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Holding his left arm in front of Alex quickly punched in the activation code on the keypad attached to his forearm -5-7-1-6- and pressed the enter key. Punching his left arm forward he said, “On…,” and in the space between seconds the device reacted. The flaps extended out encasing his forearm. More plating covered his hand. Armor ran up his arm and covered his chest and right arm before covering his lower body. Running up his neck a helmet covered his head completely, eyes glowing behind the visor, “…line!”

“Alex?” Looking back in surprised he saw his twin sister staring at him in disbelief.

“Sam,” he was stunned, he didn’t want her finding out like this. The Herculean roared and charged holding the lamppost over his head refocusing him on the task at hand. Waiting until the last second to jump out of the way his finger found the three key on the pad. –SWORD-. A handle popped out of the top of the pack on his back, grabbing it he held it out to his side. Liquid metal quickly poured out as the nanotechnology inside made it stiffen and form a blade. Alex used the side of the blade to block the next blow, almost going to a knee from the brute force alone.

“Kill Sheriff,” the Herculean grunted.

“Again with the killing,” he strained as he forced the lamppost to the side. “You guys are like a broken record or something.” Backing up to get some room he watched as the Herculean brought the post back up for another swing. Slashing his blade twice he cut the post into three pieces. Enraged the Herculean threw the piece in his hand at him. Avoiding it Alex didn’t expect the alien to rush at him full force. A shoulder right in his chest sent him flying and crashing into a parked car. It’s alarm went off as he peeled himself free, “I felt that one.”

“The armor can’t take many more hits like that,” Dez informed him.

“I think saying ‘I felt that one’ covered that.” The Herculean stalked him. Doing a quick scan of the area he hit the four key -DISC-. A silver disc slide out of the lower part of the pack. Grabbing it several blinking lights on it came to life as the armor calculated the proper flight path as he threw it. The edges started glowing as it flew, turning on it’s side to cut threw a lamppost directly over the Herculean. He roared in protest as it hit him on the head, giving Alex enough time to hit the five key –CANNON-. Holding his arms out it materialized over his right shoulder. Right hand going to the grip and his left went forward and held the trigger.

“Smash Sheriff!”

“Keep telling yourself that.” The targeting scanner on the cannon got a lock. Manipulating a control with his right hand a tri-cylinder chamber inside spun slightly –NET-. “Fire in the hole!” A bolt of energy shot out that quickly expanded into an energy net that wrapped around the Herculean. Struggling to free himself he fell to the ground totally immobilized. “I should have done that with the first one.” The cannon dematerialized as he ran over and slapped another transport chip on the Herculean. While he disappeared he looked for Sam and didn’t see her, a scan didn’t even pick he up. “Dez I might have an issue.”

“I heard,” she replied. “How well do you know this Sam person? Is he going to be a problem?”

“Not a he Dez, she. Short for Samantha, my sister.” For the first time since he’s known her Dez was at a loss for words.

It had been three days since she discovered her brother was the armored guy on the news. Alex had tried calling her but she ignored it. She saw him on the street and she went the other way. She did not know how to handle this. God help her she had an easier time dealing with the idea he was an addict or something. At least that something she could at least get her head around. As it was she stood in front of his apartment building for the god only know how many times since then. Before she would stand there and loose her nerve, but she couldn’t avoid the situation forever.

Walking up to the front door she looked for the label that said A. Brennen and hit the button. Part of her was hoping he wasn’t home before she heard, “Hello?”

“It’s me,” she said. The door buzzed bad she quickly went in. Slowly she made her way to his apartment. Like always his door was ajar for her. For the first time ever she reluctantly went in. Inside she saw her brother look as unsure as she felt. Both of them stood there not sure what to say to the other. “How long have you been…?”

“A couple of months,” he answered.

“A couple of months?”, she repeated. “You’ve been that guy for a couple of months and you didn’t tell me?”

“I wanted to,” he told her. “I… I just couldn’t figure out how. The only times I’ve seen you lately we’ve been in a group. I could never get you alone. I couldn’t blurt it out then, I have people trying to sue for crap that happened before I even got the suit. And I definitely wasn’t saying anything with Ryan around.”

“All right then, why the act? Why make everybody think you were on drugs or something?”, she demanded.

“I never made people think I was on drugs,” he shot back. Running his hands over his head he sat down. A little more subdued he continued, “I get called away to track down criminals a lot. When I lost my job because of it and started disappearing pretty regularly people just started assuming. I just went with it.”

“So it was easier to go with a lie than to confide in me?” That hurt more than finding out he was keeping this from her to begin with. And seeing how Alex wouldn’t look at her he knew that too. Sitting down after a long uncomfortable silence she sat down and asked, “Have you… have you killed anybody?”

Looking reluctant to answer he eventually admitted, “When there was an execution order attached to their file.”

“Do you feel guilty about it? Happy?” God she wouldn’t know what to think he felt happy. Why did he even ask that?”

“Not happy, never happy. Guilty, sometimes then I read what they been convicted of in their files. The guilt goes away a little after that.”

“Files? Who sends you their files?”

“Maybe she better explain that.” Before she could ask what he was talking about Alex looked at the wall, “Dez.”

