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Episode 4

OP – Mercy Drive – Burn in my Light

“As you can see Ted the damage from the giant battle is very severe.” The reporter continued to talk as the station switched to an aerial view of the area. Buildings were badly smashed open or crushed. They stayed on the ragged gap in the middle of the street for a long time. “Power and water services for this part of the city are still out with no estimation on when they will return. Local hospitals were taken off guard at the amount of casualties they received. Local authorities are asking people to stay away from the area for their own safety, but anyone willing to volunteer with the clean up can sign up at designated areas. A UNDF representative said earlier…”

Ken watched the work crews a couple blocks away, right were the authorities cordoned off the street. But even at this distance he could just make out the ripped up streets under the floodlights. While Daxium was in control when they traded places he was vaguely of what was going on when he was locked away in that safe area. Rubbing the back of his right hand absent mindedly he relieved the moment Dax unleashed the attack that caused all that damage to the street. Making his way out through the crowd he headed for his car. Getting in he sat there for a moment before looking in. Before long he was face to face with Daxium, “We have to be more careful.”

“My actions were my own Ken,” Daxium told him. “You have nothing to feel guilty for.”

“Yeah but I was the one who let you out.”

“My people are at war with these dark creatures. It is my duty to defeat them.”

“I know I know,” Ken ran his hands over his head as he walked away. “This is the first time we had to do this in the city itself. I wasn’t ready for the… I didn’t think we would…”

“War is seldom pleasant Ken. But if it disturbs you so much I have other weapons at my disposal…”

“No,” Ken said cutting him off, “I don’t want to you hold back because of me. There’s no point in putting yourself at a disadvantage. You know more about what you can do and when to do it more than I do Dax.”

Daxium put a hand on his shoulder, “Although I will make no promises I will try to lessen the amount of damage I cause. But if I come to a situation where I have to use the Giga Wave again I will.”

“I’m not asking you to Dax. God I’ve seen enough monster movies growing up I should have had an idea what would happen when one showed in the middle of the city. Don’t worry Dax I’ll get used to it.”

As he was leaving the area he heard Daxium say, “For your sake Ken I hope you do not.” Blinking as he came back to the here and now he looked back at the damaged area before driving off.

When the giant first appeared Richardson knew there were going to be questions. Questions from the board, questions from the teams and soldiers and especially questions from reporters. He was more than ready to answer all of them, when Joseph was the one who was supposed to be bonded with the giant idiot. As it was he was bidding time until Patricia and Williams could find a clue on who he did bond with. Then he had to find away to get the bastard in the organization. He thought he found a way, and some on the board were practically screaming for it as it was. It just depended on how much it was going to cost him.

But until then the questions just kept coming, particularly from reporters. Especially the one that was currently assaulting his ear over the phone. The moron practically called every day since the giant appeared, asking the same questions every time. “Come on Mr. Richards,” he said after they played some verbal jousting for the past several minutes, “surely you must have some comment on Alpha Team decision to aid the giant before.”

“I told you before any decision made in the field during a battle are those of the commanders alone,” he was starting to get annoyed being asked that over and over. “If you want a statement you’re going to have to ask him,” he said sharply.

“You have to give me something to work with here. Does the giant at least have a name?”

“If I knew his name I would have used it by now. Goodbye!” Slamming the phone down he waited a second before picking it back up. “I don’t want to hear from that jackass for at least a week. If I do you’re fired,” and slammed the phone down again.

Beside him Patricia didn’t look all that impressed with the display, “That was a bit much don’t you think?”

“I have people breathing down my neck from every angle imaginable,” he told her. “I have the board and reporters like that jackass asking questions about the giant. The rest of my family and Captain Hawk are still demanding to know what happened to Joseph. I can’t do anything about Hawk, the board or my family, but as for the reporters I can silence at least for a little while, just long enough to get a moment’s peace.”

“From my experience,” Patricia cautiously said, “a forced silence will make them think you’re hiding something even more.”

