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The Power Ranger Archives
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Posts: 7,500

The Power Ranger Archives

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Character Appendix

Origins Part One: The Reign of the Morphing Masters -
10000 BC

Read the following link for a grammar corrected version of Origins Part One: http://www.RangerBoard.com/showthread.php?t=174390

Chapter One: An Odd Resurgence
Chapter Two: The Guardian of Time
Chapter Three: The Academy
Chapter Four: Rise of a Tyrant
Chapter Five: The Resistance and the Crystal
Chapter Six: Face off for the Crystal
Chapter Seven: The Added Threat
Chapter Eight: The Power of Gold
Chapter Nine: The Master Born
Chapter Ten: The Intergalactic Conference
Chapter Eleven: Vigilante Defined
Chapter Twelve: The Lord Born
Chapter Thirteen: The Letter of the Law
Chapter Fourteen: Power- Reorganized
Chapter Fifteen: Hiders, Keepers
Chapter Sixteen: The Fight for Status
Chapter Seventeen: Trick or be Tricked
Chapter Eighteen: The Palace on the Moon
Chapter Nineteen: Inner Beauty Exposed
Chapter Twenty: The Battle for Home Base
Chapter Twenty-One: Guilty
Chapter Twenty-Two: Traitors
Chapter Twenty-Three: Whispered Conversations
Chapter Twenty-Four: Inner Corruption
Chapter Twenty-Five: The Siege
Chapter Twenty-Six: Time for the Big Guns
Chapter Twenty-Seven: The Fight for M51
Chapter Twenty-Eight: Checkmate
Chapter Twenty-Nine: Fate
Chapter Thirty: Time
April Fools Chapter: The Fool
END 5/29/14

Origins Part Two: The Order -
10000 BC

Promo for Origins Part Two

Chapter One: The Universe - Where Are They Now?
Chapter Two: Aquitar
Chapter Three: Earth - Magic Realm
Chapter Four: Earth - Animal Realm
Chapter Five: Mirinoi and Rashon - Under Fire
Chapter Six: Mirinoi and Rashon - Tragedy
Chapter Seven: Phaedos and Edenoi
Chapter Eight: Edenoi, Kadix, and the Power of Mecha
Chapter Nine: Liaria, Kadix, and the Order of Meledon
Chapter Ten: Liaria - Strange Tides
Chapter Eleven: Liaria and Magna
Chapter Twelve: Magna - Psychotic
Chapter Thirteen: Regda 2
Chapter Fourteen: Regda 2 and Corsair - Eternal Fate
Chapter Fifteen: Sorcery 7
Chapter Sixteen: Rashon, Aquitar, and Edenoi - Down for the Count
Chapter Seventeen: Earth, Edenoi, and Familiar Faces
Chapter Eighteen: Earth, Phaedos, and the Power of One
Chapter Nineteen: Onyx - Revelations of Gold
Chapter Twenty: Aquitar and Onyx - Power of Water, Power of Light: Powers Unite!
Chapter Twenty-One: Hercuron and Earth - Consequences
Chapter Twenty-Two: Earth, Rashon, Mirinoi, and the Ectomorphicons
Chapter Twenty-Three: Edenoi, Rashon, and Mirinoi - The Search is Over
Chapter Twenty-Four: Mirinoi and Earth - New Waves
Chapter Twenty-Five: Earth and the Monkey
Chapter Twenty-Six: Earth - Return of an Old Friend
Chapter Twenty-Seven: Space - New Alliances
Chapter Twenty-Eight: Triforia - Legacy
Chapter Twenty-Nine: The Universe - A New Beginning
Chapter Thirty: The Hall - Hindsight
END 8/8/14

*Note: When Reading, Due to the Frame Story, the Best Way to Start is with Part Zero: Chapter One, Then Alternating Chapters with Part Three

Origins Part Zero: Ancient Affliction -
165 Million BC

Promo for Origins Part Zero

Chapter One: Unlikely Heroes
Chapter Two: A Vexing Situation
Chapter Three: Familial Relations
Chapter Four: Alliances
Chapter Five: Power of a Universe
Chapter Six: Greed
Chapter Seven: East Wind
Chapter Eight: The Grids
Chapter Nine: Terror from Below
Chapter Ten: Power Solidifies
Chapter Eleven: The Great City
Chapter Twelve: Out of Control
Chapter Thirteen: The Crown of the Gods
Chapter Fourteen: Making Pacts
Chapter Fifteen: Gruumm Reaper
Chapter Sixteen: Code of Honor
Chapter Seventeen: Destinies Collide
Chapter Eighteen: A New Status Quo
Chapter Nineteen: The Great Battle of Swords
Chapter Twenty: Everything Falls Apart
Chapter Twenty-One: Banished
Chapter Twenty-Two: Future Vision for Preservation
Chapter Twenty-Three: Destiny
Chapter Twenty-Four: Out with the Old, In with the New
Chapter Twenty-Five: The Queen Rises
Chapter Twenty-Six: The Temple
Chapter Twenty-Seven: The Hunter
Chapter Twenty-Eight: Power Conflict
Chapter Twenty-Nine: Witness Protection Program
Chapter Thirty: New Perspectives
End 12/26/14

Origins Part Three: The United Alliance -
8000 BC

Promo for Origins Part Three

Chapter One: The War Rages On
Chapter Two: The Knight
Chapter Three: The Incident on Tarmac 3
Chapter Four: The Legend of Ninjor
Chapter Five: Wizard Rising
Chapter Six: Like Putty in Their Hands
Chapter Seven: Against All Odds
Chapter Eight: Three's a Crowd
Chapter Nine: Power in Numbers
Chapter Ten: Personality Split
Chapter Eleven: Wizard War
Chapter Twelve: Credit Where Credit is Due
Chapter Thirteen: Disorder Within the Ranks
Chapter Fourteen: The United Alliance Restored
Chapter Fifteen: Establishing Order
Chapter Sixteen: The Anarchists
Chapter Seventeen: Two Weeks' Notice
Chapter Eighteen: The Great Zord Battle - Cyclopsis vs. Dragonzord vs. Robo Knight
Chapter Nineteen: Imprisoned
Chapter Twenty: The Conditions of Banishment
Chapter Twenty-One: Year of the Dragon
Chapter Twenty-Two: The Search for Zordon
Chapter Twenty-Three: The Battle in the Grove
Chapter Twenty-Four: Memories
Chapter Twenty-Five: Like Whiteout
Chapter Twenty-Six: Books of Time
Chapter Twenty-Seven: Family Ties
Chapter Twenty-Eight: The War in the Grove
Chapter Twenty-Nine: The Tribunal
Chapter Thirty: A New Resolve
END 12/27/14

Origins Epilogue: Things Unsaid Prologue -
(10000 BC - 1865 AD [TimelineB]), (165 Million BC - 3000 AD [TimelineA]),
& (Prime/Alternate Universes)

Promo for Origins Epilogue

*Note: Each chapter title is based off of how many years elapsed since the end of Part Three
Chapter One: 5,000 Years Later...
Chapter Two: 5,000 Years Later - With All Your Heart
Chapter Three: 6,000 Years Later...
Chapter Four: 7,000 Years Later...
Chapter Five: 7,000 Years Later - The Organisms
Chapter Six: 7,000 Years Later - The Master's Nexus
Chapter Seven: 7,000 Years Later - The Seeds
Chapter Eight: 7,000 Years Later - The Assault
Chapter Nine: 7,000 Years Later - A Step into the Darkness for the Greater Good
Chapter Ten: 7,000 Years Later - Dark Zords
Chapter Eleven: 7,000 Years Later - Transformations
Chapter Twelve: 7,000 Years Later - Lifted Up
Chapter Thirteen: 7,000 Years Later - The Return
Chapter Fourteen: 7,000 Years Later - Guilt
Chapter Fifteen: 7,000 Years Later - Masks
Chapter Sixteen: 7,000 Years Later - The End of the Orgs
Chapter Seventeen: 7,000 Years Later - Great Loss
Chapter Eighteen: 8,000 Years Later...
Chapter Nineteen: 9,000 Years Later...
Chapter Twenty: 9,000 Years Later - The Feeling of Defeat
Chapter Twenty-One: 9,000 Years Later - Fighting Back
Chapter Twenty-Two: 9,000 Years Later - The Need for Power
Chapter Twenty-Three: 9,000 Years Later - Mondo Consequences
Chapter Twenty-Four: 9,000 Years Later - Damocles
Chapter Twenty-Five: 9,000-9,650 Years Later...
Chapter Twenty-Six: 9,650 Years Later - The Code of the Samurai
Chapter Twenty-Seven: 9,700 Years Later...
Chapter Twenty-Eight: 9,800 Years Later - Deker
Chapter Twenty-Nine: 9,840 Years Later...
Chapter Thirty: 10,050 Years Later...
END 3/29/15

Things Unsaid One Shots -
(8000 BC - 1992 AD [TimelineB]), (1 BLC - Nathadian Universe), & (Prime/Alternate Universes)

The Interferers
END 4/14/15
The Nathadians
END 4/20/15
The Holy War: A Different Persepctive Part One
The Holy War: A Different Persepctive Part Two
The Holy War: A Different Persepctive Part Three
The Holy War: A Different Persepctive Part Four
The Holy War: A Different Persepctive Part Five
END 4/23/15
1900: Zordon and the Hall of Legends
END 4/29/15
1935: The Liarian's Tiki
END 5/1/15
1950: The Zamboni Girl and the Crystal
END 5/6/15
1955: Superhero Registration Act Part One
END 5/7/15
1955: Superhero Registration Act Part Two
END 5/13/15
1955: Superhero Registration Act Part Three
END 5/15/15
1955: Superhero Registration Act Part Four
END 5/18/15
1960: Global Aftermath
END 5/19/15
1965: Universal Aftermath
END 5/20/15
1971: The Special Agent
END 5/22/15
1976: The Ninja, the Samurai, and the Thief
END 5/27/15
1981: Bio-Lab
END 5/28/15
1982: The Return of the Master
END 6/3/15
1985: The Karovan War
END 6/9/15
1986: A Deal with the Devil
END 6/10/15
1987: The Great Mystic War Part One
END 6/11/15
1987: The Great Mystic War Part Two
END 6/12/15
1988: The Search for the Tiki
END 6/16/15
1989: The Dreamer
END 6/18/15
1990: The Joker Returns
END 6/19/15
1991: The Gem of Souls
END 6/22/15
1992: Alphabet Soup Part One
END 6/24/15
1992: Alphabet Soup Part Two
END 6/25/15
1993: The Eclipse
END 11/15/15
1993: Justice League - Reborn
End 11/29/15
April Fools Chapter: The Interference

Things Unsaid Part One -

1993 AD [TimelineB1] & 1993 AD [TimelineB2]

Promo for Things Unsaid Part One

Chapter One: Day of the Dumpster
Chapter Two: High Five
Chapter Three: Teamwork
Chapter Four: A Pressing Engagement
Chapter Five: Different Drum
Chapter Six: Food Fight
Chapter Seven: Big Sisters
Chapter Eight: I, Eye Guy
Chapter Nine: Happy Birthday, Zack; No Clowning Around; Power Punks
Chapter Ten: Peace, Love, and Woe; Foul Play; Dark Warriors
Chapter Eleven: Switching Places; Green with Evil
Chapter Twelve: Green with Evil
Chapter Thirteen: Breaking the Spell
Chapter Fourteen: The Trouble with Shellshock
Chapter Fifteen: Itsy Bitsy Spider
Chapter Sixteen: The Spit Flower
Chapter Seventeen: Life's a Masquerade
Chapter Eighteen: Gung Ho!
Chapter Nineteen: Wheel of Misfortune
Chapter Twenty: Island of Illusion
Chapter Twenty-One: The Rockstar
Chapter Twenty-Two: Calamity Kimberly

Chapter Twenty-Three: A Star is Born
Episode One: Fallen Heroes
Episode Two: Unexpected Encounters
Episode Three: Choices
Episode Four: The Results of Finster-2's Choice
Episode Five: Primary Problems
Episode Six: Rescue Mission
Episode Seven: Inevitability
Episode Eight: McKnight's Next Step
Episode Nine: Potential Uprising
Episode Ten: Secret Agendas
Chapter Twenty-Four: The Yolk's on You!
Episode One - A Heavier Dose
Episode Two - Forced Allies
Episode Three - Forced Allies Pt. II
Episode Four - A Thunderous Debut
Episode Five: An Attitude Adjustment
Episode Six: The Problem with Primaries
Episode Seven: The Mechanics of Revenge
Episode Eight: A Little Birdie Told Me...
Chapter Twenty-Five: The Green Candle
Episode One: Mighty Thunder versus Thunder Storm
Episode Two: The Sword in the Stone
Episode Three: The Green Danger
Episode Four: New Blood
Episode Five: Green Eyed Monster of Envy
Episode Six: Green Fever
Chapter Twenty-Six: Birds of a Feather
Episode One: Darkness Rising
Episode Two: The Fight Must Go On...
Episode Three: The Group Gets to Know Each Other
Episode Four: More Ingredients for the Soup
Episode Five: Teen Drama
Chapter Twenty-Seven: Clean-Up Club
Episode One: It's Bleeding
Episode Two: To Trust or Not to Trust...
Episode Three: A Tangled Web
Episode Four: Living in a Dream
Chapter Twenty-Eight: A Bad Reflection on You
Chapter Twenty-Nine: Doomsday
Chapter Thirty: Rip Hunter
End 8/6/18
April Fools Chapter: The Outsider

