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Man Zedd's transformation sound painful as hell. Feel even more sorry for Commander Zedd right now. So saw Margeret being Rita. Loved how you explained her headaches. Beginning to have an idea on who the Dark Lord really is. Can't wait to see if my thoughts are true.

Thanks for the welcome.
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GOOD. FREAKIN. LORD!!!!! Zedd's transfiguration was flawless. You are far more brilliant than any writer the show has had in the last 4 years. Completely and utterly brilliant!!!!!!
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Thank you both so very much. I appreciate the compliments! I am glad Lord Zedd's transformation was well received! Really, though: your support means a lot. Thank you.

As an update: chapter twenty is finished. I just need to get to a computer and I will have it posted. And, as usual, if anyone has questions about something they don't understand, I will try to clarify.
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I don't normally post on threads here, but I felt the need to after reading your latest chapter. The transition from the possessed Commander Zedd to the infamous Lord Zedd was flawless, and you're integrating parts of known canon perfectly for the purpose of this story. Whatever you're doing, keep doing it.
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The Power Ranger Archives
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Chapter Twenty: The Battle for Home Base

Sentinel Knight stood up, fully recovered from the blast he had suffered from Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa. He looked at the body of the young lady he still knew as Margaret, crumpled on the ground in front of him, still unconscious from her own encounter with Lord Zedd just moments earlier. He shook his head in disappointment. How long has she been in Vile's ranks? What is happening to The Alliance!? He dropped his head in grief.

He heard a commotion occurring near the palace. He leapt to the scene, leaving Margaret behind. Upon arrival, he saw a young medic attempting to fight off legions of beasts trying to attack a fallen Dulcea. A medic... fighting Tenga Warriors. Now I’ve seen everything... With how crazy everything had gotten, seeing a medic protect a Morphing Master was starting to rank low on the scale of things unbelievable.

Priscilla did not know how much longer she could go. As she fought, she thought back on when she had first become a recruit to The Academy. It had been based on her ability to fight. She hailed from the same planet as Orion: Andresia. They routinely had competitions they called The Battle Roads: The fighting would begin in the capital city, and the top two fighters would move on to the next city. Those two fighters would compete in the next city, and the best two fighters from that competition would move on to the next city, travelling by road, the cycle continuing until the competition made its way back to the capital. Priscilla had won Battle Roads during the four consecutive years prior to being offered a position in The Academy on scholarship. Once she joined The Alliance, she surprised everyone by not enrolling in the military: she enrolled in the medical program. She said that although she had a gift for fighting, it wasn’t something she saw as more than a hobby. She had always dreamed of helping others as a physician.

That decision annoyed her slightly at the particular moment she was tackled by two Tenga Warriors, simultaneously. Her ability to fight had “rusted” over time due to being out of the practice. This is it... She closed her eyes as she awaited the final blow. After a moment of silence, she looked up. She had been so focused on preparing for her destruction, she had not noticed the pressure her foes had been exerting on her chest disappear. As she looked around, the only evidence left of the monsters were some flames where the enemies had exploded. In the center of the debris stood Sentinel Knight.

“Now THAT was showy!” Captain Louse could be heard saying from somewhere on the battlefield.

Sentinel Knight nodded at Priscilla. Leaving the area to let the soldiers sort things out, he walked into the palace. He felt a strong pulse of Morphing Energy from within its walls. It’s not coming from The Morphing Grid. Someone has accessed The Zeo Crystal. He was anxious to see who had done the deed. He knew only someone with a righteous heart could penetrate his protection barrier, so he wasn't too worried; just more intrigued. Unaffected by the power of Nathadian magic, he made his way to the cave’s end.

What he saw shocked him: a mutated, disfigured being lay on the ground, writhing in pain. On one side of the room were Masters Gosei and Kamen. On the other side was Master Vile and Margaret. It seemed as if they were at a stand off.

Master Vile suddenly stopped. His Dark Magic felt a power enter the room he recognized. Rita could also feel Sentinel Knight’s presence through her Blue Magic. They exchanged knowing looks. There was no way they could take on two Morphing Masters and Sentinel Knight. They relaxed from their fighting stance.

All the while, Sentinel focused his energies on deciphering the identity of the being in the middle of the room. He was shocked to sense Commander Zedd’s life force inside. He also sensed two other powers: one, a darkness he could not comprehend. It was sentient and hungry. The other, a fragment of The Zeo Crystal. It had a slightly familiar energy signature. He could tell it was once based from The Morphing Grid, but over the years after it had fragmented off and grew on its own, it had its own energy reading.

Lord Zedd has Zeo powers... Sentinel Knight thought in horror. He looked again at the creature’s new body. The spell defending the crystal worked, just as it always had. Just as it did with Flurious and Moltor... the enchantment brings to surface what one is on the inside. Lord Zedd is evil. Commander Zedd is good. Lord Zedd, unfortunately, seems to be the dominant force in this relationship. We must fix this for the sake of the good man trapped inside.

Upon deciding they were going to retreat, Rita turned to Sentinel Knight. “How are you still alive!? Zeddy here and I both zapped you to kingdom come!”

Kamen was still shocked to see the former member of The Top show her true colors. He gripped his Electro Saber tighter, ready for Sentinel’s orders to strike.

“There is but one thing that can destroy me. You have no chance at truly defeating me. Now surrender, or face the consequences.” Sentinel said firmly.

Master Vile laughed mightily. “Oh, Sentinel! It is too late for you! The pieces are already in motion. Soon, The United Alliance as we know it shall fall and never return!” And with that, Vile used his Dark Magic to teleport away.

Rita performed a curtsy. She then focused her Blue Magic on herself. Instead of using the weaker form, as she had as a member of The Academy to stay under the radar, she used her higher powers. Gosei, Kamen, and Sentinel could feel Blue Magic emanate around her. Sentinel had no idea Margaret had so much power within her.

Magical Source: Degenerator!” Rita cast the spell on herself and teleported away.

Sentinel Knight turned his attention to Zedd. “Gosei? Kamen? Drag him out of here and contain him quickly. I will work with General Miller and the other troops to ascertain the damages.”

Outside, Risp and Filcar, who had travelled to the moon with Sentinel Knight and his crew, gathered their unit together with General Miller’s unit. The medical team on hand administered to the wounded.

“I don’t believe we got out of that one alive...” Filcar said, shaking his head.

Risp nodded, looking into space with her normal stern look. She held her arm in a makeshift sling. “Yeah... I wouldn’t have thought following Zedd would’ve led us back to the artifact...”

“Well, we are sure glad you were here. Fate definitely had a hand in this!” General Miller said, walking up to the two. They saluted her. Captain Louse followed behind casually.

They exchanged words about the difficulties of the battle they had just encountered. Captain Louse laughed a bit before adding, “You know... all of this for a dumb crystal! It’s absurd!”

Filcar nodded. He remembered when he helped pull the crystal out of the ground. Yeah, just some dumb crystal... Now Zedd is possessed by an alien force and Rahp is who knows where. Maybe Vile and his men may have finished them off before coming here... Filcar looked to the ground sadly. It was the only conclusion he could come up with: Vile appeared on The Deserted Planet, had beaten Zordon and his unit, including Rahp, and ripped the information of where The Zeo Crystal really was. The scenario made perfect sense to him.

Cestria, one of the medics, arrived with Priscilla to tend to the needs of the higher ranking officers as they had gathered to talk. Risp shook her head as Priscilla went to help her. “No, I’m fine.”

“Really, it’s ok, I--”

“I said I’m fine! Listen, I know it’s hard for you medics to understand, but we just went through a lot here and--”

“Silence!” A new voice said, entering the gathering. It was Master Dulcea.

Everyone straightened up and saluted her. “At ease. Now you listen, Commander Risp. Outside of the mere fact these brave people came here to ensure people like you don’t die from wounds, this medic here saved my life!” Dulcea pointed to Priscilla. Priscilla looked away, embarrassed to have caused a scene and make herself noticed.

“She is a fine fighter, and I’m sure could even teach you a thing or two about combat. Look up her records on your ship. I think you’ll be surprised by what you see.” And with that, she stomped away, furious at the little mind Risp uncharacteristically had just displayed.

“My apologies... to all the medics here.” Risp said. She realized she was in the wrong and was grateful to have been corrected so quickly.

Cestria continued to minister to Filcar’s wounds, pretending not to notice. Louse and Luka, miraculously unscathed, looked around as if to pretend they hadn’t noticed anything.

A man in a green lab coat walked into the area, breaking the awkward silence. “It’s time we headed back on the ship. Sentinel Knight said everything has been secured here and the majority of us can go. That includes all of my medics.” He added this last piece at the end to drive his point home. Cestria and Priscilla hurriedly packed their things and started toward their ship.

“Yes, Doctor Goier.” They both said. He awkwardly tried to straighten his lab coat.

“Hey, Doc?” Captain Louse stopped the man as he walked away.

He stopped and turned to his old friend. “Yes, Marvin?”

“We still on for dinner tonight?”

Doctor Wilson Goier smiled. “Of course!” He bowed to Marvin and Luka as a send off. “See you soon!”
. . .

Finster stared at the men lined up in front of him, contemplating them. The Edenites only stared. Some had signs of their insect DNA showing: a hooked claw on one, antennae on another, and it went from there. Of the various problems they had, they all shared one: they had lost their free will. Finster had gone over his data from the experiments and couldn’t quite figure out what the problem was. All he knew was that when he administered a certain amount of the serum he created, the subject would become completely subservient.

Scorpius stared at the men, considering the possibilities. “So, they’ll do anything I tell them to do?”

“That is quite correct, Commander. They are at your beck and call.” Finster said. He returned to his table to grab some data to show Scorpius.

“Hmm... I could work with that. Anyway, is that all you could grab from that..." Scorpius tried to think of a word for The Dark Lord's membrane. "...husk... from The Dark Cloud?” Scorpius asked, becoming a little deflated by the fact he may not be able to garner any power from said membrane, which they had procured from The Alliance’s battle with The Dark Lord on Mirinoi.

“That is just what I am grabbing now. You see, by studying the genetic coding from the membrane, I--”

“I don’t care. Do you have anything for me, or not?”

“Yes. Yes, I do.” Finster turned to a corner of the lab Scorpius had provided him, and pushed a cart to the center where the commander stood. He pulled off a tarp, proud to be unveiling one of his finest works.

Scorpius stared, wide eyed at what he saw. Finster began explaining. “Now, I cannot take credit for the template I had to work with. Whatever form of evolution that caused this creature to come into being must’ve been incredible. Natural selection at its best! I do take credit for this piece of work, though. I took your species into account for inspiration on the implementation of its use. This entire matrix is comprised of The Dark Cloud’s membrane. I created a vascular network that pumps the serum I created from the... goo... we procured from The Dark Cloud as well. I also ensured it will not cause you, once you enter it, to become subservient, like the other subjects.” He concluded proudly.

“So... do I just walk in?”

“Yes. You just walk in and you will begin a mighty transformation! You will be embedded with powers that should rival Lord Zedd’s, as he calls himself now.”

“Excellent. I think I will do just that.” Before walking in, he thought of something. “I have a daughter... I see a lot of potential in her... is there any way this works... twice?”

Finster shook his head. “No, it will not. Not without some tinkering! Once you enter, it will be useless unless I pump more of my serum into it. If you wish, I will refill it once you have finished your ascension to greatness!”

