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OP – Downstait – I Came To Play

The usual background noise filled the boss’s chamber. As usual that meant people were trying to talk louder than the group next to them in order to be heard. Most were trying to get their latest scheme approved or trying to get first dibs at a new territory that had opened up. A select few actually tried to get permission to go after the human Sheriff. Those watching the spectacle would occasionally look back in his direction in the back of the room. Galgamayde paid them no attention, especially those who thought they could take the human. Let them ask, he silently waited for his at the human again.

Even that slug they call boss seemed less interested in any task of eliminating the human, seeing how much manpower and resources have been lost so far. That was fine, Galgamayde could be patient when he had to be. He would get another shot at the human. And when he did he would finish it. No more Gamma surprises, no more hidden partners, just him and the human. He dreamt about that moment almost nightly.

“Fine,” the boss said through that damnable droid, “you may traffic your prostitutes in sector Trian. I assume most of the inhabitants have seen the like of the women you will be bringing in. If there is nothing else then this will end business for the day.”

“There is one point of business…”, a voice from the back spoke.

A similar sounding voice continued, “… that we would like to discuss.”

The room looked back as two individual walked forward in perfect step with one another. Both were the same height, bald and pale skinned and both wore identical pieces of clothing. Both bore a similar smirk as they stood before the boss. Galagmayde stood in attention as they bowed in unison, “The Venaz Twins,” the boss said through the droid who looked at both of them over with it’s electronic eye. “What business would you like to discuss?”

“We have heard that you…,” said the first one.

“… have a human problem,” continued the other. “We offer our assistance…”

“… in taking care of him for you.”

The boss didn’t look impressed, “Others have tried to take on this particular human. Very few have survived their encounter.” A few looked back at Galgamayde but he ignored them, he kept his attention on the twins.

The second one said, “We are aware of this…”

“… little detail. But we believe we can handle…”

“… this nuisance better than the others. The simple fact we…”

“… outnumber him is one advantage.”

“They say the two of you share a single brain,” the boss said after a moment. “Essentially you have more limbs to battle the Sheriff. And a number advantage does not guarantee a victory. A fact the human had recently proved.”

The first one began, “Yes, but others do not see…”

“… what my brother sees. We see what…”

“… the other one sees and coordinate…”

“… our attack accordingly. And they do not…”

“… possess this.” The first one held up a single bullet. “A neuton bullet capable of…”

“… piercing the hardest alloy. Any Sheriff’s armor…”

“… should crumble easily.” Galgamayde stepped forward a bit s the crowd started to talk among itself. The boss was quiet for a long time.

“I will approve of this operation,” the droid finally said.

“Thank you oh great one…”

“… we will not fail you.” Bowing again they turned around in sync and walked out of the room. Galgamayde stared at them the entire time, a sick feeling growing in his stomach.

It was another quiet night as Alex and Sam hung out with some their friends. Well she was Alex was busy keeping up his act as he sat at the table with his feet up on the table and head down. Stifling a yawn Sam wished she could join in him since he looked so relaxed, but he was right in the fact that it would be hard to explain why there were suddenly two “stoners” in the family. As it was she was having a hard enough time staying awake as it was listing to Ryan continue on with his theory that Steve was the one on the armor and his ongoing quest to prove it. And his personal desire to cash in on it. “Didn’t you say he saved you a while back?”, she asked. Alex had filled her in on the details before Ryan started talking about it. It was mildly interesting to hear his take on the event.

“Yeah he did,” he answered. “So?”

“So I’d figured you would be little more grateful and stop trying to cash in on your friend.”

“I’m planning on sharing the profits with him now,” Ryan told her. Sam looked over at Alex to see him lift up his head enough so she could see him role his eyes.

“With friends like you who needs enemies,” she said getting up.

“Like you wouldn’t do the same thing,” he shot back.

Walking past Steve she patted him on the shoulder, “Watch your back.” Looking over at Ryan he shook his head and went back to the arcade game he was playing. Times like this she was glad word about the female in armor hadn’t gotten out yet. Lord only knows who he would suspect was in that one. Stepping into the ladies room and seeing nobody else in the room she pulled out her keypad. “Is there anything brewing Dez?”

“No,” she answered, “and Alex didn’t call in as often as often you do. In fact I can’t even remember the last time he called in for a situation report.”

“Well we’re out with friends,” she explained. “I just get the feeling if something if something was going to happen it was going to happen now.”

“Well if it does you and Alex will be the first ones I’ll inform,” she assured her. “Now enjoy the night with your friends. Both of you deserve it.”

“Yes ma’am,” Sam said. Pocketing the keypad she headed back to the table. Ryan had fortunately moved on to Steve so she sat next to her brother.

