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New chapter coming up. I won't have pics up until early next week. Hopefully I should have the last two episodes out by the end of this month! Hope you're enjoying it so far!

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Prequel - Episode 48: Plague of the Mantis

(We begin today at the Youth Center. Some of the rangers are seated at one of the tables in the dining area, although their focus is on Trini, who by the workout area in the middle of a Kung Fu lesson with an elderly Asian man.)

Teacher: Move like this, Trini.

(He goes through a set that Trini tries to replicate, but clearly struggles.)

Teacher: Try again.

Trini: Yes Master Li.

(He stands still and watches her try again and stumble.)

Master Li: You’ll get better. But you must free your cluttered mind.

Trini: (Snickers.) Easier said than done.

(Trini chortles as if Master Li knows anything about her personal life. His expression doesn’t move however.)

Master Li: Mantis Kung Fu is about having your mind at ease, like the mantis. But ready to strike when needed.

Trini: (Nods) Yes master.

Master Li: Rest a moment. Let me test your mind.

Trini: Okay…

Master Li: What is the most honorable tradition of Kung Fu?

Trini: In kung fu, we always honor the tradition of the fair fight. Always face your opponent with equal numbers and cease fighting when your opponent is neutralized.

Master Li: Good. So you know your martial arts. It is just the chaos in your head which holds you from your true potential.

(Master Li states what’s obvious to Trini as if he does in fact know her personally. She does not reply, but Master Li reaches into his bag to pull out a small container with something living inside.)

Master Li: Observe this mantis. Delicate. Calm. But powerful, always ready to defend itself.

Trini: …

Master Li: Now let’s try again.

(Master Li places the mantis down and goes back into his routine. From the corner of the room, Bulk and Skull appear to be watching while scarfing down lunch.)

Bulk: Hmm. Check out the bug fu.

Skull: Ahahaha. “Bug fu.” How lame.

Bulk: Yeah… Maybe not though. If we can find a bug to imitate then we can run our own class and scam even more suckers out of their money.

Skull: Great idea, Bulky. Let’s go hunt for some bugs.

(Meanwhile, looking on from the moon…)

Rita: How cute. Trini wants to do Mantis Kung Fu. Finster, make me a monster. I’ll show her how it’s done. A mantis monster to take on Trini, then destroy her and her other power brats.

Finster: (Nods) Yes my queen.

Rita: Hurry up Finster, the rangers have been bugging us forever.

Baboo: I see what you did there.

(Back at the Youth Center, while Trini continues to train, Jason, Zack and Billy continue to eye her while sipping on shakes.)

Jason: Man, Trini’s looking good.

Zack: You think? I don’t know. She’s like a six to me.

Jason: I meant her Kung Fu…

Zack: Oh…

(Despite impressing Jason however, Trini appears frazzled and unable to reach her own standards. She stops after messing up her set yet again.)

Trini: (Sighs) It’s too difficult master.

Master Li: That means you have to work harder to perfect it.

Trini: I can’t get my stupid mind to stop working.

Master Li: You’re pressing. Like a Chinese finger trap, the more you fight it, the worse it gets. You must rest your mind and focus solely on Kung Fu.

Trini: (Sighs) …

(She shakes her head, already sensing defeat. Suddenly stealing the boys attention away from Trini is Ernie, who appears to be running around the Youth Center frantically cleaning.)

Jason: Ernie, is everything alright.

Ernie: Nope.

Billy: Is there a reason for the excessive scouring?

Ernie: The health department is coming. They could be here any day now.

Zack: Is that really a bad thing Ernie?

Ernie: Yes?

Billy: (Shrugs) Seems like a wonderful opportunity to find out your problem areas and improve the overall experience of your consumers.

Ernie: Yeah. (Mutters) …Shove it, nerd.

Billy: I beg your pardon?

Ernie: I’m jus—(Looks up) Wait, miss!!

(He charges toward a young, popular girl from Angel Grove High walking in with a Chihuahua.)

Ernie: I’m sorry ma’am. You can’t bring your dog in here.

“Um. This is a service animal?!”

Ernie: He’s not if he’s in your purse. Sorry. You need to leave.


