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Special Police DekaOps

A/N - This is the second fic I posted online. I don't exactly remember when I started it, obviously after Dekaranger , but not exactly. A long time ago there was an AU Dekaranger that was set in Singapore(It might have even been posted on here) any way it set up a whole Deka universe and this is part of that. While there will be the occasional; mention of the other teams in that universe particularly at the beginning it is pretty much standalone, so hopefully you'll enjoy.
Special Police DekaOps

He sat in a plain waiting room going over things in his head. Two days ago he received a letter. It looked official, he thought it was his acceptance into Ranger school. Instead it told him to report to the Fort Detrick in Maryland to meet with a special committee. He couldn’t think of anything that he did wrong that would call for such a need. Nothing that would have him head to another state for at least. "Lieutenant?", someone by the now open door said. "They'll see you know."

He stood, adjusted his dress jacket and placed his hat under his arm and marched in. Three men were sitting behind a table, the African American man he recognized immediately, Major Henry Pierce. He was slightly surprised to see him there, he heard a leg injury knocked him out of the Army. The other two, a balding colonel and a general who looked really strict, he didn't know. He walked in front of them and stood at attention, "Lt. Daniel Stevens reporting as ordered Sirs."

"At ease," the colonel said. He set his feet apart and tried not to hyperventilate. "You're not in any kind of trouble so relax." Then why the hell was he called up here then, but he kept that thought to himself. The general reached under the desk and pulled out some kind of futuristic looking rifle and placed it on the table.

"Do you know what this is Lieutenant?"

He picked it up and examined it a little closer. "It looks like one of these weapons those Alienizers are supposed to carry."

"Your close," Pierce told him. "It's an Alienizer design alright, but the parts used to make come from here."

"Were we able to copy there technology sir?"

"No. This, and several like it, was confiscated in a raid in the Middle East. We're not sure who made it or how it was distributed. Or how many are out there already."

"Then shouldn't this go to one of those SPD units sir?"

"We were brought in soon enough," a tinny voice said. A walking scorpion came through a side door. It made several clicking noises with its’ claw and mouth, a few moments later a device attached to his long black coat replied in that tinny voice. "Pardon me for my rudeness, but I felt it was time to introduce myself."

"Of course," The General replied, somewhat restrained. "Lieutenant, this is Commander Scorp of SPD High Command."

"A nickname, my actual name cannot be spoken by mammal tongue."

"Sir," he nodded sharply. He kept his face neutral. There were a lot of people in the Armed Services who didn't care for this whole SPD mess, he was one of them.

"Outside of discovering a few warehouses and sellers," Scorp continued," our investigation turned up very little."

"I thought SPD was supposed to be the best at this sort of thing", Stevens said.

"They are," the General said. "But each unit is assigned a limited area to cover. There are a ton of places not covered these aliens can use to hide from them."

"And we could not search those areas without causing problem," the commander added. "Do to the unique nature of the political set up on this planet, we do not go where we are not asked."

"I should add," the Colonel spoke up, "that most of the parts in this thing come from the good ol' USA. Plus there some parts from Russia, Iran and God knows where else. Can you imagine the uproar in the Middle East if they're spotted there unannounced."

"We have run into similar problem elsewhere," Scorp said. "Fortunately SPD command has approved a plan to help in these matters. Seeing how most of the parts of this weapon came from this country I approached this government for help in setting things in motion."

"Is this that rumored SPD unit that’s supposed to be setting up in Texas?"

"Not exactly," Pierce stood up and walked around the table. For the first time he saw the cane he was using. "That unit is being set up as we speak as is another one. What we're discussing here is a covert ops type of unit."

"This unit will go were the others cannot", Scorp said.

"With all due respect sirs, but what does this have to do with me?" Dan had an idea, he just needed to hear it.

Scorp supplied the answer, "I am told that you will be a perfect fit for this unit.

"Again with all due respect sirs, I don't do spandex."

"The armor is made of a highly flexible metal that enhances you natural abilities," Scorp informed him.

"General," Pierce leaned in, "I know this is unusual but may I speak with the Lieutenant alone?"

"Yes Major," Pierce lead him into the side room Scorp came from.

"Are all your soldier that disrespectful", he heard him asking before the door was closed.

"Still know how to make friends don't you Danny?", Pierce chuckled.

"Is this a joke Major?"

"This is totally serious Dan." Pierce looked him right in the eyes, "This is very bad. It's bad enough these Alienizers find this planet so fascinating, now they're selling low grade version of their own weapons to the highest bidder."

"But why me? There has to be somebody else out there more qualified than I am."

"Now I doubt that. I trained you in basic and I been keeping tabs on you over the past couple of years. You are the quickest study I’ve ever meet. You're one of the tops in the field in recon and a shoe in to become one of the best Army Rangers in history. You also don't take any crap from anyone under you. That's why you were chosen, we need someone like you in this."

"So the units being composed of people in the military?" That he could live with, probably.

"Not exactly. You will be placed with a unit of trained SPD operatives who specialize in field needed for this."

"If they have guys trained in this sort of thing why ask for me?"

"It's a covert unit. SPD authorized it with no problem and we agreed that this was needed. The unit will answer directly to SPD but the government wanted a say in the unit personal if it was going to be headquartered here in the States. You were part of a compromise."

"What was the other part?"

"There will be an alien in the unit as well."

"Perfect," Dan looked out the turned and looked out the window. "So I'd be taking order from that thing in there for now on?"

"Not directly, Commander Scorp is the divisional Commander of the covert unit. From what I understand there are going to be at least four other unit like this on somewhere out there in the Galaxy." He twirled his cane in his hand," I'll be in control of things planet side."

He looked at the Major in surprise," You'll be in control?"

"I like to feel useful, can't do that behind the desk."

"More like you love barking out orders, which you can do behind a desk Major," he smirked.

"I'll keep that off the record. Dan, I was the one who recommended you for this position, I'm asking you to take it."

He looked out the window. People on the other side of that wall were going on with their business, no clue on what was going on in this room. God he really wanted to be one of those people right now. An SPD unit, who in the hell did he piss off. But an assignment was an assignment, no matter how you felt about it. "So where do I report for this thing?"

Pierce smiled and clapped him on the shoulder, "I knew you’d take it, but you’re not in yet. Scorp is worried about you, he's not sure you can keep up with trained SPD officers. So you're being sent to the planet Nagaus 7 for additional training. You make it past that, you’re in like Flynn."

"Additional training? Off planet???"

"Think of it as really intense ranger training, with a whole lot of cool toys at your disposal."

"If it doesn't kill me first."

"I hear the mortality rate is pretty low," Pierce joked. He didn't find it funny. "You leave in three days."

"Not a whole lot of time to prepare."

"We don't have much time to mess around. The unit should be up and running by the time you get back. I'll update you on things here then."

"I'm going to get you back for this, you know that?"

"I'll be waiting for it." Pierce saluted him, he returned it. They went back to the other room were Pierce told him he accepted. The colonel and general nodded in approval, the alien he couldn't read. They dismissed him and he left the room. He would have felt better if they brought him in to charge with something.

*note* this takes place six month prior to the first episode
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Special Police DekaOps

He spent several long moments trying to decide if the insect in front of him had dots or dashes covering it's body. Dashes meant he could eat it, he could eat the ones with the dots too, but he’d be throwing it up a few minutes later. What the hell, he as hungry and he couldn't risk staying in the same spot for much longer. Dan snatched the bug off the tree quickly. Taking out his knife he cut the head off, he learned he couldn't make a dent in its shell with his teeth the hard way. "Just like before," he told himself, "do it just like a crawdad." Dan put the shell to his lips and sucked the meat out. His face twisted at the taste, it did not improve over time but it was edible, that's what counted. He rationed out the food stuff he was given at the start of the final exam as best he could. He ran out five days ago, even with mixing in whatever he could find out here in the jungle. And the final exam started three weeks ago by his estimation. He should have told Pierce no.

Dan looked at the sky, the first sun was just starting to set. It was going to be a couple of hours before the other one did the same. When they told him they were sending him here for additional training he was expecting some kind of police school, not one mixed in with the survival boot camp from hell. And what a final exam they were given, each "student" was given a backpack of supplies and the bare minimum of gear and told to out into this jungle. The objective was to survive and try to not get caught by the search parties for as long as possible. He could have done that back on Earth, at least there he didn't have to worry about being eaten by the local plant life.

Time to move on. Digging a small hole he buried the shell and blended the dirt in as best he could. Keeping some loose dirt in his hands he rubbed it onto his face, his used to be blond hair and beard and his arms using the sweat to help it stick. Dan set off for what he guessed was south keeping careful attention to his surroundings. A sound made him duck down and he saw the source soon enough, a group of men in helmets and jungle uniforms. Another search party was sweeping the area. There were more and more of them these past couple of days. Slowly he moved away from where they were looking. What he wasn't expecting was the group right behind him. He must be tired, he didn't even see them. "There!", one of the shouted as he pointed in his direction.

Dan ran into a dense patch of bushes. There was an open field not far from this location. He spent some time planting some foot trails there going in different direction. Hopefully it would confuse them long enough to buy him some time, but it was a gamble. One he lost because there was another party there waiting for him. "Damn it!"

"Attention!", a voice barked out. Years of military training made him snap straight. A cat like creature named Mynx walked foreword smartly and stared him down. "What is this filthy slug my men have fished out of the jungle? Could this slug possibly be Daniel Stevens?"

"Sir, yes sir!", Dan answered

"Did you think you were being clever human?"

"Sir, no sir!"

"You're lying to me boy."

"Sir, no sir!"

"If there is one thing I can't stand it's a liar." He turned away from him and started walking the area looking at the ground. Every so often he would rub out one of the footsteps. "Did you honestly think this little trick would work?"

"Yes sir!"

"Finally we hear the truth. It apparently never crossed that tiny human mind of yours that this was the oldest trick in the book." Dan couldn't answer but he resisted the urge to look down. “Did I not say that the only way to pass this last test was to be one of the last five caught?"

"Sir, yes sir!"

Then the cat started eying his men, "Then can someone please explain to me how this lowly slug from Earth was the third to last one caught?" Dan looked at him in surprise after his head was finally able to process what was just said. He quickly went back to attention as Mynx turned around. "That's right son, out of a class of twenty we set loose you are officially number eighteen." He softened his tone, “Congratulation Stevens, you have passed the exam and passed the course." His head started swimming as he took that in. He made it.

"Permission to fall on my ass sir!"

Mynx made this deep guttural type of sound that he learned to recognize as a chuckle, "Permission granted." He fell on his butt and sat there breathing hard. "Help Stevens off with his pack." A couple of Mynx's men came up and took the pack from him. The cat continued, "This course was specifically designed by Commander Scorp to test the limits of the candidates both physically and mentally. He felt only those who could meet his standards were capable to lead. I must admit a lot of the beings here didn't think you make it to the final exam. I am proud to say that I wasn't one of them. Major Pierce helped design this program. If he thought you were up to the task than I had no reason to doubt you either."

"Pierce had a hand in this hell hole? I thought some of it felt familiar."

Mynx looked down at him for a long time. "For someone who was told they passed you don't look all pleased Stevens."

"I was hoping to outlast that damn lizard sir." That damn lizard was a chameleon-sejin named Chatrox. Everyone had him pegged to pass this course with flying colors. And he let everyone know it every chance he got. He was also very displeased Dan was there, making snide remarks about the "lowly human". A sentiment shared by several others as they gave Dan a wide berth whenever they could. He would have gave anything to show up the apparent ring leader.

"You did Stevens. Chatrox was the first one caught." Dan looked up at him in disbelief. "We caught him sneaking back in a day after the exam started. He was trying to access SPD information from our computers. He was taken off planet to discover who he was doing it for and where he obtained his illegal genetic enhancements."

"Now I'm confused."

“He was able to turn invisible Stevens. That's not natural, at most he should have changed his skin color to blend in with his surroundings. There is going to be hell to pay when Command figures out how he got this far."

"Kicked out of SPD?" Mynx nodded. "Couldn't happen to a nicer piece of filth."

"Agreed." Mynx extended a hand and helped him up. "A car will take you back to camp. You can clean up and rest for as long as you like. When you are ready a special meal from Earth will be prepared for you." He made that chuckling sound again, "Commander Scorp may tell me how to treat you during the course but he said nothing about afterwards. I run my troops into the ground but I reward those who can meet or exceed my expectations." He headed for a truck but stopped and looked at him, "Before I forget, Stevens welcome to SPD. Do us proud son." Dan saluted him and followed one of the others to that car.

Two days later he was on the DekaSpaceBase, minus his electric razor. So he still had the beard because somebody was curious at how it worked and couldn’t put it back together. Right now Dan was still seeing spots after his retinal scan and was being directed to a hallway. Not the one that lead to the shuttle to Earth. No this one lead to another part of the DekaSpaceBase. "Now what?", he muttered as he grabbed his duffel bag. A woman in a gray uniform with gold trim led him through the halls until she stopped in front of a door.

"He's waiting for you in here sir."

