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OP - Downstait - I Came To Play

The organization had learned one thing for certain about the Sheriff's sensor grids, they were extremely accurate. They were even able to detect the smallest of deleverly pods that passed through their invisible net. So the Hunter assigned to track down the traitor, much like the others who worked for the boss, had to find other ways to get past them. That way included getting close enough to the nearest spaceport and carefully hack into it's database for the shipping logs of the various ships that passed through it. But not just any ship, one capable of carrying numerous passengers. Enough that he should be able to hide on it when it landed an not be noticed right away once it launched again. As luck would have it a passenger liner was heading in the direction he wanted to go. Even better according to his computer cross checking the ship's captain owed the boss a rather large gambling debt. The feline humanoid sent a quick info burst asking for permission for his current plan, the captain, if he was smart, would help him if he could decrease the size of his current debt.

Once the boss agreed to this his plan was get ahead of the ship and pretend to be in distress, far enough away from the planet so a rescue ship from them wouldn't intervine instead but close enough the ship had to help. He guessed correctly at the distance as the vessel changed course to intercept his craft. Again fortune was with him as the captain readily agreed to his terms going so far as to personally find him a place to dwell on the ship away from the other passengers. Alone in the cabin provided he studied the information they had on Earth and it's inhabtants one more time. One could never be too prepared after all, especially if Galgamayde did decide to hide out there. Personally he doubted it because it would be too obvious considering his hatred of the human Sheriff and his desire to end his life personally. Then again becuase it was so obvious many would over look it. Somethng the traitor may count on.

Then there was the strong possability that he may com across the human Sheriff in his search. The boss never said he could engage him if they did cross paths, then again he didn't say he couldn't either. The edge of his lip started to curl with a grin with the thought of comabt with the human but he quickly pushed those toughts away. His mission was to track down the Galgamayde and execute him the moment he did so. If the human interfered well every conflict had it's share of casulties.

"I wonder what Dez wants to see us for?", Sam asked as the stood on the roof of his apartment building.

"She said she had somethingt o show us," Alex answered as he looked up at the sky. "She's never been this vauge before. I know it's got my curosity up."

"Maybe they realized Orion was trying to Gamma somebody else," she smirked. Alex didn't find it particularly funny.

"Alex," Dez said finally calling them through his keypad, "are you and Samantha ready for transport?"

"Ready when you are," he answered. To his twin he said, "I guess we find out what's going on now." She nodded as they shimmered a bit. The next thing either of them knew they were on the orbital station.

Sam blinked her eyes at the sudden change of scenery, "You think I'd be used to that by now."

"Do what I do and close your eyes," he told her as they headed for the control room. When they got there Dez was practically beaming with excitment. Now both of them were really confused. Cautiously Alex said, "What's up Dez?"

"Baring any criminals showing up or sudden galactic interfeance I'll show you momentarily." Something on her console beeped and she smiled. "and there he is now." Her smile grew a little bigger as she hit something and turned around. Before long an image of Orion was standing before them.

It took a second before both of them realized he was actually standing before them. He had a couple of canes supporting his weight but he was standing. He looked very pleased at his current situation at the moment. Dez turned around to face them looking extremely pleased herself. Sam was smiling too at the surprise, then she looked at her brother. Alex was stunned too but not in the good way. Infact it looked like somebody just pulled his world out from under him.

Orion was the first one to speak, "We thought you two would like to see my progress."

"That's great Orion," Sam spoke up while Alex kept staring at the image. "How long have you been able to do this?"

"Not long," he answered. "I'm surprising the doctors around here with how fast I'm recuperating from my injury. Nobody saying anything but I think I'm breaking some records."

"And to think I was missing that ego of yours," Dez told him.

"I'm a Sheriff," he snorted, "we live to break records. I'll be back in the armor before the scum of the universe knows it."

Even though each word felt like a verbal punch to the stomach Alex tried not to show it., "That's... great."

Orion looked over at him and that grin gew a little sadder and he looked a bit more self consious, "Well I'm sure that part is still a ways off. I better get off this line, the doctors tell me not to put too much of a strain on my back at this point. They'll be yelling in my general direction for making this call as it is."

"Alright Orion," Dez said. "But listent to the medics, they do know what they're talking about after all."

After the image faded she looked at the two of them. her happy mood turned to one of confusion as Alex looked at the station floor. "Alex?"