Scorpius thought of his daughter. She was in her early twenties. She had just entered The Academy on an Edenoi scholarship, since they were trying to encourage Edenites to pursue life outside of what Edenoi had to offer. Although once a utopia, Dregon’s constant and random attacks all but halted any progress Edenoi had, even going so far as causing it to regress in some facets of their economy.

His daughter, Trakeena, was rising the ranks quickly and making a name for herself. Everyone said it made sense, seeing who her father was. He had much pride in his daughter. He loved her with every ounce of his being. He knew that with this power, he could rule the universe with an iron fist. He could create a universe in which his daughter would have anything she could ever desire. He turned to Finster and smiled. “I would appreciate you refilling this... thing... then.”

Cocoon, sir.”

“Excuse me?”

“My device. I have named it simply as a cocoon.”

He smiled again. “What a fitting name. I, Scorpius, enter the cocoon a mere grunt for The Alliance. The being who will emerge, though, will be a GOD!”

Laughing, he crawled into the cocoon. The serum pumped through the veins Finster had re-networked around the membrane that once housed The Dark Lord. The solution of liquid that pumped through The Dark Lord was mixed with lifestream. It was Finster’s chemical creation based off his studies and calculations. It had begun taking effect. Scorpius could feel the power grow within him.

Finster stared at his benefactor’s silhouette from his lab bench. He smiled to himself and began writing. I am a good scientist. He thought simply.
. . .

“Twenty... Twenty Globbor. That’s just ridiculous.” Rahp said, finally sitting down.

Zordon nodded. “Vile definitely didn’t want us coming out of that one alive.”

“For those of us that did come out alive...” Rahp shook his head, disappointed with how things turned out. He held onto the gauze around his bleeding forearm.

Michael sat down next to Rahp. They were on a ship headed back to The Morphing Masters’ headquarters. They had just battled what had possibly been the toughest fight they had ever encountered.

“How many men did we lose?” Michael asked.

“I haven’t had the heart to count, yet. I know at least twenty...” He thought back at the difficult decision he had to make. Orion had asked him during the battle what his recommendation had been in regards to attacking the Globbor. Each of the Globbor had junctioned to a soldier. All twenty of them had been wearing distorted masks based off their prisoner.

Orion hadn’t wanted to act, possibly harming soldiers, unless their commander was okay with it. The soldiers around him said if they were those soldiers, they wouldn’t want anyone to hold back. “Better to be destroyed than be a slave.” Many had muttered. A phrase common during the war that had occurred on Decrof, before Margaret revealed the Globbor’s weakness.

Rahp thought about it for as long as he felt he could before giving the okay to Orion. Orion led the troops in battle against the Globbor. It was tough. Troops, trying to save their comrades, fell in the process. It was a grisly sight.

Using his light power, Orion had jumped atop Lightning Cruiser. Riding up to the sky, he threw himself into the clouds, causing them to dissipate when he ignited his Morphing Energy. With the clouds gone for a short time, the sun shone through. It gave the troops enough time to destroy the twenty Globbor, but unfortunately, the pain that came with the destruction was too much for those connected to the fallen foes: each person suffered aneurysms and brain clots. After seizing for a moment, they all were pronounced brain dead by the medics on the scene.

Tideus, one of the medics, tended to Master Orion. Because Cestria had been specifically requested by Dr. Goier to go with his team to follow Sentinel Knight on their quest to search for Lord Zedd, Orion had requested another Aquitian to be his personal healthcare provider. “I like their ways.” He had said.

Zordon looked to the ground. His mind was abuzz with the chaos he had seen since becoming a Morphing Master. His thoughts stopped on what his role might be in all of the events unfolding throughout the universe. So much evil. So much destruction. I must help put an end to it all, before it is too late...
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Chapter Twenty One: Guilty

Gerlit answered the transmission. "This is Master Gerlit. To who am I speaking?"

"This is Zordon of Eltar. I am transmitting to inform The Alliance that Vile did not take the bait. We arrived on The Deserted Planet and were attacked by a group of monsters. We believe he was tipped off somehow. We are worried. We think he may be close to discovering The Zeo Crystal's true location."

Gerlit began to answer Zordon, but noticed no audio was being transmitted from his end. Gerlit opened a dialog box, trying to find what the cause of the communication block was. He tried sending a message to Burai on his wrist tech, who had recently set up a new firewall for The Alliance's communications. The message flashed with a delivery failure.

Gerlit began to waddle to the other room where Animus and Magnus were trying to occupy themselves, when he froze. He felt something odd. He pulled out his key to protect himself, but it was too late: he found himself in the middle of several explosions. He created a barrier around himself to be shielded from the explosion's debris and rubble. When the dust settled, he could hear Animus and Magnus each summon their Defender armor from behind the rubble of what once had been the wall separating the two rooms.

Footsteps could be heard in the outer corridors. The armor plated beasts came in. The copper coloring stood out sharply against the mostly white environment of The Morphing Masters' headquarters. Adding another aspect to the destruction they were causing, the mud from their metal boots could be seen tracked through the building. The sanctity of The Alliance had once again been desecrated.

The leader of these troops pranced through the building, an air of arrogance permeating the air around her. She stopped, lips pouting. She crossed her arms and looked around. Then, like the spoiled princess she was, she stamped her feet and started shouting.

"Piranhatrons! Where are my chocolates!?" The dreaded pirate, Divatox, yelled. Two henchman hurriedly ran and cordially presented her a box of chocolates. She yanked the box away, then kicked one of the Piranhatrons in the chest, causing it to fall down. She continued her march down the halls after that, munching on her chocolates as she surveyed the chaos her surprise attack was causing.

One soldier ran toward her, a blade in hand. She casually ducked his attack, following the maneuver with a kick to the face, all the while not spilling her treats.

"Idiot..." She muttered, rolling her eyes.

She turned a corner to find Gerlit fighting his way through Piranhatrons. He fired laser lights from his key, while also casting protection barriers around himself when necessary. He ducked under a table and rolled out to the other side, avoiding several stomps from the enemies around him.

"These guys can't do anything right..." She complained as she trotted over to the scene, cautiously walking around the mess to not get her boots dirty. She punched a pillar in the room, causing the ceiling to collapse on Gerlit and a unit of Piranhatrons. She chuckled to herself, pleased with her ingenuity.

Making her way to the two Defenders, she observed the scene. They were starting to get exhausted from the sheer number of enemies they were encountering. Magnus was equipped with his sword, while Animus wielded his double bladed lance.

Magnus switched to using his blaster due to fatigue. His aim was off, so it wasn't doing him much but create in his mind the thought that he would at least fall trying. Animus twirled his weapon, eliminating some of the foes around him. He looked over to see his friend close to defeat. Not on my watch! The valiant hero thought to himself.

"Magnus: hold on!" Animus yelled as he rushed toward his fellow Morphing Master. He pushed and fought his way forward.

Divatox smiled as she watched him cross the room, lunging toward his failing comrade. Her eyes began to glow. She focused on the Dark Magic she had been given by her adopted parents, which amplified the natural tap her biological family's genes gave her to The Morphing Grid. Laser beams shot out of her eyes, hitting The Animal Defender hard.

"Ahhh!" Animus yelled.

"Animus!" Magnus proclaimed as he blasted Piranhatrons. They began rushing to the fallen Morphing Master, wishing to be the one to land the final blow.

"...Animus... No!" He saw the henchmen running with assorted weapons toward Animus. Some were mallets, others were simple metal bars. He tried getting to his friend, but couldn't shake off the beasts piling atop him. He could hear the weapons' continual clinkings and bangings against The Animal Defender armor. He could hear the armor begin to give way, as the sound of metal on metal became the sound of metal to skin.

Divatox approached Magnus, still chewing on chocolates. Swallowing, she looked down at the mighty man. "Take a nap." She commanded as she kicked him, her foot connecting with his jaw. He blacked out.

"Nice work, Divatox!" Someone said as they teleported into the room.

"Rita! Darling! How good it is to see you again! I was sure I would have to deal with that dreadful brother of yours again!" Divatox made her way to the witch. They each kissed each other on the face as a greeting.

Rita explained that her time undercover at The Academy was over, and she would have a more hands on role from then on out. Rita then looked at the body on the ground. Divatox followed suit before asking a question.

"Is he...?"

"As a doorknob!" Rita proclaimed with victory in her voice.

"Should we finish these other two?" Divatox asked, referencing Gerlit and Magnus.

Rita shook her head. "No. I want witnesses of our power to tell The Masters what we did. Plus, there is the second part of this plan..." She said, winking to her friend.

"Ah, yes! How could I forget!" She said, laughing.

Rita nodded. "I'll set up the pieces here. Thanks for everything and I hopefully I will see you later."

"Okay, darling. Ciao. Piranhatrons!? Move out! Viva la diva!" Divatox declared as she and her minions teleported back to their fleet floating in orbit in space. They were completely invisible to The Alliance's radar system due to Rita's inside informant.
. . .

Magnus awoke, looking around. He didn't see any Piranhatrons in the vicinity, but he kept his guard up. As he stood, he moved his jaw around in his helmet. It was still sore from the kick he received from The Space Diva.

As he searched the area, he saw a familiar figure. He spotted The Gold Ranger looming over Animus' lifeless corpse. With all his might, he drew his blade.

"Come fight me. I still have enough left in me to send you to the afterlife. Even if it means I must make the same journey myself." He said, confidence saturating his voice.

The Gold Ranger turned and laughed. The warrior got into a fighting stance, ready to fight.

"Stop right there!" Magnus turned when he heard Orion's familiar voice. Accompanying him were Masters Michael and Zordon, along with Commander Rahp and his troops. Rahp looked over the scene, shocked to see the heart of The Alliance struck again.

"Take this, you menace!"

A blast of purple lightning surrounded and blasted The Gold Ranger. Grunting, The Gold Ranger quickly stood back up before raising an arm and teleporting away in a flash of gold light. Surprised, the group turned to find Master Ivicar, Master Gerlit being carried on his shoulders.

"I found Gerlit in the rubble." Ivicar said as he lowered the unconscious Liarian to the floor near the others. "I rushed over as soon as I heard more commotion in here." Orion's personal medic, Tideus, ran over and took Master Gerlit to the side to minister to his wounds.

King Estro then entered the room, shaking his head as he looked around. He approached Ivicar. "I finished looking around and could not find any signs of anymore enemies in the area."

Ivicar nodded. He then proceeded to call The Masters in the room to gather around him. He looked at each one of them. He pulled a small device from his robe pocket. He extended his arm enough to let all around him see.

"What is it?" Master Michael asked.

"I found it in the room Gerlit was in. It's an implosion device." Ivicar answered.

"So? What does that mean? We know they blew the building up." Orion said, wondering why Ivicar was treating this with such gravitas.

Ivicar dropped his head. "I believe this is incriminating evidence. It points to who the traitor is within our ranks."

All the while, Zordon had been inspecting the piece of equipment. He recognized the markings as soon as Ivicar had produced it from his robe. Zordon looked away from the group, realizing what Ivicar was about to say.

Ivicar looked at each of them, sorrow replacing the look of warmth his eyes usually carried. "This device is made in only way place... Edenoi. I know of only one Edenite who has access to these chambers..."

Magnus, with what little strength he had left, punched the wall beside him. "That's ridiculous! How could you insinuate...!?"

Orion placed a hand on Magnus' shoulder. "I know you two are close, but we need to take the evidence into consideration..."

