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Veteran Titles Request - Requests only, No Questions.

Given to high positive feedback Buyers. Buyers are users that primarily buy rather than sell or trade.

Given to high positive feedback Sellers. Sellers are users that primarily sell rather than buy or trade.

Given to high positive feedback Traders. Traders are users that primarily does trading rather than buying or selling.

Given to high positive feedback Dealers. Dealers are users that does buying, selling & or trading very often.

Given to high positive feedback and trusted Propmakers.

Given to users that have been flagged as scammers, DO NOT deal with such users.

Given to anyone that have failed to provide adequate service to the members of RangerBoard. Especially Prop Makers, until they can complete their existing orders and bring their service back up to standard, their services are suspended and members should not dealing with these labeled Prop Makers.

Given to an ex-scammer that has refunded money to the victims, apologized publicly, and gained the community's forgiveness. Under this tag, the probation member must follow specific terms and rules when dealing. Always deal with caution, and consult with staff at any time.

Alright let's get the ball rolling.
Please make only 1 post which includes all your feedback links and sales threads as possible.

Include your negatives & neutrals too. Be honest, if I find out you have a ton on my own, you will fail and be blacklisted from acquiring an icon.

After I'm done reviewing one, I will delete that post.

I believe this is the best process at the moment, once it's more stable I'll take PMs instead.

DO NOT ask questions here.
I want to keep this thread specifically clean for the requests.

If you have questions, please post it here:

Also note it can take a while to get your icon, please be patient.


Updated criteria: You need at least 25 positive transactions. A transaction consists of a positive on both ends. A positive from a buyer/trader and then a positive from the seller/trader doesn't count as two.

Also, Ebay transactions are fine, but they aren't your bread and butter and won't be the sole factor in my decision.

Other websites, such as, or any other website DO NOT COUNT and we won't even look at them.

For those that receive tags, keep leaving feedback for others, regardless. It strengthens us as a community. For those that don't receive tags, keep trying and continue to post your transactions, positive, negative, or neutral.


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