“Right now I don’t care,” he said plainly. “I need a moment or two to think straight. I wouldn’t be having this problem if that damn giant bastard came out of that portal faster.”

The quiet moment was interrupted by William trying to come through the door with a security guard trying to hold him back. “Mr. Richardson I have to talk to you!”

Richardson shot straight up demanding, “What is the meaning of this?!”

“Sorry sir,” the guard said while he struggled with the scientist, “he tried to shoot past me.”

“I’ve been trying o call you since last night,” Williams said still trying to get out of the guards grip. “I found him!”

“He keeps saying that too but he won’t say who ‘he’ is.”

Richardson and Patricia shared a brief glance as he sat back down. “It’s fine Craig, let him through,” she told him.

“Bat Rastard,” Williams muttered after the door was closed.

Ignoring his particular swearing habit Richardson calmed down a bit before asking, “What makes you think you have him Doctor?”

“I’m pretty sure I got him on video,” without any permission he quickly went to the computer on the desk. Before long a screen slid down from the ceiling and the lights darkened slightly. In the next moment an image of Williams in a Hawaiian shirt with a drink in hand sitting next to a smiling woman appeared. Richardson dropped his head while Patricia shook hers. Going red in the face he scratched the back of his head, “Heh… sorry that’s my honeymoon.” Going back to the computer he found the proper file this time around, “Here it is.”

Security camera footage started playing, a van was the only thing on screen for a bit. Richardson squinted his eyes a bit to try and figure out if there was a flash just then behind it or not. Then some long haired punk walked out holding is chest and looked around before putting something into his coat. “Run it again,” Patricia said after it was over.

“Did you see something?” Richardson asked.

“I’ll tell you once I’m sure… there,” she pointed at the screen.

“You say the shadow too?”, Williams asked with a grin. He played it one more time for Richardson. Then he saw it, right after that flash there was a man shaped shadow that wasn’t there before the flash as the punk walked into view. “I pulled up his face and ran it through the database and found this. It’s after Ultraman fought the giant version of the creature we usually send the Razor Wings after.” They watched as the footage from a different camera played. This one showed an alleyway, there wasn’t a flash this time around but it did show the same individual come out clutching his left forearm. “I also found this.” A drawing of some sort appeared, Williams pulled up a clean image of the person’s face for a comparison, “That is from the night when the first monster appeared. A couple of troops posted the description after they lost track of an individual in the same area Ultraman showed up in.”

Richardson leaned forward as he studied the individual. “He does seem to be favoring the same areas the giant took damage in,” Patricia commented.

“Do you know who he is?” Richardson asked anxiously.

“Not yet,” Williams answered, “we’re still running the image through the database.”

“Speed it up!”, he barked. “I want to know who that bastard is and I wanted it yesterday!” Williams nodded and hurried out of the room leaving the image up. “I want him in this organization, I don’t care what it takes.”

The ones the dark beings referred to as their Avatar sat on the floor, crossed legged and eyes closed. He tried to relax, build his strength. His “masters” were preparing to send another large entity through the dimensional phase, Bogun they called it. After Bemular he quickly discovered exactly how much it drained him to stabilize something that size. As it was he surprised he was able to build up enough energy to murder Joseph Richardson. Although the results were rather spectacular, in his own humble personal opinion of course. But he swore to be ready this time around, he had to build his reserves, push his limits slightly.

And his masters were aware that he was doing just that. But apparently they weren’t aware to what extent he was doing so. He smiled to himself at the memory, he almost levitated last time, he was sure of it. He felt the energy within him, he felt himself get a little lighter like he was about to rise off the floor. If that knock on his door didn’t happen he might have done just that. But patience was a virtue. Slow and steady as they say, just enough that he could still cover his tracks so they wouldn’t discover the full extent of what he was doing. If they did then there would be no place he could hide.

“Hey Ken!” Rose ran up to him as he pulled into the parking lot. When she came at him looking that excited it could only be one of two things. Was it wrong he was silently praying that she was having another kid? “What are you doing tomorrow night?” No such luck.

