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OP – Downstait – I came to play

Another week another database update. It was a smaller update so Alex was able to get through this one in one setting, still he was getting a headache. Getting out of the chair and rubbing his eyes he tried to work the kink that was forming in his lower back. Dez’s image appeared a moment later, “A few names were taken out of our database,” she commented. “They were spotted in other sectors.”

“It’s about time,” Alex said as his back finally popped. “God that felt good.” Realizing what he just said he stood there for a moment, “I’m turning into my Grandfather. I was starting to wonder if every known criminal was heading this way because they think the new guy would be easy.”

“I’m sure some of them thought that way at first,” Dez said. “But you are getting a bit of a reputation now. “A very small one,” she added with a smirk, “but one none the less.”

“Oh God don’t let Sam find out about that. She nearly flipped when I told her Orion had plans for my future.”

“She won’t hear it from me,” Dez promised him. “Unless you get on my nerves again, then it might ‘accidently’ slip. So I would behave yourself if I was you.”

He eyed her image, “Are you sure you’re an alien because you’re sounding like a few humans I know.”

“I won’t take that as a compliment.”

“If you knew the humans I was talking about you shouldn’t. I don’t suppose you can tell me what Orion has in mind?”

“I think he should be the one to tell you,” Dez told him. “What I said was a tad premature. From my understanding he’s still thinking it over.”

“Well if he had a partner I guess it wouldn’t matter.” Stretching a bit more he said out loud, “I have no idea how he did this solo for so long. There were a few times I could have used a little backup.”

“You could always choose a partner,” Dez informed him.

“What?”, Alex was caught totally off guard with that one. “I can do that? I’m just a replacement.”

“Well you are a replacement but you are the official Sheriff for this planet,” she explained. “Any partner you choose would be official as long as you are the Sheriff.”

“Whoa,” he said still stunned. “Why didn’t you tell me this before now?”

“You never brought it up,” she said, “and you are as stubborn as Orion in most aspects. I thought it would be the same here. Do you have somebody in mind?”

“There’s somebody I’d asked in a heartbeat, but I don’t know how well it would fly. Especially now.” Dez had an idea who he was talking about but didn’t say anything.

Lately whenever the boss called a meeting Galgamayde made his way further and further t the front of the crowd. Anything to get that lard ass’s attention. He even tried to be a little more respectful. It made him physically ill. But he was desperate for another shot at the human. At this point ready to bribe him, or threaten his life depending on his mood at the moment. If anything taking a few pot shots at that blasted droid might have made him feel better. A point he was more and more prepared to prove as their boss ‘spoke’. “Maybe he would put a shot through his own brain, at least that was he’d be out of his misery.

“Now I wish to talk about the Earth Sheriff.” Galgamayde’s focus on the situation soon returned. “He’s been more of a nuisance than I originally anticipated. In fact I see I should have listened to Galgamayde when he said Orion initiated Protocol Gamma.”

“Finally,” he whispered. The droid seemed to focus on him for a moment.

“If I did perhaps he would have been dealt with by now. Instead I foolishly gave him time to adjust to the situation. As of now he’s a bad as a regular Sheriff. But we know from experience regular Sheriffs are killable.” The crowd agreed with nods and shouts. “Therefore I am asking for a volunteer to remind this human how mortal he really is.”

This was his chance. “I have an interesting suggestion.” Galgamayde’s electronic eye glowed with fury as he turned to see who would dare speak before he could. Those in the room looked as vulture looking thing in a dirty lab coat with black, dark brown and red stains walked into the room.

“Professor,” the droid said after a bit, “what possible suggestion could you possibly have?”

“A Herculean,” he simply said. Galgamayde wasn’t alone in voicing his protest about that.

“The human Sheriff has proven he can handle a Herculean with very little problem,” the droid stated, the boss apparently agreeing with the protesters.