Ivicar nodded. "Yes. As soon as he arrives, Master Kamen must be detained and brought in for questioning. He is wanted on suspicions of treason."
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@White Genesis: I am glad you liked it.

@Ranger Seth: Thank you very much for the compliments! I am very glad that I didn't botch the characters when I decided to pull them all together. I will strive to make sure the magic that is going on so far isn't lost.

As an update: Chapter Twenty Two is finished. It is a bit longer than I planned. I just started writing and... well, you'll see tomorrow! I tried cutting it in half but didn't see a place I wanted to without interrupting the chapter's flow. I hope you guys like it! Until tomorrow!
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Chapter Twenty-Two: Traitors

"This day, we gather as The United Alliance to remember our fallen comrades." Sentinel Knight began his speech, peering over the twenty nine entities who comprised the membership of The Alliance. The number was no longer at thirty, due to Triforia’s recent exclusion from The Alliance. The security was amplified for this event, due to what had occurred the last time The Alliance had a conference. The best the military had to offer was in attendance to protect the people who had come to honor those who had fallen in battle.

“Unfortunately,” Sentinel Knight continued. “I did not know everyone who has fallen. I do know, though, they were all brave men and women. We should be proud to know we are protected by men and women of such high caliber, every day.” Applause echoed through the newly refurbished conference hall.

“I would like to specifically mention two people who I did know, and most you of as well knew them, as well. Masters Dimitria and Animus.” The crowd murmured, partially because there were still those systems within The Alliance who had not received word of the two Masters’ recent demise.

“I served with Animus for a long time. He was proud of the kingdom he represented.” Howls and other animal noises could be heard as Sentinel spoke. The Animal Realm had all come to the gathering to honor their fallen leader. “He was stoic and always ready to do what was right. He fell trying to protect a brother in arms. The cowards who work with Vile attacked him from behind. He was so powerful... you all can see that was the only way they could confront him. By cowardice!” The whole room erupted at this.

“I tell you all now, he will be missed... yet we will see him again. Where... when... we do not know... and at first, he will not know who he is. But when he does come to a full remembrance of his grand stature, oh the joy The Animal Realm will have!” Not only The Animal Realm, but everyone in attendance clapped for Animus’ legacy, and for the legacy which he will have in the future.

“I am sad to say, this next victim does not have such a happy twist: Dimitria fell in battle against our new enemies, the Triforians. Our reports of the incidence show us how mighty she was in her final batt--”

Suddenly, a dark figure could be seen blitzing through the crowd. People screamed in fright, for they knew not what it was. All of The Morphing Masters stood, ready to battle.

Saba: Come forth!” Zordon said, producing his red saber.

Defender Mode: Activate!” Magnus proclaimed.

Power of Light: Activate!” Orion said as he focused into The Morphing Grid.

As she left Shadow Mode, Tria, The Gold Ranger, stepped forward.

“Power down!” Tria said. She stood before the entire conference, holding her Power Staff.

“Get in position. She moves an inch... shoot her.” Rahp commanded over his communicator.

Commander Risp trained her sniper rifle on The Gold Ranger’s head.

“I come in peace! I hold my Power Staff only to show I come in the name of Triforia! Please, listen to me! I am no traitor! My people are not traitors to The Alliance! I had no involvement in the events which occurred on my planet--”

“Silence, you fiend!” King Estro yelled, disgust on his face as he stared at the Triforian. “Enough is enough! I saw what you did to Master Dimitria! You are among the scum of the universe!”

Sentinel Knight raised his hand, motioning for silence. “Tria... what did you expect would happen if you came here?” He shook his head while sighing. “Tria of Triforia, you are under arrest for treason. Hand yourself over now and there will be no fighting.”

She bowed to him. “I turn myself over to The Alliance for questioning. I know I can prove my innocence.”

As Filcar and Rahp approached the former Morphing Master to arrest her, an explosion could be heard from somewhere on the grounds of the building. The hazard alarms started blaring. Yellow lights began flashing through the building.

“Everyone! Please! Remain calm!” Sentinel Knight tried to instruct those panicking in the room through the voice amplifier attached to his throat, but to no avail. It was everyone for themselves.

“Please protect me!” Princess Momomille cried out to her bodyguard.

“Of course, my princess.” Her bodyguard replied. Finally... some excitement! He thought. It had been a while since he was in a truly dangerous situation, since he had graduated from The Academy. He had become one of the most well known fighters in The Alliance, and also a hot commodity. A blossoming kingdom on the planet Rashon had been the highest bidder, and for the past few years was the royal guard. Since then, his battles had been few and far in between each other.

He scanned the area until he saw something interesting: an Alliance soldier walking into the conference hall, backward, blasting at something approaching. Bingo... The princess’ bodyguard thought.

“You stay here, Princess.” He said as he bolted toward the soldier.

The soldier, Reon Talp, stared at his opponent. How could this have happened!? I was doing everything fine! I’m gonna lose my job over this... He thought, worried. He had been fine, standing guard over a room. He was told by Master Ivicar to not look in the room, to not touch the door, to not let anyone near the door, and to basically not interact with the room in any way, shape, or form. He was to ensure its safety during the conference.

What he did not know was the room was where The Alliance was housing Lord Zedd, after his gruesome transformation under the palace on Earth’s moon. What Reon also had not known was that someone had planted a bomb in the room under where Lord Zedd was being detained. The bomb had gone off, letting the powerful beast loose in the facility.

Lord Zedd continued to bat soldiers off of him. His primary goal was to find a way out of the complex. He did have a secondary goal, though: to destroy the annoying pest who was continually firing at him. Ever since he escaped, Reon had been on his tail, firing at him. Normally, the blasts wouldn’t have affected Lord Zedd much, but this wasn’t a normal situation for Lord Zedd: he had no lifestream coursing through his veins. The main reason for this was that he didn’t have any veins. The entire vascular network that he had “borrowed” from Commander Zedd’s body had fallen off him when he had been skinned alive by Sentinel Knight’s protective spell over The Zeo Crystal. The only thing keeping him alive were some reserved lifestream force left in his body’s heart.

<Give it up! You can’t win! Your organs are failing! You’re getting beaten by one small human! Imagine what will happen when you see a Morphing Master!> Commander Zedd taunted. He could feel the pain The Dark Lord was in. The Dark Lord wanted desperately to feed, but without veins to hold in a planet’s lifestream, a feeding would be useless.

He made his Z Staff manifest and started targeting Reon. Reon’s eyes grew wide as he paused.

“Uh-oh!” He screamed as he ducked down, nearly missing the vaporizing beam.

Princess Momomille’s bodyguard arrived next to Reon. When Reon looked up, he instantly recognized who was standing next to him.

"Joseph Kenig!? Boy am I glad to see you here!"

Joseph smiled. "Just call me Joe." He unsheathed his saber and slowly approached the big beast in the silver exoskeleton. He swung his sword and hit Lord Zedd’s staff. As the sword connected, a jolt of energy shot out from the contact. Joe found himself flying through the air. He quickly readjusted himself and tucked into a ball, flipping into a position. He stood tall, eyeballing his opponent.

"Can't anythin' go right for me!?" Tria said as she stared at Lord Zedd enter the room. Her custom of not finishing words in "ing" had come back. It was something she caught herself doing when she was hyperly focusing on something which worried her. She had worked hard to be able to enunciate her words for political functions, but at times she found herself slipping back into her old habit.

Tria continued staring at Lord Zedd. "What is that thing!?" It didn't feel right to her. She was nervous. She gripped tighter on The Power Staff.

"I have to do somethin'..." Tria looked around. The soldiers who had been approaching her had forgotten their first task to arrest her and we're trying the best they could to herd everyone out of the room. She noticed The Morphing Masters had already left the room.

Tria had only recently regained her ability to become The Gold Ranger. Many hours of meditation to become at one with herself once again was what accomplished the task for her. She did not know, however, how stable her powers were, or if she could even transform again. Only one way to find out... She thought to herselves.

"It's morphin' time! Gold Ranger Power!" Morphing Energy surrounded her. Her black suit slowly crawled over her. With a golden electric crackle, the golden armor wrapped itself around her chest, arms, and legs.

Tria was happy to find the powers coursing through her once again. It felt just as powerful as ever. She had the thought of going into Shadow Mode, but decided against it. She didn’t want to risk losing her powers again.

"It's time for a gold rush!" She exclaimed. She charged at Lord Zedd and sent him flying. Lord Zedd quickly sprang back to his feet. The gold Zeo energy crackled over him. He sent a surge of power at Tria. It hit her hard, sending her flying into the podium on the stage. As she gathered herself, silver Zeo energy sizzled on her suit.

Joe stepped back, nodding in approval. "Good form... for a traitor."

He felt something behind him. He instantly spun around to find Princess Momomille standing behind him.

"What are you doing here, Miha!?" Joe cried.

"I don't trust anyone but you. I'm staying right here." She said.

He rolled his eyes before he facepalmed.

Lord Zedd continued to square off with The Gold Ranger. Tria swung her Power Staff at Zedd. He parried the attack with his Z Staff. The power emanating from the contact the two staffs made could be heard reverberating through the room.

"Hey, you!" Joe and Miha heard someone yell.

"Here we go..." Miha muttered.

General Luka Miller and Captain Marvin Louse ran to Joe and Miha. Panting, Captain Louse pointed at Miha. "You... can't... be here... young lady..."

"Young lady!? I'm as old as you!" She yelled, stamping her feet. Tria could be heard kiaiing in the background.

"It's okay, she's with me." Joe said. Lord Zedd’s grunts echoed through the room with each of his attacks.

"You shouldn't be here, either." Luka said. They eyed each other down, as if each was trying to see who would win in a fight.

"I'm Joe Kenig. It's okay. You can leave this to me. You can go clean up the mess."

Luka lost her cool at this. She walked toward Joe, not noticing she narrowly missed getting hit by a stray shot Zedd took at The Gold Ranger.

Luka pushed Joe. "I don't care who you think you are. All you are to me is a civilian and--"

"Watch out!"

Luka and Joe suddenly found themselves in a pile on the ground with a third person. Where they had been standing, Lord Zedd landed, panting. Lord Zedd was clutching his left arm. His systems were failing; he did not have much reserve energy left. He turned to find Captain Louse standing close to him. He picked up Louse and tossed him into the pile with the other three.

The man who saved Luka and Joe, Doctor Wilson Goier, smiled. "You guys need to be more careful!" After hearing there were still people in the room, he had snuck back in to see if anyone had been injured. It’s a good thing I did, too, or Luka would’ve been crushed! He thought.

"Thanks, Doc." Luka said as she dusted herself off. Miha ran to them to be close to her bodyguard.

Zedd pointed his staff at the five, ready to destroy them. Suddenly, The Gold Ranger landed in between them and their foe, ready to fight.

"Watsaw!" She cried as she landed.

" ’What's up’? Why would she say that?" Louse wondered. The other four looked at each other and shrugged.

Reon ran up behind Zedd and pointed his blaster. "Stand down... creep..." He said, hoping he sounded tough by adding the word "creep".

Zedd turned to find the man who he thought of as an annoying, undying mosquito.

<You can't stop him! He will beat you!> Commander Zedd mocked. <Maybe he is The White Warrior!> He said as well, trying to add insult to injury.

This got The Dark Lord feeling nervous. He got into a fighting stance, now ready for anything. He recalled very well his quasi-prophetic vision of a warrior in white attire taking The Zeo Crystal for himself.