"Thank you." She smiled, saluted him and walked off. The door slide open as he stepped forward to reveal a conference room of some sort. There was a long table with a briefcase on top of it, Pierce was standing in front of a window with Earth silently and slowly spinning in the background. The Major was wearing a black uniform with red trim. The SPD Earth symbol was visible on his right shoulder. Dan dropped his bag by the door as he walked over to him. "Captain Daniel Stevens reporting for duty sir."

"At ease Dan." After a moment he looked at him smiling, "Looks like the promotion suits you."

"It was a bit of a surprise."

"After going through that I thought you deserved it. So... did you have fun?"

"Did I have fun?", Dan kept his voice level but the disbelief was still evident. "I was the only human out of a bunch of alien with abilities I didn't think an organic being could have. I spent my days busting my ass to make sure I wasn't left in the dust. Most of my nights were spent studying SPD procedure for any pop quizzes Mynx decided to drop on you. And I had to study what was what on that God forsaken planet to make sure I didn't accidentally poison myself. And how in the hell did you sneak a turkey off planet?"

Pierce laughed, "Sounds like you had a blast."

Dan grunted, "So says the man who helped design the damn program."

"Found out about that huh?" He tapped his cane on the ground a few times before speaking, "This has been in the planning stages for awhile Dan. Scorp wanted something similar to what we do during basic. I was called in to supervise. I tried showing them how some things were done."

"Is that what happened to your leg?"

Pierce smile saddened just a bit. "Let's say I should have spent a little more time studying what was what on that planet." He looked back out the window, slowly twirling his cane. "I'm glad we got this room," he said softly. "This view reminds you what you’re fighting for."

Dan stood next to him, "How bad are we talking here?"

"A lot has changed since you been gone Dan. There are nine Deka units now, from in the planning stages to fully active. That's including ours."

He whistled, "That's a lot of teams. Any other planets have that many units?"

"To my knowledge most planets only have one. Hell if I know why these Alienizers find Earth so fascinating. Hopefully we'll find out sooner or later." Pierce walked away from the window and sat at the table, Dan followed suit.

"Has the alien arrived yet?" Dan assignment to the team was half of a compromise between SPD command and the US military. The other half was that an SPD officer from another planet would be part of the team. After six month of being the only human that was going to be interesting.

"From my understanding he's still going through immigration at the moment. I have to say Dan, I'm really glad you passed. I'm afraid that if you didn't Scorp would have tried to make a case to have a SPD officer lead the unit in the field. I'll work with anybody but I rather have somebody I trust."

"And trained personally," they both laughed. "So I'm in command in the field? What kind of rejects am I in charge of?"

"There are no rejects in SPD Dan, outside of you of course."


"Your designation on the team is Ops1." Pierce opened the briefcase and handed him three files. "These are the other three fifth of the team."

"Let's see what I'm dealing with." He opened the first folder. "Terry Kennedy, Ops2," he read out loud. "Team's weapons expert." Mumbling a few things a line of info caught his attention, "The guy choose SPD over SWAT?"

There is a dark haired man in a shooting gallery. He's wearing a uniform consisting of boots, black khakis and a black shirt. A blue star is on his right arm. He's holding a D-shooter in one hand and his eyes are closed. Slowly he opens them and raised the D-shooter into firing position with both hands. Firing six times he hits a button that makes the target come to him. All six shots hit near the heart of the target. He smiles as he blows into the barrel of the gun.

"Bobby Parker, Ops4," Dan continued. "Explosives and communications? You couldn't afford two separate officers?" Pierce waved the comment off. "Bomb Squad experience, that makes sense. Spent time behind the radio telling officers of various reports that needed police. Either the guy talented or he's split personality."

A redheaded man in a black uniform with a yellow star is seen playing a video game. He's wearing a head set talking to someone. Suddenly the character he was playing as dies in a hail of bullets. He takes the jabs from his opponent with good humor as he resets the game.

Dan opened the last file, "Trish Fieldman, Ops5. Pilot slash mechanic. Been flying since she was ten. Doing aerial work for the police for about a year."

A young Korean woman who had her dark hair in a ponytail and a pink star on her arm is working on a black and white motorcycle. She scratched her cheek accidentally smudging her face with grease. Reaching for a wrench, she was surprised that it wasn't there. Searching the nearby area she finds it on a table behind her.

Dan gives the files back to Pierce. "They look qualified, I'm hoping they been working as a team."

"No official assignments as of yet. I wanted the full team ready first. But they're gelling nicely in the drills I've been putting them through."

"Ugh," Dan groaned, "I don't even want to think of the about the tortures you thought up with this at your disposal," he motioned to the room. "It's giving me nightmares and I'm still awake. How do you think they're going to handle two new elements in the mix?"

"We're all professionals Dan, they'll adjust to it. Of course some of us might avoid adjusting for as long as possible." He looked right at Dan as he said that. Before Dan could respond the door beeped. "That should be Ops3." A few seconds later the door slide open again. A humanoid walked in, he looked a little like a brown cricket with a mouth to Dan. Both of them stood up for the new arrival. "Ranzack?", Pierce asked.

"Yes Major Pierce," he said. Pierce and this Ranzack shook hands. Then they turned toward him. "Hello," the alien said as he held out his three fingered hand. There was a calmness to this one that the others on Nagaus 7 didn't have. Dan took his hand readily. "And you are, if you don't mind me asking?"

"Dan Stevens."

"It is a pleasure to meat you Dan Stevens. I'm sure it will be a pleasure to work beside you as well."

"I'm... sure."

"Ranzack is going to be the team medic," the Major told him.

Dan tried to keep the surprise from his face. "Yes, I am a trained Shalimon on my home planet. I believe the closest word in your tongue is healer priest. I've been finishing my studies on human medical treatments while undergoing my SPD training."

"Your training had to be easier than mine. So when do we get back planet side?"

"Our shuttle to Earth is ready to go at anytime. Think of it as one of the perks to the job."

A jeep took them from the shuttle landing pad to an old one story building a few miles away. Very few people were around as they entered the building. Pierce kept going until they reached a section of wall near the back of the place. He stood in front of it and a section slide to the side revealing an elevator a moment later. "That's where the money for the comm officer went," Dan mumbled. Ranzack looked at him funny. The three of them entered the elevator and the doors closed automatically. A few seconds later they open back up into an octagonal room. A rail in the center of the room separated the floor with a table that was on a lower section. A woman in a white coat with the SPD badge on her front pocket rose from that table to greet them.

"Major, welcome back," she said as she walked to them. "Ranzack," she nodded and took his hand. He lowered his head slightly in return. "Capt. Stevens," she said to him.

"Ma'am," he replied.

Pierce introduced her, "This is Michelle Chavez. She's our information officer. There's nothing she can't find."

"Major Pierce has told me a lot about you Captain," Michelle told him. "I'm looking forward to working with you."

"Lying about me already huh?", he shot a look at Pierce.

"Give a stack of bible and the almighty as a witness and I will swear that everything I've said was the truth. Besides," he added, "any lie would only make you look better than what you are."

"Why would the Major lie about you?", Ranzack asked.

"We've known each other a long time," Dan replied. "Too long sometimes."

"Michelle would you call for the others."

"Sure thing Major," she returned to the table and pressed a button. Her voice could be heard over the PA system. "Will the field team come to the Command Room please." After a few moments the three other members came in through one of the doors on the far side. They surprised Dan by falling in rank.

"Men," Pierce started, "these two are the ones we've been waiting for. Try not to break them before the first assignment," he grinned.

"Sir," the one he recognized as Terry spoke up, "It's an honor to meet you."

Dan looked them over, "I'm assuming the Major told you about me as well?"

"He told us a couple of stories," Bobby told him. "A couple of real embarrassing ones too."

"Boomer", Terry said out of the side of his mouth.

"Boomer?", Dan said looking at them.

"I thought his name was Robert," Ranzack wondered out loud.

"A nickname," Pierce informed him. "All of these guys have one. They usually answer to that instead of their own name."

"They call me Dead-Eye," Terry said, "or D.E. for short."

"Ace," Trish added.

"We're going to have to come up with some for these two," Pierce said while patting Ranzack on the shoulder.

"We can always call the Captain 'Cap'," Michelle said with a smile.

"I've been called worse." Dan readjusted the duffel on his shoulder. "Is there anywhere I can store this?"

"I'll show you," Trish volunteered. “Follow me please." She gestured toward the door she and the others came from. "This hallway leads to one of the living areas of the base. Coming to an intersection she pointed down one hall. "The rec room is down that way along with the door leading to the gym. The living quarters are over here. Each room has a shower unit installed. The restrooms are those doors at the end of the hall," she pointed to a series of doors. One had a male figure on it and a second had a female. The door that grabbed his attention was the one with an alien on it.

"I don't even want to know," he ended up saying out loud.

"Know what?", Ranzack asked

"Nothing." He noticed that the doors lining the side had names on them. Well four of them did at the moment. Two had had spots for one but they were currently vacant.

"We got a small support crew here," Trish continued. "About twenty people tops."

"Do they have their own quarters as well?" Ranzack inquired.

"In a separate part of the base. But all the outer section are connected. Major Pierce wanted it that way. Something about keeping traffic in the Command Room to a minimum."

"Makes sense." Dan looked at the two doors then over to Ranzack, "You want first pick?"

"It does not matter to me Captain Stevens."

"Alright," Dan took the door at the far end of the hall. The room was pretty plain. Grey walls with a couple of selves, a closet and a bed. All he needed really.

"I'll let you two rest up," Trish told them. "If you want I'll give you the nickel tour later."

"I look forward to it," Ranzack told her.

"Cool," she said with a grin. "Oh and somebody will be by in a bit with your uniforms. See you guys later."

"Definitely not Army," Dan mumbled after the door closed. He dropped his duffel onto the bed and stood there. Noticing one of the closet doors had a mirror he took a long look at himself. "Then again this isn't the Army is it?" His reflection didn't answer back. After a couple of more moments he started to unpack. He was assigned to do a job and he intended to do it.

Ranzack was given a uniform with a green star. The four of them stood around the Command Room. Major Pierce was shooting a look at the field team quarters door every so often. Michelle wasn't paying them any attention, but she was keeping an eye on a news feed that was on her monitor. "How much training did you need to do to get this position Ranzack?", D.E. asked to break the silence.

"I've been studying the medical practices of several planets for several years now. Most Shalimon on my planets look down on such a practice. Other, like myself, feel we are not so wise that we cannot learn something new."

"So how did you end up in this then," Ace asked. "If I was interested in medicine a police unit would be the last place I'd be."

"True," he agreed, "I was finishing up my studies on your medicine when I joined SPD." He lowered his head before continuing, "I am a bit of an anomaly among my cast because I see the Alienizers as an illness on this universe."

"So you’re going to try to cut it out," Boomer chimed in.

"In a manner of speaking. I asked for some of the Great Spirit wisdom to guide me in my decision. It lead me to join SPD and ultimately this unit."

"Great Spirit?", D.E. leaned against the railing. "Oh, I can see you and me are going to have some interesting discussions." Ranzack nodded.

"Would you stop worrying", Michelle said low enough that only Pierce heard her.

"I'm not worrying," he said, "just wondering."

"If he's anything like you said he was he won't disappoint you."

"And a person can change in six months."

"Did he seem different when you picked him up?"

"Not that I noticed." The door to the field team quarters opened up and Dan walked out. He was wearing the same black uniform as the others, his right arm carrying a red star. He also shaved that beard off his face. They all noticed the determined look in his eyes that wasn't there before. Now that was the soldier he remembered. The other four snapped into attention.

"You know Captain," Boomer said, "not a whole lot of guys can pull that look off. But you do it beautifully."

Dan gave him a dead serious look, "Do you think you're funny?"

Boomer stammered," I... I used too."

"Damn, we're probably gonna need a good laugh after some of these missions." Boomer wasn't sure how to respond.

"I hate it when you do that," Pierce told him. Dan let a small smirk escape before covering up. "Fall in troops," he ordered. The five of them got in line. "Before we get started we still need to equip our newest members. Michelle, would you do the honors?"

"Of course." She pulled two devices off the table. They were black with a white front and SPD in black letters. There was a lever on the side with Change, Phone and Judgment also written in black. "These are your Opslicenses," she handed one to Dan and Ranzack. "You are to carry these at all times, in uniform or not. Just so you know the Judgment mode on these is an altered version than the ones the other units have."

"Altered how?", Dan asked.

"On the other units circle means innocent and x means guilty," she told him. "On these circle me apprehend the target. You bring them in no matter what they’ve done. They might have information we need. X means eliminate the target. That one speaks for itself."

"Thank you Michelle." Pierce stood before them and looked each one in the eye. "You are now part of a special unit. You are the DekaRanger Covert Operation Team, or DekaOps. You are to do the jobs the other units can't.” He pointed his cane at screen with a map on it. The map was color coded to show which unit covered which area. There was a whole lot of white on that map. "As of now the only ones who know we exist are SPD command and the commanders in each region. We'll do what we can here in the states. But if ordered we will go into an unprotected area on a moment’s notice. If needed we will go into an area already protected by an SPD unit, but only, and I repeat ONLY, at the request of the area's commander. Is that clear?"

"Yes sir!", they responded in unison.

Dan stepped forward, "What is it Cap?". Dan flinched slightly at being called that, but only he saw it.

