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OP – Downstait – I Came to Play

After some convincing by the both of them Dez finally activated some of the teamwork building exercises in the training room. Since it was the first day Orion wanted to observe the twins in action. Dez easily rerouted his comm. signal to the training room so he could watch the two of them. Dez stood beside him as they watched the Alex and Sam stumble through the first program, a two person target practice with moving targets. So far Dez was less than pleased with the results. “They’re siblings,” she said to Orion, “they should be working better than this.”

“Not all siblings can work together that easily,” Orion said as he continued watching the two of them. “And this is something new to both of them, especially Samantha.” As the program ended and started to reset itself Alex and Sam talked strategy, or tried too at least. “But at least they have a basic idea of what to expect from the other. If they remember that it should start clicking.”

“They grew up together,” Dez argued, “they should have more than a basic idea at this stage.”

“And Alex has told me they are two totally different people,” Orion commented. “And from the few times I’ve spoken to her Samantha is still annoyed that he was able to hide the fact that he was my replacement from her for so long. Almost like she should have been aware something was different right away. Dez, I’ve have seen Sheriff and partners work so well together it’s almost like they’re thinking as one. That doesn’t happen overnight.”

“I know,” she admitted, “but they both adjusted to the situation so fast on their own, particularly Samantha. She’s well past my predicted projections. This should have been easy for them.”

“Normally I’d agree with you,” Orion smiled. “Alex is like me, he’s been working by himself long enough that he’s already in a rut in his line of thinking. It’s hard to get out of that right away.”

“Is that why you never took on a partner?”, Dez smirked. “You don’t want to get out of your rut.”

Orion tried to ignore it, and wished he could readjust himself in this damn chair, “It’s a very comfortable rut.”

The program started again and Alex and Sam tried to shot the targets without getting in the others way this time around. They were actually doing better this time around, almost like they were on the verge of getting it. Then one of them moved in the wrong way as Sam’s elbow slammed into Alex’s nuts. He went down immediately as Orion flinch, feeling his pain a half a galaxy away. Puttying her hands to her mouth Sam looked at him “Oh my God I’m sorry.” Alex just grunted as he slowly got to his feet. “Ah… can you walk it off or something?”

Still holding himself Alex walked off grumbling, “Who needs Galgamayde when I got you?”

“I said I was sorry.”

In the boss’s council room Galgamayde took up his usual spot in the back of the crowd wondering how long it was going to be this time. How long was it going to be before he had another shot at the human? That thought was first and foremost in his mind. But also he wondered how long it was going to be before he could duplicate that reading he got from before. From back here and alone he fiddled with his electronic eye. Doing everything short of jamming another cable in there, it was almost as maddening as losing to the human again. So absorbed in the task he almost missed what the boss was saying through his droid.

“These human seems to be more adaptable than I originally estimated. I failed to take into account the amount of training the Sheriff would be giving his partner.”

“Imagine the training the Watcher put the human through after Gamma was initiated,” Galgamayde called out from the back. Surprisingly more than a few in the room nodded their heads in agreement.

“Yes,” the droid responded. Did it just sound annoyed or was he just imagining things? “I calculate we should be concentrating our efforts elsewhere at the moment. The human Sheriff is probably expecting to be attacked again in some manner, he and his partner. Therefore he would be on guard for such an action. Logically another action would be more effective.”

“Quite right,” a voice with a heavy English accent said. Through the crowd a being that resembled a manatee wearing a jungle hunting outfit holding a riding crop stepped forward looking very smug.

“Hunt,” the droid said after the boss grunted, apparently less than pleased with the newcomer. For one Galgamayde found himself agreeing with him. “What can I do for you?”

“Only something very simple my good man,” he said placing that crop under his arm and holding it there. “It occurred to me that you said human were highly adaptable. I have several clients looking for cheap adaptable workers. It seemed to be the perfect opportunity to test that particular theory.”

“Species trafficking,” the boss pondered. “I’ve always considered it too risky. Too many variables and the slaves often get away and bring in the Sheriffs or local authorities.”

“Which makes humans perfect for the operation,” Hunt countered. “They do not speak any languages outside of their own. Even if they did escape who are they going to talk to?”

