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OP – Downstait – I Came To Play

A pig like being in a business suit watched the front door of his bar from behind an overturned table. For the past couple of months he had been able to run a pretty profitable drug running business out of the back. He wasn’t sure how the Sheriff found out about it, he had been so careful, bringing in only those he thought he could trust fully. If he survived this he was going to find the fink who ratted him out and tear their asshole out though their nose. From his overturned table he watched as the door was inevitably kicked in. The Sheriff walked in and looked around until he spotted him, “Come on Porky, I see you.”

“That is not his name,” his Watcher said.

“Not now,” he quickly said. “You know the drill, we can either do this the easy way or the hard way.”

“Now!”, the pig shouted. A humanoid robot came out of a hidden room in the wall. With blasters instead of hands it looked at the Sheriff and started firing.

“Shit,” was all he could get out as several shots hit him before he could run for cover. Scrambling behind the bar the robot only stopped firing when several bottles were destroyed. “Would it kill them to pick the easy way?”, Alex muttered.

“It’s not going to be so easy you metal encased punk. That is a TX-880. No Sheriff in his right mind would go up against one of those if he had the choice.”


“Huh?”, the pig barely and time to react as Alex popped up from behind the bar and pulled the triggers. Energy shots passed each other as both of them took the hits. Alex started to moving and the TX-880 was able to follow him. Finally Alex started to concentrate his fire on a spot on the chest. It took a few shots but the metal plating gave way and there was a sputter in it’s firing rate. Alex charged forward –SWORD- and with a couple of swipes he “disarmed” the robot and cut off it’s head.

Armor still smoking a bit form taking the hits he looked at the pig and said, “And nobody said I was ever in my right mind.” The alien backed up into a wall as Alex came toward him, gun pointed at his face, “Alright, because destroying that hunk of junk put me in a good mood I’m going to say this just one more time, the easy…”

“Easy way,” the pig said as he put his hands in the air.

-CAPTURE- As the energy band forced his wrist together Alex asked him , “Now was that so hard?”

The next day Alex met Sam after work and they walked down the street. Making sure nobody was close enough to over hear them she asked, “Has Dez been able to place that robot yet?”

“According to her it is, well was, a TX-880 like Piggy said,” he answered. “It’s a pretty high end model too. She’s still trying o figure out how he was able to afford one.”

“I looked it up after you told me about it,” Sam told him. “Usually they’re used as bodyguards for important political figures. So I didn’t sound cheep.”

He grinned and joked, “Having fun with your new toy I see.”

“It’s part of the job. Although I’m still worried that my landlord’s going to discover that thing.”

“Don’t worry about it,” he told her. “It only comes out when you, and you alone, call for it.”

“I was able to talk to Dez that one time,” she reminded him.

“That was a special situation,” Alex quickly said.

As they continued walking they past a couple of people that they knew. Sam waved at the but they barely responded. She watched as the whispered between themselves and pointed at Alex, only to atop when they noticed her looking. “Does it even bother you?”, she asked when it didn’t look like he cared that they were doing it.

“It used to,” he admitted, “but I got used to it.”

“How can you possibly get used to it?”

“Don’t know, I just did.”

“I want the Sheriff’s head!” Those in the room turned to the doors to see a grey skinned humanoid in metallic armor storm in. Those in his path got out of the way as he made his way to the boss. “I want that human’s head now!”

“Then get behind me,” Galgamayde informed him with a sneer.

“I don’t have time for your nonsense you half organic freak.”

Galgamayde drew his blaster and pointed it at the newcomer’s head, “Say that again.”

The boss made a few sounds that the droid translated as, “Not in here.” Galagamayde purposely waited a few beats before holstering his weapon and backing away. “No Exon what is it about the human Sheriff?”

“He destroyed one of my TX-880s,” he spat. That caused a reaction throughout the crowd. Even Galgamayde raised his organic brow at that one. Not many could say they survived an encounter with a TX-880.

“My respect for this particular Sheriff is starting to grow a little,” the droid said.

“That inflamed Exon even more. Did you not hear what I said? He destroyed one of my killbots. Destroyed it!”

“I heard you the first time,” the boss informed him through the droid. “Now what do you expect me to do about it? These things do happen from time to time.”

“I want to go after him,” Exon said. “I want to crush him beneath my heels.”

“There’s no profit in revenge,” Galgamayde mocked him from the back.

“Quite,” the boss said through his droid.

“I will make it worth your while,” Exon pleaded. “Half of my profits from for the next two meca cycles. And I’ll replace this model translator droid for you too.”

“The droid is fine.”

“It’s an older model,” Exon insisted. “The processor alone takes too long to translate anything. I have several…”

“The droid is fine!”, the droid said with a little more force. Exon backed up a bit looking surprised. The droid’s electronic eye seemed to focus totally on him.

“I… I meant no insult of course, I was only trying to gain your favor. But I can kill the Sheriff. I created a new killbot, so new it that doesn’t even have a classification yet.”

“Fine,” the boss snapped. “You will have your chance, now get out of my sight before I let Galgamayde have a go at you.” Exon left the room and Galgamayde smirked at his retreating form. However nobody saw the droid plug into a computer station behind the boss and pull up a star chart for Earth.