"What if a case requires us to change regions?"

"Good question. If a lead goes to a region that is protected by an SPD unit then we are suppose to hand over all information relating to the case and let them handle. I don't like it either but that is the mandate. If a lead from here points to an unprotected region than we ask permission from SPD command to follow up. And from what I understand, with our military ties, we're going to need a damn good lead.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we are not your standard police unit. There are going to be situation where we are going to have to get a little dirty. Command may not like it, but that is our reality. May God have mercy on our souls. Dismissed."

They kind of broke up. D.E. and Boomer were making some small talk. Ace was pointing out the door that lead to the medical section for Ranzack. Dan looked at the license in his hand. He opened it up and stared at the black SPD badge on the inside. Closing it up he placed in it holster behind his back. Time to figure out what was what in this place
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Special Police DekaOps

Dan was able to get the feel of the OpsBase, as the others called it, pretty quickly. Actually he was surprised how quickly this place felt like home. Then again after being where he was for the last six month anyplace would feel like home. Walking into the Command Room he noticed Michelle was talking to D.E., who was excited about something. "What's going on?", he asked as he walked up to them.

"We finally got the Mark Two D-shots in," he said.

"Cool, now what in the hell is a Mark Two D-Shot?"

D.E. looked at Michelle then back at him, "You don't know what it is?"

"It wasn't in any manual I was given."

"Well, it's still rather new," Michelle told him. "It's one of your primary weapons. Why don't we show him what it can do D.E."

"Yes ma'am." They lead him to the door that lead to the training section of the OpsBase. Then they entered the shooting range. Michelle walked over to a bay and picked up a long white gun with a black handle and grip under the barrel. It looked kind of like a shotgun in a way, that alone helped him wrap his head around it.

"This,” she started, “Captain Stevens, is the Mark Two D-Shot. It fires a high density energized projectile. It works better at close range but you can still do some damage if you target is a little further away. The effective range is estimated at fifteen meters. Give it ago," she handed him the weapon.

Dan faced a target and held the D-shot about waist high. With his left hand he pulled the grip back until he heard a click, slid it back and pulled the trigger. A blue energy shot flew out of the barrel and left a nice size hole in the target. "Now that I understand."

"Thing of beauty ain't it," D.E. grinned.

Dan started examining the latch at the back of the weapon, "What's this for?"

"The Opslicense hook in there," Michelle said. "When you get an elimination order it'll boost the power level."

"Basically we're deleting our target," D.E. added. Dan still had a hard time wrapping his head around that idea. Still he was trained to follow orders.

He put the gun down, "Anything else I should know about?"

"Actually there was one more thing," Michelle said. She went to a nearby table and picked up a red and black gun he didn't recognize from before before. He spent the last few days practicing with the D-Shooter, the unit's standard firearm. He wasn't exactly thrilled about the idea of a new handgun being sprung on him. "Maj. Pierce had me request this for you."

"I don't need a special weapon."

"It's kind of a SPD tradition Cap," D.E. said. "The team leader always gets a unique firearm." He shot him a look, "Really, look it up."

"This is the D-Colt," Michelle told him." It's the single unit version of the D-Magnum." He took the gun in his hand, it had a nice heft to it. Felt pretty natural in his hand too. "Unlike the D-Magnum it can't do a Strikeout, but you can switch it between single and multishot. I'm assuming you can be happy with that."

"Only one way to find out." Dan aimed it at the target. He fired off a couple of shots, all of them landed close to where he was aiming. The accuracy was pretty good on this thing. Flicking a switch by his thumb he fired again. This time three shots fired at once. He let a small smile show on his face. "I can live with it."

"You're going to have to let me play with that one of these days," D.E. told him while eyeing the gun.

"As soon as you explain to me why you’re the weapon expert when she's the one telling me about these things."

"He's got you there D.E.," she teased.

Well... , "he thought it over," she's the information officer and she informing you about them."

Dan handed the D-Colt back to Michelle, "Nice try."

Pierce was walking the hallways of the OpsBase when he ran into Ace. He was afraid he knew why it looked like she was looking for him. He kept his attention on the file in his hand while he hoped she would just keep going in the other direction. Too bad she kept saying, "Major Pierce," over and over.

"What is it Ace", he said tiredly.

"I was wondering if you got that request form I filled out."

"Which one Ace?", he unintentionally said out loud. She wasn't fazed.

"The one for the new power regulator for the laser on the Shepard."

"There's nothing wrong with the regulator we have now. Even you said it worked well above operating specs."

"Yeah but Michelle was telling me about a newer model that would increase the efficiency rating for the laser." He made a mental note to talk to Michelle later. "The Shepard deserves the best. Actually there were these new style spark plugs I wanted to get for the Hounds too."

An SPD officer in a black uniform with blue trim walked up and handed him a sheet of paper. Saved by the red tape. His mood changed when he read the paper." Ace..."

"Find the others and get them into the Command Room?", she read his mind.

"Right," he affirmed." It's officially go time."

It only took a few moments to locate the others. Ranzack and Boomer were in the rec room while Dan, D.E. and Michelle were still in the shooting range. They all hustled to the Command Room and got in line while Michelle took her spot at the table. Pierce hand her pull up an image of a Alienizer style rifle on the screen. Dan rolled his shoulder as he recognized the picture on the screen. "I'm sure," Pierce began, “you know what this is."

"It was the reason why I was volunteered," Dan said under his breath. Ranzack looked at him briefly before returning his attention to the screen.

"One of the reasons why this unit was formed was because the Alienizers were using Earth technology to make weapons like this one. Seeing how the original model of the weapon is illegal in most galaxies they think they found a loophole by making copies of it. We are going to show them otherwise."

"Did we find out where they're coming from?" Boomer asked.

“Unfortunately no, but we have something almost as good." He handed a disk to Michelle who put it in a drive on her desk. An image of a warehouse replaced that of the rifle. "I'm not sure if Cap knows this yet but we have a network of informants. Through them we were able to discover that this building is being used as storage space before the weapons are shipped out to God knows were. You're job is to go in there and destroy the shipment and deal with any resistance you might encounter."

Michelle rose from the table, "If you can try to find out where they came from and where they were being shipped to. Any information you can gather can help us." She handed a rectangular device to Dan. "This is the D-Hack, it will let you get into any computer you may find on site. If need be I can use it to set up a remote link to our systems here."

"So if it says 'you got mail' don't blow it up," Boomer joked.

"Then you better hope none of the rifle are programmed to say that," D.E. told him. Dan cleared his throat. "Sorry Cap."

“I told you, laughs after the mission."

"Lady and gentlemen, this is our first job," Pierce said before pausing to look them in the eyes. "Try not to mess this up too badly."

"Wait," Boomer said suddenly, “are we getting a robot for this one?" D.E. and Ace both groaned.

"There is no robot," Pierce said, sounding like he had this conversation before, "never was one and we'll never have one."

"Other units have a robot," he whined.

"A robot going to be a little flashy for what we're going to be doing."

"Boomer zip it," Dan ordered. "Suit up people, we launch in twenty." They saluted and headed for a door.

"I'll send you all the information on the building I can find before you land," Michelle told them.

"What you don't find I'll fill in," Dan said as he followed the others.

In the launch hanger a crew of eight were busy getting a black jet with white highlights ready to launch. In a room down the hall of the hanger the team was putting on their field gear. A "bulletproof" vest, fingerless gloves, a small supply pack on their back and various electronic devices in the lockers. Ranzack was studying one of the SP-Shooters, one designed for his three fingered hand, rather closely. Dan tested the sharpness of the black knife in his hand before putting it back in the sheath on his right leg before he asked, "You sure you can do this Ranzack?"

Ranzack holstered the weapon saying, "I will do my duty Captain. I will not hesitate if that is what you are worried about."

"Not what I was asking," he said as he put a black ball cap on his head. Ranzack remained silent. "We're launching in five people." Dan led them out of the room, any doubt he had earlier now gone from his mind. Pierce and Michelle were standing in the hanger waiting for them. Somebody said the Machine Shepard was green for launch. Dan had to silently admit these guys were good.

"You ready?", Pierce asked as they past. While D.E. and the others all said they were, Dan made a shooting motion with his right hand. Pierce had to smile, "Like there was ever any doubt."

"You're resorting to secret hand signal now?", Michelle asked him.

"Something him and his buddies came up with while they were under me," he explained. He showed her the gesture, first he stuck up his thumb, "Cocked," then he extended his index finger to form a gun, "locked," he finished with the shooting motion, "ready to rock. If he did anything else I'd be worried right about now." With that he exited the hanger.

A voice over the loud speaker announced for everyone to leave the hanger as the team boarded the jet from the ramp in the back. A cargo bay with a cell and a small medical bay were passed as they entered the cockpit. Ace took a seat behind the control as Dan sat in a chair that was slightly behind her and to the right. D.E. took a console that was in the back of the room while Boomer and Ranzack took the ones on the sides. Ace checked a few reading before announcing, “This is the Shepard, we are ready for launch."

"The sky and surrounding area is clear of civilians. Shepard, you are clear for lift off." The ceiling above them opened up and the jets under the ship came to life. Slowly the Shepard lifted off the ground and the landing gear folded into the craft.

"Nice and easy Ace," Dan told her.

"No offense Cap," she said, never taking her eyes off the controls," but I don't tell you how to command."

"Is it wise to talk that way to a commanding officer?", Ranzack asked them.

"Never argue with the person piloting the ship," Dan told him. In moments they were above the tree line of the forest behind the building that disguised their HQ.

"Cap, we're getting a transmission from Michelle," Boomer called out.

"Let's hear it." A small screen above the windshield came to life.

"I'm sending you an update on the information I've found on the warehouse."

"Is there a brick we don't know about yet?", he asked her. Dan was still amazed at the amount of info she pulled up while they were getting ready.

She smiled at him, "Just making sure you don't have that many blanks to fill in. I'm sending the file now."

"We're getting the information with no problem Cap," Boomer said.

"Thanks Michelle, Shepard out." He motioned for Boomer to cut the connection. Dan looked over the update as it came in. He had a feeling that Michelle could find the proverbial needle in a haystack with no problems. "ETA?"

"Thirty minutes to middle of nowhere California," Ace said. She glanced over at him, Dan pointed foreword with two fingers, "Rodger." She brought the rear engines online and the ship shot foreword. After a minute she said, "The no smoking and seat belt signs are now off. You're free to walk around the cabin."

"Cute," he told her. "Alright guys I think we..."

"Ah Captain," Ranzack said somewhat tentatively.

"Yeah Ranzack?"

"I was wondering if it would be alright if I offered a small prayer to the Great Spirit for our well being and mission?"

"If nobody has any objections then go for it."

"Thank you Captain." Ranzack lowered his head. Dan took off his hat as the other did the same. "Great Spirit, creator of all, guidance of the universe. May your wisdom engulf your humble follower and my companions. Let our action help ease this universe of the malady that now sickens it and those who live in it. Protect us and let us know always the path of that which is right." Ranzack lifted his head as he finished.

"Amen," Boomer said.

"Sounds like something my Reverend would say," D.E. told them.

"Reverend huh?", Boomer looked over at Ranzack. Ace, D.E. and Dan looked at each other, Ranzack might have just gotten his nick name. Dan went over the plan in flight. Ace landed the Shepard about mile away from the target building. She wasn't kidding when she said it was in the middle of nowhere. There was desert as far as the eye could see.

"Any signs of life?" Dan looked over to Ranzack, he checked a sensor at his post

"I am detecting one life form in the building."

"Just one for that entire building?", Ace looked at them.

"Seems strange to me too," he told her. "How about the surrounding area?" Ranzack went back to his sensor but shook his head. One thing they drilled into him during those six month that he made sure he took to heart was pretty simple. Just because there was just one doesn't me it was alone. "Alright, let's do this by the numbers people." They all nodded and exited the ship. Before he could say anything Ace pulled out a controller and pointed it at the ship. It shimmered and disappeared from view.

"Somebody remember where we'd parked." Boomer joked.

They covered the distance to the warehouse pretty quickly. The weapons were being stored at the taller section on the east end of the building. So they were going in at the west part. At his command Boomer put a small explosive device on the door and blew the lock. D.E. and Ace went in first SP-Shooter in hand and gave the all clear. They walked through the building to the storage area with no incident. Dan was starting to get a little jumpy, there should have been some kind of security system in place somewhere. But he examined every hallway before he let them entered, nothing. Approaching the door the storage area Dan reached into a pocket and pulled out two devices. One was a cylinder shape device with a knob and an optic fiber on the other end that he slid under the door. He attached the other one to his head, a small rectangle with a wire that stretched over his eyebrow. Dan pressed a button on the rectangle and an image of the other side of the door, supplied by the optic, appeared in front of his eye. Manipulating the knob on the cylinder he was able to get a good idea on what was on the other side. He found the life form Ranzack detected, it was some kind of leopard type alien wearing armor.

