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OP – Downstait – I Came to Play

Being bested by the human one more time was the most humiliating experience he thought he could live through. Then he returned to the boss. The moment he revealed the human Sheriff had a partner he was jumped by the boss’s servants and held in place. As they jammed a cable into his electronic eye the boss decided then to tell him that during his operation he had the surgeons implant a camera into his eye. As they watched what the eye recorded Galgamayde silently swore that he would make the lard ass pay for this, as slowly and as painfully as he could.

The image ending as he teleported out of there before the human could execute Protocol Zero. They let him go and Galgamayde tore the cable from his eye. “This was unexpected,” the droid said as their boss started talking. “There was no sign that the replacement had chosen a partner. Galgamayde did she seem like she had done this before?”

“No,” he grunted trying to fix the focus on his eye. “She acted like she hadn’t done it before. She was nervous, hesitant in her actions.” He sneered, “Much like how the human was when I first encountered him.” He was going to say something else as he looked at the boss but stopped. His eye was picking up some sort of electrical connection between the boss and the droid. He lost the reading as the eye finally reset itself. What in the hellfire pits was that?

The boss didn’t seem to notice his reaction, “Although you have failed in your primary mission you did secure some valuable information. So I will let you live this time.”

“So he has a partner huh?” The crowd parted as a massive being with a brown rock like hide came through. “I love partners,” he said with a predatory grin. “They scream so much easier than a Sheriff. Send me after her, she won’t be around long enough to bother anyone else.”

“An excellent notion Ravenger,” the boss said. “Go, we won’t make the same mistake with this human like we did the first one.” Galgamayde said nothing while this was going on. He was too busy trying to get that reading with the eye again.

Aboard Dez’s station she and Alex watched a Sam went through one of the training programs. This one had her shooting floating targets in the air to improve her aim. After a couple of rounds Dez commented, “She’s catching on faster than you did.”

Trying not to look annoyed he said, “She always was a fast learner.”

The simulation ended as the targets and guns faded away and the area was replaced by grid lined room. Sam walked toward them looking satisfied with her performance, “So how am I doing so far?”

“You’re doing all right,” Alex told her.

“You’re performing above my projections,” Dez said shooting Alex a look. “Are you sure the two of you are related?”

“That’s what our parents keep telling us,” Sam said. “There are days I have my doubts though, I would like to think a brother of mine would tell me everything that’s going on in his life.”

“Oh would you let it go,” Alex told her.

“Not in this life time ‘little’ bro.”

“Four minute,” he shot back.

“Do I have to separate… the… two…,” Dez started to say before she got the look Alex recognized immediately.

“What are you picking up Dez?”

“A disturbance extraterrestrial in nature, a mile away from your city.” Quickly leaving the training room with the siblings right behind her Dez was at her station in no time. Pulling up the situation she reported, “A Herculean is on a rampage, local authorities are calling for assistance.”

“They’re probably not going to like the help they’re going to get,” Alex said.

“So he’s in violation of interstellar regulation twenty-seven, right?”, Sam asked.

“Yes he is,” Dez said before shooting a smug look toward Alex.

“Show off,” he snorted. “You want to come along for this one? Herculeans are always fun.”

“Maybe next time,” Sam said.

“Suit yourself, see you in a bit.” Alex left the room and in moments Dez announced he was transported planet side.

Alone Sam asked, “Does Alex seem a little choosey on which missions he wants me one to you?”

“I’m sure he realizes you are still new at this,” Dez told her. “He doesn’t want to put you in a situation you’re not ready for. Alex didn’t have that luxury when he started.”

“I know,” she said, “and it’s not like I’m asking to be sent after a zero or anything. But I’m supposed to help him right? It seems there’s been a couple of situations so far he could have used me.”

“I agree,” Dez said surprising her a little. “I confronted him about it once. He claimed that he’s still used to working solo. And he doesn’t want to work as a team in a serious situation, or something to that effect. I couldn’t fault his reasoning, no matter how hard I tried.”

“It might be a little late,” Sam said, but from personal experience trying to figure out his logic can harm brain cells.”

“So I’ve noticed,” Dez said as they shared a chuckle. “So do you want to go back home or do you want to try another simulator program?”

“I’ll try another program,” Sam told her. “I have a lot of catching up to do.”

The first thing that hit him when he exited the Earth space terminal was the smell. The whole planet smelled dirty to him. He had been on more polluted words but there was something in the air that just offended him. Still he tried not to attract any undue attention to himself, it was a tricky situation to try and sneak onto a planet through a legal terminal with a trench coat as your only disguise. Fortunately he discovered at a young age most species couldn’t tell his people apart from one another. So that would buy him a few extra moment of anonymity. He just had to avoid the public exits, for some reason Sherriff technology could pinpoint him with relative ease.