(Ernie shakes his head and walks away as Trini approaches the boys, holding Master Li’s container.)

Trini: Hey guys.

Jason: Hey Trini.

Zack: Ew, how can you stand to be near this thing?

Billy: A fine example of mantis religiosa.

Jason: Keep that away from Ernie. He’s having a bit of a fit right now.

Trini: Thanks. I have to study it for my next Kung Fu assignment. Just what I need. More homework. (Sighs) More things on my to-do list.

Zack: You know you love life it that way.

Trini: (Raises eyebrow) Do I?

Zack: Oh please. You were born with a full calendar.

Trini: …

(Just then, a voice calls out from behind her.)

“You’re not the only Bug Fu expert in town anymore.”

(Bulk and Skull walk in, already dressed in cockroach costumes they managed to find since finishing their lunch.)

Bulk: My partner and I are the newest and only masters of the mystical Cockroach Kung Fu.

(Trini crosses her arms and looks at them disapprovingly.)

Trini: That’s not a real thing.

Bulk: It is now.

Jason: Where do you guys even come up with these stupid ideas?

Billy: What I’d give to be a fly on the wall while you two brainstorm.

“Fly on the wall?!”

(Ernie jumps back in out of nowhere.)

Ernie: Where?!

(A little later, after some time passes and the teens have moved on with their days, Zordon and Alpha find a disturbance while conducting their usual area patrol.)

Alpha: Zordon, come unidentified energy source has landed in the park. Right next to Trini who happens to be close by.

Zordon: Contact her immediately. I’ll have her investigate.

(On command Alpha reaches out to Trini, who is training her Mantis Kung Fu underneath the shade of a weeping willow at the park. She continues to struggle however as the strain on her face suggests she is trying too hard to nail her set correctly instead of flowing naturally. Her frustrations build until her displaced rage causes her to yank off her head and slams it to the ground.)

Trini: (Huffing) …stupid thing keeps bothering me.

(Just then, her communicator rings.)

Trini: (Exhales) Come in Zordon.

Zordon: Alpha has detected something suspicious in the woods.

Trini: Okay. I’ll check it out.

(Suddenly having it dawn on her that she is all alone in the park, she treads cautiously through a heavily forested area. She hears footsteps and starts to follow the noise. At the center, she finds a massive humanoid praying mantis flashing in and out, as if amusing itself. Alerted, she reaches for her communicator once more.)

Trini: Zordon, it’s one of Rita’s monsters. Contact the others.

Zordon: I shall Trini. Be careful.

Trini: It’s morphin time.

“Saber-toothed tiger.”

(Trini leaps into action and backfliping in front of her enemy’s view.)

Fighting Mantis: So, yellow ranger. You dare to challenge me to single combat? You have no chance against me, weakling.

(Before Trini can let out a response, the mantis extends its razor sharp claw and slices it across a nearby tree. The tree collapses over Trini, who is barely about to flip out of harm’s way. The mantis lunges toward her, giving her no chance to breath and slices at her. She rolls underneath and is able to pull off a spinning heel kick to back it up. The Fighting Mantis appears to be too much however as it quickly recovers and slashes her across the chest, bringing her down. )

Trini: Ugh…

(Suddenly, Jason, Zack, Billy and Kimberly appear from the sky, fully morphed.)

Kimberly: Don’t worry Trini.

Jason: We’re here.

Fighting Mantis: What is this?

Jason: We’re here to mangle you.

Billy: Strangle you.

Zack: And dangle you.

Kimberly “Dangle you?”

Zack: (Shrugs) I ran out of things to say…

Fighting Mantis: You called your friends? It’s not a fair fight. You have no honor.

Trini: What… he’s… right…

Jason: What?! What are you talking about?

(Mantis leaves following his admonishment, proving effective as Trini lowers her head in disgrace. Meanwhile, on the moon…)

Rita: The mantis has shamed Trini. Now, she’ll have to fight alone next time and it will be the end for her.

Scorpina: It’s a brilliant plan my queen.

Squatt: And Baboo called it dumb. Right Baboo?

Baboo: (Stammers) Buuuhh… I just uh…

Rita: Silence! And savor my genius.

(Back at the command center, the rangers get briefed on what just took place.)