Sam jumped out of the chair as part of the wall slid away revealing a computer of some sort, In the next moment a woman appeared out of the air, it took Sam a moment to realize there was something on the side of her head. “Holy shit.”

“Sam this is Dez,” Alex said standing by the woman, “or an image of her.” After a moment he leaned in and whispered, “Don’t stare at the implant. She hates that.”

“Greetings,” Dez said ignoring Alex. “I am Alex’s Watcher, temporarily of course, while he fills in for the armor’s original operator. I monitor things from orbit and inform Alex of situations that may require his attention and supply him with any information on the suspect I have access to in my computers.”

“So… she gave you the armor?”

“Not exactly,” Alex told her. “The original owner, Orion, gave it to me while he heals up.”

“Ok, that’s twice you two mentioned you’re replacing somebody. What happened to him?”

“Orion’s armor took a critical hit and was too injured to continue,” Dez explained.

“And I was at the wrong place at the wrong time,” Alex added.

Oh he just had to take a short cut to get home didn’t he, tonight of all nights. If he wasn’t running late he never would have taken it. The thunderstorm was bad enough. Then the explosion happened. Skidding to a stop he saw that armored guy on the news and some alien go at it. “I’m out of here,” he said but the car wouldn’t move. “Of come on!” A stray shot came way too close for comfort so he got out of the car and ran for cover. Taking refuge inside an old building he tried to wait out the fight. After a few moments he thought he was safe, then something came crashing through the wall, “Shit.”

“Ugh,” the armored guy grunted as he stood up. His armor sparked slightly and smoked in places.

“Orion the armor is critical,” a voice said. “You need to get out of there now.”

“The mission isn’t over yet.” He turned his head and looked right at Alex. “What are you…?” His sentence ended there, a energy shot through the armor. Alex’s eyes followed the shot, some kind of metal spear was now embedded in the wall dripping some sort of black substance. That same substance was coming from the new holes in the armor. His legs gave out on him and he dropped to the floor. The armor sparked some more before disappearing. Alex was surprised at how human he looked.

“Orion! Orion! The armor just entered repair mode. Orion answer me!”

“Legs…,” he said weakly, “can’t … feel… my legs.”

“Oh Sheriff,” a new voice called out. “Come on out, I have a reputation to maintain. I need confirmation that I’ve killed you to still be perfect.”

Alex watched the injured man try and drag himself out of there. Not sure what the hell he was thinking he ran in and dragged him to cover. Going behind some crates Alex could see a green scaly figure walk in through the hole, a strange looking rifle on his back, locate the spike and pry it out of the wall. How long before he noticed the blood and them? “That was stupid Earthling,” he grunted.

“Don’t remind me,” he said trying not to be heard. The alien sniffed the blood on the spike before sniffing he air. “We’re going to die aren’t we?”

“More than likely,” he said. They guy looked at him with a weird look than at the device on his forearm, “Dez, armor status.”

“I’m pushing the repair program as fast as it will go. It’s less than fifteen percent, and an extremely loose less than as it is.”

“It’ll have to do. Dez I’m… ugh…. initiating Protocol Gamma.”

“What? You can’t…”

“No choice. Do it Dez, that’s an order.”

There was an audible sigh before she said, “I’m disengaging the DNA lock.” The device on his forearm blinked and beeped softly for several moments. Alex quickly looked over the crates to see ifthe other alien heard them. He didn’t act like he did, Taking the device off his arm Orion placed it on Alex’s while he was distracted with the alien.

“What?”, he said in surprise.

“Five seven one six,” he said, “then activate.”

“I don’t…”

“Your only chance to live. Do it.”

“I got you Orion.” Alex looked back at the alien and saw that he noticed the blood trail. Hosting that rifle into position he came toward their location. “My record is still intact.”

“Shit,” a shaky finger inputted the numbers and hit what looked like an enter key.

“Online,” Orion said before passing out. Almost instantly the device activated and after a quick glow covered his body and he was in the armor. He couldn’t make sense of the crap running in front of his eyes much less wrap his head around he was in this thing.

“What’s your name?”,” the voice asked. “What’s your name human?”

“Alex,” he said.

“Alex I need you to listen to me. Do exactly as I say or both you and Orion are going to die by his hand.” The alien stopped, looking directly where they were and grinned. “You’re at a disadvantage with the armor still damaged. You need to move and get his attention away from Orion. Do it now!”

Alex saw the alien take aim and ducked as he fired. Not sure what else to do he ran away from Orion. “Got you,” the alien said as he fired again. Those spikes seemed to follow him as they plunged into the wall.” Something’s off,” he said as he stopped firing. “You’re moving differently,” he sniffed the air a bit, “and there’s no fresh scent of blood coming from you.” Alex took some cover behind some barrels and tried to catch his breath. The alien smirked, “Protocol Gamma. “I injured you so severally you had to give your armor to a human. Two for the price of one, I love it.”

“Who is this guy?”

“Galgamayde,” the voice said, “one of the top assassins in the universe. Reportedly has a one hundred percent kill rating although that has never been officially confirmed. Protocol Zero has been authorized according to his file.”

