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Episode 15

OP - Mercy Drive - Burn in my Light

Sitting on the edge of a computer console Jess waited for the enevidiable to happen. Then again this could have been the day the unimaginable actually happened. Glancing back at the screen she watched the ongoing battle of red and green lights for a few minutes. Then like all the other times the red lights won out in the end. She wasn't even surprised by the very angry sounding, "Damnit!", that came from the chamber underneath the console. She'd witness this particular even a couple of times but she knew enough to do nothing as Ken slid out of the chamber frustrated beyind belief.

Although he let it get the best of him this time as he slapped the bottom of the console on the way out. Looking back at the screen she tried a joke to ease the tension, "That didn't work either." The look on his face said the attempt failed, big time. It would probably be a good idea not to mention that was the fastest the machine had beaten him so far.

"I almost had it," he grumbled.

Kneeling down she went, "Ken as somebody who's known you for a long time now this is, what, the tenth time you 'almost had it' since you've been here?"

While he wouldn't look at her he mumbled, "Twelfth."

"Twelve times," she told him. "Look I'm not trying to be mean or negative or anything, but maybe it's time to admit this can't be beat."

"I can beat it," he insisted as he got to his feet. "I can almost see the solution in my head. I'm almost there I can get it."

"God I wish you showed this much determination back when we were dating when you brother was pushing your buttons to get what he wanted."

He gave he a look then left the room, "Whatever."

"All right that was a low blow," she said following him out. "I'm sorry. But damnit Ken...," she stopped herself. "No, I'm not going to start this conversation out in the open like this."

"Why not?", he demanded, turning to face her. "We both know I'm the one who screwed it up."

"And I could have been a little more patiant with the situation," she told him, remember something similar she told the Captain when he first asked her about it, after they lost Joe. "I could have told Jeff off at least once."

"I think Mom would have paid you if you did," he told her.

"Great, now you tell me," she smiled. It took a couple of moments but he started smiling too. "Okay we narrowly avoid the post break-up argument ten years after the fact. But serioulsy Ken, twelve times..."

"I know," he said as they started walking again. "It's just I just found out I'm supposed to be a genius at this crap. One way or another I should be able to see a solution somewhere."

"And a bunch of other geniuses created that thing, the odds aren't exactly in your favor. Everybody from Captain Hawk on down have been telling you this. Besides if a miricle did happen and you do beat it they're just going to make it harder. It's how those guys work."

"I'm technically one of 'those guys' you know."

"Like you said you just found out. they known for years. Actually I'm glad you didn't hind out until recently. If you would have found out years ago you'd be just as stuffy as the rest of them. Then I would be forced to hurt you."

"I'll keep that in mind in case MENSA ever opens a mechanics wing," he told her.

Jess gave a playful jab to the ribs, "You better."

In another part of the Castle complex Captain Hawk, Commander Jamira, Richardson, his assistant slash bodyguard Patricia, Brooks and a cople of the other board members listened to a few of the scientists as they discussed the ecological damage resulting from the last monster attack. There was a bit of information Richardson and a few others were having a hard time trying to digest. "What do you mean there's nothing alive?"

"The subsatance the creature secreated killed everything in an on the ground it stood on," he explained. "Animal life, plant life, bacteria... When I say it's dead Earth I mean dead Earth."

"What about the plants life we discovered that looked like it was starting to be affected?", Hawk asked.

"We studied those as well," said another. "Some of them might be salvagable. Most I personally doubt can be saved at all."

Brooks spoke up, "What about this dead Earth itself? Is there any way to correct the damage done?"

"We're looking into it," replied the first one. "We think it's possible to salvage the area but we would have to know invasive the substance was..."

"Can we replicate the slime to use on another monster?", Jamira asked. The scientist looked among themselves somewhat bewildered by the questions.

Hawk decided to speak for them, "I don't think using a substance that is almost as leathal as some of the creatures we've been in combat against, if not more so, is a good idea."

"It's a potential weapon we can use," he argued. "It would be stupid not to take advantage of it."

"I have to agree with the good Captain," Brooks piped in, "Some of the beasts have proven to be rather mobile in the past. What if you miss in a populated area."

