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Power Morpher Restoration and Customisation

Remmy 84 wrote: View Post

Hi all.

I recently aquired two power morphers in varying conditions.

Both had terrible sticker wear and one was severly beat up. I got on here straight away seeing if there was anybody who could make them look like new, when someone suggested i would enjoy it more if i did the work myself.

Here is how i got on


Remove the stickers. I have seen on another thread since starting this that a product called GOO GONE PLANT POWER works wonders for this. However i couldn't find this in the UK. So i did it the old fashioned way: Nail Pollish remover, fingernails and a whole lot of patience. Now before you all scream no for the nail pollish remover, remember this: If you use it in moderation and VERY sparingly there are no issues with this lovely substance. Abuse it and it WILL make you cry as it eats away at your plates. I chose to use this as i had it in the house, i had used it many times before when building Air Fix kits, and because i wanted to be honest. I would have loved to use Goo Gone, but as i said, I could not locate it.

Peel the stickers off as best as you can with your fingernails or a blunt metal instrument. Butter knives worked wonders for me.
Take a cotton bud and lightly dip it into the nail pollish remover. Gently wipe the cotton bud over the stickers and watch as it removes them. You may need to apply gentle pressure to remove some tricky stickers. As you can see i learned the gently gently approach the hard way.

The next one i tried more gently and with better results.

I realised this was slightly less important as i would be priming the plates anyway and the paint being stripped did not matter as much as i feared.



Remove the plates. This is possibly one of the easiest tasks you will undertake in this project. Firstly pop the morpher open using the button on the side (try and refrain from shouting various extinct animal names when you press the button). On the revers sde of the now open plates you will see two screws on each plate. Remove these screws and store safely.

Now we can see the freshly exposed plates for the first time.
With all the stickers removed and the plates off the morpher, now would be the time to prime the plates.


Prime the plates. Ensure you use a primer that is designed to be used with plastics. Using the wrong primer/paint can have fatal consequences for your prized possession.

Spray carefully and constantly. Keep a relative distance from the plates and ensure you dont keep in one spot for too long.

Allow time to dry if you intend to do multiple coats, this stuff is very thick bear in mind. My plates only needed 1 coat.


Painting the plates. I used a silver spray paint on one set and a gold paint on the second. Ensure the plates are supported and wont blast off when spraying. This sounds odd advise, but as i found out some paints are powerful. My gold paint was very gentle, whereas my silver paint nearly threw it off my table.
The same premise goes with painting as it does with priming. Use a sweeping motion over the plates and dont focus on one area for too long. If you do you could get a paint build up in some of the reccessed areas, or you can get running paint which can ruin your entire work so far.

Re-coat as necessary but dont go crazy, as like the primer you can fill in the reccessed areas with too much paint. Allow to dry for a few hours just to be on the safe side.

Then return the plates to the morpher and admire the new look.


Applying the stickers. I went for Reprolabels as they are the only ones i have seen available. They arrived less than a week after ordering. Very happy with them and they seem excellent quality. Others i have been told since are available

Take your time on this bit. This was by far my most worrying part as one slip up would ruin my stickers and mean i may have had to start again. Turns out the stickers were of a fantastic quality, easily re-positionable if placed wrongly and the black lightning bolts were almost a plastic type of sticker rather than paper.

And thats it. My morphers are finished and ready for my display case which im also making myself to show off these work of arts

Display Case

So while my paint was drying i contemplated making a display case for these, as it would be a shame to just have them sat on my shelf. I looked into getting a shadowbox frame (I think thats what they're called) but they were quite expensive and i couldn't find any in the UK.

Thats when i thought it would be a great idea, since doing all the work on the morphers, to do all the work on my case.

I started with this stuff: I had "aquired" some of it from my work and it seemed like a good start.

I placed the morpher on and drew vaguely round it in chalk, which made it easier to see where i could pop the innards out. Once out i could remove a few millimetres from the inserts and re-insert.

As you can see the morpher sits in quite nicely and so do the coins Even though not pictured yet...

Next came the hard part, upholstering. I decided to aquire some fabric from hobbycraft. The measuring/cutting was fine, but when it came to affixing the fabric i found regular glue and double sided sticky tape just weren't up to the task. I opted to go for spray adhesive, for fixing carpets. The only downside of this was that excessive use could soak through the material. (bottom right square shows how the adhesive can soak through)

I tried finding a suitable chest to place them in, but couldn't find anything to accomodate the setup i had. So i started again after recieving my new chest from here:

And here is the almost finished article. Need to varnish it or paint it, haven't decided what i should do with it yet.

Special thanks to Remmy 84 for the information.
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