Keeping an eye on the alien he carefully tried the doorknob, it was unlocked. Dan held up two fingers then three and made a half circle motion in the air. D.E. and Ranzack nodded and went down the hallway. Dan stowed his equipment and opened the door and waved Ace and Boomer in quickly. He closed the door as he entered and hid behind a crate. One of several that filed the room. Dan looked over the box at the alien. He was holding a device and seemed to be talking into it. Looking over to Boomer he gestured to the crate behind him. He took out his license and scanned it. Ace did the same to the one behind them. Both of the nodded, the rifles were in there. Dan pulled out his license and pulled up a map of the area. Two dots representing D,E, and Ranzack flashed once, they were in position. He tapped a sensor on his right glove once. They put their License back made their way to the leopard.

He screamed suddenly and threw the device, "I can't stand new Agents! Always trying to impress the bosses." Dan relaxed a bit, they weren't spotted. Time to change that.

Dan tapped the sensor twice, go time. Almost as one they came out of hiding, their weapons aimed at the leopard, "SPD freeze!" The alien grabbed a rifle that was on top of the crates and started firing making them duck back into hiding.

"There wasn't supposed to be any of you freaks here!" the leopard said. He pulled two grenades off his armor and tossed them in the air. Twenty Anaroids formed, some of them smashed into a crate to pull out the rifles and started firing. "Get them freaks."
"Not good!", Boomer yelled as he and the other returned fire

"Tell me something I don't know!", Dan barked.

"Cap," Ace said, "time to up the game." He knew what she was talking about, he just didn't want to use it. Dan looked up and saw a couple of Anaroids trying to flank their position.

Damn it, he made a fist and pounded his leg. He didn't have a choice, "Change standby! Boomer light it up!" Boomer pulled out a grenade and threw it straight up as they covered their eyes. It exploded in a bright flash of light, one designed to temporally disrupt the Anaroids motor function. The Leopard covered his eyes and screamed but the Anaroids started moving soon enough but it gave them enough time. All of them stood up and held their license across their chest, "Emergency!", then they thrust them foreword, "DekaOps!" A press of the button in the middle opened the white plate revealing a black SPD badge that started shining.

Dan was surrounded by a red digital field as the Deka metal formed around his body in a flash of white light. It changed into black body suit in a burst. A dark red stripe went down the middle of his body from his shoulders to the top of his boots, on the left side of his chest the red and black formed the outline for a number one. A backpack solidified on his back and the D-Shot appeared in a flash. "Face on!", Deka metal flashed over his head and formed a dark red helmet.

Dead-Eye was surrounded by a blue digital field as the Deka metal formed around his body in a flash of white light. It changed into black body suit in a burst. A dark blue stripe went down the middle of his body from his shoulders to the top of his boots, on the left side of his chest the blue and black formed the outline for a number two. A backpack solidified on his back and the D-Shot appeared in a flash. "Face on!", Deka meatal flashed over his head and formed a dark blue helmet.

Ranzack was surrounded by a green digital field as the Deka metal formed around his body in a flash of white light. It changed into black body suit in a burst. A dark green stripe went down the middle of his body from his shoulders to the top of his boots, on the left side of his chest the green and black formed the outline for a number three. A backpack solidified on his back and the D-Shot appeared in a flash. "Face on!", Deka metal flashed over his head and formed a dark green helmet.

Boomer was surrounded by a yellow digital field as the Deka metal formed around his body in a flash of white light. It changed into black body suit in a burst. A dark yellow stripe went down the middle of his body from his shoulders to the top of his boots, on the left side of his chest the yellow and black formed the outline for a number four. A backpack solidified on his back and the D-Shot appeared in a flash. "Face on!", Deka metal flashed over his head and formed a dark yellow helmet.

Ace was surrounded by a pink digital field as the Deka metal formed around her body in a flash of white light. It changed into black body suit in a burst. A dark pink stripe went down the middle of her body from her shoulders to the top of her boots, on the left side of her chest the pink and black formed the outline for a number five. A backpack solidified on her back and the D-Shot appeared in a flash. "Face on!", Deka metal flashed over her head and formed a dark pink helmet.

Dan reached behind his right shoulder and unlatched the D-shot from his pack and held it in both hands, "Ops1."

D.E. pulled out his D-Shooter and twirled it around his finger before bringing it across his chest, "Ops2."

Ranzack slide his left foot back and but his arms up in a fight position, "Ops3."

Boomer reached behind him and pulled out a knife, "Ops4."

Ace brought out a D-Rod and held it back about head high, "Ops5."

"Special Police," Dan started. The light on their helmet flashed and they all said, "DekaOps!"

"How many of you Deka freaks are there?!" the leopard said blinking its eyes. "Don't just stand there, get them!"

"Take the bots down," Dan said plainly. All of them rushed the Anaroids. D.E. jumped into a group of five and started firing, three of them went down no problem. A forth grabbed him from behind and a fifth took aim. Then it stopped and fell to the ground, a knife stuck in the back of its head. D.E. flipped the other one to the ground and they both blasted it with their D-Shooter.

"Thanks," D.E. said.

"No problem buddy," Boomer told him. He unlatched the D-Shot and brought it forward. "Time to upgrade."

"Guess you’re right," he agreed and did the same.

Ace and Razack had each other’s back as they unloaded on the Anaroids. One came from the side and they split up. Ace brought the D-Rod back out and cocked it behind the knees as Ranzack kicked it in the chest. He shot it point blank leaving a fist size hole in its chest. They looked at each other and nodded and went back to work.

Dan walked foreword taking out any Anaroid that he saw. He switched the D-Shot to his left hand and pulled out the D-Colt. He shot four of them before switching to multishot. He turned the gun sideways and swept his arm as he fired. Two slugs planted an Anaroid while the third hit a second one. Another one tried to catch him by surprise and Dan placed the barrel of the D-Shot in it's hand. He pushed it foreword until he heard the click and pulled the trigger. It flew back as he holstered the D-Colt and brought the D-Shot back around. Looking around he saw Boomer take out the last one. "Now that was a rush," he had to admit. "Alright Spot... ," he told the Leopard before it started firing the rifle again.

"Die!" They ducked behind any cover they could find. Before they knew it D.E. jumped up and fired a single shot. The Leopard dropped the rifle and held it's hand, "Argh!"

"Nice shooting Tex," Boomer said.

"Actually the family originally from Oklahoma," D.E. told him.

Ranzack, D.E., Dan, Boomer and Ace all stood in front of the alien. "Holding illegal weapons," Dan said, "firing on officers of the law. It's not looking good. Let's see if he knows anything." He pulled out his license, switched it to Judgment and pressed the button. The area went dark as a blue circle and a red X flashed in front of the Leopard. After a minute the X on the license flashed brightly, "Eliminate target." The other took out their license and the all attached them to the D-Shot. "Ready," D.E. and Boomer went to a knee and they aimed their weapon at the alien. As one they pulled back the grip, inside the D-Shot energy built up and traveled through the gun to the front part of the barrel. "Strikeout!", and they pulled the trigger. Five energy streams shot out and in moments the leopard was disintegrated.

"Got 'im!", Boomer shouted out.

"We still got a mission to finish people," Dan told them. "Get that done and we can go home." They deactivated the suits and went to work.

D.E. went over to the rifle the Leopard had and checked it out, "Hey Cap."

"What is it?"

"This one isn't home grown, so to speak."

"Great, an off planet version," Dan said. "Anybody see anything that looks like a computer?"

"Kinda," Ace called out.

"Kinda? Do I want to know?"

"I think it took a hit during the fire fight."

Dan groaned, "Take it with us, maybe Michelle can salvage the hard drive." He grabbed a couple of crowbars and handed one to D.E. "Help me open one of these crates."

"Alright, but why?", He asked.

"Plan B, we take one of these back and break it down. We'll try to figure out what came from where the hard way. I've seen one of these before but I don't know if the military still has it or if Scorp took it with him. So our access to it might be limited. Take the other one with us too. Maybe the differences in the rifles will tell us something. Boomer, do you have enough explosives to take this shipment out?"

"Do chicken have beaks?" he replied.

"I'll take that for a yes."

The team was back at the OpsBase hours later, already debriefed and trying to relax. Ranzack was sitting in a corner reading an earth history book. Ace was siting on top of the couch watching D.E. and boomer playing a video game. She had winner, depending on who won that is. Pretty soon the level was over, D.E. was the winner, "Oh come on," Boomer cried.

Ace told him, "You challenged him to a game that needed a light gun, duh."

D.E. looked at her, "Your turn."

"You kidding, I was holding out for a miracle that Boomer would win." She jumped off the couch and sat next to Ranzack.

The Major walked in looking rather pleased, "Good news guys, Commander Scorp was slightly impressed with your performance. From what I understand that's a small miracle in and of itself." He looked around the room, "Hey, where's Cap? I'd figured he be in here."

"He said something about working on his form," D.E. answered.

"I don't think he likes us," Boomer said.

"The Captain is still trying to adjust to his new post," Ranzack said.

"Ranzack right, or should I say Rev?" That name stuck to him pretty fast, even Dan called him that once or twice so far.

"Whatever you wish Major," was his response.

"Like he said, Cap just needs some time to get to know you better. Then he really going to hate you guys," he said with a grin.

Ace said, "Boomer I can understand, but me?" Boomer threw a pillow at her. They got in a few good natured jabs at each other before Pierce left. He walked until he got to the gym. On the far side he saw a guy pounding away at the heavy bag. The eagle tattoo on his shoulder told him that it was Dan. He tapped his cane a few times on the floor before turning around and walking away. He wasn't shadow boxing so it wasn't too much of a concern at the moment. Sometimes a man just needed sometime alone and they can talk later. Besides his wife was expecting home for dinner in an hour.
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Special Police DekaOps

It was a pretty quiet day as Dan walked the streets. There wasn't much he could do at the moment. Michelle and D.E. were going over both rifles they brought back with a fine tooth comb. Ace was in the hanger running diagnostics on the Shepard. Boomer was, in his words, tweaking the communication gear while Rev was doing whatever. Lucky for him Pierce gave him a tip about a pretty decent book store in the small town next to OpsBase. He was just glad to get out of that uniform they gave him into a pair of black jeans, a red t-shirt and a leather bomber jacket. Besides he felt the need to stretch his legs a bit.

He walked past a shop selling a mirror on the sidewalk and got a good look at what was behind him. Or should that be who? Dan stopped saying, "What is it?", and turned around. Rev stood there wearing a green hoodie over his uniform, the hood being pulled over his head.

"Nothing Captain," Rev answered. "The Major let me have some time to explore. Seeing how you were allowed to leave as well I thought I might join you."

"Uh-huh," Dan muttered. "And why would you want to hang out with me?"

"It accord to me that you would have a unique view on things. Seeing how you felt a rifle volunteered you."

"You heard that huh?", Dan turned around and started walking again. Rev caught up with him and walked by his side.

"I have exceptional hearing for my species." he said matter of factly. "A gift from the Great Spirit when I was born."

"Good for you." They were both quiet for a few yards. "You do realize that one of the others could give you a more interesting tour."

"Perhaps," he agreed. "But you and I are teammates because of the negotiations between your military and SPD command. That gives us a unique bond."

"You probably have more of a bond with the others than you do with me."

"Why do you say that?"

"You guys are cops, I'm a soldier. There's not a whole lot we have in common."

"I didn't realize that there was a difference."

"To me there is," Dan said plainly. "Cops are on call twenty four hours a day. Soldiers only go out when there's an attack or when the politicians get tired of talking. It's worlds apart."

“An interesting outlook Captain," Rev told him. "Is that why you try to keep your distance from myself and the others?"

"No... I... ," he tried to find the right words, “it's hard to explain. I've always tried to keep my personal and professional lives separate. It makes it a little easier when I have to make the hard call."

“The hard call?”, Rev asked with some confusion.

Dan hesitated before answering, “A call were I knew I was sending somebody to their death.”

"You made these 'hard call' before I take it."

"Once or twice," he stopped remembering those times. "And I'm always lying to myself because it's never easy.” He found the bookstore he was Pierce was talking about. A crowd was formed in front of it. Some guy was standing above the crowd on the bed of a pickup truck was speaking. It was a speech he heard before.

"And there are more coming every single day!", he shouted. "We have a hard time finding decent work as it is. Now we have to worry about E.T taking it because it'll work cheap. Next thing you know it'll want to live next door. Do you really want one of those freaks living next to you? I sure as hell don't." Some in the crowd nodded in agreement. A woman broke away from the crowd and threw a piece of paper in a trash can. Dan took it out and looked it over. At the top of the page was a drawing of the planet Earth with a 1st right in the middle.

Dan read a few words below the picture out loud, "Earth First? Why does that sound familiar? Now I remember," he snapped his fingers, "these guys were just starting up before I left for Nagaus 7. They were small time back then."

"They appear to have gained a larger following since then," Rev said as he looked over the crowd.

"Let's get out of here before they see you." They turned around as his License beeped. He pulled it out and switched it to Phone mode, "This is Stevens go."

"Cap," Michelle said, "we were able to locate were one of the components came from. The Major wants you back at base pronto."

"Understood, I have Rev with me and we're headed back to base now." He closed it and put back in its holster.

"Ah Captain," Rev said as he looked over the crowd. "Do you agree with them? Do you believe aliens should not be here?" Before he could answer Dan realized he still had the piece of paper in his hand, and he was looking at the time and place of the next meeting. He crumbled it up and tossed it back into the trash.