"Then we don't miss." Everybody knew he wasn't joking.

"Commander," Brooks began, "There must be limits..."

Jamira cut him off, "I'm trying to save lives here! Thise things don't hold back and neither should we."

"And I heard that same bunch of bull back before you were born," Richardson told him. "One side got a gun so the other got a bigger one than the other got a bigger gun than that and so on and so on. I didn't believe in it then and I don't believe in it now."

"So says the man who's betting on the giant freak," he muttered just loud enough for those close to him could here, which included Richardson.

"That will be enough Commander," Hawk quickly barked.

Richardson responded any way, "A valid opinion, While destructive in his own right Ultraman has helped more than he hindered. Then we have the situations where he decided to either not use or modify his most powerful weapon. Will this slime do the same?" Jamira didn't have an immediate answer. "Sometimes the potential cure can be worse than the desease. I suggest you remember that."

"Yes sir," Jamira said before leaving the room. Hawk looked at the board and excused himself before following him out.

"Well that's going to be a unpleasant conversation," Brooks quipped after they were gone.

Richardson added, "And the man wonders way he's not in charge of the attack forces."

One of the other board members said, "Getting back to this dead Earth, wasn't there an orphange near by?"

"Yes there was," Brooks answered. "I believe Captain Hawk's report indicated one of Alpha team grew up there."

"Yes," Richardson said recalling the report. Behind him Patricia pulled the report up on her tablet and showed it to him. "Waters. I believe Hawk sent him along with the research team. Partly to help ease things over from the incident and partily to help keep an eye on things. We still don't know if the danger is over after all, especially of this slime did as much damage as we think. Besides it will be good PR in the long run." Just about everybody quickly agreed with him on the last point.

Silently Brooks wished that Gudis creature had made it's way over here.

"I'm open!," Bill shouted as he played a game of soccer with some of the kids from the orphange. Once he did he got the ball toward the opposing goal. Although instead of taking the shot he quickly passed to one of the smaller players on his team let him get the goal. "Alright," he gave him a high five and quickly got both teams ready for the next play.

"I'm not sure that's what the Captain had in mind by keeping an eye on things," one of the UNDF members commented as they studied the vegetation nearby.

Ryo looked back before scanning another group of plants, "At least he's keeping most of he kids occupied and out from under foot."

"Too bad the nuns won't let some of the older kids help out," he commented. "I'm sure they know the area pretty well. They could point out any potential spots quicker than we can find them."

"I tried," Ryo told him. "I even suggested that maybe some of the nuns could go instead. The head nun shut that down almost as fast as she did with the kids. She seriously said she didn't want the woman under her charge to go out alone in the woods with male hooligans."

"We have females with us on this particular team."

"I tried pointing that out too but she didn't want them to do anything ungodly with her girls either."

"Well we know where her mind is at," he laughed.

"Joshua!", they heqard one of the nun called. The looked over to see a boy doing a hand in the air pose similar to the one Ultraman usually took when he appeared. "Sister Victoria doesn't like you to play as that thing remember."

"And she's one of those," he added while going back to his readings.

"I didn't think you were part of the pro-Ultraman group," Ryo commented.

"I'm not," he told him. "Nor am I in the anti-group either. I guess you could say I'm in the wait and see group."

"Fair enough."

"Johnson to Watanabe," his communicator chirped.

"Watanabe here, what do you have Johnson?"

"This sector seems clear so far. We're going to double check things then head to the next search sector."

"Understood. Everything on this side of the mountain looks clear too. But check your area for any streams of rivers that may connect the other side of the mountain with this one."

"I think some of the others are doing that now and Bridge is going over evey geological survey they can find but we'll keep an eye out. Johnson out."

Ryo looked at the mountain briefly, "I wish Bridge would hurry up with those findings."

"So you know Ultraman?", a small boy asked Bill between plays.

"Well not personally," he answered, "but I'm usually around when he shows up."

"Is he really tall?", asked another.

"Oh he's huge, almost as tall as that mountain over there." After that the floodgates officailly opened.