Having obtained a map of this particular terminal he walked like he knew where he was going. With practiced ease he looked around to see if anybody was watching as he slipped down a side hallway. Like the plans said there was a service exit down it. Studying the door in front of him for any sign of a security system he went to open it. “Hey you,” a security guard said. One obviously not from this planet based on the accent on his tongue. Keeping his back to him the guard approached, “I’m sorry but this part of the terminal isn’t available to the public. I’m going to have to ask you to return to the section that is.” He didn’t move or respond. “Sir did you hear me? You have to return to the public…uh.” There was a shocked expression on his face as Ravenger turned and plunged a laser knife into his chest.

“You made me draw attention to myself,” he snarled. “Now the Sheriff and his partner will know that I’m here before I’m ready for them to know.” Stabbing him four more times in the chest he quickly went out the door before the guard dropped.

The terminal was put on lockdown the moment eh body was discovered. Police had cordoned off the area as forensic and the so called “ET experts” swarmed over the crime scene. Alex got as close as he could as he watched them load the body into an ambulance from where he was. As it was he was more than a little surprised Sam showed up beside him. “What are you doing here?”

“Dez though you could use an extra set of eye,” she answered. “I think she wanted me to work on my investigative skills too but I think we might have to be a little closer to do that.”

“Then tell the cops to stop trying to arrest me,” he said. “Whoever this was is some piece of work. I was able to get close enough earlier to overhear the coroner. He was stabbed once here, the four other cuts pretty much severed the arteries coming from and going to the heart.”

Staring at her brother Sam was stunned at how detached he seemed saying that. He didn’t even look sick at the idea. “Does this sound like somebody’s M.O.?”

“Dez is looking through the database but isn’t finding anything that matches so far.”

“And to think I was weirded out when I discovered your stoner thing was an act,” she said outloud.

Alex finally changed expressions, “And what is that supposed to mean?”

“A guy practically has his heart cut out and you act like it’s old hat.”

“I’ve seen enough sick freak since I got the armor that I got a thick skin real fast,” he said. She continued to star at him, “What now?”

“I asked Dez once how you were like on the job,” she said. “This is not how she described you.”

He glanced at her a few times before saying, “I’m trying to set a good example.”

“I grew up with you Alex, I know what kind of example you usually set.”

Alex finally started looking like his old self, “I’m still trying to figure this partner thing out. I know it’s my idea and all but I didn’t really think that far ahead.”

“Maybe we should ask Dez if there are any teamwork building exercises in the simulator.”

“I already asked. She said, and I quote ‘You two are siblings, you should already know how to work together’.”

“She doesn’t know us that well does she?”, Sam joked. Alex laughed a bit. “But maybe you can help me out with something. I’ve been thinking I should change my wardrobe a bit.”

“Why would you do that?”

“I don’t wear that many skirts or dresses but something tells me I shouldn’t with the armor.”

“That’s probably a good idea, my shorts ride up something fierce when I’m in the suit.”

“And there’s my brother.”

The killing of the security guard made him alter his plans more than he was comfortable with. On the other hand a murder out at the spaceport might draw the Sheriff out, and perhaps his target as well. Hanging around the port was a risky move but it wouldn’t have been the first one he has made in his lifetime. Keeping close to the exit he used his surrounding to avoid the local authorities as he searched nearby for any sign of the two of them. Using the binocular he had hidden away in his coat he spotted a pair of human hanging out just beyond the outskirts of the activities. Zooming in he got a clear look at their faces. Hitting a switch on the side he pulled up the images that wretch Galgamayde recorded. It was a perfect match. Now it would begin.

It took some doing but Sam finally convinced Alex that they should split up and search he areas for some clues. Even Dez said it would increase their chance of them finding something. Making her promise that she would keep the keypad on her arm at all times he let her go. After a few minutes she started to think this might have not been the best idea since she had no idea what to look for. “Neither did Alex,” Dez said after telling her this,”and if Orion is to be believed neither did he when he first started out. It’s an ability you have to learn to develop over time.”

“Maybe if he had me go along on something like this sooner,” she softly said. Some movement caught her attention. Somebody in a trench coat walked into a hanger. It looked like whoever it was stopped and made sure she saw him before entering. “Dez I think I saw something, I’m going to check it out.”

“I’ll let Alex know,” Dez said.

“Just tell him to standby, it might be nothing.” Why didn’t she believe what just came out of her mouth? Getting close to the hanger she couldn’t see anybody inside. Checking closely before entering she didn’t go far before spotting the trench coat thrown into the corner.

“I was hoping it would be you.” Sam turned around to Ravenger stand on the wing of one of the planes. “Now I don’t have to through the Sheriff to get to you.” He jumped down to the floor. “Why don’t you suit otherwise this will be over too quickly for this to be any fun.” He lifted a pole that became an energy ax in his hands.