"A few months ago I probably would have."

Dan and Rev came out of the elevator to find the others already in place. Pierce nodded at them as they got in line. "I can wait a couple of moments if you want to change into uniform."

"No need sir, I can do it after the briefing."

"Very well, Michelle," he walked over to the screen. An image of an apple orchard appeared. "As hard as it is to believe part of the rifle is being assembled here in upstate Washington."

"Must have had a lot of bad crops," Boomer said.

"Not exactly," Michelle said. "It took me a bit but I was able to get something out of that computer you brought back. I was surprised as you when this popped up when I did a search. So I did a little checking and wasn't able to find anything, that is until D.E. came to me the results of the rifle breakdown."

"So what did D.E. find that SPD couldn't?", Dan asked.

"The idiot took apart the power core for the rifle," Pierce said looking at Dead-Eye.

"I'm guessing that's a bad thing."

"In a way Cap," Michelle said. "One of the reasons why this rifle is illegal is because the core is highly unstable. One some planets it's been known to take out an area of about ten feet when breached or becomes over heated. Its location right under the barrel of the weapon means its chances of taking a hit during combat are rather high." They all paled a little as they thought of all the crates in the warehouse.

"I think my life just passed before my eyes," Boomer said.

"You're not the only one," Ace told him.

"That would have been nice to know beforehand," Dan told Pierce.

"Orders from Commander Scorp," Pierce told them, "He didn't want anything to hamper your performance in the field." He looked apologetic, "I didn't like it either but I had to follow orders."

"Wait a sec, why wasn't the explosion bigger then when Boomer blew them up?", D.E. asked

"Fortunately the Earth version of the model breach only has a range of four feet," Michelle answered. "Not as bad, but still way below standard galactic regulations. Bedsides I did say the range was ten on some planets."

"That explains why the crates were spaced like they were," D.E. said.

"So what did the power source tell us?"

"The whole power core told us nothing," she reached into a pocket and pulled out a small coil like device. "This, however, was another story. This regulates the power core so it doesn't explode unexpectedly in the user hands. After a little checking I discovered that only one company in the entire world makes this particular component. And every few months they ship a few boxes to that orchard farm."

"We sent word to the proper authorities to have the company checked out and find out why they were shipping these to a place that grows apples for a living," Pierce said. "We can't touch that company but these guys," he pointed at the screen, "are a different story. Your job is to go in and take them out."

"One word of warning," Michelle added. "One of the chemicals used to make the core is toxic to organic life. So whoever's in there might be using Anaroids to build them."

"So expect heavy resistance, anything else?"

"One thing, any information I could find about the place only goes as far as 2000. I'll keep checking but you may have a lot of blanks to fill in."

"One of Caps favorite things is filling in blanks," Pierce told her, "right?" Dan nodded once. "Alright them, go get them."

"Rodger!", they saluted and went off.

The Shepard landed in a clear patch in the orchard that was a couple of miles from the target building. Dan had them keep to the trees and off the roads as much as possible. When the processing building came into view he pulled out a pair of binoculars and surveyed the area. "Nothing on the outside of the building... wait," he adjusted the binoculars slightly. "I got an Anaroid."

"Where?", D.E. pulled out a pair.

"Ground floor, third window from the left."

"Got it." He checked out a few spots, "I got a couple on the roof too."

"I see them." He put the binoculars back into his pack. This might be a little tough.

"I can take out the ones on the roof from here," D.E. reached for his pack, Dan stopped him.

"Not unless you can take them all out with one shot. Rev, can you get any life sign reading from here?"

"No Captain," he said while doing something with the scanner in his hand. "Whatever they are using to jam our sensors is still effective at this range." Dan looked up and saw an owl sitting a tree. That building had a half mile dead zone around it. Somebody was hiding something there alright.

"Cap," Boomer called out, "our radios are being jammed too." Dan pulled out his License, he was just barely getting a signal from the others though the static.

"That's a damn good field," Ace said. "I didn't see anything thing on the roof when we did the fly by on the way in. More than likely it's inside there."

"I think you're right." He studied the whole situation in his head. "I'm changing the mission profile. Boomer you're going to find whatever is doing the jamming. Find a way to counteract it so we don't have to go through this again down the line. Ace, back him up."

"Rodger," Ace replied.

"You got it," Boomer added.

"Like I told you before I want gun fire kept to a minimum. If you have to fire aim high. I'm not in the mood to get blown up." They nodded, they weren't much in the mood for it either. "All right just like we discussed on the Shepard, we're going in full gear."

They pulled out their Ops License, "Emergency! DekaOps!"

With Rev backing him up Dan went first. He ducked under a window as an Anaroid passed by and waited a moment before making sure the area was clear. Rev motioned that the roof was clear so he gave the signal for the others to come in. Boomer checked a device from his pack and looked up. He was getting a reading from the second floor. D.E. pointed out a staircase and they went up. Dan made the others get in the staircase when he heard something coming around the corner. He reached behind his back and pulled out his D-Knife. An Anaroid passed the stairwell that he quickly grabbed and stabbed in the power core. "One down," he whispered.

Much to his surprise Boomer and Ace found the jammer pretty quickly. Now if only it wasn't in a rather open room. Ace pulled out her D-Shooter as Boomer made his way to the device. She kept her eyes on the hallway they came from and the one on the other side of the room. "Exactly how much time are you going to need?"

"Depends on what kind of encryption their using," he went to work on the keyboard.

"Just use that hacking device Michelle came up with."

"If you can find Cap and get him or it up here before they find me I'll use it."

"Cap had Michelle make it standard equipment in our backs remember," she reached into hers and pulled it out.

"When did he tell you about that?"

"Same time he told all of us, this morning in the rec room."

"Was I even there?"

"I just got done kicking your butt in that wrestling game you made me play. He asked if you heard him and you said yes." Boomer grunted and took the device from her hand. "You still owe me twenty bucks from that game." Boomer shot her a nasty look behind the helmet.

Resistance was kind of sparse as Dan and the others made their way into the building. Fortunately they were able to take care of things rather quickly and quietly. D.E. was having a hard time of it at first but he was holding his own. Rev grabbed one and turned it's had completely around. As they were hiding the bodies Dan scouted ahead. He peered around a corner and saw a large room. Reaching into his pack he pulled out the sky probe and tossed it into the air. It hovered in mid air for a second before silently flying about the room. Rev and D.E. walked up as an image came to life on the pad in his hand.

The room looked like some kind of processing plant, maybe some of the machines were used to turn the apples into cider or something. Several robots, not just Anaroids, were working at tables spread across the room. He saw a couple that were inserting the regulator coil into the power core. He also spotted several barrels of one of the chemicals Michelle said was needed for the power core. Then he noticed two people in an enclosed area. Obviously to protect them from the chemicals. For once he was glad the Dekasuit had a helmet to filter it out. The two in the glass cage were leopard-seijin, just like the one at the warehouse. He adjusted the controls until he could hear what they were saying through the glass, and that damn static.

"... don't like this," the one with a more reddish tint to his fur said. "We should have heard from Jeter by know."

"Maybe SPD got him," the other one said.

"Don't be an idiot! There's no SPD unit here or in California. Hell little brother, there's no unit in this entire country."

"There's supposed to be one starting in the mid-west."

"That's the mid-west this is here. Now relax, that new Agent is suppose to be here at any time."

"Yes brother," the other said as he sat in chair and tried to do as he was told.

Dan called back the probe as his License beeped, he got a clear signal. "Good job Boomer," he whispered into it."

"Thanks Cap," he said at a normal tone before Dan shushed him. A robot looked their way before but it went back to work. A little more quietly he said, "What's your position?"

"We found the lab and who's in charge. Can you get to it from the second floor?"

"I don't think so, but Ace found a second set of stairs. She said it looks like it leads to a large room with machines."

"That's the room. Can you see two leopards in a glass cage from where you're at?"

"Cap, this is Ace," she cut in. "There about twenty feet in front of my position."

"Ok I want the two of you to hold back for a moment. Me, Rev and D.E. are going to make ourselves known. While we're distracting them you two try to capture the ones in the cage."

"Rodger," they answered.

Dan motioned for the others to follow him. They went about five feet into the room before hiding behind whatever cover they could find. Getting D.E. attention he motioned at one of the lamps hanging from the ceiling in the middle of the room. He nodded and took out his D-Shooter. Taking careful aim he fired a single shot. A lamp crashed to the floor catching the leopard’s attention. Dan and Rev pulled out their D-Rods as they came out of hiding, "SPD, Freeze!"

"You said there wasn't any units here!"

"Shut up Mort, Anaroids get them." The robots stopped their tasks and picked up a blade.

"You know what to do," Dan said before they charged. Rev pushed one into a robot that was still working, both fell into a vat of chemicals. D.E. slide between the legs of one Anaroid and fired into the chest of the one behind it. The first one spun around and kicked the D-Shooter out of his hand. It grabbed him by the neck and hauled him up. D.E. struggled for a bit before reaching for a wielder and jammed it into the Anaroids head. It sputtered for a bit before letting him go and fell to the floor in a heap. Dan blocked a blade that was coming at him and stabbed an Anaroid in the chest. One kicked him from behind knocking him to the ground. Five jumped on top of him at once. Rev rushed over and threw them off. He helped Dan to his feet and they stood side by side, "I owe you one."

"We are team mates," he said, "we are supposed to protect each other."

"All right you two," Ace's rang out. "Call off the Anaroids." She and Boomer had their D-Shooters out and pointed at the cage.

"Don't take you sweet time or nothing," Dan mumbled as he eyed a couple of Anaroids in front of him.

"One last time, call off the Anaroids. If you don't me and my partner will shot out the glass."

"Go ahead, the glass is bulletproof."

"Is it bomb proof too?", Boomer asked. He had some explosives in his hand. In moments the other one hit a button on the control panel and all the robots stopped moving.

"Mort!", the red one screamed.

"I don't know if it's bomb proof or not," he cried. The red one grabbed Mort by the collar and pulled him through a door behind him.

"Outside now!", Dan ordered. It took a few moments to find a door that lead to the outside. A delivery truck raced out of a garage and nearly ran them over. "Ace!'

"I got the Shepard on its way," she told him. After several long moments the Shepard came into view. They quickly boarded the jet and went after the truck. They were able to catch up in no time.

"D.E. fire a couple of rounds."

"Right," he pressed a button on his counsel. On the wings panel slide away revealing four machine gun type weapons. He fired a short round that bounced off a field that sprung up around the truck. "Ok I didn't see that coming."

"The laser might get through it," Ace offered.

"Captain," Rev said, "I'm getting a strange reading from the truck."

"What kind of reading?"

"Let me see it," D.E. called out. "I was afraid of that. They're carrying power cores on that truck.

"That counts out the laser," Ace said.

"I hope you got a plan B," Boomer told him.

Dan got out of his chair saying, "D.E. you’re with me, we're doing a hot drop with the Hounds." He nodded and followed him into the cargo area. The each jumped into a hole that was on either side of the hold. "We're ready to drop."

"The Shepard's at hot drop height and speed," Ace called back. Dan and D.E. braced themselves as she said, "Hot dropping in three... two... one now!" The floor under them slid away and two modified black and white SV650S dropped to the ground below engines running. They gunned it until they caught up with the truck. Mort opened the passenger side door and leaned out firing away with a rifle. Dan switched his D-Colt over to mutishot and fired back. He wasn't aiming at Mort, but close enough that he had to go back inside.

"Go!", he shouted as he fired out a few more rounds. D.E. raced ahead and got in front of the truck. Dan made sure neither of the Leopards took a pot shot at him. He was just glad the red one wasn’t swerving the truck, guessing he didn't want the cores to explode either. D.E. slowed down just enough to make sure the truck engine was in range. He pressed a button on the Hound's weapon panel and a metal spike shot out toward the grill. It bounced off the field. D.E. cursed as the truck speed up. He had to turn off the road to avoid getting run over. Dan stopped his Hound to check on him, "You all right?"

"Yeah," D.E. sounded disgusted, "the disruptor spike didn't get through the field. I don't suppose you have a plan C?"

"I'll make one up, come on." They both went after the truck. He honestly had no idea on how they were going to stop that truck.

"Cap!", D.E. shouted and pointed at something. The Shepard was flying low and fast and the nose cone was splitting open into four parts. "What are they doing?"

"Boomer now!", Ace yelled. Boomer was sitting at D.E.'s station and pulled a trigger. The four ends started glowing. A yellow energy beam came from each point and met in the middle. A stronger beam shot out of it and blew a chunk out of the road ahead of them. Boomer kept firing until a huge hole was left forcing the truck to stop.

"Get out and run Mort," his brother said. But as soon as they got out Dan and D.E. grabbed them and jumped the hole. They brought the bikes to a stop and threw the leopards forewords. "Damn it!"

"Now what do we do Brother?"