"Where does he come from?"

"Where does he go?"

"Is he scared to fight the monsters?"

"How does he the lights from his hands?"

"Whoa, you guys are asking me things even the eggheads back at base don't know," he said quickly in an attempt to close this particular gate. "Now if you want to ask me about the jets I fly..." He realized that was a mistake as soon as it left his mouth as that floodgate opened wide one more time. "Where's Ryo when I need him?"

"Children!", a stern looking older woman start over not looking happy. Bill felt an old fear creep up in the back of his mind. "It's time for your study period, so get back inside." The children quickly went back inside the building leaving the two of them alone. She looked him over with a bit of disdain. She had that look for as long as he could remember so he didn't really think anything of it. "Hello William," she said evenly.

"Sister Vicoria," he greeted her with a genuine grin. "It's good to see you still up and kicking."

"Yes," she said with little enthusiasum. "Are you and your... organization almost done here?"

"Probably," he said looking back to see where the others were. "We're not sure how far what ever that stuff the monster was putting out went. We're just trying to be thourogh, making sure nothing was left over that could harm the kids or anybody else in the area."

"I beleive just by showing up you potenially put the children in danger," she told him.

"Sister believe me if we show up the danger is already here. Like I said we're just being extra cautious right now."

"And yet you don't do anything about that giant false idol."

"That's a new one," Bill couldn't help but smirk, "I never heard Ultraman called that before."

"That is what that thing is," she insisted. "The children talk more about that giant heathan than they do the lord."

"I don't recall there being all that much talking about the lord when I was here," Bill told her.

"There is when I am around," she counted.

"Because we knew had to," he informed her. "As soon as you left the room we went back to talking about what we were before you came in."

"And I see you quickly learned to lie after you left this place."

"Oh I learned to lie long before I left this place."

"You become somewhat delusional too," she told him. "I suggest you and your organazation finish whatever it is you're doing and leave before you corrupt the children even more. Good day William." She turned around sharply and walked before he could say anything.

"And I was actually happy to see her too," he said to himself. "Waters to Watanabe, do we have an ETA on the finish of this job? The head cheese is starting to act like I remember her." As he walked away from the building he failed to notice a group of daisies nearby that started to droop.

Not being able to beat the unbeatable situation one more time non withstanding this had been a pretty decent day so far. The text he had to study had been getting smaller and smaller the more he caught up with the study program Hawk set up for him. Picking up one of the data pads he put it back down and reached into his pocket. Pulling out the triangular pendant that had been left behind by the stranger he only knew as Jack he couldn't get his last words out of his head, "I almost thought you had him."

"Dax, you getting anything yet?"

Somewhere deep inside his mind he got a responce, "Still nothing I'm afraid. The energy signature inside is still weak. I have continued trying to try and share mine but so far it has been rejected."

Ken was confused, "Rejected? If you two are similar why would he do that?"

"Perhaps we are not similar enough," Daxium offered. "Perhaps..."

And he never really trails off when talking. "Perhaps what?"

"Perhaps he feel his job is done."

"What in the hell does that mean?"

"Hawk to Scott," came from his communicator.

"Crap," he quickly shoved the pendant back into his picket, despite the fact the Captain coldn't see him, before responding, "Scott here."

"Relax Ken," he chuckled. "Jessica and myself were heading to the cafeteria for a cup of coffee and wondered if you wanted to join us. I'm sure you could use a break from all the studing you have been doing."

He looked at those barely touched datapads. "Sure, I'll be right there."

"And you can tell me your side about the lastest attempt she was just telling me about."

"Thanks Jess," he muttered. "Permission to kill her when I get there."

"Denied," Hak quickly told, although he did chuckle a bit. "Beside, she's standing right here and heard everything."

"Permission to plan my own funeral before I get there."

"I'll consider it," he chuckled again. "But it better be a cheap one, we have a budget around here."

"Yes sir, I'll meet you there." Ending the conversation he reached into his pocket one more time and fingered the pendant.

"Perhaps if you took it to Dr. William," Daxium offered, "maybe he would have a different insight that we currently do not."

