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Episode 9

OP – Mercy Drive – Burn in my Light

This one had to be the guy, nobody else he had been around had even set off the tiniest reaction in Dax. Of course the only real question was what was he going to do after that? He couldn’t go to Hawk without spilling his secret. And somehow he doubted Richardson would be all that subtle in his handling of the matter, and his secret would still be exposed. He’ll worry about that later. Taking a deep breath he opened the door in front of him and entered the office on the other side. The secretary got an attitude real quick, “Can I help you?”

“Captain Hawk sent me,” Ken told her, “with a file for Mr. Brooks.”

The secretary looked at him for a few moments before buzzing Brooks. The other door opened and Brooks greeted him warmly, “Ah yeas I was expecting this, thank you.” He took the file but he didn’t look at it. Instead he seemed to study him. “So, you are our civilian operative. We might as well make this official, Peter Brooks,” he extended a hand.

“Ken Scott,” he said as he took it. Then he stared at their hands. Nothing.

“Is there anything wrong Mr. Scott?”, Brooks asked noticing his reaction. “Or may I call you Ken?”

“Sure,” he said snapping out of it. Trying to cover up the surprise reaction on his face he said, “I’m still
amazed at how young you look. I thought I’d see a wrinkle or two up close.”

Brooks chuckled as he let go, “I get that a lot. Good genes I suppose.”

“Well I better get back,” Ken said heading for the door.

“Oh Ken,” he called out, “if nobody had said it before, I apologize about your first visit here. A very unfortunate incident.”

“Yeah,” Ken said still looking confused, “thanks.”

“Interesting guy,” the secretary said after he left, but not really meaning it.

“My dear you have no idea,” Brooks said with a bit of a smirk.

Ken walked the halls until he found an empty hallway and leaned against the wall. Looking in he was soon in the protected area in his mind and was face to face with Daxium, “Anything?”

Daxium didn’t look pleased with his answer, “Nothing.”

“What the hell, it had to be him,” Ken insisted. “I went up to everybody I remember seeing in the group. I even went up to a couple of people who looked vaguely familiar. I pretty sure one of them wasn’t even in the group at all.”

“Perhaps the person I felt was not in that particular group,” Daxium suggested. “Pershaps he or she was in an adjoining room.”

“No, whatever you sensed I felt it going behind us,” he said. “And I’ve been all over that floor since we’ve been back and nothing. It had to be from somebody in that group of people.”

“Then whomever I felt is now masking his energy signature from me now,” Daxium told him. “Unfortunately we now have a new problem as a result.”

That didn’t sound good, “What problem?”

“As I detected this individual it is more than likely he or she detected me as well.”

“So whoever this is knows we’re Ultraman?”

Daxium nodded, “I am afraid so.”

“Great, just fucking great,” Ken spat as he paced around in front of Daxium. “Not only are back at square one now we have to watch our back even more.”

“Do not worry Ken I will be more diligent in discovering the source of this dark energy.”

“Just don’t broadcast yourself while you’re doing it. We got enough problems as it is.” Ken looked back out in the hallway and blinked his eyes a few times as he got off the wall. Seeing nobody else around he continued on his way.

“All right people,” Hawk said as they gathered around the holo table. “You know Dr. Williams has been hounding the board to get this super jet of his built. Before I go any further we all do know about this right?”, he asked looking at Ken in particular.

“I mentioned it to him once,” Jess spoke up.

“That’s all you said,” Ken told her.

Because that’s all I know,” she informed him.

“That’s all anybody knew,” Hawk said. “He designed most of this in his personal time but nobody knew what it even looked like. Until now that is.” Pressing some controls on the table a rough diagram of this particular ship hovered over it. Hawk figured they were wearing the same expression he was when he first saw it. “Okay Ken, you’re the newly discovered genius, what do you think?” Normally he wouldn’t put a new member on the spot like that but he was going to get that boy to his full potential, kicking and screaming if necessary.

Ken leaned in to get a better look at it. He picked up pretty quick that he could manipulate the holo image, using the light pen to turn it around he studied it for a few moments. “I think it looks like a giant mess.”

