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OP - Downstait - I Came To Play

"Get a move on you mooks!" a rather large bulldog type alien shouted at the crew that was under him. A collection of various species that came together for various reasons, most beacuse there were fugitives from the law on their respective planets. Which made them the perfect work force for those who knew how to explout them. And the bulldog did. "I said hurry the slag up! That guard I paid off isn't going to avoid this area all night."

They started moving a little faster but not enough for his taste. He looked over to who could be considered the closest to the number two man in this particualr organization. A pteradactyl looking being who had his wings clipped, and had been miserable every second since. He kept his eyes on the sky for any sign of the authorities, Earthbound or otherwise. "Why is this taking so long?"

"The human is slowing us down," the pteradactyl said as he kept looking at the sky. "I told you not to bring him in. He's a weakling even by thier standards."

"We needed the extra help and he was willing to work cheep. I swear the morons on this planet have no idea what galactic credits are worth."

"They would have to take them first to understand it."

"Not my problem," he grunted. "But we're stealing from the Organization here. So any able hand is a good hand."

Now he looked at him, "The Organizaion?" Gods if I knew that I would have demanded a bigger cut."

"Well you didn't. And keep your eyes on the area." He walked off grunting, "Bad enough I have to worry about the cops but the Organization have eyes everywhere." Not for the first time he eyed everybody under him for this job. The only real new person was the human. And quite honestly nobody would miss him if he suddenly died after the job was over. Definately nobody here, and it was good to remind everybody who was in charge from time to time.

The human in question, a almost stick figure of a man, grunted as he struggled to hoist the metal barrel he was told to get on the anti-grav lift. He was obviouly struggling but none of the others bothered to look in his direction, much less offered to help. While they weren't speaking in english he knew they were saying something about him. He could just tell in the tone. God if he didnt need the money to pay off those gambling debts he never would have taken this job. But he didn't need the medical bills from the broken bones on top of the rest of it.

With one last heave he got the barrel on the lift finally filling it. Not taking the time to catch his breath, mainly becaus he was afraid the guy in charge would pound the shit out of him if he did, he quickly turned the lift on. A slight problem on it's own since he just learned how to operate the contraption today. And the alein who showed him how to use it only seemed to know five words in english and none of them dealing with the lift in general. But he was always a quick study so it shouldn't be a problem. Or at least that should have been the case until the lift shot up twenty feet in the air, tilted to the left and dropped on the barrels to the ground with several loud clangs. He stared at one of the barrels that cracked open and gave out a weak, "Shit."

"What the frak do you think you're doing!", the bulldog shouted as he grabbed him by the shirt. "The whole fraking yard heard that racket!"


"Shut up and fix this now before the guard shows up!" he shouted and shoved him to the ground. And like the person he was he quickly crawled over and tried to get the barrel up. The one that cracked slowly leaked a gelatinous, alomst clear ooze. The closer it got to his hand the more it seemed to change direction to get even closer. He didn't notice until it made contact with his hand, then it was too late. It quickly enveloped his hand and started up his arm.

He clutched at it trying to get it off of him but it only spread more. "Get it off! Get it off!", he pleaded with the rest of them since it felt like it was burning through his fleash. "Get it off!!" None of them made a move to help him. Outside of the one or two who kept working the rest of them just stared at what was happening. His screams were cut up as the ooze covered his face. Falling to the ground he continued to writhe around in pain.

"Slag now I have to kill that guard now," the bulldog moaned. "Somebody think of a way to make it look like they killed each other."

"Better make it quick," the second called out seeing said guard come in their direction.

The ooze continued to cover him but seemed to melt into his flesh at the same time. The human lay there for a long time before opening his eyes and jumped to his feet. Walking aroound and moving his arms like he was unsure how to work them properly he loooked himself over. "This one may burnout before I am ready."

"Hey mook!", the boss growled, mainly trying not to show how confused he was. "What are you doing?" For the first time since he could remember he was ignored. "I said what are you doing?" He went to punch him to reestablish his domanance. The human caught the punch and held it in place surprising everybody.