Jason: Don’t be so hard on yourself. We’re going to get the mantis.

Trini: I know, but wouldn’t it have been more honorable to face him alone?

Zack: No?

Billy: It’s Rita’s monster.

Kimberly: And an ugly bug at that.

Zordon: What information do you have on Rita’s monster, Alpha?

Alpha: I’ll punch it up on the viewing globe. He’s an expert at Kung Fu. He’s very dangerous. He challenged Trini because she’s he expert.

Jason: If he takes her out, he’ll have an easy time with us.

Zack: (Snickers) Right. Cause Trini’s the linchpin.

Jason: Huh?

Zack: Uhm…

(Not focused on anything else but the image on the viewing globe, Trini makes a vow to herself.)

Trini: I’ll put in some extra practice so the next time the Mantis shows up I’ll be ready.

(The next day at the Youth Center, Trini, who has been there all morning is continues to work on her craft. This time visibly straining more than ever as she is backed by rage and a will to avenge herself. The boys are back again at the same table as last time. Slightly less concerned by the monster…)

Zack: Kim, definitely.

Billy: Really?

Zack: 100%. Two words: Yoga. Pants.

(Billy shakes his head.)

Zack: You?

Billy: (Shrugs) While I do find Kimberly physically attractive by conventional beauty standards, I am compelled toward Trini’s inner beauty along with her intelligence.

Jason: Not to mention those killer legs.

Zack: Please. You boys have a lot to learn about women.

Jason: I never said I’d take either one for sure. They're both like sisters to me.

“…and one thing the Scotts love to do is hookup with their sisters.”

(The boys look up to find Robbie, who appears out of nowhere with his backpack on.)

Jason: Hey!

Zack: Look who decided to show up.

Jason: Where have you been?

Robbie: Prison.

(A brief silence ensues as no one is sure whether or not he’s serious. Eventually, Robbie continues...)

Robbie: I’m just waiting on Trini. She said she’d look over a paper I wrote.

Zack: Well wait in line. She’s pretty busy.

(Robbie lets out an aggravated sigh as he sits down with the others.)

Robbie: What else is new I guess?

Zack: What about you?

Robbie: What about me?

Zack: Who would you rather date? Kim or Trini?

Robbie: Oh…

(Robbie leans back in his seat rather uncomfortably and takes a deep breath. Not being one who likes putting even the mildest bit of business out there for public scrutiny, he stumbles into an awkward silence. He then quickly deflects back to Zack.)

Robbie: Well how about this? Who would you rather date? Angela… or Jennie, the girl that used to work here.

Zack: Jennie… man. I totally forgot about her.

Jason: (Laughs) No you haven’t! Quit lying, man.

Zack: That’s a hard choice. Those are two top tiered girls. They’re like the Bulls and the Lakers.

Jason: You mean cause you can’t score on either?

Zack: Man, will you cut it out?!

(Zack throws his dirty napkin at Jason’s face which turns into its own playful scuffle. Meanwhile, back on the moon…)

Goldar: My empress, the Mantis is in position. He is just waiting on the yellow ranger to launch his attack.

Rita: Excellent. Now to lure the yellow ranger.

Squatt: I know! I’ll pretend to be a lost wounded pig she could rescue.

Baboo: I could lay in the park and pretend to garbage.

Squatt: Ooh! Good idea.

Goldar: Hmm. You wouldn’t need to do much pretending.

Baboo: Hey. What’s that supposed to mean!?

Rita: Quiet! I know exactly what to do…

(More than an hour passes back on earth. Very little changes back at the Youth Center. Trini continues to train in the workout area, almost oblivious to anything else going on. The other teens have all left but Robbie, who continues to wait on her. He’s put on earphones on and is listening to a familiar track as he scribbles on a note pad.)

“She seems to think, she seems too weak. She takes a week to get over it…”

(He listens to a little known Nirvana B-side. The same one he shared with her weeks ago before his birthday. Robbie tears off the page he was working on and crumples it up. He takes quick glances toward Trini to see if she is finished.)

“She likes the sound, she likes the sand. She likes to stand, she can't afford to sit.”

(Over his shoulder, a young man dressed in an apron appears to clean off his desk.)