“I have to agree with the civilian,” Bill said.

“If this is the cockpit,” Ryo pointed out the front section of the jet, “why are there three seats up front by what I’m assuming the controls?”

“And what are these seats back here?”, Jess pointed to a couple of sections in the back.

“Time out chairs,” Bill joked.

“So we’ll be calling them the Waters’ seats,” Jess joked back.

“I’m surprised nobody mentioned this apparent empty space here,” Hawk showed them. “Granted this is a work in progress and Dr. Williams has said he’d be willing to let us work on it with him to make it a little more presentable. Bill. Ryo start with the cockpit and try to simplify it a little. Everybody is getting a copy of these plans so I want you all brainstorming ideas. Are there any questions?”

Jess spoke up, “Assuming this will actually work, how soon before Commander Jamira wants a super vehicle of his own?” Bill and Ryo both laughed a bit as Ken looked at all three of them.

Hawk chuckled as well, “Probably as soon as he finds out we have exclusive rights to this one. Anything else?”

“Am I going to be working on this?” Ken asked.

“Once a mechanic,” Jess smirked.

“If I can get it pass the chief,” Hawk told him. “I know Williams wants you involved. But I don’t want you waist deep in something and miss a meeting or we get called on a mission. Is that understood?”

“Captain I can handle it,” Ken insisted.

Hawk repeated what he just said, “Is that understood?”

“Yes sir,” Ken said.

“If there’s nothing else then you’re dismissed.”

“Getting waist deep in an engine,” Jess told Ken in a low teasing voice as they left the room. “I bet you got all excited.”

“Really?”, Ken replied. “Is that the best shot you got?”

“You got excited. You’re the only guy I know who actually bought those automobile magazines for the cars and not the half naked women.”

If Ken had a response it was cut off by the closing door. Hawk looked at the plans for the super jet one more time. If Williams was right about this thing then it was going to be a huge help. If he was wrong it was going to be a huge waste of time and money. If it failed in the field, well he had no plans on being buried in that oversized coffin.

Hours later Ken sat in one of the break rooms studying the plans for that super jet, among other things. True to his word Hawk was trying to get Ken caught up on everything. There were several data pads and books sprawled over the table. His vision started to get a little blurry so he put the pad down and rubbed his eyes. “Now this brings back some memories,” Jess said as she came over holding two cups of coffee. “A day or two before a big test your kitchen table used to look a lot like this.”

“Thanks,” he said as he took the offered cup. Looking at the mess he cleared a spot so she could set her cup down as well. “I guess old habits die hard. Mom used to yell at me for being so disorganized.”

“I remember,” Jess said with a smile. “She begged me more than once to help you organize things better. Even offered to pay me once.” Picking up one of the pads she asked, “Is your head ready to explode yet?”

“Just about,” he said. “The Captain thinks I have a lot of space to fill up here. Somebody should tell him it’s a lost cause.”

“Don’t let him hear you say that. Otherwise he’ll let you have it with his ‘living to your full potential’ speech.”

“I’ve heard that speech a couple of time so far,” Ken grimaced.

“I’d bet,” Jess could help but get a chuckle out of that. Taking a sip of her coffee she remembered something, “Before I forget again how’s your shoulder?”

“My shoulder?”

“I saw you grab your left shoulder after your first mission with us,” she told him. Ken remembered that, he also remembered thinking nobody caught him either. “You looked like you were in pain.”

“I think I strained it when I ejected from the Razor Wing. I really didn’t feel it until after the mission was over. I took a couple of aspirin when we got back, I was fine later.”

“How come you didn’t say anything?”

“It wasn’t anything major,” he insisted. “Besides I didn’t want to look like a wuss my first time out.”

“Wow,” Jess said with mock amazement, “you can change. You used to whimper like a little baby when you stubbed your big toe.”

“I was looking for some sympathy back then,” Ken quickly said. “It obviously worked more than once.”

“Try it now, I’ll tell you to walk it off,” Jess informed him and took another sip.

“Anything else about the way I do things you want to ask me about?”

“Well there was one thing that caught my attention.” Him and his big mouth. “What is with you going up to all the random people around the base?”