[i]The Zeo Crystal is mine! I need to have the rest of its power! I cannot let anyone else have it![i] The Dark Lord thought.

Reon felt someone appear next to him. It was his old commander, Risp. Beside her was Commander Filcar.

Risp winked at Reon. "Thought you might need some help." Reon smiled and turned back to face Zedd.

"Doctor Goier! I need your help with..." Priscilla's voice trailed off as she entered the room. Some people had gotten trampled during the evacuation, and she had come in looking for Doctor Goier's help. What she saw shocked her. She had never seen anything like Lord Zedd in person.

Almost an instinct, she ran up and joined Reon in his lineup. Risp gave her a nod of acknowledgment as she joined them. She had taken Master Dulcea's advice and looked up Priscilla's record. She now knew Priscilla was a fighter, and was glad for the extra help.

Ignoring how weak he felt, he looked at the scene around him and laughed. "I'll take all ten of you on." He pointed his Z Staff at The Gold Ranger.

"Not without me." He turned and saw a man join the lineup, taking up the center position in what was now a line of five. The other four were grateful to have Rahp join them.

As Rahp approached, Zedd's mind was taken back to the image of the five warriors with symbols on their helmets. He looked behind him and observed the other five, standing behind The Gold Ranger. Only one phrase came to his mind as he looked at the situation.

"Power Rangers..." He grunted. He knew he had to destroy them. He pointed his staff and began firing.
. . .

"We must go back inside!" Magnus yelled.

Sentinel shook his head. "It feels like a trap. Someone let Zedd loose on purpose. Burai said he found more implosion devices planted under Zedd's cell. They are all from Edenoi. I fear Kamen may have others working with him and Tria."

"We don't know if it is Kamen..." Magnus said, staring into Sentinels eyes.

"Be that as it may, we must now detain anyone from Edenoi. They must all be questioned." Orion said. Ivicar called for a vote, and Gerlit counted a majority vote to detain anyone from Edenoi. Magnus sneered in disgust before running to the room Zedd was battling The Gold Ranger.

"Let him go. He needs some time." Sentinel said.

Magnus entered the room to find Zedd standing in the center, looking tired. The eleven warriors who stood around him looked beaten and bloodied.

Magnus placed his helmet back on his head and rushed toward Zedd with his sword in hand. He leapt into the air above Zedd and spun quickly around, charging his sword with Morphing Energy. He then went to slash Zedd.

Zedd caught the blade in his hand and kept hold of it. Laughing, he threw Magnus into Captain Louse and his team. He then shot a blast right at Magnus. The blast was powerful enough to destroy Magnus on the spot.

Luckily for Magnus, someone else took the blast for him. The man wore familiar Alliance armor. He wore his helmet and visor.

Bent over, panting, The Gold Ranger, along with Rahp and his team, stared in amazement. Risp was the first to recognize the armor.

"Scorpius?" She said aloud.

Scorpius, hiding his new form under his armor, nodded. He now had the same power The Dark Lord had before possessing Commander Zedd. A hole was in his armor, but his skin underneath was only scorched by the blast. He got into a fighting stance.

"Everyone: stand back." Scorpius commanded. This is my chance to show everyone how power is truly supposed to be used! Scorpius thought.

Scorpius charged a ball of energy and sent it hurtling towards Lord Zedd. Unaware the ball was so powerful, Zedd just stood and took the attack, thinking it would intimidate the new fighter. Instead, the blast nearly destroyed him.

"Ahhh!" He yelled. Zedd focused his remaining energy and teleported out of the room. He appeared behind a building nearby and collapsed in pain.

Back in the conference hall, Magnus stood and approached Scorpius. He extended his hand and offered it to Scorpius. They shook hands.

"Thank you, Scorpius. I will forever be in your debt. You, Scorpius, are a good man and a true warrior."

Scorpius nodded and placed his hand on Magnus' shoulder. "I'm only doing my part to help The Alliance." He lied.

The thirteen of them collected themselves and slowly walked to the exit. Luka saw Captain Louse shaking his head as they walked, lost in thought.

"What is it, Marvo?" Luka asked her old friend.

Looking at her, he grinned. "That was so lame! The final blow wasn't even showy!"

They both started laughing as she gave him a playful shove.
. . .

Finster was nervous. He hadn't stepped foot on the soil of The Alliance's main headquarters since he was expelled during the war on Decrof. His love for his newest research got the better of him, though, and he continued his search.

His equipment had found a large energy signature that had traces of the same energy frequency The Dark Cloud's membrane had. He wanted more samples for his work, and Finster thought this would be the perfect chance when he saw the readings.

He turned a corner and found himself in a small alley in between the back of a building and a wall that surrounded the whole compound. In the center, lying on the ground, wheezing, was Lord Zedd.

"Oh, my..." Finster said as he scurried over to the dying beast.

"You need some of my serum right away! Come along now..." Finster propped Lord Zedd up. Finster put his arm around the muscular being and teleported the both of them into his laboratory on The Scorpion Stinger.
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Chapter Twenty-Three: Whispered Conversations

"You wished to see me?" Master Vile said as he walked into the throne room. He bowed down to one knee as he approached the throne. He was nervous. Most weren't called to the throne room unless they were to be punished. As he thought of what terror he would face if he were to be punished, he looked at the golden box in the corner of the room.

Vile's leader sat on the throne, face hidden in shadows. She was uncomfortable with letting her underlings know her face. She kept most at arm's length. Her massive empire operated on the tactics of lies and infiltration. It was only logic to her that if they were willing to do this for her cause, how much more willing would they be to do the same for their own selfish ways? Therefore, she stayed in the shadows, working behind the scenes.

"Vile... are you living up to the title of "Master" that you so unceremoniously bestowed upon yourself?" She asked.

He swallowed hard and tried to remain calm. He thought as quickly as his mind would let him. If he spoke too arrogantly, The Queen would throw him into the box for sure. She knew those with too much self confidence would eventually stage a revolt, so as soon as she felt such an attitude, she disposed of the culprit. If anyone showed humility, she would equally dispose of such an individual. Her reasoning for this was that she thought this attribute would cause the person to start developing attitudes of decency, which would surely jeopardize missions. To survive in her empire, one needed to know how to find a happy medium.

"I am no Master," he began. "But I do strive to live up to this title. I merely picked it to add insult to injury to The Morphing Masters, after I had already infiltrated The M51 Galaxy, as my queen commanded.

She giggled. She loved to see her high ranking squirm to please her. She loved it even more to see them squirm to protect their own lives.

"I recently had a report that the being who calls himself Lord Zedd had struck again. Any further word on this?" She asked.

Vile shook his head. "My informants were not involved in the incident. They needed to remain at their posts to ensure their cover was not blown. All I know is that he ran away after being defeated by Commander Scorpius of The Alliance."

The Queen thought this over. "Scorpius beat him? Intriguing... Dregon has mentioned to me that he has recorded some unusual energy levels from The Scorpion Stringer over these last few weeks... I will have Dregon look into it during the next part of the operation he is to carry out.

"As for you, how are your preparations?" She asked, crossing her legs.

"All according to plan. Actually, Tria of Triforia appeared during Zedd's attack. All of those incidents together made Sentinel Knight so tense that he has accelerated the whole scheme. I will be ready to launch my forces quicker than planned!"

The Queen nodded. She smiled to herself. Those fools with their politics and whatnot... they are burying themselves alive! Soon, I will rule the universe! Glee flooded her body as these thoughts floated through her mind.

"You are dismissed, Vile."

"Yes, my queen..." Vile said as he stood. His knee ached from being on it for so long. He straightened his robe and made his way out of the throne room, glad to have survived the meeting.

"Maligore?" The Queen called for her right hand man.

"Yes, your highness?" The lava golem asked his benefactor. Although his voice was rough and gravelly, he spoke with eloquence and what seemed to be high intelligence.

"What is your analysis?"

Maligore made his way to the computer terminal near his usual place in the throne room. He accessed his files.

"My observations, Queen:

"Vile has a strong force. Your agents within The Alliance are giving them all of the information they need to demolish the Alliance's infrastructure. They are acting appropriately with said information.

"Dregon has taken a step back, like you asked him, ever since he joined your empire.

"Zedd is a wild card, and interrupted Vile's acquisition of The Zeo Crystal. He seems to be extremely powerful. He disappeared the night our Alliance agents were supposed to secure him for you, my queen. I am currently trying to find his location.

“The Pirate Queen, Divatox, has done what she has been asked up to this point. She has assured me that as long as we continue to pay her, her allegiance lies with you, my Queen. I suggest to not put much faith in an associate who is so... flimsy.

"Your Alliance spies are doing well. With the appearance of who is being called The Gold Ranger, they have shown great resourcefulness and have used it to your advantage. Their quick thinking is what caused the beginnings of the downfall of Triforia.

"This is my report." Maligore finished.

The Queen chuckled. "Don't trust them, my pet. Remember: what you do may be delivered back upon your own head if you are not careful enough. They did very well with adding Triforia to the confusion, but I have my eyes on them... I am apprehensive of the fact they may have their own objectives..."

Maligore put a fist to his chest, as a salute. "Yes, Queen! I will continue my analysis."

She smiled. "Very well, my loyal pet. Dismissed."

As the big lava beast left her throne room, she began to laugh maniacally. She knew she was close to victory. She knew that soon... The United Alliance would belong to her.
. . .

Kamen sat in his cell. His jewel sat in the middle of his forehead. He concentrated on keeping his inner calm. By doing so, he was able to come to peace with his situation. By focusing on his inner peace, he could see that, due to the evidence, The Alliance had acted appropriately by locking him away.

Appropriately? How long have I sacrificed for The Alliance!? How many times have I battled for The Alliance!? And Magnus... I thought we were friends! How could he not fight for me! Kamen thought. As it normally happened, his mind would wander to the negative aspects of his situation. As if to physically displace the thoughts, he shook his head and began to refocus his mind toward the positive. The jewel on his forehead glowed a bright green as he rediscovered his center.

A mantis-like insect flew through the air vents. It had been scared while on the lawn around the holding facility. One of the gardeners was mowing the lawn, and to avoid being caught in the lawn, the insect jumped into a vent. It flew through the vents, trying to find a way out. Its non-sentient mind was buzzing with abstract notions of “Food! Escape! Food! Escape!”

Eventually, perhaps by fate, the mantis landed unnoticed in Kamen’s room. Kamen continued to meditate.

“No, Sentinel... No!”

Kamen heard voices echoing through the air vent. He broke his concentration and crawled over to it, disregarding the room’s newest inhabitant. The mantis tried to fly out of the room, but the entire thing was shielded in a powerful force field created by Sentinel Knight. It fluttered and rested atop Kamen’s bunk.

Kamen recognized the voice speaking. It was Master Ivicar. He sounded stressed.

The next voice belonged to Sentinel Knight. “It is the only way... You and I both know it isn’t what we want to do... but it is what is necessary to uphold the order of The Alliance. Everything is set upon order. If we don’t act, chaos will reign supreme. If chaos wins... then beings like Lord Zedd and Master Vile have already won!”

“But, Sentinel... Execution!?” Ivicar’s voice floated through the vents.

Kamen could feel himself swallowing hard. They cannot be saying what I think they are saying... He thought in fear.

“Yes, Ivicar. Execution. Alliance mandates state that when treason is committed, we have the right to do whatever is necessary, without the vote of The United Alliance. Oh, my good friend... had you and the others not deterred me from my instincts! I had Tria trapped, powerless, just weeks ago! I don’t know how she managed to make it appear as if she had been with all of you in the conference hall, but look at all the damage she has done!” Sentinel Knight’s fists could be heard pounding against something solid.