Waiter: Can I get the check for you?

Robbie: Huh? Oh. Sure. Thanks.

Waiter: No problem.

Robbie: You’re new here I’m guessing?

Waiter: Yeah, I’m Chaz.

(Robbie doesn’t immediately respond as he seems to fade away again. Chaz notices Robbie staring blankly toward the workout area and continues.)

Chaz: You into martial arts?

Robbie: Huh? Oh… no. Not really.

Chaz: I see. You’re into her.

Robbie: What? Me?

(He again doesn’t answer right away. This time intentionally so.)

Chaz: I’m more into the short one in the pink tights.

Robbie: You don’t think she’s pretty?

Chaz: You do?

(He turns around to face her again.)

Robbie: I think she’s gorgeous.

Chaz: Why don’t you ask her out then?

Robbie: Nah. (Turns back) She wouldn’t want anything to do with me. I’m like a make a wish kid to her. Nothing more. But she’s miles better than the girl in pink. Inside and out.

(Robbie exhales, then turns back to his notepad as the waiter walks away. Trini continues to work out, trying to master her routine. Still oblivious, she doesn’t see Ernie setting up right behind her, frantically mopping the mat for some reason. She bumps into him when a kick goes astray.)

Trini: Woah. Ernie.

Ernie: Oh, I’m sorry Trini. Didn’t see you there. I’ve been stressing all day with this stupid health department looming.

(She sniffs curiously.)

Trini: A shower might help your chances of passing.

Ernie: Yeah. I’ve been all over the place today and training a new guy on top of it. Oh! By the way someone left a note for you.

Trini: Yeah?

(He reaches into his front pocket and hands her a small postcard sized note. Trini takes a brief look at the note, then grabs her stuff and leaves. Passing by Robbie along the way.)

Robbie: Huh…

(Taking a moment to process what had just happen, Robbie grows livid at being blown off by her yet again. Feeling stupid for waiting around, Robbie gets up goes for Ernie, hoping to get some answers before he acts out in a way he might later regret.)

Robbie: Hey Ernie, what just happened? I was supposed to meet with Trini and she bolts? What’s her deal?

Ernie: I don’t know. She got this note then just left.

(He hands Robbie Trini’s note, then walks away. The note reads…)


Meet me at the quarry for some special training.

Master Lee”

(Innocuous on its own, Robbie’s rage turns to worry when upon looking up, he finds Master Lee in the corner setting up for a class.)

Robbie: …

(Moments later, Trini is seen rushing toward the Angel Grove quarry, looking around aimlessly for her sensei.)

Trini: Master, are you here?

(Suddenly, a grisly voice calls out to her.)

“No. But I am.”

Trini: (Gasps) …!

(She drops her gym bag and turns to find the Fighting Mantis staring back at her.)

Trini: You! You set this up. Why?

Fighting Mantis: You have no honor. You refuse to face me alone. I give you this chance to redeem yourself.

(Despite knowing this may possibly be a trap, Trini gives in to her sense of pride. She gets into fighting stance and faces off against the Mantis.)

Trini: I do have honor. But you can’t be trusted.

Fighting Mantis: I give you my word as Kung Fu Master. You will get a fair fight. Accept my challenge.

(Without another word, she reaches behind her back.)

“Saber-toothed Tiger!”

(Not too far away, Robbie leads the rest of the team through the rocky hills.)

Robbie: It’s right this way. Let’s go.

Billy: Our communicator’s reception gets spotty around this region. I hope she’s alright.

(Looking on from the moon, Rita spots the other rangers coming to her aide and decides to think ahead.)

Rita: You want action? You got it.

(Within seconds, Robbie and the others are surrounded by a swarm of putty patrollers.)

Jason: Look!

Kimberly: Oh no, putties!

(The rangers are forced to put their Trini rescue mission on hold as they face off against the threat before them. Zack gets to work quickly, landing a quick punch. He tries a spin kick but gets his foot caught by the putty. He drops to the floor but uses his momentum to kick the enemy away with his other foot._

Zack: Take that, clay brains!

Billy ducks a kick to the back of his head, them hops away each time the putty tries to stomp him down. He finds his opening and helicopter spins to his feet, kicking away the putty patroller with both feet. Kim charges for an enemy using flashy cartwheels, then while stunned she knocks him down with a bicycle kick.)