“Just trying to be friendly,” he said. “I’m trying to be seen as more than just the ‘civilian’.”

“I can understand that,” she said. “But the people I’ve seen you go up to were people in that group we passed during your first time here.”

“Really? I didn’t notice. It must be why I thought they looked approachable, I’ve seen them before.”

“I guess,” she said. Ken tried not to look nervous. He had heard that tone of voice from her before, especially in the month leading up to their break up. She didn’t quite believe what he was saying. If anybody in this outfit could figure out his secret it would be her. And he didn’t want to know what Richardson would so if anybody else discovered the connection between him and Daxium. And it was bad enough the one person who probably did know could take him out before he noticed.

Damn it, why did he get caught on video?

“As you can see Tom,” the field reporter said as she looked into the camera, “the devastation is incredible no matter how you look at it.” The image changed to an aerial view of what used to be a power plant that something had literally tore through. “Scientists and meteorologists are still baffled by this phenomenon. Tornados just appearing out of nowhere and apparently striking at various buildings for the third time this week.”

The footage went to a scientist in front of a weather map, “This is a very interesting phenomenon. Tornados are being formed in conditions not suitable for their birth. If this is natural it throws everything we know about this right out the window.”

After a brief return to the field reporter she sent it back to the newscaster, “Thank you Stacey. Authorities are still trying to locate survivors of this latest incident. Random polling indicates the citizens think that these sudden tornados are a big a threat to the populace as the giant monsters that have shown up recently and the giant the fights them.”

Inside a break room someone used the remote to lower the volume, “I wish Richardson would take that stupid order off. I want my shot at the giant.”

“He seems to be helping us so far Phil,” the guy next to him said.

“The freak is probably behind this monster mess,” Phil stated.

In the back of the room, with another pad in his hand, Ken listened to the two of them argue. In the back of his head he put it down as another reason not to piss off Richardson. Forget about the media hunting him down, most of the people around here wanted a chance to take down Dax. And a few probably wouldn’t think twice about taking that potshot against him. Grabbing the pad he got out of the room feeling a weight come down hard on his shoulders. “Ken,” Hawk called out when he saw him come out of the room. When he didn’t answer right away he called out a little louder, “Ken.”

“Sorry Captain,” he said when he finally heard him. “My head was elsewhere.”

“Are you all right son?”, Hawk said taking a closer look at him. “It looks like something is bothering you.”

Taking a quick glance at the pad in his hand, and thanks to that conversation with Jess a couple of days ago, he said, “Head started to hurt trying to cram all of this in there.”

“Ah,” he said in understanding, “didn’t your parents ever tell you don’t cram the night before the test, you don’t remember as much. This is the same thing.”

“I’ve heard that once or twice,” he said. Hawk took the pad from his hand, “Hey.”

“You’re taking a break,” he told him. “I can make that an order if I have too.”

“I thought you just did,” Ken frowned.

“I put a little more authority in my voce,” as he studied what was on the pad. “Ask the others, you don’t want to hear me put it in. Walk with me. What do you think about these tornados?”, he asked out of the blue.

“Kinda freaky,” Ken answered, “but I don’t think it’s something we can handle.”

“Try telling that to the people calling in. Times like this I feel that hotline was a bad idea.”

“We’re getting that flooded with calls huh?’

“We were getting flooded before the giant creatures showed up. Now it’s like a log jam. Bridge is still trying to get another server set up to help handle the load. But I’ll be honest with you Ken, part of me thinks they might be right.”

“Whoa, wait a second,” Ken stopped him. “You think something might be behind these tornados?”

“Ken,” he began, “I have seen creatures of all shapes and sizes. I have seen monsters made out of rock. I have seen ones that breathes fire, shoot electricity and fire lasers out of it’s eyes. There was even one that turned itself invisible.”

“Well when you put it that way,” Ken joked.

“And not to mention our giant friend,” Hawk continued. “I don’t think I’d be surprised by anything anymore.” Looking at the pad one more time he handed it back to Ken. “Make sure you update that after the super jet gets built. I’m sure regulations are either going to change or get added to. I’m pretty sure the Chief will throw in something about maintenance so I want you to keep up.”

