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OP – Downstait – I Came To Play

Back at the orbital station Alex waited patiently as Dez ran a few more rounds of tests on his head. It had been a few weeks since he suffered that concussion and he felt fine. Better than fine to be exact. But still she wanted to run a few more tests before she gave him the okay for him to go back to duty. A way too familiar beep indicated the tests were done and he slid out of the scanner, if he wasn’t claustrophobic before being in that thing would make him if this kept up, and waited as she read over the results. “Well?”, he said after a bit, mainly because he was getting board.

“The tests say you’re perfectly normal,” she answered turning away from the screen. Without any warning she reached out and pushed up an eyelid to get a better look at his eye and how it reacted. “But I still want to wait a couple of days before…”

“Oh come on…,” he started to complain.

“…giving you the green light to return to active duty,” she continued like he didn’t say anything.

“You said yourself I’m perfectly normal.”

“Normal being the subjective word in that sentence,” she said.

“Come on Dez,” he continued, “I’m good to go.”

“And brain injuries, no matter how minor, are always a delicate matter,” she informed him. “It’s always better to err on the side of caution.” A small hint of a smile played at her lips, “Of course we should celebrate the fact you have a brain in that head of yours.”

“Stop watching Earth TV Dez,” Alex told her. “It’s starting to rot your brain, probably the area around that implant.”

“Only after I started interacting with you on a regular business,” she shot back. “I suggest you head back to the planet. There’s nothing for you to do up here.”

“There’s nothing for me to do down there either,” he muttered as he hopped off the bed.

“Patience Alex,” she told him, “you’ll be back on duty before you know it.” He said good-bye and headed for the transporter. A few minutes later she was back in the station’s control room when she received an incoming message. A glance at the chronometer gave her an idea who was behind it. Despite knowing it was Orion she wasn’t prepared for the sight of him standing with the aid of a couple of canes.

“I can see that I can still put you at a loss of words,” he joked when she didn’t say anything and looking really pleased with her reaction.

“When did this happen?”

“A day ago your time,” he answered. “I have some limited mobility at the moment and I can’t stay standing for long at this point. But I’m getting there.”

“That’s great Orion,” she said sincerely.

“And that’s enough about me how is Ales doing?”

“He’s a little upset that I’m holding up on releasing him back on active duty.”

“I read the report on his concussion and it’s probably for the best. Although I understand his frustration, I’m itching to get back into the armor myself. He’s turning into a Sheriff before our eyes Dez. It’s not often a Gamma turns out this well.”

“We better not tell him that,” she said. “His head barely fitting in the helmet as it is.”

Sam deactivated her armor and walked to the street putting the keypad into her back pocket. With Alex on the bench she had to pick up the slack. And ended up getting a new appreciation for what he did for doing this solo for so long. There were days she barley fell into the bed at the end of the day. Fortunately this job didn’t conflict with her day job all that much so she didn’t have to worry too much about running into the same problem Alex ran into when he first started, so far that is. More than likely he would be back on the job before that happened. Still the thought crossed her mind on occasion.

“Hey Sam,” she looked around to see Steve run and catch up her. “How have you been? We haven’t you in a while.”

“I’ve been a little too busy lately,” she said while trying to avoid saying the things Alex told people to make him think he started using. “Alex needed some help with a few things and I told him I’d give him a hand.”

“That’s cool,” he said. “I wonder why he didn’t the rest of us to help out?”

Outside of the fact most of their friends think he’s on drugs and it would be hard to explain the concussion? She just shrugged her shoulders and said, “You know Alex.” Steve nodded then looked behind them. Sam looked as well then looked at him, “Making sure Ryan’s not stalking you?”

“Force of habit,” he admitted. “I think I caught a break though. Did you hear there’s a woman in armor running around now?”

Trying not to look or sound nervous she answered, “I think I heard about that. Is he trying to track her down now?”

“I think so. He said he could narrow down who the guy is if he can figure out who she is.”

“You know he’s going to look at all the girls who you hang around,” she joked. Then she got worried because that included her too.