“Please tell me you’re not planning on setting me up with another one of your friends? You promised me you wouldn’t do that anymore.”

“Have you even known me to break my promises?”, she asked him. Before she could answer, with an all too familiar smirk she added, “But you never said anything about Davey’s co-workers.” Ken buried his face in his hands and groaned as he tried to walk past her. “Her name is Stacey, I’ve seen her when I visited Davey at work. She’s a lovely girl and you two have a lot in common.”

“What is with you and the blind dates you set me up on?”

“Don’t worry Ken and me are going to be there so it’s not like I letting you go through this alone.” And with that he buried his face in his hands again.

“A chaperoned blind date, that’s just great.”

“Oh don’t be such a baby,” Rose chided him. “You don’t have to go if you don’t want to.” Before he could utter those exact words she continued talking, “She seemed interested in you when I told her about you. Come on Ken I just want you to be happy.”

“I am happy,” he told her. “Have you ever seen me unhappy?”

“How much time do we have before work?”, she asked him. “Because I have a list.”

“You do not have a list.” Chances were she might, but he wasn’t going to give in that easy.

“Come on Ken, consider it a personal favor if you go on the date.”

“If I’d called in all the favor you owed me for going on these dates I’d own your ass for a couple of months at least.” That apparent line of attack didn’t work because it looked like she wasn’t going to give in either. “This better not be a fancy place because I refuse to wear a suit somebody I don’t know.”

“Great,” she hugged him around the neck. “I promise you won’t regret this.”

“You said that the last time,” he told her, “and the time before that and the time before that and…”

“Be quiet,” she told him. “You’re going to have a great time.” She went into the garage about the same time the bossed pulled up.

“Ken,” he said, “early as always I see. Did you send that application in yet?”

“Just waiting on the rejection letter,” he told him.

“That’s negative thinking Ken,” he told him. “Besides I know somebody in admissions. I told her that if she didn’t see your name in a month time to send me another. And you will fill it out in my office and I will send it out for you to make sure it doesn’t get lost again.”

“That’s not fair,” he protested, “Do you have any idea how many people apply to them a year? It took them two months to get back to me the first time.”

“We’ll find out in a month time won’t we,” and his boss walked into the building leaving him alone again. Ken looked around halfway expecting Jeff to pop up with a smart ass remark.

Instead he heard in the back of his mind, “Ken, are you alright?”

“Whoa,” making sure nobody in the garage could see him he turned around and spoke to him, “you can initiate these things?”

“Yes,” Daxium told him, “but since I am just a guest in your body I try not to disturb you normal life as much as possible. However you seemed more disturbed than usual at the moment. Is there anything wrong?”

“Unless they have blind dates where you come from it might take a while to explain the one of the reason I’m feeling ‘disturbed’.” Daxium didn’t have a ready response for that. “Look Dax, I appreciate the concern, it’s just some human crap I have to go through every so often. But could you give me a warning next time. It looks like I’m talking to myself right about now and that’s going to draw attention.”

“I will do my best to give you some sort of advanced warning in the future. But if an emergency arises I will not make any promises.”

“Fair enough.” Ken came back to his senses about the time Rose popped her head out of the garage.

“Everything set for tomorrow night,” she told him.

“Great,” he said through a false smile. Although he was pretty sure Dax couldn’t hear him he muttered anyway, “And if you can find a way to fake that feeling during this date I will be eternally grateful.”

“Captain Hawk!”, someone called out. He looked behind him to see Peter Brooks hurry up and catch him, folder in hand. He stopped to let him, somewhat curious about what this could be about. Rarely did a board member just want to talk. Something about the file in his hands said this wasn’t going to be one of those times. “Good day Captain,” he greeted once he was close enough, “I’m sorry to bother you like this.”

“No problem at all sir,” he said. “What can I do for you?”

