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Propmakers, ever considered making repros of SH Figuarts Ranger Keys?

Hey all. I was just thinking, in the event I find a small in-scale treasure chest, how cool it would be to have one filled with keys. I mean, yeah, you could snip out rectangles of coloured Milliput or something, but they won't be the right shape and to individually make all 200+ so they match each other is a horrific thought...

So, how easy would it be to make a cast and mould them? They're tiny, so sanding etc would be a bit of a problem, but if you could make enough plain ones that people could just spray paint them various colours, and fill the chest, it would be pretty awesome.

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King Ranger
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Just to let you know, casting something that small is difficult because if you don't use enough resin or mix it enough, it won't cure properly and considering how small these keys are they won't cure properly unless you only cast one side and leave the other flat so that you can have plenty of excess on the back side to promote the heat of the chemical reaction. I guess I could try with a resin that's more suited for tiny pieces like that, I'd have to look that up or ask someone about it.
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