“Sentinel... please calm down. I know how difficult this is for you... And I appreciate you coming to me about this. I know in the end, though... you are the presiding member of The Morphing Masters, and all I can do is counsel you. I fear you are making a mistake in executing Kamen.”

“No, I am not. He will be executed in the morning. Also, we will continue to detain all from Edenoi. Contact The War Star Armada, as well. They are to attack Edenoi shortly after the execution.”

Kamen’s head was light. He did not know what to do. He could not fight off Sentinel Knight, let alone the entire Alliance military.

I’m innocent! My people are innocent! This is crazy! What do I do...?

Suddenly, his eyes fell upon the mantis, eating crumbs off Kamen’s bunk from the dinner he had just finished. Kamen smiled and approached the little thing.

“Hello, my friend...” Kamen closed his eyes and focused. Being a non-sentient being, Kamen began delivering a message into the insect’s brain. Kamen did this through a combination of his natural Edenite heritage, along with his strong hold of The Morphing Grid.

The message was meant for Tria of Triforia. Suddenly, everything was clear to Kamen: Tria, just like him, had been framed. He saw how she had helped him in battle in the past. He saw how she had battled The Dark Cloud valiantly on Mirinoi. The other behaviors exhibited had to be from an imposter. Someone with the ability to mimic The Gold Ranger. He felt as if he was the victim of the same individual.

The message told Tria to gather as many forces as she could, and come to break him out of the holding facility. He needed to get back to Edenoi to protect his people.

He smiled at his little messenger. The mission was in its head, and it would do nothing else until it was delivered.

“May the Power protect you.” Kamen said as he dropped the mantis back down the ventilation shaft.

Kamen crossed his legs and closed his eyes again. He began to meditate. This time, not to calm himself. This time he was meditating to prepare for war.
. . .

Luka peered out into space. She had been assigned by Master Orion to ensure Princess Miha Momomille and her bodyguard, Joe Kenig, returned to the planet of Rashon safely. She enlisted only two others to accompany her: Captain Marvin Louse and a medical expert, Doctor Wilson Goier.

Joe was in a corner of the room. His shirt was off so he could not only show off his muscles to those in the room, but also so he could practice his fighting technique. Being in the situation he had just been in reawakened his love for fighting. He had felt slightly “rusted” as he had his short encounter with Lord Zedd. He wanted to make sure he was at his peak the next time he met anyone like Zedd again.

Louse sat with the princess, flirting up a storm with her. Luka smiled. She and Marvin had once tried to harbor a romantic relationship, but the one night they went out to dinner with such intents, it turned into a night of sparring, watching bad movies, and each trying to compete with the other to see how many phone numbers they could get. Although that in and of itself wasn’t evidence of no romance between them, their hearts were the biggest factor. They honestly felt no romance one for the other, and it did not bother either of them one bit. They did, however, harbor grand feelings of love one for the other. They had been friends since their first day at The Academy. They were like brother and sister.

Doc walked into the room, interrupting Louse’s exaggerated story of how he single handedly at the age of ten, battled a warrior he said came from another dimension. He always told people he had made the warrior run home to his proper dimension crying. No one believed him, and Miha was no exception. She did find the attempts cute, though, and had been humoring him with questions about the exploit. At her home, her father was very overprotective. This was the first man outside of the ever-serious Joe she had a conversation with, and she had wanted to take advantage of every second of it. That was... until Doc interrupted.

“What are all of your thoughts on the recent events within The Alliance?” He asked.

Normally, Louse would’ve kicked his chair and told him to leave, but he decided to take the opportunity to show Miha he understood politics. He turned to her, smiling, ignoring Doc, but answered Doc’s question.

“I say... just look at the writing on the walls.”

Miha scrunched her forehead. “What do you mean by that?”

He kicked his chair back, placing his feet on the table and resting his arms behind his head. “What I mean is... The Alliance ain’t gonna last much longer.”

Hearing this, both Joe and Luka approached the table. Luka looked at her friend and asked, “What do you mean by that?” This was the first she had ever heard Louse speak this way.

He shrugged, almost losing his balance. Recovering, flashing a smile to Miha, he said, “Well... Triforia has been banned. Edenoi is in the process of being banned. Many Morphing Masters have fallen in a very short time frame... You know? The signs. Every empire eventually falls. Someone very smart is orchestrating a big coup... and The Alliance is the target. It’s only a matter of time before POOF!... The Alliance falls.”

Joe laughed. “And I guess pawns like you three will be out of a job.”

Marvelous jumped out of his chair, smiling. “Not out of a job as much as... free!”

Doc cocked his head to the side. “What do you mean... ‘free’?” He said, wide eyed with curiosity.

“Free! You know, recently I have been wondering... what would it be like to be on my own? What would I do...?” He paced back and forth, looking at the ground as he spoke. He then stopped and walked to one of the ship’s windows.

“I want to be an explorer! I want to travel the universe! See what it has to offer!”

Miha ran up to him and placed her hands on his shoulder. “That sounds exciting! I would love to do something like that, myself!”

“Then it’s settled!” Louse said, turning around with a marvelous gesture.

“What’s settled?” Luka asked, amazed to see such bravado at a time of darkness with The Alliance.

“This!” Louse said, pointing at each person around the table. “This! Of course, Miha will need her bodyguard, so you come along, too, Joe! We need more than one tough soldier within our ranks!” He said patting Joe on the shoulder. Before Joe could refuse, Louse turned around and continued speaking.

“The five of us will travel the universe together once The Alliance falls! Seeing that for such a thing to happen, chaos will ensue, we will need to fend for ourselves.”

Miha’s eyes sparkled with wonder. “You mean, like pirates?”

“No, not like... yes! Yes! Exactly! We will be pirates! We will pillage and plunder! With no more laws in place, we won’t be in the wrong! It’ll be survival of the fittest!” Louse announced with happiness in his voice. Luka hadn’t seen him this animated in many years.

She smiled. “Oh, yes, Marvin... that sounds great! Let me know when it happens, okay? Until then... we have a mission.” She winked at her friend and left the room.

“So... your name is Marvin?” Miha said, giggling at his name. She thought it amusing because it didn’t sound very tough compared to the stories she had been hearing about him.

“Uh... well... You can just call me Captain!” He said, trying to recover his posture.

Joe smirked and walked back to his corner, toweling the sweat off his chest.

Doc stood and walked to the window Louse had just been at. “Me? A pirate? Oh, now, that would be the day.”

He continued looking out the window, daydreaming about what it would be like to sail the seas of the space with his friends.
. . .

"Stand with me now, fellow Edenites! We are being treated unfairly and we will not go down without a fight!" Trakeena yelled as she stood at the front of the Edenite cadets of The Alliance. Commander Risp had been given the assignment to head the battalion to gather all Edenites on campus together for questioning. She was to ensure their safe transport to The Alliance's holding facilities. She had asked Lieutenant Talp to help her with the task.

The two stood at the front of The Alliance troop selected to ensure this went as smoothly as possible. Risp was the one to speak.

"Cadet Trakeena... stand down now! This is just a routine questioning. You must understand we are only trying to ensure the safety of all of those within the jurisdiction of The Alliance! Stand down!"

Trakeena laughed. "I think the term you are looking for is 'interrogation'. This. Is. Wrong. We have done nothing wrong!"

As Risp was to reply, her emergency communicator began ringing. She instructed Talp to continue negotiations as she went to take the call.

He smirked at Trakeena, followed by a forced laugh. "So... This day is probably not going like you planned, huh?" He forced a cheesy smile, as if it could defuse the situation.

Trakeena widened her eyes and sneered, as if to say, "No duh".

Risp returned. She walked to Talp and began whispering in his ear. "A large fleet of Triforian ships have broken through Alliance barriers. They are being led by The Gold Ranger. Sentinel Knight wants both you and me to get to the holding facility as soon as possible."

Talp's eyes widened. "What about these cadets?" He whispered back.

"We are to leave this troop to handle it themselves. Don't worry, these are some of my best soldiers. I trust them. They'll be fine." Risp answered.

She ran to one of her higher ranking soldiers and told her that she and Talp were leaving. Trakeena stood, curious to know what was happening. Suddenly, as Risp sent a message to Sentinel Knight saying everything was arranged, the two soldiers were teleported to the holding facility.

Trakeena laughed. "It looks like your leaders were the smart ones! Follow suit or face the consequences."

On their new leader's signal, the troops drew their blasters. As they did, someone else teleported onto the scene. He wore Alliance armor. His visor was on so no one could see his face.

Recognizing the armor, the soldiers put their blaster back down.

"...Daddy?" Trakeena asked.

Scorpius turned and nodded. "It is me, Darling. Don't worry: I will take care of this..."

Trakeena was so filled with joy to see her father arrive to save her, she did not notice how different his voice had become. She turned to the other cadets and assured them everything was going to be alright. When she turned back around, she saw her father's armor glowing, ready to attack.

"Huh?" Trakeena wondered out loud.

"Don't worry, Trakeena." Scorpius cautioned. Trakeena then watched in horror as her father descended upon the soldiers of The Alliance.
. . .

Gosei looked at his wrist tech again, looking at all of the assignments Sentinel Knight had sent out. He and Dulcea were to locate Master Vile. Vile had not been heard from recently, and Sentinel feared he may be prepping for a large attack at a time which would not be optimal for The Alliance. They were to try and ensure such an attack did not occur.

Sentinel himself would go with Master Delphine to search for Lord Zedd, for the same reason Dulcea and Gosei were to look for Vile. Sentinel did not want to put himself into play, because he knew this would risk The Corona Aurora. The numbers of Morphing Masters, however, were too low to allow for such a luxury.

Ivicar and Michael were to stay behind and look over security for the main campus. After Kamen escaped from their holding facility with Triforia's help the day before, followed by another attack on some Alliance soldiers trying to round up Edenite cadets, Sentinel Knight did not want to leave anything to chance. His right hand man would protect their homebase himself.

Due to their open attack, The Alliance was on a full-scale war with both Edenoi and Triforia. King Estro, Master Gerlit, and Master Magnus were assigned to head the battle against Triforia, while Master Zordon and Master Orion pursued Kamen to Edenoi with a chunk of The Alliance military themselves.

Gosei shook his head. In such a short time, everything seemed to be falling apart. It left the Morphing Master with a feeling of unease.

"Ready to go?" Dulcea asked.

Gosei nodded. The pilot started their warship. Gosei then took a seat next to Dulcea. He turned to her and said, "I fear this battle may not go the way we hope."

Dulcea nodded. "May the Power protect us all..."
. . .

Zordon was surprised there were no defenses in orbit around Edenoi. We have to be ready for the worse... He thought as he looked around. He was riding in Lightning Cruiser. Saba sat next to him. Zordon could see Saba continually retract his claws in and out of his paw. He was nervous as well.

They landed on Edenoi. Orion and Burai landed beside him in Storm Blaster. Next to them, a War Star ship landed as well. It carried over one hundred soldiers. They were ready for battle.

Suddenly, several hundred Edenites piled out from the caves around Zordon and those with him. During Tria's invasion, Kamen had stolen some teleportation equipment. He used it just then to teleport himself and his fighters to where The Alliance fighters had landed.

"Just give up now and no one will get hurt." Orion offered.