There was a thought. Williams was one of the few people around here who knew his secret. And out of the three he was the one he liked the most. Still, "I'm still halfway expecting him the jack the Spark Magnifier behind my back on those check ups. I'm not sure I want to trust this guy in his hands unless I absolutely have to."

"Bridge," said one of the techs, "I just got a hit on that substance were told to look out for." He was afraid he was going to say that.

"How strong is it?", he asked pulling up the screen. If they didn'y find a way to contain this now that patch of dead Earth was going to get bigger.

"Not that strong, but if I'm reading this right it's growing stronger by the moment."

"You're not reading it wrong," he was forced to admit. Linking into the Scan track's sensor package he tried to get a clearer picture of what was happening. "Now this is strange," he muttered, "It looks like it's pooling into one spot. Castle to Watanabe."

"I'm here Bridge what is it?", he quickly responded.

"We're getting a reading off that substance and you're the closest one to the source. Is there any dying vegetation near you?"

"Not that I can see at the moment," he said. "Give a moment to do a search. Damn it how did it get on this side of the range. Bill, you and the others spread out check the area over."

"You got it," he said. "You two look over in that direction."

"Ryo," Bridge spoke up, "science section theorized the reason why you and the others didn't notice

anything right a way when you found the creature was the substance affects the smaller organisms first."

"I read the report Bridge, but thanks any way."

"Ryo!", Bill shouted. "There a patch of brown grass that's getting larger by the second." Ryo ran over and saw that he wasn't kidding. He could literailly see the grass die right in front of him. "This seemed faster than it was last time."

"Bridge you said we were the closest, where's the substance coming from this time?"

"That's ther the thing it's not coming it's growing," he said, "Almost like it mashing together."

"How is it doing that?"

"If I knew that I wouldn't be trying not to panic right now."

"Alright where is it mashing then?" This wasn't making any sense. Unless there was an underground stream somewhere it shouldn't have gotten on this side of the mountains, much less pool up in a single spot.

"About a mile and a half west of your current location," he answered.

Bill looked in that direction and blanched a little. "The orphanage," and he ran back there as fast as he could.

"Bill wait," Ryo said in vain. "Damn it. Watanabe to all field units, meet back up at the orphanage. We have a situation."

In one of the Castle cafeterias Ken, Jess and Hawk were making the usual small talk, after the initial teasing about Ken's latest test go around. Then Hawk started to ask about their acedemy days. He was already a military man before being assigned this duty so he never had the particulr "pleasure" of going through the academy process. Right now Ken was retelling his short time there , "But there was this one instructor who got on my nerves fast. I know he probably still knows more than I do but damn if he didn't get annoying fast. He was teaching, and I kid you not, proper field safety procedure in a combat situation."

"Wait," Jess interrupted him, "did he talk in this long slow monotone voice?", going so far as to mimic the tone of voice to highlight the point.

"And he walked like he had five sticks up his ass?"

"Yes," she confirmed.

"Oh God it has to be the same guy. There's no way there can be two like that."

"Would you believe he tried to instruct me on how to clean a gun?"

"Didn't you tell him you were practically brought up on the shooting range? At least since starting school?"

"He wouldn't listen," she said. "I think he's head of admissions now or something."

Remembering the guy when he was there, and forgetting where he was for the moment, Ken went, "Who in the hell did he blow?" Jess wincing slightly made him remember where he was, and more importantly who he was with. Then he looked at Hawk as a mild case of panic set in.

Taking a sip of his coffee he waited a moment before saying, "Saying some disparinging things about a higher up if frowned upon. Considering I know exactly who the two of you are talking about," and Ken figured he was about to be royally chewed out," I would say that question passed though my head more than once."

Being struck speechless for the moment Jess spoke for him, "Ah... Captain?"

"I'm on a break," he explained, "and currently in the company of people I know fairly well." He glanced at Ken, "well one not quite as long as the other. I feel I can be a little lax in this situation. But if you said that in my preseance after this was over the lecture would have been on in full force." Seeing the younger man visiably relax made him smle behind his cup.

"Bridge to Hawk," he called out over the line.

"Hawk here."