"I know you from this one's memories," the human said finally looking at him with a parcular look. "This body hates you but has no choice but to work for you. As for me," he licked his lips slightly, "I am looking at breakfast." He opened his mouth and more of that ooze shot out.

Hours after the night guard found the scene and disappeared right after reporting it the police covered the crime scene. Far enough away to see them but not be seen Alex tried to use the sensors in the armor to figure out what was happening. "This totally sucks," he commented, feeling the frustration at the moment with the police keeping thing pretty well covered that he couldn't get a clear image.

"I understand Alex," Dez told him as she monitered the situation from the orbital station. "But until we come to a better understanding with your local authorities this is the hand we have to deal with."

"God you'd think after all this time one of them would realize we're on the same side." He focused the scan on a busted open barrel. He was getting some kind of hit but he was too far away to identify it. "Can you do anything with the scan I'm getting?"

After a moment she answered, "Not from your current position."

"Are you sure you can't get some sort of call sent out to get most of them out of here?"

She responded with a very tired sigh, "Alex..."

"Just asking," he backed off. "Maybe there's more of whatever it is around here. If we're lucky whoever did all of that stepped in it."

"It's plausable," she agreed. Pulling up an map of the area Dez added, "unfortunatly he or she could have gone any where. Assuming you want to stay on foot to keep from being seen by the authorities, it may take awhile to do a complete search of the area. Especially if the police stepped in the same substance. It may be wise to recall Samantha, I can transport her to your location in no time."

Considering it for a moment he said, "No, Sam and her friends had been planning that trip for months. Besides she deserves a bit of a break."

"The same could be said about you," she told him.

"You already forced me on a break, remember?"

"That was for you own safety and health Alex."

"It's still a vacation I didn't want"



A instant after pressing the key he spun around and grabbed the handle. In the space of a couple of blinks he had a pterodactyl looking alien forced up gainst a metal crate. The liquid metal inside solidified into his blade as he pressed it against his neck to keep him in place. "Not a real good idea to sneak up behind me tonight."

"Sheriff," he repeated. "You have to help me. It's going to get me."

"What's going to get you?", Alex asked. He pointed to the crime scene, "Did it do whatever it did over there?"

"By the Gods I swear to you it did," he replied. Granted Alex was never really good at reading faces, human or otherwise. But he was pretty sure that look of fear he seeing in his eyes was pretty much universal.

"Tell me what happened and I'll consider helping you."

"It was a human," he quickly said. "Used to be human. He cracked open one of those containers, slime was on the inside of it. It went into the human than it..." he trailed off and looked across the way.

Alex made him look at him, "What was this slime?"

"I don't know. I was hired to do a job not ask questions."

"So the slime killed the human?"

"I... don't know."

This was getting him nowhere. "If I was you I'd better start knowing something if I'm going to ask for help."

That fear in his eyes breifly turned to panic, "You have to help me!"

"No actually I don't. You see I'm right here and my superior is all the way up there," he pointed at the sky. "And there's nothing she can do to stop me from walking way from this right now. So unless I hear something interesting..."

"It got the slaggin' night guard hours ago! I know where the corpse is," he said. "Please it's all I have. You have to help me."

"This slime killed the guard and whoever else was over there but not the human?"

"I don't know," he repeated, "the human was different after the slime entered him. More confident."

"Show me the guard."

"But it might..."

"Now," Alex demanded. Reluctantly the alien showed him the way to the body. Or what was left of it. It looked like a shriveled up husk that had been there for years instead of a few hours. "Dez please tell me this helmet comes off because I feel like I might hurl."

"Do you see!", the alien said. "That's still a fresh kill! he still might be here!" Then he looked around and above. Yeah he was starting to panic.

Trying to refocus him Alex asked, "How did the human do this?"

"He opened his mouth and more slime came out and covered this bastard. It did the same with the others. It slid back into him and left them like that. Please you have to help me get out of here before it comes back and does that to me!"

"Dez," he said after a moment, "were you able to find anything on our friend here?"

"He's a known smuggler that's wanted on his home planet," she answered.

"It's your lucky day buddy,"Alex told him as he put a transport chip on his shoulder. In a second he was transported out of there and into a stasis cell back on the station. "Easiest capture ever. I'm kinda surprised you let me get away with that walking away threat."