They got of the Hounds as Dan switched his License to Judge mode, "Target orders", he pressed the button on top and the white plate opened up. The area around the turned black as a red X and a blue circle started flashing. After the Leopards were scanned a red X shined brightly, "Eliminate targets." They unlatched their D-Shots from their pack and hooked their license into them, "Ready." They pulled back the grip, inside energy traveled through the D-Shot until it came to the Barrel. They leveled their weapons at the Leopards. "Strikeout!", Dan called out as they pulled the triggers. Two blue energy stream hit the Leopards-seijin, deleting them, "Got you."

They found the Shepard nearby, the others were waiting outside. All of them had already deactivated their Dekasuits. Dan jumped off his Hound, "Exactly who's crazy ass idea was that?!"

"It was her," Boomer pointed at Ace, "it was all her idea." Ace shot him a look that could kill. He hid behind Rev, "She threatened to tear my... thing off and stick it were the sun didn't shine."

Dan walked up to her, "Is that true?"

"Yes it is," she looked him right in the eye. "I saw the opening to stop that truck and made the call. If I was in this situation again I'd do it the same way." Dan crossed his arms and stared her down. She didn't back away from it.

Finally he said, "I always said my second in command needed to be a little crazy, congratulations. D.E. let's get the Hounds back on board."

Ace was stunned, "You’re making me second in command?"

"What!", Boomer yelled. "Didn't you hear what she said to me?"

"Yes and that was pretty tame compared to some the threats I've come out with over the years."

"But D.E. and Rev outrank her."

"You two got a problem with that?", Dan asked them.

"My rank is honorary because of my status as a doctor," Rev said.

D.E. added, "Being in charge gives me a rash."

"Works for me," Dan said.

"You got a problem taking orders from a girl?", Ace asked Boomer.

"No," he answered a little too defensively. Dan was about to break it up when he caught something out of the corner of his eye. There was a distorted shape in front of the tree to his right. It like almost like an arm. Dan and Rev aimed their SP-Shooters at the same tree.

"What is it?", Ace asked, her hand on her weapon.

"I heard something," Rev told her.

"That's good," Dan said, "because I'm pretty sure I saw something. Give me a scan." Rev took out his scanner.

"We are the only life forms in the immediate area," he answered after taking several scans.

Dan holstered his weapon, "We're probably still a little jumpy. Boomer contact OpsBase and have them send a crew out here to take care of the lab and this truck. Let's go home folks." They loaded the Hounds back onto the Shepard and Dan took one last look around before closing the ramp. He was sure he saw something. In minutes the Shepard was air borne and headed back to base.

By that tree the air shimmered revealing a chameleon-seijin wearing a cloak. His eyes narrowed as he watched the Shepard fly off in the distance. "Stevens," he growled before turning invisible again.
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Special Police DekaOps

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The ceiling above them closed as the hanger crew checked over the transport shuttle after it landed. A side door opened and Pierce walked out, returning from one of those monthly meetings the team commanders had to go to. Dan was glad it wasn't him, he hated those types of meetings. With his briefcase in his hand he returned a salute from a crewman and walked over to him. Dan gave him an army style salute for old time’s sakes, "Welcome back Major."

"At ease Dan," Pierce said with a chuckle. "You still have all your hair and nobody looks like they're in a cast, so I'm assuming you did all right in charge of the place."

"Things went pretty smooth." Dan smirked, "Actually everyone seemed relieved to have you off their backs for a few hours. Can't say I blame them."

"You're lucky I like you," he snorted before laughing with him for a bit.

"So how did the meeting go? Boring a Hell I'd imagine."

"More or less. The team that was supposed to be based in Texas has been put in hold indefinitely. There was a rumor a couple of the others were going over of one starting up in Australia. Oh, and SPD as a whole avoided a rather large bullet."

"What do you mean?"

"There was this old woman over in England who came this close," he held his thumb and index finger on his cane hand about an inch apart, "to getting SPD kicked off the planet completely."

"Oh that," Dan shook his head sadly. "Michelle should me a news feed about that yesterday. Personally I'm glad she got shown up for what she was. Would that have affected us? I mean we are covert unit, only a handful of people know we're here."

"I'm not sure, thankfully we won't have to find out." Dan walked him to his office and chatted for a little bit. Pierce put the briefcase down on his desk. "I might add some of the commanders were surprised to find out who your second in command was."

Dan didn't look fazed, "Do you think I care? The team needed a command structure in case I'm taken out for some reason. Besides she was already calling the shots while we're airborne, so the choice seemed obvious."

"You don't have to explain your choice to me, I know how you work remember." Pierce sat down, glad to be in his own chair. "So how has Ace been handling it?"

"Pretty well," Dan sat in the chair on the other side of the desk. "She's been rubbing it in to Boomer every so often though." Pierce was sure she only doing it because of his reaction to her new status. "It was just some good natured ribbing, but I told her to ease up on it. Anything else I should know about, or not know about?" Dan was still a bit steamed about being kept in the dark about the dangerous side of the rifle, not that Pierce could blame him.

"Well our friends up in the DekaSpacebase might have something for us. They have to double check a couple of things first so nothing official as of yet. But in a few hours SPD Earth command might insert us into an unprotected area."

Dan rose from his seat, "Right, I'll put the team on stand by then." He saluted and left him alone in the room. Pierce cracked his neck and looked over the six messages on his desk, two of them were from his wife Helen. He told her he had some really early meetings and would be gone for most of the day, he just didn't add where those meetings were being held at. Lord, was he going to have to come up with a good one this time.

When he got to the gym he found Ace putting the others through the paces. As he watched them for a bit Dan wasn't sure if he should be amused or worried that she reminded him of a drill instructor he knew back in basic. "Come on ladies!" she shouted as the others were doing foot drills, "My grandmother can do better than this. D.E. get those knees up like you life depended on it!" Boomer looked like he was going to start a mutiny. Too bad for him she saw it, "You want to try something Boomer?"

"Listen up," he decided to cut it off there. "The Major says we're on standby. Shower up and get changed, we might have to leave at a moment notice." The nodded and started to walk off. "Ace hold up, I got to talk to you."

"Ooooh," D.E. said looking at Ace, "you're in trouble."

"Get out of here," she beaned him with her towel.

"About time she started picking on somebody else," Boomer said.

"She just likes you man," D.E. pushed his friend's head to the side lightly. Rev looked confused at the exchanged but followed the others.

"What's up Cap?", she asked.

"Interesting motivating skill you have there." She started to answer but he held up a finger. Then he shouted, catching her off guard, "Boomer, unless you want to run twenty laps around the gym buck naked in front of everybody I suggest you close the door and take that shower!" She looked behind him and saw the door shut quickly. "He's worse than a four year old I swear. Now where were we? Oh yeah, your motivating skills."

"I'm just trying to do things like you would," she told him. "You’ve done the same thing when you’re running the drills."

"I know, that how I do things," he empathized the "I' when he said that. “I didn't make you my second so you could turn into mini-me."

"I was wondering, why did you make me second in command any way? Boomer was, and if you repeat this I'll deny it, right. I was talking to Major Pierce about it and he said that's the way you think and said nothing else." Dan sat on the bench behind him, she sat next to him. "If it's a big secret you don't have to tell me."

"No secrets, he's probably tired of taken the blame for the way I do things. Look, there are two things I've picked up from Pierce over the years. One, always have a plan B, no matter how good you think your original plan is. And two, your second should be a little different from you. Because when the commanders have the same opinion in everything the unit is in trouble."

"Because they're missing the same blind spots," he nodded. "So I should find my own command style. I should probably rein it in a little too."

"Now I didn't say that. You're enthusiastic, I like that in my seconds. Trust me I've had ones that were duller than dirt."

She smiled, "I'll take your word for it. I better take that shower too." She got up, then she groaned, "Damn it I threw my last clean towel at D.E." About the Michelle's voice came over the loud speakers.

"Field team to the hanger bay, repeat field team to the hanger bay. Prepare to launch in twenty minutes."

"I can air dry," she said as he ran off.

In no time they were aboard the Machine Shepard, headed for the east coast and out to sea. They were told they would be briefed on the mission in flight instead of the Command Room, but so far nothing. All of them were wondering what was so important this time around. Dan was tapping his fingers on top of his leg before Boomer finally spoke up, "Cap, we're getting a signal from OpsBase."

"Put it through." Michelle and Pierce appeared on the screen in a split view. "So what's the reason for the rush Major?"

"We got a big one this time Cap," Pierce said before his image was replaced with another one. This one featured a fat person in a white suit and hat. He would have reminded most of them of the stereotypical southern gentleman if it wasn't for the fact his head looked like a pig. "This is Sanders. According to SPD files he's one of the biggest slave traders in the known galaxies. According to orbital and ground sensors his ship is currently in Turkey."

"I'm getting the coordinates now, "Ace said.

"Michelle's sending us some info on the terrain," Boomer called out.

"I've heard stories of this person on my home planet,” Rev spoke up. “I believe some call him the Colonel." Boomer snorted as he put the name together. Ace and D.E. started snickering as well. Dan lowered his head to hide the smile he was fighting. "What was humorous about what I said?"

"It might have been a little more obvious if...," Boomer started before D.E. interrupted him.

"Please don't finish that thought."

Dan shot a look back there to quiet them down, "Sorry Major," he said over the connection.

"Right, as I was going to say it's doubtful he's delivering anything out here."

"I’ve been able to find," Michelle cut in, "a couple of missing person report for the area he's in. But the numbers I've found doesn't indicate the number he usually handles. So I'm expanding the search parameters but I doubt I'll be able to get the info to you before you enter silent operations."

"Needless to say Earth command wants him stopped before he takes off. Also be on the lookout for this individual." Sanders image was replaced by a gray rocky type of alien. "This is Sander's bodyguard Grimm."

"He suspected to be involved in at least twenty known disappearances," Michelle told them. "This one is particularly nasty. A couple of the missing bodies that have been found were beaten to a bloody pulp and had their limbs broken."

"We're approaching international waters," Ace called out.

"Remember the Turkish government doesn't know you're coming," Pierce told them. "The government isn't SPD friendly at the moment, and what happen in England didn't help matters. If you're caught by the local authorities I don't know how much we can help you."

"Understood sir," Dan said, “Shepard out. Boomer silent op countdown."

"Silent operation in," he watched the controls for a moment, "five... four... three... two... one and we are silent." he deactivated the comm. panel. "So we're officially on our own out here?"

"Part of the job Boomer," D.E. told him, "we don't contact OpsBase and vice a versa once we hit international waters. We all know that."

"Listen up guys," Dan said, "about what the Major said about getting caught. I have never left a team mate behind alive in my life and I don't plan on starting now. So I'm telling you guys now, we all go home or nobody goes home. No one gets left behind. Is that clear?"

"The Major said," D.E. told him, "that was your personal motto."

"No one gets left behind," Ace repeated looking serious. "Sounds like a plan to me." Rev nodded while Boomer gave him the heads up. After several quiet moments Ace started running some simulations on her flight computer. After a while she adjusted the Shepard's heading slightly. Dan tapped her on the shoulder and asked what was that for. "Shaving some time off our arrival time. The faster we get there..."

"The faster we get him," he finished for her. "And hopefully the faster we get out of there."

They discovered one thing about Sanders when they found him, he apparently thought he was untouchable. He didn't even try to hide his ship. In fact he and his bodyguard were standing right in the open like they didn't have a care in the world. Dan was glad he had Ace activate the cloaking system before they hit the mainland. Sanders stood there fanning himself with his hat as Grimm paced the area. "Would you relax," Sanders barked, "you're making me sweat. Do you know how much this suit cost me? I can't afford to sweat in it."

"I'm telling you I heard a jet," Grimm rumbled.

Dan and the others took cover behind some boulder and shrubs while he pulled out a listening device, a gun like device with a disk surrounding it, and pointed it at them. "All of our scanner say you’re hearing things. Now would you relax."

"I'd be able to relax better if you didn't pick a planet that was swarming with SPD. I've never seen a planet with so many."

Sanders laughed as he took out a handkerchief and wiped his forehead. "The greater the risk the greater the reward, ain't nobody tell you that? But I'll admit things were easier back in the day. When I was a young 'un just starting out in the business all we had to worry about was a single Space Sheriff per sector. Now a days you can't swing a dead Mynock without hitting an SPD officer. Too bad there's not a whole lot of us left who remember those days."

His bodyguard grunted, having heard this one before, "When did they say they were coming?"

"Half hour tops from that so called town in the west. They keep saying human are pretty adaptable. I've got plenty of clients willing to pay to find out."

Dan folded up his listening device and pocketed it. That bit of information gave him some hope, maybe they haven't gotten anybody yet. "Rev, any life signs on that ship?"," he asked in a hushed tone.

"None that I can detect Captain."

"Alright we might have caught a break here, let's not waste it. Ace, take D.E. and Rev and try to intercept that truck he mentioned. He said thirty minutes but that doesn't mean it won't get here sooner. Me and Boomer are going to try to take them."

"Right,” she acknowledged. “Which direction?"

"He said from the west," Rev answered. Ace and the other looked at him in surprise.

"He's got good hearing," Dan told them. "Now stop wasting time and go."

"I'll ask later," Ace said as she waved D.E. and Rev to follow her.

"So when do we go in and bust them?", Boomer asked after they were gone.

"We'll wait five minutes and scope out the situation first. With just the two of us I want to make sure we're not in it too deep."

