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I enjoyed the two-parter a lot. I really only like half of the Mighty Mutanimals, Slash and Leatherhead. I think Mikey hugged Leatherhead three times and I think that's fantastic! I think it really shows how close their relationship is. I really hope we don't see the Kraang for a long time, and I'd be fine if they never showed up again. I'm a little surprised that April and Casey didn't seem to really do anything. I think next week's a Casey episode so hopefully he'll be entertaining. Hopefully Shredder and his crew will show up again soon, because I find almost all of them interesting. I didn't like how Leo was talking to Slash in the beginning. He complained about using the pigeon has bait, but haven't they used Mikey as bait? Also, he didn't seem to want to trust Slash, but he didn't seem to have that much of a problem of trusting Karai in the beginning, I think, unless I'm remembering that part wrong.
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