"We're getting readings for that substance and Ryo is reportig that plants in the area are already starting to die, faster this time around.

"Understood. Get all avaialble Razor Wings in the air," Hawk ordered. "And have a Scan Track ready for me, Jess and Ken."

"Understood, Bridge out."

"This is what get for sending both pilots on an assignment," Hawk mumbled as they hurried toward the door.

"That boy is as insufferable now as he was when he was here," Sister Victoria ranted in her office. Her listener was another nun who had been there almost as long as she had. "The nerve of that scoundrel, daring to tell me the children only talk about the Lord when I am around."

The other one finally spoke up, "I don't know why you're so suprised. I've been trying to tel you that for the past thirty years now."

"You don't kow what you're talking about," she said dimissing it.

"No, of course not," she sighed. "I just have my own eyes and ears."

"Is it wrong for me to want the children to respect the Lord?"

"Respect is one thing," she countered, "teaching them they have to, especially when you're around. That seems a biger disserves than not talking about him at all."

"Thay's enough Cheryl," she ordered. Before the discussion could continue the room started to shake.

"What in the world?"

Bill ran in, slamming the door open, "We got to evacuate the orphange!"

"Now wait a miniute," Sister Victoria protested, "we just went trough this nonsense."

"And this nonsense is a lot closer this time around," he told them. "We already got some of the kids out thanks to the other nuns."

"I better go help," Sister Cheryal said. "Lord only knows where some of the hiding places the children like to use are."

"Make sure you check the cubby hole under the stairs in the west end," Bill told her. as she proceeded him out of the room. He looked toward Sister Victoria who stubbornly held her ground. "Ah Sister, out is this way.

"I have been the head of this orphange for almost thirty years," she informed him. "My place is here, no where else."

"I don't have time for this," said. Because he knew she wasn't going to budge on this no matter how hard she pleaded. Which, in his mind, left him only one option. "I hope this doesn't send me to hell."

Walking toward her he grabbed her by the arm, "What do you think you are doing?" Without another word he hauled her over his shoulder and took her out of the room. "Put me down! This is Blasphamy! I said put me down at once!"

"Once we're outside," he snapped. Silently he hoped around a lot of people who could protect him from her.

Hawk ordered them out of the Scan Track as he surveyed the area. According to Bridge the substance was pooling under the ground about a mile away from the orphanage. Thank heavan for small favors. As it was they could see the growing patch of dying vegation. Before putting his helmet on Ken said, "It can't be happening this fast."

"Yet it is," Jess told him.

Hawk hit his communicator and contacted Castle, "Hawk to Bridge, do you have any idea how it got on this side of the mountains?"

"I haven't found anything yet," he answered. "There's nothing on record say that anything is connecting your side with the other."

"Bridge," Jess spoke up, "are you getting any kind of reading from underground?"

"Early sensor sweeps indicates something might be moving underground," he said. "Something big." Jess glanced in Ken's direction but he didn't notice.

"No suprise there," Hawk said. "Jess, Ken scout the area for any civilians. I'm going to head to the orphanage to see if Bill and Ryo need a hand setting up a defense perimitter."

"Right," Jess answered for the both of them. "Ken I'll take the area to the left, you take the right."

"Got it." They went off in seperate directions. But Ken held something back, not that he could explain to the others how he knew to begin with. The closer they got the more the pendant reacted to Dax. And the feeling he was getting was if it was the Gudis it was reforming way too soon. Then again Dax was sensing dark energy a bit more easily now than he did the first time.

"What's keeping that last truck from going?!", Ryo demanded as he looked at something that should have been gone hours ago.

"Who do you think?", Bill shot back, sporting a newly earned black eye.

"You have got to be kidding me," he groaned as he jogged over to see the head nun still refusing to get on the truck. "Sister we are trying to get the area clear and keep the kids safe. Empathis on keeping the kids safe. Now would you please get on the truck so we can do just that."

"And I have told al of you my place and purpose is here and I will not run from it," she insisted.

"Victoria," one of the other nun spoke up.

"My place is here," she said firmly as a Scan Track pulled up.