"This might be a stupid question, but why did you split us up then?"

"Because if we can't take these guys down then there is at least one group of people he won't get his hands on."

Boomer acted like he didn't think of that, "That's thinking pretty far ahead."

"That's why they pay me the leader money."

"Now I'm glad you made Ace second in command, I'm too pretty to get worry wrinkles thinking about stuff like that," he said with a grin. Dan still looked at him with a raised eyebrow. "Cap I'm joking."

Sanders put the handkerchief back and caught a look at a small monitor inside his coat that was connected to the ship scanners. The automatic sweep picked up a couple of stray life signs that weren't there before. "Oh my, we apparently have some unexpected visitors Grimm. Why don't you give them a warm welcome."

"Of course," he walked toward the boulder grabbing a grenade. He threw it to the ground, ten Anaroids formed and came toward them.

"We’ve been made," Dan cursed as they pulled out their OpsLicnese, "Change standby."

"Emergency!", they held their License across their chest then thrust them foreword, "DekaOps!" The Dekametal formed around them in less than a moment and they charged the Anaroids and Grimm.

"I'm getting an abnormal reading from that vehicle over there," Rev pointed to an old truck coming down the road. Ace pulled out her binoculars and checked it out. There were two guys in the cab, the one in the passenger seat looked like he was holding a gun of some sort. D.E. wasn't sure but he said it looked like an assault rifle from here. Something told her she shouldn't jump the gun just yet.

"What kind of readings?"

"Human, several of them in the back of the vehicle if these readings are correct."

"I'm not seeing any other truck in the area," D.E. said after a quick sweep. "This has to be them." She thought so too, but this was her first job as the number two person in the unit. Making a huge blunder was not the way to start the job.

"They could be a military operation as well," Rev said, echoing the part of her thoughts. "And it hasn't been thirty minutes."

"They could be early. Well what would Cap do if he was here?", D.E. asked them.

"Cap isn't here," he did say she wasn't supposed to act like him. "There's only one way to find out. D.E. get to the other side of the road, Rev you stay on this side. Don't go in until I give the word."

"Rodger," Rev said.

"You got it," D.E. said before heading across the road.

She stood in the middle of the road. After a few moment the Ace could see the truck coming on the road. "Emergency!" she pulled out her License and thrust it forward, "DekaOps!" and pressed the button on top.

Ace was surrounded by a pink digital field as the Deka metal formed around her body in a flash of white light. It changed into black body suit in a burst. A dark pink stripe went down the middle of her body from her shoulders to the top of her boots, on the left side of her chest the pink and black formed the outline for a number five. A backpack solidified on her back and the D-Shot appeared in a flash. "Face on!", Deka metal flashed over her head and formed a dark pink helmet.

"What are you doing?!", D.E cried out as he pulled out his License. She put her hand up for him to stop. Ace took out her D-Shot and waited for it to get a little closer. The truck wasn't slowing down. "Damn that girl is nuts." She aimed her D-Shot and fired a round above the cab. The passenger flinched but the driver did nothing. She fired another shot, this time though the windshield between them. Ace changed her aim slightly, now the D-Shot was aimed right at the driver. Ace primed another shot and the driver moved this time as the brakes started squealing. The truck came to a stop a yard in front of her.

Ace let out the breath she was holding, glad the helmet hid how shocked she was that actually worked. "Now!", D.E. and Rev came out of hiding, their SP-Shooters aimed at the cabs occupants. She kept her aim on the driver, "You two out of the truck now! Out of the truck!" D.E. opened the passenger side door and took the weapon from them as they complied. "Get on the ground! Rev check out the back of the truck."

"Understood," he went back there and open the door. "They were transporting people in shackles." Behind the helmet she relaxed a little bit more. Looks like she didn't blow it. D.E was putting one in a set D-Whoppers so she took out hers and tossed them to him. "Lock up the driver quickly and help out Rev."

"Right," after a moment he went back there and whistled. "It looks like a poor man's UN back here. They have guys from just about everywhere from the looks of it."

"You're rescuing us?", one of them said, it was man who looked like he was in his fifties.

"You speak English?"

"I was born in Canada," he said. "I was visiting some family I have out here and then those men kidnapped me."

"Don't worry sir," D.E told him, "we'll make sure you'll get back to that family of yours in no time."

"Thank you," he said gratefully, "but who are you?"

D.E. and Rev looked at each other, "Ah... we're the good guys. You're gonna have to take my word on that one."

The Anaroids weren't much of a problem for Dan and Boomer. It took them longer than before but they were able to turn the robots into piles of scrap metal. They didn't get a moment of rest as Grimm ran in to grab Dan by the back of the neck and threw him. "Cap!" Boomer called out. Then he turned to see Grimm right behind him. The rock creature raised his hand and slammed it to the ground. Boomer just rolled out of the way and fired with his D-Shot. Its rocky hide protected it from the shot but it still growled in pain. Dan got to his feet and started firing away with his. Grimm turned around, grabbed an boulder and threw it at him.

"Shit!", he jumped out of the way.

"That's why I pay him the big money," Sanders crowed proudly. He saw a pair of headlight coming in their direction. "Looks like the Calvary has arrived," he said evilly. Grimm caught Dan in the ribs with a back swing and held Boomer by the throat over his head. Suddenly he was shot in the back several times making him drop the black and yellow clad human. Sanders and Grimm both turned to the truck. D.E. was on top of the cab firing away with his D-Sniper. Ace stopped the truck and she and Rev got out while D.E. jumped off. "What the devil," Sanders started backing up.

"Cap," Ace ran up to him, "tag!" She held out her hand and slapped his as she raced by. "Let's do it guys!"

Dan checked on Boomer, "You alright kid?"

"I'm still moving," he said while holding his throat.

"Good, cause boss hog is getting away." He grabbed Boomer by the arm and dragged him to his feet to chase after Sanders.

D.E and Rev both jumped up and kicked Grimm in the chest making him back up. Ace rolled forward between them and came up firing with her D-Shooter. She back flipped out of the way as the rock creature's hands smashed into the ground where she was. The boys rushed up and started firing at the alien themselves as she pulled out her D-Rod. Ace hit a button with her finger and jumped up. The rod had a pink glow to it as she screamed and slashed it down at Grimm, who was finally knocked off his feet. Ace put the D-Rod back into her pack and pulled out her OpsLicense. D.E. and Rev stood at her side as she switched modes and pressed the button on top of it, "Target order!"

The area went black as a red X and a blue circle flashed in front of Grimm. It took a minute for the device to scan him and the X shined brightly. "Eliminate target," Ace called out as she closed the License and hooked it into the D-Shot. The other two did the same as they went to a knee. Leveling their weapons at Grimm she said, "Ready." They pulled back the grip under the D-Shot's barrel, energy built up and traveled through the weapon and into the barrel. "Strikeout!", they pulled the triggers and three blue energy beams hit Grimm. He resisted for a moment but he was soon deleted. "Got you."

"Piggy faster than he looks," Boomer said as they ran after him.

"Let's give him a warning then." Dan and Boomer drew their side arms and both fired a shot over his head. Sanders stopped immediately and put both hands over his head. Dan walked in front of him and held up his License, "Target orders." The area went dark and after a minute the blue circle shined, "Apprehend target," and he reached for his belt and pulled out his D-Whopper.

"Looks like this little piggy going wee wee wee all the way to jail," Boomer said.

Dan groaned and lowered his head, "I should have teamed with D.E."

Ace had the Shepard land next to Sander's ship and he was now in the on board cell in the cargo hold. Dan was sitting on some crates outside the ship holding his side as she walked up to him, "Rev said you were hurt."

"Nothing broken, Rev said I'd be fine in a couple of days. Nice timing with the truck by the way."

"I figured it was my turn to come up with a plan B," she told him. Dan had to grin. "So what's going on now?"

"Well D.E. on that hill over there keeping a look out for any other trucks for the moment. And Boomer keeping an ear on the local police radio, to see if anyone is coming this way and we have to jet."

"I asked Rev to take Boomer and check out the ship," she informed Dan. "In case there were other already in there we couldn't detect from out here. Rev also said he was familiar with this design so I told him to help Boomer find the ship's computer after they were done with the search. Maybe they can get into the system and find out where they were going and where they been."

Dan nodded with approval, "Good call. I'm sure SPD command would love to get their hands on that info." Ace started to walk off when he said, "D.E. told me about that little stunt you pulled." She stopped and faced him, not sure what to expect. "That’s not something I would do."

"You wouldn't, but I would," she told him truthfully. Dan smirked.

"I wish all my second got that through their heads that quick. But don't get yourself killed in the process all right. Pierce would never let me hear the end of it."

"Not to mention Boomer would be your only choice for the job, seeing how D.E. and Rev don't want it."

"Don't remind me," Dan said as he got up. "Come on let's give Rev and Boomer a hand with that search."

"Yes sir," she gave him an army style salute. Dan shook his head as he patted her on the shoulder and entered the ship.
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Special Police DekaOps

OP- Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger- metal instrumental version

He found the place he was looking for, a rundown hotel in a seedy part of the city. No one saw him as he walked up to the front desk and looked over the registration book. Flipping through a few pages he found the alias he was looking for. Now if the room number he was told was correct he should get this over with rather quickly. The clerk behind the desk looked away from the TV show he was watching when he thought he saw the book move but returned to his program, lousy humans. He walked the stairs and hallways quietly as he headed for his destination. Knocking twice on the door marked 5D he had to wait a moment before hearing, "Alpha."

"Centauras," he replied. The door opened and a gray reptilian alien walked out into the hallway seeing no one there. He returned to his room and closed the door and was surprised to see a being wearing a hooded cloak standing by his bed, "Hello Radon," the hooded creature said.

"Chatrox," the reptile hissed.

"Agent Chatrox to you," he removed the hood revealing a chameleon-sejin underneath.

"Agent," he grunted, "still the luckiest bastard in the universe I see."

The chameleon looked smug, "You weren't saying that when I conveniently forgot I saw you in Sigma Alpha four."

Radon's features darkened, "I'm surprised SPD didn't delete you on sight when they found out you were working for the bosses."

"I'd rather be deleted than be assigned to this planet with these," he spit out the word, "humans." Chatrox put the case he was carrying on top of the bed. "Here is what you asked for." He opened the case revealing a couple of alien pistols. "Two Zirikian hand guns. Able to turn most organics into atoms." Radon reached for the guns but Chatrox closed the case, "Payment first."

"Fine," he reached under the bed and pulled out a bag that he handed to the agent. Chatrox counted it quickly and stopped the reptile from taking the case.

"This is only half of what was agreed too."

"I had to pull in every favor I had to get this much," he pleaded.

"Sorry Radon, you don't have the full amount you don't get the weapons."

"Then one gun then," Radon was desperate at this point. "You said yourself it was half. That has to be worth one of them at least."

Chatrox thought it over and opened the case, taking out one of the pistols. "You’re lucky I'm in a generous mood today. For old time sake I'll give you a week to raise the funds for the second one. If not I'll take the other one back from you." Chatrox didn't let him answer, he opened the door and disappeared from sight.

At the OpsBase Pierce and the other were watching Dan and D.E. go hand to hand, training with some fake knives. It was pretty much a stalemate until Dan knocked away D.E. knife hand and started slashing the air making him back up. D.E. spun out of the way suddenly and kicked Dan behind the legs. D.E. got him down to his knees, stood on the right side of him and put the "blade" to his throat, "Got ya Cap."

His lip curled slightly in a smile and he looked at him out of the corner of his eye, "You sure about that?"

"Cap if you do anything you're dead, I got you dead to rights."

"Then you better already have kids."

D.E. was confused by what he said. Then Ace whistled while Boomer cried, "Oh," and crossed his legs. He looked over to them wondering what they were seeing that he wasn't. Pierce pointed down so D.E. looked down and his eyes went wide. The point of Dan's knife was aimed right at his crotch.

Dan grin got a little bigger, "You might kill me but you'll remember me for the rest of your life. You want to call it a draw?" D.E. backed away and let him get to his feet. Dan clapped him on the shoulder, "Good going though, you gave me a pretty good fight."

"Now I know I didn't teach you that," Pierce said as he walked to them with the other following.

"Was that not a rather dirty tactic?", Rev asked.

"When it's life or death there's no such thing as a dirty trick," Dan told him. To D.E. he said, "You did good but you made a couple major mistakes that I saw. You thought the fight was over before it actually was. It ain't over until someone either tied up, knocked out or dead. And," he flipped his knife into the air and caught it by the blade, "you lost track of this. You have to remember at all times to keep track of an opponent’s weapon. Trust me, I know it's real easy to lose track of it." Dan raised his shirt showing them a scar above the right side of his waist.

"And that's not an appendix scar either boys and girl," Pierce added.

"What did you do to get that?", Ace asked.

"I was on guard duty. Me and a couple of other were trying to subdue a guy with a knife. I learned the hard way don't lose track."


"I said I little more than ouch when it happened." Dan rubbed the scar from the memory. "Alright guys, practice is over. Shower up and get something to eat."

