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What if...Calidor never fell to evil (Mystic Force)

Like my Be The Showrunner series on another board I thought this might make a interesting topic, take a key aspect of a series, and ask "what if"

Calidor's Fall effected a lot of things, it took him and Daggeron out of the Great War
left Baby Bowen without a protector thus falling into the hands of Phenius
keept Daggeron away from Leonbow so he couldn't save him during the gate sinking

If Calidor never fell to evil and thus Imperious never rose how would the season have changed?
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Five thoughts:

a)Daggeron manages to save Leanbow as the gate closes, leaving Udonna and Leanbow to raise Bowan. Calidor tracks down an apprentice of his own, finding a youn Chip playing at the forest edge and begins teaching him, sensing a elemental kinship.

b) Daggeron fails to rescue Leanbow, resulting in himself being a second 'evil magician' at the Master's call. Calidor raises and trains Bowan, unsure of Udonna's survival. Becomes Sixth Ranger in replacement of Solaris Knight.

c) Daggeron fails to rescue Leanbow, but manages to escape. Daggeron convince Calido to take Bowan back to Rootcore, where he's trained by his mother and uncles.

d) Calidor convinces Daggeron to let him try and save LEanbow, fails, Daggeron and Udonna raise Bowan

e) Calidor and Daggeron attempt to rescue Leanbow, fail, Bowan becomes Nick as canon, Calidor become Imperious under spell, Daggeron is dark knighted similarly.
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