Legacy Wars -

Battle Realm

Chapter One: The Training Pit
Chapter Two: The Warrior in the Blue Armor

Things Unsaid Part Two -

1993 - 1994 AD [TimelineB1] & 1993 - 1994 AD [TimelineB2]

Promo for Things Unsaid Part Two

Chapter One: Rita's Seed of Evil
Chapter Two: A Pig Surprise
Chapter Three: Something Fishy
Chapter Four: Lions & Blizzards
Chapter Five: Crystal of Nightmares
Chapter Six: To Flea or Not to Flee
Chapter Seven: Reign of the Jellyfish
Chapter Eight: Plague of the Mantis
Chapter Nine: Return of an Old Friend
Chapter Ten: Grumble Bee
Chapter Eleven: Two Heads Are Better Than One
Chapter Twelve: Fowl Play
Chapter Thirteen: Trick or Treat
Chapter Fourteen: Second Chance
Chapter Fifteen: On Fins and Needles
Chapter Sixteen: Enter... the Lizzinator
Chapter Seventeen: Football Season
Chapter Eighteen: Mighty Morphin' Mutants
Chapter Nineteen: An Oyster Stew
Chapter Twenty: Trinity and the Freelancers
Chapter Twenty-One: A Battle Out of Time
Chapter Twenty-Two: The Rise of Richie
Chapter Twenty-Three: Global Strike Rising
Chapter Twenty-Four: The Red Mutant Power Ranger
Chapter Twenty-Five: Fighting Entropy
Chapter Twenty-Six: Lokar Strikes Back
Chapter Twenty-Seven: Kimberly's Uncle
Chapter Twenty-Eight: True Evil
Chapter Twenty-Nine: The Face Off
Chapter Thirty: SPD vs. Future: Omega Ranger

Things Unsaid Part Three -

1994 - 1995 AD [TimelineB1] & 1994 - 1995 AD [TimelineB2]

Promo for Things Unsaid Part Three

Chapter One: The Mutiny Part I
Chapter Two: The Mutiny Part II - A New Reign
Chapter Three: The Mutiny Part III - Hope
Chapter Four: The Mutiny Part IV - Added Power
Chapter Five: The Wanna-Be Ranger
Chapter Six: Putty on the Brain
Chapter Seven: Bloom of Doom
Chapter Eight: The Green Dream
Chapter Nine: The Power Stealer
Chapter Ten: The Beetle Invasion
Chapter Eleven: Welcome to Venus Island
Chapter Twelve: The Song of Guitardo
Chapter Thirteen: Green No More, Part I
Chapter Fourteen: Green No More, Part II
Chapter Fifteen: Missing Green
Chapter Sixteen: Orchestral Maneuvers in the Park
Chapter Seventeen: Beauty and the Beast
Chapter Eighteen: White Light, Part I
Chapter Nineteen: White Light, Part II
Chapter Twenty: Two for One
Chapter Twenty-One: Opposites Attract
Chapter Twenty-Two: Zedd's Monster Mash
Chapter Twenty-Three: The Ninja Encounter
Chapter Twenty-Four: A Monster of Global Proportions
Chapter Twenty-Five: Zedd Waves
Chapter Twenty-Six: The Power Transfer
Chapter Twenty-Seven: Goldar's Vice-Versa
Chapter Twenty-Eight: The Starlight Crystals
Chapter Twenty-Nine: Supernova
Chapter Thirty: Commander Kruger

Things Unsaid Part Four -

1994 - 1995 AD [TimelineB1] & 1994 - 1995 AD [TimelineB2]

Promo for Things Unsaid Part Four

Chapter One: Alpha's Magical Christmas, Part I - Angel Grove
Chapter Two: Alpha's Magical Christmas, Part II - Switzerland
Chapter Three: Mirror of Regret
Chapter Four: When is a Ranger Not a Ranger?
Chapter Five: Rocky Just Wants to Have Fun
Chapter Six: Lights, Camera, Action
Chapter Seven: Where There's Smoke, There's Fire
Chapter Eight: Scavenger Hunt
Chapter Nine: The Great Bookala Escape
Chapter Ten: Forever Friends
Chapter Eleven: A Reel Fish Story
Chapter Twelve: Rangers Back in Time
Chapter Thirteen: The Wedding, Part I
Chapter Fourteen: The Wedding, Part II
Chapter Fifteen: Return of the Green Ranger, Part I
Chapter Sixteen: Return of the Green Ranger, Part II
Chapter Seventeen: Best Man for the Job
Chapter Eighteen: Storybook Rangers
Chapter Nineteen: Wild West Rangers, Part I
Chapter Twenty: Wild West Rangers, Part II
Chapter Twenty-One: Cronos and the Doomsday Virus
Chapter Twenty-Two: Blue Ranger Gone Bad
Chapter Twenty-Three: Uncle Steve, the Freelancer
Chapter Twenty-Four: The Ninja Academy
Chapter Twenty-Five: Scorpina's Final Effort
Chapter Twenty-Six: Power Ranger Showdown - Supernova vs. Bio Mech
Chapter Twenty-Seven: Global Strike's Last Chance
Chapter Twenty-Eight: Bulk, Skull, and the Power of Delusions
Chapter Twenty-Nine: Jason and the Spectrum
Chapter Thirty: The Return of Deadpool aka What the Heck is Going On!?

Things Unsaid Part Five -

1995 - 1996 AD [TimelineB1] & 1995 - 1996 AD [TimelineB2]

Promo for Things Unsaid Part Five

Chapter One: The Power of the Spectrum
Chapter Two: Delusions are a Punk's Best Friend
Chapter Three: A Friend in Need
Chapter Four: The Loss of Thunder
Chapter Five: Ninja Quest, Part I
Chapter Six: Ninja Quest, Part II
Chapter Seven: A Brush with Destiny
Chapter Eight: Passing the Lantern
Chapter Nine: Wizard for a Day
Chapter Ten: Fourth Down and Long
Chapter Eleven: Stop the Hate Master
Chapter Twelve: Final Face-Off
Chapter Thirteen: The Potion Notion
Chapter Fourteen: I'm Dreaming of a White Ranger
Chapter Fifteen: A Ranger Catastrophe
Chapter Sixteen: Changing of the Zords
Chapter Seventeen: Follow That Cab!
Chapter Eighteen: A Different Shade of Pink, Part I
Chapter Nineteen: A Different Shade of Pink, Part II
Chapter Twenty: Kat's Heart
Chapter Twenty-One: Rita's Pita
Chapter Twenty-Two: Another Brick in the Wall
Chapter Twenty-Three: A Chimp in Charge
Chapter Twenty-Four: Master Vile and the Metallic Armor, Part I
Chapter Twenty-Five: Master Vile and the Metallic Armor, Part II
Chapter Twenty-Six: Big One
Chapter Twenty-Seven: The Sound of Dischordia
Chapter Twenty-Eight: Rangers in Reverse
Chapter Twenty-Nine: Timeline B-2 - Delusions to the Rescue!
Chapter Thirty: Sophie and the Watcher

Things Unsaid Part Six -

1996 AD [TimelineB1] & 1996 AD [TimelineB2]

Promo for Things Unsaid Part Six

Chapter One: Return of the Alien Rangers of Aquitar
Chapter Two: Climb Every Fountain
Chapter Three: The Alien Trap
Chapter Four: Attack of the 60' Bulk
Chapter Five: Water You Thinking?
Chapter Six: Along Came a Spider
Chapter Seven: Sowing the Seas of Evil
Chapter Eight: Hogday Afternoon
Chapter Nine: A Zeo Beginning
Chapter Ten: Ninjor and the Tribunal of Magic
Chapter Eleven: Jason and Richie
Chapter Twelve: The Shooting Star
Chapter Thirteen: Target Rangers
Chapter Fourteen: For Cryin' Out Loud
Chapter Fifteen: Rangers in the Outfield
Chapter Sixteen: Every Dog Has His Day
Chapter Seventeen: The Puppet Blaster
Chapter Eighteen: Invasion of the Ranger Snatchers
Chapter Nineteen: Graduation Blues
Chapter Twenty: A Few Bad Seeds
Chapter Twenty-One: Billy and the Order of Meledon
Chapter Twenty-Two: Another Brick in the Wall
Chapter Twenty-Three: Instrument of Destruction
Chapter Twenty-Four: Mean Screen
Chapter Twenty-Five: Dulcea's Fate
Chapter Twenty-Six: Mr. Billy's Wild Ride
Chapter Twenty-Seven: There's No Business Like Snow Business
Chapter Twenty-Eight: Inner Spirit
Chapter Twenty-Nine: Challenges
Chapter Thirty: The Guardian's Fate

Things Unsaid Part Seven -

1996 AD [TimelineB1] & 1996 AD [TimelineB2]

Promo for Things Unsaid Part Seven

Chapter One: Found and Lost
Chapter Two: Brother, Can You Spare an Arrowhead?
Chapter Three: Trust in Me
Chapter Four: It Came from Angel Grove
Chapter Five: Bulk Fiction
Chapter Six: Song Sung Yellow
Chapter Seven: Game of Honor
Chapter Eight: The Triforian
Chapter Nine: The Power of Gold
Chapter Ten: A Small Problem
Chapter Eleven: The Return of King Aradon
Chapter Twelve: Red No More
Chapter Thirteen: A Season to Remember
Chapter Fourteen: Oily to Bed, Oily to Rise
Chapter Fifteen: Rock-a-Bye Power Rangers
Chapter Sixteen: Revelations of Gold
Chapter Seventeen: A Golden Homecoming
Chapter Eighteen: Mondo's Last Stand
Chapter Nineteen: Aradon's Realization
Chapter Twenty: Bomber in the Summer
Chapter Twenty-One: Scent of a Weasel
Chapter Twenty-Two: Aisha and the Key
Chapter Twenty-Three: The Lore of Auric
Chapter Twenty-Four: The Ranger Who Came in from the Gold
Chapter Twenty-Five: The Joke's on Blue
Chapter Twenty-Six: Where In The World is Zeo Ranger 5?
Chapter Twenty-Seven: Tommy's Torture
Chapter Twenty-Eight: King for a Day
Chapter Twenty-Nine: A Brief Mystery of Time
Chapter Thirty: The Trizyrium Troubles

Things Unsaid Part Eight -

1996 - 1997 AD [TimelineB1] & 1996 - 1997 AD [TimelineB2]

Promo for Things Unsaid Part Eight

Chapter One: Dark Specter vs. Eltar
Chapter Two: Lothor Industries
Chapter Three: A Mystery to Me
Chapter Four: Ecce's Promise
Chapter Five: Another Song and Dance
Chapter Six: Billy's Assignment
Chapter Seven: Rangers of Two Worlds
Chapter Eight: Billy and Doc
Chapter Nine: Kimberly's Psychotic Day
Chapter Ten: Hawaii Zeo
Chapter Eleven: The Psycho Rangers Strike!
Chapter Twelve: Good as Gold
Chapter Thirteen: The Return of Zedd and Rita
Chapter Fourteen: KO-35's Final Stand
Chapter Fifteen: The Fall of the Silver Ranger
Chapter Sixteen: Under the Silver Shadow
Chapter Seventeen: The Conscience of a Sentinel
Chapter Eighteen: Agent Finestein
Chapter Nineteen: The Queen of Clubs Meets the Princess of Arrows
Chapter Twenty: The Corona Aurora
Chapter Twenty-One: The Tragedy of Blake and Hunter
Chapter Twenty-Two: Rocky and the Power of Thunder
Chapter Twenty-Three: Skull's Spike
Chapter Twenty-Four: The New Phantom
Chapter Twenty-Five: The French Connection
Chapter Twenty-Six: Scorpion Rain, Pt. I
Chapter Twenty-Seven: Scorpion Rain, Pt. II
Chapter Twenty-Eight: Lothor and the Hunt for the Greatest Treasure
Chapter Twenty-Nine: The Prophecy of the Hooded Man
Chapter Thirty: Revelations of Kruger

Things Unsaid Part Nine -

1997 - 1998 AD [TimelineB1] & 1997 - 1998 AD [TimelineB2]

Promo for Things Unsaid Part Nine

Chapter One: Turbo - A Power Rangers Story, Pt. I
Chapter Two: Turbo - A Power Rangers Story, Pt. II
Chapter Three: Ernie
Chapter Four: Aegis
Chapter Five: Shift Into Turbo
Chapter Six: Zordon's Homecoming
Chapter Seven: Shadow Rangers
Chapter Eight: Burai's Revenge
Chapter Nine: Transmission Impossible
Chapter Ten: Rally Ranger
Chapter Eleven: Built for Speed
Chapter Twelve: Bicycle Built for the Blues
Chapter Thirteen: The Whole Lie
Chapter Fourteen: Glyph Hanger
Chapter Fifteen: Weight and See
Chapter Sixteen: Alarmed and Dangerous
Chapter Seventeen: Carlos
Chapter Eighteen: Jenny
Chapter Nineteen: Ashley
Chapter Twenty: Divitria
Chapter Twenty-One: TJ
Chapter Twenty-Two: Darkonda's Gambit
Chapter Twenty-Three: Liaria's Last Stand
Chapter Twenty-Four: Next Stop... Earth!
Chapter Twenty-Five: Darkonda's Dream Team
Chapter Twenty-Six: Eltar Under Fire
Chapter Twenty-Seven: Gosei's Plan
Chapter Twenty-Eight: Turbo No More
Chapter Twenty-Nine: Doc's Upgrade
Chapter Thirty: The Confusion of the Timelines