“Speaking of the jet I have one question,” Ken told him. “Where are we going to launch the thing from? The damn thing is huge.”

Hawk told him, “One issue at a time Ken.”

“Is Degola acting in a satisfactory manner?”, his masters asked. The Avatar looked over to a lower section of the cavern. Down there a creature stood in the shadows looking up at him. A low growl echoed throughout the cavern as it stepped forward. The Avatar blasted another horse carcass down there that the creature quickly picked up and devoured.

“So far yes,” he said returning his attention to the vortex. “So far neither the UNDF nor the giant has been able to detect him. As far as most people know a tornado is just coming out of nowhere.”

“Excellent,” he said. “Our scientist worked hard to develop that particular ability. Heads would have rolled if it did not.” Something made the Avatar think that wasn’t just a colorful metaphor. “Is the plan still in place?”

“It’s proceeding on schedule. I’m almost ready to start the final attack.”

“Excellent,” he said again. “But there is one more thing. We are well aware that you are still experimenting with the abilities we have given you. Despite our warnings otherwise.”

“And I’m not sure you appreciate the danger I would be in if I am discovered,” he shot back. “An entire army would be sent after me.” Not to mention Scott and Ultraman. “I have to be able to defend myself. No matter how much we disrupt their forces, the will reorganize. Especially if they find out it was me all along.”

“Then we suggest that you do not let that happen. Cripple them so they cannot.” The vortex looked like it slowly collapsed on itself as it closed. The Avatar’s hand glowed with energy after the fact.

“Don’t let that happen,” he sneered. “They’ll know it was me as soon as I make my final assault.” Dispersing the energy from his hand by blasting a wall beside him he walked over to the ledge overlooking the creature. “Perhaps one more target before we make your final push.” Using the dark energy at his command an image of what he had in mind. Degola seemed transfixed by the image. The Avatar smiled to himself, apparently his masters were not aware he could do this. “Now go have some fun before the real party starts.”

Everyone walked into the war room to find Hawk and Bridge waiting for them. As they took their positions around the table Hawk looked at all of them, “A couple of you know that I have my misgivings about this tornado business. As a personal favor I had Bridge track the sightings. Bridge show them what you showed me.”

“When I did so I found something weird,” he said as he pulled up a map over the holo table. “As you know these tornados have been appearing out of the blue. And so far they have struck a hospital,” a little blue tornado marked the spot on the map, “an old steel factory, a power plant and this one just came in, an armory.” They all looked at the spots on the map.

“It’s pretty much a straight line,” Jess said.

“Pretty much,” Hawk agreed.

“And the weird thing these are the only buildings these tornados have touched when they hit the ground,” Bridge informed them.

“But tornados leave a path of destruction,” Ryo said.

“And attack trailer parks,” Bill commented.

Jess told him, “Bill shut up.”

“Any thoughts?”, Hawk asked.

“Well the hospital and power plant are important,” Ryo said.

“The armory is important to us in a way,” Bill continued. “The steel mill is throwing me.”

“What do you think those Razor Wings and Scan Tracks are made out of?”, Ken asked him.

“They’re made out of a special metal alloy,” Jess told him.

“A majority of which is manufactured at that mill,” Hawk informed them. “And that hospital takes some of wounded we don’t have room or can’t get them here in time. That power plant helps power most of the sensor net in that sector. And that armory is used by both us and the military.”

“That’s a pretty particular tornado,” Ryo commented.

“So they only hit things that have some importance to our operation,” Jess said out loud. “Is there anything else in this line that is important to us?”

“Well if the tornados keep heading in this direction,” Bridge extended the line. The map went 3D as it stopped at a mountain range, and a particular building embedded in the mountain. “It should hit right about here.”

“I don’t suppose it’s too much to think that’s a backup base?”, Ken asked.

“Ken now you can shut up,” Jess told him.

“I’m just asking.”

“I already took this information to the board,” Hawk told them. “Richardson and Brooks seem to take the information to heart and helped me convince the rest of the board. We’re on alert but we’re still trying to figure out how to defend ourselves against something like this. We’re built to hold up against natural phenomenon. Since this might be unnatural I’m not sure how well we’re going to do.”

