Psycho Red, as he pumped more Green Morphing Energy into the Sword of Darkness. “You’ll pay for crossing the almighty Tommy Oliver!”
. . .

“What did you see!?” Alt-Billy cried out as he saw Sam open his eyes.

“Big, big trouble...” Sam stated. “We have to move into action... now.”
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World's biggest sadboi
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I enjoyed that chapter, it was definitely interesting to see all the different Rangers interacting. Can't wait to eventually see how this turns out
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The Power Ranger Archives
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SuperselfieRed wrote: View Post

I enjoyed that chapter, it was definitely interesting to see all the different Rangers interacting. Can't wait to eventually see how this turns out
I'm so sorry I didn't reply already! My notifications haven't been working. Thank you so much. I haven't stopped writing this, I'm just super slow right now.

Hey, everyone! One of the reasons the story has been going so slow is because I started a company to get seed money for a medical device to help sleeping disorders like sleep paralysis and sleepwalking. We made it to the finals of an entrepreneurial competition and we are now trying to win cash prizes. If you could vote for my team, Beacon Sleep Solutions, that would mean the world to me! And some people have been voting for me AND my competition, so it's been hurting us... so don't feel like you HAVE to vote for them... or if you liked them better, please throw a vote our way anyway, please. Any help is most greatly appreciated. Also, the vote doesn't count until you confirm the vote via an e-mail sent to your inbox. ^_^ https://lassonde.utah.edu/uec/vote2019/
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