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OP – Downstait – I Came to Play

The stars stopped swirling as he exited hyperspace, his destination hanging in the dark vastness like a blue marble. This was not the first time he had visited the planet. Then he was confident in the outcome of his visit, perhaps a tad overconfident if he took the time to think about it. Now he was left with a permanent reminder of that overconfidence. No, this time he would keep that confidence in check, but he would get his revenge.

But getting that revenge meant he had to catch his prey by surprise. And that meant he’d have to find away to get planet side without being noticed. Of course there was no better way to sneak past them then to do it legally, well semi legally. It was a short wait to find a lone one man cargo vessel that he quickly overtook and boarded. The idiot who tried to stop him was quietly floating in space several hundred parsecs back. As an added bonus he discovered the craft communication system was audio only so he didn’t have to disable anything and come up with an excuse as to why it wasn’t functional. If he believed in any sort of deity he would have said this was a sign. But he choose not to become over confident, not this time.

Roughly a few minutes before he reached sensor range he jettison the cargo he put on board. It would take care of itself and this ship was supposed to be on a pick up run not a delivery, he had to keep up appearances after all. He braced himself as he hit sensor range and was scanned. A few minutes after that he heard, “This is Space Station Theta to incoming craft, please identify.”

“Station Theta this is the cargo vessel Mylar. I’m scheduled for a pick up down on the planet,” he replied.

“Acknowledged Mylar,” he got back. “You’re later than what’s scheduled.”

“I ran into a plasma storm in Gamma sector,” he said. “Played havoc with my engines.”

“A couple of ships coming from Gamma sector have said that.” One of the rules of sneaking onto a planet was to keep an ear on comm. chatter. You usually picked up something useful. “You are clear to land on the planet Mylar. Welcome to Earth.”

“Thank you Theta, Mylar out.” Smiling with satisfaction Galgamayde’s eye glowed now that his chance for revenge was near.

In the months since that first craft made that emergency landing alien life had slowly started to integrate into human society. While not huge by any means the major cities had at least one “alien town” in it’s limits. Outside of the occasional Earth bigot things were running pretty smoothly. In fact they had become a bit of a tourist attraction in a very short amount of time. And even though Orion apparently never paid them any real attention to them Alex walked through the one near him pretty regularly. Sam, who joined him for this particular trip, looked around with some interest as they walked down the street. “So is this part of your regular beat?”, she joked.

“I guess so,” he shrugged. “I’ve been coming down here a lot since I got the armor. I have a lot of free time now so I figured why not.”

“Do any of them know you’re the Sheriff now?”

“I think a couple of them suspect it,” he answered. “But for the most part I don’t think so.”

“Dez told me word that a human was in the armor now got around pretty quick in the alien population,” Sam informed him. “If the ones who suspect are part of that mob you guys were telling me about you might want to be careful.”

“Those are the ones I’m watching,” he admitted. “But they seem to avoid me for the most part but I’m not dropping my guard.”

“Alex!” They turned to see a humanoid with brownish gray woolly fur and tusks coming out of his mouth behind a food stand wave at them.

Smiling in return he returned the wave he called back, “Hey Nyr. Come on Sam you have to meet this guy.”

“My good friend,” Nyr greeted him. “How are you today?” Looking over at Sam he said, “Is this the… what’s the word… pod mate you told me about. Pod mate is the right term yes?”

“Pod mate?”, asked a very confused Sam.

“Sister Nyr,” Alex corrected him.

“Ah yes, sister,” the alien said while nodding his head “I’m sorry I forget the right word. Your language very hard for me sometimes.”

“It’s cool Nyr,” Alex said, “and yeah this is Samantha.

“Nice to meet you, Nyr was is it?” Sam asked as she took the offered hand.

“Please I insist you call me by my given name,” he said, “Nyraxthloean.” Sam just looked at him feeling her tongue start to strain just thinking about it.

Alex chuckled, “If you can say that without butchering it as much as I have more power to you.”

“Or you can just call me Nyr like everybody else,” he said. “But I insist you try some Kavalful. It’s a delicacy from home planet, very delicious,” he put a spoon in a pot in front of him and started stirring it. So far it smelled all right.

She looked at Alex, “Do I want to try it?”

Trying to look in the pot he asked, “Is this batch alive?”

“No,” he answered, “this batch I could not get live. But next best thing.”

“Then yes you want to try it,” Alex told her. This time she stared at him.

