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All I'm trying to say is that after years and years of bad quality images, I would imagine that whomever is providing us with the leaks would have found a way to provide a better quality photo. I don't find that childish or silly, but rather a logical progression, particularly if it's the same person.

Again, if they are provided a digital copy of toys, then there really should be no quality issue. But since it's unlikely Bandai would provide a low quality catalog, it would seem to suggest that the catalogs are physical. And in that case, are those providing the leaks not able to take them home or sneak them out? Are they taking pics with their camera phones?

When I was working for the AAF, we were provided HQ images of all the team logos, work marks, and logo packs. Along with game photos etc. Now when I was hired, we were told not to share the images, that they were for internal use only and that the images on the website and those accessible to the public were not of the same quality. But since I had those images digitally, I had the ability to send them out, covertly, if I wanted. Further, I got to see out team's uniform months before the reveal. This included, not only the real thing, but a picture guide that gave great detail of what the uniform was like, something that was not released to the public either.

What I'm getting at is that, in some cases, those in the know have access to these kinds of things and getting them out to people can be done. And I'm only questioning why the quality of these leaks hasn't improved with continued improvements in technology and a steady stream of images being leaked.
-It's not the same person providing us the scans every time. In fact, it's usually a different person/persons. They're not supposed to post these pictures, and every time someone does, they risk the ire of Bandai Japan.

-The current catalogs are not physical, they're only digital, since Zyuohger. Making them low-quality/hard to see is a workaround for posting them. It's not clear, or it's missing parts of a page, so it's TECHNICALLY not breaking any gag orders.

-Lastly, leaking images early to the public gets you fired. Or in the case of wholesalers- blacklisted. I've seen it happen to PLEX employees before who were dumb enough to do it, as well as third-party leakers. Of course they're not going to leak things in HD quality, and there's no reason to expect them to.
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