Things Unsaid Part Ten -
Motor Riot
1998 - 2000 AD [TimelineB1] & 1998 - 2000 AD [TimelineB2]

Promo for Things Unsaid Part Ten

Chapter One: Let the Riots Begin!
Chapter Two: Reorganizing the Fight
Chapter Three: Kruger and the Senturion Program
Chapter Four: The Hostage's Fate
Chapter Five: The Ghost of Darkness' Influence
Chapter Six: Rita's Unexpected News
Chapter Seven: McKnight's Fight
Chapter Eight: Earth and Universal Equilibrium
Chapter Nine: A Prime Opportunity
Chapter Ten: The Terror of the Sanzu
Chapter Eleven: The Cyborg Deception
Chapter Twelve: Earth's History on Repeat
Chapter Thirteen: Dealing with Grief
Chapter Fourteen: Survivor's Guilt
Chapter Fifteen: The Fall of a Friend
Chapter Sixteen: The Need for Revenge
Chapter Seventeen: The Zocato Virus
Chapter Eighteen: The Disorder of Meledon
Chapter Nineteen: The Consequences of a Bad Call...
Chapter Twenty: Dimitria vs. Divatox
Chapter Twenty-One: A Noble Sacrifice
Chapter Twenty-Two: Darkonda's Crushing Blow
Chapter Twenty-Three: Gosei's Promise
Chapter Twenty-Four: Triforia's Blockade
Chapter Twenty-Five: The Race for the Final Ranger Key
Chapter Twenty-Six: The Valiant Senturions
Chapter Twenty-Seven: Backstabbing Villains
Chapter Twenty-Eight: Alpha 5 and Alpha 6 Defy the Odds
Chapter Twenty-Nine: The Mission of the Blue Senturion
Chapter Thirty: The Theory of Redemption

Things Unsaid Part Eleven -

1998 AD [TimelineB1] & 1998 AD [TimelineB2]

Promo for Things Unsaid Part Eleven

Chapter One: The Millennium Message
Chapter Two: A Drive to Win
Chapter Three: Cars Attacks
Chapter Four: Honey, I Shrunk the Rangers
Chapter Five: Passing the Torch
Chapter Six: Stitch Witchery
Chapter Seven: The Wheel of Fate
Chapter Eight: Trouble by the Slice
Chapter Nine: The Phantom Phenomenon
Chapter Ten: Vanishing Act
Chapter Eleven: When Time Freezes Over
Chapter Twelve: The Darkest Day
Chapter Thirteen: One Last Hope
Chapter Fourteen: The Fall of the Phantom
Chapter Fifteen: Clash of the Megazords
Chapter Sixteen: The Robot Ranger
Chapter Seventeen: Beware the Third Wish
Chapter Eighteen: The Gardener of Evil
Chapter Nineteen: Fire in Your Tank
Chapter Twenty: The Turn of the Wretched Wrench
Chapter Twenty-One: Spirit of the Woods
Chapter Twenty-Two: The Song of Confusion
Chapter Twenty-Three: The Accident
Chapter Twenty-Four: Cassie's Best Friend
Chapter Twenty-Five: The Curve Ball
Chapter Twenty-Six: Carlos and the Count
Chapter Twenty-Seven: Little Strong Man
Chapter Twenty-Eight: The Rival Rangers
Chapter Twenty-Nine: Chase Into Space
Chapter Thirty: The Omega Prophecy


*Note: The following character names are listed to correspond with the following photos, from left to right, followed by their list of appearances

The Morphing Masters:

First Group:
Senior Council-
Lothor Origins: Zero, Origins Epilogue - Things Unsaid: One
Regina (Bansheera) Origins: Zero - Origins Epilogue
Lokar Origins: Zero, Things Unsaid: One
Octomus (The Master) Origins: Zero, Origins: Two - Origins Epilogue
Zen Aku (Zen/Agent Z) Origins: Zero, Origins Epilogue - Things Unsaid: One
Xan (Master Xandred) Origins: Zero
Trueheart Origins: Zero, Origins Epilogue - Things Unsaid: One
Junior Council-
Lije of the Dawn (Omni) Origins: Zero, Origins Epilogue
Auron (Ghost/Zombie Alpha) Origins: Zero, Origins: Two - Origins Epilogue
App Origins: Zero, Origins: One Flashback
Killian (Auric the Conqueror) Origins: Zero, Things Unsaid One Shot
Dai Shi Origins: Zero, Origins: Two - Origins: Three
Tidus (Sentinel Knight) Origins: Zero - Origins Epilogue
Jakon (Ninjakon) Origins: Zero
Jor (Ninjor) Origins: Zero, Origins: Three - Origins Epilogue

Senior Council-
Tidus (Sentinel Knight) Origins: Zero - Origins Epilogue
App Origins: Zero - Origins: One
Ivicar Origins: Zero - Origins: Two
Nime Origins: Zero
Coll Origins: Zero
Mirg Origins: Zero
Ain Origins: Zero
Junior Council-
Ding Origins: Zero
Yuna Origins: Zero
Rikku Origins: Zero
Estro (Deviot) Origins: Zero - Things Unsaid: One
Animus Origins: Zero - Origins: One, Origins Epilogue
Koragg (Knight Wolf) Origins: Zero, Origins: Three - Origins Epilogue
Enet Origins: Zero
Kagera Origins: Zero

Last Group - TimelineB:
Senior Council-
Sentinel Knight Origins: Zero - Origins Epilogue
Ivicar Origins: Zero - Origins: Two
Dulcea Origins: Zero - Origins: Three
Tria (Gold Ranger) Origins: One - Things Unsaid: One
Gerlit Origins: One - Origins: Two
King Estro Origins: Zero - Things Unsaid: One
Orion Origins: One - Origins: Two
Zordon Origins: One - Things Unsaid: One
Junior Council-
Delphine Origins: One - Origins Epilogue
Kamen (Kamen Rider: Decade) Origins: One - Origins Epilogue
Animus (Animal Defender) Origins: Zero, Origins: One, Origins Epilogue
Magnus (Defender Prototype) Origins: One - Origins Epilogue
Michael (Black Space Ranger) Origins: One - Origins: Two
Dimitria Origins: One - Origins: Three
Gosei Origins: One - Origins: Three
App Origins: Zero, Origins: One Flashback

Last Group - TimelineA:
Senior Council-
ZordonA (Meledon Ranger) Origins: One, Origins: Three - Things Unsaid: One
OrionA Origins: One, Origins: Three - Things Unsaid: One
GoseiA (Majestic Ranger) Origins: One, Origins Epilogue
MagnusA (Magna Defender) Origins Epilogue
BuraiA (Ultra Green Ranger) Origins: One, Origins: Epilogue - Things Unsaid: One
Junior Council-
KoraggA (Knight Wolf) Origins Epilogue
Prince DexA (Kamen Rider: Decade) Origins Epilogue
Count DregonA (Imperial Dregon) Origins Epilogue

The Top:

First Group:
Zurgane Origins: Zero, Origins: Three, Things Unsaid: One
Ivicar Origins: Zero - Origins: Two
Octoroo Origins: Zero, Origins: Three

??? ???
??? ???
??? ???

Last Group - TimelineB:
Cestro Origins: One - Origins Epilogue
Burai Origins: One - Origins: Three
Margaret Origins: One, Origins: Three

Last Group - TimelineA:
Jason ScottA Origins Epilogue
KaroneA Origins Epilogue
Billy CranstonA Origins Epilogue


The Hall of Legends
Sam (Future: Omega Ranger, Omega Ranger) Frame Story, Ultra Force
The Guardian Origins: One, Origins: Three - Things Unsaid: One
Auron (Alpha Ranger) Origins: Two - Frame, Origins: Three - Frame, Origins Epilogue, Ultra Force

SPD: Earth - 2050 AD
Z Delgado (SPD Blue) Origins: One - Frame, Origins: Two - Frame Flashback
Syd Drew (SPD Yellow) Origins: One - Frame, Origins: Two - Frame Flashback
Bridge Carson (SPD Red) Origins: One - Frame, Origins: Two - Frame Flashback, Origins: Three - Frame, Origins Epilogue - Frame
Warren Thompson (SPD Green) Origins: One - Frame, Origins: Two - Frame Flashback, Pokémon Saga: One
Boom (SPD Pink) Origins: One - Frame, Origins: Two - Frame Flashback
Commander Sky Tate (Shadow Ranger) Origins: One - Frame, Origins: Two - Frame Flashback, Origins: Three - Frame, Pokémon Saga: One

SPD: Non-Earth - 2050 AD
Leslie Utahime (SPD Gold) Origins: Two - Frame Flashback, Things Unsaid: One - Frame Flashback
Sophie Origins: Two & On: Frame

Nathadian/Phantom Ranger Origins: Three - Things Unsaid: One
Zocato Ranger Origins: Three - Origins Epilogue
Tria Origins: One - Things Unsaid: One
ZordonA Origins: One, Origins: Three - Things Unsaid: One
Zrin Origins: Three - Things Unsaid: One
OrionA *Not Pictured* Origins: One, Origins: Three - Things Unsaid: One
BuraiA *Not Pictured* Origins: One, Origins Epilogue - Things Unsaid: One

Team Victory
Yoral (Amaradon Ranger) Origins: Two, Origins: Three, Things Unsaid: One
Tria (Gold Zeo Ranger) Origins: One - Things Unsaid: One
Zordon (Meledon Ranger) Origins: One, Origins: Two - Things Unsaid: One as Meledon Ranger
Robo Knight Origins: Two, Origins: Three
Burai (Green Dragon Ranger) Origins: One, Origins: Two - Origins: Three as Green Ranger
Trinity (Ninja Storm Pink Ranger) Origins: Two - Things Unsaid: One
Saba Origins: One - Things Unsaid: One
Zedd (Silver Zeo Ranger) Origins: One, Origins: Two as Silver Ranger
Dulcea (Green Owl Ninja Ranger) Origins: One, Origins: Two as Ninja Ranger

Alliance Rangers
Filcar (Alliance Blue) Origins: One, Origins: Two as Alliance Ranger
Risp (Alliance Yellow) Origins: One, Origins: Two as Alliance Ranger
Rahp (Alliance Red) Origins: One, Origins: Two as Alliance Ranger
Talp (Alliance Green) Origins: One, Origins: Two as Alliance Ranger
Priscilla (Alliance Pink) Origins: One, Origins: Two as Alliance Ranger
BJ LovelA (Alliance Blue) Origins Epilogue
Ayame UbiA (Alliance Yellow) Origins Epilogue
Commander17A (Alliance Red) Origins Epilogue
VillamaxA (Alliance Green) Origins Epilogue
TrakeenaA (Alliance Pink) Origins Epilogue

Joe (Gokai Blue) Origins: One, Origins: Two as Gokaiger
Luka (Gokai Yellow) Origins: One, Origins: Two as Gokaiger
Captain Marvelous (Gokai Red) Origins: One, Origins: Two as Gokaiger
Guy Kari (Gokai Silver) Origins: Two as Gokaiger
Doc (Gokai Green) Origins: One, Origins: Two as Gokaiger
Miha (Gokai Pink) Origins: One, Origins: Two as Gokaiger
Evil Rangers -
Gokai Slayer Origins: Two - Origins Epilogue

Psycho Rangers
Gelo (Psycho Blue) Origins: Two, Origins: Three
Vesgarta (Psycho Yellow) Origins: Two, Origins: Three
Fogo (Psycho Red) Origins: Two, Origins: Three
Pedro (Psycho Black) Origins: Two, Origins: Three
Flora (Psycho Pink) Origins: Two, Origins: Three

Space Rangers
Anlong (Space Red) *Not Pictured* Origins: Three
Darenda (Space Silver) *Not Pictured* Origins: Three
Shawn (Space Blue) Origins: Two
Angela (Space Yellow) Origins: Two
Cory (Space Red) Origins: Two
Eric (Space Silver) Origins: Two
Minkus (Space Black) Origins: Two
Topanga (Space Pink) Origins: Two
Michael Origins: One, Origins: Two

Aquitar Rangers
Cestro (Aquitar Blue) Origins: One, Origins: Two - Origins Epilogue as Aquitar Ranger
Tideus (Aquitar Yellow) Origins: One, Origins: Two - Origins Epilogue as Aquitar Ranger
Aurico (Aquitar Red) Origins: Two - Origins Epilogue as Aquitar Ranger
Delphine (Aquitar White) Origins: One, Origins: Two - Origins Epilogue as Aquitar Ranger
Corcus (Aquitar Black) Origins: Two - Origins Epilogue as Aquitar Ranger
Cestria (Aquitar Pink) Origins: One, Origins: Two - Origins Epilogue as Aquitar Ranger

Aquitar Rangers2
Cestro2 (Aquitar Blue) Origins: One, Origins: Two - Origins Epilogue as Aquitar Ranger
Tideus2 (Aquitar Yellow) Origins: One, Origins: Two - Origins Epilogue as Aquitar Ranger
Aurico2 (Aquitar Red) Origins: Two - Origins Epilogue as Aquitar Ranger
Delphine2 (Aquitar White) Origins: One, Origins: Two - Origins Epilogue as Aquitar Ranger
Corcus2 (Aquitar Black) Origins: Two - Origins Epilogue as Aquitar Ranger
Cestria2 (Aquitar Pink) Origins: One, Origins: Two - Origins Epilogue as Aquitar Ranger