“It’s not for me actually,” Brooks told him, “it’s for Richardson. Seeing how things are still a little frosty between the two of you I thought it would be prudent if I sought you out instead.”

“I’ll do the job no matter who assigns it. What do you have for me?”

“I’m not really sure,” he admitted. “I caught the tail end of it when I walked into his office. From what I understand it’s a person of interest in this whole monster mess.” Interest piqued he took the file and opened it. He realized the photo was cam footage almost immediately. Looking a little further he found the guy’s name, Ken Scott. It took him all of two seconds to realize why that name sounded familiar. “I peeked through the file while I was looking for you. I didn’t see anything particularly noticeable about him. More than likely Richardson is pushing his ‘instincts’ a bit here.”

Reading a bit further a line of information caught Hawk’s eye, “This guy is considered dangerous?”

“Dangerous enough to warrant sending Alpha team after him.”

“That’s a bit much for one guy. There has to be a regulation against it.”

“These are strange times Captain, people are a little jumpy and want answers. In fact a couple of board members found a by-law in the charter that most of us forgot about. It allows for a situation just like this.”

“That’s an awfully convenient find,” Hawk commented.

“Like I said Captain, strange times.” He started to leave but stopped, “One more thing before I go, please tell Mr. Bridge to be a little more careful in the future. I fully realize computers are his area of expertise, but apparently clandestine activities are not.”

“I’m not sure if I follow.”

“Let’s just say I’m more than a little glad that you decided to take my advice and study this Ultraman character.” Before Hawk could respond Brooks turned around and went the way he came. Hawk looked at the file in his hand and hoped this wasn’t the same guy Jess knew back in the day.

An hour later he and the rest of the team were standing around the conference table with the file footage of Ultraman’s last battle. Arms still in a cast Bridge pointed something out, “See right there, when he punched the rock creature. The monster stumbled back, it didn’t do that at the beginning of the fight.”

“So he had to go to this… Power mode,” Ryo said, “to defeat him.”

“Exactly,” Bridge told him, “I also think his most powerful weapons are in this form too.”

“Seeing what he did to the street the beat this one I hope he doesn’t have to go to this form too often,” Jess commented. A round of nods agreed with her. Bridge worked the controls with his uninjured hand to put all three forms side by side.

Bill pointed at each one as he spoke, “So we got Hyper, Power and…” trailing off he tried to think of a name, “Normal mode?”

“It’ll do,” Hawk told them. “I’m assuming this proves that theory we had that he’ll adapt to the situation?”

“I would say so,” Bridge agreed. “So far his strategy seems to be he’ll start in Normal form here and see what he’s dealing with. Then he’ll either stay in this form or mode shift into one of these others depending on what he’s facing.”

“Mode shift?”, Ryo asked with an arched eyebrow.

“A term I just coined,” Bridge told him before returning his attention to the holo images of Ultraman. “I wonder if he can mode shift at will or once per battle.”

“I guess we’ll find out one way or another,” Jess told him.

“We have one more order of business,” Hawk informed them. He placed the info disc that was in the file into the console slot. Pulling up the information he briefly glanced at Jess before saying, “According to Mr. Richardson this is a person of interest that we should be looking for.” With a few commands he projected the information over the table. It mirrored itself on both sides so they could all see it with no problem. He was concentrating of Jess’s reaction he almost missed what Ryo said right next to her.

“Ken Scott? I think I went to the academy with this guy. But I think his hair was shorter back then.” Hawk looked at him with mild surprised, he wasn’t expecting that one. That wasn’t even in the file Brooks gave him.

Beside him Jess studied the image in front of here, whispering an almost inaudible, “Ken?”

“We don’t know much,” Hawk told them. “All I know is he’s supposed to be brought in and is considered dangerous enough to have us go after him.” Jess pried her eyes away from the image to stare at him. In fact the others were looking at him strange too. “I know what you’re all thinking and I don’t like it either. Apparently there’s a regulation on the books that will allow the board to do just that. I already filled a complaint against it but until the board repeals it we have to do this. Are there any questions?”

