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Kamen Rider Build Movie Rumors

Rumors popped up from several different people over 2ch and twitter.
Big grains of salt; though they're just rumors, I'm choosing to use spoiler tags, and ask that you please do so when discussing them:

Rumor 1: Title and Plot details

-Title of the movie is "Kamen Rider Build- Last Match-"

-The movie will focus around the special movie form, RabbitDragon, fighting against the evil Kamen Rider Science. (Science's identity would be Takumi's father/Sento's father.)

-RabbitDragon is regarded as a miraculous/circumstantial Best Match. With Golden Rabbit and Silver Dragon, it resembles the FullFull Bottle. Putting RabbitDragon in the FullBottleBuster activates the "Last Match Break."

-Grease attains a new power

-And in the last scene, a NEW RIDER appears, alongside the Destroyer of Worlds...

Rumor 2: On-Set Sightings from Supposed Extras

-Extras on set reported seeing Genius Form doing combat; and saying that it is thrilling to see in action

-They also state that Kazumi will be using the BuildDriver in the film, which would mean a new form of some type.

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