“Good thing every girl I know can kick his ass,” Steve grinned. They talked and caught up for awhile. Both of them came across a side alley seeing some guy handing another guy a blue crystal looking thing in a baggie for some cash. “I heard about that crap,” he said, “it’s some sort of space drug. I’m going to call the cops.”

While he did that Sam backed up a bit and pulled out her keypad, and once there was some space between them she said, “Dez, where do we stand on humans selling alien drugs?”

The crowd in the main chamber quickly went back to business as usual after Galgamayde ran for who knows where. The boss had made it very clear that he didn’t want his name mentioned in his presence, unless one of his hunter patrols located the craft that helped him escape. A list of potential suspects narrowed quickly as those unaccounted for at the time presented alibis that were quickly confirmed. Still people in the room still looked around trying to figure out who helped him escape.

“What is the status of the crytek sales?” he demanded through the droid, “Particularly on Earth.”

Above them an image of a lion like humanoid alien appeared. Missing a fang as red eyes stared at the boss before saying, “Surprisingly well. The humans took to it very quickly and are willing to pay any price we set in order to get more.”

This sounded too good to be true. “And the human Sheriff hasn’t gotten involved yet? I find that hard to believe.”

“It’s true,” the lion insisted. “No one has seen the human in days. The partner has been seen more than he has. Word going around is that he’s been injured somehow.”Those words got those in the crowd talking to themselves once again. Galgamayde’s name had popped up more than once, a fact not lost on their leader.

He quickly put an end to that, “Do not believe rumors! Not until you have some sort of confirmation. Even if the Sheriff is injured his partner is still out there. She has proven to be formidable in her own right. Stay on guard, either one of them could show up unexpectedly.”

“Yes sir,” and the image faded and the crowd went back to talking amongst themselves.

In the meantime the droid rolled over to a station and opened a secure communication channel as one of the hunters came into view. “The boss just heard word that the human Sheriff might have been injured. Send someone to check and see if Galgamayde headed there without us knowing it.”

“At once sire,” the hunter said.

Dez said they couldn’t really do anything about the human selling the alien drug. However once he was arrested by the police she could easily hack into their system and and get the information they needed that way. Finding out which precinct he was taken to she got in and cross matched any information he had given them to the criminals in her database. Someone she zeroed onto quickly once she discovered the name of the drug he had been selling. “The only known seller of crytek in the system is a Lionix named Grrwl,” Dez told Sam as she pulled up the information. “Based on the reports I’ve been able to access he’s supposedly been inhabiting the same area that the man your local authorities arrested.”

“So the chances are more than good that he’s the supplier,” Sam said.

“I’d say it’s more than likely.” Pausing a moment she read something on the file that caught her eye. She read it a few more times to make sure she read it right the first time. “Now that’s a little unusal.”

Sam asked, “What is it Dez?”

“Protocol Zero has been authorized

Sam was quiet for a moment. Eventually she said, “For a drug dealer? Was there a mistake made somewhere?”

“I’m checking into it now.” It took Dez a few moments to find the reasoning for the authorization. “Crytek has caused several deaths galaxy wide. According to the law on Grrwl’s home planet being responsible in any way for a death of an individual is an automatic death penalty.”

“Harsh planet,” she muttered.

“I agree Samantha but we have to abide by the laws of the criminal’s home world as well as our own. As I told you before this is looked at from every angle…”

“I know, if one person finds something wrong then Zero isn’t authorized.”

Something in the tone of her voice made Dez worry, “Samantha are you alright? I can contact Alex if you don’t think you’re up to it.”

“No I can do this,” Sam insisted, hoping she believed what she was saying. “It’s all part of the job as Alex would say.”

Dez wasn’t exactly convince, but then again Alex sounded the same way the first time he was sent after a Zero as well, “I’m sending you the coordinates now. You’ll do fine Samantha.”

“Right,” down on the planet she didn’t see anybody else as she put the keypad on her forearm. -5-5-4-3- “Online,” in a flash she was in her armor. A press of the five key –GALACTIC CYCLE- and she was on the road heading for Grrwl’s location.