Nyr slapped some of the contents on a bun, “Bah, humans and your delicate digestive system.”

Making sure he was covered in a hooded long coat Galgamayde stuck to the shadows as much as possible. While he waited for his oh so glorious leader to finally give his blessing he studied the human Sheriff as best. He knew this city was the one he was the one where he was most seen so he landed his hijacked craft nearby. Very few people, alive that is, knew that his electronic eye had a limited sensor package that he set to pick up alien energy signatures. After the almost overwhelming feedback that assaulted him once he entered the city he reset it detect the known wavelength of Sheriff technology. It wasn’t an exact science but if he could spot the human before he was aware he was being hunted he would have the advantage. And he had already stashed the cargo vessel so he could wait as long as it’ll takes.

Then his eye got a ping. He tried to remain calm, it wouldn’t be the first time today he got a false reading. Slowing his pace he tried to locate the source he was picking up. It took him a few minutes but he was able to spot it coming from the back pocket of a male human. He stood there talking to a Mifarelon for a few moments. A human female called out to him and he ran across the street toward her. Galgamayde’s heart nearly stopped beating. The human wasn’t wearing the armor but he moved similar to the human Sheriff. His natural hand itched for his blaster under his coat, this had to be too good to be true.

“Alex Hurry up,” Sam called to him. When he finally caught up she asked, “Have you ever tried that stuff live?”

“Once,” he answered, “then I was on the nearest toilet five minutes later.

“Now there’s a lovely image,” she said.

“Why did you think I asked first?” The keypad went off in his pocket. Looking around and not seeing anybody paying any attention he pulled it out, “What is it Dez?”

“A cargo ship didn’t land at it’s scheduled destination,” she said. “There was no call from the pilot saying he had to make an emergency landing so I thought I’d better give you a heads up.”

“Did she ever say heads up before she met you?”, Sam joked.

Alex ignored her, “All right Dez let me know if you hear anything.”

“Sheriff!”, somebody shouted. Alex turned around to see somebody pull a hood off his head. The first thing he saw was the red electronic eye and metal on the left side of his face. The burnt scales cover the right side made him pause, sparking a memory.

“It can’t be,” he said.

“Now you’re mine.” Ripping off his long coat and revealing his mechanical arm he pulled his blasters and started firing. Alex grabbed Sam and ducked as the crowd started to panic. He tried to use it to get Sam to a safer spot as Galgamayde continued to fire. “You can’t hide from me human! You will die at my hands today!”

“Alex what’s going on?”, Dez asked over the link. “Was that blaster fire?”

Pushing Sam into a store with an open door he told her, “Stay here,” before running away from there. Slapping the keypad on his arm he said, “Dez I think it’s Galgamayde.” He tried to hide behind a truck for some cover. The assassin kept firing at it until he hit something the right way and it exploded.

“Alex!”, Sam shouted but stayed put too petrified to move.

Galgamayde kept his blasters on the blaze as he slowly approached it. The thermal reading was coming off what was left of the truck was playing so much havoc with his electronic eye that he couldn’t read anything clearly. Energy shots came from the blaze that made him stop his approach and duck. Jumping through the flames the now armored human quickly took aim and pulled the trigger of the guns in his hands. Galgamayde quickly bolted before he could get tagged with a shot. “Damn I didn’t think you could get any uglier,” Alex said as he ran after him.

Galgamayde felt him get closer then jumped, grabbed a lamp post and swung around as he kicked him in the chest. “I have you to thank for that human,” he spat. The alien held a foot on his chest and pointed the barrel of his blaster at his head. Alex brought up both guns and fired. Sparks came off his clothes as he fell back, “Ugh.” Getting to his feet he took aim again but the assassin was already gone.

“The hell?”

“Above you!” somebody shouted. Alex looked up to see Galgamayde perched on top of that lamp post. The next instant Galgamayde dove right on top of him and knocked one of the guns from his hands. They struggled for control of the second one as they rolled on the ground. Galgamayde’s mechanical hand punched him repeatedly in the armored face when he wouldn’t let go. Finally Alex let go of the gun and punched him square in the organic part of his face. Forcing him off and hauling him up he slammed him against a car.

“You should have stayed under that rock you crawled under,” Alex told him.