“Perhaps,” the boss said, apparently thinking the idea over. “I will let you try this particular exercise. Since you will be operating in my sector I will be requiring a forty percent cut of your profits.”

“Forty!”, Hunt nearly choked on something. “Now see here my good man let’s be reasonable.”

“All right forty-five percent.”

“Now wait just one moment,” he angrily took a step toward the boss, riding crop in hand. He only stopped when several in the room drew their weapons to protect the boss. In the back Galgamayde leaned against the wall enjoying the situation. And silently hoping this pompous ass would take another step toward the lard one. “Forty seems reasonable,” he muttered, quickly backing away.

“Excellent, I wish you luck on this endeavor,” the droid translated as Hunt left the room in a huff.

On a bright sunny afternoon Alex headed back to the “alien town” near him for the first time since Galgamayde found him. Before he had a feeling some of the residents suspected he was the new Sheriff. Right now he was trying to pretend they looks they were giving him weren’t wary ones. And the street venders trying o give him stuff for free that he originally had to pay for wasn’t helping things any. “Alex!” Nyr called out and waved him over from his food stand. “How are you doing today my friend?”

“I’m good Nyr.” Getting a good look into this pot of kavalful and not seeing anything squirming he put some money on the stand, “I’ll take one please.”

“Yes my friend,” he joyfully said as he slapped some of the substance onto a bun and handed it to him. “Where is your… what’s the word again… sister today?”

She’s working today,” he answered as he took a bite and sat on the stoop next to the alien’s stand. After a few chews he reached into his mouth and took out something segmented. “You forgot to deleg some of these.”

“Legs add flavor, very tasty,” he answered while stirring the pot in front of him. “So my friend should you not be a work as well?”

“Let’s just say I’m on call,” he said trying to dance around the answer.

“Very dangerous on call I see,” Nyr said with a hint of a smile between those tusks of his.

“You saw all of that huh?”, Alex asked despite already knowing the answer. “So how come you’re not acting like everybody else then?”

He shrugged his furry shoulders, “I do nothing wrong so I have nothing to fear. And you do good thing.”

He took another segmented leg out of his mouth, “Unless serving inedible legs is against the law somewhere.”

“Bah,” Nry grunted.

Alex chuckled as he took another bite. “Help me!” Everybody looked to see a man run out of an alley looking terrified. “Please you have to help me!”, he shouted. Before long a net dropped on top of the guy and dragged him back in. Alex dropped his sandwich and ran toward the alley.

“Let me through,” he grunted as a bunch of aliens crowded the entrance. He got close enough to the man get dragged into a small ship and watched as it quickly shot into the sky. Trying to keep it in sight he pulled the keypad out of his pocket. “Dez a ship just launched from my location. Can you track it?”

“Give me a moment,” she replied. “I have it on sensors.”

“Keep a lock on it, I just saw it take a human.”

“Can you describe the ship?”

Alex racked his brain trying to remember any detail he could, “Ah, it was small enough to fit in an alley. I think there were three engines on the back. Black and gray in color.”

“There have been reports of ship fitting that description, as vague as it is, abducting humans.”

He stared at the keypad in his hand, “Why am I just hearing about this now?”

“Because I just started intercepting those reports,” she replied. “That craft has been spotted four times abducting human in the past hour.”

“Busy guy,” Alex muttered. “Let me know if he’s going to land, I’m going to try and give chase.” He looked over to see Nyr drop the remains of his sandwich into the garbage. “Sorry about that.”

“Go you have job to do,” Nyr said. “Have fresh one waiting for you when you get back, on house. But only just this once, have family to feed after all.” Alex didn’t respond as he ducked into another alley. Some of the aliens around here might know he’s the Sheriff now but most of the humans around didn’t. A few moments later he was armored up and flying off after it on the Sky Board. On the street Nyr turned to an insect humanoid and pointed at figure in the sky with his spoon, “My friend, very proud to know.”

Inside the ship the man Hunt captured was trying to convince him to set him free from behind red energy bars. “You got the wrong guy man. I’m not good for anything. My dad said so my entire life.”

“Nonsense,” Hunt said. “You are a perfectly fit specimen for a human. You should fetch a fine price off planet.” He coughed off a laugh as he studied his scanner readings. He was getting some sort of strange shadow blip from his rear sensor. It had to be something like a local avian creature. Nobody could be following him from this altitude.