Jason: Come at me!

(Jason doesn’t try to fool anybody, instead unleashing an onslaught of kicks and punches to swipe away as many enemies as possible at once. Robbie however, seems more concerned with getting through them and continuing toward the quarry.)

Robbie: Get off me!

(Tied down by two enemies holding him back by both arms, he turns around and stomps one in the face, rolling the enemy backwards. He turns the other way, yanks the other forward and lets them run into his forearm he’s positioned near his face. Meanwhile, down by the quarry, Trini faces off against the Mantis on her own.)

Fighting Mantis: I must say yellow ranger, I’m quite impressed.

Trini: I’ve been training. And you’ve seen nothing yet!

(She bullishly charges for the Fighting Mantis who follow suit. They meet in the middle where Trini pulls off a spin kick. She cartwheels out of an attempted slash by the mantis’ claw. They stalemate mid-air with two kicks, but the mantis nails her with a left claw.)

Trini: Ugh.

(Trini is hardly deterred though, going right back in. She swats away another left with a kick, then lock arms with the monster like two bulls locking horns.)

Trini: You haven’t beaten me yet, Mantis.

Fighting Mantis: No, but the day is still young.

“And you shall die young, yellow ranger!”

(From the skies, Goldar and Scorpina appear. The Mantis shoves Trini forward and into Goldar, who comes down with his blade and slashes her across the chest.)

Trini: Ugh. What?! What about your honor?!

Fighting Mantis: Like you said. I have no honor.

Trini: …

Scorpina: Good luck calling your friends, yellow ranger. You wish to stand alone, you will fall alone.

Goldar: Ahahahaha.

Fighting Mantis: Ahahahahaha.

(Trini tries desperately to contact the others, but the reception appears to be dead. By the rocky hills, the rangers who have just finished off the putties manage to receive a call from Zordon.)

Jason: We read you Zordon.

(The reception is unclear, but Zordon comes through.)

Zordon: Trini is in trouble by the quarry and needs your help.

Robbie: I knew it was trap…

Kimberly: We were already on our way there, Zordon.

Zack: Let’s squash that bug.

Jason: It’s morphin time!






(At the quarry, Trini manages to stagger back to her feet. However she is clearly outnumbered and overwhelmed by the incoming Mantis, Goldar and Scorpina. They approach her slowly with weapons drawn, like cats playing with a wounded mouse. She stumbles backwards, not sure of what to do. Then, just as Mantis extends his right arm forward, he’s blasted with laser.)

Fighting Mantis: Arrgh.

Goldar: Huh?

Scorpina: What?

(Just in the nick of time, the other rangers appear to the rescue, with Robbie in the forefront with his blade blaster drawn.)

Jason: Hang on Trini.

Billy: We’re here for you.

Trini: Ha. Now it’s a fair fight, Mantis.

Fighting Mantis: Ugh…

(But from the moon…)

Rita: Magic wand, make my monsters, grrrrrrrooooooooooooowww!

(She chucks her wand from the edge of the balcony and shoots it toward earth. It lands right in front of the Mantis, Goldar and Scorpina. And with a rip in the ground, magic steam engulfs them, growing them all to the size of giants.)

Trini: Well I would have been screwed by now.

Robbie: That outta teach you not to blow off your friends for karate lessons.

Trini: (Lowers head) Right…

Jason: Alright guys. We need Dinozord power, now!

(With a huge blast, the mighty Tyrannosaurus rex appears through the flames, roaring fearlessly as it rises from the earth. From an icy tundra, the Mastodon rises with a loud blowing of its trunk. From the desert during a wild sandstorm, the Triceratops races right through it. From the top of a hill the ferocious Saber-toothed Tiger jumps down to a rainforest and rips through anything in sight. And erupting through a volcano, pterodactyl rips through the sky, flying right through a tree branch on its way to Angel Grove. Jason sees his Dinozord within sight and flies through the air to get in the cockpit. He is followed by his team…)

Jason: Log on.