Ninjakon's Rangers
JakonA (Ninjakon) Origins: Zero, Origins Epilogue
YoralA (Amaradon) Origins Epilogue
Xasjon (Dark Star) Origins Epilogue

Triforian Rangers
Trinia *Not Pictured*
Trint Origins: Part Three
Trilondon *Not Pictured* Origins Epilogue
TreyA Origins Epilogue *Not Pictured*

Bio Mech
Filcar (Bio Blue) Origins: One, Origins: Three - Origins Epilogue as Bio Mech
Risp (Bio Yellow) Origins: One, Origins: Three - Origins Epilogue as Bio Mech
Rahp (Bio Red) Origins: One, Origins: Three - Origins Epilogue as Bio Mech
Burai (Bio Black) Origins: One, Origins: Three - Origins Epilogue as Bio Mech
Talp (Bio Green) Origins: One, Origins: Three - Origins Epilogue as Bio Mech
Priscilla (Bio Pink) Origins: One, Origins: Three - Origins Epilogue as Bio Mech
Michael (Bio Silver) Origins: One, Origins: Three - Origins Epilogue as Bio Mech

Gaia Rangers
Joe (Gaia Blue) Origins: One, Origins: Three as Gaia Ranger
Luka (Gaia Yellow) Origins: One, Origins: Three as Gaia Ranger
Marvelous (Gaia Red) Origins: One, Origins: Three as Gaia Ranger
Guy (Gaia Black) Origins: Three as Gaia Ranger
Doc (Gaia Green) Origins: One, Origins: Three - Things Unsaid: One as Gaia Ranger
Miha (Gaia Pink) Origins: One, Origins: Three as Gaia Ranger

Beast Watch
Cass-Mer (Beast Blue) Origins: Three
Rach-Ur (Beast Yellow) Origins: Three
Jak-Am (Beast Red) Origins: Three
Tob-Zu (Beast Black) Origins: Three
Mar-Ran (Beast Green) Origins: Three
Lar-Van (Beast Blue) Origins: Three
Tow-Lar (Beast Yellow) Origins: Three
Cris-Re (Beast Red) Origins: Three
Andon-Do (Beast Black) Origins: Three
Cai-Zar (Beast Green) Origins: Three

Frontier Recon
??? (Recon Blue) Origins Epilogue
??? (Recon Gold) Origins Epilogue
Rari (Recon Red) Origins Epilogue
Xillian (Recon Green) Origins Epilogue
??? (Recon Pink) Origins Epilogue
??? (Dusk) Origins Epilogue

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers
Billy (Blue) Things Unsaid: One
Trini (Yellow) Things Unsaid: One
Jason (Red) Things Unsaid: One
Tommy (Green) Things Unsaid: One
Zack (Black) Things Unsaid: One
Kimberly (Pink) Things Unsaid: One

Mighty Thunder Power Rangers
Billy2 (Blue) Things Unsaid: One
Trini2 (Yellow) Things Unsaid: One
Jason2 (Red) Things Unsaid: One
Tommy2 (White) Things Unsaid: One
Zack2 (Green) Things Unsaid: One
Kimberly2 (Pink) Things Unsaid: One


The United Alliance -
Commander Filcar Origins: One - Origins: Two
Commander Risp Origins: One - Origins: Two
Commander Rahp Origins: One - Origins: Two
Second Lieutenant Talp Origins: One - Origins: Two
Priscilla Origins: One - Origins: Three
Joe Kenig Origins: One - Origins: Three
General Miller Origins: One - Origins: Three
Captain Louse Origins: One - Origins: Three
Doctor Goier Origins: One - Origins Epilogue
Princess Momomille Origins: One - Origins: Three
Commander Zedd Origins: One - Origins: Two
Notrom Origins: Three

Ethereals -
Michael (Ethereal King) Origins: Zero, Origins: Three - Origins Epilogue
Castiel Origins: Zero, Origins: Three - Origins Epilogue
Tessa Origins: Zero, Origins: Two

Nathadians -
David (AM Dragon/Ecliptor) Origins: Zero, Origins: Two - Origins Epilogue
Mary Origins: Zero, Origins: Three - Origins Epilogue
Emma Origins: Zero
Baelfire Origins: Zero, Origins: Three - Origins Epilogue
Rumple Origins: Zero, Origins: Two - Origins Epilogue
Belle Origins: Zero
Will Origins: Zero, Origins: Three - Origins Epilogue
Anastasia Origins: Zero

High Ones -
Zeus Origins: Zero
Poseidon (Neptune) Origins: Zero, Origins: Three
Thor Origins: Zero, Origins: Three - Origins Epilogue
Loki Origins: Zero, Origins: Three - Origins Epilogue

Other Heroes -
Commander17 Origins: One - Origins: Two
Ayame Ubi Origins: One - Origins Epilogue
Goliath (Gargoyle Alpha) Origins: Zero

Animal Realm and its Warriors -
Goom Origins Epilogue
Black Lion Origins: Two - Origins Epilogue
Leon Origins: Two - Origins Epilogue
Lionel Origins: Two - Origins Epilogue
Lobo Origins: Two - Origins Epilogue
Ingat Origins: Two - Origins Epilogue
Galcon Origins: Two - Origins Epilogue
Nago Origins: Two - Origins Epilogue
Faor Origins: Two - Origins Epilogue
Ave Origins: Two - Origins Epilogue
Ryl Origins: Two - Origins Epilogue
Toro Origins: Two - Origins Epilogue
Harrison Origins Epilogue
Albert Origins Epilogue
Hammer Origins Epilogue

Order of the Claw/Pai Zhua -
Mao Origins: Two - Origins Epilogue
Rilla Origins: Two - Origins: Three
Guin Origins: Two - Origins: Three
Lope Origins: Two - Origins: Three
Swoop Origins: Three - Origins Epilogue
Phant Origins: Three - Origins Epilogue
Finn Origins: Three - Origins Epilogue
Flit Origins: Three
Cowl Origins Epilogue

Royalty and Royal Guard of Animaria -
King Uity Origins Epilogue *Not Pictured*
Princess Shayla Origins Epilogue *Not Pictured*
Baskin Origins Epilogue *Not Pictured*
Merrick Origins Epilogue *Not Pictured*
Brynja Origins Epilogue *Not Pictured*
Galene Origins Epilogue *Not Pictured*
Adelais Origins Epilogue *Not Pictured*
Fulbert Origins Epilogue *Not Pictured*

Elemental Ninja Academies -
??? ???

Tribunal of Magic -
White Mage Origins: Three - Origins Epilogue *Not Pictured*
Red Mage Origins: Three - Origins Epilogue *Not Pictured*
Black Mage Origins: Three - Origins Epilogue *Not Pictured*

Leaders of the Magic Realm -
The Oracle Origins: Three - Origins Epilogue *Not Pictured*

Cub Origins: Zero, Origins: Three - Origins Epilogue
Crono Origins: Three


Captain Windmark Origins Epilogue, Ultra Force
September Origins: Zero, Origins Epilogue
December Origins: Zero, Origins: Three
August Origins: Zero, Origins: Three, Ultra Force
July Origins: Zero
March Origins: Zero

Rogue Watchers:

September Origins: Zero, Origins: Three - Origins Epilogue, Ultra Force


Chen Origins: Zero, Origins: Three - Origins Epilogue, Ultra Force
D Origins: Zero, Origins: Three
S Origins: Three
Link Origins: Zero, Origins: Three - Origins Epilogue
Olivia Origins: Zero, Origins: Three - Origins Epilogue
Charlie Origins: Zero, Origins: Three - Origins Epilogue
Wallace Ultra Force
Z Origins: Zero, Origins: Three - Origins Epilogue


Nobodies -
Xelleb Origins Epilogue
Ultimecia Origins: One, Origins Epilogue
Ultimecia (Pre-Extreme Crystal) Origins Epilogue *Not Pictured*
Xearnsheab Origins Epilogue *Not Pictured*
Basax Origins Epilogue *Not Pictured*
Xasjon Origins Epilogue
Rioxon Origins Epilogue

Lunar Cry Event: Earth (TimelineA) -
JakonA Origins Epilogue
YoralAOrigins Epilogue
Ethereal Trinity Origins Epilogue
Shadowtide Origins Epilogue *Not Pictured*
Deviot/Cub Hybrid Origins Epilogue *Not Pictured*
Neo Goldar Origins Epilogue

United Alliance of Evil -
Master Vile Origins: One, Origins: Three
Lord Zedd Origins: One - Origins Epilogue
Rita Repulsa Origins: One - Origins Epilogue
Novact (Darkonda) Origins: One - Origins Epilogue
Rito Revolto Origins: One
Fake Gold Ranger Origins: One - Origins: Two, Origins Epilogue
Scorpius Origins: One - Origins Epilogue
Finster Origins: One - Origins: Three
Count Dregon Origins: One - Origins: Three
Goldar Origins: Two - Origins: Three
Squatt Origins: Two - Origins: Three
Baboo Origins: Two - Origins: Three
Neo Maligore (Dark Specter) Origins: Two - Origins Epilogue

Demons -
Maligore Origins: One - Origins: Two
AM Dragon (Ecliptor) Origins Epilogue
Bansheera Origins: Zero - Origins Epilogue
Diabolico Origins: Zero, Origins: Two - Origins Epilogue
Loki(D) Origins: Zero, Origins: Two - Origins Epilogue
Vypra Origins: Two - Origins Epilogue
Jinxer Origins: Two - Origins Epilogue
Deviot (Shapeshifter Alpha) Origins: Zero - Origins Epilogue
Impus *Not Pictured* Origins Epilogue

The Underworld -
Octomus "The Master" Origins: Zero, Origins: Two - Origins Epilogue
Dai Shi Origins: Zero, Origins: Two - Origins: Three
Scorpina Origins: Two - Origins: Three
Camille (Chameleon Warrior) Origins: Two - Origins: Three
Necrolai Origins: Two - Origins Epilogue
Tycon (Morticon) Origins: Zero, Origins: Two - Origins Epilogue
Koragg (Knight Wolf) *Not Pictured* Origins: Zero, Origins Three - Origins Epilogue
Five Fingers of Poison Origins: Three

The Overlords -
Carnisoar Origins: Two - Origins: Three
Grizzaka Origins: Two - Origins: Three
Jellica Origins: Origins: Two - Origins: Three

The Timeless Temple -
The Ghost of Darkness Origins: Zero (Mentioned), Origins: Two - Origins: Three
Wizard of Deception *Not Pictured* Origins: Two - Origins: Three

Ancient Afflictions -
Michael (Ethereal King) Origins: Zero, Origins: Three
Beelzebub (Demon Alpha) Origins: Zero, Origins: Two - Origins: Three
Azazel Origins: Zero, Origins: Two - Origins: Three
Goresakubo Origins: Zero, Origins: Two
Phoebe (Madame Woe) Origins: Zero, Origins: One - Origins: Two
Prue (Madame Woe) Origins: Zero, Origins: One - Origins: Two
Paige (Madame Woe) Origins: Zero, Origins: One - Origins: Two
Piper (Madame Woe) Origins: Zero, Origins: One - Origins: Two
Mesogog Origins: Zero
Dracul "Abarekiller" Origins: Zero
Moltor Origins: Zero
Flurious Origins: Zero

Phantom Beasts -
Scorch Origins: Three
Snapper Origins: Three
Whiger Origins: Three
Flamingarion Origins: Three
Iguanadon Origins: Three
Dracon Origins: Three *Implied*
Sarv Origins: Three *Implied*
Gruff Origins: Three *Implied*
Unidoom Origins: Three
Badrat Origins: Three
Osiris Origins: Three
Sonimax Origins: Three *Implied*
Dynamir Origins: Three *Implied*
Rammer Origins: Three *Implied*
Grinder Origins: Three *Implied*
Lepus Origins: Three *Implied*

Evil Alpha Monsters -
Roman (Leviathan Alpha) Origins: Zero
Fenrir (Werewolf Alpha) Origins: Zero
Cujo (Skinwalker Alpha) Origins: Zero
Dracula (Vampire Alpha) Origins: Zero
Serrator (Nighlok Alpha) Origins: Zero, Origins: Two - Origins Epilogue
Ifrit (Djinn Alpha) Origins: Zero

Orgs -
Master Org *Not Pictured* Origins Epilogue
Mandilok *Not Pictured* Origins Epilogue
Retinax *Not Pictured* Origins Epilogue
Nayzor *Not Pictured* Origins Epilogue
Onikage *Not Pictured* Origins Epilogue
Toxica *Not Pictured* Origins Epilogue
Jindrax *Not Pictured* Origins Epilogue
Juggelo *Not Pictured* Origins Epilogue

Machine Empire -
King Mondo *Not Pictured* Origins: Three - Epilogue
Queen Machina *Not Pictured* Origins Epilogue
Prince Gasket *Not Pictured* Origins Epilogue
General Aradon *Not Pictured* Origins: Three - Epilogue
Archerina *Not Pictured* Origins Epilogue
Klank *Not Pictured* Origins: Three
Orbus *Not Pictured* Origins: Three
Sergeant Cog *Not Pictured* Origins Epilogue