His guest started to make more of a ruckus, “What do you mean ‘off planet’?”

“I know people who need cheap labor of the free variety.”

“You can’t do that!”

“I am doing you a favor my good man,” Hunt told him. “A solid roof over your head, three meals a day. All you have to do is some manual work in return. What more could you ask for?”

Behind the ship the shadow was Alex trying to stay out it’s sensor range. Using the sensors and tech in his helmet he got a close up image of it so Dez could get a read on it. “I found the ship type in the database,” she announced. “Piloted by a single individual. Only capable of atmospheric flight. Total capacity of three, four if you squeeze them in.”

“He’s been spotted four times,” Alex said, “and took four people.”

“Which means he dropped them off somewhere,” she continued. “Where ever it is it’s probably a larger craft, capable holding his prisoners and refueling the smaller craft.”

“So follow the ship until he leads us to where he’s hiding,” Alex said.

“It’s our best strategy at the moment,” Dez told him. “I could try and extrapolate a possible location based on the available data but it might take longer to locate them. Just continue to stay out of his sensor range until he heads back to his ship.”

“And if tries to nab somebody else before then?”

She was quiet for a moment, “We’ll worry about that bridge when we get to it.”

Yeah that wasn’t going to work for him. “Tell Sam to be on standby in case we have to do the search.”

Luck was with them as the craft headed for what looked like a shut down factory. Alex did a quick visual scan of the place as Dez tried to locate any building plans. Hunt gave one last look at his scanner before landing in one in particular, a larger ship hidden inside. “All right my good man,” Hunt said getting up and pulling a rod off his belt that sparked a bit at the end, “time to disembark.”

“Please man,” the man continued to beg as the bars deactivated, “please let me go. I won’t tell anybody where you are. I swear.”

“I plan to let you go, to the highest bidder don’t you know. Now I do detest the idea of damaging the merchandise but…” he acted like he was going to jab him with the sparking rod. The man flinched and moved out the door. “That’s the spirit.”

“Now I don’t know which intergalactic law this is breaking,” Hunt looked around until he saw the Sheriff standing inside the doorway, “but it has to be a big one.” Hunt’s prisoner saw how stunned he was so he ran for the door and past Alex. “Smartest thing you did all day,” Alex called out after him.

“Now see here,” Hunt said, “I went to a lot time and effort to acquire that individual. Now that’s wasted and I have to reacquire him all over again.”

“Well let me think about that one,” Alex rubbed his chin with his fingers. “Nope don’t care.”

“Obviously I’m going to have to converse with you in a language you will understand.” Attaching the rod back to his belt he opened a panel on the craft and pulled out something that looked like a musket.

“Oh shit,” Alex went for cover as baseball sized energy ball flew past him.

“I’ve identified him,” Dez announced. “Hunt, know for trafficking in intelligent species. Essentially he’s a slave trader. His file indicates he’s to be captured alive. File also indicates he possesses several powerful hand held weapons.”

Almost on cue a shot from that musket tore a hole by his head through the crate he was hiding behind. “Really? I didn’t notice. Any ideas on where the prisoners are?”

“I’m trying to get a read on them now. I’ve found them, they’re being held outside the ship. Hunt is heading toward their location.”

“So pick my shots.” –DOUBLE GUN- -SINGLE FIRE- Holding his guns out in front of him he walked out into the open. Dez fed him the coordinates through the HUD in his visor. From the positioning Hunt was standing in front of his captives. Trying to get in a position where he could see Hunt and the others and still have some cover he called out, “Let them go Hunt, it’s over.”

“And let my guest go? Preposterous.”

Alex almost laughed and shot back, “Guest?” That makes it sound like they’re here of their own freewill.”

“Semantic,” Hunt dismissed his argument. He fired off another shot that made Alex duck. “Now run off and bother somebody else.”

“Yeah not gonna happen.” Getting a quick target lock he jumped from cover and fired off a shot. The energized slug hit Hunt in the hand making him drop the musket. A few more pulls of the trigger and he blasted it out of Hunt’s reach. “Now about the whole letting them go thing.”

