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I didn't like how Leo was talking to Slash in the beginning. He complained about using the pigeon has bait, but haven't they used Mikey as bait? Also, he didn't seem to want to trust Slash, but he didn't seem to have that much of a problem of trusting Karai in the beginning, I think, unless I'm remembering that part wrong.
Well I see what you're saying. The difference between using Mikey and Pigeon Pete as bait is that Mikey can defend himself if the plan doesn't work. While Pigeon Pete really can't. And I don't blame Leo for not trusting Slash because he tried to kill them. for Karai, She didn't really reveal who she was at the beginning which got Leo having a crush on her at the beginning. But he did warn her that if she messed with his family and friends, he will come after her.

Leo is just very protective, and now that he knows Karai is his sister (Splinter's Daughter) he'll do anything to help her.
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