League of Assasins -
Ra's al Ghul *Not Pictured* Origins Epilogue
Jaq *Not Pictured* Origins Epilogue

Expanded Universe -
Faceblank *Not Pictured* Ultra Force, Omega Strike
TensouUltra *Not Pictured* Ultra Force, Omega Strike
T'unkk Youngbloodl *Not Pictured* Ultra Force, Omega Strike

Expanded Universe
Toku: The Ranger War - 2014 AD (Alternate Reality)
Avatar Rangers
Hunter (Black Ranger) Toku
Dylan Williamson (Ranger with No Name) Toku
JB Arrington (Zenith Ranger) Toku, Pokémon Saga: One
Dr. Sydney Drew (Silver Ranger) Toku

Power Rangers: Ultra Force - 2020 AD (Alternate Reality)

Roman Youngblood (Ultra Blue) Ultra Force Played by Mikey Yamamoto
Maya Fraker (Ultra Yellow) Ultra Force Played by coolbluetj
Jezebel Bitao (Iron Enforcer) Ultra Force Played by MichelletheEditor
Blake Maxwell (Ultra Red) Ultra Force Played by RedLegacyRanger
JB Arrington (Zenith Ranger) Pokémon Saga: One, Toku, Ultra Force Played by ShinySephiroth
Gabe Morales (Ultra Green) Ultra Force Played by MichelletheEditor
Carissa Williams (Ultra Pink) Ultra Force Played by coolbluetj
Sean Anderson (Ultra Black) Ultra Force Played by U.R Dimand
Evil Rangers -
Ecliptis (Purple Ranger) Ultra Force Played by U.R Dimand
Derek Radcliff (Patriot Ranger) Ultra Force Played by ShinySephiroth
Marcus Barton (Conduit Ranger) Ultra Force Played by ShinySephiroth

Power Rangers: Omega Strike - 2021 AD (Alternate Reality)

Abby Hance (Omega Blue) Omega Strike Played by U.R Dimand
Maya Fraker (Omega Yellow) Ultra Force, Omega Strike Played by coolbluetj
Jezebel Bitao (Omega Black) Ultra Force, Omega Strike Played by MichelletheEditor
Blake Maxwell (Omega Red) Ultra Force, Omega Strike Played by RedLegacyRanger
JB Arrington (Omega Crimson) Pokémon Saga: One, Toku, Ultra Force, Omega Strike Played by ShinySephiroth
Kyouya (Omega White) Omega Strike Played by Black Dragonrang
Gabe Morales (Omega Green) Ultra Force, Omega Strike Played by MichelletheEditor
Carissa Williams (Omega Pink) Ultra Force, Omega Strike Played by coolbluetj
Sean Anderson (Noble Ranger) Ultra Force, Omega Strike Played by U.R Dimand
Derek Radcliff (Patriot Ranger) Ultra Force, Omega Strike Played by ShinySephiroth
Luzianna Lux (Patriot Ranger) Ultra Force, Omega Strike Played by MichelletheEditor
Roman Youngblood (Masked Rider: Gaim) Ultra Force, Omega Strike Played by Mikey Yamamoto
Evil Rangers -
Tensou (Cyber Iron Defender) Ultra Force, Omega Strike Played by U.R Dimand
Dean Thomas (Rage Ranger) Ultra Force, Omega Strike Played by ShinySephiroth
??? (Shade Ranger) Omega Strike Played by ShinySephiroth

Power Rangers: The Pokémon Saga - ??? AD (Alternate Reality)

Violet Robinson (Pokémon Ranger) Pokémon Saga: One

Gary Oak Pokémon Saga: One
Red Ketchum Pokémon Saga: One

Note: Ideas come from a lot of my own headcanon, with some ideas used to help clear things up and connect different series from this thread: Clarifications on The Morphing Grid
I would also like to thank RangerWiki (Morphin Grid) and Rovang for the images for characters. I credit Google Image Search for celebrity photos used. Other images are placed in the hyperlinks and can be followed back to their original owner on the image's first appearance in the story.

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Chapter One: An Odd Resurgence

The citizens ran from the plaza, screaming in fright. The chaos ensuing from the attack hit each person to their very core. As the Time Force cameras appeared in orbit to record the incident, the people could be seen scurrying to safety. Upon closer observation, however, there was one person who stood, staring the enemies down with defiance in his eyes, and what looked like the beginnings of a smirk. As the last of the crowd emptied the plaza, the young man placed his hand to his head and combed his hair back.

"Okay. Now, I don't know who put you up to this. I don't know why you're here. Frankly... I don't care. My job is to take you down. My personal goal, however... is to make you wish you never showed your faces here." He looked around and was pleased to see he had their attention. The fact Z-Putties were here, so long after Zedd was lost outside of time, was puzzling. The young warrior was sure, however, the main headquarters would get to the bottom of this odd resurgence.

The putties lunged at the man. He stood back and got into his fighting stance. Okay. As they run forward, they have limited ability to maneuver. He moved his head up as if he were going to jump, convincing two putties to leave their feet. As they did, he ducked under and rolled beneath them. Getting up, he juked another opponent, giving him a donkey kick to the back. As he looked up, another putty reached to grab him. He crouched down at this point and slammed his shoulder into the putty's pelvic region. He proceeded from here to lift him up and throw him into a group of putties as they ran forward.

As the putties regrouped, the fighter set himself in position. "You guys are good at protecting those Z-marks... I sure hope the others are doing better than me..." He sighed and stared them down. "I guess you leave me no choice but to crank up the intensity." He reached into his uniform jacket and pulled out his badge. "SPD Emergency!" A crackle of energy formed around him as he felt his gear appear from his tap to his power. "Force for the future! Future: Omega Ranger!" He flew up into the air as an explosion occurred behind him from the excess energy produced from his morph. "Legend Blaster!" he yelled as his gun appeared. The ranger then pinpointed and rapidly shot at three of the putties, hitting them directly on the Zs on their chests.

As he landed, he clutched the morpher on his wrist. "Omega Morpher II: Hyper Mode!" As he commanded his morpher, chroniton particles filled his body and gave him his time defying abilities. He zoomed toward three of the putties and, with an ounce of arrogance, touched each Z with his index finger. As his ranger form returned to its normal state, he saw the putties break apart.

The last four putties' arms turned into weapons as he stared them down. "Huh? I thought only Rita's putties had weaponry... Legend Sword: Activate! Morpher: Access Hall of Legends!" He ducked under one enemy swipe and struck another with his blade with a clink. "Access granted. Welcome Project Future: Omega. What is your request?" The ranger punched a putty in the face as another kicked him square in the back. "Ugh!" he screamed as he fell.

"Unable to understand request. Please repeat."

"When did Z-Putties first appear with weapons instead of hands!?" Omega screamed this with as much enunciation as he could muster, as a putty struck his chest with an axe, sending sparks flying. As he flew backward, another putty punched him in the side of his neck. Omega fell to the ground as his suit started activating numerous inhibitory neurons to numb the pain.

"Access denied." The computer stated matter of factly.

Omega coughed to clear his voice. "Impossible. Reason for denial!?" One putty's hand morphed into a giant hammer and, with a massive uppercut, sent Omega flying. As he flew through the air, one putty jumped toward him, launching himself into Omega's chest as another putty came at him from the opposite direction, hitting him in the lower lumbar region.

As the courageous warrior crumpled to the ground, he heard the computer say, "The information requested is at a higher clearance level than the user who initiated the search. Please contact the network administrator for further details."

The ranger dug his sword into the concrete and, clutching the hilt, pulled himself up. Gasping as his vision regained focus, he said, "Clearance... level... Future: Omega." As he regained some composure, he rushed forward. At that same moment, a fifth putty teleported onto the scene and close-lined him.

"Insufficient clearance. Information: confidential."

"Come on, Sam. You can do this..." the ranger muttered to himself. What can I do!? An idea sparked. "Power... down." As he demorphed, Sam returned to his natural form, with all his injuries disappearing. As a putty rushed him, he teleported a pole in between them. Without time to react, the putty ran into the pole and made contact with it. As his Z emblem made contact, he exploded into a pile of clay.

Sam turned to the remaining four. "Time to morph! SP--"




Jumping over Sam, the B Squad SPD Power Rangers landed in between him and his foes. Relieved, Sam looked at them: Bridge, the Red Ranger; Z, the Blue Ranger; Warren, the Green Ranger; Syd, the Yellow Ranger; Boom, the Pink Ranger. Bridge turned and placed his hand on Sam's shoulder. "Thought you could use a hand, buddy!"

. . .

As the rangers drove back to their base in the back of their SWAT vehicle, Sam stood up to sit next to Boom. "Hey, man. Thanks for your help back there." Boom looked up, his eyes beaming with excitement and sincerity. "No problemo! Always there for a brother in arms! I'm just glad we finished off the other attacks in time! Your batch seemed super juiced... Why do you think that is?"

Sam shook his head. "I don't know..." He looked around and turned back to Boom, whispering. "I tried to access information on that variant of putty, but the Hall blocked me, saying I had insufficient clearance." Boom cocked his head back and rolled his eyes into his head, as if to physically look for the answer. "Hmm... that's weird. We programmed your project to have full access. If you didn't, then the whole thing is pretty much a waste, ya know what I mean? Haha... Anyway, it must be a mistake in the programming. I'll call Kat and look into it ASAP." He beamed a smile and rustled Sam's hair. "Now, let's go grab some snacks: We're back home!"

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Chapter Two: The Guardian of Time

As Sam walked into his room, his radio clicked on. “...nd it has been three days since famous singer/songwriter, Kira Ford, has gone missi--” He turned off his radio and sighed. “I need to program that thing to not turn on every time I walk in to the room. Anyway, that was an amazing meal! Boy, am I stuffed!” He looked and found he was speaking to only the walls, as Warren, his roommate, was not in the room. “Never mind...” he muttered under his breath.

He plopped down in bed, staring at the ceiling. Boom is awesome. He has always made me feel like I have a family here. He’s a good father-figure. Hehe... Glad his neuron-enhancer got him into duty. He looked over to his desk at the gift wrapped on the desk. It took forever to finish it! Sam mused to himself how funny it will be when Boom opens the box to find a replica he made of the “SPD Orange Ranger” suit. He made the suit by watching archived footage in The Hall of Legends.

“The Hall...” Sam left his room and went to The Entry.

As he walked into The Entry room, he saw the portal’s sentinel slowly turn to him. “Transwarp Mark VII: ONLINE. What is your request?” Sam pulled out his badge and placed it in front of the robot’s eye-scanner. “Hall of Legends.”

The Machine’s eyes turned green. “Access granted. Welcome, Future: Omega Ranger.” He cranked a lever, tuning the door’s frequency to the proper setting to allow Omega’s entrance. “Reminder: you must stay morphed in The Hall or you will be lost in the crevices of time.” Sam winked. “I gotcha, big boy.” He backed up and thought, I love this part! and as he ran past the eight foot tall guard, yelled, “SPD EMERGENCY!”

He transformed right as he hit the portal’s shimmering, purple surface. Like Alice down the rabbit hole, he slowly descended to the Hall’s main floor.

“Sam, what are you doing?” His commander’s voice rang through his communicator. “Just doing some indexing, Commander Tate.” After a silence, Sky said, “Very well. Make sure to at least remember your point of departure so you don’t show up a week from now, got it? Oh, never mind. Here you come right now. Make sure you have your report with the proper formatting when you hand it to me.”

Sam sighed. “Understood, Commander. Anything in particular you need me to index?” Commander Tate’s voice came back online. “Why, yes, I would like -- What!?” Sam heard an explosion in the background, followed by Sky’s demands. “Ranger- stand down! That is an order!” More explosions.

“Commander!?” Sam stood frozen in shock. What’s happening!? He heard more: “SPD EMERGENCY! Shadow Ranger!” He could make out battle noises through the communicator. He then heard a distinct voice saying, “If that is what you want, then fine: Legend Blade!” After some more noise and what sounded like screams, Sam heard Boom say, “Sam... I don’t know what is happening, so please put the blade down... Sam, NO!”

At that instant, the communication dropped. “Hall: take me to the moment right after I leave The Hall so there will be two of me in the same time frame. Next, for that time frame, set the Future: Omega Ranger power tap to the Morphing Grid.” He shakes his head and sighs. “That should weaken my future self enough so the guys can apprehend... me? .... and we can get to the bottom of this.”

“Unable to grant request: Entry log deleted. Unable to grant request: Hall entry point sealed.” Sam’s heart felt like it was in his throat. “What is happening!?”

Suddenly, a hologram appeared before him. It was the head of SPD Earth, Doggie Anubis Krueger. “Sam, I am sorry to say things are bad. VERY bad. I had to lock you in The Hall for your own safety. It will take too long to explain everything, and I don’t have time... but you do. Sam, your ranger project has been to ensure the omega future... the last future that cannot be taken by evil forces. I have programmed The Hall to only let you out once you have completed the project I left for you. It is filed as Project: Future Ensured. Good luck.”

And with that, Sam was alone. “Computer: Open the programmer mode.”

“This mode has been deactivated.” Sam stops and breathes in deeply. Focus...

“Computer: Open file search and locate Officer Boom’s instruction manual.”

“All of these functions are locked. Omega Ranger’s only access is currently to the file ‘Future Ensured’.”

