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Market Rules/Policies/FAQs - READ FIRST - UPDATED: January 4, 2018

Disclaimer: All deals are done at the traders' risks and the administration of RangerBoard shall not be held accountable for ANYTHING. Including but not limited to PayPal faults, failed deals, shipping problems and scams.

We also reserve the rights to:
  • Share one's information publicly if deemed a scammer to assist protecting the members of the site.
  • Shut down & refuse to allow any transaction postings that may be deemed unacceptable which include but not limited to: Firearms, Drugs, and any other form of weapons.


  • Youtube Reviews are Advertisements.
    Youtube reviews are advertising the reviewer's channel as the reviews are not actually on RangerBoard. So this privilege is only for active VIP-2 members, and the threads belong in the Advertisement section.
  • Sale Trade threads must be accompanied by photos of the items you're selling. This includes possible/interest threads as well.
    In each photo, you must include a piece of paper with your Alias hand-written on it. Don't have time or don't have a camera? Too bad, in either of those cases, you shouldn't be selling and you won't be. Veteran users may be exempt from this rule.
  • Direct Trading is prohibited. Each trade must be given equal values so each dealer can PayPal each other on the agreement amount as PayPal insurance. Exception is open for both trading users if they're both Veteran Tag users and only trading 1 or 2 items. 3 or more must be dealt as sales.
  • Sellers posting in a "wanted" thread with an item to sell shoul provide a picture of the item with their username on paper, as per RangerBoard standards, as both a reassurance to the buyer and protection to themself. This is required upon offering the sale.

    Moderator's Note: Those with Veteran Tags are not required to have their user name on a piece of paper with their photos of the merchandise they are wanting to buy or trade. However, they are still required to have photos though, regardless of their Vet status.

    For Prop Makers: Because of the nature of the props, and looking for interests first - prop makers must at the very least post samples of existing work accompanied by the name written on a piece of paper.
  • No bumping your sales thread.
    Your post must show that there is new information (a change in pricing, what is sold/shipped, etc) and be relevant to the thread. If not, it may be a bump, regardless of if you use the word "bump" or not. It is preferred for the word "bump" to never be used, especially when updating a thread.
  • No asking for FREE Handouts.
    This is not a place for begging. People will not just send you something for free, even if it's your birthday. If you're a minor, please ask your parents for assistance on making a purchase here.
  • No creating new threads for auctions that aren't yours.
    Posting a random or "cool" auction puts up competition. It's pointless for you, so it's unnecessary. However, if someone is asking for help searching out an item, that's fair play.
  • No pirate copies of official DVDs for sale.
    Source for full information: http://www.RangerBoard.com/showthread.php?t=127023
  • No directing to off-board communications.
    Members must use forum communications for transactions on this board. Exceptions are made on specific cases where a user may be escalating into Suspended Service or Scammer status.
  • Prop Makers must provide photo updates to their clients every week or two on the status of the project work.
    Failing to comply will result in Suspended Service tag, lost of ability to post new threads, and/or Scammer tag.
  • No copying the work of another Prop-Maker in the community whose work was personally crafted/casted by them.
    We encourage prop makers to show off their talents, but please, make sure the work you are doing is your own.
  • No advanced payments. Sellers cannot ask for advanced payments, services/products must be available immediately after payment. This rule may be an exception to those with veteran tags. Please consult with Merchandise Moderators first before making a thread that requires advanced payments.
  • Sellers must list who they sold the items to & Traders must list who they traded the item to, and what they're receiving back. This is an organized way of tracking transactions. Members can see what's no longer available, and staff can track down any affected users if anyone was scammed. Buyers & the other traders should reply to the thread with information on their deal, while this is not required, it publicly shows this information, and we can crack down on the sellers/initial traders to make that list.
  • All payments must be paid as "Goods or Services", and not "Gift" aka "Money for Friends & Family". Anyone caught requesting as "Gift" or "Money for Friends & Family" will have their sales shut down and infractions may be issued. Uncooperative users may also lose complete access to Marketplace.

    Buyers need to think about the "Friends & Family" payment method carefully, the method is for sending FREE money to your family & friends. Are you here to send anyone FREE money? If so, great. If not, then don't do it. You will not be under Paypal's Buyers Protection, because you didn't make a purchase. You just gave away money to a "Family" or "Friend" on RangerBoard.

    Sellers should factor in their fees to the total cost, you can use this site to help calculate the fees: http://thefeecalculator.com/

Icons Disclaimer: Usage of these icons are simply to indicate high positive feedback members that also have been on the board for a long period of time. We accept zero liability for any decision you may make based on the icon. The decisions are yours, the transaction are yours.

Veteran Title Icons:

Given to high positive feedback Buyers. Buyers are users that primarily buy rather than sell or trade.