Suddenly he turned around saying, "I got something to do on the planet." Sam tried to reach for him but he was already gone.

Walking up and standing next to her Dez said, "I thought he would be happy at the news."

Sam could only say, "I'm sure part of him is."

Materalizing on the roof Sam slowly opened her, "I'll be damned it actually works." Looking around she found Alex sitting on a vent. "How come you didn't tell me about that trick sooner?" He didn't say anything but he was staring at something in his hands. It took her a second to realize it was his keypad. She sat next to him saying, "You okay?"

"I didn't even want this stupid thing when he first Gammaed me," he began. "I tried to give it back so Dez could bring in somebody who knew what in the hell they were doing. Now I don't want to give it up." Sam put an arm around him, "I know crazy right?"

"No, not really," she told him.

"I mean I knew Orion would be back sooner or later."

"But part of you was really hoping it would be later," she finished for him.

"I should be happy Orion is recuperating as fast as he is. Hell should be amazed he's recovering at all. But all I can think about is that I'm finally good at something and it's going to be taken out of my hands."

"You heard Orion, it's still going to be awhile before he's ready to come back full time. And don't forget Dez said he did have plans for you when he does."

"Doesn't mean he can't change his mind between now and then."

Now she was getting depressed, "You need a change of scenery. Come on I'll take you to Manny's. That will cheer you up."

He gave her a sad smile, "I think it's going to take a little more than that this time around."

All the intellegence gathered said the human Sheriff main area of activity was centered around one particular city on this planet. Fate seemed to be with him on this particular assignment as the Captain of the ship had a dwelling near said city and was more than happy to drop him off. Setting up in one of the safe houses the organization had in place he went over his plan one more time. The safe house was located near a more heavily extra-terestrial populated area of the city, if Galgamayde did come here to hide it would be easier to blend in here than in one mainly populated by humans. His mechanical parts alone would make him stand out anywhere but here was the more likely place.

Unknown to the less priveledge all the safe houses were connected to each other by a computer network so it was an easy matter to access the internal information from each one. According to this none fo them had been accessed in a long time. If it had been anybody else the Hunter would have let it go but with the sensor package in his electronic eye he could have picked up the various scanners and listening devices in the buildings easily. He could even cover his tracks in the system itself, he wouldn't have been able to live this long as an assassin if he wasn't able to. Retreivng a device from his pack he inserted into the syetem exterior port. It was a drive especially created to detect any such tampering. The creator of the device claimed it was so throuogh that the only person who could beat or fool it was himself.

So the boss had him killed to keep that from ever happening.

The scan indicated the system was free from any tampering so Galgamayde didn't hold up in any of the safe houses if he did come here. So he would have to move on to step two, investigate the streets. Most sentient beings knew who a hunter was and who they worked for, and more importantly what they did. Those factors alone should loosen a few tongues. Unfortunately it also increased the chances of the Sheriff discovering he was here. It was a risk he had to take to accomplish his mission.

"Sam heads up!", Alex shouted as the Herculean came toward her. She flipped out of the way as he punched the ground she just stood on. -STAFF- She swung with everything she had and smashed the end into the side of his head. It snapped around then slowly turned back toward her.

"Ow," it grunted. "Hurt. Hurt back."

"Uh-oh," she muttered as she barely avoided another fist.

"Shit." -DOUBLE GUN- -RAPID FIRE- The Herculean momentarily stopped his rampage as he was assaulted by the barrage of energized shots. Then it started toward him. "What did I tell you about pissing these guys off?"

She shot back, "You piss them off all the time!"

"Yeah but I do it with style." The Herculean rushed him despite the barrage. ALex jumped and rolled out of the way at the last second and the extremely strong alien crashed through the wall that was behind him. Alex got to a knee and focused on the hole as Sam stood behind him, "Ready?"


-CAPTURE- The alien came at the hole and started at them again. If you could ever count on one thing it was the single minded determination of a Herculean. "Do it!" Energy bands quickly wrapped around the alien making it fall to the ground from his own momentum. "Bagged him." Alex quickly ran over and placed chip on his forehead. "And tagged him." A moment later the alien shimmered and disappeared.

"Ah Alex," Sam said when a lone police car pulled up. It looked like to her that they were calling in back up.

"In a minute," he told her, either not seeing or ignoring the situation. "Dez is there anything else in the area that needs our attention?"