A holographic projection of a file folder appeared in front of Sam. “Ranger: this project has special guidelines. You are to watch the Time Force files chronologically. The first folder is unlocked. Subsequent folders are locked and will be unlocked upon completion of the previous files in the folder subsequently preceeding the locked files.”

Sam activated the Chrono Work Station via his morpher and sits. The keyboard appeared before him, directly under the holographic folder.

“Computer: Tell me the names of the folders and the files in them.” Sam watched as the folders appeared before him. To keep calm, he reasoned to himself, Krueger is right: I have time. I can still pop in at the right time. I have to trust him. Somewhere in these files is the information I need to resolve... whatever is happening.

The computer’s voice echoed in Sam’s helmet: “There are twenty one folders. The name of folder one is ‘The Old Hierarchy’. This folder has three files. Folder two has five files. Folder numbers three through six have two files. Folder numbers seven through ten have one file. Folder eleven has two files. Folders twelve through twenty one have one file.” Sam hurriedly typed all of the information into his second monitor for his index record. "Open folder one. What are the files?” The computer flipped the icon open to show three files. Two were dark with no title. “File one is The United Alliance. Would you like to begin?” Sam stretched. “May as well.” The archived footage played.

. . .

In a beige building complex with ancient looking designs, many important figures gathered. Some entered the complex through the opening at the top of the teleportation cylinder attached to the building where they would be verified for access. These were the leaders from wealthy planets and alliances. Those without access to such technology entered through the front entrance.

Once inside, the view showed gadgets and charts lining the conference room. The scene showed all in attendance wearing white robes, as a respect to the traditions of those who were sponsoring the convention. A chime echoed the room, indicating the browsing portion of the convention was over. The main presentation was to begin.

Three chairs sat on a stage, with only one vacant. One of the chairs' occupants stood and approached the audio system. He placed the voice amplifier and language synchronizer to his throat. “Ladies and Gentlemen. As the meeting conductor, I say on behalf of the Alliance Research and Development Team that we are honored to have you. My name is Burai and I am Assistant Chief of Research. I invite all to stand now as we welcome The Morphing Masters.”

Fourteen figures teleported onto the stage, while a section for them to sit and preside over the meeting appeared as well. They all wore different colored robes, indicative of their position within the group. The one in gold moved to sit with the researchers.

Burai continued, “I am now pleased to pass the time to the research chairman from The Morphing Masters: Master Orion.” As Burai turned to head to his seat, Orion materialized at the audio station and adjustmented the tech to his throat.

Orion looked over the audience and began his speech. “I have worked in research and development for... well, let’s say a long time!” The audience laughed. “Although I love it, I had felt the title of Head of Research needed to be passed on to someone young, more in tune with the new technology of our modern age. Although I had many from who to choose, through the whole process, there was but one young man on who I had my sights focused. He is talented and focused. I assure you all, as members of The United Alliance, that our research is in the hands of the most capable person I know. He is methodic in his designs and implementations. Hehe... I swear at times he is thinking ten steps ahead of everyone in the development team!” Laughter could be heard from the audience from the section of researchers in attendance. “You see? They know I am right! Now, although Burai is trying to follow his well mapped agenda, I will skip the pleasantries and get to the heart of why we are all here! I invite the Head of Research up not to start his demonstration!”

The young man looked up, sweeping his messy blue hair away from his eyes. Orion laughed, “Yes, you! Come on! Everyone, the man who needs no introduction! Come on up!” The Head of Research slowly stood up, groaning to himself. And now for the song and dance. Anything to keep the investors interested. Here we go. He slowly made his way to the audio station, placing the devices to his throat as Orion patted him on the back, then materialized back at his chair. Unnecessary eye candy. I guess I need to learn to be “showy” if I am to do this.

He looked out toward the audience. He slowly plastered a smile to his face. “I appreciate the vote of confidence. Although... I doubt I’m that well known.” The audience laughed. He adjusted the collar of his robe, then continued in his deep, authoritative voice. “I am the Head of Research and Development for The United Alliance. I hale from Eltar. My name is Zordon.”

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I like so far. Continue.
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Thanks. I am trying to finish chapter four. I have had a lot of school stuff hit me this past week, along with an exam on Thursday. I am crossing my fingers that either today or tomorrow I will have it done.

Chapter Three: The Academy

After the conference, Zordon could be seen packing away his papers into his research bag. Burai walked up to him and patted him on the back. “Well, Zordon. I have to say what you lack in charisma you sure do make up for in pure amazingness! Watching you present your theories and the possible applications it all may have... I just wish you would share some of these things with at least me. I am over this division too, you know...” Burai looked down in embarrassment as he said this. These were feelings he had bottled up, though only when they came spilling out his mouth was he able to fully realize these emotions existed.

Zordon nodded as he continued to pack his things, his back still turned toward Burai. “You are right. The best way to run an organization is if its leaders are all in accord.” He finished packing and started toward the buildings’ exit. “Hey, wait up! I have a lot to ask about what you taught today!” Zordon moaned to himself. Can’t I have some time to myself? I didn’t pick you as my right hand man so we could be friends. Well, maybe this will help get you caught up... Zordon didn’t slow down as he made his way out of the building. Burai was right at his heels.

“Okay, first off: why did you keep these things to yourself?” Zordon adjusted the strap on his bag which was wrapped around his shoulder. “I was busy preparing the presentation. Orion strongly urged me to prepare things which would give the members of the Alliance faith in me. I picked the things which I didn’t feel would give away my deeper thoughts and experiments, but would still border on the fringe side of our tech. Just to keep things exciting. I didn’t tell you beforehand because I didn’t have time to slow down my preparations for you to keep up with me.” Zordon swept mats of blue hair from off his brow.

Burai placed his hand on Zordon’s shoulder as they walked. “Trust me, my friend. I’ll keep up! At least next time, give me your presentation notes. I’ll go over them and if I don’t understand something, I will ask you afterward about it. I am not ashamed to ask someone younger than me for help!” He flashed his superior a smile. Great. So I guess you’re saying I need to get accustomed to these post-meeting chats. And I am only 100 years younger than you... Zordon turned to Burai. “You said you had questions about the presentation. I am fairly confident it didn’t end with your first question.” Burai’s head cocked back. “Oh, yes... right... let me see...” He pulled out some note cards from his pocket.

“Well... You spoke about using items as sort of totems to allow for more power in our soldiers. What did you mean by that?” Zordon chuckled. “I didn’t elaborate on that on purpose. Sentinel Knight would’ve been very upset if I had outright stated my meaning. I’ll be very surprised if he didn’t catch my drift during the presentation anyway. I’m sure I’ll have a scalding memo in my office in the morning.”

“You didn’t answer my question... sir.” Burai smiled again, with what seemed like an amazing amount of patience.

“Right. You will need a history lesson first. With an older quorum of The Morphing Masters, there was the war for the Corona Aurora. Sentinel Knight was able to secure it and has been its guardian ever since. The purposes of that war was to use the jewels as a power source to fuel an empire. My conjecture is that we can use other artifacts in much the same way.” Burai nodded. “Yes, this makes sense. But wouldn’t this be using it as a conduit to the Morphing Grid?” Zordon shook his head. “This is what Sentinel Knight doesn’t understand. One can make powerful warriors, who may give the impression of capabilities derived from the Grid, without actually tapping it. Yes, he has outlawed sciences directly using the Morphing Grid, and he has done so for very good reason. Of all the Masters, he has the most experience with the Grid and knows its powers and dangers. What I suggest, and wish to prove, is that one can use totems to be a power source for warriors without tapping the grid.”

Burai wrote these things down in his notes. “This is fascinating! What gave you the idea this could even work, though?” Zordon shrugged. “Just a hunch I went with and, through my investigations, have seen evidence it is possible.” Burai made some more annotations. Good thing he bought that. The truth would complicate things.

“Okay, Zordon. You also mentioned machines which would facilitate Alliance security, and then showed some schematics. Anything else about them?” Zordon shook his head, causing his blue hair to wave about. “That’s all. They will be manned by soldiers. These 'Droids' will run in groups of five and their primary focus will be to divide and conquer the foe. I figure anything more than five will too difficult for a field commander to manage efficiently.”

Zordon stopped here and, for the first time during the conversation, looked at Burai. “Thank you very much for your time and dedication for wanting to learn more of our department’s future. Unfortunately, I have arrived at my dormitory. If you wish, we can continue these discussions tomorrow in my office.” Burai smiled. “Yeah, sure. Sounds great. Thank you for your time! I will also have my report about my upcoming research proposals ready for you in a few days.”

With this, they parted ways. Zordon scanned his security badge at the dormitory scanner. “Zordon Zoltar of Eltar. Identity confirmed. Please enter.” Zordon walked in and headed toward his room. As a high ranking member of The Morphing Academy, he was privileged with free boarding on the main planet. There was a sharp contrast of those who lived on the main planet: those who came from wealthy families and could afford the rooming, and those you earned the ability to live close to The Masters themselves. More often than not, those who were able to buy their room on the planet were those who never received a very high rank, while those who were regarded as more academically inclined rose achieved "greatness".

Every year, The Morphing Masters would allow for applications to be sent in for the top three spots in The Academy. They would be evaluated by their achievements, an interview with a member of The Morphing Masters, and their ability to battle with their inherent abilities to tap The Morphing Grid. Now, while it was outlawed by The Masters to make equipment for anyone to be able to tap the Morphing Grid, The Morphing Academy was founded expressly to increase the abilities of those who were naturally able to tap the Grid.

The purpose of having the top three spots selected was because these three would be those who were next in line to become a member of The Morphing Masters upon the death of a member. Zordon had been a member of The Top for the past four years, and with the death of App during a mission in the M51 Galaxy, Zordon was apprehensive of the fact he would be under observation for the spot. He very much wanted this spot, for he knew if he got in, he would have access to more resources than he thought imaginable, and would be able to fund Research and Development with the resources he believed that department deserved.

It’s a shame. Although Orion started Research and Development, ever since he became a Master he has left it by the wayside. I will change things. And, there will be no more pandering to the masses. No more conventions that are nothing more than ringside attractions. The research will speak for itself and time will be devoted to that and not six months of planning for a silly event. Imagine if those six months went by completely interrupted, for just research! We could get more work done, and the results would speak for themselves! I am sure we would get at least the same amount of funds for the projects I would do! Zordon shrugged to himself as he walked down the empty halls. No reason to imagine something which may not occur, I guess.

At that time, The Top was comprised of Zordon, an Aquitian named Cestro, and Zordon’s assistant, Burai. After App’s sudden death, the candidate who scored the fourth best two months earlier, during The Trials, was chosen to be a member of The Top, to take the place of the member who would be promoted to the rank of Master. It caused quite a flurry of discussion throughout The Alliance, since this candidate was the first female to be a member of The Top since Delphine of Aquitar was named as a Master. The favorite amongst the members of The Academy was Cestro to become a Master, due to being an Aquitian himself and having “an in” by way of Delphine.

As Zordon finally got to his room, he noticed someone at his door. It was Orion. He cleared his throat and started walking toward Zordon. “Good presentation today. It got a lot of potential investors. We’ll work on them to get your research funded.” Zordon was very surprised to see Orion here in a dormitory. It was always odd to see a Master walking about, but to be in front of his own room threw Zordon off a bit from his normally balanced nature. It was also interesting to see Orion in the gold robe, which was worn by the lowest ranking member of the Senior quorum of The Masters. There were fifteen members of The Morphing Masters: seven Senior members and eight Junior members. Orion was recently voted in as the newest Senior member, to replace App.

“I hope to get started as soon as possible on my newest hypothesis.” Zordon said, waiting to see if these congratulations were the only reason for Master Orion’s visit. “Well, that will have to take a back seat for now. I have been sent by The Masters to come and pick you up. You have been voted in to potentially take App’s place. I will be teleporting you to The Masters’ Council which will start soon. There, you will learn of what your field exam will be to see if you are up to snuff.” Zordon’s heart fell to his stomach. Orion was known to be direct to the point, so his bluntness at this moment provided no way for Zordon to gather himself for news he wasn’t expecting.

“Okay. It seems like you are dumbfounded. You better have a tongue by the time we get to The Council. Now, come stand next to me.” Zordon nodded and approached The Master. “Ready to teleport.” Zordon, for the first time, was able to feel what it was like to be teleported.

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Very interesting. Can I assume you're using this set up with Sam to give you the possibility of ... what was it... 20 something stories to write? If so, great format!

Nice take on a "young" Zordon. I look forward to more.
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Yes, Sam is working as the frame, but I don't wanna give away more than that. ^_^
Thanks for the feedback. It means a lot!
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Chapter : The Fool

As Zordon walk into the room, he saw the morphin masters.
It's morphin time you're the one! Yeled Sentanel Nite.
Alright. Zordon sad nonshulontlee.
one of the others gasped: we can do this together! Yeled the other: oh man woch out bad guys cuz were tge:
(Alltogether power rangers morphing masters force!
Zordon now laughs, 'I tricked you! You will now be destroyed... forefer...'
he destroyed them ans & grabbed Senteniel Knghit by the collar of his cashmere robe and, lifting him into the air, saying: "HAPPY APRIL FOOLS, FISH HEAD!"
He then was the winner and married his lifelong love, Nurse Joy. They had a son named Yugi and with the power of Yugi-Oh! Cards made the Power Rangers Megaforce (because cards).