"I ordered that this area was to be evacuated already," Hawk barked as he got out. "What's going on?"

"She's going on," Bill said frustrated beyond belief. Hawk stared at his new facial feature before he turned his attention to the sister.

Before he could say anything she went on, "I told William, I told them over there," she pointed toward his troops, "I told all of them my place is here. I don't care what kind of authority you think you have or can act on but I will not leave the orphange on any condition."

Hawk did not have the time for this, "Lady my main concern right now if for the children's safety. You don't want to leave, fine." Banging the side of the truck a couple of times he shouted, "Get them out of here now!" The other nuns protested but the truck pulled out any way. Turning back toward the Sister he told her plainly, "You stay out of the way. you do anything to impede my men in any way I will have you arrested on the spot."

"You do not have the authority to...", she started to protest but he cut it off quick.

"Yes I do and I have no qualms about arresting a nun in this situation." She walked off in a huff, naturally toward the orphange. Taking a moment he gestured toward Bill's eye.

"Popped me one as soon as I set her on the ground," he explained. Then added, "She's a tad old school."

"Obviously." Before Hawk could go on the ground started to shake hard. Bill rushed over to keep the Sister from falling as Hawk held on to the Scan Track. The ground shook so much Ken and Jess felt it where they were just as a giant tendril looking thing smashed itself free from the ground. Hawk took a quick look to see where the tendril was, realizing it was too close to the orphange to call in a Razor Wing strike. He looked round to see it fall down in the direction of Bill and the Sister.

"No you don't," Bill turned to protect the nun by pushing her behind him puled his gun and fired. The tendril stopped just long enough for Ryo to run over and pull them out of the way before it fell all the way.

"Come on," he said as he directed them toward Hawk's Scan Track. A little further away another one came up from the ground. Over her protest they pushed the nun into the vehicle with Ryo hopping into the back to man the cannons on top as Hawk drove them out of there. Ryo got a bead on the tendril closest to them and fired as more of the creature revealed itself. It looked like the first one but with some changes, the bulbus haed wasn't quite as large and it also had a more humaniod appearece with it's face with a very flat nose and mouth.

Ken saw it from where he was and didn't hesitate to raise the Spark Magnifier over his head.

This new version of Gudis ignored the colum of light as Daxium appeared. In turn he realized the foreign creature was heading for the orphange. Quickly getting between it and the building he took a defensive stance, "Shiah!" The Gudis didn't seem all that worried he was there.

"What is that giant heathan doing?". Sister Victoria asked as she watched out the window.

Bill answered her, "If you're talking about Ultraman it looks like he's trying to defend the orphange."

"Why would that false idol protect something that's under the Lord's care?"

"How do you know he didn't send him?", Hawk told her as he continued driving.

While they sped away Daxium got past thse tendrils, close enough to land a few blows before backing up. The first Gudis cold drain his energy with prolong contact. Part of him was afraid that the indifference in this one was because it could do the same. Right then it started flailing away with those tendrils a bit causing him to cover up and make sure they didn't wrap arpund something on him. Then it opened it's mouth and fired a bubble like energy blast that exploded on impact and sent him flying toward the orphange. The walls shook as he landed hard on the ground. Seeing the tendrils come at him he quickly rolled out of the way. He got a quick glance behind it to see a trail of dead Earth seemingly following it.

When it fired another round of the energy bubbles Daxium quickly threw his arms open to create the protective shield in front of him. When the blasting stop he quickly dropped the shield and fired off a flash bolt that exploded in a shower of sparks on Gudis' body causing it to cry out. He was setting up for another one when it did something he wasn't expecting. "You will die today giant," it said in a deep raspy voice.

Everyone was caught off guard at this. Bill forgot the sister was there as he uttered, "Holy shit it spoke."

Daxium was stunned long enough for it to lash both tendrils into the side of his head. Grunting in pain as he fell to a knee then they came at him from the other direction forcing to him all fours. One of them wrapped around his arm and started draining his energy as it pulled him up only to knock him back down with the other one. It came at him one more time and he grabbed it out of instinct then quickly let go as he felt the drain increase momentarily. But he missed as the first one wrapped itself around his ankle while it pulled and sent him to his back. Gudis started whipping him with those tendrils before stopping as the jewel started to flash. Slowlying getting to his feet he got into another stance but was powerless to stop it from firing another bubble at him.