Like he thought Jess was the first one to speak up, “Is this some kind of a joke?”

Before he could answer an alert went off. “Excuse me Captain,” Bridge said as he accessed his station from here. “We have another hit in the middle of the city. Looks like another big one.”

“Do we have visual yet?”, Ryo asked.

“No the reading is still underground, but it looks like it’s close to the surface. There’s no reports of power loss so I don’t think it’s the same as last time.” A new image appeared showing a map of the city that rose up a bit to show the current location of the reading they were getting.

“Alpha team, get ready to launch,” Hawk told them. “I want Razor Wings in the air and Scan Tracks on the ground beating us there. We’ll continue talking about the previous situation later.”

“You better believe we will,” Jess mumbled.

“Let’s show this thing why they call us Monster Squad. Move out!”

This night was going worse than Ken thought it was going to be. His “date” Stacey didn’t appear all that interested at all. In fact she seemed more interested in Davey, going so far to bring the conversation back to him when Rose tried to talk up Ken a bit. But she seemed more than content to pretend he wasn’t there. Normally he wouldn’t have minded but he was getting the feeling Rose set them up so she’d stop making to googley eyes at her husband. Of course he didn’t know how she acted at work, but chances were she did the same there too. Any other time Ken wouldn’t have minded trying to help Rose out, but this woman was so boring it was a struggle to fake being interested at this point. In fact he wasn’t even trying to hide he was looking at his watch every so often. Why not, his date started doing it over an hour ago. “I’m going to go powder my nose,” Stacey said suddenly.

“I’ll think I’ll join you,” Rose said. Both of them got up and walked away.

The moment they were out of sight Ken immediately turned toward Davey, “Rose secretly hates me doesn’t she?”

“Come on Ken the dates not going that bad.” His only response was to stare at him. “Alright maybe it’s going a little bad.”

“A little?”, Ken stated.

“I tried to talk her out of it,” Davey told her. “But you know how Rose is when she gets started on something. Look I feel like I owe you one. If you want to sneak out I’ll make up an excuse for you.”

“Are you kidding? The moment Rose finds out I left she’s going to hunt me down and kick… my… ass.” He felt Daxium react to something really close. It felt like it was right on top of him. Turning way from Davey and lowering his head he softly said, “I was kidding about faking that feeling.”

“This is very real Ken,” Dax told him. “Whatever this creature is we are very close to it. We need to get away and intercept it’s before it’s too late.”

“Easier said than done.”

“What’s easier?”, Rose asked as they returned to the table. A second later the building started shaking. “What the hell?”, Rose asked as she and several others started to look around.

Based on the feeling Daxium was getting he had a sickening idea what it was, “We got to get out of here now.” Pulling Davey to his feet he tried to push them to the door.

“Wait we still have to pay,” Davey said.

“We’ll drop off a check at the door.”

“Now wait a minute,” Stacey started to protest. “I don’t know what kind of woman you think I am…”

Ken had enough of this and didn’t have time to deal with people who haven’t been in this situation before, “Newsflash princess, not everything is about you.” That felt better than it probably should have. “I’ve been in more of these situations than I care to think about.” Their waitress tried to stop them, especially since a few more tried to copy what he was doing. Instead of a check Ken threw a wad of cash at her, “That should cover it and then some,” he told her. “Now come on!” The moment they hit the door Ken looked down the street as some sort of tendril looking thing broke through the asphalt. This was bad, that was practically right on top of them.

The people he was trying to save stopped in horror as a green head broke through and roared at the fleeing crowd. “What the hell is that?”, Davey asked in terror.

None seemed to notice that he was way too calm when he answered, “Something not good.” More of the creature broke free, making it look like some sort of giant slug as more of it was exposed. But even Ken started getting worried when a second head appeared at the other end, this one with a giant snout like nose on it’s face, and at ground level. He had to get out of there fast and let Daxium get after that thing, but he couldn’t just leave the others behind. That didn’t stop Stacey from fleeing in terror as soon as the second head emerged. “She has the right idea,” Ken grunted as he pulled Rose and Davey along. Hearing jets he looked to see them in the sky and UNDF ground vehicles.