Kamen shook his head. He looked at the tech on his belt. He and many scientists worked all night on it. He looked back up at his former teammates.

"For one decade, I served The Alliance. All I got for it was imprisonment and the threat of execution, without so much as a trial. I deserve better than this. The universe deserves better.

"The Alliance has grown corrupt. Please, Orion... join me. We can help fix everything."

Orion shook his head. "I'm not a traitor, Kamen. I I have a testimony of the good The Alliance has done for the universe. I will fight for it with all my might, even if it means fighting to my dying breath."

"So be it..." Kamen said, not surprised, but disappointed nonetheless. He rubbed his hands over the tech on his belt without breaking eye contact with Orion.

"Saba Saber: Activate!" Zordon yelled, summoning his red battle saber.

"Dragon Dagger!" Burai cried out, unsheathing his blade. He pressed it to his lips and played a fanfare. "Dragon Shield: Activate!" The golden shield appeared on Burai's person, glowing with a green sheen upon its arrival from The Morphing Grid.

"Power of Light: Activate." Orion said calmly, also disappointed with the outcome.

Kamen, still staring at Orion, focused on his connection to The Morphing Grid. He channeled The Morphing Energy into the power regulator he had on his belt. He pulled out a card and inserted it into the buckle.

"Ecto-Phase: Activate!" He yelled. Power surrounded him. It manifested itself into a primary suit. The final details landed on the suit, making itself a reality from its digital form. These final details powered the suit with Morphing Energy.

"For the continued peace of the universe! I fight to honor the ten years I served as a Morphing Master... Kamen Rider: Decade!"
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Surprised you what with Decade and not Black, But over all a great chapter. Keep it up.
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Wow.. I was gone a few days and I come back to read three great chapters. It is great seeing the Gokaiger crew coming together. You are giving the origins of the whole Power Rangers universe, and the Super Sentai and Kamen Rider elements being drawn in are wonderful. I'm looking forward to learning more about the real force controlling Vile, Dregon, Divatox, and the others. Please do keep them coming.
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OMG! So sorry I've been absent lately but I wasn't alerted for some reason. Excellent work!
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@Ayame: I went with Decade for a few reasons. I'm glad you liked the chapter!

@commander17: My favorite part so far was Captain Louse talking to the other four on the ship. It was very fun to write! I am very happy to know you had a good time with last week's chapters!

The Queen is going to slowly be making her presence more prominent as the story unfolds...

@WhiteGenesis: Yeah, the same thing happened to me with RangerSeth's comment. I am happy that you came back with some chapters to keep you busy!

Chapter Twenty-Four: Inner Corruption should be up sometime today!
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Cool! Will Dark Specter show up eventually?
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@White Genesis: Yes. ^_^
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Chapter Twenty-Four: Inner Corruption

"Dimension Slash!"

Kamen's power was unbelievable. If one had arrived on the scene at just that moment, they would have beheld one warrior, encircled with his foes. At times, he was able to feel chronium particles flow through him from The Morphing Grid, allowing him bursts of time defying movements.

Rahp charged at the former Morphing Master, jumping over a wounded Zordon, who was being pulled to the side by the medic Priscilla. With ease, Kamen as Decade parried the attacks. He then with an open palm hit Rahp in the chest, sending him flying.

Risp now had a clear shot. She fired. The bullet flew down from the sniper's nest she had secured for herself during the fighting. As it approached its target, Decade spun around and lifted up his blade. Defying physics, he used The Morphing Grid to halt the bullet with his blade, but to keep the bullet in motion. He flung the bullet away, hitting an oncoming Orion in the leg.

Decade was very meticulous about this battle: he did not want to injure anyone. He knew they were doing what they were ordered to do. He knew they believed they were upholding the structure of the civilized universe. Decade knew better.

As his blade met Lieutenant Talp's, he thought about how he had been unfairly treated. How someone within The Alliance was manipulating everyone.

Decade felt soldiers approaching from behind. He sighed in his helmet.

I guess isolating fighters can only work for so long... He thought.

Although he had battled many soldiers at once when the battle had begun, to ensure he didn't make a mistake and hit someone too hard, and to create an environment where friendly fire did not occur, Decade had been attempting to isolate the better fighters and defeat them individually. His plan was to later take on the weaker fighters in packs.

Once the encroaching combatants had gotten close enough, Decade grabbed Reon Talp's wrist. Decade's grip had his fingers pointing laterally, with the back of his hand pointing towards his body. This ensured the most obvious way for Reon to force Decade to let go would be for Reon to swing his arm away from his body, breaking Decade's hold via Decade's thumb.

Perfect! Decade thought as he watched Reon's left arm abduct from his body. Instantly, Decade lunged at Reon's left ankle. He leaned his shoulder into Reon, forcing Reon to shift his weight to his right leg to not fall over. As Reon did as Decade had predicted, Decade snatched up Reon's left ankle, since there was no longer any weight on it.

"Wha...? Huh? What just happened!?" Reon yelled, frustrated. The other three soldiers paused as they approached the scene.

Decade, using the massive strength granted to him from The Morphing Grid, being regulated through his Decade Morpher, swung Reon into the soldiers. He dusted his hands as he watched the lieutenant fly into The Alliance cadets.

"Whoa! Watch out!" He yelled too late. He crashed into the soldiers.

Decade turned around at that point. He saw something which touched him deeply: his fellow Edenites were being corralled into a War Star ship. During the fighting, Burai had taken the opportunity to take as many Edenites as he could as prisoners.

Burai leapt forward and landed twenty feet from Decade.

"Let my people go!" Decade demanded.

Sun beat down on them. The light reflected off Burai's Dragon Shield. He lifted up his Dragon Dagger.

"I am sorry, Master Kamen. I cannot do that... Surrender now and I can ensure everything will go smoothly for you and your people." Burai said, confidence oozing from his speech.

Kamen smiled under his helmet. He knew Burai was a gifted fighter and a great leader. He and a few others had been planning on recommending him to become a Morphing Master after Master App's demise during the war on Decrof. Ivicar nominating Zordon threw a wrench into those plans.

"Burai... you are a good man... Please don't let it come to this..." Decade begged.

Burai dug his toe into the dirt and ran forward. Decade stood, his sword in hand. As Burai approached Decade, though, the ground around them blew up in a confetti of movement. They both found themselves floating through the air.

Count Dregon looked down from his ship. He turned to his right hand man.

"Cyclopter: send down the troops."

Dregon smiled. The plan was working. The Queen had told him to sit and wait. He had doubted her at first, but decided to play along since her meticulous plans had turned out well up to that point. Now, he looked down at the Edenite army, basically gift wrapped for him. His revenge was going to be complete.

He looked down at Decade. "So... Lexian has a new weapon... I think those powers will suit me well..." He turned from the computer panel and marched back to his place in the center of the command room.

Back on the surface, Filcar picked Rahp up. "Wake up, buddy. We gotta get out of here."

Further down the field, medics pushed Zordon and Orion into the ship. In the ship, Cestria began her attempts at removing the bullet in Orion's leg.

"I need to get my vehicles..." Zordon said as he tried to lift himself up. Tideus rushed and asked him to lay back down.

"Your pet, Saba, has Lightning Cruiser. Burai is following him with Storm Blaster." Tideus said.

Zordon grunted. "He's not my pet... Orion? Why are we retreating? We need to defend Edenoi."

Orion shook his head. "No, we don't. They are no longer members of The Alliance. They fend for themselves now."

Zordon nodded. It made sense to him.

No reason to waste our resources... Zordon thought to himself.

Back on Edenoi, Decade looked back to those soldiers he still had.

"We must return to protect King Lexian. Everyone come close. Prepare for teleportation."

Some soldiers began to demand they stay and fight.

Decade shook his head. "We will be destroyed if we try to take on all of Dregon's forces. We must protect the king." And with that, they teleported to Lexian's hideout.
. . .

"Well, it's been fun, Princess, but here is your stop." Louse said as the planet Rashon came into view. He had been having fun with her, and hoped this wouldn't be their only encounter.

"So... how does when get a message out here to Rashon...?" Louse said, trying to sound as romantic as possible.

"Well..." Miha began.

"No one's going home today. Look!" Luka yelled from the pilot pit.

Everyone ran toward her to see what she meant. Looking at the monitor's up close view of Rashon, one could see a squadron of ships in orbit. In the midst of the small cloud of ships was what appeared to be a floating skull.

"Vile..." Joe grunted.

Doc nervously tried smoothing out the wrinkles on his green lab coat. "ls there no way around them?"

Luka rolled her eyes. "Of course there is. Why would I want to get around them, though? If If the planet is to be invaded, there's no point in leaving them on a doomed planet..."

Before she could stop herself, the words rolled off her tongue. Tears filled Miha's eyes. Louse saw this and stepped forward.

"Then we fight them. Here and now."

Joe laughed. "Stop trying to impress the princess and start being logical. There's no way we can go up against Vile's armada with only one ship."

Miha swallowed her tears and started speaking at that. "We must escape. Rashon needs at least one member of the royal family free."

"Well, then, we'd better start running now. We've been spotted!"

As Luka turned her ship around, the commander of the ship that had spotted them smiled.

"What are your orders, Commander Novact?" The head pilot of the ship, The Dark Wave, asked.

"Hunt them down. We need to make sure they don't tell anyone about this."

"Sir, my sensors detect they are already signaling for help." The ship's communications expert relayed to Novact.

With a deep laugh, Novact replied, "No one will hear them. The Alliance's communications belong to us now. We've made sure of that."

The pilot nodded and they set their course to Luka's ship.

"It looks like they are following us!" Doc said, still running his hands over his lab coat absent mindedly.

"Let's head to M51, then. It's decently close to here and they wouldn't think to look for us in a system in which The Alliance has already been defeated." Luka said as she entered the coordinates.

"So... The Alliance is going to fall, huh?" Joe said privately to Louse as he sat next to The Alliance captain.

Louse nodded. "Like I said: the writing's on the wall. It's only matter of time..."

Joe stood back up and started walking away. Before he left the room, he turned back to Louse with a smile on his face.

"What're you smiling about?" Louse asked.

"Seeing as we're all gonna become pirates, what color bandana should I invest in?"

Louse returned the smile. "Blue. You definitely strike me as a 'blue'."
. . .

Scorpius, still in his battle armor, sneered under his helmet at the scene before him. From The Scorpion Stinger he could see Count Dregon's ships fly down to Edenoi. He could also see a War Star Armada ship fly away from Edenoi, with two other small vehicles flying next to it.

He turned to his daughter, Trakeena. She looked away from him, still unable to face him after he so brutally destroyed the troops who were attempting to arrest her and many other Edenite cadets. He had tried to convince her The Alliance had betrayed Edenoi, and he was defending her and all all of Edenoi. She hadn't been convinced.

With his new, deep voice, he placed a hand on Trakeena's shoulder. "Do you see, my daughter? Instead of running to help Edenoi, The Alliance flees. Would those who have our best interests at heart do such a thing?"

Trakeena peered out the ship's window. She couldn't believe what she was seeing. She ran to the ship's monitors and zoomed in on the ship. She wanted to see if it was a fake. To her surprise, she saw a member of The Top, Burai, riding in Storm Blaster. Sad, she turned to her father, crying.

"Why would they do this to us!?" She sobbed as she buried her head into the cold metal where her father's chest should've been. She wished she could feel some warmth, or her father's heart, for comfort, but that wasn't possible.

