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FET-Kun wrote: View Post

Yes, because the box office turn out of a movie, and it's overall quality... are always 1:1.
It's not about the quality, oddly enough, it's about the trolling hate boner that was supposed to be trying to bring this movie down. Heck, I wonder how Alita did, since that was the one this bizarre movement was supposed to be pushing instead of Cap Marvel.

Cameron Samurai wrote: View Post

Yeah, I hated this movie and I don't care if I'm labelled a "hater" or a "troll" for having a different opinion. At least I'm honest. You're right, how much it makes is no indicator of quality or how many actually come out with a satisfactory experience, and with the way reviews are coming in all pointing to it being "fine" at best and "eh" at worst, I'm expecting a bit of a drop off. In the long run, I feel this will be a cultural 'success' the way Last Jedi was a 'success', it'll make it's money but it'll do nothing to quell the culture war going on.
You're labeled a hater for constantly coming into MCU threads just to talk about how much you hated the movie. It's not even really discussion or critique at this point, you've done it so often it's become a running joke. By definition, you're only here to hate on it, so yes, you will get labelled a hater for that behavior. Had you come in to explain why you didn't like things, that would be an actual discussion and you would not earn that label.

Now you're going to get labelled a troll if you keep throwing flamebait around like "culture war". Knock that off, you know you're just going to stir up a bunch of people with that kind of language. That's troll speak. If you don't want to be called a hater and a troll, try actively expressing yourself and your opinions in ways that aren't solely to be negative about other people's opinions.

TeraMan wrote: View Post

Personally I'm fucking furious they dragged Alita into it.

That now anyone who didn't see the movie are now going to think of it as "that movie that was used to push questionable agendas of bigoted trolls".
I will always remember it as that movie used to push the questionable agenda of mixing anime and CGI inside the uncanny valley.

John Pannozzi wrote: View Post

Interesting in-universe implications re: Stan Lee's cameo in this movie.

Oh, and here's another anachronism:

If Carol left Earth in 1989, how could she have experience playing Street Fighter II, which came out in 1991?

Otherwise, still a pretty good movie.
Did she play SF or just blow it up? I don't remember a game being in the flashbacks just in the then present day bar.

TeraMan wrote: View Post

On top of the the aforementioned bits on some of the references not matching up to the timeline presented, it really does feel like the 90's-isms were an afterthought.
I'm intrigued by this premise as I thought the subtle use of 90s setting behind the obvious references helped built that world better. Everyone has old cars, old phones, old clothes that are more like out of a generic family photo not "dress up for 90s day" at school exaggeration, payphones pop up as just normal things on the street, old tech is considered normal not even pointed out how wrong it is by alien standards and not even defended as cutting edge for the time. Maybe that's part of it, with all the advanced Kree stuff outside of Earth scenes it can be a bit jarring with the setting. What would have felt more 90s to you outside of references?
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