“Are there any clouds at all?”, Ryo asked. “Maybe there’s something hiding in those that we can take out.”

“Possible,” Hawk mused. “Bridge did you get any meteorological data?”

Ken zoned out as Dax started sensing something, something big and getting closer. Without thinking he turned his head toward the source. Jess eyes him wondering what was going on in that head of his. Then the alerts went off.

“A tornado is starting to form,” Bridge said. “Detection system are going off as well, there’s a giant creature inside.”

“I want Razor Wings in the air now!”, Hawk said. “Ken head topside to make sure everybody headed inside.”

“Captain?” Ken asked stunned.

“No questions Ken,” he said. “You want to be part of this unit this is some of things you have to do. Come on people we got a job to do!”

As they ran for the hanger Bridge headed for the control room. Ken was left there by himself, “Okay then, where’s the door to the roof?”

Razor Wings launched as soon as the alert sounded. People inside the hanger scrambled to get the jets in position to launch while the pilots and wingmen tried not to get in each other’s way as they ran for their vehicles. Elsewhere what limited defenses Castle had were brought online. Board members and non essential personal were secured in safety bunkers deeper in the mountain. Finally Razor Wings one and two launched and they got their first real look at the tornado, wondering how it was just standing there. “Do we have any idea on how we’re supposed to handle this?”, Bill asked.

Behind him Hawk said, “We’ll try Ryo suggestion first. Ryo take a couple of Razor Wings and head in there.”

“Acknowledged,” he replied. “Razor Wings twelve and fourteen, form up me.”

“Have I mentioned this is the most dumbass thing we’ve done?”, Jess commented.

“I’m trying not to think about it,” he told her. Flying in a triangle formation Jess and the other wingmen armed their weapons as they approached the cloud over the tornado.

Entering the cloud there were a few tense silent moments that passed before all three exited. “The cloud is empty!”, Jess called out. “Repeat the cloud is empty!”

“Then what’s keeping the tornado in place?”, Bill asked.

“I think we’re about to find out,” Hawk said.

Ken finally hit the roof of Castle as the tornado stopped spinning as fast to reveal a giant shape inside of it. Looking around as the winds whipped around him he spotted a couple of people huddled in the corner. “Lousy spot for some personal nookie time!”, he shouted over the howl of the winds. “Get inside!”, he pushed them toward the door he just came out of. He looked around to if there was anybody else dumb enough to be up there, beside him that was, even checking his wrist scanner to pick up any life signs. That tornado started to come toward the base as a set of laser like lightning came from the inside and struck Castle head on. Ken dropped to a knee as the entire base shook.

“Target the shape in the funnel,” Hawk ordered. The armaments on Castle struck first as the Razor Wings joined in soon after. The funnel slowly faded away revealing the creature inside. Wild brown fur covered most of it’s body, with claw finger and toes on it’s exposed leathery skin. A low growl came from it’s large dog like nose and mouth. Pointing it’s hand at Castle that yellow laser like lightning erupted from this fingers. Various section of the base exploded. “Get that creature’s attention!”

Ken got to his feet after the second assault and pulled out the Spark Magnifier. “This better work or I’m going to have some explaining to do.” He looked up at the jets in the sky, if any of them looked down here he was going to have some explaining to do any way. Instead of holding it over his head he pointed at the monster. Engulfed in a ball of light as always the column of light instead appeared in front of Castle. Before long Daxium stood before the creature and took a defensive stance.

“Shiah!” Daxium didn’t waste any time in trying to push Degola away from the base. The furry monster protested as it tried to dig his clawed feet into the ground, throwing in a knee strike when he thought he could. After a brief struggle he was able to toss the giant to the ground with an angry grunt and continued toward the base. Daxium grabbed him from behind when it looked like he was going to fire those beams from his fingers. The soldiers manning the remaining guns of Castle’s defensive line to the opportunity to get in a few free shots the giant was giving them. Again Degola threw Daxium off and turned to face him, hitting him with those beams.