"Even Orion had to use a person's fear against them on occasion. Yet another thing they never taught at the acedemy." She glanced at his bio reading, "How are you doing?"

"I still want to hurl," he answered. "Any idea what happened to this poor bastard?"

"I'm checking the armor's sensor readout now. It looks like his bodily fluids were extracted from his body."

"So we have slime that sucks blood and the like."

"I wouldn't have put it in such a way," she told him, "but from what I'm seeing basically yes."

"Any idea what could have done this?"

"Not a clue," she was forced to admit. "Can you see any type of a trail you can follow?"

Looking around he told her, "Not a speck out of place. There not even a trace on the body."

"That's very strange," she mused. "I don't think we can do any more here. Get out of there and alert the

authorities on the location of the body. In the mean time I'll consult the database, I'll let you know if I find anything."

"Right, heading out now."

His feast should should make this body last a little longer. But it wouldn't be long before he would have to feed again, or find a new host after he finally drained this one. He wouldn't worry about that now. Now he was enjoying his freedom after being confined for who knows how long. He was actually restless after being confined and moved around the room he was inhabiting, or the one the skin he was wearing was before the joining.

Even now he was unsure how long he was trapped. Apparently this planet, while teaming with native and extra-terrestial life, was not exactly set up for galactic standard time yet. And it was not like he had the time to discover a place were he could check. Some of the morsels were able to get away during his feast and may be able to describe the flesh he was wearing. While he could get around that by consumming this one and moving on to another he was still too weak to do so soon.

That alone made him realize he was confinded for far too long

The next morning, at Dez's request, Alex popped up to the orbital station, and not for a social visit. Finding her busy at the control station she didn't acknowledge his preseance as he leaned on one of the consoles and watched her work. "Anything on the mystery slime yet?"

"Not as of yet," she said with a little annoyance. Not directed at him for a change. "I checked the database for hours last night and this morning and so far nothing."

"Wow, I never seen you stumped before."

"I am aware of that," she snapped.

"Just saying," he said while backing away a bit.

"I'm sorry Alex," she said after taking a deep breath. "It's just that I have the entire Galactic Sheriff database at my fingertips and I can't find a trace of this thing anywhere."

"Maybe it's something that hasn't been cataloged yet," he offered. "It's a big universe there has to be cracks for things to slip through."

"Unfortunately you're right. That's why I sent everything we had to Orion a couple of hours ago. In the

meantime I took the liberty of 'unfreezing' our witness to get a description of the human it apparently took over. Unless he's worked hard to stay off the grid there should be a record of some sort of database on your planet." She looked up to see him apparently amused about something, "And what are you seeng that's so funny?"

"You saying 'off the grid'," he told her. "That's so human."

"It was an appropiate anology," she informed him. A familar beep informed them of an incoming transmission. She turned to face it right before the holo image of Orion, seated this time around, appeared. "This call was sooner than I expected."

"Alex is here too I see, good," he said with a nod of acknowledgment. Alex gave him a quick two finger salute in return. "I was able to locate a possible identity to your mysterious substance. You should be able to access the file from this transmission."

While Dez tilted her head a bit to interface with the computer through her head implant Akex had to ask, "How did you find something so fast?"

"I know how throuogh Dez is," he answered. "So I skipped the database and went directly to the archives here."

Snapping out of her self imposed trance Dez looked at Orion, "A Blonibeia? You must be joking?"

"It fit the facts you were able to supply me," he told her.

Alex looked at both of them, "What's a Blonibeia?"

"A galactic urban legend," Dez informed him. "A boogeyman to scare children."

"If there's record of it n the archives it's not an actual legend," Orion argued.

"Still doesn't tell me what it is," Alex cut in.

"Dez said you made a comment about a slime that sucks blood," Orion told him. "That statment was more accurate than you realized."

"Vampire slime?", Alex said in disbelief.

"It can't be real," Dez insisted, "there's no way oit can be real."

"The last recorded one hasn't been seen in a couple hundred years," Orion said. "More than enough time to slip into legend. I even heard rumors that gangs like the Organization we've been going up against latley had some stored away when I was at the acedemy and in the field."