“Not like this one.” Pulling a device out of his pocket he pointed it toward the opening. There were several thuds as a Herculean walked through, but not a normal one. On it’s pale skin you could see various electronic devices at various points. There seemed to be a faint glow under his skin in spots as well. A metal like headband seemed to grow out of his forehead.

“You modified him,” somebody in the crowd cried out.

“Augmented,” the Professor corrected the person. “He is several more time stronger than a regular member of his species. And slightly more controllable as well.”

“I would think that would lessen their effectiveness.” The droid translated. “It is the general consensus that you just point one in the right direction and let them do the rest.”

“True,” the Professor agreed, “but what if you can narrow his focus a bit, make him concentrate on something a little better so the total amount of his rage is on a single object. Without the wasted energy or needless destruction.”

“I would imagine the receiver is that band on his head,” the boss and droid commented. “A signal shot would disrupt your control.”

“Probably yes,” the Professor agreed. “Would anybody be willing to test that particular theory?”

“Gladly,” Galgamayde pulled his pistol and fired away at the headband. Several shots hit the band but ricocheted off a force field that popped up around the band. He kept firing as the crowd around then almost ran over itself trying to avoid getting hit by the backlash.

“Galgamayde enough!” he stopped but he eyed them out of the corner of his natural eye. He was positive the droid and the boss spoke at the same time.

“That field has a separate internal generator,” the Professor explained as he walked around his project. “separate from the rest of his systems. There’s even one for the controller here,” he raised it over his head to accent his point. “As you can see sir I have thought of everything. And the Sheriffs are still not allowed to zero a Herculean, no matter how much they are augmented.”

“I will give your little experiment a chance Professor. Leave for Earth immediately.” With the control the alien scientist directed the Herculean out of the room with him close behind. The crowd around them murmured about this particular turn of events. But Galgamayde’s attention was on the Boss and his droid.

Checking her chronometer Dez stood up and faced the area behind her. Smiling a bit she waited a second before she received the incoming transmission signal. In the next instant a holo image of a still chair ridden Orion appeared in front of her. He started to say something then he noticed her expression. Looking confused for a moment he said, “Why do I get the feeling that I’m getting predictable in my infirmed state?”

“Only to those who know you,” she said. “As the Earth saying goes, I’m probably sounding like a broken record here but is there any progress on your end?”

“Actually yes,” he said with a little pride. “I have some feeling on the bottom of my left foot. Ahead of schedule too. Those grafts are finally looking like they’re taken hold.”

“You told me they were reluctant to give you any type of timeline.”

“I’m talking about my schedule,” he informed her. “These so called medics may be a tad over cautious about my recovery but I’m going to be back in my armor before they know it.”

“Don’t push yourself too fast,” Dez warned him, “you could do more to damage yourself.”

Snorting he said, “You’re sounding like these medics. Speaking of the armor how is Alex holding up?”

“He’s starting o come into his own,” she answered. “As I told him earlier he’s starting to develop a reputation from what I’m hearing.”

“Good,” Orion said with a nod. “Your last report said something about a sister?”

“His twin sister Samantha,” she corrected him. “She found out what he was doing in a way he wasn’t expecting. There was a bit of a rough patch between them but like any siblings they mended their relationship.”

“Good, good. Dez, I know this may be asking a lot but can you watch over her as well?”

Now she was confused, “I was any way as a favor to Alex. Why, is something wrong?”

“Nothing I can confirm at the moment,” was all he said. With a little more prodding he finally relented, “I’m worried about Galgamayde. I sent word to my contacts about him and asked a few of the other Sheriffs to inquire about his whereabouts. Nobody has seen him since it happened.”

“Maybe his injuries were so sever they did him in,” she offered.

“I doubt either I or Alex is that lucky. No, Galgamayde is still out there, I can feel it in my bones. And I fear for Alex when he decides to show up again.”