“I hope you told Dez I said hi,” he said.

“Shut up,” and she pushed his feet off the table.

The twins landed on Earth in record time. Setting up in dank apartment in the Alien town the Sheriff had been seen in a few times. Looking out the window the one said, “Not very impressive…

“… is it?”, finished the other. “I’m not sure how the others…”

“… had that much of a problem with this species.” Going back to his twin he watched as he assembled a sniper rifle. “So it is agreed then, I will draw out the Sheriff…”

“… while I will take the shot. We will show the others…”

“… this Sheriff is not that big of a threat.” Laughing at the same time the first one went back to the window, “Although I’m still worried…”

“… about that sensor shadow,” the second one finished. “Well it was gone as soon…”

“… as we got it, nothing to worry about. We should just…”

“… concentrate on the task at hand.” Finishing with the rifle the second one checked the sight.

“What are you?”, Dez asked the blip on her monitor. She had gotten two strange blips on her scanner a half hour apart by Earth time frame. Usually one meant somebody tried to sneak past the system, more than one meant it was probably a natural phenomenon, more or less. But two that far apart? That one was stumping her. Something told her it wasn’t anything natural. She would have put Alex and Samantha on alert but she wanted something a little more concrete before bothering them. Especially since Alex was still a little choosey on what assignment he wanted his sister on.

Her cerebral implant alerted to a disturbance planetside. She quickly located an police report of the incident and from there found an ongoing live news feed of what was going on. Sometimes the humans desire for twenty-four hour news coverage was extremely helpful. Getting a clear shot of the suspect in question she ran it through the database while she contacted Alex.

“Sam already had me turn on the news,” he replied. There was another reason why she liked Samantha. “Any idea who this is?”

“I’m looking it up now,” she answered. Seconds later she got a hit. And she was even more confused as a result, “The Venaz Twins.”

“I’m only seeing one,” Alex said with one of his usual unnecessary comments.

“So am I, according to my file they work in tandem. They have a almost telepathic bond with each other. According to this they are always seen together.”

“They have a fight or something?”

“Make sure you ask him when you get there,” Dez told him. “Protocol Zero has been authorized.” Studying the file some more she said, “Alex this may be a trap. They are never seen alone.”

“Right,” he was quiet for a moment. “Contact Sam and have her look for the other one while I take on the one making the noise.”

“Understood, I’m contacting Samantha now.”


Alex and Sam worked out how they were going to do things on the way there. If Dez was right then the other twin was somewhere nearby. Sam would try to figure where he was going to come from and try and head him off. Of course a large part of that plan was going to depend on where this twin was going to take the battle. So she would have to hang back a bit and wait before she did so. Neither of them liked that part of the plan one bit. “Watch yourself,” Sam said as she drove off in a different direction.

“You don’t have to tell me twice,” he muttered as he continued on. Seeing the commotion ahead of him in no time he leaned forward to make the board go faster as he brought out the guns. “Yo!,” he shouted as he jumped off the board, “I know who you are and I don’t know where your brother is but there are some laws definitely being broken here.”

“Yes I know I…,” he trailed off. Looking a bit pained he said, “… have broken some. My apologies, I am not… used to speaking like this… in a singular voice. It is most… uncomfortable.”

“My heart bleeds,” Alex told him. “Where’s your other half, just to cut down on the time to hunt him down later.”

“Wouldn’t you… like to know.”

“Worth a shot.” The lone twin raised his firearm and started firing. Alex ducked and returned fire. The lone alien easily avoided the shots and quickly came toward him. Before Alex knew he was practically right on top of him. “Whoa,” he moved but still took a couple of hits. Finding momentary cover behind an old car he returned fire. Again the alien was able to avoid his shots. “Does this guy have a sixth sense or something?”

“I’m not sure,” Dez answered as she monitored the situation. “Samantha have you discovered anything yet?”

“No,” she answered, “I’m doing every sort of scan I have and not seeing another alien life form around.” Alex had to run again as the alien honed in on him. A thought came to her, “Would identical twins have identical life signs? Ir might be why we’re not reading him.”

“Possible,” Dez said considering it, “I don’t think it’s ever been tested.”

“Can you two talk about this later,” Alex grunted as he fired off another useless round. Alex tried to cross the street to jump into an adjoining alley. A shot forced him back as soon as he popped out of hiding. “How is he doing that?”

“That’s the first time he tried to keep you from going somewhere,” Sam said. “I think he wants you on this path.”

“Fine, we’ll see if he can dance up close.” –SWORD- Running toward him the lone twin stood his ground. While Sam headed down the street the lone twin was still able to dodge his strikes even at this close of range. And he was picking his shots at Alex more at less at will, and connecting each time. Sam could tell her brother was getting frustrated and wanted to help. But she had to find the other one first.

