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About shipping, PLEASE HELP :(!

Last year I bought a Mighty morphin power ranger figure set from a member on RangerBoard. He shipped it to my friend's address in Canada.
About a month ago, my friend finally decided to send the package to VietNam (where I live) by Airmail. But when the items come to Vietnam, the delivery doesn't come to my house. THEY - The scumbag mothafucker officer - asked me to show them the BILL of the item, otherwise they will send the item back to Canada(!) I bought it online, where the hell can i get a BILL? Those retard didn't even see the link on ebay I sent to them (to tell how much the item worth), and yesterday... The item finally arrived.... at my friend's home in Canada!!!
That's just da story, I don't wanna talk about Democracy in this stupid country ANYMORE! I'm having my friend to send the item to the US, anyone please tell me how to send it with no trouble?
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