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OP – Downstait – I Came To Play

The music blaring in the background didn’t do enough to block his thoughts. The conversations going on around him in the filth ridden cantina didn’t distract him. This so-called drink on the dirty table in front of him never seemed to dull the memory. No matter what he did, awake or asleep, Galgamayde always returned to that moment. When that human did this to him. It consumed every molecule in his being. And he was constantly being denied his rightful revenge.

“That’s like the eighth drink I’ve seen you down tonight.” A green skinned Andorian sat across from him. Somebody he had occasionally partnered with in the past. A small measure of respect was the only thing keeping Galgamayde for shooting him for disturbing him.

“It dulls the pain,” he said while flexing the fingers on his mechanical hand. It was a mistake to reveal a potential weakness to anybody, especially in this line of work. Perhaps he did have too much to drink.

“I believe they have medication for that.”

“I know, they shot me full of them when they fitted with these,” he gestured to his mechanical parts. “They dulled my other senses too much to be effective.”

“I would think all those drinks would do the same.” Without a word and without looking Galgamayde grabbed the blaster strapped to his leg and shot a light across the room that was inbetween two beings sitting by it. “Maybe not by that much.”

“Who’s shooting up my place?!”, a four armed chef stormed out of the back wearing a apron and brandishing a meat cleaver in one of his hands. Then he saw Galgamayde who had the blaster pointed right at him. Backing away the chef said, “That’s going on your tab.” Then he quickly scurried back into the kitchen.

“Even with my handicap I’m still the best shot I the galaxy.”

“Yes you are,” the Andorian quickly agreed before he holstered his weapon. “Anybody can see that.”

“All except our all so glorious boss,” he sneered. “He keeps denying me my shot at the human.”

“We got to do what he says, it’s the way this life works.”

“Nobody even knows what species he is,” Galgamayde continued, frustration getting the better of him. “Nobody even knows what planet the bulbous ass is from.”

“Careful Galgamayde,” he warned as he leaned forward a bit. “The Boss has a lot of ears. And not all of them are organic.” His eyes focused on something behind him. Galgamayde turned his head to see the Boss’s translator droid roll into the room. The entire room went dead quiet as it went to a table were an alien that looked like a wart hog drank from a steel container.

“Road Boar,” the machine said, “the Boss requests your presence. He has a mission for you on Earth.” It’s electronic eye seemed to focus on Galgamayde as it said that. His mechanical hand crushed the glass he was holding.

It was a pretty good afternoon so far, Sam was able to get off of work early and Alex had the free time, Unless Dez called him away that is. But so far so good. So they decided to grab an early dinner in the park. Pretty much the entire time she was asking about this Sheriff thing. Sam decided that if she was going to support him this she wanted to know all she could about it, “So your higher ups pay you for this right?”

“Yeah,” he said as he took a sip of his soda, “I have to live on something. I’m not quite sure how it works but Dez converts the galactic credits into gold then does some sort of exchange with a bank somewhere. Then it goes into an account I can access. She even adjusts for inflations. I think buying and selling stocks is involved too.”

“She was doing the same for Orion too right?” Alex answered with a nod as he took a bit of his hot dog. “You ever been in that satellite she’s on?”

“A couple of times, she’d beamed me up there when she or Orion needs to talk to me face to face.”

“But you have that hologram thing.”

“I know but they tell me it’s some sort of security thing. It has to be so important they don’t want to risk the info being intercepted. Or she just wants to yell at me in person, either one.”

“I don’t suppose you can get me up there?” It was long shot but it couldn’t hurt to ask.

“Dez ‘bent’ a few rules when she talked to you that one time,” he told her. “There are transport logs that are checked pretty regularly. An extra person is going to be noticed.”

“Bummer,” was her only reponce as she took a sip. “But there’s another thing I have to know, you didn’t have anything to do with Ryan thinking Steve was the guy in the armor did you?”

“That was his own over active imagination,” Alex told her. “I had nothing to do with that. I feel bad for Steve and all but I’m not going out of my way to point out he’s wrong. Besides,” he went into is act, “who’s going to believe the stoner?”

“Could you not do that if you don’t have too,” she said feeling unnerved. Even knowing it’s an act that still got to her.

“Sorry,” he said dropping it.