"The group Galgamayde was with has vampire slime?", Alex said still trying to wrap his head around this.

"It's not a vampire as you know it from your planet's legends," Dez informed him. "It doesn't just feed on blood. It absorbs any bodily fluid, saliva, spinal fluid, any waste material..."

Holding the bridge of his nose with one hand Alex muttered, "Urge to hurl rising."

"I understand the feeling," Dez sympathized.

Getting his stomach under control Alex went, "Alright we have some vampire slime walking around, so how do we fight it?"

"According tot he archives it's ultra sensative to light, even in a host body" Orion explained. "So it will strike at night. And that will give the two of you time to try find and contain it. I already checked with Command the Protocal Zero that was authorized back then is still in effect."

Alex asked, "How do I Zero slime exactly?"

"I'm still looking into that," Orion admitted.

Dez had a question of her own, "What about the human it took over? Is there any way we can save him?"

"I'm afraid not," Orion said sadly. "From what I've been able to read once the Blonibeia takes over the host it's considered to be collateral damage. It's essentially the walking dead."

"Vampire slime in a zombie," Alex uttered. "Great."

"Alex," Dez shot at him.

"Then you describe it," he shot back.

"I'll keep checking the archives," Orion cut off her responce. "There has to be a way to fight these

Blonibeias. More than a few archivist are helping me look so hopefully we'll discover something soon." His image linked out leaving the two of them alone.

"Sorry Dez," ALex said after a moment. "I'm a little freaked out at the moment."

"I must apologize too," she said. "One of my older siblings used to torment me with stories of the Blonibeia when I was a youngling. I'm a bit on edge myself." Going back to her station she went on, "It won't be dark for a few hours yet so I'll keep looking for the host's identity. I should be able to locate it before then."

"Give me an image of the description," Alex told her. "I'll ask around the dock. Maybe somebody saw where he went."

"That's a good idea," she told him. "I'm surprise you thought of it," she gave him a smile as she handed him a picture version of the image.

"I watched a lot of cop shows," he joked as he took the picture and headed back planetside.

A couple of hours into his search Alex still hadn't found anybody who had seen anything last night. Although he realized his questions seemed to carry a lot more weight with the aliens around here when they realized who he was. Too bad he couldn't flash the keypad to the humans he'd asked along the way. His friend Ryan was still trying to cash in by finding out who was under the helmet and he couldn't be the only one. "Dez I really need some sort of fake credentials I can flash while I'm doing this. Like a badge or something. Some of the natives ain't exactly taking me seriously."

"Orion was having the same problem when he first arrived on your planet," Dez told him. "Unfortunately the red tape on this side of things to get hims some fake credentials was already the size of a small mountain. I can only imagaine what it would take to aquire something like that for a Gamma."

"Especially with Orion on the mend," Alex fought real hard to keep the bitterness out of his voice.

"True," Dez agreed. "I was able to get some information on the host it took over, a George Hanks."

Taking a look at the picture he said, "Didn't take him for a George."

Ignoring him Dez went on, "According the report his family called in he disappeared a few weeks ago. Apparently he had some severe gambling debts he was trying to pay off. Considering he was originally from down state I can only assume he didn't think he could pay it on time."

"How in the hell did you get all that? "

"Once his wife realized she was talking to a police officer she was very open."

He couldn't hide his shock," Dez! You faked being a cop? I don't believe it."

"I didn't fake anything," she said sounding a little insulted. "I am a fully authorized officer of the law. Technically not on this planet but still."

"God I'm rubbing off on you," he smirked. "So George here was in debt and left his family in the dust"

"Not quite," she told him. "According to our prisoner he hired on a couple of days ago for that particular job. They pay out would have almost paid off his debt."

"If the guys he owed money too are anything like the ones in the movies almost wasn't going to cut it. Especially after he skipped town."

"I fear you may be correct Alex."

His keypad beeped indicating another incoming call. "Alex," Sam said surprising him a bit, "How's the case going?"

What the...? "How did you know I was on a case?"

"Dez called in a little while ago and gave me the details," she explained.