She was quiet for a moment, "Why are you asking that now? You've never asked that before."

He practically snapped at her, "Is there or isn't there?"

"Give me a moment," she said, obvously unsure what to make of this situation. "Outside of that squad car by you everything is quiet. Although you may want to get out of there."

One of the officers in that patrol car was brave enough to come forward and draw his revolver on them, "Alright you two freeze."

Alex held up a finger but otherwise ignored him, "You sure there's nothing around? Herculeans aren't that smart. Somebody had to point him in this direction."

"And those who do are rarely on the same planent," Dez told him. "We already had this conversation when you first started."

"I said freeze!", the officer told them while stepping a little closer. Alex quickly grabbed the gun with both hands and bent the barrel.

"I'm busy," he chided the officer who just stared at the at his ruined gun. Then Alex looked at the other one and gave him the "I'm watching you" sign then turned his atention back to Dez, "So basically you're saying we're done here."

"To put it simply yes. And please tell me I'm not going to regret that metallic sound I just heard."

"Okay I won't tell you," he said sounding more like his old self. He told Sam, "We're out of here then." He walked past the silent officer and jumped on the Skyboard. Sam looked at both officers and shrugged then she got on the Galactic Cycle and follwed him.

Catching up with him she asked, "What was that about?"

He didn't look at her, "What was what about?"

"That whole gung-ho let's go act you just pulled. Dez was right you never asked if there's anything else to do after we're done with a case."

All he said was, "Just trying to be a professional."

"Would this sudden urge of professionalism have anything to do with the fact Orion is standing again?" His only answer was silence. "Alex you know he's impressed with you and everything you've done. He's not going to let everything you learned and done go to waste."

He was still quiet, head lowering a bit. Then he said, "We better split up in case those cops decide to follow us." Then he flew off before she could say anything else.

Finding and empty piece of street she turned into an side alley and got off the cycle. Waiting to make sure nobody did follow her and deactivated the armor. In the same instant the cycle disappreaed as well. Thinking about her brother she spoke into her keypad, "Dez we have to talk."

Three days of investagation revealed nothing so far. If Galgamayde was here he had hidden himself well. His initail search took him to the slums of this particular city. Many of the inhabitants remembered him from his failed attempt at the human Sheriff. A few even remembered his original assignmnet against this sector's official Sheriff. But so far none of them either hadn't seen him lately or were so scared of a possible interogation they had mistaken somebody else for him.

The human Sheriff and his partner had shown up in those three days. A fact that made him consider that this was waste of time. But as a hunter he was trained to be thorough and there was a chance that Galgamayde was bidding his time. What made him so feared as an assassin was how much he studied and planned each hit, no he wouldn't just attack the human right out in the open. It was also a possibility that word had reached the traitor that he was looking for him and went deeper into hiding. If that was the case that somebody was more afraid of Galgamayde than they were of him, a situation he was ready to remedy. But one thing at a time. For now his search concentrated on on he more alien heavy area of the city, or at least the beter part of it.

"Greetings friend!", exclaimed a cheerful wooly alien in front of some sort of food cart. "Some kavalful you like to try today yes? Very Fresh, very tasty."

"I am looking for someone not food," he said gruffly.

"Maybe I can help then," he went on. "See and know numerous beings. All come to my kavalful stand."

He pondered this for a moment as he pulled the hood of his cloak a little further over his head. The vendor didn't seem to recognize him under it so perhaps a being feeling a little less fear would be more helpful. "I am loooking for this individual," holding out a palm sized disc an image of Galgamayde's head floated in the air.

The vendor looked at him and snorted, "Seen him a long time ago. Took on my friend and he barely survived. Shy away from him if you know what's good for you."

"My business with him is my own," he snapped. "Have you seen him recently?"

"No and if I did I would go the other way. What you shoud do I say."

Turning to leave he stopped to ponder something the alien said. "Why was he after your friend?"

The alien stood a littel straigter and and puffed his chest out a little bit, "Very special my friend is," he said with some pride. "The Sheriff he is."

This could not be possible, could it? This being knew the human Sheriff. If he was this talkative now... There had to be a way to silence him before he spoke to the human.

"Hey Nyr," a new voice said. A dark haired human walked up and looked into one of the pots. "Yeah this one is looking a little too fresh."