“God you are way too good at that.”

“Unfortunately I’ve had a lot of practice at it.” They keypad in his pocket went off. Looking apologetic he took it out and replied, “What do we have this time Dez?”

“Nothing of importance,” she answered. “I just wanted to let you know the sector database was just updated. I need you to look it over when you have a free moment.”

“You have nothing but free moments now,” Sam joked.

“I didn’t realize you were with your sister, my apologies. I’ll let you two get back to whatever you were doing.”

“Okay Dez I’ll look at it later.”

“Bye Dez,” Sam got in before the device turned off. “I’m assuming this database has something to do with the guys she sends you after.”

“It’s guys reportedly in the area but not on planet yet” he explained. “I swear that things gets updated a couple of times a week.”

Sometimes it was good to have connections. Give a mook enough credits and they’ll sneak anything on board their ship, or anybody. Road Boar walked out of the crate he was in taking off his breathing mask as soon as the crewman he bribed opened it up. Working out the kinks in his back and neck he tried to ignore the pest following him. “Where’s my payment,” he demanded. “Half then half now, that was deal.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” he grumbled in a deep voice. Taking a pouch off his belt he tossed it into the air. The cargo guy juggled it a bit before securing it fully in his hands. “Now get lost. And I’ll turn you into road kill if I find out you told anybody anything about me, got it?”

“You kidding,” the cargo guy said, “I’ll lose my client base if I flapped my gums to anybody.”

Road Boar looked around the bay and saw a couple of crates that belonged to him. Unfortunately he only had enough credits to get him and his stuff loaded, he didn’t have enough to get the guy to unload it for him. And the boss wasn’t exactly giving when he asked for a small advanced on that reward he offered to cover it. Eh who needed those pukes anyway? The so called elite had been using his people as heavy movers for generations now. “Borrowing” some anti-grav clamps and a lift he started unloading his crates. And just by looking around he say a local vehicle he could modify quite nicely to suit his needs. They’re gonna have to peel this Sheriff off the road after he was done with him.

When Alex told Sam this database got updated a couple of times a week he wasn’t exactly kidding. Two weeks later and he was on his fifth update. Granted he didn’t know how it worked with human criminals but times like this he wondered how regular police officers did it. Of course with him it wasn’t the number of people who might be in the area, he was bored out of his mind going through this thing. And he still hadn’t gotten through the rule book Dez gave when he first got the armor. “Pause,” he said standing up. The image on the wall screen stopped moving as he rubbed his eyes.

Dez’s image appeared a moment later, “The update isn’t finish Alex.”

“My eyeballs feel like they’re going to fall out of their sockets. I just need a break for a moment.”

“Orion…,” she started to say.

“Orion never took breaks,” Alex snapped. “Orion memorized the database in record time. Orion knew what they did before they popped up. Tell me when I’m getting close because I’m not Orion.”

“I know that Alex,” Dez responded calmly. “Although I’ve probably said things about him or compared you too enough times you thought I was. However I was going to say Orion would have told me to tell whoever was sending the updates to shove them up whatever orifice he could think of at the moment.” Alex stared at her for a moment before laughing out loud.

“I can not see Orion saying that.”

“You haven’t worked with him as long as I have, but he does want you to study up on this and the regulations. He has a bit of interest in your future after he takes back the armor.”

Confused Alex said, “I figured I’d go back to my regular life. Granted everybody but Sam would think I’m a recovering drug addict.”

“I don’t want to say too much but from the reports I’ve sent in he sees potential. To be honest so do… I.” Her head tilted slightly as her eyes started going back and forth. Alex had seen that before and knew exactly what it was.

“What are you picking up?”

“Some sort of vehicular rampage that may be alien in origin. Her image disappeared as he walked up to the computer hidden in his wall and waited. After a few moments the updates was replaced by some live news footage. It looked like the culprit was driving a semi cab, or something that used to look like one. All of the window covered in metal with some slits to see through. Most of the body was covered in the same material. Some sort of angled plow was in front as pitch black smoke erupted from the pipes.

Watching it plow through the highway Alex asked, “Is that an alien or a road warrior wanna be?”

“Inconclusive so far,” Dez told him. “Wait a moment. Reports are coming through that the vehicle in question might have been stolen from a spaceport a couple of cities away.”