"it's like I told you, Trakeena," Scorpius said. "In this life, we must blaze our own trails. We cannot rely upon anyone else. By your own might and by your own grit do you accomplish anything. If we rely upon the organization of The Alliance, you put yourself in a position to be stabbed in the back.

"If you become a law unto yourself, though, you know you can always rely upon your own flesh to keep you going. You will never betray yourself. Then, it is up to you and you alone to accomplish greatness..." Scorpius finished, pleased with how he manipulated and twisted the situation to fit into his grand scheme.

"Okay... but we must help our fellow Edenites! Even though we may be... 'blazing our own trails', what of our people!?" She demanded.

"The best we can do for them is to become the best we can be. With enough power, we can lay claim to the entire universe! We can ensure everything is right, according to our own inclinations!"

"But where can we get such power?" Trakeena asked.

Scorpius turned to one of the brain dead henchmen Finster had created. "You! Set a course for Earth's moon! We have a crystal to get..."
. . .

"Wa-watsah!" The Gold Ranger shouted as she jumped into the air. She spun around, kicking many Alliance members away from her. She landed, looking at the swarm of troops making their way toward her. She shook her head and sighed. The Alliance troops had landed on one of Triforia's moon and had attempted to infiltrate Triforia from there.

Magnus, in his Defender Armor, slashed his way forward. He did not care if he took the life of any of the Triforian fighters. To him, they were traitors. In his mind, he believed Kamen and those from Edenoi were innocent and that Tria and all from Triforia had framed his good friend. He was determined to get the truth and exonerate his friend.

"Tria! Prepare to meet my blade!" The Defender lunged at her. The Magna Blaster, in its sword mode, clinked as it hit The Power Staff.

The Gold Ranger, Tria, attempted to sweep The Defender's feet. The Defender jumped, causing The Gold Ranger to spin and follow with a jump of her own. In midair, she kicked The Defender in the chest. He landed with a thud, his weapon skidding away from him.

The Gold Ranger landed on her feet, pointing the tip of The Power Staff at The Defender. After a moment, she pulled her weapon away.

"Power down!" She said. Tria looked down at The Defender. Magnus pulled off his helmet and stared at Tria.

"Stop gloating and finish me!" He demanded.

Tria looked out across the battlefield. The bodies of good Triforian men and women were scattered around, lifeless. Tria of Courage counseled to stand up for Triforia and to destroy Magnus. Tria of Heart and Tria of Wisdom, however, advised against it. They reminded her of compassion and empathy. They were just doing what they thought was right. All of them were pawns in a deadly game of chess, whose orchestrators were yet unknown to them.

"No." Tria said, shaking her head. "I cannot do such a foul thing to someone I call my ally. I'm not goin' to allow more fightin'." She reached her arm down to help Magnus up.

"Ahh!" She yelled as she was hit in the shoulder. She staggered back and looked down at the scorch mark where the blaster's beam had grazed her.

King Estro ran toward Magnus. "Are you okay, Magnus?"

"Yes, I'm fine. Tria," Magnus said, turning his attention to the former Morphing Master, heart softened a bit by her compassion. "If you come in now, our troops will leave. You can present yourself to a tribunal and have a fair trial. Tria... will you come with us?"

Tria, hiding a smile of relief, nodded. "Yes. Anything to end this."

Estro nodded. "How benevolent of you, Master Magnus. I will go and get her."

Magnus nodded as he leaned on the hilt of his sword that he had grabbed, blade digging into the dirt. Estro walked toward his former council member.

As Estro walked forward, he ever so slightly reached into his robe's front pocket. After feeling around for a moment, he found what he was looking for. Right as he got to Tria, he smiled. He then dropped the implosion device at her feet.

"It's a trap, Magnus! Get down!" Estro yelled as he dived back toward Magnus, pulling him down to the floor.

Tria's eyes became as large as saucers. The device went off as she leapt into the air, yelling: "It's morphin' time!"

Through the flames, The Gold Ranger walked out.

Magnus looked up, fury in his eyes. "You double crossing disgrace. I'm going to finish you this time!" He staggered and fell as he tried to attack. Several medics rushed to him and started pulling him away.

The Gold Ranger could see troops running back to their ships from both sides of the battle, scurrying for their lives. Tria shook her head in disappointment.

As she continued her search, her eyes found King Estro standing amidst the flames about twenty yards from her. Although his form was disfigured in her line of sight due to the flames, she could make out what he was doing. He was waving at her, a big smile on his face. Before he turned away, he blew her a kiss and gave her a mocking bow.

As he walked back to his ship, he pulled out a communicator. He spoke into it.

"Maligore: tell The Queen it is done. Everything is going according to plan." Estro smiled as he entered the ship to return to The Morphing Masters' headquarters.

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Another Amazing chapter. Had a feeling one of the masters was bad, but didn't think it was who it turned out to be. Hoping Magnus or one of the others find out the truth and kick Estro's ass.

Great work ShinySephiroth, keep up the great work, can't wait for the next one.
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Chapter Twenty-Five: The Siege

Michael looked at the orb in the main command room for The Morphing Masters. The blue lights crossed inside, washing him in a blue glow. He concentrated on it. Since he was young, he had dreamed of serving The Alliance. He remembered looking at the orb, which served as the symbol of The Morphing Masters, and thinking of when he would have the honor of serving under it. Never did he imagine he would be one of The Alliance's leading officers.

A citizen of KO-35, Michael was a human. He was an oddity among the higher ranking Alliance members. To be able to get enough recognition and their foot in the door with the right people to be noticed enough for opportunities to climb "the ladder to success" career-wise, living for multiple centuries was extremely important. Michael was able to grab enough attention in The Academy by being himself. In other words, Michael was noticed because he was a prodigy.

When Michael entered The Academy on a scholarship, no one was surprised. He was the best fighter in The Karovan System, going undefeated since he had been 15 years old. His ability to feel The Morphing Grid rivaled that of the most seasoned Academy cadets training to be Alliance soldiers.

That in and of itself was not the sole reason Michael received his scholarship: he was a genius physicist. Teaching himself the principles of how the universe interacted around him, he came up with the idea that The Morphing Grid existed before anyone had mentioned it to him. That had been at the age of five. One difficulty he had in school was learning how to translate his ideas into the terminology used by the scholars. Once he learned to read, and he discovered researchers such as Burai, Orion, and Zordon discussing ideas he had expounded upon in his room while playing with his action figures, he began writing his hypotheses. They eventually found their way to The Morphing Masters, and the dominos began to fall, leading to his inclusion at The Academy. After a short seven years, he was inducted as a Morphing Master. He was by far the youngest Master, being thirty-seven years old.

"How are the sector readings?" Master Ivicar asked, snapping Michael out of the trance he was in while staring at the orb.

"Uh... fine, fine... Sir?" Michael asked.

"Yes, Michael?"

"Things are not looking good for The Alliance, are they?"

Ivicar pursed his lips and looked down. "No... it doesn't seem like it is."

"Are you worried?"

Ivicar then looked up and smiled his warm smile. "Of course not! As long as we have Sentinel Knight leading us, The Alliance will stay strong! That I am sure of!"

Michael nodded and turned back to his monitor. As he did, he noticed something ping in the corner of his scanner.

"Michael... I thought you said everything in the sector was clear..." Ivicar said, concern showing on his face.

"It... it was clear... That only just appeared..."

Ivicar furrowed his brow. "That's not possible. It couldn't 'just appear' where it did. With how close it is to our base, it would've shown up at least thirty minutes ago on the radar screen."

Michael did a quick calculation in his head. He's right... Michael thought. He knew he'd only been absorbed in his thoughts for less than three minutes, so the discrepancy in the current situation and what he knew washed over him. His stomach was in knots.

Master Ivicar placed a hand on Michael's shoulder. "Michael, please open a visual on the object."

Michael did as he was asked. What popped up on the monitor twisted Michael's gut further: a war ship from KO-35.

Ivicar slowly backed away from Michael. "Oh, Michael... Please, no... you're a mole in The Alliance?" Ivicar shook his head. "How long have you been working with Tria and Kamen? Are there others like you?"

Michael jumped out of his seat, prompting Ivicar to get into a fighting stance. Michael lifted up his hands. "No... no, this is wrong. That ship wasn't there before... I... I am no traitor! That's ridiculous!"

"What's ridiculous is you still trying to hide it. Michael, you are under arrest on suspicions of treason. Come with me now and no harm will come upon you."

Desperate, Michael did a quick calculation in his head, followed by him kicking a chair at Ivicar. The chair flew shy of Ivicar's face, just as Michael predicted. As Ivicar ducked out of the way, thinking the chair was on a trajectory with his face, Michael ran to the opposite side of the room. He kicked in a grate and slid into the ventilation shaft.

Unable to support his weight, he instantly fell into the room below the command room. As he ran, he brought his wrist tech to his face. He then yelled out a command he had personally programmed into the device.

"Galaxy Glider: Hang Ten!” As he said this, the long board he had created, The Galaxy Glider, which had been sitting in his room, teleported from where it rested into the area behind him, before it started zooming forward. He jumped into the air and curled into a ball, spinning as he did. As he untucked from that position, he landed on his feet upon the board. The engine thrusters activated and sent him speeding away.

Master Ivicar, back in the command room, started sending messages from his own wrist tech, demanding all Alliance troops available to capture Michael before he escaped. Ivicar did not want to let him get away.

As Ivicar sent out the messages, another occurrence made itself known. The lone war ship from KO-35 started shooting at the base. War Star Armada ships began filing out of the base, ready to intercept it. This, coincidentally, gave Michael the distraction he needed to get to his personal ship. He used it as a floating space station when on assignment from the council. He, Burai, and Zordon had created it a mere five years earlier.

Michael spoke into his customized wrist tech, speaking to the Artificial Intelligence on the ship. “DECA: get the engine running! We gotta get out of here ASAP!”

“All systems online. To where are we going?” DECA asked.

“Home. We need to get home. We need to prepare ourselves... we just hit crisis mode...” Michael said, desperation settling in on him. He knew that soon The Alliance was going to send troops to KO-35, just as they had done with Edenoi and Triforia. He needed to prepare for the encounter. The Galaxy Glider teleported Michael onto The Astro Megaship before leaving the docking bay.
. . .

Finster looked at his handy work. He was very impressed with the makeshift vascular system he had put in place on his newest specimen. The specimen, Lord Zedd, looked down at his body as he awoke. He had been in a state of hibernation since Finster had brought him aboard The Scorpion Stinger, to ensure he did not use the remaining bit of his energy.

Using the serum he had made to fuel Scorpius' cocoon, Finster placed tubes in Lord Zedd’s body, to act as though they were veins, arteries, capillaries, and the like. He then took advantage of Zedd’s need to hibernate to fuel him with the serum he needed.

“You should be as good as new!” Finster said happily as he rearranged the bottles on his table.

The Dark Lord felt as powerful as he was when he first inhabited Commander Zedd's body. He appreciated the little canine’s help.

“Ah, yes... I feel the power coursing through me.” Zedd lifted himself off the metal slab he had been laying upon. “Why did you help me, little thing?

Finster laughed. “Why wouldn’t I? You are a tremendously powerful being. What a shame it would be to the universe to have you expire before you could make a lasting impression!”

Lord Zedd nodded. “You are wise, young pup. Wise... Now, where am I?”

“You are on The Scorpion Stinger. I believe it would be best if you stayed here in my laboratory for now. You mustn’t have a run in with the commander of this ship, Scorpius. No, not yet at least!”