“All Razor Wings and Scan Track, distract the creature until the civilians are clear,” Hawk ordered.

“Rodger,” Ryo, Jess, Bill and the other replied over the link. The lead air units fired a round of missiles while the ground units fired their cannons. The monster roared in pain and lashed out with that tendril on his head. Unable to hit the Razor Wings it smashed into the side of a building. Seeing chunks of buildings come down Ken dragged Rose and Davey with his as he dove for the sidewalk. The people behind them weren’t so lucky. Then some kind of smoke started blowing out of the monster body from these vent like orifices. A rancid order filled the air immediately. People closer to the creature dropped to the ground overcome by the gas.

“Come on!”, Ken pulled his friends back up and ran down the street. Looking back he reached into his jacket, he’ll worry about explaining this to them later.

“Over here!” A uniform man was waving people over to a line of transports. Ken immediately pushed Rose and Davey in that direction. The trooper ushered them into one of the trucks, “come on we don’t have much time.” It was then that Rose noticed somebody was missing.

“Where’s Ken? Ken!”, she started to get out of the truck to look for him.

“He’s probably in one of the other trucks,” Davey said trying to keep her seated.

“But he was right behind us!”

“Don’t worry, we’ll find him later.”

Everybody in the truck and the others quieted down with some fear as a huge column of light appeared behind one of the buildings. The Razor Wings pulled away as it faded away revealing the Giant, “Shiah!”

Bogun stopped spraying the gas the moment the top head noticed Daxium. Both roared as he got between it and the fleeing crowd. Bogun moved toward him but Daxium kicked him back. The tendril on top of it’s head lashed out and caught him on the top of the head. Forced back from the blow he started to put his hands to his side but the creature started spewing. Daxium started choking before firing the bolt, felt himself grow weaker. Bogun rushed forward butting him with it’s head. Realizing there were still transports behind him he fought to stay on his feet.

Raring one more time Bogun reared his head back for another strike. Daxium regained his balance just long enough jump up and flip over the creature. Before Bogun could turn around he struck him in the side of the head several times before grabbing it around the neck. With some effort he was able to pull it away from the fleeing transport despite Bogun’s duel protest. The tendril acted like it had a mind of it’s own as it whipped him as the body struggled to get free. Squirming loose it quickly turned around and smashed the tendril across Daxium’s face. Going for it again Bogun missed as the giant back flipped out of range. Daxium quickly fired off a bolt as soon as his feet touched the ground, burning one of the vents on it’s main body. The two heads cried out in pain. Taking the moment the creature was distracted Daxium ran in punching and kicking away at Bogun. The tendril tried to come into play again but the giant easily blocked it and continued his assault.

The forgotten lower head was able to get it’s mouth around one of his feet and clamped down hard. That distracted Daxium enough that it wrapped the tendril around his neck. Now Daxium struggled to get free as the pressure increased. The lower seeing he was about to fire off another bolt Bogun slammed him into the nearby buildings. Pulling him close he started spewing that gas right into his face. Before long the crystal started flashing red as he fell to a knee. Hawk didn’t need any prompting this time, “All units fire on the creature.”

“We should target Ultraman too,” Jamira said over the comm. “Eliminate both of them at once.”

“Richardson’s order is still in effect. Target the creature, fire!” he ordered again not giving Jamira a chance to argue. Alpha team and most of the other units unleashed their missiles almost immediately. Bogun cried in pain again s explosions rocked it’s body, stopping with the gas and letting Daxium go. He came back to his senses after a few moments, eyes on the tendril as Bogun went after the Scan Tracks on the ground. Crossing his arms in front of him the line appeared and changed his body to the blue of Hyper mode. Running in he jumped over Bogun again, landed and jumped back up with a spin lick to the creature upper head. Back flipping away several times he avoided the tendril reach. Holding out a hand he extended two fingers and drew a circular shape in the air. A line of energy followed the path of his fingers made. Connecting the two ends the outside edge became jagged like a saw and he threw it at Bogun’s top head. It sliced through the tendril with ease and it dropped to the ground. Bogun started thrashing around widely after it happened.