But this one was different as it quickly surrounded him. Even worse he felt the drain on his energy increase every second as he tried to escape. The Gudis laughed as he struggled, "Soon you and the rest of this planet will be one with me." The drain was so great Ken was starting to feel it in the safety zone Daxium had created, falling to a knee himself. Inside his pocket the pendent flashed with a brilliant light and something seemed to explode. In the outisde world there was a brief glimps of a red and silver giant that took Gudis by surprise, enough to cause it to back up. It fired some sort of energy blast from his hand that shattered the bubble around Daxium before disappearing completely.

The jewel falashing faster than it was before Daxium was still in a knelling position as he realized the giant did something else. There were memories of fight with this creature that was forgien to him. In all of them the creature was defeated, in all of them it came back. And he quickly realized they all had one thing in common, the ground. The Gudis was connected to the ground it was on. Looking at the creature he stood and banged his forearms together shifting into Power mode. Launching an attack that caught Gudis off guard he pounded the creature before grabbing it's tendril, it was goind to drain more of his energy but it was necessary risk in order to pull this off. Feeling it full force he fought it as he started to fly and ripped it off the ground. GOing as high as he could with the drain he started spinning making the creature go around and around until he let it go launching it into the air.

As it came down Daxium already had his hand by the jewel and drew in what energy he could as he flew at the creature. With everything he had left he punched the creature with the full unfiltered force of the Giga Wave. Gudis was obliterated on contact. The jewel flashing faster and faster he tried to sense something of the creature but couldn't. From Ken he recalled what the stranger said about thinking the only way to destroy it was destroying every atom of it's being and hoped he was able to accomplish just that, and hoped the humans could confirm it, as he flew off, "Shiah!"

Ken immediately dropped to a knee as he appeared from the ball of light. Without even thinking he reached into his pocket for the pendant. The green jewel in the center was now cracked and blackened. He was almost afraid of what that meant. "Was he able to get home?"

It took a moment but Daxium finally answered, "I'm afraid not. He used what little energy he had left to help us."

Wrapping his fingers around it he felt a bit of sadness to well up inside him, "He was a long way from home just to die."

"Indeed," Daxium sounded sad as well.

"Do you think that's ever going to happen to us?"

"I am not sure," he answered after a moment. "But I truely hope that is not our fate."

"You and me both pal," he pocketed the pendant one last time, "you and me both."

"Double check everything," Hawk told the crew heading into the orphange. "It wasn't hit directly but it was rattled pretty bad. I want to know that building is strucuturely sound before I let the kids and nuns set a foot back in there."

"Thank you Captain," Sister Victoria said, although it pained her to do so.

"No problem at all Sister," he told her. Looking back he saw some of his men, including Ryo, Jess and Ken, playing soccer with the kids. "And I hate to disrupt your routine like this again."

"It'll help the children work out some nervous energy from the past couple of hours," she said. She noticed Bill hovering close by, "William I though you would be joining the other with keeping the children occupied."

"I wanted to apologize for beng so rough with you earlier," he said.

"I realize you were doing your job," she said. "As I hope you knewe I was doing mine."

"Of course Sister, of course."

"While I still don't believe in the hea... this Ultraman," she corrected herself, "I realize he may be part of God's plan."

"Well you and the other nuns always said he works in mysterious ways," Bill said. "And I've seen some mysterious ways in this outfit let me tell you."

"Yes," she said a bit stiffly. "If you will excuse me... and if you're Captain will let me I will check on the condition of the orphange myself."

"With supervision," Hawk told her. "I don't want anything falling on you and nobody to be there to help."

"I'm surprised it took you this long to get inside," Bill joked. Sister Victoria said nothing before giving a small nod and walking away. Seeing the moment Bill ran toward the group behind them shouting, "Pass me the ball! I'm In!"

ED - Shinedown - Fly From the Inside
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