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Call the 5-4-1
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I'm going to need someone to come and pick me up off the floor for all these amazing Easter eggs. I fell out of my seat when I came across "call the 5-4-1."

You are the freaking man. haha!

I love the background influences you've incorporated. It feels like the Rangers are a Green Lantern Corps type organization now, with the Masters as the Guardians. It translates so well! Beautiful, concise, and effective descriptions of the Zords. I love the concept that they can reassign their forms to where their teams are from. Sounds like a MUCH better version of Legendary Zords from Super Mega Force.

You, my good sir, are a creative genius.
You know how I like Easter Eggs, lol. Thank you sir. You're gonna freak over the things I have planned for this.
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