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Why is it so hard to just kick people out of your bubble, though? Mignogna's a creep, so why not throw him under the bus and go on in your blissful ignorance? Why fight for him when it just causes even more disruption to your bubble? If your worldview is already based in a blindness to double standards, what's one more double standard for the pile?
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That's how it was for a while. Lots of the people who defend Vic now were the same people who used to say "Tsk, that's just one guy" or "Not all men." But it's really hard to say that kind of stuff now since it's becoming apparent how common this shit really is. Nobody buys that anymore.
It's too much mental gymnastics for them to defend some guys and throw others under the bus, so they choose to stonewall and not budge on any of it. "There is no harassment, women are just lying, everything is fine, my house is not on fire."

That's the thing. They're not really preserving their bubble when they do it. That's why we're seeing weirdos who think America needs a monarchy. They're trying so hard not to let their bubble be popped they're literally going backwards in modern thought because that's preferable to them than to "give in" to people changing a world that was going to change one way or another.

To be clear, it's only logical on a surface level. The more you understand the thought process behind people like that, it becomes clear how absolutely panicked and spiteful it all is. I'm speaking from experience because I used to hold thought processes like this.
GetTheeToABrewery wrote: View Post

Maybe it's just because of my general lazy nature, but if I was going to live in ignorance of these problems, said living would be significantly easier if I actively avoided confrontations about it, even when accounting for the fact that the rest of the world is bringing up the subject with increasing frequency. I guess I'm just so unmotivated that I can't understand how these people are motivating themselves.
You Can(Not) really what these guys need to learn.

Titanium321 wrote: View Post

It's a bizarre situation to consider. Anime is the last real media format spitting out this kind of behavior regularly. Most other media only tell stories where that behavior is made to seem wrong, or specifically go out of their way to use that behavior to anger people. Anime culture doesn't see a problem because Anime constantly reinforces that behavior as funny, acceptable, and even an attribute of the protagonist most of the time. No one ever gets truly criticized or faces consequences for womanizing, making lewd comments, trying to sneak a peek, or steal underpants or whatever else it is they let old men/goofy sidekicks get away with in anime. It's a reality check conflict at its root.
Cuchulainn wrote: View Post

This is a good point. Even in modern anime, a character flaring his nostrils and reaching for a girl's tits unprompted never prompts much more than a wack to the head or getting dragged away by the ear. Like it's a nuisance instead of genuinely humiliating.

And when you're a guy whose career is based around voicing pubescent anime guys... it isn't hard to imagine that kind of attitude soaking into your brain.
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Well, considering its country of origin is the same one that separated train travel by gender due to rampant molestation, such an attitude being institutionalized is no shock.
...and there's nothing any of us can do about it.

Japan is intent on keeping that language and cultural barrier as high as possible, and seemingly doesn't care what people outside of their country says about them. Any efforts to say otherwise will result in either pulling the "I'm sorry, I don't speak English" card, or "Go away, Westerners. You're not Japanese. You JUST don't get it..."

Loud noises of #BoycottAnime will just result in them shrugging with a "OK, you guys were never apart of our core customer base anyways. We don't NEED your money." And even if we did pull a #BoycottAnime, all that would do is hurt the liscensors on our side of the world (Funimation, Viz Media, Crunchyroll, etc)...which ultimately at the end of the day, they're just the middlemen, and we'd be shooting the messenger.

If you want Japan to change, they need to change themselves. Not be forced to change because we needle them for it. All we can do is police bad behavior that happens over here with peoples within our reach.

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