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Thank you guys for being patient while I finished studying for my anatomy exam. It went really well (I think)! Now, onto the real next chapter! Haha! I hope you guys enjoy it!
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Chapter Four: Rise of a Tyrant

"Go... go!" The commander screamed as his rogue militia ran through crags. The commander looked around to see if he could spot his pursuers. When he thought they had gained some sufficient distance, he motioned for his squad to follow him into a small enclosure under a boulder.

"Filcar?" His right hand man looked up, rearranging his supply bag on his back.

"Yes, Commander? " The commander looked around and couldn't see an end to the cave in which they found themselves.

"Take two others with you and see if this thing has any end." As Filcar marched off with his recruits, the commander took his place with his men. As he awaited inevitably being found, he pondered how he got to this point.

It all started at an archaeological dig. He was the head of his team. He found historical data in his studies hinting at ancient activity in a certain area, si after completing for and finally earning a research grant from The United Alliance (which took four slow years to attain), he was excited to scour the area. Within hours of starting, his team's monitors were surging with power spikes. Thinking he had found something which would put him in the history books, he pinpointed the energy source and started digging.

As he thought back on the moment he found the artifact, he gripped his blaster tightly. How I wish I could go back. Change it all and stop myself. Everything would have been different... He remembered the power it emanated as the crane pulled it from its earthy home. A large crystal structure, glowing with a rainbow of colors. He immediately sent a video to Orion, the then junior member of The Morphing Masters and leader of Research and Development for The Alliance. Within minutes he and a senior Master, App, arrived. The two masters looked over the crystal. Some reported hearing them speak of The Morphing Grid, and power sources. At that time, all the head of the dig could think of was this find’s importance, and how his career would be cemented in history.

What he got was far from what he intended. Suddenly he found himself being taken to an Alliance facility, with Alliance officers interrogating him, and telling him that he needed to swear to never share his findings. He and his team were quarantined for months, being trained to become soldiers, to protect the artifact. He was named as the group commander, since he had military training from his time attending The Academy. He had joined to get a military scholarship, having The Alliance pay for his education.

With his team equipped with minor training, The Alliance’s intent was to ensure the lowest number of people were aware of the artifact’s existence. Those who refused to enlist were threatened with charges of treason and mutiny, with a life sentence of solitary confinement dangled over their heads. The passion they shared for their career had led them to be prisoners of their greatest find, which was meant to never see the light of day.

Things never go according to plan, however, when destiny is involved. One member of the team, Novact, decided this was not the career he had signed on for. He couldn’t wait on an undefined time when he would be honorably discharged (if that time would even come). To free himself from his shackles, he made a deal with the devil.

This devil was a warlord who had parked himself in a main planet of the galaxy. It was once a beautiful world named Decrof; eventually the planet found itself conquered after a gruelling galactic war. The Alliance at the time knew not how to handle this empire’s power, with generals and creatures unseen by Alliance strategists. Once conquered, as a mockery to those defeated, the planet was renamed by the victors - as Gamma Vile.

Novact surrendered himself to the warlord. To further mock The Alliance, the warlord had introduced himself with the title of master, being known as Master Vile. Now Vile, upon being told by Novact of the crystal, decided it was in his best interest to find this power source to fuel his empire, just as another empire had tried to accomplish many centuries before when they attempted to take the jewels of the Corona Aurora. Vile sent his armies and attempted a covert attack to accomplish his deed at the site his informant gave him. Whether by luck or by tactic they were unsure, but the team was able to escape with the crystal and find their way to a mountain range, where they had been battling and hiding for days, using the terrain as cover.

As these thoughts ran through the commander’s head, Filcar could be heard approaching. “Sir! This cave has an exit! Please! Signal an evac team! They will arrive quickly: I know it!” Filcar’s excitement slowly became a ramble of desperation and joy, and with due cause. The commander nodded and tried to hide his own joy. He ordered everyone to start running to the cave exit. He knew once he transmitted any signal that it would be a matter of time before the source would be triangulated, causing the enemy to descend upon them with fury. When his team was out of sight down the cave’s tunnel, he walked out a ways from the entrance. He pushed the button on his communicator.

“Alliance: this is Commander Zedd.” He gave the coordinates Filcar gave him for the cave’s exit and bolted back to the cave, leaving the communicator behind. He planned on Vile’s forces appearing at the transmission site, giving the evac team time to arrive while the enemy attempted to figure out the team’s location. Zedd hoped that by the time Vile’s troops found the cave and followed it to its exit, he and his team would be gone. All he could do, was hope...

. . .

Zordon sat at chair fifteen. Obviously he wasn’t wearing the white metallic robe, for he wasn’t actually member fifteen. Not yet, at least, Zordon thought to himself. He knew he would need to assert himself here, yet show some restraint out of respect to let the Masters know he knew his place. He thought on these things because he knew how important this was.

He looked around at those who had already earned their place as a master of manipulating The Grid: at the head of the council sat Sentinel Knight. He was the oldest on the council and had been through more battles than the rest of the council put together. Sitting next to him was Ivicar, a talented human war general who was known for holding fast to what he felt was right, while being warm and kind.

Next was a humanoid from a classified species, named Dulcea. Not much was known about her among The Alliance. Fourth in command wearing the black robe was Tria, an interesting being from Triforia. She was a tri-fold entity like all Triforians. Their origins were a closely-held secret by the Triforian government. They generally were comprised of a being of courage, another of heart, and another of wisdom. The Academy was full of Triforians, making getting into The Academy as a Triforian much more competitive, as The Academy strove for diversity amongst its students.

Following Tria was Gerlit, a Liarian. They were an odd, key wielding race. Under him in the hierarchy was a king from the Cimmarian planet named Elma Estro. He came from a human race whose people were on the brink of extinction after a massive, and rather tragic, civil war. Rounding out the senior council was Orion.

The junior council comprised of human (or humanoid) members: Delphine from Aquitar; Kamen from Edenoi; Animus, representing his long-displaced people from the Animal Realm; Magnas, from Kouevn; Dimitria, a frustrating being from the planet Inquiris; Michael, from the young planet that, at that time, was designated only as KO-35; and Gosei, from the venerated planet who originated The Morphing Master legacy: Earth.

Sentinel Knight gestured to Zordon. “I would like to recognize The Alliance head of Research and Development, and the candidate to replace our fallen comrade, App.” He then pointed to Orion. Orion nodded and moved to the holographic podium in the center of where the council sat. He looked at each person in the semicircle.

“Fellow masters: as you know, I have been coordinating the protection of The Morphing Grid fragment for some time. Zordon, I will fill you in on specifics later.” Zordon’s mind was buzzing. Morphing Grid fragment!? But... how? Orion continued, “We received word from Commander Zedd mere moments ago. This is why I recommended to Sentinel Knight to arrange this meeting.” The masters began whispering amongst themselves upon hearing this latest update.

“I am heading down to Zedd’s coordinates now with a militia of Alliance troops, ready to head off Vile’s army. We will avenge Master App.” The masters all nodded in agreement. Zordon was shocked to hear Vile was involved in App’s passing. “Sentinel Knight decided the junior who will accompany me on this mission is not a junior at all, but actually a civilian: we will be using this as the field test for Zordon, who the council voted in yesterday initially with a vote of 11-3 before the unanimous decision...” Orion looked straight at Zordon. Ivicar grimaced, disapproving of Orion’s way of telling Zordon not all of the masters were fully supportive when he recommended bringing Zordon to the organization.

Ah, nonbelievers... Zordon decided to assert himself now, to take away any doubt which may have been resonating in any of the masters. He stood up and stared at the group. “I, Zordon of Eltar, humbly accept your nomination. I will go with Master Orion. I will fight and defend this fragment from Vile’s forces. And I proclaim, in front of this council, that I will do everything in my power to bring back Zedd from the clutches of evil.”

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BTW... Anatomy test? Are you a med student?
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The Power Ranger Archives
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Not yet. Hopefully someday! I'm Pre-Med right now.

Thanks for the feedback everyone! My goal is at least three chapters a week (may or may not happen) so I will try to finish chapter five today. I don't think chapter six will be released this week, though. Maybe I will do four chapters next week to make up for it...

Oh, and if anyone sees anything that expressly goes against PRU continuity, let me know and we can hash things out! ^_^
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Twitter: @PanamaRanger
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Nice. Senior med here. It's hard to be a part of the Ranger Nation and be a pre-med or med student at the same time, but it is possible.

And your third line from the previous post just showed how commited you are. Excellent!
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The Power Ranger Archives
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Congratulations on getting into Med School. I have a lot of respect for anyone who is able to do what is needed to be admitted! I hope I can be so fortunate someday!
I am currently finishing chapter five, so expect an update (as soon as I can get to a computer to get it out of my notebook)! I am excited to be getting my story down! Thanks to those following!
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The Power Ranger Archives
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Chapter Five: The Resistance and the Crystal
"Follow me. " Orion tapped Zordon on the shoulder and motioned for him to follow. Zordon walked to a platform as Orion brought up a holographic terminal from his wrist tech. I develop technology I don't get to use. Soon, that will change!

"We will be heading to the Research Lab. Our teleportation system isn't reliable enough to get us to M51. We will need to rely on your completed transportation projects." Zordon hid a smile.

"It will be an honor to have their first official mission be for the Masters." Zordon said.

Zordon felt the energy envelop him as he was teleported to the laboratory. He walked to the doorway to where his machinery was kept. He looked into the scanner. "Zordon Zoltar of Eltar." As the panels opened, a rush of hot air hit him. He walked in is as followed.

Burai was busy working on some schematics with his team as he turned it to see who had entered. "Hello, Zordon! Nice to see you so soon after-- Master Orion! It is a pleasure to have you here! What can we do for you!?"

Upon hearing Burai's announcement, the associates all stopped and straightened themselves, out of respect to the master. Orion lifted up his hand, saying, "As you were. Hello Burai. I am here with Zordon to test some equipment. I recently saw the schematics for... Storm Blaster and Lightning Cruiser?"

Zordon cringed as he heard the names. He and Burai had worked for quite some time on the project. Zordon had wanted to name them Dragon Cruiser and Pegasus Thunder, which he thought fit the naming pattern of Alliance vehicles better. He had lost the coin toss and Burai named them what Zordon thought were "ridiculous names".

Burai smiled at Orion. Is this my chance? Am I to be selected as Master App’s replacement? Burai thought. He been considering his chances for quite some time. He felt he had a better shot than the other member of The Top, Cestro, since he had beaten him in combat during the last round of applications. He had originally thought it would be Zordon who would be selected, but when Zordon was called as the head of research and development, he began thinking that it would make no sense to name him as leader, when only months later he would become a master. His reasoning was that, to not cause too much change, Zordon would focus on the Alliance’s tech, while he and Cestro would compete for the master slot.

Burai had also thought of how blessed Research and Development was to have Zordon. Sentinel Knight had passed laws forbidding the tapping of The Morphing Grid to develop technology. During The Great M51 War, when Zordon was the Acting Head of Research and Development, many researchers said that since it was a time of war, it would be of benefit to push aside Sentinel’s laws to create tech which could save Decrof. Petitions were formed and schematics for weaponry were made that could potentially tap The Grid. Zordon put his foot down to this, destroying schematics and causing many associates to not only be fired from Research and Development, but to also be expelled from The Academy altogether. Zordon had said that using The Grid was not the established way, and that The Morphing Masters knew best.

“Right this way!” Burai motioned for Orion to follow him. As they approached the two vehicles, Zordon stood a little taller. Although he found working with Burai unpleasant at times, he had to admit the man’s intelligence. The machine’s designs were unique: no other vehicle had their shape or structure. Zordon specifically worked on Lightning Cruiser, while most of Storm Blaster’s design was Burai’s.

“Thank you. Zordon will take it from here.” Burai smiled, nodded, and headed back to his office. He locked the door behind him. He stared at the ceiling, fighting back tears. His gut felt like it was rolling in it body cavity. His heart was in his throat. He thought on how close he had gotten to being a master. He was disheartened because, due to the nature of many of the council members, it was very hard to predict when one would die, freeing up a space. Burai was only human, and unlike beings like Magnas or Sentinel Knight, would not live for what seemed like forever.

How naive was I!? How much longer must I wait!? I have been in The Top longer than Zordon! Will my time never come...? Burai thought to himself as he rested against the wall, slowly sliding down until he was sitting on the floor. He buried his head in his hands and allowed the tears to come.

Outside the office, next to the machinery, Orion turned to Zordon. “We will use these vehicles to lead our militia to Zedd. Do you have anything for the troops to pilot?

At this question, Zordon paused to consider before replying. “No. Project Zordina isn’t ready yet, and that is the project closest to completion.” Zordon added to himself, It is a shame, too, since those Droids would be perfect for escalating the battle. Vile would never see it coming!

“Fine. They can use the War Star ships.” Orion tapped his wrist device to send a text-type message. These “text messages” were encrypted and, although slower and only able to extend for short distances, were safer from enemy interception.

“The Alliance is on its way. Are these fast enough to catch up?” Orion asked Zordon.

Obviously you didn’t actually read the schematics. Zordon thought as he began his response: “These vehicles have artificial intelligence. They learn from their environment. This coupled with the tech we have outfitte the with give them the potential to be some of the most powerful vehicles in the universe.”

Sensing Zordon’s irritation, Orion placed his hand on Zordon’s shoulder. “Please relax. You don’t need to be so tense all of the time. This is why three Masters did not vote for you.” Zordon radiated fury at Orion for trying to be so familiar. He looked at the hand on his shoulder, then glared at Orion.