(The five mighty Zords run together, preparing to become one. The Saber-toothed tiger’s legs fold up to create a leg, the Triceratops tail tucks in to for the other. They combine with the Tyrannosaurus’s legs, forming the first half of the Megazord. The Mastodon’s back splits in two down the middle and its head separates. The former spreads out and attaches to the back of the Tyrannosaurus, making the arms and the head attaches to the torso. The rangers now all appear in a larger cockpit, ready to complete transformation.)

Jason: Activating Megazord Battle Mode.


“Megazord sequence has been initiated.”

(The two legs remain planted as the rest of the body lifts upward to a standing position. The final piece, the Pterodactyl, circles the Megazord and flies toward it, tucking in its wings and head. The Tyrannosaurus head folds into its chest, revealing the Megazord’s head before the Pterodactyl combines with the mighty Zord, creating the chest piece. And with one final fighting stance, the Zord speaks…)

“Megazord activated.”

Robbie: My turn. I call upon the power of the Stegosaurus!

(In a faraway tropical forest, there is a sudden violent tremble. Suddenly and with a deafening roar the prehistoric beast bursts through and starts climbing out to march into battle. Robbie spots it from a distance as it roars into Angel Grove and flies into the Zord’s cockpit.)

Robbie: The exterminator’s here… StegaZord, combat mode. now!

(The Zord stops dead in its tracks, leaving a trail of dust behind it as a crank like sound can be heard from within. The Zord begins to rise all the way to its hind legs. Its front paws sticks out before flip inside of itself, revealing clenched fists from the other side. Finally its long, plated tail stiffens and starts to rise up connecting plate side out against its back with the tip resting on top of its head.)

Robbie: StegaZord, combat ready!

Goldar: You worthless power brats are still outnumbered.

Scorpina: Three on one. You don’t stand a chance.

Fighting Mantis: Wait. I’ve got this.

(Mantis jumps out in front of Rita’s main minions at stands in an awkward pose, creating a stand off.)

Jason: Trini, what’s he doing?

Trini: The Mantis will concentrate his energy for a single blow. Watch his feet.

Zack: Let’s do it!

Trini: Watch his footwork.

(Just then, the Mantis flies into the air and quickly soars at them with its claw extended. He comes down for a powerful strike that rocks the rangers. The StegaZord rushes in, grabbing both arms but gets greeted with a kick to the chest that shoves Robbie back. The mantis follows up with another slash that pushes the StegaZord backwards and into enemy fire. That’s where Goldar and Scorpina jump in with their blades. Devouring the StegaZord and taking it down.)

Robbie: Ugh. I’m hurt you guys!

(The Fighting Mantis wastes no time turning his attention to the Megazord, landing a double swipe that knocks them back as well before they have a chance to recover.)

Jason: I need the power sword!

(The mighty power sword falls from the sky and lands facing down. The Megazord pulls it from the ground and readies for its final attack.)

Goldar: Uh oh. I seem to have misplaced my phone. I’ll be right back.

Scorpina: What?! Where are you going?!

(Both Goldar and Scorpina vanish, leaving the Fighting Mantis alone with the Megazord. The tides quickly turn as all of the mantis’ offense gets blocked by the power sword, before finally getting a taste of its own medicine when a powerful slash knocks him down.)

Fighting Mantis: Arrrgh.

Jason: Let’s finish him!

(The Megazord winds up for the final slash, twirling its arm around ominously. The Mantis gets up, the team unleashes a devastating cut across the abdomen. The attack hits dead on, and the monster falls weakly to the ground and bursts into flames. Not wanting to suffer the same fate.)

Jason: Alright!

Kimberly: We did it.

Kimberly: Great work, Trini.

(The mood is much less jovial on the moon as Goldar and Scorpina return.)

Goldar: The phone was in my pocket the whole time, empress. Once it’s charged I’ll head back down there and destroy them.

Rita: Ugh. Why do I even bother...?

(Back at the command center, the rangers appear for a debriefing.)

Zordon: Good work, Power Rangers. Trini, you did the honorable thing. You tried to be fair.

Trini: Thanks Zordon.

Billy: It’s not your fault Rita cheats.

(Unexpectedly, Robbie chimes in.)

Robbie: But it would be your fault if you got yourself killed over pride. Please don’t ever do that again. You call us if you need help.