Given to high positive feedback Sellers. Sellers are users that primarily sell rather than buy or trade.

Given to high positive feedback Traders. Traders are users that primarily does trading rather than buying or selling.

Given to high positive feedback Dealers. Dealers are users that does buying, selling & or trading very often.

Given to high positive feedback and trusted Propmakers.

Given to users that have been flagged as scammers, DO NOT deal with such users.

Given to anyone that have failed to provide adequate service to the members of RangerBoard. Especially Prop Makers, until they can complete their existing orders and bring their service back up to standard, their services are suspended and members should not dealing with these labeled Prop Makers.

Given to an ex-scammer that has refunded money to the victims, apologized publicly, and gained the community's forgiveness. Under this tag, the probation member must follow specific terms and rules when dealing. Always deal with caution, and consult with staff at any time.

How to Apply for an Icon:
Make ONE new post here with all your feedback information & sales threads if you're a seller:


Q: What if I have negative & neutrals?
A: You have to report them as well, if you fail to and it's discovered you have a ton (20 - 30% of your total feedbacks), you will be fail and be blacklisted from applying for an icon.

Q: What are the requirements for an icon?
A: They're case by case for each member. Factors include but not limited to: Feedback Rating, Time/Activity on Board, Behavior, eBay if provided, and VIP membership.

Q: How long does it take to get approved?
A: As long as it takes. Time will vary when I have time to do reviews and the lineup.


Policy for Sellers & Buyers:

- First thing to do, always check our Scammers List first before completing a deal, see if any information matches:

- Inspect the package(s) thoroughly before opening.
This is critically important because if the package appears to be damaged or has been opened & re-sealed, you need to protest that with the delivery person/service/company. If it's been delivered to you in person, you can reject the package due to the damage or open the package to inspect the merchandise. The postal person should be able to write a damage report based on your analysis.

Postal services offer insurances on shipping for a reason and dealers need ensure they use the insurances if their merchandises are damaged by the carriers.

If the package was left at the door, or you discover damage after, you can still try to bring it down to the postal offices to dispute. Many will have a dispute form for you to fill out.

- Caution when dealing with minors.
If you really must deal with one, take some procaution. They may include asking for their parents to make the deal, ask for a contact number so you and the parent can speak over the phone.
Get the parents involved. If the parents are unaware of what the child is doing online, that's never a good sign.

1: Veteran Users demand for the item/payment first.
All veteran users have the right to demand for the item/payment to be sent first if the user is new or have a weak reputation in the merchandise area.

2: Save all transaction information
Save all the information you had with the opposing dealer. Name, Address, Number, Payment Information - they can all come in handy if you have to report a dispute or call local authorities.

3: Payment Methods

Paypal is the only acceptable payment method on RangerBoard. Be sure no matter what you sell, include: Insurance and Tracking Number or Delivery Confirmation.

Sure it costs a few bucks more, but they will come in handy if you have to report a dispute with eBay, your Credit Card company, & or Paypal. Being out a few bucks is better than being out a potential few hundred dollars.
In most cases, the buyer should be paying for these fees anyway.

Sellers should factor in their fees to the total cost, you can use this site to help calculate the fees: http://thefeecalculator.com/

Paypal - Always ask for the paypal to be made direct from their bank, or an echeck to Paypal first. Credit Card payments can be risky if they order a Charge-Back.

And when paying by Paypal, ensure to never check "Payment Owed" or alike options.

It should always be set on "Purchase as Goods & Services".

In the notes, include:
Purchase from RangerBoard.
Buyer's Forum ID:
Seller's Forum ID:

This may strengthen your Paypal Dispute claim if there happens to be a problem.

4: Money Wires/Direct Bank Despots - Avoid!! Do not conduct any deals that requires this. These methods are not acceptable on RangerBoard, and should be reported for shut down.

5: Conversion
Be sure to remember that 1 USD does not equal 1 GBP or 1 YEN. Sites such as www.xe.com will help you keep track of just how much money you are discussing in your own currency when dealing with international transactions.

Reporting Scammers or Unresponsive Users:

Please use the Member Support section here: http://www.RangerBoard.com/forumdisplay.php?f=47

All threads can only be viewed by yourself, and staff members.

Reporting Fraudulent or Undeserved Negative Feedback:

Please use the Member Support section here: http://www.RangerBoard.com/forumdisplay.php?f=47

All threads can only be viewed by yourself, and staff members. Please be prepared to justify and show why you do not deserve the negative feedback.

Final Notes:
If anyone has anything they like to ask or add, please use the Member Support section here: http://www.RangerBoard.com/forumdisplay.php?f=47

If you've been scammed or have a bad feeling in the middle of a transaction, please read all information here and follow the instructed procedures:



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