Galgamayde just sneered. “Did Orion ever tell you exactly how I put him through that wall human?” Alex just stared at him as an electronic whir slowly filled the air. Looking down at the source he saw some sort of device on his chest blink. Then a massive sonic wave threw him across the street into a parked delivery van. Alarms went off as armor integrity dropped twenty percent. Galgamayde tapped the device a bit, “That should have sent you through that vehicle, you must have damaged it. Congratulation human,” he mocked. With a quick spin he grabbed one of his blasters on the ground and blasted Alex repeatedly before he could move.

He took the shots just long enough to hit the three on the pad. –SWORD- Blade extended he ran in and sliced through the gun. Galgamayde backed up as the human tried to hack him to pieces. This was right where he wanted the human, angry and frustrated. Pulling a compression grenade off his chest he threw it at the faux Sheriff. It went off and knocked him to the ground. “You fell for it again human,” he taunted. “Did you not learn anything last time?”

“How about I show you,” Alex grunted as he got to his feet.

“I’ll give you this much human you’re as stubborn as a real Sheriff. So I will take double pleasure in this.” Reaching into a pouch with his natural hand he threw some pebbles that exploded against the armor in impact. Those distracted Alex enough that Galgamayde fired off another sonic blast. Crashing through the window of the building he put his sister in. Sam quickly went to him as he got to a knee.

“Alex you have to get out of here,” she told him. “He’s too much for you.”

“I’m afraid I have to agree,” Dez told him over the keypad. “I contacted Orion, he’ll get somebody here as soon as he can but you need to retreat now.”

Alex looked out the window he came through, Glagamayde was walking toward them. “Dez,” he said as he pulled a chip out of his buckle, “get her out of here.” Putting the chip on Sam’s leg she disappeared before she could respond. –DISC- Throwing it before he could get a proper trajectory he aimed it right at the alien’s head. Galgamayde ducked but it still sliced through the top layer of his mechanical arm. The feedback from the damage disoriented him enough for Alex to get back on the street and plow right into him. Picking him back up he kneed the alien in the gut. Trying to make sure he couldn’t use anything else on his body he kept up the assault. Grabbing his mechanical arm Alex paused when he noticed Galgamayde was sneering again.

“Just what I wanted.”

“What are…?” he got out when something popped off the assassin’s arm and attached itself to his armor. A volt went through him that knocked Alex out but left the armor intact. Galgamayde stood there triumphant as he dropped to the ground. Now he would get his revenge.

“Alex…?”, Sam started to say when she was kneeling next to him. Before she could she felt a strange tingling sensation after he touched her leg. It took a moment for her to realize he was gone and she was somewhere else. Everything was metal and alien, even the air felt sterile. A door opened surprising her, somebody wanted her to go through obviously but should she? Hearing a familiar voice in the distance convinced her she should, “Dez.” Running through the halls she found her and some guy in a chair.

Dez watched the computer looking thing in front of her and muttered, “Alex you idiot.” Her expression and pained voice immediately hit her in the stomach like a ton of bricks.

“Alex?”, Sam asked.

The man in the chair turned toward her, “Who are you and what are you doing in here?”

“Not now Orion,” Dez snapped. Trying to regain her composure she said, “Alex is alive Samantha.”

“Where is he?”, she demanded. “Get him up here now”

“I can’t,” she said while trying to work the station. “Something is blocking the armor’s tracking signal. I’m barely getting an armor integrity reading as it is. I’m trying to use that to get a lock on his location.” She stopped when her console beeped . Sam tried to read the symbols Dez was, frustrated that she couldn’t. “Armor integrity just dropped down a couple of percentage points, it’s roughly at forty percent now.

“What does that mean?”, Sam demanded.

“He’s playing with him,” the man said looking distressed.

“You,” Sam said pointing at him, “you’re that Orion guy, the one who had the armor before Alex. Do something, get another Sheriff or something out here and help him!”

“We already contacted command,” Dez said.

“Even on the fastest transport help won’t get here in time,” Orion continued.

“So you’re just going to let him die?”, Sam felt a strong urge to strike something, someone.

“We are not going to let him die,” Dez assured her. “I’m going to get him out of there the moment I get a solid lock on him.”

“If I only choose a partner,” Orion said berating himself. “We could have avoided this.”

Dez stopped what she was doing and looked at them, particularly Sam. “No,” she said shaking her head, “it’s crazy, it wouldn’t work.”

“What wouldn’t work?”, she demanded.

She was going to tell her to forget she said anything. Then the armor integrity dropped a few more points. “A little while ago I told Alex he had the option to pick a partner himself. He said he had a person in mind.” She looked at Sam who quickly understood.