Sam imputed her activation code trying not to show any fear. -5-5-4-3- “On…,” in the space between seconds the keypad expanded to cover her upper body then her lower body then finally her head, “…line!” Her eyes seemed to glow a bit as he attacked her.

On the other side of the terminal Dez contacted Alex on his keypad, “Alex, Sam ran into the murderer.”

“I’m on my way,” he said turning around. Damn he should have headed over there as soon as Dez told him.

“It’s worse than I thought,” she continued. “I identified him, his name is Ravenger and Protocol Zero has been authorized. Alex he specializes in killing partners.” He ran faster than he thought he could the moment he heard that. -5-7-1-6-

Sam jumped out of the way of that ax one more time. All the cracks in the concrete floor and plane fuselages showed she had been lucky so far. But it would run out eventually. Seeing the ax raised over his head over his head one more time she hit the four on her keypad. –SHIELD- On her right forearm a two and a half foot disc appeared that she got up to block the strike. The impact still drove her to a knee. Still it was enough to give her time to hit the three key. –STAFF- Grabbing a small rod from her pack it extended into a five foot staff automatically that she smashed it into his knee. “I knew you had some fight in you,” Ravenger said with a sick grin.

“Bite me,” she grunted as she swung again. Ravenger grabbed it and tossed her across the hanger. Dropping the staff she ran at him smashing the edge of the shield into his face. Ravenger stumbled back from the blow. Sam jumped up and kicked him in the back. When he turned back around she smashed the shield into his face again. Dez told her that Protocol Zero was authorized. She went for the zero key wanting to end this quick. She hesitated thinking about what she was about to do. That moment was long enough for Ravenger to grab her by the neck and throw her.

“You had your chance,” he said. She tried to protect herself from the repeated blows with her shield. It finally became too much as the shield broke and he kicked her to the ground. Stepping on her left forearm he sneered, “Did you really think we would give you a chance to adjust like we did the Sheriff?” He raised the ax over his head.


Ravenger didn’t have time to react as he was assaulted by energy shots. Alex walked forward holding down the triggers until he finally stepped off his sister. “I hear you have a thing for killing partners,” he said holstering the guns. “That say you can’t handle the main event.” He waved him on with a couple of fingers.

“I’ll show you what or who I can take!”, Ravenger charged in and started swinging.

“Strike one!”, Alex taunted as he ducked a shot at his head. Raising the ax over head Alex avoided a blow meant to split him in half, “Strike two!” Sam saw him hit a key on his pad. –SWORD- The metal blade blocked the energy one mid swing, “Wanna guess what happens on three?”

“Die!”, Ravenger screamed as he pushed the Sheriff away.

“What are you a Herculean?”, he said as they clashed blades. Somewhere in the fight Alex reversed his grip in the sword’s handle. Kicking Ravenger away he hit zero. –PROTOCOL ZERO- Keeping the blade behind him as it started to glow he ran at Ravenger and swung with everything he had. He tried to block it with his ax but the energized blade easily sliced through it and him. After a moment Ravenger disintegrated leaving only the two of them

One more time Sam stared at her brother, “That’s why you never took me on one of these. You knew I’d hesitate when it came time to do it.”

“It’s not that,” Alex told her. “I was pretty much thrown into the deep end when I got the armor. I’m trying to ease you into things. And I didn’t know you would hesitate, I should have I did enough times.”

“But it didn’t look like you thought twice when you zeroed him.”

“And how freaked out do you think I was when I realized I was doing that?” Deactivating the armor Alex finally told her, “I guess I was trying to protect you a little bit too. Zeroing a guy doesn’t just weigh on you Sam it changes you a little too. Not in a good way. I don’t want it changing you anytime soon.”

“Thanks for the concern Alex but I’m going to have to face it sooner or later if I’m going to do this.”

Alex hung his head a bit knowing she was right. “Come on, let’s get out of here before the cops show up.”

A couple of days later Alex showed up and Sam’s apartment with a pizza box in hand. Smiling a bit he took out the keypad and said, “We’re ready on this end Dez.” In moments they went from her apartment to Dez’s station.

Dez looked at the cardboard box with some trepidation as Alex sat it down and opened it. “Is it safe for consumption?”

“That’s going to depend on your definition of safe,” Sam said.

“Please this is heaven in a box,” Alex insisted as he took a slice. “And might I add the perfect way to celebrate the birth of the team supreme.”

“I said we weren’t calling ourselves that,” Sam reminded him.

“I’m the Sheriff so I get two votes. And I outvoted you so there”, and with that he stuck his tongue out at her.

“Oh grow up,” Sam told him.

“Make me,” Alex shot back. Dez watched the two of them wondering, not for the first time, if this was a good idea after all.

ED – Divide the Day – Let it Roll
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