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OP – Downstait – I Came To Play

It was amazing how often a call led him to a nearly deserted alley. Taking on his latest assignment Alex got slammed against a wall hard enough to crack it. The HUD display in his visor showed alarms and various damage reports as well as the armor’s current integrity level. He would be looking at all of that if he could clear the stars from his eyes first, and they were persistent buggers too. Peeling himself off the wall he slapped the side of the helmet a couple of times to try and get the ringing to stop at least. “That can’t be good,” he muttered when neither would.

“You look hurt Sheriff,” the thin, and deceptively strong, humanoid commented. A Wyven Dez called her. To Alex she looked like somebody tried to turn into a werewolf and stopped halfway. Brandishing a set of claws that had a metallic sheen to them she said, “Let me put you out of your misery.”

“I don’t think so!”, Sam said as she jumped down from the rooftops firing her guns. The Wyven backed up as she landed between them. “Alex are you alright?”,” she asked not taking her eyes off the alien.

“Where did you come from?”, he asked, leaning against the wall.

“Dez called me,” she answered, “and I was close enough to lend a hand.”

“I was expecting a joke.”

“I don’t joke in times like this.”

“I’ve noticed, how are we related again?”

“Quiet!”, the Wyven commanded and came at her.

-SHIELD- Those metallic claws swiped against the shield as soon as it materialized on her arm. She shot her point blank to knock her back. She tried to jump at Sam again so she smacked her back with the shield. Quickly she slid the switch on the back of the gun in her hand–CAPTURE- and wrapped the alien in energy bands. Dez transported her away the moment she placed a chip on her. Turning to Alex she said, “Well she was pretty easy.”

“I wore her down for you,” he said as he deactivated the armor. When she did the same he took one look at her clothing and turned his head away, “Whoa.” Sam looked down at herself wondering what was wrong and discovered the skirt she was wearing rode up to her waist.

“Damn it,” she cursed as she quickly pulled it back down and look around for anybody else who could have seen her.

“I thought you were going to stop wearing stuff like that.”

“I had a date,” she hissed.

“But Scooby-Doo…?”

“Shut up they’re comfy.” She saw him hold his head and stumble to the wall. “Alex!”, she ran to him.

“I’m okay,” he told her. She got a good look at his eyes which were telling a totally different story.

“Dez I think Alex is hurt,” she said into her keypad as she tried to help him stand.

“Hang on,” she quickly responded, “I’m getting a lock on your position now.” Before Alex could protest they were transported aboard the satellite.

A couple of hours and several medical scan, mainly around the head, later Dez announced, “He’s suffering from a mild concussion.”

“Are you kidding?”, Alex had to ask. “As many times as I’ve been hit in the head I’m getting one now?”

“You hit your head just right this time around,” she told him. “You have been really fortunate in that respect.”

“Well Dad always said you had a hard head,” Sam teased.

“Aren’t you supposed to be on a date or something?”, he asked more than a little irritated.

“Guy was a total bore,” she answered, “this saved me the trouble of trying to get out of it early.”

“Good thing you weren’t wearing the good underwear then,” he joked.

“You are so lucky you’re hurt or I’d…”

“Given his condition,” Dez cut in, “I’m going to have to insist that he stays here overnight for observation.

“So that’s what they call it where you’re from,” he said with a smirk.

“And here I thought human media exaggerated things like that,” she sighed. “Samantha you can head back to Earth, I’ll keep you updated on his condition.”

“I’ll call you later,” Sam said kissing him on the cheek. “You better behave yourself while you’re up here.”

“Where’s the fun in that?”, he asked. She faked hitting him in the head. When she left the room he looked over at Dez. “So, it’s just you and me, all alone. Whatever shall we do with ourselves?”

“I have work to do,” she told him. “But I’ll check in on you every hour. I’m sure you’ll be able to entertain yourself in the meantime. I’m positive you done it before on those lonely nights.” Dez left the room smiling with herself. It felt good to get in the last word for a change.

He was back before anybody noticed he was gone. But word of the Twin’s death had reached the planet before he did. Some he associated with always joked they should harness the speed of gossip flew by, the whole galaxy would have been explored in a matter of decacycles. A few from before cast an accusing look once they heard the news. It wasn’t the smartest thing he had ever said when he told them that he would personally kill anybody he thought had a chance of killing the human. It added to the ever growing cloud of suspicion the hung over his head. But there was no way to pin their deaths on him. He even made sure to leave the bullet. It would have been so easy to use it right then and there. But he wanted to see the life leave the human’s eyes up close and personal.