“Me? He wanted me as his partner?”

“Alex said he had somebody he would ask and that was it. I was assuming it was you, I could be wrong.”

“But I don’t know what to do.” Dez’s console beeped again, if it was the same as before…. “I’ll make it up as I go along. What do I have to do?”

“It’s not that simple,” Dez tried to explain. “Alex has to confirm he wants you as his partner. I can’t just hand it to you.”

“While Alex is technically the Sheriff of this sector,” Orion said, Dez turned to look at him,” this is still officially my sector after all. He’s just watching it for me. I’ll confirm her. And she already agreed.”

“Command is going to throw a fit,” Dez told him.

“I’ll take the heat.”

“You two are so alike it’s sickening,” Dez said. “Samantha, come with me I’ll have to give you a condensed course on the basics real fast.”

“A crash course right,” she said following, praying for Alex to hold on. Now if she didn’t make the situation worse.

Alex awoke finding himself still in his armor and on his knees. Trying to figure out what was going on he noticed his left arm was tied by some contraption to the front of his chest with the keypad in full view. Unfortunately his right arm was tied behind his back. He wasn’t sure what this thing was but every time he moved one arm it moved the other at the same time. No matter what he did he couldn’t get around it. “Ah you’re finally awake.” Alex looked up just as Galgamayde threw more of those pebbles at him. “This is not quite as entertaining when you were unconscious.”

“I thought you wanted to kill me?”, he said as he continued to struggle.

“That I do human but I wasn’t going to do it in the middle of the street.” Alex looked around as he realized he was in some building somewhere. Galgamayde as he saw the device that had him tied up connected to some sort of ship. He wasn’t sure but it looked like the device was being powered by the ship itself. Then he saw his weapons laying the alien’s feet. “I realize it’s a personal failing,” he continued, “but I always want to kill my target up close and personal. Actually see the life leave their eyes. I’ve tried to correct it but it’s too deeply entrenched into my being.” Grabbing another blaster he shot Alex a couple of more times.

“Ugh,” he grunted, whatever this thing was binding his arms kept him from falling back so he had to take the full effect of the shots.

“But I’m not going to kill you right away,” he added obviously enjoying this. “I want you to suffer like I did when you set me on fire. Maybe I’ll set you on fire as well. Maybe I’ll cut off a limb. Maybe I’ll gouge out one of your eyes.” Getting in Alex’s face the red eye glowed menacingly, “Or perhaps I’ll do all three.”

“Or not,” a new voice said. Both of them looked to see a nearly petrified Sam stand there, left arm slightly hidden behind her back.

“Get out of here!” Alex shouted.

“I don’t know who you are human,” Galgamayde said as he grabbed one of his blasters and headed toward her, “but this will be the last mistake you will ever make.”

Trying to portray the courage she didn’t feel she said, “Maybe but I’m going down fighting to save my brother.” That’s when she revealed the six number keypad on her left arm. Galgamayde looked amused as Alex’s jaw dropped behind the helmet. Punching in a code -5-5-4-3- she uttered a very shaking “Online.” A brief flash and she was covered in a red and silver armor that was a little more streamlined than Alex’s

“Let’s see what kind of bite you have human,” Galgamayde said right before he charged,

“NO!”, Alex shouted again as he struggled harder against his bindings.

Sam ran for her life as Galgamayde fired at her. How in the hell did Alex do this the first time? Wait, he had a gun. Diving for cover she tried to quickly remember what key did what according to Dez and hit the one key –SINGLE GUN- . Grabbing it from her pack she turned round in time to see the assassin lunge at her. She fired on instinct and winged him in the organic shoulder.

“Use the targeting system,” Dez told her.

“Easy for you to say,” she snapped. Galgamayde was on her in the next second. Using his fist to batter her around she kept a death grip on the gun in her hand as she tried to fight back.

“They must be desperate to send a weakling like you,” he taunted after he knocked her to the ground. Stepping on her next he pointed his plaster at her head.

“Let her go you monster!” a desperate Alex screamed.

Galgamayde started to laugh as he stepped off of her. “She’s important to you human. You just gave me something to use against you, to make you suffer just a little more. Now you get to watch as I break her out of that shell and carve out her heart.” Sam crawled away trying to get some room between them. Focusing on the targeting system in her helmet she got a lock and raised her gun. Galgamayde saw her aim and got out of the way of the bolt. Alex barely moved his head to avoid getting shot himself. “That your last shot human?”, he sneered.