"I am never going to get used to that," Boomer said in the cafeteria. He, D.E. and Ace were watching Rev eat a pile of raw meat on his tray. Boomer shuddered and tried to concentrate on his tray.

"Cap, over here," Ace called out and waved when she saw Dan carrying his tray. He hesitated as he looked at them.

"He's not going to sit with us," Boomer said, "he never does."

"I think he just proved you wrong buddy," D.E. told him. Dan sat at their table, between them and Rev. "Hey Cap, I didn't thank you for agreeing to the hand to hand lesson."

"You're my team mate, I'm supposed to help you guys get better."

Ace tilted her head to read the spine of the book on his tray. "Matthew Stover, isn't he a fantasy writer?"

"I took you for the Tom Clancy type," Boomer said.

"I don't care what it is as long as it's good."

"Sounds, like my Grand Dad," D.E. said. "I knew there was a reason I liked you."

"Hey guys," Michelle came up and sat next to Dan. "Rev, do you have that spice from you home planet on that?"

"Yes, I find Earth meat to be rather, and forgive me for saying this, bland."

"I'm pretty sure that's why they invented steak sauce Rev," Boomer said.

"Do you wish to try some?", Rev offered as he held out his tray. "It is perfectly alright for humans." Boomer declined right away.

"You should try it," Michelle told them, "it's actually pretty good." Dan, Ace and D.E. looked at each other then they all picked up a fork. Each of them picked out the smallest piece they could find and tried it. Boomer made a face watching them.

After a bit Dan said, "A little... bloodier than I like it, but it's not that bad." The other agreed and Rev looked pleased.

"Come on Boomer, you got to try some," D.E. told him.

He looked at Rev's tray and paled a little, "Maybe next time."

"Wuss," D.E. teased him.

"You're all here good," Pierce said as he joined them at the table. "We just got something in from one of our informants. There's an Alienizer robbing jewelry stores in the area."

"No offense Major," Boomer interrupted," but isn't a jewel robbery a little plain for us."

"We're still cops Boomer," D.E. told him.

"He's right, you guys are a covert unit but you're still officers of the law. Even when DekaRail gets going we're still going to have to take on one of these on occasion."

"Just tell me it's not a cat burglar," Dan said. "I mean a literal ‘cat’ burglar."

"Did Cap just attempt a joke?", Ace said in mock disbelief.

He shot her a look, "Quiet."

"No cat, just a lizard. The informant said his name was Radon. He's a bit of a weapon nut according to reports. So much so he resorted to pulling jobs for the Alienizers to support his obsession."

"I'll do a search to see what he has exactly," Michelle said. "Chances are good he has used some of his collection in his robberies. I'd better see if there's a pattern as well."

"You might be right about him using his collection. Reports we were given had him using a," Pierce pulled out a small notebook and flipped though a few pages," a Zirikian pistol."

"Damn," D.E. blurted out.

"Do you think he knows something," Ace deadpanned.

"This things a nasty piece of work," he told them. "It's not exactly illegal but it’s hard as hell to get your hands on one. People shot with this thing had to be identified by the left over ashes."

"And I just lost my appetite," Boomer slid his tray away from him.

"That weapon alone means he's one of ours," Dan said as he got up

"One more thing," Pierce said, "since you’ll be in the city you'll be going out in civvies. I was able to keep information about you to a minimum back in Turkey because of the small number of people involved. A city this size is going to a lot harder, especially of you fight in public. So keep it to a minimum. You're only going to have you License and SP-Shooters with you so be careful with this one, because I don't think the vests are going to help much."

"You heard the Major," Dan said as that sunk in. "So which one of you really know this city?"

D.E. raised a hand, "My family’s been living here for five years."

"Fine, you're driving."

They waited until nightfall to pile into a jeep and head out. Dan had a red shirt, black jeans and his bomber jacket on. D.E. was wearing a dark colored shirt and pants and a blue wind breaker on behind the wheel. Ace was in back with the others wearing a pink T-shirt under her jean jacket and blue jeans. Boomer was wearing some yellow L.A. Laker gear while Rev had his Green hoodie over his uniform. D.E. stopped the jeep in front of the last store reported robbed and they got out. All of them stared at the hole in the glass door. "This guy doesn't know the meaning of the word subtle," Boomer commented.

Dan switched his License over to Phone, "Michelle, anything on a pattern yet?"

"Only that his targets are pretty close together," she said. "If he strikes again it should be on that block or one close to you."

"Thanks Michelle. Let us know if you find anything else."

"Will do Cap."

He looked at the others, "I'd know what we do in the Army. But you guys are the cops, what would you do in this situation? Give me some options."

Ace started, "If it was me, I'd split us up into two groups and search the area. See if anybody saw or heard anything while we're looking for him."

"That's what my gut is telling me," D.E. added

"I would check the store for anybody residue he left might have left behind," Rev said. “If there is enough I might be able to track where he has been."

"I'd have a little easier time with that plan if we had the Shepard," Dan admitted. "Can you do it with a hand scanner?"

"He can if I help him," Boomer said.

"Sounds like we got a plan. Rev, you and Boomer scan that store. Me, Ace and D.E are going to scope out the surrounding area in the Jeep. Before I forget," Dan reached into the glove box and pulled out some wallets. He opened them up showing them the police badge and ID card inside. "Michelle had these made up, if anybody asks you're part of the Springfield PD." He handed one to each of them. "Do your best to explain Rev if it comes up. While you two are scanning that store remember that there's still a jewelry store on this block that hasn't been hit yet so keep an ear open. If you hear or see this guy call us and we'll come as fast as we can. And if he got the weapon we think he does don't try to take him unless you have to."

"I understand," Rev told him.

"We'll be careful," Boomer added. Dan and Ace jumped back into the jeep and drove off. "Time to do some actual police work Rev."

Radon walked over a bridge fingering the pistol under his tunic. One more hit, that had to be enough to buy the other one. Just one more hit was all he needed. Unless that bastard Chatrox decided to up the price of the other one. He wouldn't put it past that damn chameleon. Old time sake, right. Chatrox would sell out his own mother the moment he thought it would save his hide. Well nothing was going to keep him from getting the other pistol. And if Chatrox tried to take this one, then he’d be sorry.

He was interrupted in his thinking when a human walked into him. A drunk one at that. "Watch it you... you freak," he said. "Those Earth First guys are right. You are... you are trying to take over everything." He stumbled into a fighting stance. "Well... well I won't... won't let ya do it. Put up your dukes."

"How about I put up this instead," he pulled out the pistol and aimed it at the human’s head. He sobered up pretty quickly.

"Now wait a moment," he started sweating. “I didn't mean anything. I... I was only playing around." The human started running away, Radon shot him in the back. There was a scream for a brief moment before the human turned to ashes.

A jeep passed by that instant and stopped. A blond haired human stood in the passenger seat and shouted, "Radon!" The human jumped out of the vehicle and pulled out SP-Shooters.

"Deka," Radon said as he fired. The jumped behind any cover they could find before they returned fire.

Dan pulled out his License and called the others, "Rev, Boomer we located Radon. We need you at these coordinates now."

"We'll be there as fast as we can Cap," Boomer said.

"Cap, he's running!", D.E. called out

"We don't have a choice, change stand by." They ran after with their License out. “Emergency! DekaOps!" The Dekesuits appeared in a digital flash of light. "Stop or we'll fire." Radon kept running and Dan ordered, "Fire a warning shot." He pulled out his D-Colt and the other their D-Shooters and fired over his head. Radon stopped, turned and fired wildly at them. They had to jump out of the way. He reached under his tunic and pulled out a grenade. Eight Anaroids and two blue headed Batsuroids formed. "I'm seriously starting to hate those things."

"Fire," one of the Batsuroids ordered. They jumped to the ground to avoid the shot. Radon started running again.

"Come on!" Dan got up and started firing with his D-Colt. An Anaroid went down and D.E. and Ace started firing theirs. The Batsuroids avoided the shots and fired back. Dan and Ace got hit with the shots and went down. D.E. jumped up and started firing at the group. Ace got to a knee and started firing away with her D-Shot. Dan switched to multishot and started firing too. Radon jumped off the bridge onto the street below.

"I'm after Radon, D.E. shouted.

"D.E. don't," Dan ordered but he already jumped off after him. Where was a rank fearing private when you needed one?

Ace charged the group, knocked down an Anaroid and rolled under a shot one of the Batsuroids fired. She came up with her D-Shot aimed at its chest and fired. She turned to find the other one right there and got hit and dropped her weapon. Dan planted his D-Knife into the chest of one Anaroid and tried to reach her. Two Anaroids got in his path, one was able knocked the D-Colt out of his hands. Ace was thrown into the bridge railing and barely avoided the Batsuroids kick. She was able to pull out her D-Knife and stab it in the shoulder of its weapon arm. She didn't think it was possible but the robot looked like it was getting angry.

Dan took out his D-Rod and blocked a swipe at his head. He started swinging and was able to back them off. He pressed a button on the handle and the rod started glowing red. Dan slashed through two of the Anaroids and they dropped. A couple of more took their place and he saw Ace's D-Shot right behind them. This was going to be tricky. He reached into his backpack and waited a moment. One of the Anaroids took a swing that he blocked and shot the other one with his holdout D-Shooter, one shot. The other one tried to react but he shot it as well, two shots two left. He fired the last two at the Batsuroid, grabbed the D-Shot and tossed it over the robot had, "Ace catch!"

She caught it, pumped it and fired. The Batsuroid stood there so she fired again, this time it went down. Rev and Boomer ran up just then and took out the remaining Anaroids. "Could you cut it a little closer next time?!", she yelled at them.

"You were the ones with the jeep!", Boomer yelled back.

Dan knelt beside Ace, "You all right?"

"I'm great," she said sarcastically.

"Where is Terry?", Rev asked looking around.

"After Radon, anybody see an exit ramp leading to that street?"

"I'm pretty sure we passed one on the way here," Boomer said handing the D-Colt back to Dan.

"Lead the way."

D.E. chased after Radon and finally caught him. He tackled him to the ground by the legs. Radon was able to get a foot free and kicked him away. They both got to their feet and started fighting. D.E. was a little stronger but Radon was faster. D.E. spun away from a punch and pulled his D-Shooter. They both turned around and was staring into the barrel of the others gun, standoff. "Do you have any honor human?", Radon asked out of the blue.

"What do you mean?"

"I believe there is an old custom on this planet called a duel. Back to back then walk ten paces, I believe that how you humans do it."

"Give me one good reason why I should do that," he demanded.

"Because if you don't I'll shoot you now."

"That's a pretty good reason." Slowly they lowered their weapons to their side and stood back to back. Walking ten paces D.E. turned around and found himself staring down the barrel of the Zirikian pistol. "What happened to the duel?"

"I changed my mind and I already shot one of you humans in the back already. Do you have anything to say before I send you to the afterlife?"

D.E. nodded, "It's not over until somebody's captured or dead." he dropped back and fired hitting Radon in the leg. D.E whipped his leg up and kicked the pistol out of his hands. “And you forgot about my gun. A buddy of mine says that a big no no." He got to his feet, knocked Radon back and switched his License over to Judge, "Target orders," holding it out in front of him he pressed the button.

The area went dark and a red X and a blue circle started flashing in front of Radon. After he was scanned the X shined brightly, "Eliminate target." He closed his License and unlatched his D-Shot. D.E. connected the two and aimed it at the reptile. Pulling back the grip caused energy to flow through the weapon and entered the barrel. "Strikeout!" he shouted and pulled the trigger. A blue energy beam shot out and hit the alien, Radon was deleted. "Got ya."

Dan and the other found him a moment later and they deactivated the Dekametal. "Where's Radon?", Dan asked.

D.E. waved his License in front of him, "Scanned and deleted."

"Good. And for future reference, when I tell you to stop you stop, got it?"

"I hear you Cap." D.E started grinning, "But to be fair you yelled out ‘don't’ not ‘stop’."

"Don't get smart," Ace said as she was going to smack him but Dan stopped her.

"Ace, I'm only going to tell you this once. You can yell at them, you can push them to their limits, you can even send them to their death. But for some reason you can't hit them." D.E. relax until he saw Dan look at him with a wicked looking grin on his face. "You can, however, get creative on how you want to get your point across. Think I'll leave that one up to you."

"Anything goes?", she asked.

"Almost anything," he clarified," and I have to approve it first."

Ace thought for a second, "Can I have him detail the Shepard?"

"That's a bit much, don't you think?"

"Whew," D.E. blew out.

After a moment Dan said, "Make it the Hounds, both of them."

"With a toothbrush?", Ace offered.

"I'll allow it," Dan said before walking off.

Ace clenched her hands in front of her chest, "Yes."

"Glad I'm not you buddy," Boomer said while slapping him on the back.

"You better start praying I don't swipe your toothbrush behind you back," D.E. told him

"I am never going to understand these humans," Rev muttered.

Nearby Chatrox saw the entire thing and his cold blood boiled. That was Stevens he saw the other night. Being assigned to this back water planet might not be so bad if he could eliminate that human while he was here. Looking down he saw a leaflet for Earth First and grinned. This was going to take some planning, and some pride swallowing, but it will do nicely. There was no better way to take out an enemy than to make sure he was distracted by something else first.
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