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Power Rangers: The Battle Begins (2017 Movie Prequel)

Written by Patrick Nelson Smith

Power Rangers: The Battle Begins contains spoilers for the 2017 Power Rangers movie.

*Disclaimer- Power Rangers and all related properties are copyright of Saban Brands, 2017. All original properties are copyright of Patrick Nelson Smith, 2017. Reproduction and/or use of these original properties without the author's consent is prohibited. No content may be reproduced without the expressed consent of the author.*


Chapter One


Chapter One

Regada Two …

The Eltarian Voyager-class star cruiser listed across the haze of the planet’s upper atmosphere, its geosynchronous scanning systems assessing the dead planet’s terrain in search of any signs of the crystalline fragment of the Zeo Crystal.

“Alpha, increase parameters. If the crystal somehow survived Lord Zedd’s attack, we must locate it before it falls into the wrong hands,” the figure shrouded in crystalline, blood-red armor instructed. From the bridge of the cruiser, Zordon watched as the view screen, sculpted by metallic transtium rods taking various shapes, displayed the planet’s alien topography.

“Zordon,” Umon began. The midnight black armored second-in-command stepped across the bridge and placed a hand on the Red Ranger’s shoulder. “We’re too late.”

“No,” Zordon argued, scanning the bridge for his automated helper. “Alpha 5, I asked you to increase the search parameters!” With no sign of the bipedal Edenoian android, Zordon shoved past the Black Ranger and began accessing the holo-matrix at the center of the room.

“Master, the scans have completed. I’ve checked and re-checked them. There’s no sign of the Zeo Crystal,” a metallic voice came from the entrance. His two optic sensors glowing in the dark, Alpha 5 took an anxious step forward. “The scout team is returning as we speak.”

Fear, anger, and despair played across Zordon’s features. He knew the stakes were high- if someone as evil as Lord Zedd had come in possession of a Zeo Crystal, it would be only a matter of time before entire star systems were destroyed. While the crystal fragments had long since been accepted as the source of all life across the cosmos, if used correctly, they could also bring death and destruction to countless lives. He had not taken his role as the leader of the Power Rangers lightly- since the beginning of time itself, the Rangers had been the keepers of the Zeo Crystal fragments and their mystical powers. He knew that his team, and his team alone, were the last defense against the vile Lord Zedd and his armies of darkness- for no other Ranger team remained alive to contest him.

The main bridge entrance suddenly recessed, allowing entry to the Yellow, Blue, Pink, and Green Rangers respectively. Retracting her helmet’s visor open, Fenix, the Yellow Ranger, stared despairingly at the view screen and watched as Zordon fought to keep his composure. She was the closest to the team’s leader, having grown up in Andros City alongside Eltar’s Master Warrior. The two of them had trained together for nearly a decade before being chosen by the Morphing Masters, and the Morphing Grid itself, to become Power Rangers.

The Aquitian-born Power Ranger spoke gently to her old friend. “Zordon, there’s still time. Regada is a sparsely populated system- if Zedd has not returned to Nemesis, we still may have the chance to face him and take back the Zeo Crystal.”

“Fenix is right,” Danok, the wise and strong Blue Ranger added, his face revealed. “We already have the princess of Andros City on our side. Princess Mi, where does the House of Mikill stand on the matter?” Daint, soft spoken, and beautiful, Mi withdrew her visor and turned back to the Green Ranger. As the Princess of Andros City, she was often disregarded as simply another pretty face. The truth, however, was much more complex. A skilled archer and proven strategist, she was known within her own circle for getting the Rangers out of sticky predicaments on more than a few occasions.

“Why mount a straight-forward attack when we have the greatest spy in the whole of the Eurolean Arm in our midst?”

Zordon considered the implication. Rita had grown up outside the villages on the border of Andros City. She had never known the decency and luxury of modern life until she passed all the tests to represent her district in the annual City Games. Having won Champion of her district, Rita had then been selected by the council of the Morphing Masters to be judged by the Morphing Grid. Selected by fate, it seems, she then became the Green Ranger, replacing the previous Ranger who had been killed during the Datho Crusades. Stepping into the shoes of their fallen teammate, Rita’s ascension to the mantle of Green Ranger had not been without controversy- and had often found herself at the center of the team’s anger and frustration. She understood her role and did little to shake the status quo.

However, after five years of service as the sixth Ranger, Rita had more than proven herself. While the others had all been champions of various fighting styles and disciplines, Rita was street smart. With no parents to speak of, she had taken care of herself and her brother and done so by learning to do without and take all opportunities given. A discarded fruit meant she had nourishment. An unguarded fish meant a meal for her and her brother. Clothing put on display outside the markets on the border of the city meant protection from the elements. She had always survived on her own determination. Wearing the armor of a Power Ranger, she now had a greater purpose- to protect life, all life, by risking her own.

Zordon faced the Green Ranger, letting a sigh of desperation escape. “Rita, I do not ask this of you.”

“No,” Rita responded. “The Morphing Grid does.”

Zordon saw the pain of Rita’s revelation in her eyes. “I don’t …”

She interrupted. “I am a servant of the Power. The Morphing Grid speaks it’s will. I will do what is asked of me.” Uncomfortable silence settled across the bridge, save for the whine of servos from Alpha 5’s transtium core.

Umon, the Black Ranger, broke the still. “Then, it is settled. Alpha 5, bring up all last known locations of Zedd’s forces in the Regada system. Zedd will expect a full retaliation from the Eltarian forces. We will have the element of surprise- but we must act swiftly.”

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