If there was one thing Alex had learn in the time he was covering for Orion it was that the call would usually come at night. That’s why when some kind of outing was being planned he’d try and get it going during the day. Sam understood when he told her about it, even said she’d try and help out when she could. He was grateful but still as night came closer he subconsciously became more aware of the keypad in his pocket. He didn’t even jump anymore when it went off, “What do we got Dez?”

“A small two man vessel just shot past every orbital checkpoint at breakneck speed. It touched down just outside your city. I’m sending the coordinates now.”

“I’m on it.” Heading for the roof of his apartment building he quickly dialed Sam’s number.

She picked up saying, “I’m guessing something out of this world is going to make you late.”

“More or less.”

“Well be careful.”

“I always am. I’ll be there as soon as I’m done, bye Sam.” Hitting the roof he checked to see if anybody else was around before flipping open the keypad and placing it on his forearm -5-7-1-6- , “Online.” A split second glow coming from the keypad covered him in the armor. –SKY BOARD- Stepping on it as soon as it appeared he locked onto the coordinates Dez supplied him. It didn’t take him long to find the ship, in fact it was in plain sight in the middle of the field. Zooming in on a creature in a dirty lab coat he asked Dez, “Any idea who that is?”

“I’m running the facial recognition program now,” she said. “Nothing is coming up so far. But his craft is coming up as unidentifiable, no markings and no ID signal. That makes it an illegal transport in anybody’s book.”

“Right.” Landing the board he walked foreword a couple of steps but still made sure he kept some distance between them. “I don’t know who you are but you are I violation of interstellar regulation thirty seven and… was it fourteen?” Dez said it was. “Interstellar regulation fourteen. Making an illegal landing on an inhabited world and piloting an unmarked space craft.”

“I am aware,” the professor said. “In fact I can’t wait to see your reaction to this.” He pressed a button on some sort of remote in his hand. Alex hit the two key and had both guns out as the side of opened up with a hiss. A first he saw a Herculean standing there. Then he saw what was done to him.

“What the fuck?”, Alex was stunned as his arms lowered slightly.

“He… he…,” Dez stammered, a loss for words as well, “that’s inhumane.”

“Destroy the Sheriff,” the Professor simple said. The modified Herculean eyes seemed to glow as it roared and stomped out of the craft.

“Whoa,” Alex said trying hard to resist the urge to back up, “easy big fella. There’s no need to do anything violent.” The Herculean came slowly closer totally focused on him. “Don’t say I didn’t warn ya.” –RAPID FIRE- A pull of the triggers sent of a barrage energy shot that impacted the Herculean. He came steadily foreword seemingly unaffected by it, “Not good.” A giant fist came at him that he barely avoided. The blow literally cracked the ground where he was. Scrambling back as gas t he could Alex mumbled, “How am I suppose to handle this one?”

“Don’t let him hit you,” Dez said over the line.

“Oh geez you think?”, Alex said heavy on the sarcasms. The Professor just stood there and laughed at the situation. “Let’s see what happens when I take out the controller.” He was able to get the Professor to run for cover when he started firing at him. He figured the Herculean would try and protect him, what he wasn’t expecting was the speed in which he did so. Before Alex could react a massive hand wrapped around his throat, “Urk.” The he was thrown way from the professor. Crashing into a tree it cracked in half from the impact. Warning alerts flashed in front of his vision from the damage the armor took.

“Alex!”, Dez shouted trying to get his attention. “Aim for the headband! From what I’m reading he’s being controlled from there.”

“Right,” he grunted trying to focus on the targeting system. As soon as he got a lock he pulled the trigger. Several shots hit the band but a field protected it. “I hate surprises,” he said through his teeth as he continued to fire at the band. He wasn’t sure if his eyes were playing tricks on him but the Herculean was on him super fast. He was batted to the ground that made him see stars as his weapons fells from his hands.

“Yes,” the Professor crowed as his creation picked up the Sheriff and blasted him with a punch to the chest. Sparks came flying off as he said, “Kill him, kill the Sheriff!”