“Think Samantha think,” she told herself. Which was hard to do seeing her own twin get batted around. Alex swung wildly at the alien’s legs that he backed up from with ease. Alex jumped at him as he landed and caught him around the waist. On the ground he was still able to avoid Alex’s blows and pushed him off. Alex pounded the pavement letting his anger get the better of him. “Come on Brennen,” she slapped herself in the head. Then something else hit her, “The twins have an almost telepathic connection. Wait… Dez what if they do have a telepathic connection? One twin could see what the other one is seeing.”

“That might explain what is going on now,” Dez pondered the situation. “They’re seeing the fight from two different angles. But how can we use that to locate the other twin?”

“He would have to be able to see the area clearly. He would have to be somewhere on this street.” She looked around and tried to do another scan as Alex lost the sword. “but where… the roofs,” she looked up to see if she could see anything. “Dez is there any life signs above us?”

“None that I am detecting,” she sounding frustrated as well. “If they gone this far they might have shielded the other one.” She went quiet as she thought that over. “But that might be or way to locate him. Checking for sensor dead zones… got him. A building to your left at the end of the street.”

“I see it,” Sam said as she ran for it.

On top of the building the other quietly set up for his shot. It drove him crazy not to be able to finish his brother’s thought but he knew his part in this operation as his brother tired the human out. Keeping his eyes on the Sheriff he waited for his moment. Before long he saw how tired the human was standing there. Watching him go for the keypad he put the human’s head in the crosshairs of his site. Then he felt the barrel of a gun at the back of his head.

Looking past the barrel of the gun he saw a red mechanical eye glare at him. “The human is mine.”


“… mayde?”, the one on the street asked suddenly, eyes going wide. Then his head snapped to the side and he dropped to the ground.

“The hell?”, Alex asked stunned. He looked around, “Dez what the hell just happened? I’m not getting any life signs.”

“I’m not sure,” Dez answered, confused as well.

“Oh shit?”, Sam said suddenly.

“Samantha what is it?”

“I found the other twin,” she answered. “Somebody shot him in the head.”

“Hang on Sam I’m on my way.” Alex jumped on the board and headed for her location. Like she said there was the other twin with the same shocked expression on his face as well as the hole in his head. And still clutching the sniper rifle in his hands.

Hours later, after making sure Sam wasn’t the one who executed him, the three of the stood in the orbital station going over the data with Orion. “This makes no sense,” Sam said as she leaned on a console. “Who could have killed him? And how did the other one die? He wasn’t even touched.”

Dez offered a possible explanation, “I’m assuming their link was stronger than anybody realized, going down to sharing the same life. In a sick way we were lucky they weren’t able to carry out their plan. The rifle had a neuton bullet. That could have pierced your armor easily.”

“Alex do you remember anything?”, Orion asked. “Anything out of the ordinary?

“Outside of that guy saying ‘made’ and dropping dead, nothing.”

“Made,” Orion repeated as he thought it over. “I wonder?”

“What is it?”, Dez asked.

“I’m thinking that there a chance he might have meant made with a Y,” he answered. “As in Galgamayde.”

“Galgamayde wants to kill me,” Alex reminded him. “Why would he save me?”

“Like you said he wants to kill you,” he replied. “It’s possible he doesn’t want anybody else to have that ‘honor’ but him.”

“He had a chance to do that,” Dez commented. “He could have used that rifle on Alex if he felt like it.”

“Who’s side are you one?”, Alex asked.

“Maybe I got there before he could,” Sam offered. “He could have left knowing he lost his best chance. Which would put a bigger target on my back now. I just had to think that one didn’t I?’

“Or maybe he feels he doesn’t need the bullet to finish Alex off once and for all,” Orion said out loud.

“And there’s a comforting thought,” Alex said as he remembered the other two times Galgamayde almost did that.

“We shouldn’t have to worry about him for a while,” Orion said with a smirk. “Especially after his ‘superiors’ finds out he may have had a hand in the Twin’s death.”

“You’re going to make a leak in the information pipeline,” Alex in understanding. “That’s pretty sneaky for an officer of the law.”

“Sometimes you have to make your own opportunity to disrupt the criminal system Alex,” Orion told him.

Alex smirked, “I’ll keep that in mind.”

“You have to give him ideas don’t you?”, Dez sighed. Orion shrugged and deactivated his link. After a few moments she sent Alex and Sam back to Earth. By herself she finally showed the relief she felt knowing Alex wasn’t killed this time.

ED – Divide the Day – Let It Roll
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