“Try to aid Ultraman in getting that thing away from base,” Hawk said over the line.

“Acknowledged,” Jess, Ryo and the other Razor Wings answered. Flying up behind Degola Jess got a target lock, “Firing missiles.” Several missiles from the formation of Razor Wings impacted the back of the monster’s head. It stumbled forward as Daxium got under it and flipped him over his shoulder. Jumping on top of the fallen monster he started pounding him on the head. Degola swiped his clawed fingers into his side. Daxium grunted in pain as he did it again and again. Forcing Daxium off of him Degola got to his feet fast and slashed those claws against the giant’s head several times, spark like energy flying off from the impact. Then point blank he fired those lasers from his fingers and sent Daxium straight back into the mountain side. Both the mountain and Castle shook from the impact. The creature pinned him there with those laser until another round of missile fire from the Razor Wings distracted him. Daxium fell to a knee as the jewel started flashing red. Getting to his feet he crossed his arms in front of his chest and flung them down going into Hyper Mode.

Now Daxium was fast enough to avoid those lasers as he jumped and rolled out of the way as he slowly got closer. Jumping up one more time he spun around with a backhand that nailed Degola flush in that oversized jaw of his. Daxium jumped up again for a spin kick. Degola made a desperate grab for him. Dxium saw it coming and jumped back, flipping in the sky before landing on top of the mountain. He jumped off to nail him with another flying kick. Holding out his right hand he extended the Laser Flash and started whipping the monster with it.

Trying to set the monster up for the Light Stream the air started to form a tornado around Degola again. The wind spun around him fast enough to deflect the light whip each time he tried. Again Daxium was rocked by those lasers. Setting his feet he got ready for the run as he drew in energy form the surroundings. His vision accelerated to the point where he could see where to strike between the wing gusts of the funnel. With almost a slight flinch Daxium was behind the monster as the jewel started to blink faster. Inside the tornado an explosion shot skyward in the funnel before it disappeared completely. Retracting the Laser Flash Daxium shot off into the sky. “Shiah!”

A couple of hours later various crews were still cleaning up the internal damage near the front of Castle. Richardson and Peter walked the halls surveying the damage. “I never really expected that we would get hit,” Peter confessed. “Not like this at any point.”

“We were just lucky I was able to talk them into putting in the gun emplacements into the place when we first built it,” Richardson told him. “Otherwise I don’t know how much damage would have been done to the place if that thing got any closer.”

“Well maybe you can talk the board into upgrading our defenses.”

“I’m planning on it. I trust I’ll have your help in the matter Peter?”

“Of course Harold. You know you can count on me.”

In another part of the base Alpha team was helping clean up the debris in a hanger that took a lot of the initial damage as Hawk walked in. “We got lucky this time. Casualties were kept to a minimum, a few unlucky bastards were caught outside but they’ll pull through. How are things in here?”

Ryo spoke up, “A good chunk of the place isn’t that badly damaged actually. The only real damage was to the hanger opening over there. Some of the techs said they might have to rebuild the door completely.”

“We might as well redo the entire hanger while we’re at it,” Hawk said as he took a good look around.

“A possible hanger for that super jet?”, Ken said out loud.

“My thoughts exactly,” Hawk confirmed with a nod. “We can still fit a few razor Wings in here. It’s going to take a little bit of juggling, but I think we can pull it off. Oh Ken the two found on the roof said you didn’t follow them down to the bunker?”

“I was making sure nobody else was on the roof,” he answered.

“Trying to play the hero?”, Jess teased.

“What hero, I was following orders,” Ken shot back.

Hawk spoke up, “Just remember there’s a fine line between a good soldier and a dead one. We just got you in this team Ken. I’m in no hurry to bury you.”

“I’m not exactly in a hurry for that either,” he said. Then Ken noticed the look Hawk gave him before he turned around to say something to Bill. While he wondered what that meant he looked over to see Jess give him the same look before going back to her task. Neither Ryo nor Bill gave him that look, but he was not liking something about it just the same. That couldn’t mean what he thought it did, did it?

ED – Shinedown – Fly From the Inside
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