“Of all the uncivilized…,” Hunt snapped as he took a riding crop off his belt. A slight press of the handle and a laser whip emerged from the tip.

“Why can’t they ever go easy,” Alex looked up at the ceiling and complained to nobody in particular. A couple quick flicks of Hunts wrists and he disarmed Alex before he could even blink. A few more vigorous arm movements and that whip crashed against Alex a couple of time. The armor sparked with each blow. One more and Alex was on the ground. He tried to get up grunting, “People actually pay to get treated like this?”

“Now I think since your parents did not teach you any proper manners,” Hunt as he walked toward his fallen foe, “I see it is up to me to beat some into you.” Lashing the whip at him some more Alex rolled out of the way to avoid it. Getting to his feet he ran out of range. “You can’t run from me you ruffian.”

“Wasn’t planning on it.” –DISC- Scanning the area Alex calculated a quick flight pattern. Letting it fly the edge started to glow and sliced through the shaft of the riding crop. Hunt looked flabbergasted at the destruction of his personal property. Alex pointed a finger at him as he caught the disc with his other hand, “Never bring in a guy’s parents unless you can back it up.”

“I’ll show you, you ruffian,” Hunt grabbed the rod and went at him.

“Now that really hurt.” –SWORD- Alex parried Hunt’s original thrust as the blade formed, then another. “I’ve been shocked enough times in my life thank you.” Hunt tried one more time and Alex cut clean through it, “What did I just say?”

“Now see hear,” Hunt said backing up, “perhaps we can come to an arrangement. Like proper gentlemen after all.”

“Tempting,” Alex grabbed one of the guns off the floor, “but no.” –CAPTURE- Two energy bands wrapped around Hunt and he fell to the floor. “He’s all yours Dez,” and placed a chip on him. As he disappeared he looked up at the other people in the cage. That’s when he noticed Ryan was in there, “Oh great.”

“Come on man,” he said, “get me out of here.”

“Give me a moment,” Alex studied the controls trying to see if he could open it. The he shot it. The door opened up and the other two in the cage hightailed it out of there like the devil was after them as Ryan held back. “You get to go now.”

“Thank you Steve,” he said trying to grab his hand, “thank you thank you thank you.”

“Steve who,” Alex asked trying o change his voice a bit. The helmet distorted it but he wasn’t taking any chances.

“Oh right,” Steve said with a wink, “Steve ‘who’.” Then he ran out of there himself.

Alex looked at him as he left. “I don’t think I did Steve any favors there.”

Dez asked, “Who is this Steve?”

“Long story.”

“How come you didn’t call me for backup right away?”, Sam asked later as he visited her apartment to get her caught up on things and the details of what happened. “I could have gotten to the others while you distracted this Hunt guy.”

“I know,” Alex said sitting on her couch as she sat next to him, “but I got the stoner reputation after I started disappearing from my old job a lot. I don’t think this family could handle another potential druggie.”

“So you were trying to protect me again?”, she said crossing her arms.

“Protect you? Everybody would come after me for dragging you down into my mess. I was looking out for my ass.” She shoved him in the head. “Besides you just wanted to see me get whipped.”

“Now that would imply I want to see you get hurt,” Sam said looking insulted. “Granted I laugh a little but still.” Alex returned the shove. “So what’s the plan for tonight? More training or are you going to let me do some field work for a change?”

“In a bit,” Alex told her. “But Dez wanted me to tell you that it’s done.”

“Really” she asked. “Can I try it out?” Alex waved her on and she stood up. Looking around the room she said one word, “Dez.” A section of her living room wall opened up revealing a simalr device to the one Alex had in his apartment. In moments an image of Dez appeared in the room.

“Hello Samantha,” she said with a warm smile. “You know have the same access to me that Alex has. Full access to the database has also been granted, it’s ready whenever you are.”

Biting her lip to keep from smiling Sam said, “I guess this makes it official then.”

“It’s too late to turn back now,” Alex agreed as he stood next to here. “Although I suggest you get comfy when those updates hit because they are loooooooooooooong.”

“Let me have my moment,” she told him. Alex stepped back a bit as she looked at the computer now inhabiting her inner wall. She was definitely past the looking glass now.

ED – Divide the Day – Let it Roll
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