From her station Dez could only watch as the armor’s integrity went down by chunks. Having flashback to when Orion was injured she felt her fear grow. “No, not again, not another one. Alex get out of there now! Do you hear me? You have to get out of there or you’ll die!”

Being tossed aside Alex slowly got to his feet as the Professor made the Herculean stay back as he savored the moment. He heard Dez through the alarms. He knew she was right but he couldn’t let this guy get away and make more of them. Standing as straight as he could his finger found the eight -POWER- and the nine key –BOOST-. In orbit Dez’s station shifted a bit as it locked onto his location A panel on the bottom opened and a disk lowered. A brief power up a unleashed a beam right at Alex. “God I hate this par… AARGH!” he recoiled in pain as the beam struck pack on his back. Energy surged through the armor making parts of it glow brightly including what looked like his eyes.

“Now my creation gets to destroy a booted Sheriff,” the Professor nearly jumped for joy. “This is just perfect.”

“All right you son of a bitch,” Alex said as the power surge stabilized, still leaving parts of his armor glowing. “Let’s try this again.” Alex didn’t wait as he ran faster than usual toward the Herculean. The armor his reflex as well as he ducked a hook and popped up with an uppercut that staggered the modified alien. A continued assault made him back trying to protect himself from the boosted attack. The Herculean tried another punch, Alex grabbed it and flipped him over his shoulder. Hitting the nine again –BOOST- he grabbed he headband as best as he could. The excess energy started to drain form the armor and build up into his right hand. “Sorry, but this is going to hurt… a lot.” The excess energy went from his hand to the field overloading it. The band smoked as the Herculean started gurgling. Quickly Alex slapped a transport chip on him and stepped back as he disappeared. “Is he going to be alright?”

“You got him just in time,” she answered. “He’s barely stable but he can be transported.”

The Professor started to run for the ship. Alex grabbed a gun off the ground and slid the switch -CAPTURE-. An energy band wrapped around him and caused him to fall to the ground. “What about this son of a bitch?”

“A Herculean was illegally modified, they will want custody of him.”

“They won’t kill me,” The Professor crowed. “Even if he dies they won’t, they don’t have a death penalty.”

“Yeah, but they’ll probably make you wish they killed you when they’re done with you.” Slapping another chip on him and watched him disappear. After he was gone he dropped to all fours and groaned in pain. “God I hurt all over.”

“You are as stubborn as Orion,” Dez snapped at him as soon as it was over. “I told you to get out of there. The armor could have failed. You could have been killed.”

“I couldn’t let him get away and create a army of those thing,” he grunted through his teeth.

“Fine but the next time I tell you to run you run. Do you understand me?”

“I’m fine Dez,” he told her. “No permanent damage.”

“This time,” she shot back. After a bit she told him, “Your bio readings are coming back normal. The boost didn’t affect you adversely.”

“I beg to differ,” he winced as he tried to stand up, “ow, ow, ow.”

“You’re as big a baby as Orion is after a boost too,” she said trying to sound normal. “I believe you had some sort of plans with your sister tonight. Do you want me to call and tell her you’ll be later than you originally thought?”

“Oh god no, you call and she’ll immediately think the worst.” Finally being able to stand he added, “I’ll call her in a bit. I told her what the boost does to me. Hopefully she won’t get too upset that I used it.”

Galgamayde said nothing as he followed the spindly creature into the main chamber. He was slightly surprised to see nobody else in the room except the boss and his droid but kept it from his face. The gray spindly creature said noting as it bowed and the left the room. After a moment the boss started speaking and the droid translated. “We have received word that the Professor and his experiment has failed. I will relent and give you a chance at the replacement Sheriff.”

If the boss was expecting gratitude he was soon disappointed. Galgamayde’s only response was to turn around and walk out while saying, “Finally.”

ED – Divide the Day – Let it Roll
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