"Bah. More flavor this way," this Nyr snorted. "Oh this is my friend." The human turned toward him and nodded. It was him, he recognized him from the image Galgamayde unknowingly recorded. "I did not catch your name my new friend."

"It's not important," he said as he started to leave.

"Maybe my friend can help you locate that nasty guy you look for," Nyr offered. Slag this was what he was afraid of.

"What nasty guy?", the human asked as he stopped. Even if he tried to top the alien now his cover would be blown.

"The one with the metal face who threw you across the street a while back."

"Metal face?", he said slowly. As he turned toward him he saw that the human's demenor changed slightly, more on guard than he was before. "Are you looking for Galgamayde?"

"Yes," he answered, there was no point in lying now. "I intened to kill him."

"Well that all fine and dandy," he said, "but scum of the universe he may be you're not doing it on my watch. Is that understood?"

"That is not you decision to make human," he tolding not hiding the threat in his voice.

The human didn't look afected, "Yeah well I beg to differ."

"Then you are in my way." In a flash he threw off the cloak and charged the human. His claws caught the front of his shirt as he fell back. Rolling to a knee he had the keypad already in his hand and was slapping it on his forearm. He would give him the oppertunity to activate the armor. Then it would truly be a even fight.


"On...," in the space between seconds the keypad reacted and the armor quickly went up his arm and covered the rest of his body, eyes seemingly glowing behind the visor, "...line!"

He stood while as he kept his eyes on the guy in front of him. "Alright let's try that again."

Dez decided then to come over the line, "Alex why did you activate the armor?"

"Short version I was attacked," he said as the alien jumped at him. Avoiding his initial attack by ducking a bit he caught him by the waist. Picking him off the ground he tried to get him as far away from Nyr as possible. Then the alien clawed him in the back and made him drop to a knee. Then he picked him up and threw him into the side of a moving truck, "Ugh."

During all of this Dez was able to connect to his helmet sensors to see what he was fighting. Her heart skipped a beat as she saw his opponent pull some sort of blaster off his back. "That's a Hunter. Why are you picking a fight with a Hunter?"

"I didn't pick a fight," he grunted as he ran for the nearest car. The Hunter was able to clip him on the shoulder before he totally got behind it. "Ugh," he grunted again as he shook it out the pain for a bit. -DOUBLE GUN- -RAPID FIRE- Within a heartbeat he quickly popped back into view and returned fire.

"Alex this is important," Dez insisted as the feline alien found cover of his own, "why are you taking him on?"

"Fine," he said as he went back into hiding, "the slightly longer version. He said he was hear to kill Galgamayde I said not on my watch and then he attacked me. Satisfied yet?"

"Alex the Hunters are the personal guard of the leader of the criminal organization we have been trying to stop. If he's here to kill Galgamayde you just got in his way. This is not a good thing," And there was no ignoring the worry in her voice.

"I guess Orion's leak worked then," he commented right before he ran for a better firing position while getting in a few shots to make sure the Hunter couldn't get a bead on him. Sliding behind another car he said, "If he's looking for Galgamayde then why is he here?"

"It's possible they think he wants one more shot at you before they get him."

"If you're done talking with your handler human," the Hunter called out.

"Impatiant SOB ain't he?", ALex muttered. Popping up he got a clear target lock and pulled the triggers. The hunter got tagged with a couple fo energized slugs before ducking and running. Alex followed him saying, "So what am I supposed to be doing with these Hunters after I'm done with them?"

"I searching for them in the database now," she answered. "This one is a known killer on several different worlds. Protocal Zero has been authorized."

The Hunter heard this and turned around and fired, "You can try human!"

A couple of good shots to the chest knocked him to the ground. The Hunter pounced on him before he could get up. He dropped his weapon and forced Alex's guns out of his hands and threw them out of his reach. Then he started swiping him around the head and chest with those claws. Alex was able grab one hand and punch him in the face with his free one. The hunter tried to stop his attack but he got up enough so Alex could get a leg between them and push him off. Reaching behind him the Hunter produced a staff that quickly extednded in his hands and came at him. -SWORD- Barely getting the blade up to block the blow. Alex eyes went to the slight electrical sparks that was coming off the Hunter's weapon as it contacted his.