“What Zero?”

“Execute with extreme prejudice.”

“I can’t do that!”

“If you want to survive you’re going to have to.”

“I hear you.” A spike flew over his head and he ran again. Galgamayde was right on his tail, “You run too easily human, I wanted a challenge before I finished off the wounded Sheriff. I may not try to get a little bonus out of killing you. Heh, of who am I kidding, of course I am.”

“Hit the one key on the pad.” Doing as he was told he heard an electronic -GUN-. One appeared at his back. “Slid the switch to the first position.” –SINGLE FIRE-. “Now turn and fight.” Doing so some kind of target lock appeared in his visor. He aimed for it and fired. Galgamayde dove out of the way as he continued to fire. “Slide it to the next setting.” –RAPID FIRE-. Galgamayde tried to get out of the way but ended up getting hit. “Press the zero key, hurry!”

“I don’t think so.” Galgamayde grabbed something off his belt and threw it at him. It exploded before it reached him but it was enough to knock him to the ground. Various warnings went off in the visor as the alien came toward him. “You had some fight in you after all, but not enough. I’ll kill you then I’ll finish off Orion.” Alex struggled to sit up. Then he noticed the barrels he was hiding behind had a flammable symbol on them.

“This better work,” he grunted as he fired. Noting happened at first, the barrels spilled their contents onto Galgamayde. Then a shot hit something just right to cause a spark to set the liquid and Galgamayde on fire. He thrashed around a bit before hitting something and disappearing. “What happened?”

“He teleported away. I can’t get a lock on him. We’ll have to worry about him later, check on Orion.”

Alex went back to where he left him. The alien was still there but not looking good. Hovering over him Alex wished he could make sense of these symbols in front of his eyes. “Is he dead?”

“No,” the voice sounded relieved, “he still alive, just barely though. Alex, on the belt buckle of the armor, there should be a series of chips. Take one out and place it on him.” Doing so he watched in stunned silence as Orion faded away. “I have him in stasis. I’ll be able to arrange transport to get him to a medical center.”

“What about this thing he put on my arm?”

“It’s your until he is well enough to take it back.”

“Now what a minute nobody said anything about that.”

“Protocol Gamma,” she said. “When a Sheriff is too injured to continue his mission and doesn’t have a partner readily available the armor must be handed off to the first available and suitable candidate. I’m afraid to say you planet is still targeted and needs to be protected.”

“Then send another one of those Sheriff’s here to take over again.”

“Orion and I were picked for this mission because we share similar physical traits with your species, inside and out. And it took a long time to pick us out of the Sheriffs patrolling the universe. Even if they did it would take a while for them to get here even on the fastest ship. Your planet isn’t exactly close to the galactic hub.”

“I can’t do this.”

“You’re going to have to, I’m sorry. I’m picking up radio chatter for the local authorities. I suggest you get out of there.” She explained how to deactivate the armor as he left the building and ran.

Sam sat there and listened to what they told her, not able to say anything. She looked at Alex, her twin brother, like he was a total stranger. It took her a few seconds to realize he was talking to her. “I have to go,” she said as he reached for her.

“Sam wait.”

“I need to think,” she told him, “I need to wrap my head around this.”

Watching her go out the door Alex dropped into a chair and buried his face in his hands. “That was not how I wanted it to go,” he said. “I’ve should have told her sooner.”

“She’s hurt,” Dez told him.

“Thank you Miss. Obvious.”

“She’s hurt,” she repeated, “but she is still your family. I have siblings of my own. We didn’t always do things that pleased each other. She will forgive you eventually. As someone just recently told me you just need to give it time.”

“I hope you’re right Dez.” She nodded and smiled a small smile before the image faded away leaving him alone.”

Somewhere else a spindly grey creature ran into a large room filled with various creatures, one in particular sitting on a throne like chair in the back of the room. “Sire,” he squeaked. The rotund, almost yellowish creature shifted in his chair to look at him. “The rumors are true. A human is operating Orion’s armor.”

“I told you!”, a voice rang out. Everyone turned to see it’s owner, a few parted to let him through. Almost half of his body was covered in whirring mechanical parts, including his face. His scales were a darker green color, looking burnt. The ones edging the mechanical parts were pitch black and cracking. An electronic eye glowed red in anger as Galgamayde stood before the rotund being. “I told you Orion initiated Protocol Gamma.”

A droid rolled forward as the being spoke, taking a few moments to listen before translating his grunts into words. “I needed more proof than the word of a mortally injured man.” Again the eye glowed red. “I realize you are angry that you lost your perfect record…”

“This isn’t about my record!”, he cut him off angrily. “That human did this to me,” and he raised a mechanical hand into his face. “A human! I want my revenge.”

“Revenge is not how we operate,” the droid for their boss said, “there is no money in it.” Galgamayde hissed and walked out of the room. “You will get a shot at him but only when I say so and when you have cooled down. I want the human studied, locate any image we can get. I want to know how he differs from Orion.”

“At once sire,” the spindly one said. AS he turned around Galgamayde’s eye flashed again. Oh he would get his revenge on that human. Even if he had to go through that fat slug and everybody else in there first.

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