"Dez," he said sounding a little angry.

"I'm still a space cop too ALex," his twin reminded him. "I'm still technically on duty, the same as you."

"And an extra person on the job can give us a fresh prespective on the matter," Dez added.

"Why don't you get Orion on the line and triple team me while you're at it." he shot at both of them. But it made sense... unfotunately. Taking a couple of seconds to calm down a bit he went, "Alright sis what are you thinking on the matter?"

"From what Dez told me it sounds a bit like a vampire," she began.

"Told you," Alex cut in.

Dez didn't bother to hid her annoyance, "Go on Samantha."

"It seems to me he'd go into hiding before the sun came up," she continued.

"That's why I'm out here trying to find ot where he went," Alex told her. "I I haven't found a guy who'd seen him yet."

"Yeah but would he be out there for people to see?", Sam asked. "From the sounds of things after it took over this human it started feeding on whomever was around at the time. It may have been full."

"It might have been sleepy too," Alex commented after thinking a bout the few times he'd over did it at the dinner table.

"We've been looking at this from the wrong angle," Dez said as she used the station's computers to hack into a local one. "He would have look for place to hide until nightfall quickly, especially if he wasn't familar enough with how long night lasted on your planet."

"I think we can count out the shipping containers around here," Alex told her. "You don't know when somebody is going to open one or inspect them."

"Any abandoned building around?", sam asked. "God why it always an abandoned building?"

"I think it's in the bad guy handbook," he joked.

"Without knowing the paramiters," Dez cut in, "there's no way to narrow down the search radius. "It would be smart enough not to hang around the area it was just released from."

"And where would it know to hide," Sam continued. "How would it know it was safe?"

Alex glanced at the picture in his hand, "What about George?"

"What about him?", Dez asked a little confused.

"Would this thing be able to get into his memories after it took him over?"

"It's been rumored," Dez started slowly. then she realized where he was going with this. "He was on the run."

Same added, "And when you're one the run you try to keep a low profile."

Alex continued with, "And our friend said he joined up practically at the last minute so he had to be close to the job or the group."

Dez went to work immediatey, "He gave me the location of the meet up point and where he and the rest

of the group was staying. Being new to the city he isn't going to know it at all that well either. In all likely hood he should be in the same area becuase it's the one he's familar with. Thank you Samantha."

"Uh...using Geroge was my idea," Alex reminded her.

"True," Dez conceded. "But Samantha's idea of him immediately going into hiding was what put you on that track."

"That's what happens when you're the older twin," Sam joked.

"By four lousy minutes," Alex snapped.

"I beleive I narrowed down the search radius," Dez interrupted them. "Four miles west of your current location in a part of of the city you would call seedy. But I can tell there's not a lot of people living there."

"Legally anyway," Alex quipped. "There's probably a bunch of places a guy can go if he wants to hide."

"True," Dez agreed.

"I don't suppose there are any hotels in the area?", Sam asked. "Although I think expecting a one star one might be asking for too much."

Alex smiled at her joke, "I don't suppose you know if those things go into the negatives?"

"I'm finding two that are still listed as open," Dez commented. "One of them is where our friend and his gang was staying. I would start in the area around that one. For George to join up so late he would have to be close enough to over hear them at some point."

"On it," ALex told them. "check for any typ of abandoned building around it while you're at it. He may figure somebody else may think this out like we just did and act accordenly."

"I'm already going over the records," she said. "I'll send their locations to you as soon as I'm done."

"What are partners and sisters for," Sam told him. "And you so owe me one for doing this on my vacation."

"Thanks a lot Dez."

It had been dark for a few hours now and he still hadn't gone out yet. He may have been locked way for a long time but he was sure police policies haven't changed all that much over time. As big as his feast was they would still be looking for the culprit. He had planned on staying hidden for a while longer, unfortunately the hunger had started to gnaw at him again and his true form was starting to feed on this body. Even now his host's face had a slight sunken in look to it and the flesh around his limbs started to lose what mass it had. He would have to feed and soon before this body was usless to him.