“Sounds like probable cause to me. Get me the location Dez I’m on my way.”

Heading down to the street Sam met him as he came out of his building, “Alex did you see the…?”

“Hi Sam, ‘bye Sam, he quickly said as he past her.

Grabbing the door before it closed she commented, “I’ll take that as a yes.”

Armored up and on the sky board Alex headed for that truck. Dez still fed him information as she found it but still nothing on the identity of the driver. “I’m going to feel really embarrassed if this turns out to just be a deranged human,” he commented.

“You were tired of looking at the database” she told him. “If anything you can use it as, what’s that phrase you human use, good PR.”

“Yeah but how do I explain my press agent?”, he joked. Then the screeching sound of metal against metal caught his attention. “It’s go time,” he said out loud as he leaned forward. Spotting the modified semi he looked it over saying, “We never really discussed how I’m supposed to stop that thing.”

“Now you want to listen when I suggested you should plan things out… two months ago.”

“You’re as bad as my sister sometimes, you know that?” As he got closer to the truck some sort of cannon rose up behind the main cab. Zeroing in on him a blue ball of energy shot out. “Holy shit,” Alex nearly spun out of control trying to avoid being blasted out of the sky. “What the hell was that?”

“That was an Markon Seven cannon,” Dez said in amazement. “Those are usually seen mounted on interstellar battle cruisers. We’re dealing with an alien criminal here.”

“I think the blue energy cannonball gave that away.”

“Hey Sheriff!” a deep voice shouted from the truck. “I’m gonna to shoot your shiny ass out of the sky. Then I’m gonna turn you into road kill courtesy of Road Boar ha-ha-ha!”

“Road Boar,” Dez said as he zigged and zagged in the sky to avoid a target lock. “Found him, he’s wanted on several planets for vehicular mayhem. His home world wants him captured alive.”

“Did they give instructions on how to get him out of that tin can?” –DOUBLE GUN- -RAPID FIRE- Returning fire Alex watched as his shots harmlessly bounced off the armor plating. “Not good.” Avoiding another one of those energy blasts he asked, “What is that stuff made of?”

“Do a sensor scan,” she ordered. It took awhile for that cannon to fire one of those cannonballs so he was able to get a half way decent scan of the outside. “It looks like armored hull plating for galactic war ship. He had to have stolen it, it’s nearly impossible for civilians to get their hands on it.”

“Worry about it later.” Putting the guns back he announced, “I’m bringing out the heavy hardware.” Taking the board to the ground he hopped off and hit the five key. -CANNON- Materializing on his shoulder he grabbed it with both hands. Taking aim at the truck barreling toward him he turned the dial slightly to get the inner chamber to rotate. –BLAST- “Fire in the hole!”He recoiled back slightly as an intense energy beam shot out of the barrel. The beam hit the angled plow in front but it just bent it. “Oh come on,” Alex grumbled. Road Boar laughed at the results. He tried to line up another shot but Road Board hit a control in the cab and the plow shot off the front and right toward him. “Shit,” he ducked down to avoid the hunk of metal coming toward him. Getting back up he tried to line up the shot again but the semi was coming toward too fast. He got clipped in the leg as he jumped out of the way, “Damn it.”

Over the sound of the board getting run over he heard Dez say, “Alex are you alright?”

“I’m fine,” he grunted getting up, “the board’s toast though.” He wasn’t kidding, it was mangled beyond recognition. Limping a bit he hit the five and seven keys to send them back to storage.

“Alex did you notice something about that cannon?”

“I was a little busy trying not to get run over,” he told her.

“It wasn’t firing when you were ground level. I think it can only fire on aerial targets.”

“I’ll take your word for it.” He pressed the six key –GALACTIC CYCLE- A futuristic motorcycle appeared in front of him. Getting on and revving the engine he quickly gave chase. Weaving through the wrecked cars and those trying o get out of there he eventually caught up to the truck. So far Dez was right, while the cannon turned around to face him but those energy cannonballs flew over his head. Though he ducked a couple of times out of instinct.