In another part of the city, in Alien town to be exact, Alex sat next to Nyr’s Kavalful stand downing another sandwhich. The alien would glance at his human friend every so often not sure how to ask the question on his mind. Finally he decided to just come out with it. “My friend I not see you do much lately. Notice your pod… no… sister doing most of work now no?

“Not by choice Nyr,” Alex said as he popped the last bit into his mouth. “I’ve been medically grounded until further notice.”

“Ah, he said in understanding. “So not lazy, good very good. Would not like to have lazy friend.”

“Nice to know our friendship is that fragile,” Alex told him while faking looking hurt.

“I do not mean to offend,” Nyr told him while stirring the pot in front of him again, “but you look so… what’s the Earth word… enthusiastic I think… when on job. Like had purpose in life.”

“Maybe,” Alex said as he paid for the sandwich. “Alright I’ll admit doing this is pretty cool.”

“So why so down?”

“Because I just got a glimpse of what it’s going to be like when the guy I’m taking over takes the job back. And quite frankly Nyr, it sucks.”

“But you do good job,” he assured his human friend. “Foolish not to keep you after other one comes back.”

“We’ll see Nyr, thanks for the sandwich.”

“No problem my friend, glad you enjoy.”

Alex walked down the street looking around at the human and aliens around him. A few of the ETs greeted him, a couple even called him Sheriff. He had a hard time seeing any disgust in their eyes while they did so . And he had to be honest that made him feel kind of good inside. But how were they going to react when Orion came back? More importantly if he was having this much trouble now how hard where things going to be when he did come back. He put those thoughts aside when the keypad beeped in his pocket. Out of habit he stepped into an alley he answered, “What is it Dez?”

“I sent Samantha after a crytek dealer named Grrwl,” she replied back. “I’m only telling you about this because of the Zero authorization.”

Oh boy. “How did she take that one?”

“About as well as you did.”

“Crap. I’m on my way.”

“Alex wait,” she said quickly. “I didn’t call you to take over the mission. She’s on her way now, but she’s never Zeroed any one before.”

“So hang back and watch in case she freezes when the time comes,” Alex said going deeper into the alley. And he knew how easy it was to freeze up at the moment, he almost didn’t come out of that one the first time he had to.

“Not the words I would use but essentially correct. I’m sending you the coordinates now.” In moments he was in the armor and on the skyboard heading toward his sister.

She didn’t know about Alex but Sam always wondered how many abandoned building and factories were in this town seeing how many times they been sent to one on an assignment. Like now she drove around a series of warehouses on the docks looking for this Grrwl character. Of course she briefly wondered why that thought just entered her head. Maybe she was trying not to dwell on a particular detail of this one. That one robot and countless simulations were one thing, but an actual living being? Seeing movement in one of the buildings in front of her she stopped the cycle in front of it and did a quick scan. Whatever she was reading defiantly wasn’t human. Getting off the bike she walked toward it pressing a key on her pad. –SINGLE GUN-

Keeping it aimed toward the ground she made her way to the warehouse doors. Standing at the side she did another quick scan of the doors. The reading as right on the other side, it looked like it was waiting for her. Stepping back she aimed a shot right over it’s head and pulled the trigger. The shape ducked giving her time to kick the door open and catch him buy surprise. Seeing that it was her target she said, “Grrwl you are in violation of intergalactic law thirty-nine, distributing an illegal and lethal substance. Come out of the building and keep your hands were I can see them.”

“Disappointing,” he murmured, tail twitching behind him, “I wanted your superior.” He lashed out with a foot that caught her off guard and sent the gun flying from her hand. That moment was all he had as she quickly went on defense as he struck at her again. Blocking his blows she was holding her own, a fact that seemed to infuriate the alien lion. Creating some space between them Grrwl reached behind his head and pulled out a curved blade from a sheath hidden on is back.