While a perfectly healthy specimen would have been preferred what he gleamed from this body's memories told him he would have to be slightly less picky. Well maybe a little picky, he didn't want to feed on the first creature he would come across either. He did that when he took over this body. If he had known how limited it's knowledge of the area was he would have taken over one of the others. But hunger did cause you not to think straight at times.

Leaving his hidding spot he searched the streets. Like he feared they were practically deserted. And the beings he came across that look similar to his host looked to be in worse shape than his current appearance. There were a few small four legged creatures he quickly consumed but that was more out of the hunger he was feeling unstead of any nutritional value they had.

"Hey buddy," somebody called out. He turned around to see a very healthy looking specimen of the native species. The dark haired individual before him took one look at his current state and uttered a, "Whoa." Then he looked at a piece of paper that he was holding then looked at him and back at the picture. "Ah," he said while backing up, "I think I just found George."

"You know this body?", he asked. "Strange, it doesn't remember you."

"Definately found George."

"Are you sure?", spoke a female voice he couldn't locate.

"Well he's eyeing me like he hasn't seen a decent meal in months. That sure enough for you?"

"Well at least since last night," he corrected the stranger. "But still..."

"Alex!", the woman cried out he started to back up even faster.

"On it," he stated as he placed some sort of device on his forearm. -5-7-1-6- "Online!" In a falsh of light that made him flinch a bit his intended meal was covered in some sort of armor.

"A Galactic Sheriff," he said. He was surprised they were still around.

While Alex was ready to go he was still facing something that looked more human than he was currently used too. He was actually hesitant to attack him. Then George opened his mouth and some sort of slime shot out at him. "Gah," he grunted as he dove out of the way and rolled to a knee as it it the ground with a splat. He watched as George sucked it back in with no problem. "Well that was disgusting."

"Alex what's happening?", Dez asked. She could easily access the armor visual feed but old childhood fears kept her from doing so.

Instead he said, "Tell me that slime can't get into the armor."

Her only reply was, "I'm not sure."

"Not the answer I was looking for."

"Can we make this quick," George spoke up. "I'm feeling a little famished at the moment," and he started walking toward him licking hs lips. -DOUBLE GUN- -RAPID FIRE- Holding the guns up non leathal target points appeared in his visor. His head was screaming pull the triggers but his finger wouldn't respond. Even now George looked too human to be an alien. By the time he could pull the triggers George as close enough to grab his wrist and forced his aim to the sides as the shots hit the street beneath them. He smiled and Alex could see the slime right behind his teeth ready to burst.

"No," Alex kicked him back before that could happen. He was able to get a few shots fired off as he came at him again. George was able to get in close and got in a few quick hits before tossing Alex into a nearby stair well. Scrambling to his feet he located George pearched on the railing above him and ready to pounce. He didn't hesiate from pulling the triggers this time. George toppled back in pain and disappeared from view. Carefully returning to the street in case his target was waiting he found him scurrying toward an abandoned van. Getting a good look at him his features were even more gaunt than they were before. He took a quick scan and sent it to Dez, "What's going on?"

George licked a suddenly very dry looking tongue around his lips, "I wonder how long it will take me to crack that shell."

"I get enough of that from the Herculeans thanks."

"I think the Blonibeia has started to feed on the body it took over," she finally answered.

"Urge to hurl returning," he grunted. George came at him again, a little more desperate this time. Despite at how decrepit he looked he was still strong as hell and twice as quick. Alex didn't even realize one of the guns was knocked out of his hands until the second after it happened. But with his hand free he punched him with all he had. George went down but he didn't stay down. Pouncing right at him he forced Alex to his back and held him down. Slime started to pour out ofn his mouth, aimed right at his head.

The other gun was still in his hand as he got it between them and shot him point blank several times, "Argh!" George recoiled in pain and Alex grabbed him by the shirt and threw him off. Rolling to a knee George shout out another stream of slime.

"Shit," Alex scambled to get out of the way.

Up in the orbital station recieved an incomming transmission from Orion. "Alex is facing the Blonibeia right now. Please tell me you have something."

"I think we do" he answered. "It's been awhile since this has been used but I think we can get it to work. But I need you to prepare a special weapon container. I'm seending you the instructions now."