His senses noticed the added nervousness of the usual the crowd noise. Then he noticed how agitated the boss seemed to be today. Galgamayde held his position near the back of the room. An instinct he learned to trust kicked in as he checked not only the distance between him and the door but who was in his way as well. He did that on a brief instant, not betraying anything to those who looked in his direction. The boss seemed to be yelling something which quieted them, no one had seen him like this. In proper time the droid barked out, “We have a traitor in our midst!”That caused an uproar in the crowd that the boss quickly quieted, “Enough! I do not make this accusation lightly. I have proof of who was responsible for the Twin’s death. Direct from the Sheriff’s themselves.”

“Why should we believe what they say?”, somebody demanded. “They want us to fracture and fight among ourselves so we’ll be easier to capture.”

“True,” the boss conceded through the droid, “but I have double checked their claim. The person they alleged did this was gone while the Twins were on their task. In fact he couldn’t be found anywhere in the known sectors. But perhaps I am reading too much into the footage they supplied.”

One of the twins’ image hung in the air above them. He had a stunned look on his face as he said, “…mayde?”, and his head snapped to the side. “…mayde?” repeated over and over as they all looked at him.

His blaster was in his hand and he shot three of them before they could react. Somebody tried to grab him and he caved his head in with mechanical arm. A couple tried to stand between him and his only exit was stunned long enough for him to knock them out of the way. Shooting another in the head as he tried to block his path he kicked the door open and killed a couple of more that tried to get in. Reaching for his mechanical arm he pulled something off and threw it behind him. Ducking around a corner it exploded, temporarily block the path and killing a few more of them in the process. But they still had communication and more than likely they started to have his ship covered. He was going to have to find another way off world.

Hours later he was still in hiding. Word about him seemed to spread faster the news of the Twin’s death. As it was he was amazed he hadn’t been caught and executed yet. He took position on top of a nearly abandoned building wearing a light brown hooded cloak and spied on the nearest spaceport. Like he thought the boss put it on lockdown. And if this one was down chances were the other were as well. From this position he could see how many were covering his ship. Even by some miracle he did get past them there might be a couple of more inside he couldn’t see. Even if there wasn’t he would get blasted out of the sky before he could break the atmosphere. His only chance was to find somebody he could bribe or threaten to get him off world. Because the Gods only knew he didn’t have any friends around here, or anywhere.

Making his way to the street he pulled the hood farther over his head and blended in with the crowd as he hit the street. Hand on his blaster and both eyes open for anything he went with the flow. Unfortunately it also gave him time to think. The human, as much as he wanted to blame him for this, wasn’t smart enough to do something like this. And what he knew of the Watchers he wouldn’t figure she would suggest anything like this. No this had to be Orion’s doing, getting revenge for crippling him. He should have taken that extra moment to line up the headshot when he had the Sheriff at his mercy. Then there would have been no human, no Orion and no mechanical parts. And he wouldn’t have a majority of the planet looking for him.

Seeing a couple of thugs from the boss’s chambers up ahead he quickly ducked into a side alley. He stood there just long enough to make sure they didn’t see him. Glancing up at the roof his electronic eye didn’t detect any stray readings as he continued down the alley. Coming across another stream of people he studied it for any sign of danger before joining the crowd.

“There is no sight of him my lord,” one of the cat like hunters said as he kneeled before the boss and droid. “As suspected Galgamayde is ignoring the spaceports. I suggest we lesson the guards there to reinforce the streets.”

The boss considered this for a moment, “Galgamayde is probably waiting for us to do just that. He is a shrewd and cunning individual, a reputation well served as a paid killer. We should never forget that.”

“Of course sire,” the hunter replied.

“And with such a reputation he has probably prepared for such an event. Have you found a safe house he uses?”

“Several, all were booby trapped. My men were able to deactivate some after we discovered their location.”

“But not all of them,” the boss continued his thought. “If there is a discovery of one of his hiding places keep a man watching the location. He has no doubt acquired what he needs but he may have to resupply.”

“By your command sire,” the hunter stood and walked smartly out of the room.

The droid rolled to a station and plugged itself in, bring up internal security. It was more than a possibility that Galgamayde might attempt to sneak back in and get his revenge. After all it was the only logical thing to do.

He was able to last the night without being caught, a small miracle in itself, but one he shouldn’t count on to continue. The boss owned a good chunk of this city and a sizable portion of planet outside it’s borders. As it was he felt like the mouse being stalked by the cat. And he chided himself for using a human expression. Turning down a side alley he stopped short when he saw one of the ingrates from the hall standing there. He was looking the other way so he wasn’t immediately spotted. But Galgamayde saw enough that he was standing in front of the entrance of one of his safe houses. He should have seen that coming.

Quickly he went over his options. For one he couldn’t stay there for long. But he also needed to get something to eat and his food supply was in there. There were other locations but none nowhere close. He cursed his lack of foresight and not added food supplies in other location and he couldn’t risk being seen in the street at a vender. Making up his mind he took another quick glance. Not seeing any kind of communication deice on him he didn’t have to worry about any sort of check in. Reaching for a container on his belt he threw it down the alley.