Trini: …okay. I will.

Jason: We’ll always be here to watch your back.

Jason: You guys are the best.

(Delighted by the support, Trini jumps into her group of friends for a big, warm group hug. A couple hours have passed and most of the teen have returned to the Youth Center to distress after a long day.)

“Those amazing heroes, the power rangers have once again successfully defeated another attack on Angel Grove by Rita Repulsa and her seemingly endless hoards of monstrous thugs. Mayor Carrington plans to address the public on the attack later.

In other news, crank phone calls have gone on the rise in the city, leaving many baffled and frustrated. We’ll turn now to a Mr. Ben Dover who joins us on the line with a possible solution.”

(As the TV airs in the background, Ernie is seen furiously cleaning the counters around it. Trini is seen on the workout area, wrapping up another lesson with Master Lee.)

Master Lee: Excellent work, Trini.

Trini: Thank you, Master Lee. Practice makes perfect.

(As things seem to have progressed since earlier for her, the guys, who are back at their table, haven’t.)

Zack: So, Robbie.

Robbie: Zack.

Zack: Who would you rather date? Trini or Kim?

Robbie: (Sighs) …

Jason: (Laughs) You’re not getting away with not answering, bro.

Zack: You can just say Trini already.

Robbie: What?!

(Robbie reacts instantaneously, and almost forcefully. As if he is worried he’s shown his hand.)

Zack: C’mon dude. We’re not totally blind. We can see you care about her and try to spend time with her. It’s as plain to see as my ten fingers and toes.

Robbie: You have nine fingers, Zack.

Zack: Whatever. You know what I mean. I don’t see you going out of your way to round us up and save Kim.

Robbie: Well… I am a power ranger. And… she is my friend. (Shrugs) She’s actually tried to look out for me. I guess it’s more appreciation more than anything. I appreciate her.

(He looks out once again toward the workout area. This time, with a look of closure in his eyes. As if he’s ready to close this chapter in his life.)

Robbie: But no, I don’t see anything ever happening.

Zack: Well that’s a shame.

Robbie: What about you? You never answered your question before? Angela or Jennie?

Zack: Ah… I’ve thought long and hard about both of them.

Robbie: Gross.

Zack: And I’ve got to say… Angela. She really gets me you know?

Jason: She can’t stand you.

Zack: Nah, she’s just playing hard to get.

Billy: Didn’t she slap you a couple weeks ago?

Zack: That’s how she and I play around. It’s no biggie. It’s a black thing you wouldn’t get, Billy.

Billy: (Raises eyebrow) …

Zack: Jennie… she’s nice. But she doesn’t get me like that. Plus she left me. So as far as I’m concerned she blew her shot.

Jason: Really? Cause she’s standing right behind you.

Zack: Huh?

(Zack shoots his head around to find Jennie standing by the counter getting handed an envelope by Ernie.)

Ernie: And here’s your last paycheck.

Jennie: Thank you.

(Instantly, Zack flies out of his seat and runs right up to her.)

Zack: Jennie! Yo-you’re back!

Jennie: Crap.

(Behind the counter, Ernie turns around to wash his hands.)

Ernie: Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Ernie, happy birthday to yo--

(Suddenly, a man in a white button up shirt approaches.)

Man: Ernie. Are you Ernie?

Ernie: …huh?

Zack: I’m so glad to finally see you again. I-I never got a chance to tell you how I really feel.

Jennie: You’ve told me how you felt many times. It’s partly why I left.

(Just then, Angela just happens to pass by.)

Zack: Uh no. Angela…

(Zack whispers just loud enough to be heard, as if to invite her in...)

Angela: Huh? You need something?

Zack: Oh… man… This is awkward. My two loves at the same place…

Jennie: You mean your right and your left hand?

Zack: …

(Bowing to her sensei after concluding her class, Trini grabs a towel and wipes off her forehead as she heads toward the others.)

Jason: Hey Trini, looking much better.

Trini: Thanks! I finally decided to stop overthinking everything. It’s making a world of difference.

Robbie: Zack’s way ahead of you.

(She looks up and sees Zack striking out on both ends. She laughs, then turns back to Robbie.)

