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I really don't see that especially considering Princes are BARELY in their movies in Snow White and Cinderella's case. Cinderella wasn't even interested in finding a prince. I don't see that at all, the princes are just a common thread in their stories. If ask me the theme is "Keeping a positive attitude in a grim situation". Or maybe, "Girls need dwarves, mice and fairies to rescue them" if any rescuing must me mentioned.
It doesn't matter that the princes are barely in it. Screen time isn't the issue here. The final message is "wait for your prince to save you." and "put up with a bad situation until someone comes to get you out". The point is there's an underlying message of "be the rescued not the rescuer"

How is Aurora accepting her duty a princess a problem? And Ariel didn't abandon her identity. She changed her physical self but she was still the same bubbly, curious, adventurous individual. And she wasn't doing it JUST for a man, when she became human she was paying attention to all the wonders of the human world as well as Eric. I'd say it became 50/50 about her dream and about him.
Aurora's duty is a problem because it's about giving up your freedom and desires because someone else wants you to fit their plans. It's the opposite of being yourself, Aurora's story is about accepting she has to be what everyone else wants her to be and then literally wait for a prince to save her.

Ariel's identity was wrapped in her mermaid life and her bubbly, curious, adventurous nature sort of disappears with her voice. She also did do it just for the man, Ariel only decided to actually runaway to the surface because of the man. She had no desires to do that because of her curiosity of their world, and her final path is to abandon her life, family, and friends, by staying on dry land. Yeah, she liked making up stories about the surface, but she only made the choice to make a deal with the devil because of Eric.

ALL the princesses are self esteemed characters who know who they are and what the want. ALL OF THEM. The only one who had low self esteem was Mulan but by the end of the film, that changed. ALL the princesses love themselves and know themselves. What indicates that they don't?
Not the first few. Their message is about changing their lives for someone else, the idea of anyone changing for them was just not a possibility. They don't display enough personality to just who they are or what they want. You could switch the characters out and get the same results. The only difference was background details of the fairy tale. They're not developed and they have a message of inaction for the audience.

All the princesses are full persons and individuals.
Describe how.

So Snow White the girl who bosses the dwarves around is exactly like the obedient Aurora? And it's not like Merida's the same generic rebellious princess cliche with no know unique or original characteristics to separate her from Jasmine or Ariel. Oh, she doesn't a have prince, real unique and revolutionary character. It's not like she's a rip-off and they just took the prince out or anything.
Yes. Tell me one thing about Snow White that doesn't have to do with the Dwarves. Tell me one thing about Aurora that doesn't have to do with the fairies.

Merida's rebellious nature is countered by her cleverness. Whereas Jasmine may sneak out of the palace, she's not aware of the real world outside her walls and easily tricked or causes trouble and after one incident, the rebellious nature turns to bratty princess until she has the one clever idea of distracting Jafar later. Merida stays on the ball the entire time, even as her mother is made into a bear by her mistake, Merida is surviving an 80's sitcom like scenario set in Scotland because she's clever on her feet and always thinking. The action stuff is secondary to her primary trait of a strong willed personality. That is why she is a better character, because she feels like a real person even in a weird situation.

What do you think she's ripping off?

You're right about the character development thing though.
Which is kind of the main point, you realize right? That they have no development and therefore aren't fully formed personalities as a result. The first few princesses aren't remembered for anything they do as much as what others do for her.
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