It exploded by his head and he breathed in the gas before he could react. The gas dissipated quickly as he fell to the ground dead. Waiting a second longer he hurried over and tripped the hidden trigger that opened the secret door in the wall. Sealing it behind him he opened his food supply locker and quickly opened a ration wrapper and devoured the contents. All night he knew he had to get off the planet but then what? He entertained the notion to head to Earth to take out the human sheriff before they took him out. Chances are the lard ass sent a few of his men there to wait for him. So what could he do? Outside of here he had no real hiding places, not anymore if the carcass outside was any indication. Maybe the unknown sectors, people headed out there to hide all the time. He just had to get there, somehow.

Grabbing a few more ration bars he checked a sensor on the wall. Outside of the cooling corpse no one was there. Making his way to a crowded street he kept his senses open for anything. Then his luck ran out. Glancing at the other end of the street he saw more than a few mercenaries checking people on the street. He kept moving with the crowd, perhaps he could sneak by without being noticed. “You stop,” somebody behind him said and pulled down his hood. “Galgamayde!” He went down from a broken neck as Galgamayde let go of his head.

Shooting were he could while using the fleeing crowd as cover he soon found himself cornered by the bosses elite. “Galgamayde,” the lead hunter spoke, “we will take you in front of the boss. He wants to witness your execution personally.”

“A mistake on his part,” he sneered. A faint hum filled the air before the sonic emitter on his chest fired. Every man, woman and child in the blast radius flew back hard giving him room to breathe for a moment. A hunter jumped over the crowd at him. Throwing some pebbles from his belt they exploded on impact. He dropped to the ground stunned, just long enough for a single energy bolt to be fired into his brain. Another reptile like mercenary he had worked with in the past came at him. He dodged his attacks long enough to plunge his blade into his head. More mercenaries and hunters entered the area. He was no idiot so he ran at the opening he saw.

Returning fire at those who shot at him he cursed himself for not knowing where he was going. That opening lead to lead to an open area that overlooked a steep cliff. Briefly looking at the seemingly endless abyss in front of him he turned to see hunters and mercenaries clog and block the only exit. A shot from somewhere and took out the sonic emitter on his chest. As he used the barrier behind him to get up they surrounded him. No, not like this. Not while the human was still alive. It could not end like this.

Rapid fire blast from behind him took out a chunk of the crowd. Galgamayde looked back to see the ship turn around and the hatch open. A familiar Andorian faced him and shouted, “Jump in now!” Not even thinking twice he hopped on top of the rail and jumped into the craft. The hatched closed behind him as those still able fired at him and the ship as it turned to get out of there. Showing his gratitude Galgamayde pointed the barrel of his gun at his savior’s face. “Hold it I’m on your side!”

“How do I know you’re not taking me back to the boss yourself?”

“Look at the coordinates on the screen.” He did so and saw they were headed for the nearest jump gate. “I figure we should be halfway there before they can mobilize another ship to go after us. The boss said no ship could leave the planet. Fortunately I kept this in my own private port.”

“Why are you helping me?”, Galgamayde demanded not lowering the gun.

“Let’s just say I found something you might want to see. In fact it explains a whole lot.”

Dez ran the scanner over him one more time, she had done so every few hours. “Still amazed I actually have a brain in here?”, Alex asked.

“No,” she said going over the readings,” just a bit worried. Going on your past behavior I suspected you would have disturbed me in some way several times by now. By your silence I assumed something was seriously wrong with you.” The only hint that she was joking was the slight smile on her face.

“Piss off the one person who can make my life miserable on a mission? Please.”

“Now if you only had that attitude when you weren’t infirmed.”

“So what’s the verdict?”

“You’re still showing signs of a concussion so I think it would be best if you took it easy for awhile. I believe the human phrase is putting you in reserve. I’m sure Samantha can handle things unless it’s an emergency.”

“That’s not necessary,” he protested. “I just need to make sure the ol’ noggin doesn’t get knocked around too much.”

“Sheriff protocol where damage to the brain in concerned,” she told him. “Feel free to contact Orion to confirm it since I know you haven’t read that section in the manual yet.”

“alright, alright,” he conceded, but he was going to look it up later. “So do I get to go home now or do you still need to ‘observe’ me?”

“You keep that up and I’ll put you in stasis until you are fully healed,” she threatened. “It should be alright for you to go home now I’ll inform Samantha and you can bother her for the next few days.”

“I’ve done that all our life.”

“Now is your chance to do something a little different, act like a normal person perhaps.”

“I do that and she’ll contact you saying something is still wrong with me.”

“True,” she smirked, “quite the quandary you find yourself in. I’ll contact her within the hour. It’ll be a nice change since she constantly calls up here for updates about you.”

“At least somebody cares about me,” he said as he lay back down.

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