“Good thing I made it count.” Hearing sparks Galgamayde looked at Alex. Then at the sparking connection between him and the ship. She shot it at the base of the ship. With one last effort Alex broke his bindings and ran toward Galgamayde. The alien fired his blaster at him but Alex just kept coming. Sam used the distraction to tackle him from behind as her brother leaped at him. Galgamayde fought both of them off easily. Alex spun from a back hand as Sam grabbed him around the neck. Flipping her over his shoulder Galgamayde’s head snapped around when Alex ran in and punched him. Unsheathing a vibroblade he slashed the Sheriff across the chest.

“DIE!” he screamed as he tried to plunge the blade between the human’s eyes. Alex caught his arms and kicked him in the gut. Galgamayde stumbled back as Sam tried to tackle him again. She grabbed his belt and ripped it off as he knocked her off. He caught Alex in mid leap with another sonic blast that sent him flying back toward the ship. Alarms were screaming at him now that the armor integrity dropped below twenty percent. Sam realized what was in the belt in her hands and poured some of it in her hand.

“Hey lizard face!”, she yelled and threw the pebbles at him. Covering himself up as little explosions rocked Alex ran for his weapons. Grabbing one of the guns he went for the keypad. –PROTOCAL ZERO- Galgamayde saw him aim and hit something on his chest as he disappeared in a shimmer.

“No you don’t,” Alex grunted as he turned toward the ship.

“Alex wait!” Dez shouted as he pulled the trigger. The massive beam from the gun tore a hole through the length of the ship. Alex stood there keeping the gun pointed at the ship. Somewhere in the back of her mind he realized how Dez sounded.

“He’s not on the ship is he?”

“He was for a second,” Dez answered, “there was a relay transporting him somewhere else. And we could have used it to track him.”

“I just destroyed it, didn’t I?” Her silence was all the answer he needed. “God damnit!”, he shouted as he threw the gun down.

“Alex,” Sam said coming up to him, “Are you okay?”

“Okay?”, he asked. “You nearly shot me!”

“I’m new at this,” she shot back.

“God never do anything that stupid again,” he said pulling her into a hug. “Don’t ever worry me like that again.”

“Worry you, you’re the one who got his dumbass captured. Do you have any idea what I was going through? Seriously though, are you alright?’

“I will be once I get out of here. Hey lizard face?”

“It’s the only thing that came to mind.”

A couple of hours later Sam was in the park waiting for Dez to give Alex a clean bill of health. She had never been so happy to see anybody when he came into view. “I’m assuming everything is in one piece?”, she asked looking him over.

“Outside of my ears ringing after Dez read me the riot act after not running when she told me to,” he answered.

After a moment of silence Sam pulled out her keypad, “So I guess that leaves the preverbal five hundred pound gorilla in the room. So what do I do now?”

“It’s up to you Sam,” he said. “If you want give it to me and I’ll hand it over to Dez. Or you can keep it. Dez was right, I was thinking about asking you to be my partner. I just wasn’t sure how or how you would take it.”

“Why me? I have no idea what I’m doing.”

“Like I had a clue when Orion put this one on me.”

“I don’t want you doing this,” she told him, “why should I?”

“Well a real negative reason is Galgamayde is still out there and he knows what we look like now,” he said not looking thrilled at that idea. “And you probably put a target on your back as big as mine. And I don’t think I can always get there in time.”

“Is there a positive reason?” she asked sitting on a bench, silently cursing that short cut he took.

Alex joined her saying, “You were the only person that popped in my head. I can’t think of anybody else I’d trust watching my back. That and mom said we should do more things together,” he added with a smirk.

“We were ten when she said that.”

“Better late than never.” She shoved him slightly. Alex looked at her, “Are you in?”

Sam looked at the keypad in her hand. God she had no idea what she was doing or what to expect. But if Alex thought she could do it. “If I’m going to do this I think I should be the Sheriff and you should be the partner. I am the older sibling after all.”

“We’re the same age.”

“I came out of mom first.”

“By four lousy minutes.”

“Is it my fault you’re a late starter.” Alex shook his head and started to get up. Sam pulled him back down. “I’m in. And you will live to regret this.”

“Give it your best shot.” Alex held out a hand that she took, “The team supreme.”

“Yeah let’s not do that.”

“You are no fun.”

ED – Divide the Day – Let it Roll
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