Alex jumped over a small wall and ducked for cover to avoid another slime shot. And he needed the quick breather. Right now George was a small stage above walking mummy and still going strong. "Alex!," Dez called out. "Orion has a plan."

"About time," he grunted.

"When I tell you to call for the cannon and set it to special. But I need you to get the Blonibeia out of of it's current body."

"What about George?"

"George is dead," she stated firmly. "Vampire slime in a zombie, remember?"

"Yeah," he said. That was true more than ever now. "Okay, how do I get it out."

"You're going to have to damage the body to the point it can't sustain it any more. You'll be doing George a favor at this point."

"A real sick favor," he muttered. "Tell me when." -SWORD- He ran from cover with blade in hand and headed straight for George, or what was left of him as he kept trying to tell himslef. Rolling under another slime shot he came up and slashed him in the chest. George stumbled back as he kept slashing away at the body. He forced himself to focus on the slime and not the shell to keep himself from throwing up in his helmet. Finally George eyes rolled into the back of his head and he fell to the ground. Alex stepped back in case this was a trap.

Slowly slime started to ooze from the body pooling around it. It started to congel and collect itself and started to hiver in the air before him. He wasn't sure but it seemed like it was trying to orintate itself. "Now Alex!", Dez shouted.

Hitting the five key he held his arms out wide. -CANNON- It materilazed on his shoulder and he quickly gripped the handles. Twisting the dail with his right ahnd until he heard -SPECIAL- -FLARE- he took aim and fired. A cannister shot out with just enough force to penetrate it's outer membrane and stop roughly in the middle. Floating there Alex could only stare at it not really know what was suppose to happen. Then the cannister went off with a light bright enough he had to cover his eyes. It was so bright it started to burn up the Blonibeia from the inside out as soon as it ignited. It seemed to turn to dust almost instantly to him as it dropped to the ground in a heap.

A slight breeze blowing part of it away Alex stared at it for a long time before saying, "It's not supposed to rain any time soon is it?"

"According to Orion once it hit with light it can't be brought back," she told him.

"It's been a few centuries since the last time this ting had been seen," he shot back. "Is he sure about that?"

"As sure as he can be with what's in the archives," she answered.

"He better be because I really don't want to go through this again."

"I don't blame you. I have police coming toward you location according to the scanner. Looks like somebody saw what was happening and reported it."

"Probably told them I killed the poor bastard too," he said darkly.

"Alex," she began. But he ha already called for the sky board and headed out of there.

A few days later Alex asked for, to her, a strange favor. It took a few moments but she was able to do it. By that afternoon he stood in a cemetary by an pauper's grave, where the city buries the bodies they couldn't identify or reach their families. He just looked at the number plate of the person who used to be George Hanks.

Monitoring his location from her station Dez asked him, "Did you find what you expected?"

"I not sure what I was expecting," he told her truefully. "Seeing what this guy did by getting into debt with the wrong guys, leaving his wife to deal with them, hooking up with another bunch of wrong guys to pay off that debt. I keep telling myself I shouldn't feel sorry for him. That his choices led to all of this. But..."

"But you still do," she finished for him. "That is how the universe works Alex. It may be a little naive on my part but I like to think most of it's inhabitants would feel the same as you."

"Is that why I hesitated to fight him?"

"Well it was the first time you faced somebody who was human," she offered.

"I've gone after guys who looked human before. And I knew this guy wasn't alive any more."

"Orion once told me he had a hard time going after someone from his home planet," Dez told him. "Most of the Sheriffs do the first time. We were all trained that the problem will come off planet. It takes us by surprise when it comes within. I always disagree with it but Orion says it better to see it with your own eyes. You're more likely to believe to it the next time you come across it."

"What about us Gammas," he asked. She didn't have an answer for that.

Instead she said, "Are you finished there yet?"

"Almost." he took a piece of paper out of his pocket and taped it the pole. On it was one word, George. "Now I'm ready. Can you contact his wife about where he's buried? If she wants to move him to a proper grave that's her business."

"I already have," she said. Alex smiled a bit before turning around and walking away.

ED - Divide the Day - Let it Roll
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