Alex and Orion were alike in a lot of ways, like how they treated the quiet periods between assignments. Both of them took the time to relax as much a possible when not in training. “You can’t get too tense,” Orion had told her once. “You’ll break something long before it’s ready.” Dez wished she could say she followed that particular philosophy. Her nerves seemed to grow the longer the quiet went. With Orion there were times she almost jumped when an alert went off. Then they were assigned to Earth and those alerts came pretty regularly.

Then Alex came into their world and his philosophy was along the lines of, “I’ll worry about it when they stop, then I got to look for a regular job again.” Fortunately his twin sister Samantha didn’t share that particular line of thinking. Although she seemed way to calm during these periods as well. Maybe it was just her.

An alert singling an incoming message caught her attention. At first she thought it was Orion trying to mix up his transmissions. Then she noticed it wasn’t him, in fact the sender was anonymous. And it was a written message not a holo one. Protocol said to ignore and delete the message. And she should have, especially since she spent several minutes trying to identify the source of the transmission. Orion and Alex must have been rubbing off on her, at least that’s what she told herself as prepared to open it. Reading the message several times to make sure she read it right the first time she contacted Alex and relayed the information to him.

“Wait,” he said after she finished, “somebody actually warned us that something was coming in? How often does that happen?”

“It’s not exactly unheard of,” Dez answered, “but it is extremely rare. If they’re discovered the sender is never heard from again.”

“Must be hard to get your hands on a regular stool pigeon then,” Alex commented off handedly. “So who’s this guy that’s coming in supposed to be?”

“I already looked him up, Exon is a cyberneticist, creating andoirds and various other robots. IN fact according to the files he created that robot you faced the other day.”

“And he’s coming here?”

“Allegedly,” Dez reminded him. “This could be a practical joke for all we know.”

“Dez I know practical jokes, unless this is common among Watchers this is going above and beyond practical jokes. When is this Exon supposed to get here?”

“In a couple of hours, do you really want to trust this information?”

“I rather play it safe on this one, I’d rather get fooled once than let this guy just waltz in when we could have stopped him.”

“Understood, do you want me to contact Samantha?”

He hesitated before answering, “I’ll call her. If he brings anymore of those robots I’m probably going to need that shield of hers.”

“Understood. I’ll keep an eye for any incoming ships in that time frame.” In some ways Dez had to smile, Orion would have made that call too.

A little over two hours later called them and said a ship just flew past the orbital check points. It was officially go time. Seeing nobody was around Alex pointed out a alley they could duck into. Sam made sure nobody was inhabiting the alley before she took out her six number keypad and slapped it on her arm. Alex already had his ten number keypad on. “Ready?”, he asked.

“As I’ll ever be,” she answered. They punched in their respective codes.



In less than a second their bodies were covered in a flash of light that left them in their armor. Alex asked her, “Do you want to fly or do you want to stay on the ground?”

Her reply was, “You know I’m not that fond of heights.”

“I know I was taking the board anyway, I was just trying to be nice,” and he hit the six and seven key on his pad. –GALACTIC CYCLE- -SKYBOARD- Jumping on the board he waited for Sam to get on the cycle and they headed for the coordinates feed them through their display. In no time they say the vehicle over the horizon. Alex leaned forward a bit to make the board go faster as Sam speed through traffic. Going outside the city they found the craft in the parking lot of a shopping center. “at least nobody standing around taking videos with their phones this time around, “Alex commented.

“You’re kidding, right?”

“Look me up online sometime.” Before she could respond the ship started firing on Alex, “Whoa!”

“Think he’s pissed about that robot?”

“That hunk of junk?”, he said after he got out of firing range. Or so he thought as a bolt it the back of the engine. “Shit,” Alex jumped off the board and crashed to ground with a roll as Sam pulled up to him.

“Are you alright?”, she asked getting off the cycle.

“Armor took most of the impact,” he grunted as he got to his feet. Seeing where the board crashed he mumbled, “Hope Dez doesn’t start charging me to get that fixed.” The ship opened up and Exon walked out flanked by a couple of robots. Several flying drones came out and surrounded them. More walking robots of various classes encircled them pointing heir weapons at them.

“Prepare to annihilate them, “Exon ordered. The machines popped their armaments taking aim directly at them.

Standing back to back Sam looked around, “I told you he was pissed off.” –DOUBLE GUN- -SINGLE FIRE-

“Shut up.” –DOUBLE GUN- -RAPID FIRE- “Just like in the program.”

“I noticed.” Both sides open fired. Alex and Sam stood their ground before being forced to move. “I got high!”, Sam shouted as she tried to take her shots at the flying drones. Alex noticed a couple of the humanoid models were starting to aim at her and took them out. She did the same for him when a couple of drones tried coming down on him.

“Switch!”, Alex called out. Sam ran toward him and he jumped over her, pulling the triggers as soon as his feet landed. The machines tried to reorganize on Exon command. “Down!”, Sam went to a knee as a robot tried to rush her was blasted. With Sam covering him he hit the four key –DISC-. Turning his head to calculate a flight path he let it fly. The edge glowed as it sliced through several of the robots and drones. As soon as he caught it he calculated another path and let it fly again. Sam switched over to rapid fire as well and took out the remaining drones.