The Hunter pushed him back and came back at him again. Alex continued to back up trying to block the staff with his blade. This guy was fast, faster than him. He suddenly went low and wacked the other end into Alex's knee. An electrical charge went through the armor and to his leg. It felt like it went numb almost instantly as he almost fell. At that moment he whipped the other end around into his head. That blow did send him to the ground that time but he made sure to make sure his hand stayed around the handle of his sword. He wasn't going to last long of that happened. The feline alien put a foot on the back of his head and stomped it to the ground. The way this was going he wasn't going to last long anyway.

"You just had to walk away human," the Hunter said as he picked him back up. "Walk away and you wouldn't have had to deal with any of this."

"Funny," he said and swung his sword catching in the side and forced him back. Alex tried to get his footing, "I was thinking the same thing about you."

Holding his side the HUnter growled, "I see why they say you are annoying human."

"Just part of my charm." Alex went at him trying to keep him off balance but again the Hunter's speed was giving him trouble. Again he got the staff through his defenses, into the shoulder of his non sword arm shocking him long enough to jab the other end into his gut. Then he pressed somehting that emitted a pulse that sent Alex flying back and landing hard on the ground. Still he tried to get back to his feet.

"You have a warrior's spirit human,"he Hunter told him. "More than most beings I've killed."

Okay that speed was going to kill him at this point and he had only one way to counteract it. And it was going to suck so hard. He hit two buttons on the pad -POWER- -BOOST- and a beam from Dez's station hit him in the back. "AARRGH!!!", Alex screamed as it did. When it was over various pieces of his armor was still glowing including his eyes. "Alright fleabag round two." ALex ran in, faster this time, and swung his sword. The blow backed buy the boost enhanced armor forced the alien back hard. The Hunter tried to jab him again, he grabbed it easily, "Not this time." WIth a heave he threw the Hunter. Changing his grip on the sword he pressed two more buttons -BOOST- -PROTOCAL ZERO- and started running.

The glow from his armor slowly flowed through his sword and the glow around the blade got brighter and brighter. Once he was close enough he yelled and swung with a huge energy wave following the blade as he cut through the Hunter that quickly disentgrated him in a flash. Alex went to a knee totally wracked with pain, "Ow! Ow! Ow!"

"Alex," Nyr called out as he got out from behind his hiding spot.

"I'm good Nyr," he grunted, he just needed a couple of moments so it didn't hurt all that much to move. Sirens started to fill the air, "Crap." -SKYBOARD- While not exactly hopping on he did get on and got out of there as fast as he could.

Still feeling the effects of the boost that night he groaned as the computer came out of it's hiding place in his wall and her holo image was standing in his living room. "What is it now Dez? I'm still kinda hurting here."

"Samantha was talking to me earlier and I realized I needed to apologize to you since I hurt you without realizing it."

"Is this about Orion?", he asked. "It was just the shock I'm over it now." And maybe if he said it enough times he'd start believeing it too.

"I hope so," she said. "I still should have let you know ahead of time, prepared you for it in some way."

"Well you don't have to deal with for much longer," he joked. He was expecting her to look annoyed in some way, so why did she look a little sad? "You're not actually going to miss me are you Dez?"

She seemed flustered for a moment before saying, "Well I have grown accustomed to your particular presence. I will admit to a certain amount of trepidation at the idea of loosing regular contact with you."

"You better becareful what you say Dez, I might start thinking you actually care."

"And we don't want that," she said with a slight smirk that started to fade quickly.

"I'll miss you too Dez," he told her. "But like Orion said he's still a ways off from being back full time. So I'm still the biggest pain in your neck you currently have."

Her smile grew a little more, "Well then I better get the aspirin ready as you human say."

"So I make you want to tear your hair out huh?"

"Between you and Orion I'm surpriesed I'm not bald by now." They shared a small laugh to end the night.

On the edge of the unknown territories Galgamayde was currently wondering if being blasted into atoms would have been a quicker torture than this. Several cycles confined in the small cabin of this shuttle with his "rescuer" had long since gotten on his nerves, to the point his mechanical fingers started tapping against the chair against his will. "Relax Galgamayde," the Andorian told him. "We're about there."

"You still haven't said where this is and why I would find it interesting."

"Trust me," he said for the countless time since he saved him, Galgamayde was starting to hear it in his sleep, "it will be more than worth your time."

Making sure he didn't see Galgamayde fingered his blaster, "It had better be."

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