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More on VS Changer Sound Leaks (Thanks to Cranejoe)

Cranejoe put up a full list of leaked sounds, and it sheds some light on
things in the sound card for the Changer. As has been the case,
please note these are potential SPOILERS for the toy line and show:

Here are the sounds, in order, as they appear on the VS Changer.

Some fun things to note; all of the Dial Fighter lock combinations are loose puns of their names. For example, 0-1-0 is Rei-i-o, which sounds like "reddo" or Red. Fire's is 2-1-8 or "Fu-i-ya", which sounds like Fire.

On the Trigger Machine side, all their catchphrases are actually Yojijukugo, Japanese four-character compound idioms, or 4 kanji forced into being "fake" idioms.

As always, while this info is confirmed, please note that it is still a list in progress of being updated, and there may be some errors both in my translation, and also the initial posting from CraneJoe:

Sound 001- GoodStriker: Dial Fighter Mode (Itadaki Strike, 3-2-1!)
Sound 002 through 004- GoodStriker: Trigger Machine Mode (Ichigeki Strike)

Sound 005- Red, 0-1-0!
Sound 006- Blue 2-6-0!
Sound 007- Yellow 1-1-6!
Sound 008- Black 0-0-0!
Sound 009- Silent/No Sound Activated

Sound 010- "Kimi wa Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger da!" (You are Pleasant Thief Taskforce Lupinranger!)
Sound 011- "Kimi wa Keisatsu Sentai Patoranger da" (You are Police Taskforce Patoranger!)

Sound 012- Ichigo, Gouon Bakusou! (#1, Roaring Sound, Roaring Noisily!)
Sound 013- Nigo, Hyappatsuhyakuchuu! (#2, Always Hitting the Bull's-eye!)
Sound 014- Sango, Rangeki Randa! (#3, Random Shooting and Battering!)
Sound 015- Minus Ichigo, Gokuakuhidou! (#-1, Atrocious and Inhuman!)

Sound 016 through 19- Challenger!

Sound 20- VictoryStriker, 1-1-1! Miracle Masqueraze! Super Kaitou Change!

Sound 21 through 23- SirenStriker, Yuumoukakan! (SirenStriker, Daring and Resolute!)

Sound 24- Cyclone, 3-1-9! (Mistaken as "Saiker" by one of the hackers)
Sound 25- Scissor, 9-6-3!
Sound 26- Boomerang, 2-2-6!
Sound 27- Hammer, 8-8-0!
Sound 28- Magic, 0-2-9!
Sound 29- Paint, 2-1-0!
Sound 30- Fire, 2-1-8!
Sound 31- Blade, 2-0-0! (Mistaken as "Great" by one of the hackers)
Sound 32- Jackpot, 7-7-7!
Sound 33- Jewel, 1-0-6!
Sound 34- Special, 9-9-9!
Sound 35- Halloween, 1-0-3-1
Sound 36- Christmas, 1-2-2-5
Sound 37- Prism, 2-6-3

Sound 38- Biker, Jyuuoumushin! (Running freely left and right as one pleases!)
Sound 39- Crane, Shinshikujizai! (Elastic and Expandable!)
Sound 40- Drill, Ittentoppa! (Persistently breaking through!)
Sound 41- Splash, (Words are not clear enough to transcribe)
Sound 42- Laser, Denkousekka! (Lightning Speed)
Sound 43- Thunder, Shipuujinrai! (As fast as the wind and thunder!)
Sound 44- Blizzard, Zettaireito! (Absolute Zero!)
Sound 45- Rescue, KyuKyuKyumeishi! (Emergency Medical Technician!)
Sound 46- Jail, (Words are not clear enough to transcribe)
Sound 47- Dog, Moukenchuui! (Beware of dog!)
Sound 48- Special, Hyakkaryouran! (Many flowers blooming!)
Sound 49- Flash, Isseifuubi! (Ruling the times!)

Sound 50- Zerogo, Tenchimuyo! (Do not turn upside down!)

Sound 51- Happy Birthday!

-The Rider Sounds come after this, but Cranejoe hasn't cracked them yet

So takeaways from this- Saiker and Great do not exist, and were mistakes. They're just the sounds for Cyclone and Blade. Minus Ichigo is evil, and possibly our movie ranger? Whereas as Black and Zerogo just seem to be additional rangers. Their music is "dark and cool" but not necessarily evil.

Edit- Correction from Cranejoe, sound 46 is “Jail” not Jewel. But for the Lupinranger it is still Jewel.

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