Getting a clean stretch of road Alex tried to get in front of the vehicle having an idea form in the back of his head. “Oh no ya don’t ya punk,” Road Boar said as he quickly turned the wheel to cut him off. Alex was able to slow down enough to avoid getting squished between the truck and the guardrail. Trying to do it on the other side had the same thing happen, “Ha-ha-ha!”

“Come on Brennen think,” Alex told himself. Going to the side again Road Boar went to cut him off again. Alex quickly cut to the other side and shot ahead of the truck. Getting a good stretch ahead of Road Boar he stopped and got off the cycle. He hit the one key –SINGLE GUN- then he hit zero before grabbing it. –PROTOCAL ZERO-

“Alex what are you doing?”, Dez demanded.

“Killing an engine,” he told her. Parts of the gun started to glow brightly as energy transferred from the armor to it. Leveling the gun at the truck at the truck the targeting system in his visor locked on the exposed grill. Praying he didn’t think that far ahead and reinforce that he pulled the trigger. A beam twice the size of the barrel fired out and pierced the grill like a hot knife through butter. Road Boar jumped out of the cab as the beam entered the cab. Slowly the truck came to a stop. Alex was able to step to the side as it came to a stop past him. “Unless it was a recent addition there’s no regulation against it that I’ve seen so far.”

“You have been reading the file I gave you,” Dez said. “I’m…”

“Impressed?”, Alex offered as he walked toward Road Boar. “Amazed?”

“Stunned stupid actually,” she said with some humor.

“Yeah yeah,” Alex told her. “If I didn’t know better I’d swear that was a joke.” Road Boar tried to run away. –CAPTURE- Three pulls of the trigger wrapped three energy bands around his body.

“You punk!”, he screamed after he fell to the ground. “I’ll be back!”

“I’ll be here,” he told him as he slapped a transport chip on him. After he disappeared he added, “Well either me or Orion depending on when he gets back.”

Hearing sirens in the background as he headed for the cycle told him to get out of there. A couple of squad cars got through the mess and tried to surround him. “Get on the ground and put your hands behind your head!” one of them ordered as they pulled their guns on him as he got on the cycle.

Holding up two fingers he told them, “Peace.” Then he got the hell out of there. There was a small chase but with Dez’s help he was able to lose them.

Sam was waiting for him in his apartment. The fact his television was on told him she knew what he did. Not sure what else to do he said, “So how did I do?”

“Well you’re crazy,” Sam told him, “but I already knew that. You weren’t kidding about the cops were you?”

“I wish I was. Things would be a whole lot easier. You were going to tell me about that truck weren’t you?”

“Well I figured if you were going to be stuck with this for awhile I’d at least try and be supportive. Although I’ll be happy when this Orion guy takes the armor back and you can go back to normal. Well, normal for you anyway,” she added with a sly grin.

“You might want to hold that thought,” Alex told her.

“Why?”, she asked cautiously.

“Something Dez alluded to earlier about my future,” Alex said. He wasn’t sure about telling her this but he did promise her he wouldn’t hide anything about this Sheriff deal anymore.

“Did she say what it was?”

“Not really, but… I think Orion might be planning on making me his partner after he gets back.”

“You told me about this partner thing, you said he didn’t use a partner.”

“I know, Dez said he’s one of the stubborn ones. I don’t know why, maybe I’ve been impressing him or something.”

“Now you excel at something,” Sam said getting a bit upset. “So will you be going out with him when he gets a call from Dez?”

“Not all the time,” he answered. “Only when he thinks he needs help. And seeing how Orion thinks he can take on the world according to Dez I should have a lot of free time on my hands.” He wanted her to laugh a bit, at least chuckle. But nothing.

“I don’t like it,” Sam told him plainly.

“I know.”

“Damn it why did you have to be good at this?” She looked conflicted as she stood there looking around the room.

“I can always tell them no,” Alex offered.

“Damn it,” she repeated. “I told you that you were doing some good. I don’t want you to regret not being able to do so every time you turn on the news. Why did you have to take that short cut?”

“I’ve asked myself that a few times already.”

“Just promise me you’ll be careful no matter what you do in this.”

“Come on now, it’s me.”

“That’s not the reassurance I was looking for,” Sam joked weakly. Alex offered to pay for takeout so they could talk about this fully. Alex got the feeling this was going to be a long talk.

ED – Divide the Day – Let it Roll
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