When the final machine went down Sam kept her weapons up, “How often do you this?”

“This is a first for me,” he said eyeing Exon. “You ready to give up yet?”

“In your dreams human,” he said hitting a control on his forearm. Another robot came out. This one dwarfed the other humanoid robots and had a pair of cannons on it’s shoulders.

“Me and my big mouth.”

“Now what?”, Sam asked.

“I’m bringing out the heavy hardware.” –CANNON- Holding his arms out the cannon started to materialize. Exon hit another control The keypads on both their forearms made a short sound and the static fizzled out of existence. “What the… Dez send the cannon.”

“Al… I…. get…. signal…”

“I think we’re getting jammed,” Sam offered.

“Well duh,” Alex shot back.

“TZ-X,” Exon pointed in their direction. “Eliminate them.”

“Shit,” Alex grunted as he pushed Sam out of the way a those shoulder cannons came to life. Taking the full initial assault he was sent back and to the ground. Sam came up firing trying to distract the machine. The cannon on it’s right shoulder swiveled in her direction and followed her as she tried to get out of range. Alex threw the disc again and it was obliterated mid flight. Both of the siblings dove for cover behind the same dumpster. The TZ-X stopped firing a second after that. Looking at his sister he had to ask, “Having fun yet?”

“Please tell me you have a plan.”

“Working on it,” he said. “Head out there and get it’s attention, I’ll try and hit something important.”

“How about you head out there and distract it,” she shot back.

“You’re the one with the shield.”

Sam grumbled something and hit her keypad. –SHIELD- After it appeared on her right forearm she jumped out from cover and tried to cover herself as much as possible as the machine’s targeting system locked on her. Alex brought both guns out and open fired. Again one of the shoulder cannons swiveled toward him and both went back to cover. “So much for that idea,” Sam grunted.

“Do you got anything better?”

“Maybe, think you can slice and dice one of those cannons?”

“We’ll find out one way or another.” –SWORD- “You lead.”

“I was afraid you were going to say that.” Sam ran out with the shield in front of here with Alex right behind her. Like she though the machine focused on her. Getting as close as she could she stopped and Alex flipped over her slashing with his sword with a yell. He cut through one of the cannons. While it tried to refocus it’s aim on him Sam jumped up and smashed the edge of her shield into the remaining one bending it enough to make it useless. She barely got her shield back in position as a back ahnd sent her flying.

“Sam!”, Alex cried out as another backhand sent him flying back as well. Both of them slowly got to their feet. “Finish it,” he called out as he changed the grip on his sword. –PROTOCAL ZERO- He held his sword behind him as it started to glow.

-PROTOCAL ZERO- Sam hit the zero key on her keypad and the edge of her shield started to glow brightly.

“Now!” Both of them ran at the robot in between them. The TX-Z calculated the threat level as equal from both of them and momentarily froze on what to do to protect itself at that moment. Sam sliced him from the front as Alex cut him from the back. The robot disintegrated in moments after that. Alex put his hands on his knees in exhaustion, “Well that was a rush and a half.”

“Well I see why you’re so tired all the time now,” Sam panted.

“But hey you got your first zero. How did it feel?”

“I don’t know, it was just a machine.”

“Filthy humans!”, Exon roared as he ran at them. –CAPTURE- Sam fired quickly, wrapping the alien in energy rings.

“Nice reflexes,” Alex complimented her, Sam did a small curtsey. “Dez can you hear us? We got you a present.”

“Hopefully I’ll be able to return it,” she said dryly.

Sam looked at her brother. He quickly said, “She didn’t learn that one from me.”

Outside the bosses chambers several of the beings gathered around Galgamayde in a menacing way. Word of Exon’s capture quickly traveled to their ears, as well as the rumors of exactly how fast the human Sheriff response was. And all of them figured they cornered the piece of shit that tipped him off. “We know it was you Galgamayde,” Another lizard creature said. “Everybody knows you the Sheriff for yourself.”

For his part Galgamayde didn’t even look concerned that he was surrounded as he looked each of them in the eyes, “Don’t you think I would have done so before now if that was the case?”

“You thought Exon could actually back up his claim,” a three eyed dog looking creature pointed a boney finger at him. “You saw your chance and took it.”

“And if I did do you imbeciles really think I would be ignorant enough to do it around here and get caught?”, he shot back, hand slowly going for his blaster. “Besides I would have killed him myself if I thought he could actually do it.”

“Why you…,” the lizard started as the doors opened up and the boss’s droid rolled out.

“The boss has overheard your conversation,” it said. “He wishes for me to inform you that he has heard these rumors and checked them out himself. No transmission has been made from this location and Galgamayde whereabouts have been confirmed by sensors in the time frame such a transmission needed to take place. So your search for a traitor must go on.” The crowd grumbled in their displeasure and dissipated, including Galgamayde. The droid rolled back into the boss’s chambers saying, “And he thought he could replace me.”

ED – Divide the Day – Let it Roll
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