Knowing he had to end this now Daxium set up for the run but the creature started spewing the gas again. Not sure he could travel through that and still make it he changed strategies and extended the light whip from his right hand. Waving it over his head Daxium lashed it around the creature’s body. Rearing back his left hand he drew in energy before slamming his left fist on top of his right hand. A surge of energy traveled through the whip and into Bogun’s body. A few seconds later the creature exploded and the gas quickly dissipated. The threat ended Daxium flew off into the night sky, “Shiah!”

A couple of hours later people were still being treated for the gas. A lot of people didn’t survive it or the creature’s assault. That renewed Hawk’s determination to get to the bottom of this mess. Jess still wasn’t happy about this but she would follow orders. In those two hours they were able to track down their target. Fortunately it was on a pretty dissertated section of street, well since the monster attack anyway, so hopefully they can do this with as little extra attention as possible. “Wait for my order,” he said as he noticed he was talking on a cell phone.

“No I couldn’t find her,” Ken told Rose, trying to explain his disappearance. Somehow searching for his date sounded like a good excuse. It also got him away from the UNDF units still patrolling the streets, since Dax put him almost of the middle of it. “So Davey was able to get a hold of her then? That’s good to hear.” That wasn’t a lie, she might have been a total bore but he didn’t want to see her get hurt. “I’m going to head home then. I’ll see you at the garage.” Putting his phone into his pocket he started to head for his car.

“Now!”, they quickly came out of their hiding spots and surrounded him. They were able to take him by surprise, but bit did look like he started to reach inside his jacket. “Hold it Scott, you’re coming with us.”

“What the hell is going on?!”, Ken demanded. Their weapons weren’t pointed at him but they were still in his hands.

“You’re wanted for questioning, “Hawk told him. “I need you to come with us.”

“I don’t think so,” Ken shot back. “I don’t know what’s going on but I am not… You back the hell away from me,” he said pointing at Bill.

“Ken please just calm down.”

“I don’t know you so don’t use…!” he turned to the speaker than stopped. He knew the face under that helmet. The uniform nametag that said Wade only confirmed it as his heart skipped a beat, “Jessica?” Ryo and Bill looked at each other confused.

“I don’t know why they want you,” she told him truthfully getting a little closer to him, “but we need you to come with us.”

“Don’t you need a reason to arrest somebody?”

“You’re not under arrest,” Hawk informed him.

“It sure looks like it to me,” Ken snapped. “Last I heard this wasn’t a police state. You need a reason…”

“Look the sooner we get this worked out…,” Ryo reached for him.

Ken pulled away from him, “Don’t touch me!” Taking a step toward Jess he recoiled a bit like he had just been shot as little blue arc of electricity traveled over his torso. He started to fall but Ryo quickly caught him. All eye turned toward Bill who holstered his weapon.

“It look like he was about to get violent,” he explained. “It’s allowed in that regulation, I looked it up. Beside he just stunned he’ll be fine.”

Before Hawk could reprimand him Jess stormed up to Bill and punched him square in the face. “Wade!” Hawk cried out pulling her away.

“He wasn’t getting violent you asshole!” she yelled at bill as he held his chin.

“We’ll sort this out later,” Hawk told while trying to stay between Jess and Bill. Waters, take Scan Track one back to base now, Ryo, Wade and myself will guard Scott in Track two. Now,” he added with a little more authority in his voice. Jess was already heading toward their Scan Track without a word to Bill. While rubbing his jaw a bit he headed for the other direction. Hawk got under one of Scott’s arms while Ryo did the same on the other side. “This kid better be worth the headache.”

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