Seeing how sharp the blade was Sam wisely avoided it’s edge as he started swing it. –STAFF- The pole quickly extended as she stopped a strike at her head. Grrwl forced her back a few steps before she was able to hold her ground. Suddenly very grateful for all the staff training drills Dez put her through she held her own, especially since this lion looked like he knew what he was doing with that sword. Keeping the edge of that blade from hitting her she was able to smash the end of the staff into his knee. When he went down Sam quickly got behind him and forced the staff against his throat, “Give it up Grrwl.” Unfortunately she didn’t have enough leverage from keeping him from flipping her to the ground.

“Now I show you,” he struck the sword against her chest as she tried to get back up, “what we do to females who don’t know their place on my planet.” Grabbing her by the neck he threw her against the wall. The impact was enough for her to drop the staff. Grrwl came running at her with his sword held high.


The sound of metal hitting metal briefly filled the air as Grrwl’s blade was blocked by Alex. The alien lion sneered as Sam looked on in relief and confusion, “What are you doing here?

“It’s my sister first Zero, do you think I’m going to miss it?” Alex forced Grrwl back to try and give Sam a breather. She picked up her staff and saw her gun was not that far off. Running for it she scooped it up as he had Grrwl on the ropes. As they fought she looked at the zero on her keypad. Could she really do it? She looked up as Grrwl blocked Alex’s sword in such a way that he was able to punch him in the head. Alex dropped in funny way as he held his head. Grrwl raised the sword above him and Sam fired, “No!”

Uh,” Grrwl grunted as he backed up from the repeated shots. Not even realizing she was doing it she hit the zero on the keypad. –PROTOCOL ZERO- Taking aim as power flowed through her suit and into the gun she looked right at Grrwl. He looked right back as she pulled the trigger. Those eyes stayed locked on her as the beam hit and disintegrated him. Sam stayed standing in the position for a long time.

Slowly Alex stumbled to his feet still holding his head and looked at her. He wlaked over to his sister and cautiously reached for her arm and lowered it, “It’s okay Sam, it’s over.”

“I just…,” she said between breaths, “…I just…”

“I know. Come on the cops will be here soon,” and he guided her away from the scene.

A couple of days later Alex found Sam sitting in the park with a lost look on her face. Probably something similar to how he was looking the first time he Zeroed somebody. Alex felt like a failure right then and there since he was trying to keep that look off of his twin’s face. Sitting down he said, “That knock on the noggin put me back a bit but Dez said I should be good to go in a day or two.”

“That’s good,” she said, but she really did sound all that enthusiastic about it.

“How are you doing?”

“I still see his eyes,” she told him.

“Yeah Dez and Orion never warned me about that either. I think it’s why I try to do it with the sword so I don’t have to look at them.”

“How do you handle it?”

“Like I told you before I try to think of what they did to deserve getting a Zero.”

She finally looked at him, “He was a drug dealer.”

“On his home planet he was considered a murderer. In times like this you can’t really think in Earth terms. Trust me it helps a lot.”

“Did your first Zero affect you this much?”

“I came this close to chucking the keypad into that lake.”

“We must be related then, I had the same thought,” she tried to laugh. “What stopped you from doing it?”

“The fact Dez could beam it out of there,” he joked. “But mainly because Orion trusted me to take over for him while he heals up. And Dad always saying if somebody gives you a job to do you don’t quit on it. Why didn’t you?”

She smiled sadly, “I remembered Dad saying that too.”

“So when it’s all over we’ll blame him.” He was surprised when she did chuckle this time. “You know you’re basically my assistant, you don’t have to keep doing this if you don’t want to.”

“Are you trying to get rid of me?”

“No I just… I didn’t want you to change in the way that a Zero does like it did me.”

“Great job you did there,” she said, but not in a mean spirited way. “So how do you handle this, strippers and booze?”

“Usually but I’m not doing that with my sister,” he joked. Getting up he said, “Come on, I’ll show how I really handle this.”

“Why do I get the feeling were heading towards Manny’s Pizza?”

“It’s heaven in a box.”

ED –Divide the Day – Let it Roll
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