Trini: Ready for me?

Robbie: Sure. I just need to hit the little boys’ room first.

(Robbie gets up and heads for the exit. Incidentally, he runs into Jennie who on her way out.)

Jennie: Hey!

Robbie: Hey.

Jennie: You’re Robbie right?

Robbie: Yeah. You used to work here.

Jennie: Yep. I’ve served my life sentence. I’m out of food service hell.

Robbie: Nice. Way to live the dream. Where you working now?

Jennie: …McDaniel’s.

(An awkward pause turns into mutual laughter. Meanwhile, Trini and the others continue to talk.)

Billy: So does this mean we’re gonna see a brand new Trini?

Trini: Uh… I don’t know about all that. But uh… I think I’ll be tweaking my approach to things a little bit. I was trying too hard to hit these rigid and meaningless goals. Be perfect at everything you know? I need to just… go with the flow. Let things fall where they fall.

(The lesson to her goes a little beyond her Kung Fu. She looks up toward the exit, and to her surprise sees Robbie re-approaching.)

Robbie: Hey, Trini.

Trini: Yeah?

Robbie: Think we can reschedule?

Trini: Huh?

Robbie: I uh… had something come up just now. I uh… you think you could just look at my paper and give me notes on Monday.

(Robbie looks uncomfortably toward the juice bar, where Zack seems to be nursing his emotional wounds. Trini however looks right past him and sees Jennie standing in the hallway.)

Trini: Um… sure Robbie.

Robbie: Thanks, bud.

(He pats her in the arm and starts to turn around. Meanwhile, back at the juice bar…)

Man: I’m from the health department. I’m here to inspect your restaurant.

Ernie: Oh sure! Nice to finally meet you.

(Ernie nervously wipes his sweaty palms on his pant leg and extends his hand out for a shake, but a sudden shriek catches everyone’s attention.)


(Jennie rushes back into the Youth Center, scared for her life. Following her are a swarm of cockroaches that have escaped from Bulk and Skull, who are chasing them with empty containers.)

Bulk: You numbskull! Pick them up!!

Skull: I’m trying!! I’m trying!!

Bulk: They’re our whole pitch, you idiot! We’re ruined without them!

Man: …

Ernie: Uh… I’ll go get the manager. I don’t actually work here.

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Nice one! I love how you fix up the various scenes.
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"That outta teach you not to blow off your friends for karate lessons."

And yet this very same behavior somehow makes Tommy perfect for team leader. Good job Zordon, good job.

(Yes I realize that Robbie said this line but it speaks volumes about MMPR as a whole)
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AngieYaz wrote: View Post

Nice one! I love how you fix up the various scenes.
Thanks Angie!

DragonBuckler7 wrote: View Post

"That outta teach you not to blow off your friends for karate lessons."

And yet this very same behavior somehow makes Tommy perfect for team leader. Good job Zordon, good job.

(Yes I realize that Robbie said this line but it speaks volumes about MMPR as a whole)
Ha. I didn't even make that connection. But nice one. How true and Roobie-esque of you to say.
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With season one: Origins coming to and end within the next few weeks, I will be shifting my focus to several other things relating to the series before getting started on season 4. One of which is releasing season 3 and season one origins as e-books. I have S1: Origins all but ready on a word document and just waiting on the last two chapters, and S3 just needs to have the photobucket broken links replaced before I release. The one thing both things are missing though are cover art! That's where you might come in...

Just like S1, I'd like for a reader to come up with the cover art! Something relating to the brown ranger, power rangers as a whole or the yellow ranger (central character for S1: Origins). It's totally up to you.

If I get multiple entries, I'll showcase them all one way or another, but the winner will get the front covers! And (if forums rules allow) a $15 prize through Paypal each one. You can post it, PM it or put email me at kevinq13@gmail.com.

Good luck to anyone interested!

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Part one of the two part finale should be out either Monday or Tuesday, 11/27 or 11/28.

Major changes were made to the script to make it stand out from the original, incorporate all existing the plot threads, and make it a suitable finale. This is just part one. I predict part two will resemble nothing of the original and likely take much longer to complete.

Either way, I hope you all enjoy it and have a happy and safe holiday weekend!
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