“I don’t need to be anyone’s ‘buddy’. I am here to get a job done. I take my assignments seriously. Now if you will excuse me--” As Zordon tried to walk past, Orion gripped his shoulder and forced him back to face him.

“Listen to me: The worst thing you can do is have enemies in the council. Trust me: I speak from experience. Now, I have confidence in you. I’m not one of the three who voted against you. I see potential in you. I back Ivicar’s recommendation. Just... watch yourself, ok? Your journey as a master can be fulfilling or demanding. Don’t make it harder than needs be.”

Zordon ripped his shoulder away. “What will make my life easier is to do my job and get things done.” Zordon jumped into Lightning Cruiser and drove off.
As Zordon drove down the path toward the hatch leading to outer space, he heard Orion pull up behind him. Zordon opened the glove compartment and pushed a button, causing the hatch to open.

“Zordon, I am sending you the coordinate now.” Zordon heard Orion’s voice coming from the passenger seat. He looked around to see a wrist tech sitting next to him. Orion must have thrown it in here as I drove off...” Zordon slipped it on and a holographic image appeared before him, showing the coordinates of the militia’s location.

. . .

“Get in position!” Zedd yelled to his troops. They pointed their blasters into the cave. Like a rumble of thunder, they could hear the enemy hoard trampling to their location.

“Sir, make sure Novact pays for this!” Filcar yelled as he grabbed a bag carrying the team’s grenades, running into the cave.

Zedd stared for a moment before realizing what Filcar was doing. “Everyone: STAY IN POSITION! ONLY FIRE IF YOU SEE THE ENEMY!!” Zedd yelled this as he ran after Filcar. Once he was in range, he stopped, aimed, and fired at Filcar.

“Ahhh!” Filcar screamed as he got hit, clutching his thigh.
Zedd ran to him. “Don’t worry: a shot to the thigh is nothing compared to being blown to bits. You’ll live.”

Filcar pounded his fist into the dirt. “No, Zedd! Leave! You need to let me do this! It’s better that I fall than everyone!”

Zedd tried to grab Filcar, but he kept scrambling and flailing about, yelling at Zedd to go without him. Zedd then aimed the butt of his blaster and hit Filcar in the head, knocking him out.

Zedd ran back to the other men, announcing himself as he did, ensuring he wouldn’t get blasted. He place Filcar in some brush to help him stay hidden, then returned to his troops. As he did, on of his men fell backward, covered in a blue slime.

“It’s Blue Globbor!” One soldier yelled, causing chaos to arise amongst the troop.

Zedd looked at the soldier and saw it was Rahp, a man who had once been his roommate at The Academy. He slowly stood erect to face the beast who had taken down so many Alliance troops during the war on Decrof.
Globbor looked at Zedd, wearing as it were a mask resembling a distorted version of Rahp’s face. The monster stood as if he were defying the soldiers to hit him, for they all knew if they did, the damage would also be felt by Rahp. Globbor’s most efficient mode of attack was to link himself to his enemy, ensuring that even if he were destroyed, he would take a soldier down with him. The Alliance, for the longest time, could not figure out how to best the beast. By the time scientists were able to analyze Globbor’s genetic make-up and find a stop to his reign, it was already too late for Decrof. Many believe Globbor was the prime factor in Decrof’s desolation.

If only we had some sunlight... Zedd thought.

“Take me instead!” Yelled Zedd as he threw down his blaster, raising his arms in the air as a sign of forfeiture. When he did this, he heard laughter. A tall figure stepped out of the shadows of the cave, making himself visible as he did.

“I, Master Vile, have come personally to retrieve the crystal. Give it to me and your men will be set free!”
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Chapter Six: Face Off for the Crystal

Zedd clutched the bag on his bag. If the crystal is given to Vile, all will be lost, but... “My men are more important. Here, Vile.”

Zedd threw the bag at Vile. What Vile did not know was that the bag was actually the bag of grenades Filcar grabbed earlier. Zedd dropped down and, grabbing his blaster, shot the bag as Vile snatched it out of the air.

“Ahh!” Vile, Globbor, and by extension, Rahp yelled. Right then, a break in the heavy clouds appeared, causing sunshine to pour down on the scene.

“These dark clouds Vile cast over the planet are atrocious.” Orion said from Storm Blaster as he led the War Star armada. Zordon flew beside him in Lightning Cruiser.

Sunlight hit Blue Globbor. It shrieked as it lost its connection to Rahp. Zedd was grateful to look up and not only see sunlight, but The Alliance come in to save him and his troops.

“Lightning Cruiser: target Vile.” Zordon wanted to see if The Alliance database he programmed into the vehicle would be able to track his commands. To his satisfaction, the vehicle sent lasers at Master Vile.

“Nicely done!” Zordon said.

“Vwomp-vwomp.” The vehicle honked. Zordon was startled.

“Are you trying to communicate!?” Zordon asked, feeling odd speaking to a vehicle.

“Vwomp-vwomp.” Lightning Cruiser responded.

“Alright. I am glad to hear you are learning quickly! Now, let’s go down to help out.” Lightning Cruiser veered to the side and started its descent.

Vile’s henchman were pouring out of the cave, being met with Alliance fire. One ship landed and opened, sending a couple dozen troops out. They started firing on Vile and Globbor.

“We don’t have much time until the clouds roll back in, so target Blue Globbar now!” Orion yelled as he fired at it himself. As a hail of fire hit it, Globbor fell to the ground, exploding as it did.

“Okay, now round everyone up.” Orion commanded. The soldiers started collecting their comrades amidst the fighting. Once they were all in the ship, it started heading back into the sky.

In the ship, Zedd slumped down onto a bench. The commander of the evac team walked to Zedd, handing him a communicator. “Master Orion would like to speak with you.”

Zedd nodded answered. “This is Zedd, sir.”

“Is the Zeo Crystal secure?”

Zedd looked to find the bag on Filcar, since he had swapped it for the grenade bag before Globbor had attacked. “One moment, sir.”

Zedd looked around and could not see Filcar. He asked the soldiers, one by one, if they had picked up a man who was lying the bushes. Zedd started panicking.

“Master Orion... I believe we have a situation.”

. . .
Filcar awoke, his head throbbing. What am I doing in the bushes? He tried standing and fell back, forgetting he had been blasted in the thigh.

"Oh, great." He muttered to himself.

He looked around to see scorch marks and the bodies of Alliance troops on the ground. He dragged himself to a body to get its communicator. As he did, he heard a voice.

"You know, it appears as if someone was left behind." The man chuckled. Filcar could see a device flashing in the man's hand.

"Novact!" Filcar gasped as he realized who it was he was staring at.

Novact smiled and replied in his raspy voice, "Yes, it is me. Now, according to this device, you have something rather important in your bag. Fork it over!"

"What? You want some grenades? Well you're gonna get 'em!" Filcar reached into the bag and instead of feeling explosion devices, he felt something warm. He looked into the bag and was shocked to see the artifact he thought Zedd had been carrying.

Novact barked with laughter. "I can tell by the look on your face that the crystal's presence in your bag is news to you! Okay... listen... you and me were thrust into the same situation. So, just come with me. Master Vile will give you anything you desire! "

Filcar spit in his direction. "Not a chance!"

At this, Novact drew a blade. "Then prepare to be destroyed! "

As Filcar braced himself, the ground exploded in front of Novact.

"Huh!?" Novact yelled as he looked up.


Storm Blaster and Lightning Cruiser descended next to Filcar. Zedd and Rahp pulled Filcar into the back of Storm Blaster.

Orion stepped out of Storm Blaster as a group of Vile’s henchman appeared behind Novact.

"Novact! You are under arrest for treason. Surrender now and things won't get difficult." Orion said as he stared the traitor down.

"Don't make me laugh! You think I am going back with you, so you and your "holier than thou" council can give me a life sentence of solitary confinement? Tengas- attack!"

The feathered beasts darted toward their target. As they did, Orion turned to Zordon. "Get the crystal out of here!" Then, turning to Zedd and Rahp. "You two: stay with me!" They aimed their blasters.

With this, Orio began to concentrate. "Power of Light: Activate!" Orion’s concentration reached into The Morphing Grid, creating a ball of light. This energy encircled him and made itself manifest on his person: armor on his wrists, biceps, and around his calves. A special gauntlet appeared on his left wrist and an enhanced crossguard on his saber.

Zedd stood for a moment, stunned to see such power up close. I cannot imagine ever being able to wield such force! He thought as Orion jumped into the air.

Orion slashed his way through the crowd. In a matter of moments, the Tengas were defeated. Rahp stood in wonder. He turned to Zedd and said, "Wow! The Lights of Orion are more amazing than the stories I have heard!"

Orion grunted. "Novact is gone. He ran during the battle. Let us run through this cave. There may be some hint as to where he went on the other side."

Meanwhile, Zordon had landed on a moon, opening communications with The Morphing Masters. After explaining the events which had taken place, he said, "I don't have time- Sentinel Knight, I am sending Filcar and the crystal back to you on one of my vehicles. I am returning to the surface of Solaris 8 to retrieve Master Orion and Commander Zedd."

Sentinel Knight shook his head. "You will do no such thing. I cannot allow the Zeo Crystal to be escorted by a wounded soldier and an infant minded machine... I also will not leave any of my soldiers behind. Your orders are to stay on that moon and await Master Tria. She has been on alert, knowing she may need to assist you. Once she arrives, she will take the crystal from you. Then, once the crystal is secure, you must go to Master Orion's aid."

Zordon looked at the hologram before him. He said in boldness, "Master, the War Star armada should return to get the crystal. They are already closer and have more firepower."

Ivicar appeared on screen now, looking at Zordon with warm eyes. "Zordon, we cannot do that because then more people would be aware of the Zeo Crystal. Do not worry. Master Tria is already on her way. May the Power protect you."

And with that, Zordon found himself alone with Filcar.

"So, are you a Master now?" Filcar asked Zordon.

Zordon shook his head. "No. This was a field test for my initiation." Zordon then thought, And now that Master Tria is coming to pick up the pieces to save me, I will never be a Master.

"How long until Vile finds us?" Filcar started looking around as he asked, clutching his blaster.

"Not long now. Hopefully Master Tria can get here to secure you and the crystal before then." Zordon said, fully acknowledging to himself that this would likely be where he would fall in battle.

"You two: give me the crystal!"

Zordon turned to see Master Vile, a group of his henchman of goat/humanoid hybrids, and a human male.

"Vile! Novact!" Filcar aimed his blaster.

"Fire!" Zordon commanded his vehicles and Filcar simultaneously.

As the beasts dodged the approaching blasts and headed for Zordon, Zordon performed a back flip onto a rock. Focusing his energy, he directed currents of electricity at his enemies.

While Zordon did this, he was grabbed from behind before Lightning Cruiser could stop the assailants. Filcar shot wildly at Novact and Vile.

"Need some help?" Zordon suddenly found himself freed. As he turned, he found himself face to face with not only Master Tria, but also Zedd, Rahp, and Master Orion.

"How did you get here?" Zordon inquired as Zedd and Rahp started fighting their way to Filcar.

Orion explained as Tria started battling the goat men. "We followed Novact to a clearing. There were a few of Vile’s ships parked while his men searched for us. We simply hijacked one and flew here. As we landed, Master Tria attacked us. When she saw who we were, we teamed up to follow the coordinates you gave Sentinel Knight." As he finished, he threw Zordon down and blasted an opponent charging them.

At this, Master Vile started screaming. "Must I so everything myself!?" He began firing blasts at the two sentient vehicles. Zedd and Rahp took cover, firing back. Zedd was dismayed at seeing his shots do nothing more than small scratches.

Novact began attacking Zordon on the other side of the battleground, using his sword. Orion, still outfitted in his Light Armor, jumped in and parried the attack with his own blade.

"Tria! Get the crystal!" Orion yelled.

She nodded and leapt toward Storm Blaster. For a moment Storm Blaster began to retreat, preparing to fire on Tria. Immediately, though, the vehicle scanned it's pursuer and identified it as Master Tria. As she climbed in and sped away, she heard a crackle in the backseat. When she turned, her vision fell upon Filcar, slumped over the side of Storm Blaster. She feared the worst.

Master Tria pulled him back into the machine. She saw blood trickle down his face, and smoke come off where his head had been grazed by enemy fire. She focused her energy on Filcar. She could see that from outside a concussion, he sustained no life threatening injuries.

Back on the battlefield, Zordon was fighting off hoards of beasts as Novact battled Orion. Zedd and Rahp were in Lightning Cruiser, attempting to get a shot on Master Vile.

Zedd jumped out of Lightning Cruiser. As he hit the ground, he rolled between two goat men. He stood and sent an elbow to its throat, simultaneously throwing a donkey kick to the other behind him. He then took cover behind a boulder.

As he crouched, he took aim at Master Vile’s head and fired. Instead of a direct hit, Vile caught the blast in his hand and redirected it to Orion. The blast hit Orion square in the back. As he cried out in pain, he dropped his saber. Novact took the opportunity and sunk his blade into Orion’s gut.

"Orion!" Yelled Zordon as the monsters he fought jumped on him. The mass of beasts on top of him were pinning him down, stopping him from reaching The Morphing Master.

"Ha! Who is the master now!? I am Master Vile, and welcome to the M51 Galaxy: where the bad guys always win!"
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Great stuff.
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