“Why shouldn’t I? I am the mighty Lord Zedd! I can take on anyone!” He said, lifting his hands in the air. His body shuddered with excitement while the new power flowed through him.

“Well, Scorpius is currently being fueled with the same kind of power that you are, Lord Zedd. I think you must make a plan of attack to fight someone as powerful as yourself.”

Finster did not know Lord Zedd was also being fueled with Silver Zeo Power. Zedd subconsciously touched the crown on the grill where his skull had once been. The Zeo Subcrystal had made its home in the “Z” perched on his head.

“Well... I assure you I am more powerful than him. I have the power of The Zeo Crystal!” He said, gloating to the man who had saved him. He did not fear telling Finster such information: Finster had already proven himself loyal to Zedd.

“Ah, yes! The Zeo Crystal! How interesting you mention it. That is our current destination!”

“What!? What do you mean!?”

“Scorpius is currently en route to attack the palace on Earth's moon in an effort to take The Zeo Crystal for himself!”

Zedd turned away, moving the digits of his hand in front of his face as he thought. Not if I get to the crystal first... The Dark Lord thought.

<Ha! That worked out well the last time, didn’t it, oh Dark One?> Commander Zedd said to the being controlling his body.

For the first time, The Dark Lord replied to Commander Zedd. <I will just have to find some innocent sap to get the crystal for me, now won’t I?>

Zedd sat back down, thinking of a way to get past the shield protecting The Zeo Crystal.
. . .

Dulcea and Gosei landed in the area they spotted the exogenous energy source had spiked on Earth. They made sure they teleported a safe distance away to be able to assess the situation before they continued. As they approached a clearing, they hid behind some brush.

“Now, is that everything you can do for my dad?” Rito asked, on assignment from Master Vile.

Gosei and Dulcea spied him speaking to two vampire-like creatures. The male spoke first.

“Yes, that is all I can offer for now. I do hope this will do.”

The female then spoke. “And this will give our people protection, correct? Master Vile will assimilate us into his empire?”

“Yeah, yeah, Necrolai. Don’t you worry! My dad’s a man of his word!”

Necrolai turned to the male vampire. “Okay, then. I need you to return to The Magic Realm and report back, understood, Baboo?”

Baboo nodded. “Will do!” And with that, he teleported away.

Rito laughed again. “Thank you very much! Really, this spell should do the trick to help us get to The Zeo Crystal.”

Dulcea’s eyes grew large. She turned to Gosei. He put a finger to his lips indicating for her to stay quiet. He felt there would be more they could learn before they made their move.

Necrolai looked around. “Wait... do you smell something?”

Rito smelled his armpits. “Yeah, that’s me. Intoxicating, isn’t it?” He said as he leaned in for a kiss.

slapped him and pushed him away. “Not you, you dolt! I mean... something else... There are others here! I must go!” Copying Baboo, she too returned to her dimension upon Earth.

“Wait! You didn’t finish giving me the spell! Argh! Okay, who ruined my deal!? Come out now!”

Dulcea and Gosei decided to make themselves known at his provocation. They stepped out of the brush, ready to fight.

“Uh-oh... Uh... Sis! Take care of these guys!” He yelled as he teleported away in a blue flame. Where he stood, a circular symbol of magic appeared. Blue light shimmered as Rita Repulsa made herself manifest.

Dulcea tensed. She knew how good of a fighter Margaret had been. She feared to have to fight her now. Dulcea knew that now that Rita wasn’t pretending to be good, she wouldn’t hold back. Dulcea knew she must do the same.

“Hmm... Morphing Masters... Well, why don’t I spice things up a bit!? ATTACK!” Rita yelled, her young voice already started to crack from her constant yelling.

In an orange flame which suddenly appeared in front of Rita, three figures appeared. One was a female. She wore her black hair in a ponytail. A curved sword was seen in her hand. The other two seemed to be ape-like in origin, though they both wore different attire. The one Dulcea and Gosei did not recognize wore gold armor. His face had blue skin and two red, beady eyes. He had wings with black feathers. He held a long sword in one of his hands.

The third figure did not wore armor, but only a headdress and a loin cloth. He held a long staff. The Morphing Masters knew exactly who he was.

"King Sphinx!?" Gosei said, shocked.

"How could you!? Why would you betray The Alliance!?" Dulcea demanded.

Sphinx laughed. "It's simple politics. The reign of The Morphing Masters is at an end. The new Alliance Vile is creating will be the new universal power. I might as well invest early to ensure my people have power when the hierarchy is reorganized. Understood?"

Dulcea shook her head in disgust. Gosei's eyes started glowing white, charging for an attack.

Rita laughed. "So, I see you are familiar with my associate King Sphinx. I would like to introduce you to my two other prize fighters: first, the king's brother and bodyguard, the great Goldar!

"Next, the beautiful and deadly warrior from right here on your precious Earth: the ninja Scorpina!"

The three deadly fighters assumed their fighting stances. After a moment of staring each other down, Goldar and Sphinx charged at Gosei and Dulcea. Standing back, Scorpina focused.

For my mentor, Dai Shi! She thought as she finished tapping The Morphing Grid.

"Jungle Beast: Spirit Unleashed!" She yelled. Her spirit animal soared out her, fusing with The Morphing Grid and becoming an armor of gold around her. She smirked and charged to join her new allies.

Dulcea blocked both Goldar and Scorpina's blows with her staffs. She swept Goldar's sword away and kicked him, turning to advance upon Scorpina. As Goldar scrambled for his sword, Scorpina and Dulcea parried each other's attacks.

Meanwhile, Sphinx shot beams of energy at Gosei. Causing the ground around him to rise up, Gosei created an earthen barrier around himself. He then concentrated and split the barrier into pieces, sending them hurtling toward Sphinx.

Sphinx laughed as he saw the attack. Flapping his wings, he sent the ground bullets back at Gosei with a greater acceleration than than Gosei had originally sent them. They collided with Gosei, sending him flying to the ground. Blood dripped down his face.

Dulcea rushed to Gosei to protect him from the three.

"Stop!" Rita said. "I want them to return to what is left of The Alliance and tell them what they have witnessed today. To let The Alliance know that the end... is here!" She cackled as Blue Magic floated around her.

The Blue Magic began to circle Scorpina, Sphinx, and Goldar. Rita smiled.

"Magical Source: Grooooow!" She commanded.

The Blue Magic surrounded the three of Rita's warriors as they skyrocketed up. Scorpina could feel the transformation occur around her, just as Rita and Dai Shi had promised her would happen upon growing. She felt a stinger grow from her spine and her features become more animal-like. She had become a hybrid with her animal spirit.

Dulcea could not believe her eyes. She couldn't fathom how much energy Rita needed to use to cause three beings to grow so large, let alone one.

Dulcea touched her wrist tech. "Teleport now!" Fleeing for her life, she held onto Gosei as she went back to her ship in orbit.

"Ah-hahaha! Great job, my fighters! Now, there is nothing worth getting on this planet, but on its moon..." Rita told the three giants.

They all nodded as Rita teleported the lot of them onto the moon to fetch The Zeo Crystal for her father.
. . .

Rahp focused as he flew through space. He Didn't know what would become of him, but that wasn't his main concern. All he knew was that he had to focus.

As he was on the ship leaving Edenoi after Dregon's ambush, he overheard radio signals saying Rita Repulsa and three giant monsters had appeared outside The Zeo Crystal's palace. The soldiers stationed there said they couldn't fight them off for very long because the lasers and bullets would only get them so far. Rahp instantly knew what he had to do. He left onto a cruiser to head to the moon and help defend the crystal. Filcar and several others had tried to convince him to return to base with them, but he refused.

I helped unearth that cursed object. Zedd lost his life trying to protect it... I can't sit by and let it go after all of this. I must do something, even if I have to give my life to protect the dumb thing! He thought.

As something rustled next to him, he pulled his blaster and pointed to the noise. Filcar moved up to the cockpit with his hands up.

"Whoa, watch it! I come in peace."

"Filcar!? What are you doing here!?"

Filcar smiled. "I helped dig that thing up, just like you and Zedd. I feel like I have a responsibility toward it, ya know?"

Smiling, he nodded and shook his fellow archaeologist's hand. As he did, he heard another noise. He turned quickly and pointed his blaster as Commander Risp made her presence known.

"Now what are you doing here?"

She laughed. "I am the high commander over you two. Don't you think it'd be irresponsible of me to let you two wander into battle alone?"

Rahp cocked an eyebrow and he and Filcar both laughed.

"Um... where is the medical bay here?" Priscilla asked, peaking around Risp.

Rahp gave Risp a look. She shrugged. "What? We need a medic, right? Plus, she's supposed to be one mean fighter."

"Anyone else I should know about?" Rahp asked.

Almost on cue, Lieutenant Reon Talp appeared behind Priscilla. He was holding a half eaten sandwich.

With food still in his mouth, he turned to Rahp. "Uh... do you have any condiments on this ship? I made a sandwich and I want to add something exciting to it."
. . .

Finally achieving his goal, Michael hacked back into The Alliance mainframe and accessed their communications. He wanted to see how long he had until The Alliance attacked KO-35.

What he heard gripped him with fear.

*This is Commander Rahp. Attention Alliance: the moon palace has been overtaken. I repeat, the moon palace has been captured.*

Michael switched off the console. Once again, he was receiving word of a victory from The Alliance's enemies. Up to that point, he had felt useless in the war.

I can't keep being a background player... He thought. He reached into his bag and pulled out his papers. He found the grid lined paper. He looked at the schematics found within. The modifications he had drawn up for his wrist tech. He did them more as a dream project, but the situation he currently faced called for making dreams a reality.

"DECA? I need you to start up on these schematics." He placed his wrist tech and the schematics on a console so DECA could read them.

"Yes, Master Michael. What are the schematics for?"

"A power morpher."
. . .

Scorpius looked upon the scene as he flew over the moon. Three giant monsters, shooting beams of energy at and stomping on Alliance soldiers. He watched as an Alliance cruiser landed and five figures ran out, blasting as they did. He shook his head.

"What is it, Father?" Trakeena asked.

"It looks as if someone beat us to The Zeo Crystal. Look, my darling. Not even I can battle against three giants. We must find another course of action."

"But what?" Trakeena asked.

"I'm not sure... but we will find it..."

"For Edenoi!" She exclaimed, thinking of her comrades.

"Yes, for Edenoi." Scorpius said to amuse his daughter. His quest for power wasn't ending there. He was going to keep hunting until he found the power he craved.

Unknown to Scorpius, Lord Zedd had snuck out of Finster's laboratory and was listening. He slipped back into another room and looked out the window at the scene Scorpius had described. Zedd placed a hand on the glass, his silver "nails" clinking against the glass. "I, too, cannot match such power... I must find more power..."

Making up his mind, Lord Zedd told Finster he was leaving, but would return soon. Focusing, Zedd teleported out of the ship to continue his search for power.

Meanwhile, on the moon, Rita cried out in victory. The Alliance soldiers ran to one side of the moon, away from Rita, to regroup and restrategize. Rita's three warriors shrunk down to normal size and surrounded her. Rita pointed to the moon palace.

"From here on out, these are our headquarters everyone! We will report back here! While you are out doing whatever my father bids, I will stay here and try to crack the spell over The Zeo Crystal." Rita said, laughing. She had succeeded in her plans: Rita had taken control of the palace on the moon.
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